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We The People

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A weekly balanced conversation with leading scholars of all viewpoints on contemporary and historical topics about the United States Constitution.

Current We The People Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Is NY's Concealed Carry Law Constitutional?The Court will hear oral arguments in a case challenging the practice of only giving concealed carry permits to those who can show a special need to defend themselvesNational Constitution Center01:04:10
Biden Supreme Court CommissionThe Commission is a bipartisan group of experts on the Court tasked with analyzing arguments, merits and legality of proposals in the debate for Supreme Court reformNational Constitution Center00:53:22
Should Congress Regulate Facebook?Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testified before the Senate, saying Facebook and Instagram stoke division, harm children, and avoid transparency and consequences...National Constitution Center00:56:11
Supreme Court "Shadow Docket"We explain what types of cases comprise the Supreme Court's emergency docket - sometimes called the "Shadow Docket"...National Constitution Center00:57:49
Supreme Court 2021-22 Term PreviewWe preview the forthcoming term's blockbuster cases on issues including abortion, religion, guns, free speech, state secrets, and more...National Constitution Center01:03:54
Blockbuster Supreme Court CasesFederal Judges share an inside look into some of their rulings that then became blockbuster Supreme Court cases. They also reflect on their work more broadly...National Constitution Center00:56:40
Madison, Ratification, and the Federalist PapersWe dive into what happened after the Constitution was signed, when it had to be approved, and the Federalist Papers written by Hamilton, Madison, and John JayNational Constitution Center00:59:29
The Future of Roe v WadeLast week, SCOTUS allowed a new Texas abortion ban to go into effect. We explain what the Texas law says, the motivations and legal theory behind it, and...National Constitution Center00:59:24
Can Governors Ban School Mask Mandates?Legal battles over schoool masking are being fought in Arkansas, California, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Nevada and Texas...National Constitution Center00:60:12
Story of the 26th AmendmentIt lowered the voting age to 18. The fascinating story of the amendment - sparked by two wars and the idea of 'old enough to fight, old enough to vote'.National Constitution Center01:08:17
Mercy Otis Warren's Revolutionary LifeA trailblazing woman who was one of the leading thinkers of America's Revolutionary and Founding period. She influenced the Adamses, Hamilton and others...National Constitution Center00:60:42
Eviction Moratorium and the ConstitutionWe debate the conflict over the Biden Administration's second eviction moratorium that extended the pause on eviction proceedings in state courts...National Constitution Center00:45:14
Are Vaccine Mandates Constitutional?The constitutionality of vaccination mandates issued or being considered by different institutions including schools...National Constitution Center00:40:22
Will Biden Transform Antitrust?He recently issued the Executive Order on Competition which aims to break up corporate power across the economy—proposing antitrust initiatives...National Constitution Center01:08:16
Should NYT v. Sullivan Be Reconsidered?The landmark 1964 Supreme Court decision New York Times Company v. Sullivan shaped libel and defamation law and established press protections...National Constitution Center00:59:13
Benjamin Franklin and the ConstitutionHe had a major and often unsung role at the Constitutional Convention. Historians illuminate his involvement in drafting and debating...National Constitution Center01:10:30
The Supreme Court, and Voting RightsThe Court released its opinion in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee, upholding Arizona voting rules. Is the ruling correct?National Constitution Center01:04:50
Commemoration of Independence DayWe dive into the Declaration of Independence, tracing where its words and ideals came from and how it went on to influence state constitutions...National Constitution Center01:04:02
Latest Big DecisionsWe highlight the role, approach and legal philosophy of each justice in this term. Fulton v. Philadelphia. California v. Texas. And more.National Constitution Center01:06:45
Juneteenth and the ConstitutionWhy do we celebrate Juneteenth as Emancipation Day? How did emancipation become a reality under the Constitution throughout the nation?National Constitution Center00:57:15
The Home Stretch For This TermWe recap recent decisions and detail why they're important, as well as what to look out for in the rest of the outstanding cases still left...National Constitution Center01:06:37
Live at the NCC: Justice BreyerIn a wide-ranging conversation, the justice discusses how he goes about making decisions, shares some stories and life lessons from his time on the bench...National Constitution Center01:02:19
