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Merrick Schneider reads you his selections from America's Most Trusted Source for News, The Wall Street Journal.

Current Wall Street Journal Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
03/10/2020Saved from the Virus. Here's to Your Health. Shop For a Pandemic. Cheating At Baseball. You Stole My Heart, and You've Been Served.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:32
02/25/2020Robot in Aisle Five. Husband's Hobby Takeover. In Love With a Weighted Blanket. Your Zodiac Isn't Aligned With the Stars.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:24:47
02/18/2020Record Credit-Card Debt. Spreading of Coronavirus. The Cure For Paralysis. Transplant Surgeon's New Heart. 90-Day Prescriptions?Reader: Merrick Schneider00:25:24
02/04/2020Legal Weed Feeds Vaping Crisis. Phony Service Dogs Hurt Vets. Know America: College Sports. I Almost Bought the Knicks. Drop My CourseReader: Merrick Schneider00:23:44
01/28/2020Phones That Read Your Mind. Mid-career Physician Burnouts. Is Baseball Becoming Pro Wrestling? What I Sing When Nobody Listens.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:09
01/21/2020A Placebo For Pain Relief? A Penny Saved Is a Latte Earned. Why Double Sinks Are Such a Dubious Idea. 98.6 Degrees: No Longer the Norm.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:42
01/14/2020Kids Food Delivery. Cancer Deaths Drop. Jury Still Out on Elvis. 'Aloha' Means Goodbye Thanks to High Taxes. Executive Producer Plague.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:04:23
01/07/2020In Praise of Hollywood Yarn. Drug Approval Rush Has Side Effect. Image Scrubbing. Attacks on New York's Jews. Home Sales Slow in Fire Zones.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:26:55
12/17/2019Fish Oil Drug Gets FDA Approval. Get Out of the Rut With Voice Assistant. Dogs & Chocolate Don't Mix. Hi-Tech Helps Fight Wildfires.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:21:05
11/26/2019Latest Advice on Heart Health: Tall Order. Website Ploys: Buy More. California Spending Boom. Our Problem With Percentages.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:14
11/12/2019Won't Support Legal Hemp. Lowering Suicide Rates. Gentle Art of Roughhousing. Millennials Move to Small Towns. California's Blackouts.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:24:56
11/05/2019Don't Be a Ghoul! Halloween Takes Sadistic Turn. Fire Dangers Worsen. Fires Knock Out Cell Phones. Sports Illustrated's Great Days.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:21:34
10/29/2019Going to HR: Tough Decision. Without Facebook I'm a Rotten Friend. Phone Call Isn't Dead - It's Evolving. Perfect Age is 3 Months.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:56
10/15/2019Disney Story for Young Socialists. Try Taking Courses in Marijuana. How Do You Tax a Baby Boomer? Achieving Life Goals.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:18:35
10/08/2019Insanity & Supreme Court. Investment Tip From Mr. Zip. Streets of San Francisco. Long Road to Cleanliness. From Savvy to Spaced Out.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:28:12
10/01/2019Put Playoffs in Waking Hours. Fitness Devotees Are Getting Stoned. Obama's Incredible Movie Makeover. Junk Last Century's Furniture.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:53
09/24/2019Conversation, One Cliche at a Time. TV, Today's Dinosaur? Pick Up Grandpa's Razor For a Close Shave. Tailgating Makes Everything Better.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:57
09/17/2019Be grateful for your health insurance company. The world's dumbest housing policy. Corrupting medical education. Flying high at Dulles.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:17:36
09/10/2019Walk The Walk. Endless Thirst For Power. Monday Morning Quarterback. Life of a Rabbi With ALS. Cutting Medical Costs Can Be a Bargain.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:52
09/03/2019Fantasy Football Talk Is Here. I'm Not Going to Fire the Babysitter. He's My Dad. Your Nose Knows Better Than Food Labels. AARP Problem.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:18:07
08/20/2019Marriage of Man & Machine. What Will California Ban Next? Battle of the Microwave. Medicare: Needs Improvement. Lady Luck: Unkind to Me.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:42
