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Kathy Jacinto reads you selections from the Automobile Club of Southern California's magazine, Westways.

Current Westways Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
"Bon Appetit" special - Mar/Apr, 2019Eating our way through Southern CaliforniaReader: Kathy Jacinto00:14:42
La-La Land Before Time - Sep, 2018Southern California is awash in prehistoric discoveries. by Dan AllenReader: Kathy Jacinto00:12:01
Food - Jun, 2018Westways Food Issue. Selected articles by Leslie Mieko Yap, Farley Elliott, and Morgan P. Yates.Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:10:24
Music Men - May, 2018Crossing the Southland with a Mariachi Band, By Jim BenningReader: Kathy Jacinto00:12:16
Tall Story - Apr, 2018Trees in Redwood National Park, By Robert Earle HowellsReader: Kathy Jacinto00:03:46
Current Events - Mar/Apr, 2018Events around Southern California in the coming days, By Annette Winter and Brad WrightReader: Kathy Jacinto00:07:12
Into Our Wild - Jan/Feb, 2018The Santa Monica mountains are an outdoor playground with scenery right out of a Western movie, By Matt JaffeReader: Kathy Jacinto00:05:52
How I Relearned to Drive - Sep, 2017Aging gracefully behind the wheel. By Joseph D. YoungerReader: Kathy Jacinto00:09:58
Current Events - Jul/Aug, 2017Your guide to summer happenings in Southern California, By Annette WinterReader: Kathy Jacinto00:18:07
Various articles - Mar/Apr, 2017Out and About, By Eric Plante, Larry Bleiberg, Elisabeth Abrahamson, Christina Elston, and Jessica RitzReader: Kathy Jacinto00:11:22
Hello Darkness - Jan/Feb, 2017A total eclipse of the sun comes to the U.S. in August! By David SwansonReader: Kathy Jacinto00:07:50
In Good Spirits - Oct, 2016A ghostly family vacation. By Carolyn GrahamReader: Kathy Jacinto00:07:02
Folk Flair - Jul/Aug, 2016"Folk Flair", By Maribeth MellinReader: Kathy Jacinto00:10:43
A Conversation with Jay Leno, "Bon Appetit" - Jul/Aug, 2016A Conversation with Jay Leno, By Barry Garron; "Bon Appetit" featuring 6 restaurants in So CalReader: Kathy Jacinto00:15:01
Get Smart - Jun, 2016Computerized units can help with home security and maintenance. By Robin Jones.Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:05:29
Current Events - May, 2016Events throughout Southern California in early May, By Annette WinterReader: Kathy Jacinto00:12:46
Current Events - Mar/Apr, 2016Events coming up soon all around Southern California. By Connie K. HoReader: Kathy Jacinto00:08:02
Out and About - Mar, 2016Selected articles, about places to go and things to see.Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:11:58
Various articles - Nov/Dec, 2015Out and About, articles by Carolyn Graham, Amy S. Eckert, Nick Rufca, A Coversation With Moby, By Nick RufcaReader: Kathy Jacinto00:10:32
Magical Memories - Nov/Dec, 2015Readers share Disneylalnd memories commemorating 60 year anniversary.Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:06:31
Jamie Lee Curtis, Bon Appetit - Oct, 2015A Conversation with Jamie Lee Curtis, By Bekah Wright; Bon Appetit: Highlighting restaurants "Love and Salt" and "Simmzy's"Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:08:28
Various articles - Nov, 2015Spooky Happenings-AAA discounts, Five Worth the Drive-Current Events by Annette Winter and Connie K. HoReader: Kathy Jacinto00:07:55
Various articles - Sep, 2015There's More to Life-life insurance is often misunderstood, By Robin Jones; 5 Worth the Drive-Current events in So. CAReader: Kathy Jacinto00:14:44
Various articles - Jul/Aug, 2015Selected articles from the "Out and About" section, including shark sites in San Diego and hot eating in Palm Springs.Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:11:41
Gavin MacLeod - Jun, 2015A Conversation with Gavin MacLeod, By Paul LasleyReader: Kathy Jacinto00:05:30