Will Roe v. Wade Be Overturned?The Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to a Mississippi law that could lead it to once again question Roe v. Wade...National Constitution Center00:40:31
Constitutional Issues in Voting RightsIn the wake of the election, a host of laws dealing with voting have been proposed by state and federal governments.National Constitution Center01:14:35
The Second Amendment and Concealed CarryNew York State Rifle and Pistol Association Inc. v. Corlett, could become a major Second Amendment and gun rights case...National Constitution Center00:58:05
Trump and the Facebook Oversight BoardThe Facebook Oversight Board, a new court of sorts that independently reviews Facebook's decisions and policies—issued a major ruling...National Constitution Center00:52:09
Snapchat and the Schoolhouse GateA high school student posted a snap on Snapchat and was suspended from the cheerleading team. Her First Amendment rights went to the Supreme CourtNational Constitution Center00:42:05
Nonprofit Donor Disclosure LawsThe Court will hear a case that asks if the California attorney general can make charities disclose names & addresses of major donorsNational Constitution Center00:51:48
The Future of Social MediaThe broader impacts of the Biden v. Knight First Amendment Institute case - did Trump violate the First Amendment by blocking people on Twitter?National Constitution Center01:11:25
The Gun, the Ship, and the PenThis week we dive into the fascinating history of global constitutionalism and declarations of independence.National Constitution Center00:57:50
Should College Athletes Be Paid?NCAA v. Alston is an antitrust challenge to the NCAA's rules on compensation for athletes, brought by esploited college players...National Constitution Center00:52:37
Labor & Property Rights at SCOTUSCedar Point Nursery v. Hassid pits unions' communication with workers against businesses' rights to keep organizers off their propertyNational Constitution Center00:51:12
Women Constitutional VisionariesIn honor of Women's History Month, we talk of visionaries with legendary contributions to the Founding, abolition, the right to vote, and...National Constitution Center00:49:09
A Year of COVID and the ConstitutionWe recap the constitutional issues sparked by the pandemic, exploring how it has fueled debates over governmental power...National Constitution Center00:58:19
When Can Police Enter Suspects' Homes?Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in Lange v California. We discuss implications for policing, privacy, the 4th Amendment...National Constitution Center00:54:34
Arizona Election Rules at SCOTUSThe case centers on two election rules, which are challenged by the DNC, arguing that they discriminate against racial minorities...National Constitution Center00:55:02
African American Constitutional VisionariesCourageous stories and legendary lives of African American constitutional visionaries throughout history. Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman...National Constitution Center00:52:36
Impeachment, Incitement, the First AmendmentDid Trump's January 6 speech prior to the Capitol attack constitute the crime of incitement? Is it necessary to demonstrate that it did...National Constitution Center00:49:17
Biden's Executive OrdersWhat are executive orders, and how has the Biden administration used them thus far? We answer those questions and more...National Constitution Center00:36:25
Mobs in America's Past and PresentWe explore the history of mobs past and present, online and in-person; how they influenced political and constitutional thought of the FoundersNational Constitution Center00:56:10
Can a Former President Be Impeaced?How to interpret the constitutional text and historical precedent surrounding the question of whether the senate can impeach TrumpNational Constitution Center01:03:32
Trump's Second ImpeachmentPrior to the vote, two experts on the Constitution and presidential power shared their thoughts on the article of impeachment...National Constitution Center00:43:41
The Mob, the Capitol, the ConstitutionWe discuss Trump's election result claims that sparked a Congressional riot; whether his Jan 6 rally speech was incitement under the law...National Constitution Center00:51:15
Our Founders, the Greeks, the RomansA panel of experts dives into what our founding figures learned from the Greeks and Romans, from their early education through adulthood...National Constitution Center00:57:44
2020: A Constitutional Year in ReviewHow did the Constitution, and American institutions, prevail throughout this strange year?National Constitution Center00:57:06
Can the President Pardon Himself?We explore presidential pardons past and present - from Thomas Jefferson through Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush...National Constitution Center00:60:28
Religion, Constitution, COVID RestrictionsThe Supreme Court recently blocked New York's COVID-19 restrictions on attendance at churches (pending further litigation...National Constitution Center01:06:52
