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A podcast featuring the next generation of sound from the Public Radio Exchange, a project of to support, connect and distribute youth-produced radio. Listen to youthful radio-aware personalities give their views on current topics.

Current YouthCasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
The Desert, My Mom, and MeI might as well get out with it - this is my last podcast for Youthcast. Two and a half weeks ago I packed up my stuff and moved from Boston, MA to Concord, NH...Public Radio Exchange00:14:01
To Bet Or Not To BetState governments struggling with debt are getting creative about solutions such as legalized internet gambling. College student and internet gambler, Vincent Geary, reflects.Public Radio Exchange00:14:02
Little Lost FishMargo Blanco may be small, but she isn't shy. Last summer, not long after moving from her home in the Philippines to Santa Fe, NM, Margo went on a field trip to Albuquerque ...Public Radio Exchange00:07:50
My Time in GreeceLast month, Jacob Holley-Kline went on a school trip to Greece. He was stunned by the beauty of the place, but something was bothering him...Public Radio Exchange00:15:24
Hallelujah the Saviors are HereWhen Rachel Smith's older sister was a high school senior, she and her classmates started to "senior slide." They had been going to school for 13 years, graduation was near, and heck, it was warm outside.Public Radio Exchange00:12:57
Broken Notes by Kamna ShastriKamna Shastri makes music, and she makes radio. She says she makes radio for an audience whom she has to make certain will understand her ideas. The music she makes for herself.Public Radio Exchange00:11:37
Bullied: Teen Stories from GenerationPRXBullying is a hot topic these days. In fact, 5 newspapers have published stories about bullying in the last hour, judging from my Google results...Public Radio Exchange00:21:35
The Words of Our ParentsPerfection isn't easy. Last year Grace Edgerton spent a whole year producing only two stories in her production class at City High Radio, the charter high school she attends in Tuscon, AZ.Public Radio Exchange00:11:37
"La Oportunidad" by Virginia CamposMaria Isabel wasn't supposed to finish the 6th grade. She lived in a tiny mountain ranch in Mexico, where girls stayed home to cook and raise children. Instead, she went to a private high school and moved to the United States.Public Radio Exchange00:15:52
Advertising in SchoolsWhat effect would school ads have on the educational process? By Aviva Hirsch of Alaska Teen Media Institute.Public Radio Exchange00:15:54
Illegal MailJacorey is an aspiring radio producer working on a degree in radio broadcasting at Southern Maine C.C. He is also incarcerated at the Long Creek Youth Development Center.Public Radio Exchange00:16:24
Big Loose Fear"Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be as uncivilized again," Jennie Gruber of Sarah Lawrence College Radio asks at the end of this week's featured story, "Big Loose Fear".Public Radio Exchange00:09:55
Soundtrack to School ViolenceWhy have so many schools become violent places? We'll leave that to the social scientists. But what it feels like to experience a culture of violence at school? For that we call in Cristel Martinez.Public Radio Exchange00:11:37
To Bet or Not to Bet64% of voters in New Jersey passed a law that made sports betting legals. The only problem is the feds say sports betting is illegal. Who's right? Vincent Geary of Brooklyn College RadioPublic Radio Exchange00:13:23
Do You Want It?Food? It's powerful stuff. It connects us to the past, to each other, to places, and to the earth itself. That's probably why there's so much radio about food. By Brentton Harrison.Public Radio Exchange00:11:15
Short List #5From Third Grade Audio: 1 Short List from 8-9 year olds, an Interview with their teacher, and 1 List from a 26-year old inspired by the kids.Public Radio Exchange00:09:15
Wall Street WoesIt used to be that joining the financial sector - as a banker, stock broker, etc. - was a possibility for young people... By Lauren Silverman of Youth Radio.Public Radio Exchange00:17:06
Interview with a GrandfatherAs I've learned about and experienced drug and alcohol addiction and recovery through people who are close to me, it's been a struggle for me to understand why people just can't stop. By Chelsey Russell of Youth Radio Vermont.Public Radio Exchange00:07:50
