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Womens Health

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Dawnn Leary reads you her selections from Women's Health, a magazine for women who are smart, positive, active, stylish, sensational and funny; and who see living healthy as an emotional and physical process.

Current Womens Health Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Flash Forward - Aug, 2021Despite life starting to feel normal again, you may still not be ready to break out the party hat. Now is "precisely" the right time to get your excitement groove back.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:18
Color Me Conversational - Jul, 2021Rocking an attention-grabbing look helped me ease back into social interactions after a hiatus. You, too, can spark the small talk you've been missing. by Jennifer NiedReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:00
Data Dilemma - Jul, 2021Health tracking can fall into "too much of a good thing" territory if the metrics mess with your head. Here, how to mindfully. By Ashley MateoReader: Dawnn Leary00:14:42
The Care Divide - Jul, 2021Black people's pain has long been underestimate--and it's time for a change. Until we're there, experts have life-altering advice for demanding treatment you deserve.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:13:49
Mood Influencer - Jul, 2021Happiness isn't just an accident. A major hormone player has a strong effect on your ups and downs, and maybe overlooking it.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:13
Brain Games - Jul, 2021Allow us to introduce you to the breakthrough that could transform your mental health treatment. by Jenni MillerReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:18
Modern Families - Jul, 2021For many, the pandemic brought on a desire to spread their seed or start (or expand) their innermost circle. The internet has provided ways to make a baby.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:14:48
Daily Defense - Jul, 2021Vitamin D's Point-of-fascination status is next level. Thanks to the research on its immunity effects. What to know about it. by Amy Marturana WinderlReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:01
Support System - Jul, 2021Ready for a heavy dose of reality? A beneficial guide to navigating issues related to the abuse of a loved one. by Lauren KrouseReader: Dawnn Leary00:17:17
Build Better Boundaries - May, 2021Finding work-life-everything balance is tough, but hey, sometimes rewarding changes take effort. by Perri O. BlumbergReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:41
Nature Calls - May, 2021When stress is skin-high, a dose of the outdoors-in any form-may be just what you need to get back down to earth. by Jasmine GomezReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:39
The Sleep Sweet Spot - May, 2021An updated bedtime routine that will radically alter your connection with Z's--and help you nod off fast. by Stephanie FairyingtonReader: Dawnn Leary00:15:10
Sweeter Solitude - Apr, 2021Being alone doesn't equal lonely. Make the most of--and may even love--your solo time. by Kiera CarterReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:57
In the Clear - Apr, 2021An HPV diagnosis is pretty scary to receive and the infection is a bit of an enigma, with no noticeable symptoms. Major anxiety relief is here. By Alexis JonesReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:51
Levity Lessons - Apr, 2021When the going gets tough, it's hard to find a reason to laugh. But trust, humor is crucial for wellness. Build a funnier life, all around, with this guide. By Kristen CanningReader: Dawnn Leary00:14:21
Breath Work - Apr, 2021Breath work-I needed some ways to find my chill anywhere. So I added breath work to my stay-cool toolkit. by Lauren Del TurcoReader: Dawnn Leary00:05:45
Pivot with Purpose - Mar, 2021Considering a big change? Learn how to pull your dream out of the clouds and directly onto your "do now" list. by Kiera CarterReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:53
Pivot with Purpose - Mar, 2021Considering a big change? You're not the only one. Learn how to pull your dream out of the clouds and directly onto your "do now" list. by Kiera CarterReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:55
Crowd Sourcing - Mar, 2021Sharing struggles with a therapist can be hard enough, let alone with a bunch of peers. One woman needed this in order to form healthy bonds for good.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:20
Score More (Soft) Skills - Mar, 2021Emotional intelligence is a special kind of savvy that boosts your mental well-being and relationships. Here is how to amp up yours. by Jihan MyersReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:11
Future of Wellness - Feb, 2021Rethink your routines and care for yourself in brand-new ways after a year of flux. So ready! by Jennifer NiedReader: Dawnn Leary00:13:05
Growing a Relationship - Feb, 2021Lots of people lose themselves in their relationships. Ahead, how to grow as a couple at any stage, without compromising your dreams. by Alexis JonesReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:10
Change Agent - Jan, 2021Healthy patterns are hard to form, not-so-good ones are hard to break. Tight? Wrong--if you know the secrets to becoming a true creature of habit.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:14:59
Elderberry - Jan, 2021There's no shortage of elderberry products out there--you'll find dummies, capsules, syrups, and lozenges. Before you run to the pharmacy here are the facts.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:05:50
Inside Job - Jan, 2021The state of your gut impacts your wellness-and there's plenty you can do to help. Enter: the latest breakthroughs. by Jasmine GomezReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:22
Talk It Out - Dec, 2020You've discussed social justice before (hopefully!), so it can be a struggle if the people in your life aren't on the same page. Here is your guide.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:01
Walk the Line - Dec, 2020Positive and negative emotions during a big life moment can leave you a little freaked. Really, though, ambivalence helps fuel change and makes you stronger.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:06
Total Control - Dec, 2020Urinary incontinence is an issue for at least a quarter of active women, yet few feel comfortable talking about it. The upside: there are NBD treatment options.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:02
A Game of Risk - Nov, 2020The holidays may feel like a bumpy road in 2020, but our manual will help you navigate the tricky terrain. Gear up! By Amanda WoernerReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:30
Grow Out of It - Nov, 2020Let's talk a little-known mental health phenomenon that will restore your hope in...everything. by Alexis JonesReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:46
Baby Steps - Nov, 2020For Queer couples, the path to parenthood is littered with obstacles, many of which aren't biological. Three women open up and sharing their realities of trying to conceive.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:35
Check Yourself - Nov, 2020Certain health habits can't fall by the wayside forever, experts agree. Take this quickie wellness audit to hit reset. by Jacqueline AndriakosReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:32
So Thrilled for You - Oct, 2020Is envy holding you back from truly supporting your peeps? No loner. This plan will help you identify-and squash-those complicated, no-fun feels. by Arielle SiclaitReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:00
Less Busy, More Burned Out? - Oct, 2020There's a reason your energy gets scorched even when you have ample free time. Put out the flames with this insight. by Amy WilkinsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:12
Fresh Perspective - Oct, 2020A class of drugs known for their recreational use is emerging as a fix for treatment-resistant mental health issues. Welcome to the world of psychedelics.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:16:51
Sole Save - Oct, 2020The body part getting the least love at home: your feet. Life in lockdown took a toll on your base, podiatrists agree. We've got simple, soothing solutions.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:06
Full Speed Ahead - Nov, 2020This year's beem a doozy for your mental health, no doubt. Enter" the WH coping manual, to help you survive and thrive through emotional disasters.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:29:02
Deepen Your Digs - Nov, 2020Remember when home was a place you missed after time away? Rekindle those "Love you, mean it" vibes. by Kiera CarterReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:17
Target Practice- Sep, 2020The pandemic threw a wrench in a few sparkly 2020 plans. Get psyched to rejigger your normal with this goal-getter guide. by Kristin CanningReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:17
Out of the Shadows - Oct, 2020One autoimmune disease has quietly (yet severely) impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of black women. It's time to bring it to light. by Alexis JonesReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:57
Body Guards - Aug, 2020Strengthening your defenses requires constant effort. So take a seat and let's study your new stay-healthy playbook. by Meghan RabbitReader: Dawnn Leary00:16:27
Stronger Than Ever - Aug, 2020When COVID-19 slammed into the world like a tsunami, these women rose up like a force combining the power of physical, and mental strength. by Kiera CarterReader: Dawnn Leary00:20:01
Dream Team - Aug, 2020When your subconscious offers a creative-and confusing-sex scene, rest assured: the true meaning is just beneath the surface. by Lindsay GellerReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:31
Life Partners - Jul, 2020You have a workout buddy who pushes you to sweat, but what about one who gets you to therapy. How about teaming up with a pal to boost mental health?Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:57
Total Control - Jul, 2020Contraceptive innovations are inching closer than ever to perfection when it comes to comfort, convenience, and consistent success. by Amelia HarnishReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:21
Women in Cars - Jul, 2020Life in the fast lane is second nature, but we're more likely than men to get hurt in a crash due to a host of factors. We investigate to keep you safer.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:55