The Census: Back at the Supreme CourtCan non-citizens be excluded from the census count, the basis of apportionment and seat allocation in the House of Representatives?National Constitution Center00:43:45
The Constitution Drafting ProjectProgressive, Libertarian and Conservative teams draft and present their approach to ideal constitutions. Jeffrey Rosen moderates.National Constitution Center01:11:53
Live at the NCC: The Past Four YearsA panel of experts from the National Constitution Center consider what the 2020 election demonstrates about the state of American democracyNational Constitution Center00:58:28
Obamacare at Supreme CourtThis week, the Court heard oral arguments in California v. Texas, a lawsuit bringing another challenge to the Affordable Care ActNational Constitution Center00:57:48
Can Religious Organizations Exclude Adoptions?Can Philadelphia's Catholic Social Services prohibit unmarried or same-sex married couples to be foster parents? We look at both sides.National Constitution Center00:46:45
United States v. GoogleThe ins and outs of the lawsuit accusing Google of illegally maintaining monopolies over search and search advertising...National Constitution Center00:59:32
Election 2020 in the CourtsThe Supreme Court issued two rulings on state election laws: to prevent counties from offering curbside voting in Alabama, and upholding Pennsylvania's extension of its mail-in ballot deadlineNational Constitution Center00:53:36
Barrett Confirmation HearingsJudge Amy Coney Barrett's judicial philosophy, approach to stare decisis, constitutional interpretation and originalismNational Constitution Center00:54:52
Pandemic, President & 25th AmendmentThe 25th Amendment outlines who takes over when the President can't govern. We explore questions related to current concerns...National Constitution Center00:51:05
Supreme Court 2020 Term PreviewWe explore how the election and forthcoming confirmation battle over Judge Amy Coney Barrett's nomination might affect the CourtNational Constitution Center00:53:57
19th-Century Court Packing HistoryWe look to history, particularly the 19th century and Civil War era, to see what battles over Court composition might teach us today.National Constitution Center00:48:36
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Constitutional IconWe explore the Justice's living constitutional legacy both before and after joining the Supreme Court bench, including...National Constitution Center40:22:55
Women's Suffrage MusicThe premiere performance of RESOLVED; a song cycle about the 19th Amendment and the American women's suffrage movement.National Constitution Center00:41:28
Founding Stories of America’s Founding DocumentsStories from three key periods: the Declaration of Independence/Revolution, the Founding era, and post-Civil War ReconstructionNational Constitution Center00:43:44
Parties, Platforms, Conventions, ConstitutionWe look back to past conventions throughout history to consider the evolution of the parties' constitutional positions.National Constitution Center00:48:53
19th Amendment: Origins, History, and LegacyThe story of the 19th Amendment from its roots in abolition, the Civil War and Reconstruction through its ratification, and beyondNational Constitution Center00:56:01
Constitutional Bounds of Executive ActionWe discuss Trump's recent executive actions. Some think he overstepped his constitutional authority and infringed on congressional powerNational Constitution Center00:50:49
The 19th Amendment: Untold StoryHistorians Martha Jones and Lisa Tetrault joined Jeffrey Rosen for a conversation exploring the history and legacy of the 19th AmendmentNational Constitution Center00:29:01
Elections During CrisisPast elections during major crises. How were they handled, what were their outcomes, and what lessons apply to 2020?National Constitution Center00:54:11
Portland, Federal Forces, & the First AmendmentThe First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights of Portland's protestors & the president's power to deploy forces...National Constitution Center00:51:60
The Future of Church and State at SCOTUSWe examine the Court's decisions in Espinoza v. Montana Dept. of Revenue, Our Lady of Guadalupe v. Morrissey-Berru, and more...National Constitution Center00:58:49
Ohio & Minnesota State Attorneys GeneralA bipartisan discussion about the role of state attorneys general in addressing policing reform, protests, and other challenges...National Constitution Center01:03:26
Has the Roberts Court Arrived?Comments on recent opinions and Chief Justice Roberts' efforts to emphasize the Court's institutional legitimacy in this historic termNational Constitution Center01:07:21
Frederick Douglas on the 4th of JulyWe explore Douglas's July 5, 1852 oration on racial injustice and the broken promises of equality and liberty...National Constitution Center01:07:52
Supreme Court's DACA DecisionBy a 5-4 margin, they ruled that DACA will remain in place - that Trump's attempts to rescind it were 'arbitrary and capricious.'National Constitution Center00:57:57
LGBTQ Employees' RightsThe Supreme Court issued its decision that an employer who fires someone for being gay or transgender violates the Civil Rights Act.National Constitution Center00:54:11
