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BBC Future

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Terry Ryan selects articles from BBC Future, a home for the insatiably curious, dedicated to making you smarter every day.

Current BBC Future Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
BBC Future - Aug 2021Long Term Quest to Build a Galactic Civilization, by Richard Fisher. Complexities of Vaccine Hesitancy, by David RobsonReader: Terry Ryan00:32:18
BBC Future -Aug 2021Streetonomics: What Our Addresses Say About Us, by Richard Fisher. Were Dinosaurs Doomed Before the Asteroid Hit? by Fabien CondamineReader: Terry Ryan00:25:50
BBC Future - Jul 2021The hidden history behind our pets' most revolting habits. Where did these disgusting behaviors come from? By Zaria GorvettReader: Terry Ryan00:24:25
BBC Future - Jul 2021Great Resignation: How employers drove workers to quit, by Kate Morgan. Scandinavian way to zero-carbon construction, by Matthew KeeganReader: Terry Ryan00:26:06
BBC Future - Jun 20211. Generational Amnesia: The memory loss that harms the planet. 2. The mysteries of the icy cloud around our solar system.Reader: Terry Ryan00:24:52
BBC Future - Jun 2021Can We Have Democracy Without Political Parties? By Christian Jarrett. Train Your Personality to Re-Enter the World, by Katherine EllisonReader: Terry Ryan00:24:42
BBC Future - Jun 2021How Processed Foods Became So Unhealthy., by William Park. The World's Forgotten Greenhouse Gas, by Ula Chrobak.Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:31
BBC Future - Jun 2021The ancient fabric that no one knows how to make. Dhaka muslin was the most valuable fabric on the planet. By Zaria GorvettReader: Terry Ryan00:23:51
BBC Future - May 2021The Shakespeare tragedy that truly speaks to us now, by Sally Bayley. Could humans really destroy all life on earth? by Santosh MathewReader: Terry Ryan00:30:59
BBC Future - Apr, 2020COVID-19: What Makes a Good Leader During a Crisis?, by David Robson; Could the Swedish Lifestyle Help Fight Coronavirus, by Maddy SavageReader: Terry Ryan00:25:47
BBC Future - Apr 20, 2020Coronavirus: “Why Some Racial Groups Are More Vulnerable”; Anderson: “What Hermits Can Teach Us About Isolation”Reader: Terry Ryan00:32:54
BBC Future - Apr 12, 2020"Why COVID-19 is Different for Men and Women"; Does City Life Make animals Smarter?"Reader: Terry Ryan00:30:58
BBC Future - Apr 2, 2020"Can 'Boosting' Your Immune System Protect You"; "Why Grocery Shelves Won't Be Empty for Long"Reader: Terry Ryan00:32:07
BBC Future - Mar, 2020Coronavirus: How to Work from Home, The Right Way; Can Fashion Ever Be Sustainable?Reader: Terry Ryan00:30:23
BBC Future - Mar 8, 2020"How Sweden Is Fixing the Housework Gender Gap", by Maddy Savage; "Delhi's Answer to the Electric Car" by Lou Del BelloReader: Terry Ryan00:29:46
BBC Future - Feb, 2020"Can Rationing Carbon Help Fight Climate Change?"; "The Simple Math Error That Can Lead to Bankruptcy"Reader: Terry Ryan00:26:47
BBC Future - Feb, 2020"The Tricky Politics of Naming the Coronavirus"; "Could Micro-Credentials Compete with Traditional Degrees?"Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:17
BBC Future - Feb, 2020"How Britain Is Facing Up to Its Hidden Slavery History"; "Can Charcoal Make Beef Better for the Environment"Reader: Terry Ryan00:27:18
BBC Future - Feb, 2019"The Divers Rescuing a Drowning Island" by Kamala Thiagarajan; "How to Reduce 'Attention Residue' in Your Life" by Madaleine DoreReader: Terry Ryan00:29:04
BBC Future - Feb, 2020"How Did the Neanderthals Live?', by Melissa Hogenboom; "How 'Reading the Air' Keeps Japan Running" by Bryan LufkinReader: Terry Ryan00:28:48
BBC Future - Jan, 2019"What If the Universe Has No End?"; Workplace Bullying Is More Harmful Than We Realized"Reader: Terry Ryan00:27:46