07/30/2019Snack Makers Say Chew Slowly. Colleges Offer Degrees in Pot Business. Nail Salons See More Men's Toes. A Good Life in My Dying Days.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:21:07
07/23/2019Hitchcock Right About Birds. California Primary Weight. No One Wants to Be Blockbuster. Public Option Kills Private Insurance.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:52
07/16/2019Helping Seniors Find the Right Pot. Angela Davis, East Germany and Fullerton. Too Much Salt in Your Diet? Drop Local Time Zones?Reader: Merrick Schneider00:18:27
07/09/201917 Rules For Your Cookout. Trouble For California's Comeback. 2020 Democrats Lack Hindsight. A Back Seat Is No Longer Safe.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:26:29
07/02/2019Coffee Doesn't Kill. A Young Imagination Beats Videogames. Student Debt Forgiveness- Who Pays? Pot Activists Pass Their High Point.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:18:19
06/25/2019Knuckleballer's Guide. Returning Lost Wallets. Persuading Parents to Vaccinate Their Kids. Futurama: 1964-65 New York World's Fair.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:16:37
06/04/2019A Flood of California Regulations. Pros & Cons of Facial Recognition. Get Serious About Nuclear Waste. Like Guilt With Your Latte?Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:38
05/28/2019Things Technology Won't Change. Train at Any Age: Just Run. The 'Underpaid Teachers' Myth. Hostage Negotiator's Lesson In Listening.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:18:13
05/14/2019Appreciate Stay-At-Home Moms. How VA Democrats Survive Scandal. America Has Too Much of a Good Thing. My Tech-Guru Lifestyle.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:21:03
05/07/2019Billy Joel Didn't Start The Fire. Guide to Sports Parenting. This Lousy T-Shirt Sparks Joy. When Shared Passwords Outlast Love.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:24:02
04/23/2019'I Luv U.' Work Texts Are Risky Business. Activity Restored in Dead Brains. Anti-Semitism at NYU. Girl Scout Cookie Logistics.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:52
04/16/2019My Beach Body Never Arrived. Cheating on the SAT's. Trump Store: You Can Shop Till the Polls Drop. Clutter Is the Road to Genius.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:09
04/09/2019Kamala Snubs Iowa & New Hampshire. Hidden Cost in $15 Minimum Wage. Illegal Robocalls. A Son's Terrifying Leap. Sports Rule Changes.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:23
03/26/2019$430 Million Isn't Enough. Disney World Has a Secret: Family Ashes. Barbershop Etiquette. Quitting Social Media Will Save Your Life.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:47
03/19/2019Patient I.D. Bracelet Overhaul. Scandal Makes USC Elite. Do Greasy Snacks Smear Your Phone? Los Angeles Dries Out After Wet Winter.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:55
03/12/2019Omar & the Conspiracy Democrats. What Your Doc Can't Tell You. Drinking Cannabis: Tastes Terrible. Another Scammer Is Calling.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:24:58
02/26/2019Kids No Longer Learn the Ropes. Is There a Doctorate In the House? Bad Science to Banish Paper Receipts. Cold Wash Espionage.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:17:50
02/19/2019Please Sneeze At Home. Dog Man Learns Cat Lives Matter. Vaping Is Harm Reduction. Surging Lawsuits For Blind Web Access.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:19:18
02/12/2019Super Bowl Ad Trance. Math Of Successful Marriages. All the Fun Has Gone Out Of Being a Billionaire. Brutal Cold Brings Warm Memories.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:14
02/05/2019Pinkerton Detectives: Tired of Being the Bad Guys. Churches Crank Up the Music. Who Moved My Cookie? Hydrox Points a Finger at Oreo.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:21:09
01/29/2019If Weed Is Medicine, So Is Beer. For $238 Million, Do You Get a Foldout Sofa? Dale Carnegie & Parking Attendant. 'Road Diet' Is Deadly.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:18:18
01/22/2019Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than You Think. Jack Bogle's Investment Secrets. Key Flu Figures: Six Feet, 48 Hours, 10 Days.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:45