Live at the NCC Part 2Monica Bell, David French, Janai Nelson, and Theodore Shaw discuss immunity for police officers, racial inequality...National Constitution Center00:58:20
Live at the NCC Part 1Jeffrey Rosen talks with Judge Theodore McKee of the U.S. Court of Appeals about immunity for police officers, racial inequality...National Constitution Center00:29:30
What is Section 230?A broader look at content regulation on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms, and how that squares with First Amendment values.National Constitution Center01:06:38
Voting, Coronavirus, and the ConstitutionCoronavirus will pose challenges for the general election. We explore related lawsuits and voting during the pandemic...National Constitution Center00:54:45
Faithless Electors Supreme Court RecapWe share the recap for the cases Colorado Dept. of State v. Baca & Chiafalo v. Washington, about "faithless electors"...National Constitution Center00:57:46
Supreme Court Remote Argument Recaps Part 2The Court continued to hear arguments by teleconference. We share a recap for Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru...National Constitution Center00:49:39
Supreme Court's First Oral ArgumentThis week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments by teleconference, allowing the public to listen in, in real time, for the first timeNational Constitution Center00:49:20
Will Coronavirus Change Criminal Justice?The pandemic has seriously impacted the criminal justice system. We discuss the potential long-term impacts...National Constitution Center00:51:40
Power to "Reopen" the CountryTrump has claimed authority to reopen the economy. We evaluate what he can and can't do in light of the separation of powers and federalismNational Constitution Center00:52:16
The Supreme Court Goes RemoteOn Monday, the Supreme Court said it will hear its May oral arguments via phone, allowing the public to listen for the first time.National Constitution Center00:60:37
COVID-19 Hurting Global Democracy?Responses to the coronavirus pandemic may be posing a danger to democracies around the world as faults in constitutional systems are exposed...National Constitution Center01:01:33
Civil Liberties and COVID-19Some of Americas civil liberties are typically exercised in person. As states enforce stay-at-home orders, how will those rights be impacted?National Constitution Center00:49:46
Governing During Social DistancingCongress and the courts depend on meeting in-person. How can they adjust to the coronavirus outbreak and necessary public health measures?National Constitution Center00:44:15
Constitution and CoronavirusHow can local, state, & federal governments manage a public health crisis? What legal and constitutional rights do Americans have?National Constitution Center00:54:50
Louisiana Abortion Law at the Supreme CourtTwo participants in the case, Julie Fikelman and Catherine Glenn Foster, explain how this case might impact the lives of women.National Constitution Center00:37:50
The Future of the CFPBWe discuss the LLC v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau case, a challenge to the constitutionality of the CFPB leadership structure...National Constitution Center00:54:40
The Executive & the Rule of LawThe controversy over Roger Stone raised questions about the role of the Department of Justice, presidential power, and the rule of law...National Constitution Center00:54:54
George Washington's Constitutional LegacyWe discuss how George Washington conceived of civic virtue, honor, and public service both as a general and as president.National Constitution Center00:53:40
How Can We Be Our Best?We discuss the values our founders thought necessary to uphold American government, and whether or not we are living up to them.National Constitution Center00:54:20
An Impeachment Trial RecapThis live conversation at George Washington Law School recaps the arguments presented on both sides of the impeachment trial.National Constitution Center01:08:35
Will the ERA be Adopted?The Virginia legislature ratified it recently and, with Illinois and Nevada, filed a lawsuit urging it be declared part of the Constitution.National Constitution Center00:46:50
School Choice and ReligionEspinoza v. Montana Dept of Revenue may have a bug effect on the future of school choice & public education. Our guests explain the technicalities of the case.National Constitution Center00:57:14
The Chief, the Senate, the TrialWe preview the third presidential impeachment trial in American history. How present and past Chief Justices handle it.National Constitution Center00:35:14
Soleimani AirstrikeWe grapple with the ramifications of the U.S. airstrike that killed Iranian military leader General Qassem Soleimani last week.National Constitution Center00:56:20
Executive Subpoena CasesThree cases involving Trump's finances and one regarding his counsel's testimony before Congress are discussed.National Constitution Center00:53:45
2019 In ReviewThe impeachment of a president, release of the Mueller report, and court battles over DACA, reproductive rights, and the Affordable Care Act.National Constitution Center01:03:49