BBC Future - Jan 21, 2020"The Medications That Change Who We Are" Ordinary medications alter behavior. by Zaria GorvettReader: Terry Ryan00:23:41
BBC Future - Jan, 2020"Is Stress Good or Bad? It's Actually Both"; "How Game Theory Can Help Give Your Love Life a Boost"Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:00
BBC Future - Jan, 2020"How Hacking the Human Heart Could Replace Pill Popping"; "Crows Could Be the Smartest Animals Other Than Primates"Reader: Terry Ryan00:31:05
BBC Future - Nov, 2019"Why is the World Running Out of Sand" by Vince Beiser; "Is It Better to Drink Cow's Milk or a Dairy-Free Alternative?" by Jessica BrownReader: Terry Ryan00:30:04
BBC Future - Nov 13, 2019"The Boys Learning Anti-Sexism in India"; "How Dating App Algorithms Predict Romantic Desire"Reader: Terry Ryan00:31:46
BBC Future - Nov 08, 2019The law that explains why you can't get anything done, by Tiffanie Wen. How airships could return to our crowded skies, by Mark Piesing.Reader: Terry Ryan00:27:05
BBC Future - Oct 9, 2019"The Harm from Worrying About Climate Change"; "Dunbar's Number: Why We Can Only Maintain 150 Relationships"Reader: Terry Ryan00:30:25
BBC Future - Sep 25, 2019Why do Finnish youth struggle with depression in the "World's Happiest Country?"; "The Fight to Bring a Deadly Illegal Wildlife Industry to Justice"Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:04
BBC Future - Sep 30, 2019"The Simple Words That Save Lives-Expert Talkers are needed in a crisis." ; "The Benefits of Rebounding After a Breakup"Reader: Terry Ryan00:26:44
BBC Future - Sep, 2019"Why 'Fight Shame' Is Making People Swap Planes for Trains", by Jocelyn Timperley; "The Man-Made 'Stars' Changing the Night Sky". by Sarah GriffithsReader: Terry Ryan00:28:04
BBC Future - Sep 23, 2019"What Would Happen If All the World's Trees Disappeared?" by Rachel Nuwer "The Desert Soil That Could Save Lives" by Tom GarmesonReader: Terry Ryan00:28:54
BBC Future - May, 2019"Why We Need to Reinvent Democracy for the Long-Term", by "The '3.5% Rule': How a Small Minority Can Change the World"Reader: Terry Ryan00:30:29
BBC Future - May 15, 2019"The Global Internet is Disintegrating. What Comes Next?" Russia and China seek to impose internet sovereignty. by Sally AdeeReader: Terry Ryan00:27:48
BBC Future - May, 2019"How Do You Prevent Extremism?" First learn about the "extremist mindset". by Simon Copland; "How Weeds Help Fight Climate Change" by Georgina KenyonReader: Terry Ryan00:28:04
BBC Future - Jan 25, 2019"Bodies on a Chip Can Transform Animal Welfare"; "How to Plan Your Day to Get the Best Out of Your Brain"Reader: Terry Ryan00:25:52
BBC Future - Jan 21, 2019"What We Do and Don't Know About Gut Health" by Jessica Brown; "How Do You Bring Wildlife Back to the City" by Martha HenriquesReader: Terry Ryan00:26:31
BBC Future - Jan 9, 2019High-Carb Diet May Explain Why Okinawans Live So Long, by David Robson; The Cyber-Attack That Sent an Alaskan Community Back in Time, by Chris BaraniukReader: Terry Ryan00:27:16
BBC Future - Dec 11, 2018"The 'Weird Events' That Make Machines Hallucinate", by Linda Geddes; "The Rocket Tower Being Built in Tropical Jungle", by Richard HollinghamReader: Terry Ryan00:26:48
BBC Future - 10/29/2018The Cost of Keeping Singapore Squeaky Clean, by Tim McDonald. Is a Low-Salt Diet As Unhealthy As Having Too Much? by Jessica Brown.Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:36
BBC Future - 10/18/2018The Flu That Transformed the 20th Century; Why India Wants to Turn Its Beaches into Nuclear Fuel. India has plans to be carbon-free using thorium.Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:06
BBC Future - Oct, 2018The Slum Residents Trying to Prevent a Water Crisis. Delhi faces crippling water shortages. Why Gene Editing Could Create So Many JobsReader: Terry Ryan00:28:31