Get Closure (Finally) - Jun, 2020The days of waiting for someone else to give you answers are dunzo. Understanding isn't handed to you. It's work you--yes, you!--put in.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:07:49
Owe It to Yourself - Jun, 2020Debt can feel like a weight you just can't life, but with the right strategy, you can hoist, press, and straight-up slam your balance.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:03
Care to Share - Jun, 2020There are real rewards to virtually leaning on others, so learn how to ace the art of online connection.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:28
Happier Hour - Jun, 2020More women are reevaluating their relationship with alcohol--and finding a way to drink (or not) that blends better with their life and health goals.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:34
Find a Hobby - May, 2020Who has time for leisure? You do, with these tips that bring those simply-for-kicks pastimes back from the dead. by Kristina RodulfoReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:01
The Fur-Baby Generation - May, 2020Dogs and cats aren't just the cutest members of your fam, they also unleash serious health benefits from day one. by Jennifer NiedReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:26
One Size Doesn't Fit All - May, 2020Fact: You can have anorexia even if you're not underweight. When one writer finally looked beyond the number on the scale and fought for help. by Carrie ArnoldReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:44
Asking for a Friend- Aug, 2020Yo, Ma! Ever had a new baby question (or seven) you were too embarrassed to voice? Don't worry--we have all the answers. by Valeria Nekhim LeaseReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:44
Win Your Weekends - Apr, 2020You have 48 hours to reset and recharge so you can greet Monday chipper and ready to rock. Learn how to reclaim your time so you feel rejuvenated.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:51
The Power of Yay - Apr, 2020Editor and writer Meaghan Murphy discovered an untapped energy reserve at a point in life when she least expected it.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:07:06
Grab the Good Vibes - Apr, 2020Science says you absolutely can soak up happy energy from others. All it takes is a little more intention in your connections. by Alison GoldmanReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:02
Keep the Beat - Apr, 2020You can have a heart attack and not even know it--crazy-sounding but true. And you're not exempt from the possibility of a "silent" one). by Amy WilkinsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:04
My Mother's Health - Mar, 2020In high school, she learned she had cerebral palsy and that her mom had stayed mum about her condition her whole life. by Alexis JonesReader: Dawnn Leary00:06:24
Move Mountains - Mar, 2020Quit waiting around for perfect circumstances before you attack your personal goals. Use this excuse-busting guide. by Amy WilkinsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:20
The Art of Listening - Mar, 2020How to be a better listener. by Lindsay GellerReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:58
Le'go of the Fraud - Mar, 2020If you've ever felt more like a toy dressed in a costume than a rock-star [insert job title here], this one's for you. By Marissa GainsburgReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:26
The Art of Listening - Mar, 2020"In the age of digital distraction, really listening is a rare thing, yet, it's one of the most healing experiences-feeling that some hears and sees you."Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:00
Big Setback Equals Bigger Comeback - Feb, 2020Feeling stuck or shorted? So were these nine women, until a series of lightening bolt moments altered their courses and transformed their lives forever.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:22:57
The Love Experiment - Feb, 2020Enter the ultimate chemistry primer--based in real science, doused with expert insight, and free of any Kumbaya circles--for concocting your own little love potion.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:18:48
Happy Healing - Feb, 2020When faced with loss, it's tempting to want to speed up the get-over-it process as much as possible, especially if the event seems unworthy of a big reaction. Move through it with grace.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:21
The Power of One - Jan, 2020Your social feed is likely inundated with calls to support charities and causes. And you care! How can you turn those light-lift actions into more meaningful engagement?Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:43
Let There Be Light - Jan, 2020Your BFF sears by the fancy light box on her bedside table for a happy wake-up. by Elizabeth BacharachReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:41
Most Valuable Undies - Mar, 2020How much do your panties--from the lacy thongs to the stained period pairs-impact your vaginal health? A lot. We can help prevent a hazard down there.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:27
Time is Everything - Dec, 2019There are optimal times for you to sleep, rise, eat, and sweat--and it's all dictated by your circadian rhythm. It's shockingly simple to reset the clock.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:13:33
Cruise Health - Dec, 2019Leave the baggage in the backseat on your next couple's getaway, no matter no matter where you are on your journey of two. We'll show you the way.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:41
Living on the Edge - Dec, 2019On the brink of a meltdown? It can be tough to tell when stress, is, oh, you know, just a day in the life, and when it's an anxiety disorder. Mental clarity, ahead.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:48
Take Home Test - Dec, 2019Direct to consumer DNA kits let you unlock a cache of personal health info. Experts help you stay levelheaded. By Carrie ArnoldReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:00
The Great Escape - Nov, 2019The goggles gamers geek out over are actually a tool doctors are now using to treat a slew of health issues. Say hello to a new reality.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:34
Bedtime Stories - Nov, 2019Attaining stellar sleep can feel like the stuff of dreams. That's why we tapped experts to analyze our treasured shut-eye habits. Read on for the answers.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:25
Handle With Care - Dec, 2019It takes patience, empathy, and maturity to handle such a demanding gig, but women are owning the double duty-and getting real to make it work.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:13:13
Brain Power - Nov, 2019Your mind is built for speed, productivity, flexibility, and resourcefulness. Use the WH manual to hack it and turn only your supercharged mode. by Meghan BabbittReader: Dawnn Leary00:16:00
Ace the Apology Game - Oct, 2019When expressed the proper way your atonement can have a major impact on both parties' self worth, not to mention your overall relationship. by E. BacharachReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:09
Reveal Your Inner Winner - Oct, 2019The latest trend in personal development is going outside yourself for motivation, guidance, and clarity-via a "life coach". The truth is no one knows better than you.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:31
Yes, New Friends - Oct, 2019You're never too old to grow your girl gang. You may have forgotten (or never really learned) how to do's your foolproof plan. by Lindsay GellerReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:17
The (Before) Baby Blues - Oct, 2019Navy Mysore, MD, was caught by surprise when her mood tanked at the start of her pregnancy. Here is her story about her journey. by Kristin CanningReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:58
Make Space for Happy Vibes - Sep, 2019Time to toss the negative people, habits, and thoughts you're clinging to and pave the path to a lighter, fuller ever after. by Kristin CanningReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:40
Take Your 'Ship to the Next Level' - Sep, 2019The latest couples trend: visiting the therapist's couch before encountering rough waters. By Marissa GainsburgReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:44
Stuck on Replay - Sep, 2019Why do shudder-worthy memories keep repeating like a broken in your head? WH health director Jacqueline Andriakos decodes this so-repeatable phenom.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:30
Back to the Present - Sep, 2019Wish you had a DeLorean time machine to whisk you to...earlier today? Reclaim your joy and live in the now-ish with this wisdom. by Marissa GainsburgReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:12
Room to Breath - Sep, 2019Tweaking your inhalations and exhalations can shift your health in major ways (yes, it's really that easy). by Jessica MigalaReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:05
Back Burner - Aug, 2019Taking out the kayaks, going for long bike rides, basking in PTO days galore...the lazy days of summer can cause a pain in the neck, literally. Investigation and mitigation.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:54
Mind the (orgasm) Gap - Aug, 2019The big O can boost your mood, help you sleep better, strengthen your immune system, improve your relationship, and more. WH investigates, by Carrie ArnoldReader: Dawnn Leary00:20:21
The Fling Effect - Aug, 2019To fall back in cupid-level love with the sitcom/drama/documentary that is your life, ditch the status quo. by Marissa GainsburgReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:15
Lurking for Love - Jul, 2019Exploration of just how far is too far when it comes to "following" a potential partner. Here, the latest in social media--meets-relationships. by Marissa GainsburgReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:18
Gut Feelings - Jul, 2019Irritable bowel syndrome, a gastro nightmare lacking many fixes-until recently. A growing number of experts are now using psych tactics to help.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:14
Shelf Help - Jul, 2019Burying your nose in a good read is the healthiest thing you can do while sitting down. Tell your friends you'll meet for yoga, but first Kafka.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:27
Powerhouses - Jun, 2019Could teeny tiny cellular structures hold the key to better health? by Kristin CanningReader: Dawnn Leary00:06:45
Own Your Morning The Ultimate AM Guide - Jun, 2019Snooze no more: The sunrise routines of these badass entrepreneurs, athletes, and mamas are guaranteed to make you want to get out of bed. by Emily AbbateReader: Dawnn Leary00:20:13
