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Womans World

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Lorie Ballman reads you her selections from Woman's World, a weekly women's interest magazine that offers great information about featured subjects, weight loss, food and nutrition, relationships and more relatable topics for busy women of all ages.

Current Womens World Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Nov, 2020Speedy cold cures now! Proven healers to help shake off miserable symptoms in record time. Outsmart your worst cravings. Protect your heart + ward off COVID.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:08:59
Feb 17, 2020We restored old love letters to their rightful place. by Michelle Abrams; Sound therapy eased my pain-body and soul. by Alexandra PollockReader: Lorie Ballman00:12:59
April 8, 2019"I've never felt more rested, energetic and stress-free!", by Gina Roberts-Grey; "Sleep deep for 100% healthy!", by Brenda Kearns; "Freedom from coughing!"Reader: Lorie Ballman00:14:34
Apr 1, 2019"easy add-ins that prevent diabetes"; "Outsmart the invisible tiredness trigger"; "Walking made me stronger than ever!"Reader: Lorie Ballman00:10:17
Feb 4, 2019"A single act of kindness"; "Genius ways to outsmart falls"; "Stop this sleep zapper!"; "Found! All-day help for winter tiredness"Reader: Lorie Ballman00:15:16
Nov 19, 2018Outsmart the cold & flu season; Fresh breath guaranteed; Simple solutions for seasonal blahs; Found! Speedy relief from stomach woesReader: Lorie Ballman00:11:01
Oct 29, 2018Defiant joy set me free! Outsmart the surprise "sitting disease". Bringing kids joy changed my whole life!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:11:13
Oct 22, 2018An open heart is our greatest gift! 4 fast-acting cures for everyday pains. Speedy relief from headache pain!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:10:25
Oct 15, 2018Love Can Get You Through Anything. Freedom From Pain. Easy Cures for Fall Blahs That Work Fast.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:10:22
Sep 17, 2018Make your smartphone last longer! Look & feel revitalized with pesto! Sick-proof your fall. Simple steps to strong bones. Good cholesterol prevents cancer!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:14:00
Sep 10, 2018What does your sleep position reveal about you? The magic number that boosts your health & happiness. You just got smarter! All-day ahh for achy joints!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:13:18
Aug 13, 2018Beat summer insomnia!; Eat some healthy fat!; Have a migraine-free summer!; Effortless ways to stay sharp!; Happiness secrets Down Under!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:16:36
Aug 6, 2018Help! I'm tired all the time! It's not too late to get a faster metabolism! Which shape are you drawn too? Have more fun on your summer vacation!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:14:07
Jul 30, 2018She is an angel for pets in need!; Surprising summer cool-off tricks!; Help me cut my grocery bill in half!; Help me cut my grocery bill in half!; Brain-boosting secretsReader: Lorie Ballman00:17:12
Jun 25, 2018Flexible Joints & Muscles for life. Eat Your Way to an Ageless Brain. Head to the Beach For Healing. Slash Your Electric Bill.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:12:44
Mar 19, 2018Pets bring us comfort and joy. So when American heroes are deployed, animal lover and Marine Alisa Johnson tells her story.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:16:59
Feb 5, 2018"Shortcuts to Great Health" by Gabielle Licterman; "Help! I can't sleep!" by Kristina Mastrocola; "Winter happiness secrets from Sweden!" by Kristina MastrocolaReader: Lorie Ballman00:13:27
Dec 18, 2017"Help me make Christmas even more meaningful!"; "Feel more energized and alert at any age!"; Yes, you can get even healthier over the holidays!"Reader: Lorie Ballman00:11:13
Oct 23, 2017Declutter in a hurry! Spooky & safe Halloween! Keep your immune system strong ! Stay healthy with citrus! Live longer: drink more coffee!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:14:33
Aug 21, 2017Be your own M.D.; Can salt therapy cure you? Bite into summer's delicious rejuvenation fruits! These summer wonders are packed with nutrients.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:12:47
Jul 24, 2017Proven tricks to beat cravings! You really can rejuvenate your metabolism! Hep me pay off my credit cards! Relax with skin-beautifying spa water.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:14:16
Jul 3, 2017Get your best night's sleep!; Breakthrough protection against stroke; The delicious diet that strengthens bone, Headache free; Sugar; Joint PainReader: Lorie Ballman00:18:16
Jun 19, 2017Help! I Can't Remember. Ouch-Proof Your Summer. The Delicious Diet That Strengthens Bones! Help Your Genes Keep You Healthy.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:14:18
May 29, 2017Tired all the time? Not anymore!; Beat mid-life weight gain!; Green your way younger!; Help me find a great retirement job!; Coffee can make you slim, happy and healthy!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:16:46