BBC Future - Sep, 2018"Do We Really Live Longer Than Our Ancestors?"; "Are You an 'Insecure Over-Achiever'?"Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:24
BBC Future - Sep 14, 2018The It Behemoth That You May Never Have Heard Of. Yandex is more than a giant in online search. Is Sugar Really Bad for You? It may not be sugar's fault.Reader: Terry Ryan00:29:57
BBC Future - Sep 19, 2018Water vapor relieves drought-ridden regions. By Tim Smedley; People use drugs to perform better at work. By Zaria GorvettReader: Terry Ryan00:29:16
BBC Future - Aug 29, 2018How China's Giant Solar Farms Are Transforming World Energy; The UK plans to end coal-fired electricity.Reader: Terry Ryan00:25:44
BBC Future - Aug 24, 2018Are Forgotten Crops the Future of Food? Scientists revive sidelined crops. What Happens When We Work Non-Stop? Longer hours creates serious risks.Reader: Terry Ryan00:27:29
BBC Future - Aug, 2018How Bacteria Can Save Children's Lives. Micro-biota reduces malnutrition; The Detectives Hunting Ozone-Killing ChemicalsReader: Terry Ryan00:27:49
BBC Future - Aug, 2018What You Should-And Shouldn't -Do in A Heatwave; The Problems in Building A Space Society. Citizens of a space nation gathered in AustriaReader: Terry Ryan00:27:50
BBC Future - Aug 5, 2018Why We Should Treat Violence Like and Epidemic. Violent crime is an infectious disease. By Samira ShackleReader: Terry Ryan00:27:58
BBC Future - Jul 12, 2018"What It Takes to Stand Up to Authority"; "Why Your Wages Aren't Going Up"; "Why Alzheimers Hits Women Harder Than Men"Reader: Terry Ryan00:29:22
BBC Future - Jul 11, 2018"Cave Rescue" The Dangerous Diseases Lurking Underground"; Savage: "Unlike Most Millenials, Norway's Are RichReader: Terry Ryan00:28:27
BBC Future - Jun 13, 2018How Deliberate Oil Spills Protect the Environment. Why 'Frankenstein Defines Our Fears.' Scientists Deliberately Pollute a Lake.Reader: Terry Ryan00:27:38
BBC Future - Jun 18, 2018The Surprising Reason People Change Their Minds, by Claudia Hammond. What If We Knew When and How We'd Die, by Rachel Nuwer.Reader: Terry Ryan00:27:52
BBC Future - Jun 5, 2018Dante & The Divine Comedy: He Took Us On a Tour of Hell. Can You Lose Your Native Tongue: Yes, It Can Be Forgotten.Reader: Terry Ryan00:25:47
BBC Future - Jun 14, 2018Pain Bias: The Health Inequality Rarely Discussed"; How to Become an 'Elastic Thinker' and Problem SolverReader: Terry Ryan00:28:11
BBC Future - May, 2018"The Secrets of the 'High-Potential' Personality"-Six traits indicate future achievement; "The Food You Really Buy Is Shrinking"-Downsizing is hard to swallow.Reader: Terry Ryan00:30:36
BBC Future - May 16, 2018"Individuals with Mental Illnesses Are More Likely to Be Victims of Violence"; "The 'River People' under Threat" The Sapori population is at risk.Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:59
BBC Future - May 7, 2018Mindfulness May Have Been Over-Hyped-Does meditation change our health; Feeling Litt? The Five Hotspots Driving English Forward-New words emerge from Tweets.Reader: Terry Ryan00:29:59
BBC Future - Apr 30, 2018The Unique Way the Dutch Treat Mentally Ill Prisoners. Why Pristine Lakes Are Filled With ToxinsReader: Terry Ryan00:24:35
BBC Future - May 5, 2018"Locked Up and Vulnerable: When Prison Makes Things Worse" By Mellissa HogenboomReader: Terry Ryan00:29:59
BBC Future - May 7, 2018How Your Mindset Determines Your Health; The Tiny Ways Prejudice Seeps into the Workplace; The Man Who Hunts 'Hidden' Radioactive ObjectsReader: Terry Ryan00:28:57
BBC Future -Apr 5-9, 2018Quest to Map the Mysteries of the Ocean Floor, by Adrienne Bernhard. How Cured Meats Foil Food Poisoning, by Veronique Greenwood.Reader: Terry Ryan00:25:36
BBC Future - Mar 26, 2018The Dangerous Downsides of Perfectionism. Being a perfectionist affects our health adversely. By Amanda Ruggeri.Reader: Terry Ryan00:26:08