How to Survive 52 Weeks of Weddings - Jun, 2019It's 2019, and no month is off-limits for a nuptial event, zero worries though! You pack your heels; we'll take care of the rest. By Marissa GainsburgReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:13
Fear Factors - Jun, 2019Thank Mom and Dad for your eye color, your curls, and phobias. They can be passed down, but you have the power to stop the cycle. by Sara BergerReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:09
Wellness at Work - May, 2019Great news: Leading companies are now focusing on factors like reducing your stress and helping you find more free time in your day to do what you love. (Really!)Reader: Dawnn Leary00:16:27
How to Ask for Anything - May, 2019You can have it all--with some help from those around you. Do yourself a favor and study this guide to getting everything you want in life. Nothing's off the table.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:32
Head Strong - May, 2019The serious headache club is an estimated 30 million, mostly women. And until now, halting debilitating migraines hs been difficult. Here are new ways to reduce it.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:47
Cure Your Happiness Hangover - May, 2019The big life changes that bring true joy can also send you into an emotional tailspin. WH exposes the underbelly of positive forward motion, and how to tame it.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:15
Work, Train, Stay Together - Apr, 2019If anyone has cracked the code to crazy-strong love, it's these couples who clock as much together time M-F as on the weekend. by Marissa GainsburgReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:33
Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are - Apr, 2019A funny meme, sure, but also a legit message. Channel what they see to make everyone go woof. by Joe KitaReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:28
Redefining Self-Care - Apr, 2019The term typically conjures images of bubble baths and spa days. Marissa Gainsburg discovered testing her body's limits was the best TLC she could ever give it.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:08:38
Heavy Lifting - April, 2019Caring for those around you and drowning in their issues. Excess empathy leaving you drained? Time to lighten the load. by Cassie ShortsleeveReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:47
The Ghosts of Instagram Past - Mar, 2019Here's how W.H. associate editor Kristin Canning learned to squash self-critique and reclaim her feed. By Kristin Canning.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:58
A PSA for PDA - Mar, 2019We all want mature adult relationships. But what happens when you inject your connection with teen spirit? By Sara Stallman Berger.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:37
Girl Uninterrupted - Mar, 2019Flaunting your feminine side at work, at home, at the gym-anywhere, to be honest can be a huge plus. For real! Tap into it today. by Marissa GainsburgReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:14
Why Am I Always Hungary? - Mar, 2019Does trying to clean up your diet just leaves you ravenous and frustrated? Try these suggestions. by Roisin Dervish-O'KaneReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:53
The Power of Hello - Feb, 2019A surefire way to turn a "meh" day into a good one? Chitchat. Yep, it's true. Despite its bad rap, small talk is your brain's BFF. by Kristin CanningReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:30
Break Through a Breakup - Feb, 2019Relationship folklore tells us that years-long on-and-off love always wins, but the latest singles data proves that is not the case. by Marissa GainsburgReader: Dawnn Leary00:13:06
The Strength in Our Scars - Feb, 2019Definitions of the word scar say it's synonymous with blemish and flaw. Here are the stories of power and survival. by Kristin CanningReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:28
Give it a Rest - Jan, 2019Taking short tech breaks can supercharge your mind and help you make the most of the precious hours in a day. You'll be happier and healthier for it.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:41
Walk this Way - Jan, 2019Eat this yummy food, do this awesome workout, try this genuis hack. Five WH editors resolved to practice what they preach for 30 days.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:53
Under Pressure - Jan, 2019Heart attacks in young, fit women? They are more common than you might think and can be triggered by major stress. by Kristin CanningReader: Dawnn Leary00:06:44
Space Invaders - Dec, 2018There's some wild stuff happening on your skin, in your mouth, even in areas below your belt. Meet the tiny wellness regulating bacterial communities.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:43
Worry Yourself Well - Dec, 2018The upside to having a little nervous energy: a happier, healthier, and yes, less stressful life. Here's how to make it work for you. by Roisin Dervish O'KaneReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:06
Get Your Cheer Back - Dec, 2018Everyone is celebrating...but you'd rather crawl under a rock. The holiday season is that for many of us. Here is a coping strategy for whatever has you down.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:51
The First Rule of Fight Club - Dec, 2018It's not the actual tiff that matters, but what comes after that can make or break your bond. Rock that part, every single time. by Marissa GainsburgReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:53
The Work-Mind Balance - Nov, 2018Six women who explore the complex relationship between your passion-or simply how you earn a living-and mental health.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:17:35
Running on Empty - Nov, 2018News flash: Tiny portions do not mean bigger weight loss results. Time to get real about the dangers of crash dieting. by Roisin Dervish-O'Kane and Amy AbrahamsReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:18
Small Wonders - Nov, 2018Stem cells may treat incurable disease and repair organs and joints, effectively stalling the wear and tear of aging. WH investigates. by Michelle AndrewsReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:54
Share Your Swagger - Nov, 2018Not big on gloating--or people who are? But, Thoughtful self-promotion is the secret to career success and mental well being. Learn to turn bragging into a skill.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:08
Cancer Conundrums - Oct, 2018Facing the Big C come with thorny choices yet blossoming options. Here's how women are finding brand new possibilities along the way to well.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:32
Girl Power Goes Plural - Oct, 2018Welcome to the era of the friend gang, where group snaps are just as common--if not more so--than selfies. Something to celebrate?Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:13
Irreconciable Differences? - Oct, 2018You're on-upping your partner on all health fronts, and now your relationship has more tension than your new resistance bands Here's how to ge over the hurdle of goals.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:05
Sounding Off - Oct, 2018A poll of men and women about sexual harassment, assault and the MeToo movement. By Kristin CanningReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:05
The Big Disconnect - Sep, 2018Loneliness can mess with your sleep and shorten your life. Luckily, bolstering your social network and feeling better is totally possible.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:56
Grow your Brainpower - Sep, 2018Your mind needs regular TLC to flouish, so use these super-doable tips that-when combined-take you to the top of your game.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:02
10 Cities Worth Trippin' Over - Sep, 2018Wellness tourism is estimated to grow 50 percent faster than overall tourism through 2020, according to the Global Wellness Institute. Treatments are right here.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:21:53
The Guide to CBD - Sep, 2018The new "it" drug is all over your social feed and showing up in your mineral water, bath bombs, and lotion. Devotees swear by its health benefits. Does it live up to the hype.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:27
Protect Your Welldentity - Sep, 2018A fresh breed of fraudster is after your medical info, putting your finances and your health at risk. Here's how to stay safe-and well. By Michelle AndrewsReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:23
What Winners Know - Aug, 2018This is a story about competitive advantage. It's a tale of fiercely ambitious American distance runners celebrating the biggest races and teamwork.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:17:23
Super Pets - Aug, 2018Even more mind-blowing than the emotional support hamsters and peacocks dominating the headlines? Bona fide, whip-smart assistance animals. Meet three here.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:09
Micro Meditations - Jul, 2018Even if you don't have time for a dedicated on session-or maybe sitting in stillness actually creates, instead of eases, anxiety. Mindful minis can help.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:29
Bill Fail - Jul, 2018When your schedule is so full it makes you nauseated, ditching your plans fells like sweet relief. But your lifestyle of increasing unreliabilty may impact your help.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:24
The Art of the Perfect Nap - Jul, 2018We break down the truth-and the technique-on the trendiest grown-up accessory: daytime Z's. By Marissa GainsburgReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:40
How do you go on? - Jun, 2018More than 100,000 Americans are shot each year. Roughly one third die. An exploration of the psychological trauma, and the aftermath.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:18:39
Flex Your Bravery Muscle - Jun, 2018A risk-averse writer decided to try doing more things that scared her and found out just how much you can learn from taking a chance.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:13:29
Love at First Sweat - Jun, 2018What happens when you mix getting fit with looking for your forever fit? WH investigates the latest trend in dating, working out together.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:13:25
Old-Time Illnesses Coming Back - May, 2018Some contagious diseases are having a resurgence, and you could be at risk--even if you've been vaccinated. By Karen AspReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:03