RBG: Life, Love, Liberty, & LawJustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg joins National Constitution Center President & CEO Jeffrey Rosen to discuss his new book.National Constitution Center01:10:48
Should Trump Be Impeached?We share a fascinating two-part conversation on impeachment hosted here at the National Constitution Center on December 2nd.National Constitution Center01:23:46
Gun Transportation RightsThe Supreme Court's handling of a case involving New York City's prohibiting residents from transporting their guns to second homes and...National Constitution Center00:57:46
Madison's Thoughts on the PresidencyHow the office was conceived at the Founding, evolved throughout history, impacted by the rise of political parties, and expanded its power.National Constitution Center01:01:16
Free Speech OnlineWill Twitter's efforts to regulate political ads work? Might Facebook's more hands-off approach lead to unintended consequences?National Constitution Center01:04:20
Can Trump End DACA?Can the Court even review the decision to end it, since it was created by Homeland Security, an executive branch agency?National Constitution Center00:49:27
Conversations with RBGConversations with RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life, Love, Liberty, and Law - an informal portrait of the justice...National Constitution Center01:08:31
British Constitutional Crisis?Brexit has sparked ongoing political and constitutional controversy. But they don’t have a written constitution. Does that need to change?National Constitution Center00:59:42
What About Impeachment?How should impeachment be carried out, according to the Constitution? This episode explores the constitutional process...National Constitution Center01:05:44
Can You Be Fired for Being LGTBQ?We explain the arguments on both sides, analyze the Justices' reactions at oral argument, and predict the potential consequences of the cases.National Constitution Center00:54:52
Two Federal JudgesJudges Diane Wood and Jeff Sutton, share how their clerkships affected them and shaped how they interpret the Constitution.National Constitution Center00:55:29
SCOTUS PreviewUpcoming cases: LGBTQ rights, immigration policies, the Second Amendment, school choice, and the free exercise of religion.National Constitution Center00:59:20
Battle for the ConstitutionThe National Constitution Center & The Atlantic have a new web project: a year-long exploration of issues surrounding the Constitution...National Constitution Center01:37:13
Justice Neil Gorsuch, LiveGorsuch and Jeffrey Rosen discuss his passion for civics and civility, the importance of separation of powers, what originalism means to him...National Constitution Center01:02:29
Madison vs. MasonJames Madison and George Mason diverged on some of the biggest debates of the Constitutional Convention. We explore the debates.National Constitution Center00:60:47
Nationwide Injunctions?What are they? When and why are they issued by federal courts? Is the term itself a misnomer? Two experts discuss.National Constitution Center00:49:06
Armed in AmericaA deep dive into the history of the right to bear arms in America; from colonial militias to concealed carry...National Constitution Center01:01:14
The Lincoln-Douglas DebatesIn honor of their anniversary, we explore the clash of constitutional visions that characterized the debates.National Constitution Center01:01:56
Live at America's Town HallJournalist George Will's new book, THE CONSERVATIVE SENSIBILITY. He shares his thoughts on a wide range of topics.National Constitution Center01:03:10
Federalists vs. Anti-FederalistsHow did the visions of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists influence the drafting and ratification of the Constitution?National Constitution Center00:56:10
Twitter-blocking & the First AmendmentThe court held that because Trump uses his Twitter account for official government purposes, it is a public forum and he cannot block people...National Constitution Center00:48:25
The Legacy of Seneca FallsJuly 19 was the anniversary of the first women's rights convention in 1848. We explore how its legacy shaped the Constitution.National Constitution Center01:03:25
Remembering John Paul StevensHe was one of the nation’s oldest, longest-serving, and most-revered justices. He passed away at the age of 99 on Tuesday.National Constitution Center00:46:55
After the Burr/Hamilton Duel?We pick up where the musical HAMILTON left off, and explore what happened to Vice President Burr in the aftermath of the duel.National Constitution Center00:53:36
Supreme Court 2018-19 RecapWe review the 2018-19 Supreme Court term and explore the nature and future of the new Roberts Court and the Chief's newfound role...National Constitution Center00:56:26
The Human Side of JudgingHow do judges manage the personal challenges that their role often requires them to face, including unconscious bias, chronic stress...National Constitution Center01:16:57
Declaration of IndependenceThe influence of the Declaration of Independence on the Constitution and constitutional movements throughout history.National Constitution Center00:55:15