Pizza TimeAh, the mysterious life of a pizza delivery man, finally captured in his natural habitat. This documentary takes a smooth non-narrated path to tell the story of one man's evening at work...Public Radio Exchange00:08:43
I'll Heal in TimeAs the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, some people just aren't interested in looking back. And one of them is 18-year old Jillian Suarez.Public Radio Exchange00:07:51
Taking on the Flying TrapezeKatherine Sims of Weekday High takes you to where you want to be in these precious last days of summer.Public Radio Exchange00:07:50
A Child's View of Domestic ViolenceFor fourteen years, a singular event has shaped Valencia McMurray's life: her mother was violently attacked by her father when she was 6 years old.Public Radio Exchange00:09:54
A Little Flushed UpSara Zhang of WHJE Carmel explores the global toilet crisis and how a lack of sanitary waste disposal can be deadly.Public Radio Exchange00:08:18
A Ghanaian Girl's Take on LondonEasing into adulthood with an internship, by Bernice AkuamoahPublic Radio Exchange00:06:59
Best Couple by Vikky Cruz of Radio RookiesThis week's feature is a timely piece in a few ways. First of all, it's the first week of summer. So we need something romantic and happy to celebrate. Secondly and thirdly, civil unions between same sex couples are now recognized in the state of Illinois ...Public Radio Exchange00:07:23
Remembering Barbara JeanThe Blunt Youth Radio Project in Portland, Maine includes a program at the Long Creek Youth Development Center, a juvenile detention facility. It helps with literacy skills, computer skills, and is also a fun for the students. Described by Patrick Presby.Public Radio Exchange00:08:26
Hustlers, Street Vendors, and FarmersClass division, and therefore - in a lot of urban areas - race division, can make for food issues that go beyond having a farmer's market in your hood. By King Anyi Howell of Youth RadioPublic Radio Exchange00:07:15
Homestead ChildhoodA wild childhood out in the Arizona desert almost ruptures the bond between a mother and daughter. By Grace Edgerton of City High RadioPublic Radio Exchange00:15:52
The 18th Annual Cesar Chavez MarchCivil rights activist Dolores Huerta speaks to Victor Torres of KUNM Youth Radio at the 18th Annual Cesar Chavez March in Albuquerque, NMPublic Radio Exchange00:08:54
School ChoiceA report on the Chicago Public Schools high school choice and application process from a collaboration between Y-Press and Radio Arte. By Jerry Cruz and Allison Albrecht.Public Radio Exchange00:05:59
Palestinian Hoop DreamsA tale of conflicted emotions: a war breaks out at home while you're away for a basketball tournament. How can the game go on? By Ahmed Hameid of Youth Media ProjectPublic Radio Exchange00:08:16
I'll Be Sittin'A love poem from the Young Chicago Author Keith "Blu" Warfield's "Louder Than A Bomb" Poetry Slam.Public Radio Exchange00:06:16
On the Trail with His DogsJust in time for the Iditarod, a profile of a teenage musher. By Ishmael Streever of the Alaska Teen Media Institute.Public Radio Exchange00:07:57
The Guru of the Quince Dances"Feliz Quinceanera" A story about a man who choreographs dances for Quince fiestas, plus an interview with the producer, who is a Quince party hopper. By Oscar Hernandez and Domingo Diaz of Texas Folklife.Public Radio Exchange00:14:08
Dumpster DivingDumpster diving and why it's not as cool as you think it is, kids! By Rebecca Barker of the Alaska Teen Media InstitutePublic Radio Exchange00:08:39
Transgender YouthRight now on TV and in the movies, where I and a lot of other people seem to measure our culture's capacity for Human tolerance and understanding, most queer characters are teenagers and young people. By Shyan Ahmad of Y-Press.Public Radio Exchange00:06:19
From New Orleans to New EnglandToday is the first anniversary of the Haitian earthquake that claimed over 200,000 lives. 2011 also began with pain and sorrow, both man-made and natural. By Emily LaFond of Bunt Youth Radio.Public Radio Exchange00:06:18
Questioning World War 2 Japanese InternmentA New Year usually means a new beginning. It's time to look back, figure out what worked and what didn't and then move on with your life. But obviously there are some events and histories that you can't abandon so easily. Mara Kumagai Fink's family has that kind of experience.Public Radio Exchange00:16:22
The Cow Gas EffectHealthy food and how to get it often make front-page newsthese days. By Meredith Midgley and Manon Bonnet of Terrascope Youth RadioPublic Radio Exchange00:06:07