Love & Mental Illness - May, 2018When one person in a relationship struggles, the connection is put to the test. Weathering these emotions together can deepen your bond.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:16:55
What Women Want - May, 2018There's no shortage of discussion about the male appetite for sex, power, etc. Now it's time to talk about things women are hungry for.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:17:06
Find Your Way--And Your Why - May, 2018It's way too easy to get up in the day-to-day grind and miss the forest for the trees. What you need is a dose of ikigai (pronounced EE-Kee-guy).Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:36
Kindness Rocks - Apr, 2018Doing a good deed brings on fuzzy feels, but-surprise!-generosity also comes with some sweet health perks. By Jamie HergenraderReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:12
Silence Please - Apr, 2018The biggest trend in wellness might be the one you're not hearing about - and that's entirely the point. By Alyssa GiacobbeReader: Dawnn Leary00:14:24
Weird Allergy - Apr, 2018The season of sniffles and sneezing? Even if your hibernate on high-pollen days, sneaky allergy amplifiers-like wine and indoor blooms. Relief coming up.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:08:22
The Mom Divide - Apr, 2018Can your relationship with your bestie survive one of you having a baby? Their story reveals how parenthood changed their friendships. By Andrea StanleyReader: Dawnn Leary00:13:29
Mind. Blown - Feb, 2018Millions of women are shattered by chronic pain. Many are put on a pharmaceutical diet of opioids, leaving some addicted. The alternative, the mind?Reader: Dawnn Leary00:30:01
Makin' and breaking' the same ones every New Year's? - Feb, 2018With emerging science, surprising expert analysis, and a squad to root you on, we've--finally actually, cracked the code to getting resolutions to stick.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:30:59
Don't Say Anything...Say This - Feb, 2018If only a boom box and the sweet, sweet vocals of Peter Gabriel could fix all that ails your coupledom. So we asked the top therapists for advice.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:15:35
Itchy & Scratchy - Jan, 2018Animated on The Simpsons-and real-life issue for many women, whose prickles and tingles go way beyond woolly sweaters. Is it an allergy? An infection?Reader: Dawnn Leary00:13:44
Magic Mushrooms - Jan, 2018Fungus to ward off winter sickness? Sounds far-fetched, but it's science-backed--as are these other quirky immunity boosters. Cold and flu season, conquered.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:07:26
What You Need to Know about Brain Tumors - Jan, 2018Less than 1% of all adults are affected by them, but when they occur, they're often lethal. Spotting symptoms early is critical. A primer here.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:15:18
Love the Moon? - Dec, 2017Many women are moving across the country or around the world for their relationships-but relocating is like starting over on another planet.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:39
Losing Their Veganity - Dec, 2017Going full-on vegan in the hopes of ditching pounds? WH investigates how you can sidestep the pitfalls of plant-based eating. By Leslie GoldmanReader: Dawnn Leary00:14:50
Yes, They're Judging You - Dec, 2017Your family that is. Who you voted for, how you're raising your kids, what you're putting on your plate. Consult our prime to navigate conflicts.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:13:34
Blind Sales - Dec, 2017The very thing that's slowly robbing us of our sight is the one thing we can't seem to turn away from. WH explores this stealthy health peril.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:16:12
Step Up to a Breakthroug - Nov, 2017We've got the reader-proven secret to sting weight loss. And it's got something (actually, everything) to do with the word eureka! By Karen AspReader: Dawnn Leary00:15:02
Mindfulness Takes Flight - Nov, 2017Earnest mantras? No, thanks. Hours of meditation? Try 60 seconds or less. The new path to living in the moment is made up of tiny resets.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:50
Tiny Treats - Oct, 2017High on life, not on a buzz: Could consuming a smudge of pot via gumdrops and chocolates be the answer to pain, insomnia, and anxiety? By Andrea BartzReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:56
Neck on the Line - Oct, 2017The thyroid is just above your collarbone. When it goes bad, why are doctors arguing about how to treat it? By Virginia Sole-Smith.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:20:18
A Woman's Work - Nov, 2017See all those pick sticky notes? They're a metaphor for the lion's share of "mental housework" that women take on. How do we break the cycle. By Michelle RuizReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:44
Feats of the Mind - Oct, 2017Like Olympians, champions of memory aren't born; they're made. And we have their mental training plans. Let's get that gold, ladies. By Leslie GoldmanReader: Dawnn Leary00:17:20
Sweet (any Salty) Dreams - Sep, 2017A paltry 15 percent of us wake up feeling well rested. Now there's a counterintuitive way to boost that... By Karen Ansel, R.D.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:23
How My Body Changed - Sep, 2017What if the only way to save your life was to drastically alter your body? Would you still feel like yourself? By various authors.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:14:04
Deficiency Nation B12 - Sep, 2017You're run down. Incredibly anxious. And you feel distracted by everything. Why you should get your B12 levels checked today. By Kristen DoldReader: Dawnn Leary00:13:09
The Emotional Wake - Sep, 2017It's the feeling you give people when you leave the room. And the feelings they impart to you. Writer, Ada Calhoun explores this topic.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:13:56
The True Colors of Probiotics - Aug, 2017Nearly 4 million people a year swallow them, hoping to balance their bellies, soothe their skin, eliminate allergies, even ease depression.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:14:21
How to Find Yourself - Aug, 2017You could binge-read self-help books. Or you could race through the grueling heat and endless sand of the Moroccan desert for nine days.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:14:42
First Comes Love... - Aug, 2017Then comes a tsunami of what-ifs. Your first relationship is like no other, which is why its shadow lingers and shapes every romance that follows.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:42
Feeding on Fear - Jul, 2017Round-the-clock headlines, political rants, dire global events--its enough to drive you to the nearest bag of cookies. Techniques for help.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:44
Urgent Care or ER? - Jul, 2017That is the Q you now face when a medical crisis strikes. Use our cheat sheet to determine the right destination for common ailments. By Jamie HergenraderReader: Dawnn Leary00:05:42
The Mind-Body Cure - Jul, 2017Is actually quite retro. It's hypnosis. And its now backed by a whole host of science. Four women reveal how it helped them conquer major health woes, head-on.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:16:49
Body Shots - Jul, 2017What could be healthier than a fruit-and-veggie-filled, antioxidant-rich juice-bar drink? Squeezing it into two ounces with less sugar and calories.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:07:38
Welcome Aboard WH Air - Jun, 2017...where no one catches a cold, gets hobbled by jet lag, or is served inedible food. We don't really have our own airline, but if we did here are the tips.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:58
Weight for It - Jun, 2017You can sleep your way fit. Sounds unreal, but new research shows a strong link between quality Zs and workout results. By Michael EasterReader: Dawnn Leary00:16:41
You're Younger. He's Older. Why do People Still Care? - Jun, 2017Cross-generational romance is the one relationship stigma we simply can't let go of. Age-defying couples not only make it work, they have wisdom to share.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:16:41
Smiling Depression - May, 2017In the photos they post, at dinner parties with friends, and during work they smile. But inside, millions of women are struggling with depression.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:23:07
Build A Better Sugar? - May, 2017We break down the shaky future of sugar substitutes - and what they could be doing to your waistline (and health). By Michelle Stacey.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:16:45
Get Pumped - May, 2017Research tells us you're looking for foods that put more fuel in your tank. So we obliged. Energy crisis, averted. By Rachel Meltzer WarrenReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:44
The Odds and Ends of Zen - May, 2017The nearest junk drawer might seem like the last place on earth you'd go to clear your mind and lower your street levels. Time to rethink that.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:52
Work-Life Balance is a Sham! - Apr, 2017Attaining perfect harmony just isn't possible. And knowing that is the first step to more bliss, better health, greater success. By Anna BreslawReader: Dawnn Leary00:19:41
Spring for Hygge (HOO-GUH) - Apr, 2017Just warming up to the Danish coziness trend? No need to pack it up with your wool sweaters and firewood. You can enjoy these perks all year long.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:12
Detecting Fake Medical News - Apr, 2017Fake news is on the rise and isn't always easy to spot...and believing what you read could be dangerous or deadly. By Tracy MiddletonReader: Dawnn Leary00:15:57
Don't Make My Love Mistakes - Apr, 2017Romantic regrets are the most common kind of remorse. We've collected the four top relationship doozies, plus all the intel you need to avoid the same fate.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:08
Sorry...Not Sorry - Mar, 2017The faux-pology hashtag of our times may not be all that ironic: We don't say it when we mean it, and when we mean it, we flub it. By Michelle RuizReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:58
Rise of the Wellness Coach - Mar, 2017WH investigates the Wild, Wild, West of wellness coaching. By Ginny GravesReader: Dawnn Leary00:15:59
The Snacking Diaries - Mar, 2017Ninety-four percent of Americans cop to munching their way through the day. Is that bad for your health and weight? By Kristen Dold.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:22:54
