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Wired Magazine

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Michael Sessums reads you selected articles from Wired Magazine about how new and developing technology affects culture, the economy, and politics.

Current Wired Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
The Outer Limits of War Summary - Jul, 2018A new arms race threatens to explode 500 miles above our heads. By Garrett M. GraffReader: Michael Sessums00:32:44
Biology Will Be The Next Great Computing Platform - May, 2018Companies are popping up to meet biology programming demands, By Megan MolteniReader: Michael Sessums00:08:10
Can These Small Satellites Solve the Internet from Space? - Mar, 2018Astrani's mini-fridge size satellites satellites may bring affordable internet to remote areas. By Klint FinleyReader: Michael Sessums00:06:59
The Overwatch Video Game League - Jan, 2018A new pro video game league aims to upend the world of sports. By Nathan HillReader: Michael Sessums00:54:49
Inside China's Vast New Experiment in Social Ranking - Jan, 2018China is taking credit scoring to the extreme to control every aspect of your life. By Mar HvistendahlReader: Michael Sessums00:40:47
The #FREEBASSEL Effect - Oct, 2017Don't Give Up. Online activism is still powerful even after the death of human rights activist Bassel Khartabil. By Eric SeurReader: Michael Sessums00:07:01
The Replicant - Oct, 2017What a sequel 35 years in the making can tell us about the state of sci-fi, the dark future of futurism, and America's appetite for dystopia.Reader: Michael Sessums00:31:18
Out of This World - Sep, 2017Scott Kelly's Year in Space (Interview), By Nick StocktonReader: Michael Sessums00:06:50
Dadbot - Aug, 2017A Son's quest to give his dying father artificial immortality. By James VlahosReader: Michael Sessums00:46:37
Under The Hood - Jul, 2017Exploring ways to make code more tinker-friendly and encourage new coders. By Clive Thompson.Reader: Michael Sessums00:05:43
Lights Out Summary - Jul, 2017For three years, Russian hackers have been terrorizing Ukraine. Their ultimate goal? Learning how to terrorize us. By Andy Greenberg.Reader: Michael Sessums00:43:07
OK House, Get Smart - Jun, 2017OK House, Get Smart. How to make the most of Amazon Echo and Google Home. By Wired Staff.Reader: Michael Sessums00:18:35
Reading Minecraft - Oct, 2014How video games can boost literacy. By Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:52
Mind the Gaps - Oct, 2014The Consequences of Tech's Blind Spots, By Steve JohnsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:09:36
Good Vibrations - Jan, 2015Tech that talks through your skin. By Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:14
Spy Vs. Spy - Jan, 2015The NSA isnít like the Stasi. By Andrew CurryReader: Dolly Wyatt00:09:15
The Talking Dead - Dec, 2014The startup that lets you communicate from beyond the grave. By Jon MooallemReader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:17
Virtual Unreality - Dec, 2014The world within a world that can protect you from hackers. By Andy GreenbergReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:29
Mind the Gaps - Oct, 2014The Consequences of Tech's Blind Spots, By Steve JohnsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:09:36
Reading Minecraft - Oct, 2014How Videogames can boost literacy, By Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:52
Keep Out - Nov, 2014Don't let Uncle Sam invade your devices, By Cory DoctorowReader: Dolly Wyatt00:11:35
Wrinkles in Space Time - Nov, 2014The Warped Astrophysics of Interstellar. By Adam RogersReader: Dolly Wyatt00:12:28
At Your Doorstep - Sep, 2014When everything is available on demand, we've entered the days of future past.Reader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:23
The New Library - Sep, 2014Making it Without BooksReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:49
Outside Art - Aug, 2014Smartphones let us anchor our creations to real places.Reader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:59
House Broken - Aug, 2014The connected home is a futuristic dream, but if we're not smart it could be a nightmare.Reader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:04
Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle - Jun, 2014Amazingly the company's first electric motorcycle surprisingly doesn't suck. How can this tiger change its stripes. By Alex DaviesReader: Dolly Wyatt00:07:53
Vanishing Act - July, 2014How the co-creator of HBO's 'The Leftovers' transformed his novel into an epic TV drama. By Tom PerrottaReader: Dolly Wyatt00:06:00
The Ocean - Jul, 2014Come on a Stand-up Surfing Safari, By Claire MartinReader: Dolly Wyatt00:07:13
You Should Learn to Trust Robots - Jun, 2014It's for Your Own Good, By Emily AnthesReader: Dolly Wyatt00:06:59