Different, Not DisabledIan Kathan of WHJE Carmel explores his mind in this story about living with Asperger's Syndrome.Public Radio Exchange00:08:45
I Didn't Know That (You Were a Muslim)I Didn't Know That (You Were a Muslim) by Tali SingerPublic Radio Exchange00:10:31
Paying for GradesAs Liberia slowly recovers from a 14-year civil war, its educational system retains some of the lawlessness of the conflict. Lorinah Kolleh, a 15-year-old from Liberia, says students often bribe teachers for better grades and some teachers exploit female students.Public Radio Exchange00:09:18
Horned Lizards of Our Nation's Air ForceDid you know that the government owns 30% of the land in the United States? That's over 1 million square miles of forests, rivers, giant caved faces of dead presidents, nuclear waste sites, and military testing grounds and bases. This week's feature is about that.Public Radio Exchange00:08:40
Is There Such a Thing as "Good" Hair?Touch your own hair! This week: "Is there such a thing as good hair?" by Stephanie Perry of KFAI Youth News in St. Paul, MN.Public Radio Exchange00:08:28
The Personal Side of the DREAM ActYesterday, September 21, a defense budget bill that included the DREAM Act was blocked by a Republican filibuster. It also included a repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy in the military. By Molly Freed of Weekday High.Public Radio Exchange00:10:19
Generation MMin Qiao and Michelle Hu of Y-Press discuss Generation MPublic Radio Exchange00:05:26
Homelessness: It Could Happen to Anyone, Even My DadThis was recorded with a cheap mic in a closet in L.A. Horribly horrible sounding, but you can understand everything I say, so don't worry. By Iris SanGiovanni of Blunt Youth Radio.Public Radio Exchange00:06:50
Summer on 64thSummer on 64th is short and sweet, so regardless of whether you live in the sultry Midwest, or the breezy coasts, you can get outside and enjoy your summer because one thing's for sure: in a few months time, you'll wish you were this sticky again. By Tonette of Curie Youth RadioPublic Radio Exchange00:04:55
Victor's VictoryVictor Torres has cerebral palsy and sued his school for the right to be recognized and accommodated as a capable student. Head to to see a video version of this interview. By Taylor Griffin of KUNM Youth Radio.Public Radio Exchange00:24:01
The Shell GameThe Shell Game by Sam Greenspan, This edition includes a bonus web feature at! Please come visit!Public Radio Exchange00:12:45
Peculiar Privilege and the ElegyEce Erdazc is from a minority group in Turkey and studied at the United World College in Montezuma, New Mexico. While in the States, she got involved with the Youth Media Project, which works with different groups of youth in schools, advocacy programs, performance art groups, etc.Public Radio Exchange00:09:49
The Power of PlasticThe Power of Plastic by Max Jungreis of Alaska Teen Media Institute. What happened on your first drive after getting your license? (Or before? Escandalo!)Public Radio Exchange00:05:03
Career Advice From the PresidentCareer Advice From the President by Iman Fears of Minnesota Public Radio NewsPublic Radio Exchange00:09:23
Youth Health Care OverviewPriya Mirmira and Grace Bronson explore the unique health needs of teenagers in Youth Health Care Overview from Y-Press in Indianapolis.Public Radio Exchange00:05:40
There's Nobody Listening"There's Nobody Listening" by Charlotte Carr of Youth Radio Vermont is an interview with a young adult who is alienated and bored by church and religion.Public Radio Exchange00:06:23
Lanzhou Hand Drawn Noodle HouseA profile of a hard-working man and his unique way of making noodles in Lanzhou Handdrawn Noodle House by Xiaojuan Ke of Chinatown Youth Radio PhiladelphiaPublic Radio Exchange00:06:35
Promotion in DoubtA.J. Frazier of Radio Rookies reports on how higher standards of passing a grade impact his work ethic and explores the shady line between getting promoted and being left behind.Public Radio Exchange00:11:37
Sadie Hawkins DanceSadie Hawkins Dance from WHJE in Carmel, Indiana is a radio drama about YOUNG LOVE - just in time for spring. By Zane Anderson of WHJE Carmel.Public Radio Exchange00:12:21
Last Words from Hopi High"Last Words" is a story about Hopi teenagers forgetting and learning the Hopi language.Public Radio Exchange00:07:40
Storefront LibraryAmerica is really great. One of my number one reasons for saying that is our public library system... By Mark Salda.Public Radio Exchange00:23:03