BBC Future - Mar 19, 2018"The Nation That Thrived by 'Nudging' Its Population", By Sarah Keating; The Designers Helping Us Embrace Robots, By William CookReader: Terry Ryan00:26:38
BBC Future - Mar 12, 2018What Iceland Can Teach The World About Gender Pay Gaps, By Angela Henshall; An Effortless Way to Improve Your Memory, By David RobsonReader: Terry Ryan00:24:58
BBC Future - Mar 3, 2018"The Ambitious Quest to Cure Aging Like a Disease, By Britt Wray; The Best Place on Earth to Mak the Anthropocene's Dawn, By Colin BarrasReader: Terry Ryan00:27:46
BBC Future - Feb 13, 2018"The Rubaiyat: History's Most Luxurious Book Of Poetry"; "The Entourages Of The Travel Elite"; "Five Myths About Loneliness"Reader: Terry Ryan00:29:43
BBC Future - Jan 26, 2018"The Enduring Appeal of Conspiracy Theories"-Why do people believe things that are untrue. "Meet the Motorbike-Racing Robot"Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:37
BBC Future - Feb 12, 2018Why Governments Are Broken - And How To Fix Them; The Vital Time You Shouldn't Be On Social Media- it impacts sleepReader: Terry Ryan00:25:02
BBC Future - Feb 5, 2018How Can You Measure What Makes A Country Great, Amanda Ruggeri; The Mosquitoes That Are Fighting Dengue and Zika, By Vaishnavi ChandrashekharReader: Terry Ryan00:29:58
BBC Future - Jan 22, 2017"The Labs That Protect Against Online Warfare" ; "When Personality Changes From Bad to Good"Reader: Terry Ryan00:26:56
BBC Future - Jan 23, 2018"The Astronaut Fighting to Save Our Home In Space"; "Is Social Media Bad For You? The Evidence and the Unknowns"Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:18
BBC Future - Nov 28, 2017Why You Sometimes Have to Quit Win-There is a downside to persistence; The Buildings Designed to House the Dead-high-rise cemetery takes less space.Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:21
BBC Future - Dec 18, 2017Why Russia is Sending Robotic Submarines to the Artic. By David Hambling; The Devious Art of Lying by Telling the Truth, By Melissa HogenboomReader: Terry Ryan00:27:35
BBC Future - Dec 12, 2017The Ambitious Plan To Stop The Ground From Sinking, By Amanda Ruggeri; Will We Ever Have Genetically Modified Astronauts? By Richard HollinghamReader: Terry Ryan00:25:41
BBC Future - Dec 4, 2017"Why Are Children's Authors Eccentric?"; "Millenials Are Narcissistic? The Evidence Is Not So Simple."Reader: Terry Ryan00:26:00
BBC Future - Nov 6, 2017Disease That Could Change How We Drink Coffee, by J. L. Penar-Redonda. Can Autonomous Sailboats Cross the Atlantic? By Nathan Hurst.Reader: Terry Ryan00:30:36
BBC Future - Nov 27, 2017Useless Design Features in Modern Products, By Zaria Gorvett; The Origins of Silicon Valley's Office Playgrounds, By Richard DonkinReader: Terry Ryan00:24:56
BBC Future - Oct 26, 2017The Hidden Crisis Shaping Life on Earth-An Eco-Friendly Way to Make Smartphones; What If the VW Beetle Never Existed?Reader: Terry Ryan00:30:27
BBC Future - Oct 19, 2017The Great Thaw of America's North is Coming; Could Estonia Be the First 'Digital' Country?Reader: Terry Ryan00:27:42
BBC Future - Oct 12, 2017The City Where the Internet Warms People's Homes, By ; A New Way to Look at Emotions-And How to Master YoursReader: Terry Ryan00:28:15
BBC Future - Oct 3-10, 2017What Everyone Gets Wrong about 'Millennial Snowflakes'. The Female Code-Breakers Who Were Left out of History Books.Reader: Terry Ryan00:32:06
BBC Future - Oct 5, 2017The Bold, Tech Fueled Plan to Save Africa's Big Beasts; The 'Disaster Psychologists' Who Helped After Mexico's QuakeReader: Terry Ryan00:34:55
BBC Future - Sep 28, 2017The Deadly Germ Warfare Island Abandoned by the Soviets. Vozrozhdeniya was a test site for super-pathogens. By Zaria GorvettReader: Terry Ryan00:26:48
BBC Future - Sept, 2017How Flying Seriously Messes with Your Mind. By Richard Gray; The Extraordinary Life of the 1920s Lady Gaga-Louisa Casati, By Fiona MacDonaldReader: Terry Ryan00:27:58