Should Big Tech be Broken Up?Investigations into several leading big tech companies – including Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon – began on Tuesday...National Constitution Center01:06:27
Constitution & 2020 ElectionWhat's at stake, for the Constitution and the Supreme Court, in the 2020 election? If Trump appoints more Supreme Court justices?National Constitution Center00:49:10
A Fetal Right to Life?Part 2 of our discussion on abortion and the Constitution. The "fetal personhood" movement - fetal constitutional rights...National Constitution Center00:58:60
Will Roe be Overturned?The increasing number of new laws restricting abortion recently passed in numerous states has some wondering: is Roe v. Wade at risk?National Constitution Center00:48:33
Are we in a Constitutional Crisis?Are recent disputes in our constitutional system normal? Have we been here before? We explore legal precedent set by previous disputes...National Constitution Center01:01:18
Henry Louis Gates, Jr.Professor Gates discusses his PBS series on Reconstruction and 2 books; STONY THE ROAD: RECONSTRUCTION... and a young adult book...National Constitution Center00:45:08
Census Citizenship Question Constitutional?Tom Wolf, Counsel at the Brennan Center for Justice, and John Eastman, Professor at Chapman University School of Law debate the topic.National Constitution Center00:52:59
Mueller Report Constitutional RecapWe shed constitutional light on the Mueller report, focusing on the question of obstruction. What Mueller did and did not conclude...National Constitution Center00:56:54
The Julian Assange IndictmentAssange's capture reignited debate over the question: What's the line between First Amendment-protected journalism and cyber-crime?National Constitution Center00:50:49
Kisor v. Wilkie: A Case to WatchHow did a Vietnam War vets request for disability benefits become a key Supreme Court case, with major implications for the future...National Constitution Center00:54:52
Affordable Care Act FutureTexas v. U.S. held that because of 2017 tax reforms, the ACA became unconstitutional. The House of Representatives is defending it...National Constitution Center00:52:26
End Partisan GerrymanderingScholars debate whether or not the Supreme Court should be involved in examining partisan gerrymandering claims, and discuss what the Constitution says.National Constitution Center00:53:42
Presidential Executive Privilegeany are wondering, what will happen when Robert Mueller's report is completed? We detail the possible scenarios and examine...National Constitution Center00:54:18
Supreme Court: Death PenaltyThe death penalty's past and present. finding points of agreement between death penalty abolitionists and supporters...National Constitution Center00:53:20
Regulation of Campus SpeechTrump has plans to require colleges to support free speech if they want federal dollars. Is that constitutional and other affects.National Constitution Center01:07:58
The Future of Abortion LawsWe explore the key cases making their way up to the Supreme Court. Plus our views on Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, and...National Constitution Center01:01:34
Is the Presidency Too Powerful?From the early vision of the presidency, we trace the evolution of its power through Teddy Roosevelt, William Taft, and Woodrow Wilson...National Constitution Center00:60:49
The Tennessee Wine CaseThe Supreme Court case, with history of the 21st Amendment, the Dormant Commerce Clause, & the 14th Amendment's Privileges and Immunities clause.National Constitution Center01:01:08
Equal Rights Amendment Revived?The ER) technically expired in 1982, the ratification deadline set by Congress, but a renewed push to resurrect and ratify...National Constitution Center01:15:44
Football, Faith & 1st AmendmentThe firing of a high school football coach who refused to stop praying on the field after games reached the Supreme Court...National Constitution Center01:03:02
MLK's Constitutional LegacyIn honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, this episode celebrates King’s life and work, his hopeful vision for America, and his fight...National Constitution Center00:56:35
The Second AmendmentThe Supreme Court may soon consider a challenge to a law prohibiting interstate handgun sales. Is the Second Amendment a 'second class right?'National Constitution Center01:05:16
Emergency Wall Build?We ask what would happen if Trump declared a national emergency and diverted military funds to build the wall? What statutes could he rely on?National Constitution Center00:58:41
Best of 2018 Part 2James Madison, the Social Media, and Twitter Mobs Live at America's Town Hall.National Constitution Center00:58:53
Best of 2018 Part 1Doris Kearns Goodwin on her new book, 'Leadership in Turbulent Times', a culmination of five decades of presidential history.National Constitution Center01:16:40
2018 Constitutional Year in ReviewThe biggest constitutional issues of 2018 from the ruling striking down Obamacare, to the Emoluments Clause lawsuits...National Constitution Center01:07:11