The Parent's Dilemma - Apr, 2014Tablets and other touchscreens will keep your kids quiet. But will they also melt their brains? By Mat HonanReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:45
Flight Risks - Mar, 2014Airline passengers don't have to turn off their electronics anymore! Great! Or maybe the most awful thing ever! By Mat HonanReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:26
A Cloud of One's Own - Mar, 2014Set Up an NSA-Free Zone, Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:45
Bred to Perfection - Feb, 2014What happens when Monsanto, the master of genetic modification, decides to take nature's path? by Ben PaynterReader: Dolly Wyatt00:21:56
The End of Then - Feb, 2014Past? Present? Online, it all runs together, by Paul FordReader: Dolly Wyatt00:06:42
The Parent Trap - Jan, 2014How Teens Lost the Ability to Socialize, by Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:49
Technology Wants to be Free - Dec, 2013Unlock your phone and go to jail? How unlocking your phone is being decriminalized. by Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:07:03
Reality Check - Dec, 2013Want to solve a social problem? You need more than just a theory and more than just data; you need a randomized controlled trial. by Jessica BencoReader: Dolly Wyatt00:17:57
Spooked - Nov, 2013Using Darknets to Foil the NSA, by Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:07:16
How to Save Bitcoin - Nov, 2013Let's take ecash mainstream. by David WolmanReader: Dolly Wyatt00:08:48
The Dystopian - Aug, 2013With his new film, Elysium, director Neill Blomkamp delivers a hellish vision of paradise. by Mark YarmReader: Dolly Wyatt00:20:53
Mr. Senator, Eat Your Own Dog Food - Aug, 2013"Congress needs to live in the nation it represents." by Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:45
The Fixer Movement - Jul, 2013"Repair all your broke Stuff, Save the World" by Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:06:54
Clothes Make the Fan - Jul, 2013"Costumes turn Comic-Con into a performance" by Adam SavageReader: Dolly Wyatt00:08:51
How We Work - Jun, 2013"Getting Stuff Sone vs. Thinking big thoughts - You don't have to choose" by Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:07:00
Comic Strip Justice - Jun, 2013"Matthew Inman makes an art of online vigilantism." by Bill WasikReader: Dolly Wyatt00:11:27
Faking It - May, 2013"How one guy faked it until he became a success." by Biz StoneReader: Dolly Wyatt00:06:59
Viral - May, 2013We're so accustomed to viral meaning the pinnacle of online success, we forget what it used to mean. By Bill WasikReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:48
Demon Seeds - Apr, 2013"How one screenwriter's life of crime led to the reinvention of comic book movies - and Starz's new series Da Vinci Demons." by David S. GoyerReader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:06
Leave the Driving to Us - Apr, 2013"Machines can make decisions. That doesn't mean they're right." by Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:36
Gears of War Vet - Mar, 2013"An author and journalist discovers that scripting a top-selling videogame is a battle for the truth." by Tom BissellReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:18
Bad Lieutenants - Mar, 2013"Time to rally the mindless fan armies into a force for good." by Mary H.K. ChoiReader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:27
Love Will Never Die - Feb, 2013"You know what they say: One you go zombie you never go blech." by Mary H.K. ChoiReader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:17
The Simple Complex - Feb, 2013"Why subtraction is the hardest math in product design." by Mat HonanReader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:13
Sensors Everywhere - December, 2012"The Internet of things is finally arriving - one intrepid tinkerer at a time." by Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:57
The Parent Trap - December, 2012"Family Visits demand good comedy - and this year's movies aren't delivering." by Mary H. K. ChoiReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:50
Why We Need Sequels - November, 2012"Megafranchises like Twilight get a bad rap. But they're actually good for us." by Mary H.K. ChoiReader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:00
The Rulse of Panic - November, 2012"Why some technologies seem benign and others scare the bejesus out of us." by Clive ThompsonReader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:02
In Defense of Pinterest - October, 2012"How virtual pin-up boards can be much more powerful than words." by Clive ThomasReader: Dolly Wyatt00:05:11
The Second Shift - October, 2012"Why side gigs are the secret to a happy career." by Mary H. K. ChoiReader: Dolly Wyatt00:04:52

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