BBC Future - Sep 30, 2017Treating Cancer, Stopping Violence...How AI Protects Us; The Room That's Home to 10,000 SpidersReader: Terry Ryan00:25:35
BBC Future - Sep 7, 2017We Could Lessen The Toll of Hurricanes-But We Don't: The Mystery Of The Lost Roman Herb-Silphium was worth its weight in gold.Reader: Terry Ryan00:31:00
BBC Future - Aug 23, 2017Why It's Not Surprising That Ship Collisions Still Happen; How A Corporate Mission Can Drive Young Workers Away; The Channel Tunnel Never BuiltReader: Terry Ryan00:28:47
BBC Future - Aug 28, 2017The Incredible Science of Surfing and Waves. By Jeremy Coles; Why Video Games are Obsessed with the Apocalypse. By Steven PooleReader: Terry Ryan00:24:58
BBC Future - Aug, 2017The Secret Lab Hidden Inside A Famous Monument, By Sopha Zaria Gorvett; The Accidental Invention Of The Illuminati Conspiracy, By Sophia Smith-GalerReader: Terry Ryan00:26:01
BBC Future - Aug 14, 2017The Best Way to Fix Broken Bones Might Be With Glass, By Peter Ray Allison; Tracking Terrorists Online Might Invade Your Privacy. By David CoxReader: Terry Ryan00:25:16
BBC Future - Jul 12, 2017What Not To Do In A Disaster, By Christian Jarrett; The Hidden Ways Your Language Betrays Your Character, By Zaria GorvettReader: Terry Ryan00:28:12
BBC Future - Jul 17, 2017"The Day A Mysterious Cyber-Attack Crippled Ukraine"; "The Search For The Solar System's Most Likely Place For Life"Reader: Terry Ryan00:31:12
BBC Future - Jul 17, 2017The Massive Volcano That Scientist Can't Find. It was the biggest eruption for 700 years. Can a New Airship Unlock The Amazon?Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:21
BBC Future - Jun, 2017How Can We Manage Earth's Land? By Richard Gray; The Rover That Will Store Rock Samples On Mars, By Richard HollinghamReader: Terry Ryan00:27:39
BBC Future - Jun, 2017Why Hydro-Politics Will Shape the 21st Century. How to Stop Antibiotic Resistance. Water: the "Next Oil". The End of Modern Medicine?Reader: Terry Ryan00:33:31
BBC Future - Jun 1, 2017Riley: The Secret To A Long And Healthy Life? Eat Less... By Alex Riley.Reader: Terry Ryan00:23:07
BBC Future - May/Jun 2017The Way Writing Heals the Body by Claudia Hammond. Will Automation Affect You - Experts' View by Richard Gray.Reader: Terry Ryan00:27:56
BBC Future - May 29, 2017The Beautiful Languages of the People Who Talk Like Birds. By David Robson; The Everyday Habits That Reveal Our Personalities, By Christian JarrettReader: Terry Ryan00:27:08
BBC Future - May 19, 2017Why Automation Could Be a Threat to India's Growth, By Eloise Gibson; Smart machines will change how businesses outsource, By Edd GentReader: Terry Ryan00:26:35
BBC Future - May 12, 2017Terrifying 20-Meter Tall 'Rogue Waves' Are Actually Real, By Nic Fleming; The Quest to Hlp Astronauts Sleep Better, By Richard HollinghamReader: Terry Ryan00:26:47
BBC Future - May 5, 2017The Officers Who Protect Britain's Nuclear Plants; The World's Biggest Plane May Have a New Mission; How Farmers Put Apples Into Suspended AnimationReader: Terry Ryan00:31:20
BBC Future - Apr 27, 2017The Curse of the People Who Never Feel Pain-A pain disorder unlocks ways to deal with pain. Hong Kong Has a Monumental Waste Problem.Reader: Terry Ryan00:26:29
BBC Future - Mar/Apr, 2017Is the World Running Out of Fresh Water? By Tim Smedley; Different Nationalities Really Have Different Personalities, By Christian JarrettReader: Terry Ryan00:29:53
BBC Future - Mar-Apr, 2017The Hidden Upsides of Revenge, By Karen Gardiner; The Small Scottish Isle Leading the World in Electricity; By Melissa HogenboomReader: Terry Ryan00:27:25
BBC Future - Mar 30, 2017The Uncertain Future of Democracy, By Douglas Heaven; Quick: Five Numbers That Will Define The Next 100 Years, By Miriam QuickReader: Terry Ryan00:28:06