Cohen, Trump & Campaign Finance LawWe debate the campaign finance laws at issue, explore precedents like the John Edwards case, and consider possible legal liability for Trump.National Constitution Center00:36:42
Special Counsel Independence and Integrity ActThis bipartisan legislation, if passed, would impose regulations on firing a Special Counsel (like Robert Mueller). Is it constitutional?National Constitution Center00:54:06
Senator Chris Coons (D-DE)He breaks down the recent developments related to The Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, which he co-sponsored...National Constitution Center00:34:04
The Bladensburg Peace Cross CaseThe American Legion v. American Humanist Association Supreme Court case, about a lawsuit over demolition of a 40 foot cross...National Constitution Center00:59:06
Free Speech and Press CasesTrump's revocation of Jim Acosta's press pass and the ongoing lawsuit bring issues of press freedom and due process into the news.National Constitution Center00:58:32
AG, Pres & Congressional OversightThe flurry of questions about the legality, constitutionality, and political repercussions firing Jeff Sessions...National Constitution Center00:57:44
Required Birthright Citizenship?Does the 14th Amendment require birthright citizenship for all? The disputed history and original meaning of the Citizenship Clause.National Constitution Center01:07:08
Voting Rights, Election Law, MidtermsAs Americans prepare to head to the polls next week, we partnered with Ballotpedia for a rundown of the election law and voting rights issues...National Constitution Center00:51:12
Key Congressional Elections in HistoryWe delve into the history of congressional elections, from the Founding to today, answering several iimportant questions...National Constitution Center00:59:48
Supreme Court Legitimacy Crisis?Some believe that the Kavanaugh confirmation caused a legitimacy crisis that can only be solved by reform proposals such as...National Constitution Center00:60:55
Libel, Media, & Constitutional LegitimacyWe explain what libel is and how laws against libel and slander fit within the First Amendment’s protections of free speech and...National Constitution Center00:49:35
Senate & Supreme Court FutureSenators Flake and Coons discuss their important role in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, including their agreement to pause...National Constitution Center00:46:16
Supreme Court Term PreviewWe explore forthcoming cases that involve everything from double jeopardy and excessive fines to cemeteries and endangered frogs.National Constitution Center00:56:25
Should Chevron Be Overturned?Philip Hamburger and Gillian Metzger explain Chevron deference, why it matters, and whether it should be overturned.National Constitution Center00:55:19
Kavanaugh Confirmation HearingsWe unpack Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings and evaluate his testimony: his judicial philosophy and his views...National Constitution Center00:55:32
Supreme Court ConfirmationIn the midst of the contentious confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, we explore confirmation hearing history...National Constitution Center01:01:04
What's an Impeachable Offense?Alan Dershowitz and Joshua Matz join Jeffrey Rosen for a debate on how the Framers intended impeachment power be used.National Constitution Center00:53:09
Escaping Slavery and Fighting InjusticeIn the Civil War, Robert Smalls captured a Confederate boat filled with enslaved people and steered it to freedom...National Constitution Center00:59:16
Harriet Scott: Dred Scott v. SanfordThe life of Harriet Scott, wife and co-plaintiff of Dred Scott in the infamous case Dred Scott v. Sanford.National Constitution Center00:57:43
Callie House: Reparations Advocate & TrailblazerShe tirelessly traveled the country organizing newly freed African Americans in the quest to right the wrongs of slavery...National Constitution Center00:46:11
John Bingham: Father of the 14th AmendmentJohn Bingham was one of the most influential but least known visionaries of the post-Civil War Constitution.National Constitution Center00:55:31
The life and legacy of Frederick DouglassOne of America's most influential abolitionists, orators, writers, and statesmen grew up as a slave in Maryland...National Constitution Center01:07:21
What is Treason?After his meeting with Russian president Putin, President Trump sparked a new controversy on the definition of treason...National Constitution Center01:12:51
The New Supreme CourtA discussion of the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, Justice Gorsuch's first year on the Supreme Court, and...National Constitution Center01:07:30
Happy 150th Birthday, 14th AmendmentLeading Civil War and Reconstruction scholars discuss the history and meaning of the 14th Amendment...National Constitution Center01:08:46
The Legacy of Justice Anthony Kennedy3 of Kennedy's former clerks, join us to discuss the Justice's Supreme Court legacy...National Constitution Center01:06:35
The Supreme Court now: Decisions, deciders and what's nextA panel discussion of the Supreme Court's momentous recent term. Same-sex wedding cakes, voting rights, gerrymandering...National Constitution Center00:54:58