Various articles - Jun, 2015Nautical Newbies in the Caribbean; Chilling Out in Alaska; A Family Fiesta in Mexico; Just the Two of Us in The MediterraneanReader: Kathy Jacinto00:23:20
Olive Oil - Mar/Apr, 2015Local Flavor: A Guide to California Olive Oil, By Jenny Rough, Connie K. Ho, and Kendra StreyReader: Kathy Jacinto00:12:11
Various articles - Mar/Apr, 2015A Conversation with Vin Scully, Dodgers broadcaster, By Barry Garron; Why work with a travel agent? by Paul Lasley and Elizabeth HarrymanReader: Kathy Jacinto00:08:12
Yoga for Every Body - Jan/ Feb, 2015For a stronger, healthier you, find various yoga spots in SoCal. By Elisa HuangReader: Kathy Jacinto00:12:25
Various articles - Jan/Feb, 2015Auto Club News and Benefits. Travel agent tips, By Lori WarnerReader: Kathy Jacinto00:16:53
A Conversation With Rita Wilson - Nov/Dec, 2014An interview with the actress, producer, singer from L.A.! By Bekah WrightReader: Kathy Jacinto00:06:08
Low-Flying Birds - Nov/Dec, 2014California's Salton Sea is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, By Chuck GrahamReader: Kathy Jacinto00:07:48
Various articles - Oct, 2014Be in the Moment, By Dave Burnapp; Memories Can't Wait, By Jen Leo; Weighing the merits (and demerits) of documenting every travel momentReader: Kathy Jacinto00:08:28
All Things Halloween! - Oct, 2014Halloween Savings from AAA, By Robin Jones; Day of the Dead, Norbert Sparrow; A Gaelic Halloween, By Nick Rufca and Lorna Sullivan; current eventsReader: Kathy Jacinto00:16:53
Modern Family: EV Drivers Living the Leaf Life - Jul/Aug, 2014What it's like to own an all-electric car. By Robin JonesReader: Kathy Jacinto00:05:41
Urban Cycling and 5 Worth the Drive - Jul/Aug, 2014A great time to bike the Southland, By Robert Earle Howells; Biking & Beach Events in So Cal, by Elisabeth AbrahamsonReader: Kathy Jacinto00:11:26
Various articles - July, 20145 Worth the Drive, By Elisabeth Abrahamson; Fourth of July and more! Current events in Southern California!Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:07:17
5 Worth the Drive - Jun, 2014Current events around Southern California. By Elisabeth AbrahamsonReader: Kathy Jacinto00:17:42
All about L.A.'s Union Station - May, 2014Forming a More Perfect Union, By Dan Allen; Treasured Memories, By Westways readersReader: Kathy Jacinto00:15:20
Various articles - Apr, 2014Dune Tune, By Carolyn Graham; Back to the Farm, By Christina Elston; Birthday Bard, Joan Tapper; A Toast to Health, Nick RufcaReader: Kathy Jacinto00:08:58
An Amazing Tribute and 5 Worth the Drive - Mar/Apr, 2014An upcoming Huell Houser exhibit; 5 Worth the Drive, March events in Southern California, by Elisabeth Abrhamson; Plus AAA discount tipsReader: Kathy Jacinto00:11:13
Robert De Niro - Jan / Feb, 2014A Conversation With Robert De Niro, by Robin RockeyReader: Kathy Jacinto00:05:14
Various articles - Jan / Feb, 2014New Motorist Laws for 2014; Water-Damage Woes; Valuable Information on insuring your stuff, by Robin JonesReader: Kathy Jacinto00:10:09
Five Worth the Drive - Dec, 2013Here are some current Holiday events in the Southern California area. Fire up the family Subaru and enjoy!Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:13:25
Betty White - Nov / Dec, 2013A Conversation With Betty White, by Alexandra RyanReader: Kathy Jacinto00:05:35
Happenings & Towing - Oct, 2013Five SoCal events happening now! By Elisabeth Abrahamson; Saints of towing - the dedication of St. Clair Automotive. By Morgan P. YatesReader: Kathy Jacinto00:07:52
A Grand Transition - Oct, 2013Globe-trotting grandparents: their best idea ever! by John and Sally MacDonaldReader: Kathy Jacinto00:06:35
Out and About - Sep, 2013Articles on chefs who farm or fish their own restaurant foods, and a food-swapping network for home-growers.Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:08:50