BBC Future - Mar 20, 2017Normalization Shapes Our World, by Jessica Brown. The Strange Case of the Phantom Pokemon, by Matthew Tomkins.Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:15
BBC Future - Mar 21, 2017The Biggest Energy Challenges Facing Humanity; The Last Things That Will Make Us Uniquely Human: AI will outstrup many of our special abilitiesReader: Terry Ryan00:29:02
BBC Future - Mar 13, 2017Why China's Internet Use Has Overtaken The West; Why Even The Best Feedback Can Bring Out The Worst in USReader: Terry Ryan00:22:57
BBC Future - Mar 7, 2017Lies, Propaganda and Fake News: A Challenge For Age; The Plane So Good It's Still in Production After 60 YearsReader: Terry Ryan00:37:37
BBC Future - Feb 22, 2017The Uneasy Truth About Human-Animal Hybrids; China's Zombie Factories and Unborn Cities; The Country Tourism Has Taken by Surprise,Reader: Terry Ryan00:29:41
BBC Future - Feb 22, 2017The Ambitious Plan to Fill an Old Mine With Nuclear Waste; The Inland Sea Port That Wants to Widen A River; How Popcorn Became A Loved SnackReader: Terry Ryan00:29:56
BBC Future - Feb, 2017What if the Internet Stopped Working For A Day; The Hidden Body Signals That Could Change Your Behavior; Why Do We feel hot and cold as pain.Reader: Terry Ryan00:31:27
BBC Future - Feb 2, 2017The Secret to Living a Meaningful Life; What Peter Pan Teaches Us About Memory and Consciousness; How Fast Food Reveals Secrets of the EconomyReader: Terry Ryan00:27:52
BBC Future - Jan 31, 2017AI That Learns Our Habits. Detecting crime means spotting hidden patterns. My Unhappy 48 Hours As An Astronaut.Reader: Terry Ryan00:31:08
BBC Future - Jan 19, 2017What if the State Provided Everyone With a Basic Income, By David Robson; How East and West Think in Profoundly Different Ways, By Simon CoplandReader: Terry Ryan00:31:01
BBC Future - Jan 12, 2016The Next Best Thing to Teleportation; How the World's Biggest Cities Are Fighting Smog; The Surprising Foods You Should Eat to Banish Garlic Breath.Reader: Terry Ryan00:31:42
BBC Future - Jan 6, 2017Strange Radio Signals Are Coming From a Galaxy Far, Far Away; A Vast New Tomb For the Most Dangerous Waste in the WorldReader: Terry Ryan00:22:44
BBC Future - Nov/Dec, 2016Welcome to BBC Future Now; The Most Extreme Geothermal Plant in the World; Bees and Superhuman IntelligenceReader: Terry Ryan00:34:59
The Guardian - Dec 30, 2016Israel Summons Ambassadors for Dressing Down Over UN Resolution; Fed's Rate Hike Signals a Deja Vu for 2017; AI, Self-Driving Cars and CyberwarReader: Terry Ryan00:30:32
The Guardian - Dec 18, 2016Aleppo: Elegy for a Doomed City Whose History Spans Centuries. The author reflects on an ancient city's destruction. By Hassan HassanReader: Terry Ryan00:23:43
The Guardian - Dec 19, 2016Jordan Gunmen Take Refuge in Castle After Killing Seven People; Kristallnacht Photo Mystery; Attackers Strike Popular siteReader: Terry Ryan00:29:13
The Guardian - Dec 11 , 2016Rex Tillerson: An Appointment That Would Confirm Putin's Election; Egypt: Bomb Blast at Cairo Cathedral; ISIS Regains Control of PalymyraReader: Terry Ryan00:27:17
The Guardian - Oct 15, 2016Aleppo, Ukraine, Cyber Attacks, Baltic Threats-What to do about Putin? Mosul Civilians Brace for Assautlt As Iraq Forces Bid to Retake city from ISIS.Reader: Terry Ryan00:30:56
The Guardian - Oct, 2016US Officially Accuses Russia of Hacking DNC and Interfering With Election; Machine Logic: Our Lives Are Ruled by Big Tech's 'Decisions by Data'Reader: Terry Ryan00:31:21
The Guardian - Sep 30, 2016More Than 80% of UN Aid Convoys in Syria Blocked or Delayed; UK Heading For Hard Brexit, Say European DiplomatsReader: Terry Ryan00:20:07
The Guardian - Sep 27, 2016Syria Bombings Leave 1.75 Million Without Running Water in Aleppo. From the Attic to the Smithsonian- Black History Museum is Full of 'Found' ItemsReader: Terry Ryan00:19:44