This Woman Was So Mortified... - Mar, 2017We all have weirdo body issues that creep up and freak us out. Deep breath: They're totally normal--and usually not a cause for concern.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:53
Sync Up Your Sex Drives - Feb, 2017Check out what could be causing the disconnect between you and your man-and simple ways to get back on track. By Jamie HergenraderReader: Dawnn Leary00:14:08
Buy 5, Drop 5 - Feb, 2017Put these power foods on your plate and eat your way to a smaller size. By Keri GlassmanReader: Dawnn Leary00:06:49
The Women's Health Menses Society - Jan, 2017Periods: no longer shameful, but still super painful. Enter our "Periodic" Table where we decode each element to outsmart the symptoms.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:20:19
Best Weight-Loss Advice Ever! - Jan, 2017Women's Health has chronicled nearly 100 reader weight-loss journeys in our "You Lose, You Win" column over the past decade. By Lesley RotchfordReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:29
What Would You Do? - Jan, 2017When you're faced with a drama-rama decision, don't hit your feeds. It's time to start tapping the most important counselor in your life: you.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:13:53
Get Up Stand Up - Dec, 2016The next generation of female comics is facing their darkest fears, revealing their deepest secrets, and-mic drop-receiving applause and acclaim for it.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:16:12
Eat Like an Animal - Dec, 2016Birds and beasts spend three-quarters of their waking lives acquiring and consuming food-but never get fat. What can we glean from our animal friends?Reader: Dawnn Leary00:06:06
Can you Uberize Wellness? - Dec, 2016Tons of new apps are claiming to be the Uber (INSERT FIELD HERE), serving up health services when or where you need them. By Robin HimantelReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:45
The Gut Diaries - Dec, 2016Agonizing gas and cramping. Uncomfortable bloating. Toilet troubles. This is life for 70 million people. By Kristen DoldReader: Dawnn Leary00:24:10
First Do No Harm - Nov, 2016Sexual abuse by physicians happens shockingly often. WH investigates how to protect yourself from white-coat crimes. By Abigail PestaReader: Dawnn Leary00:21:53
More Women Less Violence - Nov, 2016As pundits debate ways to reduce fatal police shootings, science points to an obvious solution: Hire females. By Kaitlin MenzaReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:30
The Best Friends You've Never Met - Nov, 2016The Internet gives us what we need, when we need it-groceries, dates, and now our pals. Could these be friendships that are deeper than in person ones.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:16:24
Sometimes a Dull Moment - Nov, 2016When your job-or a relationship,-feels like one big yawn, it's tempting to do something, anything to break the monotony. Boredom can be beneficial.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:14:24
Protein High - Oct, 2016The lean stuff is one of the building blocks of a health diet, but most of us are taking in way more than recommended. By Amy GorinReader: Dawnn Leary00:14:04
Hormones Gone Wild - Oct, 2016These little devils can be a dieter's worst enemy-or her best friend. Learn to tame the beasts (and drop the weight) with our handy field guide.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:22
Just Doodle It! - Oct, 2016Those silly little scribbles on your notepad? Total gold mind of juicy personal insights--and a proven way to sharpen your mind.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:34
The Never-Ending Nightmare - Oct, 2016We investigate the intense unspoken aftermath of rape and the steps women can take to regain control of their lives. By Carrie Arnold.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:22:04
The Cost of Breaking Up - Sep, 2016After a split, you expect some emotional fallout. But a financial one too? An expert explains how to minimize those expenses. By Mehalic LucasReader: Dawnn Leary00:18:05
The Office 15 - Sep, 2016Almost half of employees say they've put on weight at their present job, with women more likely than men to pile on pounds. Here a some solutions.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:00
Bitch Craft - Sep, 2016Complain too much and you raise your stress levels and risk disease. Don't vent at all and..the same thing could happen! A guide to healthy griping.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:55
The Sleep Diaries - Sep, 2016For legions of women, lack of shut-eye is a recurring nightmare. You need to pay attention around the clock, not just between the sheets.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:23:57
Migraine Diaries - Aug, 2016The first step in stopping the pain is figuring out what's triggering it. WH unravels the mystery. By Kristen DoldReader: Dawnn Leary00:22:07
A to Z of Olympic Awesomeness - Aug, 2016The female Olympians have spent years driving toward one dream. They had those dreams realized or shattered in front of millions. How did they do it?Reader: Dawnn Leary00:18:17
Are You There, God It's Us, Women's Health - Aug, 2016Women's Health explores the bold frontier of spiritual fluidity and how this faith revival is invigorating health wellness, happinessReader: Dawnn Leary00:17:41
Special Delivery - Jul, 2016Doulas have been around for centuries, but the profession is experiencing a rebirth across the country--and not just the woo-woo crowd.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:07:13
Playing Love Doctor - Jul, 2016Sometimes your squad (or shrink) doesn't have the answers. But your hairstylist might. Or your accountant. By Christina PolettoReader: Dawnn Leary00:13:52
60 Career Tricks You Always Wanted to Know - Jun, 2016...But "experts" were too tight-lipped and politically correct to offer up. Lucky for you, we're nosey and we got 'em to dish. By Kate SullivanReader: Dawnn Leary00:22:20
Insert Here? - Jun, 2016The once controversial IUD is having a very public rebirth-yet, odds are, you've heard some scary-sounding things about the contraceptive.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:07:50
Spin Doctors - Jun, 2016Workout playlists are a dime a dozen. Our wellness soundtrack goes way beyond-improving sleep, slaying stress, thwarting pain. No M.D.s or meds.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:49
Which One Is Mentally Ill? - May, 2016All of them: They're your mothers, daughters, sisters, best friends, work wives, celebs and Instagram stars. By Carrie Arnold.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:28:04
Breaking Diabetes News! - May, 2016Startling research shows that common daily behaviors are putting even fit women at risk for the type 2 epidemic. Learn how to play D-fense.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:18
PMS: It's a Guy Thing or Two - May, 2016So he's not exactly shedding a uterine lining. But rears? Yes. Tantrums? Thrown. Hungry? Beyond. WH is here with solutions. By Michelle StaceyReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:07
True Blood - Apr, 2016At the very heart of your health, there is one liquid. It nourishes every cell in your body and helps fight off infection, and predict your future.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:24:51
Grazed and Confused - May, 2016Packing on pounds drinking smoothies and kale chips? The once health snack "break" has morphed into a round the clock munchfest. Break the cycle.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:15
Hey Student Debt: Bite Me! - Apr, 2016Grads are on the hook for an astonishing $1.2 trillion and research finds that the load is holding women back most. By Natasha BurtonReader: Dawnn Leary00:15:32
Who Needs a Superhero? - Apr, 2016The modern woman needn't be rescued--and it's changing romantic relationships for the better. By Michelle Ruiz AndrewsReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:05
Out of the Dark - Mar, 2016Miscarriage affects nearly one in three pregnancies. Let's start talking about what is often considered a taboo subject. By Malia JacobsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:23:08
Don't Get Mad. Get Ahead - Mar, 2016Rise above all the negativity and land the position you deserve. By Carlin FloraReader: Dawnn Leary00:17:41
Fidelity, Work, Sex, Money, Relatives, Poll - Mar, 2016Women's Health teamed up with Men's Health to poll more than 1,400 men and women about the problems couples argue over. By Faye BrennanReader: Dawnn Leary00:20:50
Ashamed, Unattractive, Depressed, Inadequate, Stessed - Feb, 2016In a first-of-its-kind investigation,the fallout from physical "flaws" that haven't a thing to do with weight, and a new way to look at self-esteem.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:15:31
Should you Give a F*ck - Feb, 2016Stressing about unimportant crap create unreasonable drains on the f*cking trinity: time, energy and money.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:12
That Single Life - Feb, 2016New data proves that more women are happily riding solo, Women's Health explores the trend and why it might even be changing how couples connect.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:17:03
Bite Me! - Jan, 2016So says cheese, per legitimate science that shows the much-maligned food could actually boost your health. By Karen AnselReader: Dawnn Leary00:06:10
Changes of Heart - Jan, 2016Nearly 40 percent of women age 20 and older have some form of heart disease. One doctor says he can reverse the damage. By Tracy MiddletonReader: Dawnn Leary00:14:26
Let me Help You...Overcome Obstacles - Dec, 2015Four smart strategies can help you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and succeed. By Lewis HowesReader: Dawnn Leary00:05:51
Can You Keep a Secret? - Dec, 2015The better question: Should you? By Kate SullivanReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:57
The Laws of Ordering - Dec, 2015Restaurants want you to eat felonious amounts of food! Game the system-- and satisfy your cravings. By Jennifer BenjaminReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:58
Who's Bad? - Nov, 2015We've now been shunning carbs for two decades--but breaking data shows just how bad-ass the macronutrients could be at fighting off flab.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:08:46
Be a Bawler - Nov, 2015Big girls should cry, says new research. Read this and weep the benefits. By Jenny EverettReader: Dawnn Leary00:05:53
