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Vision Talk

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Dr. Bill Takeshita interviews guests expert in such topics as medicine, assistive technology, psychiatric counseling and practical advice for the vision-impaired community.

Current Vision Talk Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
My Life With Low Vision - 06/11/2011Christopher "Cosmo" Moore and his wife Heidi talk about Cosmo's life as a person with low vision. Cosmo provides tips that helped him cope and they talk about how they met and their life as a married couple.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Guests: Cosmo & Heidi Moore00:45:08
What's New in Smart Cell Phones - 05/09/2011Dr. Bill interviews Julian Vargas about the latest in smart cell phones. They cover advantages of various phones, including the Nokia N86, Android-based phones and the iPhone 4 (including its apps.)Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Guest: Julian Vargas00:27:32
Consider Using Facebook - 05/06/2011Dr. Bill interviews Julian Vargas about using Facebook via a screen reader or screen magnifier, how to create an account, communicate with friends and family, and how to become a fan!Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Guest: Julian Vargas00:28:00
All-Purpose Scanner, Magnifier, Reader - 08/30/2010Are you looking for the fastest scanner, video magnifier, PDF reader, currency reader, and document editor all in one package? The Freedom Scientific Open Book 9 and Pearl System is here!Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Guests: Brad Davis & Dusty Voorhees00:40:36
ABiSee's Advanced Low Vision Products 06/01/2010Dr. Bill interviews David Dowd, vice-president of sales and marketing for ABiSee. They discuss ABiSee's line of optical character recognition devices that scan a page within 3 seconds, magnify it, and read the text aloud.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Guest: David Dowd00:28:09
Cataract Surgery 05/25/2010In this studio interview, Dr. Michael Colvard of the Colvard Eye Center and author of "Achieving Excellence in Cataract Surgery" discusses this surgery with Dr. Bill Takeshita.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Guest: Dr. Michael Colvard00:38:25
Vision, Diabetes & Nutrition 05/01/2010Dr. Bill interviews certified nutritionist and wellness coach, Natalie Nankin, about ways to control diabetes and vision loss with proper nutrition. She discusses "good" and "bad" carbs, which proteins are best for people with diabetes and helpful wellness suggestions.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Guest: Natalie Nankin, R.N.00:44:46
Book Sense Player 04/24/2010The G.W. Micro Book Sense portable book, music & media player is one of the most talked-about devices today. Dr. Bill interviews Julian Vargas, who demonstrates the Book Sense.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Guest: Julian Vargas00:21:47
Adaptive Cell Phones 04/24/2010Dr. Bill interviews adaptive technology expert Julian Vargas, and they discuss the most effective cell phones for people with vision impairment. Learn of the best emergency phones, affordable phones, smart phones & GPS.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Guest: Julian Vargas00:41:55
Video Magnifiers 03/03/2010Dr. Bill interviews Marc Stenzel, Vice President of Development and Sales for Enhanced Vision Inc. about video magnifiers.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Guest: Marc Stenzel00:43:52

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