What's On Your Mind - Jul/Aug, 2013Brain research on multitasking behind the wheel and our ability to drive. by Tom VanderbiltReader: Kathy Jacinto00:09:59
Masterpiece Theater - Jul/Aug, 2013Behind the scenes at Laguna Beach's "Pageant of the Masters" which celebrates 80 years! by Josh JenischReader: Kathy Jacinto00:13:07
Various articles - Jul, 2013"Summer fairs, food and Gettysburg Anniversary!"; "New airline fees" by Paul Lasley & Elizabeth HarrymanReader: Kathy Jacinto00:18:22
Out and About - Jun, 2013Topics include paddling on the L.A. River, Catalina's 100th anniversary, visiting Vancouver, and more, by various authors.Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:18:49
Land of the Free - May, 2013"More free things to do in Southern California!" by Rachel NgReader: Kathy Jacinto00:16:39
SoCal Free - May, 2013Land of The Free. Some of the 101 Free Ways to Enjoy Southern California. By Rachel Ng.Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:16:50
On the Record - Mar/Apr, 2013"Southern California record stores are selling vinyl again?" by Beth Fahner.Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:09:05
Community Watch & Tribute to Huell Howser- Mar/Apr, 2013"The Auto Club's history of working with law enforcement to benefit motorists." by John Lehrer; "He Was Amazing! A tribute to Huell Howser."Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:11:27
Out & About - Mar / Apr, 2013"California poppies, day trip train ride, and hikes to local waterfalls!" by Carolyn Graham, Annette Winter and Erin CaskavkaReader: Kathy Jacinto00:07:37
Drip Drip Drip - Mar/Apr, 2013"How to Prevent Water Damage to Your Home!" by Robin JonesReader: Kathy Jacinto00:06:13
Pickin' and Grinnin' - Jan / Feb, 2013"Bakersfield's country music heritage continues to reverberate." by Annie AboulianReader: Kathy Jacinto00:07:37
Various articles - January / February, 2013"The latest AAA-rated 5 Diamond hotels, New Motorist Laws for 2013, February discounts"Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:13:21
Out & About - January / February, 2013"Places to go and things to see, near and far." by Rachel Ng, Robin Rockey, Christina Elston, Roberta Sandler, Jamie Wood, Athena Lucero, and Keith MasonReader: Kathy Jacinto00:18:33
Five Worth the Drive - December, 2012"Holiday happenings around Southern California"Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:08:14
The Teen Brain: Under Construction - November/December, 2012"Why teens drive the way they do." by Kristen A. NelsonReader: Kathy Jacinto00:11:16
Day Trip and Dashing Through the SLO - November/December, 2012"What to see and do in Agoura Hills" by Judi Uthus; "A quick getaway to San Luis Obispo" by Starshine RoshellReader: Kathy Jacinto00:05:42
For Members - November, 2012"Tips and discounts, including Mediterranean cruise tips." by Deanna SzaboReader: Kathy Jacinto00:13:24
A Fire-Free Home for the Holidays - November/December, 2012"Tips for preventing holiday fires in the home" by Robin JonesReader: Kathy Jacinto00:05:48
Retiring the Keys - September, 2012"When it's time to give up driving." by Joseph D. YoungerReader: Kathy Jacinto00:12:37
Various articles - September, 2012"Umanicatessen" by Colleen Dunn Bates; "The Six Restaurant. Reviews of 2 interesting restaurants!" by Jean T. Barrett; "5 Worth the Drive...More September events in Southern California." by April BaileyReader: Kathy Jacinto00:16:46
Five Worth the Drive and Earthquake Kits and tips - September, 2012"Southern California current events." by April Bailey; "AAA discounts on earthquake preparedness kits and other tips in 'For Members'"Reader: Kathy Jacinto00:15:11
Good Night Moon & Five Worth the Drive - September, 2012"Hiking in Sequoia National Park" by Rachel Ng; "Current events for early September throughout Southern California" by April BaileyReader: Kathy Jacinto00:11:40

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