Eat It, Flu Season! - Nov, 2015Stop wasting precious sick days on, you know, actual illnesses. Nurse--no, nosh--yourself back to health with our edible remedies. By R M WarrenReader: Dawnn Leary00:06:32
The Breakup Divide - Nov, 2015Experts claim that women get the better end of the heartbreak deal than men (didn't expect that, right?).Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:59
Working With Cancer - Oct, 2015A diagnosis doesn't always mean the end of life---or career. Some 60 percent of patients now keep up their 9-to-5 through treatment.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:08:12
A Shock to the Senses - Oct, 2015More women are being robbed of their vision, hearing, or taste---with devastating consequences. Learn how to protect yourself. By S. SubramanianReader: Dawnn Leary00:17:30
Mother F*cker - Oct, 2015Women are breadwinners in two-thirds of families with children, yet only half pull in a salary right after having a baby. By Gretchen Voss.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:13:48
Doctor Will Judge You Now - Sep, 2015We live in an age of shaming - for how we look, what we say, who we are. Coming from an M.D. it's shocking to the core. By Carrie Arnold.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:17:39
Boys on the Side - Sep, 2015You love your guy, but you can't seem to stop Gchatting Adam or liking Doug's Instragrams. We explain the #BackupBF phenomenon.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:57
Terminated? You'll Be Back - Sep, 2015Job loss can be scary for women, primary breadwinners in nearly two thirds of American households. How to go from fired to hired.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:07:27
Go for the Gold - Sep, 2015Number Two might have its own grinning emoji, but urine is number one at offering clues about your health. By Merritt WattsReader: Dawnn Leary00:17:27
The New OCD - Aug, 2015It's called CCD or Compulsive Career Disorder, a stealth phenomenon that could be luring you into a harmful addiction. By Gretchen VossReader: Dawnn Leary00:14:37
Your Even Better Better Half - Aug, 2015Wish your guy were happier, fitter, healthier? So does he. As Bill Phillips, editor-in-chief of Men's Health explainsReader: Dawnn Leary00:06:58
F-Bombs - Aug, 2015It's a bird! It's a plane! It's our closest friendship exploding like a water ballon! How to deal, how to heal. By Jen DollReader: Dawnn Leary00:13:22
Uneasy on the Eyes - Jul, 2015More when are getting scorched by a type of sun damage that SPF can't prevent. Learn how to shield your sight from an overlooked threat.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:07:28
Who's Who: Medical Edition - Jul, 2015The doctor won't see you now…and that's okay. Introducing your new stay-healthy team: pros who can provide care that's just as legit.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:07:50
Burn, Baby, Burn - July, 2015Rumor has it all kinds of things can ignite your metabolism. Here's what can toast your marshmallowâ?¦and what's just charred crap.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:07:50
Now Showing: Attack of the Health Trends - Jun, 2015Killer bugs. Suburbanites showering in the woods. Medical bills that go poof. We've uncovered the wellness blockbusters of the summerReader: Dawnn Leary00:14:31
Scared Sick - Jun, 2015Shopping for diagnoses online has spiraled out of control, sending scads of women down a virtual rabbit hole of "medical" information.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:14:29
Daddy Dearest - Jun, 2015Research now shows how profoundly a father's absence can hurt a woman's success in life and love. By Michelle StaceyReader: Dawnn Leary00:16:00
I Do...Take this Marriage Advice - Jun, 2015Lisa Grunward coauthor of The Marriage Book: Centuries of Advice, Inspiration, and Cautionary Tales, discusses top truths for couples.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:04:06
Acne Anonymous - May, 2015Some go to extreme lengths to cover their zits. The smarter solution: use our pimple-GPS to locate the cause of your breakouts and, the fix.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:16
Tiny Tweaks, Major Payoffs! - May, 2015We joined forces with The Doctors to uncover the ways to slay stress, thwart sickness, eat better, and boost your well-being all year long.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:16:50
The Realist's Guide to Going Organic - May, 2015And by realist, we mean: How the heck do you do it without going broke? Our cheaper tricks sort everything out. By Nicole Cherrie JonesReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:49
I Love Allergy Season - Apr, 2015Said no one, ever. But let blazing-red eyes and achoos drive you mad. Take back spring with these ditch-the-itch strategies. By Aviva PatzReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:08
Personal Shopper for Love - Apr, 2015For the dating world Caitlin Carlson tests out three hyper-customized and pretty pricey-- methods that claim to weed out the duds.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:14
In a Slump - Apr, 2015Check your posture. Slouching can kill your mood, your confidence, even your sex life. Time to stand (and sit) corrected. By Meghan RabbittReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:16
ProcastiNATION - Apr, 2015Our four-question quiz will help you break free of the "I'll do it manana" mindset -- and squash all the stress that tends to come with it.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:12:16
Scary Tired - Mar, 2015It's the stuff of nightmares: You're so stressed that you can't sleep, which leaves you even more tense the next day. Annnnnnd…..repeat.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:23
Love in Bloom - Mar, 2015Finally: hard proof that when he makes you happy, the relationship soars. And when his efforts backfire? That's where we come in. By F BrennanReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:23
Networking a Room - Mar, 2015Everything you need to know to work a room and still be able to live with yourself in the morning. By Stephanie Anderson WitmerReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:47
Big Fat Lies - Mar, 2015Six common dieting "rules" could actually be sabotaging your weight-loss efforts (the nerve!). The truth, here. By Jessica MigalaReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:28
The Health Food that Isn't? - Feb, 2015Toxic chemicals and pervasive mislabeling of seafood cause problems. WH investigates how to protect yourself and the oceans. By Maria FinnReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:24
Crowded House - Feb, 2015First comes moving in, then comes….getting a roommate? By Meirav DevashReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:27
Lost Connections - Feb, 2015Lost Connections: Here's all the info you need to know about 6 million Americans who have ALS. By Kristen DoldReader: Dawnn Leary00:13:03
Just "IM" Me - Jan, 2015The message is clear. For peak health, you have to go beyond the specific problem and treat the whole you. By Frank Lipman, M.D.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:08:58
Eat, Drink--and Think It Through - Jan, 2015Sometimes, food on the brain is a good thing. Experts reveal how being mindful could unlock a slimmer you. By Michele PromaulukoReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:58
Get Sad Get Mad, Get Ahead! - Jan, 2015Sorry, Pharrell, but constant happiness ain't all that: Tapping into pessimism can help your work, relationship, and life dreams take flight.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:52
How to Survive Anything - Dec, 2014Follow Walking Dead actress to conquer new challenges, roll with unexpected chaos, and slay whatever comes your way. By Denene MillnerReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:55
Lose Your Mind (to Boost It) - Dec, 2014Nixing useless memories can help you remember. Take out the mental trash and get sharper with 10 effective brain games. By Malia JacobsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:21
Not a Bad Seed Here - Dec, 2014Seeds are pint-size powerhouses that boast mega nutrients, good fats and fiber. Sprinkle with abandon. By Rachel Meltzer WarrenReader: Dawnn Leary00:05:19
Need a Doctor? Step Right Up - Dec, 2014An urgent-care center is coming to a street corner or strip mall near you--if it hasn't already. The promise vs the reality. By Abby SajidReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:08
Weighty Matters - Nov, 2014Research reveals that your relationship could be tested when your waistline. Learn to maintain a strong and loving union, scale be damned.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:08:55
Get More Sh*t Done - Nov, 2014From endless emails to chatty-Cathy colleagues, distractions at work can screw with your schedule--and your career. But there is a solution.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:10:53
Learn to Crave This (For Real) - Nov, 2014It's possible--even easy-- to embrace nutritious foods you used to loathe. Read on to reboot your taste buds. By Camille Noe PaganReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:15
Sick Much - Nov, 2014Stop making things worse and start feeling better with virus-busting strategies that work. By Caitlin CarlsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:22
Embrace Your Power - Oct, 2014Quit selling yourself short and start standing strong who you are and all you can achieve. By Katty Kay and Claire ShipmanReader: Dawnn Leary00:04:29
The End of the Ugly Divorce - Oct, 2014Splitting up doesn't have to leave you broke and bitter- an increasing number of couples are untying the knot tenderly. By Faye BrennanReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:51
How to Spot Bad People - Oct, 2014They can merely drag you down...or they can threaten your safety. Learn to ID-and protect yourself from-four dangerous personality types.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:07
Drink Like a Lady - Sep, 2014Hydration isn't as simple as just adding water--in fact, women have a special set of requirements. What you need to know. By Berne BroudyReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:08
Break Free of Your Age - Sep, 2014If you make decisions soley on how much time in your life has ticked by, you'll miss out on some awesome experiences. By Ariane de BonvoisinReader: Dawnn Leary00:04:42
What Wealthy Women Know - Sep, 2014The earnings of women has increased nearly 30 percent in three decades, and women may control half of the riches in the U.S. By Jaime TardyReader: Dawnn Leary00:06:48
Hellish Period? Not Anymore - Sep, 2014In a recent WH poll, you divulged details of menstrual miseries--and we're offering solutions. By Sarah Elizabeth RichardsReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:36