01/08/2019Quarterback Wants to Sell Insurance. Half Million Dollar Bottle of Wine. Airline Boarding Reward Wealthy. Caring For Dad From 7K Miles.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:15
12/18/2018A Senseless Act of Courtesy. Campus Banks Cash In On High Fees. Why Does Your Coffee Taste Like Tires? Requiem for a Doorman.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:18:01
12/11/2018How Much Do Hot Drinks Help In the Cold? I Learned to Love Standardized Tests. To Stay Speedy in His 70s, He Got Buff.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:15:25
12/04/2018Which Hospital For a Stroke? Brokers Purge Their Records. Take It From an Almost-Harvard Man.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:19:39
11/27/2018New Ideas to Fight the Flu. A Retiree Discovers the Joy of Being a Sports Fan. If only Flights Were Like Sports Events.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:21:49
11/06/2018Whatever Happened to Howard Johnson's? Caregivers Do Double Duty to Stay Afloat. Americans Are Divided Over Candy Corn.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:21:01
10/23/2018No 20% Tip For Muffin Handling. Leaf Blowers: Loud, Ugly & Dangerous. Low-Cost Seltzer Fanatics. CALPers Employees Vote Against Activism.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:24
10/16/2018And Now, Live On Stage, The Clintons! Quick, Brush Your Hair - Your Phone Is Judging You! Hospital Watchdogs Face New Oversight.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:17:25
10/09/2018Just Alexa Acting Out. Surfing vs Skateboarding: Fight For California's Soul. A Nobel Prize is Great: How About a Free Parking Spot?Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:32
10/02/2018The Bond Between Caregiver & Patient. Dunkin' Fans Say Losing the Donut Leaves a Hole. Is It Really Time to Remake Dunkin' Donuts?Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:43
09/25/2018Those Low Prices Seem - Too Low. The Demise of Hitchhiking. Restaurants and Television Don't Mix. Helping Couples Uncouple.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:19:00
09/18/2018Don't Let Them Eat Cake: Bosses Sour on Office Sweets. How USC's Blind Player Muscled Up. Competitive About Meditation? Everyone Is.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:12
09/11/2018Forget 'Senior': Boomers Seek Better Term. Is 'Hangry' Actually a Thing? America's Love Affair With Beer Is on the Rocks.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:28:49
09/04/2018The Students Are Coming! Boston's Back-to-School Invasion. Boomers Become Housemates. Airlines Bank On Loyalty Credit Cards.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:57
08/28/2018Restaurants Push Fancy Shots. Round Up The Usual Lawyers. Sensodyne Pitch Takes Bite Out of Crest. Advisor Seeks to Fund Blindness Cure.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:13
08/14/2018Whiter Tooth Fad: Turn Them Black. On U.S. Planes, The Dogs Are Winning. Consequences For Unethical Prosecutors.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:18:37
08/07/2018Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers on Venmo. The Millennial Caregiver. New Wrinkle: It's Time for Your Face to Work Out!Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:23
07/31/2018Tech Test to Keep Seniors At Home Longer. Stop Competing With Your Spouse. Brushing Teeth In The Shower.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:21:38
07/24/2018Private Pension Wipes Out Investors. You Could Be Too Much of a Team Player. America's Children Make a Stand for Lemonade.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:20
07/17/2018Cities That Hate Home-Based Businesses. Putting a Price on Hip Replacements. The Comfort and Growing Popularity of Bowl Food.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:18:02
07/10/2018Giant Bloody Marys. Flying Hot Dogs Make Bad Law. Airline Fees Without Reason. Tired Expressions Must Turn Over New Leaves.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:34
06/26/2018What the Airline Knows About You. How to Get Millennials to Buy Jewelry. My Lazy Summer as a Public Employee.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:21:47
06/19/2018Ultrasonic Noise Gets New Scrutiny. The Art of the Brushoff. Is the Office Any Place for Empathy?Reader: Merrick Schneider00:18:53
06/12/2018California Voters Oust Judge. Less Is More For Cancer Treatment. Planning For the Unthinkable. Making Summer Joy Last.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:16
