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Wine Spectator

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Jim Gosney selects articles from Wine Spectator, a lifestyle magazine that focuses on wine and wine culture. Content includes news, articles, profiles, general entertainment pieces and hundreds of wine reviews, ratings and tasting notes.

Current Wine Spectator Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Wine Spectator - Jan / Feb, 2016Producers seeking new ways to make good wine, What American Wine Drinkers Want. Healthy wine research at University of The Negev in Israel.Reader: Jim Gosney00:15:49
Wine Spectator - Jan, 2016Something Old, Something New. By James Laube, Malbec remains the benchmark as vintners explore new terroirs. By Kim MarcusReader: Jim Gosney00:18:40
Wine Spectator - Dec, 2015The State of Washington Wine. Chardonnay and more add dimension to a landscape dominated by Cabernet and Syrah. Treasury Wine Buys Diago BrandsReader: Jim Gosney00:17:49
Wine Spectator - Dec, 2015Most labels tell us as little as possible about what's in the bottle. California Petite Sirah is winning fans. Airline Wine ServiceReader: Jim Gosney00:19:59
Wine Spectator - Nov, 2015Beyond Napa For Cabernet. By James Laube California Merlot Bounces Back. By Tim Fish Conterfeit Wine Goes Global. Mitch FrankReader: Jim Gosney00:27:32
Wine Spectator - Nov, 2015Vive La Difference-This business distinguishes fine from ordinary wines. By Matt Kramer, Return to form-California Cabarnet, By James LaubeReader: Jim Gosney00:21:30
Wine Spectator - Oct, 2015Can We See a Wine for What It Is? By Matt Kramer. New Zealand Wines Boom As Quality, Consistency Remain Strong. By Maryann WorobiecReader: Jim Gosney00:23:10
Wine Spectator - Oct, 2015Return to the old way: vineyards with diverse strains, by Matt Kramer. Spain: Diversity, power, distinction & value, by Thomas MatthewsReader: Jim Gosney00:22:23
Wine Spectator - Sep, 2015Why Emotion Matters by Matt Kramer. Small Wonder: Low yields and beautiful ripeness in 2012 vintage white Burgundy by Bruce SandersonReader: Jim Gosney00:22:42
Wine Spectator - Jul/Sep, 2015The Port Equation by Kim Marcus. Wine at the Crossroads by James Laube. Fish Story - Delicious, healthful, challenging by Owen DuganReader: Jim Gosney00:17:13
Wine Spectator - Aug, 2015Australian wines bounce back in 2012, by Harvey Steiman. California Wine Targeted as Canada & U.S. Battle Trade Issues, by Kasey CarpenterReader: Jim Gosney00:18:58
Wine Spectator - Aug, 2015Drinking the Story by Matt Kramer. Silver Oak Plants Seeds for the Future by Ben O'Donnell. Subtly Playful, Seriously Good by Owen Dugan.Reader: Jim Gosney00:19:23
Wine Spectator - Jul, 2015Measures of Greatness: Great wines past & present. By James Laube. Radiant Brunello: The 2010 vintage is one of the... By Bruce SandersonReader: Jim Gosney00:14:48
Wine Spectator - Jul, 2015Curse of the Perpetual Palate, by Matt Kramer. California's Sleek 2013 Chardonnay. "A vintage with verve," by James Laube.Reader: Jim Gosney00:17:46

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