High Anxiety - Aug, 2014Recent tragedies have made flying and other experiences seem more terrifying than ever. Science looks at phobias. By Kristen DoldReader: Dawnn Leary00:15:51
Ignite Your Creativity - Aug, 2014With just four strategies you can open the floodgates of innovation and creation. By John SearlesReader: Dawnn Leary00:05:00
How to Fail Upward - Aug, 2014We all make mistakes at work, but even a career flub can be turned into a triumph. Three successful women tell their story. By Mara MillerReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:26
Stay True...To You - Jul, 2014The key to getting back in touch with that curious, confident pre-him woman you might have left behind. By Sara EckelReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:30
Outwit Temptation - Jul, 2014You're more prone to cave to cravings during certain moments, derailing weight loss. Willpower can prevail. By Kimberly Dawn NeumannReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:11
The Mystery of Chronic Pain - Jul, 2014Unrelenting agony with no clear cause has long baffled doctors. The book Total Recovery, points to a fixable brain glitch. By Donna BeechReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:10
Find What Truly Moves You - Jun, 2014It's been said that passion breeds success, but how, exactly, do you zero in on what you love-and make a living at it? Start here. By Rene LouxReader: Dawnn Leary00:04:28
Shield Your Love - Jun, 2014Recent science reveals that the relationship problems of the couples your closest to may be contagious. By Faye BrennanReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:49
10 Food Choices to Make Now - Jun, 2014With this call to action, you can change your waistline--and the world. By Ellen GustafsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:22
Do Vitamins Matter - Jun, 2014Supplements are big business, but there's debate over whether they actually improve your health. By Malia JacobsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:56
Don't Let Your Stuff Stress You - May, 2014Four Strategies to avoid feeling owned by your possessions. By Crystal PaineReader: Dawnn Leary00:04:23
Escape Your Weight Fate - May, 2014You love all the positive things you inherit from your mom, here is the way to overcome hand-me-down weight traits. By Tracy MiddletonReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:23
Something to Remember - May, 2014High-Tech gadgets are mind erasers - turning our short-term memories into mush. Improve your recall without unplugging. By Merritt WattsReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:41
Crush Hunger - Apr, 2014Want a trimmer body and a more balanced mood? 10 simple solutions for feeling fuller and more gratified. By Camille Noe PaganReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:24
Spoiler Alert! - Apr, 2014Expiration dates aren't as clear-cut as they seem, and they could be making you toss some perfectly fine food. By Jane DiLeoReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:38
Talk About Killer Breath - Apr, 2014Total-body health starts in your mouth-- oral care is conected to everything from brain function to immunity. By Caitlin CarlsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:54
Down-there grooming habits - Apr, 2014Tips on how to safely spruce up your lady lawn, while avoiding potential health risks. By Sarah Elizabeth RichardsReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:22
Genuis Diet - Mar, 2014Certain foods can help keep your brain as fit as your body. Learn all you to know about edible intelligence. By Amy ParurelReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:35
Reach Out and Touch - Mar, 2014A brush on the shoulder; a pat on the hand. Research shows that casual contact has a huge impact on nearly every aspect of your well-being. by Sushma SubramanianReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:22
What a Drag...E-Cigs May Not Be Safe - Mar, 2014Electronic cigarettes are skyrocketing in popularity, thank to marketing campaign that bill them as the healthier alternative. WH clears the smoke to uncover the truth. by Jessica GirdwainReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:18
Rise of the Second-Act Career - Mar, 2014If you've fantasized about changing your profession, now's the moment: More women are making major switches. by Laren ShermanReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:26
Get Out of Your Own Way - Feb, 2014The key to reaching a goal: giving yourself consequences for slacking. by Laurie GerberReader: Dawnn Leary00:04:31
Secrets of Long - Distance Couples - Feb, 2014You can learn a lot about keeping your bond (and bedroom life) strong from lovers who live apart. Advice for how to make his heart grow fonder. by Maria MastersReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:48
Bad-Mood Food - Feb, 2014The grub you think will give you an emotional lift often leaves you down in the dumps. Read on to learn how to make every meal a happier one. by K. Aleisha FettersReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:20
Pump Up Your Power Center! - Jan, 2014Women's Health partnered with the American Heart Association and Weekend Today to determine what women know about heart health. What you need to do. by Malia JacobsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:50
Rock More Confidence - Jan, 2014Sexy is a state of mind. Allow us to explain. by Mara MillerReader: Dawnn Leary00:06:12
7 Weeks of Tiny Tweaks - Jan, 2014These small ideas can have a big beauty impact without an extreme makeover. by Krista Bennett De MaioReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:42
Tracker Stars - Dec, 2013Fit women have a trick up their sleeves: Wrists adorned with devices that monitor everything from the steps they take to the hours they sleep. by Jen AtorReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:13
Beware of the Late Night Snack Attack - Dec, 2013Loading up on calories in the evening can do worse damage than just packing on pounds. Learn to quiet the call of the fridge. by Carrie ArnoldReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:14
Domestic Terror - Dec, 2013Violence from an intimate partner sneaks up, turning a happy home into a danger zone. It could happen to you... by Meghan RabbitReader: Dawnn Leary00:22:07
How to Part Dark Clouds - Dec, 2013These four tips can help you find the silver lining in the stormiest situation. By Hollye Jacobs.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:04:53
I Survived Being Stabbed - Nov, 2013When I felt the knife at my throat, I decided that I wasn't going to give up without a fight., by Angela Champagne-From, as told to Meghan RabbittReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:55
Awkward Talks You Gotta Have - Nov, 2013Why is it so damn hard to bring up money for your honey? A guide to when to discuss - and financial flags to watch for. by Ashley TateReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:30
You're Sick -- Now What?! - Nov, 2013Feel better faster - and stop spreading the misery - with our doctor approved guidelines. by Caitlin CarlsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:08
How to Live in the Now - Nov, 2013Study after study shows that the secret to great health might lie in a surprising place--the present. Reduce stress, boost your brain, and power up your body. by Tori RodriguezReader: Dawnn Leary00:13:35
How to Outsmart Breast Cancer - Oct, 2013The disease hits more than 300,000 women each year, killing some 40,000 of them. But research shows there's a lot you can do to reduce your risk. by Tracy Middleton and Sascha de GersdorffReader: Dawnn Leary00:19:29
Feel Better -- Stat - Oct, 2013An ache, pain, itch, or cramp can cause anxiety. Thankfully, research has uncovered a ton of natural ways to nix common ailments. by Faye BrennanReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:56
Post-Cheating Survival Guide - Oct, 2013When you or your partner strays, you can - and maybe should - fight for your love. By Faye Brennan.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:11:00
Eating Under the Influence - Oct, 2013Thanks to a slew of sneaky scale saboteurs, you may be eating more than you think you are. Here are five things that could distracting you from true hunger cues. by Jane DiLeoReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:10
You've Got This! - Sep, 2013No matter what the dilemma, mess or obstacle, there's a creative way to solve it. Behold, five approaches. by Caitlin CarlsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:35
Make Online Dating Less Sucky - Sep, 2013Jerks, Weirdos, guys who think there's something better around the (digital) corner: precisely why you need a strategy. by Jessica GrossReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:35
Diet-Friendly Drive-Thrus - Sep, 2013Eating on the run is as American as apple pie from the take out window. And someday soon, it may actually be good for you. by Jill WaldbeiserReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:40
Improve Your Sleep Posture - Sep, 2013Snoozing soundly is imperative for your health--and the trick is getting into the ideal position. by Malia JacobsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:06:55
Is Aspirin the New Wonder Drug - Sep, 2013It's back in the spotlight, with an impressive list of potential perks that might benefit younger women too. by Stephanie Anderson WitmerReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:01
Food for Thought - Aug, 2013The same junk food diet that bulges your waistline and rots your teeth may be damaging your mind too. by Gretchen VossReader: Dawnn Leary00:14:42
I Survived....Hurricane Sandy - Aug, 2013As I swam the rising waters, I was separated from my boyfriend in the darkness fearful if I would see him or another day. by Kim Joyce as told to Jennifer WolffReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:24
Why Winning Isn't All That - Aug, 2013"When you're more invested in being the victor of an argument with your mate than resolving it, nobody comes out on top." by Lauren ZanderReader: Dawnn Leary00:04:34
Women's Health - Jul, 2013No one's saying you have to be a stiff, but when it comes to showcasing your personality on the job there is such as being too comfortable. by Lauren ShermanReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:02
Feeling Fat, Literally - Jul, 2013Food's texture-not just its taste-could be what's undermining your willpower and how to outsmart it. by Mara MillerReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:53
