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Vanity Fair

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Let Carol Green lead you through Hollywood, politics, royals, Wall Street, international news, fashion, society, scandal, and real estate - filtered through the exclusive prism of Vanity Fair.

Current Vanity Fair Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Philosopher Queen - Feb, 2020The philosopher queen Rue Paul brought drag out of the night clubs & into our living rooms. He talks to Richard Lawson.Reader: Carol Green00:34:12
Passion Play - Holiday, 2020Co-stars and Co-Parents Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale are putting a verite twist on a new version of "Medea." By Keziah Weir.Reader: Carol Green00:15:45
What "Weiner" Reveals About Huma Abedin - Jan, 2016An ambitious political calculus, and marital gambit, is on display in the new documentary. By William D. CohanReader: Nancy McLemore00:06:34
Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Bail - Jan, 2016Shkreli's money was put where his mouth is, according to a new court filing. By Emily Jane FoxReader: Nancy McLemore00:04:29
Elizabeth Homes Embraces Her Controversey - Dec, 2015The Theranos founder is fighting back in a millenial way. By Jon KellyReader: Nancy McLemore00:08:11
The Corner-Office Delusion - Dec, 2015Did Carly Fiorina wreck HP or succeed in keeping the company afloat? Does it matter? The last business figure to run successfully, Herbert Hoover.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:09:57
Find My Pope App - Nov, 2015A new app lets you track the Pontiff in Kenya. Finally, the technological breakthrough we've all been waiting for. By Emily Jane FoxReader: Nancy McLemore00:03:55
Is The Air Finally Coming Out Of The Tech Bubble - Nov, 2015Recent news out of Silicon Valley may signal the beginning of the end of tech investment's headiest days. By Jon KellyReader: Nancy McLemore00:08:19
CNBC Moderators Strike Back at GOP-Debate Critcism - Oct, 2015After a spirited Republican Wednesday night on CNBC, the network attempts self defense. By Emily Jane FoxReader: Nancy McLemore00:05:24
Melinda Gates - Oct, 2015Out to Lunch With Melinda Gates. Why philanthropy's global powerhouse is both impatient and optimistic. By John Heilpern.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:07:30
Are the pressures of keeping Michelin stars worth it? - Oct, 2015Why Some of the World's Most Famous Chefs Don't Want A Michelin Star, By Sam KashnerReader: Nancy McLemore00:26:03
Debates - Sep, 2015How Carly Fiorina Won a Debate and Put Herself in an Unwinnable Spot. The inherent problem of 1% political outsiders. By Jon KellyReader: Nancy McLemore00:06:58
Books - Sep, 2015Seven September Books We've Been Waiting all Year For. A brief description of new books Nicole Jones has been anticipating all year.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:08:06
Amazon: Good Workplace? - Aug, 2015Former and current Amazon workers responding to a survey seem confused about what makes a good workplace. By Emily Jane Fox.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:05:52
Tragedy Money - Aug, 2015After the massacre by terrorists at "Charlie Hebdo", the French paper debates how to spend it's new found wealth. By Roger Cohen.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:29:41
Transformed by Rebel Rule - July, 2015Returning to his college town of Aleppo, Marwan Hisaham describes a bleak picture of everyday life in war-torn Syria.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:11:26

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