Black Men on White CampusBlack Men Surviving on a Predominantly White College Campus by Francesca Witcher of Miami University, Ohio, explores why some young black men might drop out of college... and it's not grades.Public Radio Exchange00:12:09
Budget Crisis Worries HIV-Positive YouthArai Buendia of Youth Radio puts a human face to a budget crisis. She lets us know how budget decisions are affecting our neighbors and might affect ourselves.Public Radio Exchange00:07:14
An interview of a young Somali refugeeThis shorter piece from UNICEF Radio's series is a lo-fi interview done by youth reporter Mostafa Mohamed Abdurrahman of 16-year-old Hassan Abdi Elmi about life in a refugee camp in Bossasso, Somalia.Public Radio Exchange00:03:34
My SocialismMy Socialism by Andy Boyd puts us in the passenger seat of Andy's car as he drives around Phoenix, AZ and gets angsty about its ecology and economy.Public Radio Exchange00:07:35
How to Be a Refugee in SyriaHow to Be an Iraqi Refugee in Syria by Fouad and Ahmed of the Iraqi Student Project. From hiding your macho Iraqi accent, to being frugal, to finding the best Iraqi food to eat in Syria, this How-To has advice that any homesick person could use and take solace in.Public Radio Exchange00:09:40
Parent TroubleParent Trouble: The story of one family's strife during the Holiday Season. by Ceci of City High RadioPublic Radio Exchange00:06:58
Secret Life of a Shy GirlSecret Life of a Shy Girl by Libby Donovan of Blunt Youth RadioPublic Radio Exchange00:13:38
Gentrification on Logan CircleA friend of mine who works in the Chicago Public Schools asked some of her students what they thought signs of gentrification were. The one that got her was something so simple: "People jogging." By Cesar Chavez Charter School Students and Shea Shackelford.Public Radio Exchange00:22:04
Anonymous BabyThe first person essay is a staple of all radio, but especially youth radio, where young people who are using broadcast media for the first time seize that opportunity to talk about a few things that have been running through their minds. Anonymous Baby is a first person essay from an unnamed young woman. By the Youth Media Project.Public Radio Exchange00:06:38
Kentucky Fried Cancer"Kentucky Fried Cancer" is the name of this episode of YO!Radio, produced by Youth Outlook, a mini youth media empire in San Francisco. They've got a magazine, a show on community access TV, and are on the Internet.Public Radio Exchange00:14:53
Fights at SchoolFights at School by Megan Haller of the Alaska Teen Media InstitutePublic Radio Exchange00:07:09
The All-American CambodianThe All-American Cambodian by Chandra Touch of Blunt Youth RadioPublic Radio Exchange00:05:41
Police officers perspectives on youthThere are a few staid themes in youth reporting, and I'm sure I'll feature pieces that touch on all of them in the next few months. They're the DANGER topics, the ones that lend themselves to moralizing and giving adults a platform to tell teens what they should do: teen pregnancy, etc. By Quinn Andrews of Y-Press.Public Radio Exchange00:08:37
How the West Was Won"How the West Was Won" by Lacy Roberts. Hear more from Lacy at lvisradio.orgPublic Radio Exchange00:10:36
Just Add Water: Life in ArizonaMost of us know, basically, where the water that comes from our tap comes from. In Chicago, I drink Lake Michigan. When I lived in Maine, I drank Lake Sebago. But if you live in the American Southwest, where lakes are few and far between, your drinking water is coming from ... by Terrascope Youth RadioPublic Radio Exchange00:08:16
Welcome to the VeggielutionGreen! Energy! Sustainability! Local Food! Major themes in the news, in society, and on the radio recently, including on this here podcast. Last week it was turning off lights, this week, it's eating healthy from a nearby farm. By Robert Rogers of outLoud Radio.Public Radio Exchange00:09:36
Energy BratEnergy Brat from Antony Jauregui of Youth Radio. Learn more about Youth Radio at Radio Exchange00:09:30
We Will Miss YouThis is David Green's last YouthCast podcast, so he wanted to feature the future of YouthCast - children!?? This piece is recorded by third graders. It is a goodbye tribute to a visiting Korean exchange student, and it is written as an audio poem adapted from "Welcome Back" by Georgia Heard.Public Radio Exchange00:02:47
Military Recruitment After High SchoolA reporter from Alaska Teen Media Institute chats with people in her high school about military recruitment. You can find more on our website at www.youthcast.orgPublic Radio Exchange00:07:21