The Guardian - Sep 20, 2016One in Three Saudi Air Raids on Yemen Hit Civillian Sites; Brexit Talks 'Likely Early 2017; Berlin Elections Threaten a blow to Merkel's party.Reader: Terry Ryan00:25:16
The Guardian - Sep 11, 20169-11 Health Crisis-Death Toll From Illness Number Killed on Day of Attacks; US-Russia Agreement Full of Snags But Best Hope for Peace in SyriaReader: Terry Ryan00:19:40
The Guardian - Sep 3, 2016Paris Climate Deal: Where US and China Have Led, Others Must Quickly Follow; Obamacare Insurers Flee Health ExchangesReader: Terry Ryan00:10:26
The Guardian - Aug 29, 2016The Anthropocene Epoch: Dawn of Human-Influenced Age; Argentina's Brutal History Resurfaces as Denialists Creep Up AgainReader: Terry Ryan00:23:14
The Guardian - Aug 21, 2016Erdogan Blames ISIS for Suspected Suicide Attak at Wedding; How Burkini Ban is Dividing the Cote d'AzurReader: Terry Ryan00:23:18
The Guardian - Aug 13, 2016A Year After the Crisis Was Declared Over, Greece Is Still Spiraling Down. Canada's Counter-Terror Efforts Face Scrutiny. Athens bailout.Reader: Terry Ryan00:20:20
The Guardian - Aug 6, 2016Will Italy Be Europe's Next Casualty As Renzi Risks All on Referendum; Drones Playbook' Shows Key Role Played by White House Staff in StrikesReader: Terry Ryan00:24:20
The Guardian - Jul 31, 2016Police in French Priest Murder Case Investigate Messaging App Link; The Forces Beseiging Alleppo Counting on Our Indifference; Hope for End of AidsReader: Terry Ryan00:22:23
The Guardian - Jul 23, 2016Does Bombing in Kabul Signal Change of Tatics for Islamic State? Munich Gunman 'Planned Attack for More Than a Year'; Turks Fear for Detained SoldiersReader: Terry Ryan00:19:44
The Guardian - Jul 17, 2016Turkey Detains 6,000 Over Coup Attempt As Erdogan Vows ro 'Clean State of Virus'; Nice Attacker's Movements Studied; Rebels fear Assad victoryReader: Terry Ryan00:21:01
The Guardian - July 10, 2016Hundreds Arrested Amid New Protests as Details of Dallas Gunman's Plans Emerge; Brexit Vote Paves Way; Japan Condemns North KoreaReader: Terry Ryan00:21:17
The Guardian - Jun 27, 2016Supreme Court Strikes Down Strict Texas Abortion Law; Panama Canal Reopens with Hopes for Trade Boost; Israel and Turkey End Six-Year StandoffReader: Terry Ryan00:26:35
The Guardian - Jun 20, 2016The Guardian View on the EU Referendum: "Keep Connected and Inclusive, Not Angry and Isolated." "Can the US Break Its Cycle of Gun Control Failure?"Reader: Terry Ryan00:22:14
The Guardian - Jun 13, 2016Hillary Calls for Renewed Assault Weapons Ban. US Gun Maker Shares Soar After Pulse Nightclub Massacre. Big Coal Funds Anti-Climate Change.Reader: Terry Ryan00:19:22
The Guardian - Jun 6, 2016Stanford Sexual Assault Judge Recall. NATO Countries Begin Largest War Game Since Cold War. Fixing Flint's Water Could Cost $216 Million.Reader: Terry Ryan00:24:45
The Guardian - Jun 1, 2016Iraqi Troops Seize Control of Falluja from ISIS; For Sale: Greek Islands, Hotels and Historic Sites; Hisene Habre TrialReader: Terry Ryan00:22:19
The Guardian - May 23, 2016US Lifts Embargo on Arm Sales to Vietnam; Taliban in Disarray as the Search for a New Leader Gets Under Way; National Security WhistleblowingReader: Terry Ryan00:20:41
The Guardian - May 18, 2016'Metadata' pose a threat to privacy. Justices order lower court to find a compromise. Planning and defensive measures needed to thwart disasters.Reader: Terry Ryan00:23:10
The Guardian - May 8, 2016Canada Wildfire: 85% of Fort McMurray Has Been Saved. The Coming Refugee Crisis: When Home Leaves Us. Can Innovation Help The Humanitarian System.Reader: Terry Ryan00:23:42
The Guardian - Apr 25, 2016Many Killed in Aleppo as Fierce Fighting Shatters Truce; Obama's Hanover Talks Unlikely to Yield New Line on Vexed Issues; Rich Betrayed CitizensReader: Terry Ryan00:24:07