06/05/2018Sports Betting Excites Media. Buying a Home - It's a Process. Hostile Home Occupation. How 4 Minutes Becomes an Eternity.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:19:22
05/29/2018Phone Notifications Light Up Tensions at Home. Who Killed the Deal to Sell Your House? The Case For Dad-Style Parenting.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:19:42
05/15/2018Leagues Prep for a Betting Future. Wrinkle-Cream Moves to Foods. Why California Leaves Homeless In the Sun. Parents Try Mini-Dates.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:28:39
05/08/2018Can DNA Shed Light on Depression? Shop Around For Surgery? The He-Manicure. Low-Battery Phone Anxiety.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:39
04/24/2018GE Retired Pinching Pennies. Hospital Prognosis Isn't Great. Cereal Makers Return to Sugary Past. Coffee Firms Buck Cancer Labels.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:30:52
04/17/2018Parents May Be the Best Tax Preparers. Don't Hang Up - This Is Not a Scam. Cards That Carry You Farthest. A Good Heart Rate Formula.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:28:41
03/27/2018The War on Straws Is Coming to a Bar Near You. No One Wants Your Beanie Babies. Police Get a New Tool: Therapists.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:19:02
03/20/2018The Next Real-Estate Crisis. Retailers Crack Down On Serial Returners. Airports Getting Friendlier for Blind Travelers.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:29:17
03/06/2018Nice Tattoo! Didn't Know You Worked at Walmart. Project 2022: Build a Team From Scratch. How Pundits Never Get It Wrong.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:04
02/27/2018How much of your airline ticket is profit? Is that lent diet good for you? More reliable flu tests. The most useful form of cash.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:28:21
02/20/2018Parkland Massacre: The Air We Breathe. Pneumonia: The Lethal Enemy. A New Dating No-No: Asking For a Last Name.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:25
02/13/2018The Deadly Flu No One Saw Coming. New Findings on Ovarian Cancer. Marathon Isn't Challenging Enough? Try Doing It Backwards.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:25:21
02/06/2018Your Phd Thesis Sounds Funky! Mystery Firm That Acquired J.D. Power. Why Is America's Anxiety Rising? The Instant PotReader: Merrick Schneider00:29:19
01/30/2018LA Coliseum Naming Deal. Lawmakers Warned On Harassment. Does Facial Hair Keep You Warmer? Mental Health Takes a Village.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:07
01/23/2018Her Goal: Help Others Finish the Race. How Immigration Could Affect Grandma's Care. Want Our Spicy Pizza? Sign Here.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:21:03
01/16/2018Google Has Nothing On Librarians. What Is The Perfect Age? When We Feel The Best and Why. U.S. Plans New Nuclear Weapons.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:24:54
01/09/2018Which Resolutions Are Most Likely to Stick? Things Go Better With Coke, Laxative Edition. Why Uber Can Find You, But 911 Can'tReader: Merrick Schneider00:22:01
01/02/2018Lost a Pet? Write an Obit, by Clare Ansbury. Who's Nuts for Fruitcake? U.S. Mint Makes a Mint Selling Gold Coins, by Michael Rothfeld.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:01
12/19/2017Your Honor, The Jury Rests. David Rockefeller's Rolodex Reveals a Secret History of the World. Too Many Stuffed Animals?Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:54
12/05/2017Sports Gambling in Focus. Google Has Chosen an Answer For You - It's Often Wrong. Domino's Tells Its Customers Who's Making Their PizzaReader: Merrick Schneider00:27:42
11/28/2017What to Do in a Fashion Emergency, by Ray A. Smith. Harvard Faces Probe Over Admissions Policy. Ads Misstate Morningstar Ratings.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:23:41
11/14/2017What to Do When There Is a Shooter. How Should a Holiday Inn Smell? Harassment Scandals Prompt Rapid Workplace Changes.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:28:34
11/07/2017Disney Against Movie Theaters, by Erich Schwartzel. Japan, Home of Overwork, by George Nishiyama. Whenever Thanksgiving, by Anne Marie Chaker.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:31