The Golden State Killer and Genetic PrivacyUsing genetic data from old crime scene samples... has raised privacy concerns, leading many to wonder what the future for genetic privacy is under the Fourth Amendment...National Constitution Center00:58:02
Self-Pardons, Fourth Amendment, & James MadisonIn this episode, We the People host Jeff Rosen answers constitutional questions that you, our listeners, have been asking.National Constitution Center00:53:10
The Supreme Court's Current TermA discussion some major cases already decided in the Supreme Court's current term and others...National Constitution Center00:54:60
Ken Burns: Telling Constitutional StoriesThe Civil War, Reconstruction, and the legacy of the 14th Amendment according to documentarian Ken Burns...National Constitution Center00:47:12
George Will on Madisonian GovernmentFederalism, the 17th Amendment, and the state of American politics today....National Constitution Center00:56:48
The Iran nuclear deal under TrumpOn May 8, Trump announced the United States would withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal, calling the deal horrible...National Constitution Center00:53:23
Social Media and Digital DisinformationDoes digital disinformation poses a threat, what is its effect on speech, democracy, and government regulation...National Constitution Center01:28:04
Eric Holder on the 14th Amendment todayFormer Attorney General Holder discusses the importance of the 14th Amendment today...National Constitution Center01:04:51
The Supreme Court Considers The Travel Ban CaseOn Wednesday, April 25, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in one of the biggest cases of the year...National Constitution Center00:47:34
Facebook and the Future of DemocracyJeffrey Rosen discusses the recent Facebook hearings and the broader impact of social media on free speech and democracy...National Constitution Center01:02:23
Justice Breyer on the First AmendmentJeffrey Rosen and Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer discuss the First Amendment, hate speech, the Citizens United...National Constitution Center00:52:38
Trump and the Federal JudiciaryPresident Donald Trump has been nominating judges and having them confirmed at record speed...National Constitution Center00:57:48
Hamilton: Constitutional Clashes That Shaped A NationThe competing ideas of Hamilton and his legendary rivals, Madison, Jefferson, Adams, and Burr...National Constitution Center01:16:58
William Howard Taft And The ConstitutionJeffrey Rosen argues that William Howard Taft was our most judicial president and presidential Chief Justice...National Constitution Center01:30:01
Trump, Tariffs, and TradePresident Trump's protectionist policies are a reversal of mostly free-trade orientated policies of past administrations...National Constitution Center00:52:08
Workplace Discrimination Based On Sexual OrientationCan an employment lawsuit be based on the premise that discrimination based on sexual orientation is a Title VII violation...National Constitution Center00:46:50
The United States v. MicrosoftCan the federal government compel a U.S.-based email provider to turn over its records as part of a criminal investigation...National Constitution Center00:58:19
Mandatory Union Fees And The First AmendmentThe Supreme Court is considering arguments in a case that could have a huge effect on public-section unions...National Constitution Center00:55:20
Conversation With Ruth Bader GinsburgJustice Ginsburg talks about the #MeToo movement, confesses her affection for Millennials, discusses cases...National Constitution Center01:19:37
Jeffrey Rosen Answers Your Constitutional QuestionsWhy is the Ninth Amendment so important to understanding the Constitution? What are the unenumerated rights provided...National Constitution Center00:51:34
History of Impeachment: From Andrew Johnson to TodayWe look at the history of presidential impeachments, the interpretation of the Impeachment Clause, and...National Constitution Center00:54:41
The Constitution in Year One of the Trump AdministrationIn the year since he took office, a variety of novel constitutional issues have arisen, from the interpretation of...National Constitution Center00:45:39
Federalism under President TrumpThe relationship between the federal government and the states is currently at the center of controversies about...National Constitution Center00:51:19
Undocumented Teens And AbortionWe look at the case Hargan v. Garza, a lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of undocumented immigrant that asks...National Constitution Center00:53:11
Gerrymandering and American DemocracyThe Supreme Court might determine the constitutional future of partisan gerrymandering. Scholars and advocates have been...National Constitution Center00:52:27
The Existential Threat Of Big TechWe explore how tech platforms like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google have transformed the way we think and produced...National Constitution Center01:14:01

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