Mother-Teenager RelationshipsAnother ode to mothers! But don't they deserve it? This week we wanted to explore teenagers relationships with their moms. Youth Mic producers Rosa, Esther? and Constance hit the streets of New York to interview individuals about this.Public Radio Exchange00:05:22
Teen MarriagePhrases you may hear at the prom -Would you like to dance? Do you want something to drink? Where'd you get that dress? Will You Marry Me? Wow, how'd that last one get in there? Well, according to Alaska Teen Media Institute reporter Helen Fleming, that last question is not so difficult to fathom.Public Radio Exchange00:07:08
SwatchHere's something a little different - a radio drama! Why not? It's the first day of April! Jennifer Ferran of Youth Media Project produced this piece about a nerdy, clumsy high school guy (Trevor) who finds a watch that changes his whole image. But is it all it's cracked up to be? Trevor takes us through a journey that leads...Public Radio Exchange00:07:44
Slip of the TongueAdriel Luis of Youth Radio takes a different spin on the subject of beauty and respect. As a finalist at the Youth Speaks Grand Slam Poetry Finals in San Francisco, he uses the platform to discuss the topics. Find out more by visiting http:www.youthcast.orgPublic Radio Exchange00:00:12
Growing Up in The SystemWNYC Radio Rookie, Shirley Diaz's life has been shaped by the tragedy of her mother's murder and having been raised in several foster homes. To avoid being consumed by loss, Shirley tries to make sense of it all. You can find out more at: Radio Exchange00:12:45
Does Love Make You Crazy?Rataysha Lavender, from Radio Rootz, investigates just how crazy love can make you. You can find out more on our blog at Radio Exchange00:11:00
Greyson ChadwickTony Tellado of Sci-Fi Talk interviews Dance of the Dead actor Greyson Chadwick. You can find out more by visiting: Radio Exchange00:30:41
Super Powers 2Third Grade Super Heroes describe the super power they wish they could have and what they would do with their powers. By David Green.Public Radio Exchange00:02:49
Running from MyselfLouis, an 826NYC producer, struggles to reconcile bad choices he's made in he past. This piece is his investigation into why he did what he did, what made him stop, and, most importantly, if he's really changed for the good. For more information visit Radio Exchange00:19:02
Who Killed Santa Claus for You?Chris Flynn, Jasmine Gonzalez and Porsha Thomas of Curie Youth Radio interview teenagers from Chicago about the moment they found out that Santa wasn't real. You can find out more on our web site at: Radio Exchange00:03:54
Ultimate Christmas GiftJamie Lamb of Voices of Youth, works through the universal seasonal conundrum - what is Christmas for? Yes, the theme is often repeated - Giving Love is the Best Christmas Gift Ever - but it bears repeating, again and again, until we get it... or give it right! Find out more at Radio Exchange00:05:09
Emancipation ProclamationAt 15 emancipation has brought both freedom and hardship for Radio Rookie Jordan Teklay. Now 17, he's trying to understand what it means to be an adult. Find out more at Radio Exchange00:10:54
The U.S. Social Forum and How it Inspired Me to Create ChangeLucia Martinez of KUNM reports on the U.S. social forum and how it inspired her to create change. To learn more, go to Radio Exchange00:05:39
What's the Most Pressing Youth Issue?Y-Press producers Mallory St. Claire, Jordan Denari & Quinn Andrews report on the most pressing youth issues. To learn more, go to http://www.youthcast.orgPublic Radio Exchange00:03:08
Violence in RelationshipsYouth Mic producers Isis Thompson and Brittany Kaitt interview two women about their experiences in violent relationships. You can find out more at Radio Exchange00:07:45
First Moment of FreedomLaShanda Blunt, a youth producer incarcerated at the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland, Maine, interviews her fellow inmates about the big thing they all want to have, freedom. You can find out more at Radio Exchange00:07:23
What About the Guys?An examination of teenage fathers by Wenda Thompson of WAMU. For more information visit: http://www.youthcast.orgPublic Radio Exchange00:05:23
Finding the TimeLillian Warner of Weekday High explores where politics can fit into a teenager's already full schedule. To learn more, go to Radio Exchange00:06:32

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