The Guardian - Apr 18, 2016Ecuador Earthquake: At Least 400 killed with many still trapped. By Jessica Elgot and Jonathan Watt; Chinese Military Plane Lands on Disputed IslandReader: Terry Ryan00:22:51
The Guardian - Apr 10, 2016Brussels Terror Cell Planned to Attack Euro 2016 Tournament; Trump Convention Manager Accuses Cruz Campaign of 'Gestapo Tatics'; US Elections 2016Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:40
Vox Media - Apr, 2016The Ages of Distraction, By Frank Furedi; Sport is Not Just About Athleticism-Beauty Matters Too, By Emily RyallReader: Terry Ryan00:26:30
Vox Media - Mar 29, 2016Islam's Forgotten Bohemians-Sufism, a mystical tradition within Islam, can be said to express the religion's true spirit. By Nile GreenReader: Terry Ryan00:25:16
Aeon - Mar 21, 2016Unconscious racism is pervasive, and it creates a deadly empathy gap. By Princess OjiakuReader: Terry Ryan00:23:49
Aeon - Mar 15, 2016Recipe for Success! Whom should we admire more: the Michelin-starred chef, or the unsung but brilliant cook? By Julian BagginiReader: Terry Ryan00:18:44
Aeon - Mar 7, 2016The Rise of the "Creepy-Net"-Why has people's prospesity to be frightened grown with the popularity of the internet? By Rhian SasseenReader: Terry Ryan00:22:44
Aeon - Mar 1, 2016Half of the Earth's surface and seas must be dedicated to the conservation of nature, or humanity will have no future. By Edward O. WilsonReader: Terry Ryan00:25:52
Aeon - Feb 11, 2016It's progressive to sympathize with young undocumented migrant, but it also locks them in to a victimhood narrative. By Sarah MenkedickReader: Terry Ryan00:27:05
Aeon - Feb 15, 2016The top of the globe always meant fantasy myth, adventure. What explains the icy northern grip on our imagination? By E.R. Truitt, Edited by Ed LakeReader: Terry Ryan00:32:22
Aeon - Nov 2, 2015From bison-hunting tribes on the Great Plains to RV retirees in Arizona, wanderlust runs through all America's nomads. By Richard GrantReader: Terry Ryan00:29:35
Aeon - Oct 27, 2015Paradigms Lost-Science is not a 'body of knowledge' - it's a dynamic, ongoing reconfiguration of knowledge and must be free to change.Reader: Terry Ryan00:28:12
Aeon Media - Oct 16, 2015One the powerful would never hold anything useful for themselves; now electronic devices have become universal luxuries. By Joyce E. ChaplinReader: Terry Ryan00:30:15
Aeon - Oct 9, 2015Cracking the Skull Open. Why can't we treat mental illness by simply fixing the brain? By Joe Herbert.Reader: Terry Ryan00:24:54
Aeon - Oct 6, 2015Murder She Wrought-Why is it hard to imagine a woman who murders for pleasure not revenge? By Melanie McGrath, edited by Marina BenjaminReader: Terry Ryan00:29:08
Vox Media - Sep 21, 2015There is a rising tide of Islamophobia in America and Republicans are being rewarded for bigotry. Politics works only at the top. What to do?Reader: Terry Ryan00:26:31
Vox Media - Sep 14, 2015Syria's Civil War: A Brief History-Four million refugees are a direct result of their country's civil war. By Zack BeauchampReader: Terry Ryan00:28:39
Vox Media - Sep 5, 2015Europe's Refugee Crisis Explained. The "Refuge Crisis" can be hard to grasp, until you see the photographs. By Amanda Taub.Reader: Terry Ryan00:26:27
Vox Media - Sep 2, 2015The Painful American-Jewish Debate Over the Iran Deal, by Zack Beauchamp. Why a Kentucky Clerk Must Allow Gays to Marry, by German Lopez.Reader: Terry Ryan00:25:58
Vox Media - Aug 25, 2015We Shouldn't Need a Mass Shooting to Talk About Gun Violence. Stock Market Crash Explained. What Everyone Gets Wrong About Anchor Babies.Reader: Terry Ryan00:26:56
Vox Media - Aug, 2015ISIS' Obsession With the Apocalypse, by Zack Beauchamp. Carly Fiorina on Climate Change: Everything She Said Was Wrong, by David RobertsReader: Terry Ryan00:26:03

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