10/31/2017The Army's Radical Fitness Shift. Hollywood's Schoolboy Football Factory,. In Houston, 'Houston We Have a Problem' is a Problem.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:32:03
10/24/2017Stretching - The Hot Workout, by Rachel Bachman. Secret Restaurant in Terminal C, by Scott McCartney. Fighting Cancer, by Lucette Lagnado.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:22:10
10/17/2017The Shopper Retailers Want, by Ellen Byron. Secret to Picking On-Time Flights, by Scott McCartney. Coffee, $55 a Cup, by Charles Passy.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:29:55
10/10/2017A Rocky Flu Season, by Sumathi Reddy. Best & Worst Hotel Rewards, by Scott McCartney. Baseball's Data Downside, by Brian Costa .Reader: Merrick Schneider00:26:33
10/03/2017When Did You First Feel Old? by Clare Ansberry. Why Housing Is Unaffordable in California, by Allysia Finley.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:14:17
09/26/2017Egads! Millennials Use Phones to Track Mom & Dad, by Katherine Bindley. Aldi Bets Limited Choices Lure U.S. Shoppers, by Zeke Turner.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:51
09/26/2017An Extra Surprise Fee At the Airport, by Scott McCartney. The Great ESPN Pile-on, by Jason Gay.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:16:52
09/12/2017Weird, Wired World Without Cell Phones by Stawberry Saroyan. Hospitals Keep Gold Seal Despite Woes by Stephanie Armour.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:20:01
09/05/2017Own the Last Day of Vacation, by Erin Geiger Smith. With Expansion, Will LAX Be More Congested? by Scott McCartney.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:16:19
08/29/2017Paying Down the Mortgage? By Jo Craven McGinty. Nice New Kitchen! What About Fridge Magnets? By Natalie Andrews.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:12:03
08/29/2017Feelings of Fall. Autumn: Some mourn it while others relish the return to routine and order. By Clare Ansberry.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:07:19
08/22/2017Derek Jeter Is Now the Boss. He could have spent the rest of his life relaxing, but is now a busy baseball entrepreneur. By Jason GayReader: Merrick Schneider00:08:45
08/22/2017Wall Street: New Suburban Landlord. Big investors turned 200,000 single-family homes into rentals. By Ryan Dezember & Laura KusistoReader: Merrick Schneider00:14:50
08/15/2017What Happened to the Negative Review? By Neil Shah. The Question of When to Stop Antibiotics, by Sumathi Reddy.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:15:06
08/03/2017Balancing Religion & the Office. A Rise In Mistakes With Medicines. Wendy's Takes to Twitter to Taunt Rivals & Roast Customers.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:19:08
07/25/2017The Smart-Medicine Solution. Our health care system won't be fixed by insurance reform. It needs Information-age tools. By Eric TopolReader: Merrick Schneider00:18:19
07/18/2017The Conscience of a Valet. A young college student receives the best tip of his life. By Mike Kerrigan.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:04:57
07/18/2017Tiffany Hunts to Regain Its Cool. Turmoil reached a climax hours before launch of an ad campaign featuring Lady Gaga. By Suzanne KapnerReader: Merrick Schneider00:14:52
07/11/2017Burning Question: Is it better to shower at night in the summer? By Heidi Mitchell.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:05:06
07/11/2017Probiotics With Pizza? Food companies add them to granola, baking mixes, juice, pizza dough and water. By Anne Marie ChakerReader: Merrick Schneider00:07:40
07/04/2017Why Geezers Rule Tennis. In the last few years, the average age of top tennis players has increased. By Mathew Futterman.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:09:43
07/04/2017Your Flight Is On Time... Sort Of. How airlines conspire to look better than they are. By Scott McCartney.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:10:22
06/27/2017The Fixer By Michael Hsu. Gadgets that make small type easier to read.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:04:09
06/27/2017Youth Sports. There's a serious nationwide shortage of officiators in youth sports. Let's put bad sports parents in a box. By Jason Gay.Reader: Merrick Schneider00:06:58

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