Go with the Pro - Jul, 2013Time for a gut check: Are you missing out on the healing benefits of probiotics? Find out why you should join the culture club. by Caitlin CarlsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:07
Make your Home a Health Retreat - Jul, 2013With a few simple tweaks, you can turn your place into a healing, rejuvenating refuge. by Jessica GirdwainReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:01
Be a Laugher, Not a Fighter - Jun, 2013Something to smile about: A smidge of humor can squash relationshhip-wrecking blowouts. by Faye BennanReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:01
Six New Sun Care Secrets - Jun, 2013New FDA guidelines, along with the latest research, show that the type of screen you choose and the way you apply it. by Alyssa Kolsky HertzigReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:34
Do the Next Best Thing - Jun, 2013You know what you should do to look and feel your best, but you can't always follow through. Relax. We've got your second string health strategies. by Paige GreenfieldReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:44
Sneaky Places Stress Shows Up - June, 2013When pressure and anxiety mount, your body takes the hit - and not always in obvious ways. Watch for these strange signs that you're more frazzled than you realize. by Jennifer AbbasiReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:48
Is Marijuana Good Medicine - May, 2013Pot is burning under a hot national spotlight - viewed by some as an unregulated substance with risky side effects, and others as a pain-crushing, mind-calming cure all. by Gretchen VossReader: Dawnn Leary00:19:42
Start Before You're Ready - May, 2013Planning has its place, but too much of it can result in a failure to launch. By Marie Forleo.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:05:07
Lies We Tell Doctors - May, 2013We fib about our behavior to those who could steer us in the right direction. Why and how - to 'fess up. By Jessica GirdwainReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:12
Fun or Fitness - May, 2013"Some of your playful pastimes may actually count as legit workouts." by Mara MillerReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:50
Stay Calm and Groom On - Apr, 2013"You can reap tension-relieving rewards by tweaking something you already do every day." by Jill PerciaReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:08
I Survived a Brutal Knife Attack - Apr, 2013"The fear of leaving my family behind gave me the will and strength to save my own life." by Melissa MilneReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:24
Thigh Candy - Apr, 2013"A regular shot of sweetness may lower the digits on the scale. Some treats that are more virtuous than they seem." by Erin GrahamReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:04
Your Body - On Music - Apr, 2013"It's not just pleasant for your ears. Music - be it Pink or the philharmonic - can also pump up your well being" by Laura BeilReader: Dawnn Leary00:04:08
Dating Rules: Break or Bend - Mar, 2013"How should you play it when it comes to navigating long-held romance guidelines. This article helps you determine the moves that make sense now." by Caitlin CarlsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:55
AppHazard - Mar, 2013"A slew of smartphone apps promises better health at the touch of a button. Careful - relying in them may be a very bad call." by Jennifer AbbasiReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:08
Work Trait to Score Now - Mar, 2013"Wanna be a girl who runs the world? Start taking notes." by Andrea BartzReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:33
Various articles - Mar, 2013"Detox Your Life (Without Driving Yourself Nuts). Dangerous chemicals have snuck into our lives--and our bodies. Protect yourself from their health-sapping effects with a few easy steps." by Jan SheehanReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:01
Eat This, Cure That - Feb, 2013"Your pantry is full of powerful healers. Try these all natural remedies before popping a pill." by Matthew Kadley, R.D.Reader: Dawnn Leary00:09:14
How to Stand Out of the Pack - Feb, 2013"The perks of having friends at work are huge, but if you're not careful to set yourself apart from your office beasties, your career may suffer. How to make your own path." by Susannah BreslinReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:41
Mr. Right is Not Real - Feb, 2013"Is your Price Charming a no-show? That's because men are people -- not fictionalized characters. Learn why you may need to wake up from your romantic fantasy to find true love." by Jessica GrossReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:06
Should You Play Doctor? - Feb, 2013"A boom in at-home medical tests means more women are taking their health into their own hands. Women's Health investigates when it's safe to turn to a DIY diagnosis." by Julia SavacoolReader: Dawnn Leary00:13:36
Down But Not Out - Feb, 2013"If most days feel "meh," you could be stuck in a common health-draining cycle of apathy. Here's how to cope." by Krissy BradyReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:56
Come Out on Top - January, 2013"On her hit show Revenge, actress Emily VanCamp takes down her opponents with wicked schemes. Here, she shares much more civilized - and fun! - ways to get everything you want in life." by Holly HaysReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:05
Women's Health - January, 2013"Curious if You're a Normal Couple? Finally, you can stop wondering how often other mates fight, kiss, have sex - and how many have handcuffs tucked under their beds! A new survey of 70,000 pairs answers these questions and more." By Faye BrennanReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:25
Sleep Before You're Dead - January, 2013"If your schedule leaves you in a constant state of fatigue, you might be suffering from a condition known as social jet lag. Learn what you can do to reverse its effects." by Malia JacobsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:13
The Winter Beauty Habit that can Hurt Your Health - January, 2013"Melonoma is increasing among young women and experts say tanning beds are largely to blame." by Meg CassidyReader: Dawnn Leary00:18:13
Are you a Hot Mess? - December, 2012"Fights about clutter are turning many relationships into one big jumble. Learn how to clean up - even if a bigger problem is hiding under that pile of towels." by Tracy Erb MiddletonReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:06
Beware of the Money Buzz - December, 2012"Your emotions can affect your spending decisions in unexpected ways. Read on for the tricks that will help you prevent your feelings from ruling your finances." by Jean ChatzkyReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:28
The Secret Battle of the Bulge - December, 2012"From Conquering cravings to reviving metabolism, hormones are the key to zapping flab. Here's how to use them to your advantage." by Melinda Wenner MoyerReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:52
The Truth About Your Ticker - December, 2012"The Truth About Your Ticker. Strong heartbeats are vital to your well-being. But new research shows it's what's between those thumps that might count the most." by Tori RodriquezReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:26
When Less Romance is More - November, 2012"The strongest unions may be the ones that focus less on champagne-drenched dinners and rose petal strewn beds and more on these five practical actions." by K. Aleisha FettersReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:53
How to Own a Room - November, 2012"As a career advice expert and former editor-in-chief of five major magazines, Kate White knows what it takes to captivate a potential boss - or an entire audience in excerpts form her book 'I Shouldn't Be Telling You This'" by Kate WhiteReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:39
True Blood - November, 2012"Those crazy-looking abbreviations and jumbles of numbers reveal a lot about your health-if you know how to assess the test." by Caitlin CarlsonReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:20
Power Up Your Mind, Body & Voice - October, 2012"To make a difference in the world, you need to start with your little corner of it. Michelle Obama sits down with Women's Health to talk about the importance of confidence, compassion and self-care." by Lisa BainReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:23
What to Expect When You're Not Expecting - October, 2012"You know you don't want a kid, but everyone and her mother (and likely your mother) is second guessing your choice. Here's how to stay sane." by Carrie AntonReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:25
Pop Quiz on Meds - October, 2012"Think you know the best meds for common health woes? Think again-and consult our cheat sheet." by Kristen DoldReader: Dawnn Leary00:10:36
Health Truth's - Busted - October, 2012"When conflicting medical reports surface, it's tough to know whether to switch tacks or stay the course." by Fiona J. KirkReader: Dawnn Leary00:12:39
Closet Therapy - October, 2012"To peel back someone's layers, tell them to keep their clothes on-and take a peek inside their closet." by Kristen DoldReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:32
Texting and Facebook - September, 2012"I'd Love to See You, But....Texting and Facebook make it simple to blow off plans, but flaking out too often can cost you. Reform your reliability, starting now." by Merritt WattsReader: Dawnn Leary00:07:54
Love Bugged - September, 2012"Nowadays, couples therapy isn't just for long-term partners--more people in new relationships are seeking professional help." by Sarah MillerReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:27
Hooked on a Feeling - August, 2012"The term addiction is used so casually now -- 'I'm totally addicted to my morning latte'--it's easy to forget that a true obsession can spiral into a serious illness." by Lisa MillerReader: Dawnn Leary00:15:13
The Food Porn Problem - August, 2012"New research proves that the growing obsession with images of sinfully seductive dishes can make us feel hungrier--and cause us to overeat." by Theresa O'RourkeReader: Dawnn Leary00:09:45
Stand Up for Your Health - August, 2012"Spending hours on end in a chair isn't just murder on your back--it can literally kill you." by Tracy Erb MiddletonReader: Dawnn Leary00:11:17
Get Into the Groove - August, 2012"Moving the music can make you happier, smarter, and a whole lot healthier-- so just dance!" by Selene YeagerReader: Dawnn Leary00:08:42

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