Apr 24, 2017Get a spring health and happiness boost!, By G. Licterman; Hep me burn fat faster! By N. Coveney; Powerful age-erasers that cost pennies, By C.P. PaganReader: Lorie Ballman00:13:07
Mar 13, 2017Miracles really do happen!; Erin's lucky charm!; Get slim and healthy in 30 minutes a week; Energize your slimming fatReader: Lorie Ballman00:17:47
Feb 27, 2017What your favorite music says about you; Make laundry day easier & cheaper; Get a younger smile; Get happier & healthier with winter citrus!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:10:40
Feb 20, 2017Study-proven energy boosters that'll put the spring back in your step!; Qualities of the type of friend you are; Nearly 900 pets have found loving homesReader: Lorie Ballman00:13:59
Jan 23, 2017Making foster kids' wishes come true!; Help me get healthy on a budget!; Natural cures as effective as prescription drugs.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:15:43
Dec 12, 2016Holiday scents really can make you happier and healthier! Pick your favorite Christmas cookie! Protect yourself against stroke!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:15:18
Nov 21, 2016Make Thanksgiving clean up a breeze; Love lives on forever; Help! I always put on weight during the holidays!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:14:01
Oct 24, 2016Losing weight can be easier; Stay young...; Your favorite Halloween candy; Halloween leftovers for the needy; World's best cold cures.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:13:45
Sep 19, 2016Yikes! 53 million of us could be hit with a bout of gastroenteritis. A spoonful of the right foods could be the right medicine. Tea facialReader: Lorie Ballman00:12:39
Sep 5, 2016I truly believe Mom saved my life!; Health and beauty miracles in the desert!; Dial down inflammation to feel fantastic!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:15:36
Aug 15, 2016Kevin Morton Jr. surveys being shot by a would be robber thanks to an amazing doctor. Beat the heat with a foot soak. Burglarproof your home.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:12:52
Jul 18, 2016I want to start a business-but I don't have the cash!; Beat closet clutter quick!; Read a Romance! A meeting of heartsReader: Lorie Ballman00:13:37
Jul 4, 2016I hate exercise; Easy Tricks to keep kids organized!; Keep your skin young with an Anti-aging smoothie!; Outsmart summer health hassles!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:18:32
Jun 20, 2016"Pollution-proof your skin" "Tired of aching feet?" "Stop mid-life migraines-without meds!" "Snack your way to better sleep!" "Boost your health"Reader: Lorie Ballman00:15:46
May 30, 2016"Beat Stress-get Healthy" "Foods speed fat burn" "Help me lower my medical costs" "Doctors say I'm the luckiest person alive" "Welcome a hero home"Reader: Lorie Ballman00:20:51
Apr 25, 201611 year old boy gets cozy jammies for kids in hospitals; Beat tiredness, weight gain, and hair loss-maybe your thyroid; and a variety of tipsReader: Lorie Ballman00:16:17
Various articles Apr, 2016Everyday Heroes-It's amazing to think I saved a life! Speed cleaning tricks That'll make your bathroom sparkle! Feel happier right now!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:13:09
April 4, 2016A better way to thank our veteran's!; When we are feeling alone, a friend can come along and heal us; Are your adrenals out of whack?Reader: Lorie Ballman00:15:00
Mar 21, 2016The homeless taking care of a pet. Cure insomnia with a facial massage. Is it too late to save for retirement?Reader: Lorie Ballman00:13:28
Feb 15, 2016Reorganize your fridge to save money and space! I know Tabby is watching over us with happiness. Read a Romance: The right matchReader: Lorie Ballman00:13:38
Jan 25, 2016Speed-Cure colds and flu, By Brenda Kearns, Make your brain 10 years younger, By Brenda Kearns, Help me get a great job, By Kristina MastrocolaReader: Lorie Ballman00:18:33
Jan 18, 2016Is your bedroom making you tired? My rescue dog rescued me! Jennifer gives sick kids a reason to smile!Reader: Lorie Ballman00:14:34
Dec 14, 2015Treat your fur kids to an extra-happy holiday!, Read a Romance!: There will be mistletoe, Love never fails-A Christmas story about enduring griefReader: Lorie Ballman00:13:45
Dec 7, 2015Heroes in Uniform: It's amazing how everyone came together to save one tiny kitten!, Who's your favorite Disney princess?Reader: Lorie Ballman00:10:54
Nov 2, 2015Love Never Grows Old. 9 to 5 Tweaks That Keep You Young. Every Day Hero: Just Happy I Could Help. Before You Call The Plumber, Try This.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:16:12
Oct 12, 2015With Love, Anything Is Possible. It's Never Too Late to Boost Your Brainpower! Solve-It-Yourself Mystery - Going For the Green.Reader: Lorie Ballman00:13:56
Sep 28, 2015Where is Your Dream House? by Kristina Mastrocola. Make Popcorn Even More Delicious. Saving Shelter Dogs, by Rachel CosmaReader: Lorie Ballman00:14:40
Sep 7, 2015Puppy Love For Heroes, by Judy Bordignon. Want to Remember Everything? by Camille Pagan. God's Plans for Little Warrior, by Kristin HughesReader: Lorie Ballman00:15:55
Aug 24, 2015Breathe Your Worries Away, by Rachel Cosma. A kindhearted hospital worker makes a World War 2 vet's dream come true, by Taryn PhillipsReader: Lorie Ballman00:09:29

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