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Vanity Fair

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Let Nancy McLemore lead you through Hollywood, politics, royals, Wall Street, international news, fashion, society, scandal, and real estate - filtered through the exclusive prism of Vanity Fair.

Current Vanity Fair Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
What "Weiner" Reveals About Huma Abedin - Jan, 2016An ambitious political calculus, and marital gambit, is on display in the new documentary. By William D. CohanReader: Nancy McLemore00:06:34
Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Bail - Jan, 2016Shkreli's money was put where his mouth is, according to a new court filing. By Emily Jane FoxReader: Nancy McLemore00:04:29
Elizabeth Homes Embraces Her Controversey - Dec, 2015The Theranos founder is fighting back in a millenial way. By Jon KellyReader: Nancy McLemore00:08:11
The Corner-Office Delusion - Dec, 2015Did Carly Fiorina wreck HP or succeed in keeping the company afloat? Does it matter? The last business figure to run successfully, Herbert Hoover.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:09:57
Find My Pope App - Nov, 2015A new app lets you track the Pontiff in Kenya. Finally, the technological breakthrough we've all been waiting for. By Emily Jane FoxReader: Nancy McLemore00:03:55
Is The Air Finally Coming Out Of The Tech Bubble - Nov, 2015Recent news out of Silicon Valley may signal the beginning of the end of tech investment's headiest days. By Jon KellyReader: Nancy McLemore00:08:19
CNBC Moderators Strike Back at GOP-Debate Critcism - Oct, 2015After a spirited Republican Wednesday night on CNBC, the network attempts self defense. By Emily Jane FoxReader: Nancy McLemore00:05:24
Melinda Gates - Oct, 2015Out to Lunch With Melinda Gates. Why philanthropy's global powerhouse is both impatient and optimistic. By John Heilpern.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:07:30
Are the pressures of keeping Michelin stars worth it? - Oct, 2015Why Some of the World's Most Famous Chefs Don't Want A Michelin Star, By Sam KashnerReader: Nancy McLemore00:26:03
Debates - Sep, 2015How Carly Fiorina Won a Debate and Put Herself in an Unwinnable Spot. The inherent problem of 1% political outsiders. By Jon KellyReader: Nancy McLemore00:06:58
Books - Sep, 2015Seven September Books We've Been Waiting all Year For. A brief description of new books Nicole Jones has been anticipating all year.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:08:06
Amazon: Good Workplace? - Aug, 2015Former and current Amazon workers responding to a survey seem confused about what makes a good workplace. By Emily Jane Fox.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:05:52
Tragedy Money - Aug, 2015After the massacre by terrorists at "Charlie Hebdo", the French paper debates how to spend it's new found wealth. By Roger Cohen.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:29:41
Transformed by Rebel Rule - July, 2015Returning to his college town of Aleppo, Marwan Hisaham describes a bleak picture of everyday life in war-torn Syria.Reader: Nancy McLemore00:11:26
The Top 10 Films of 2013 - Dec, 2013With the exception of some indies, most of the year was a disappointment. Then came fall, stocked with an abundance of good movies. Here are my top ten. by Richard LawsonReader: Lynnanne Zager00:10:13
Nicole Kidman's State of Grace - Nov, 2013Nicole will star in Grace of Monaco, and explores her isolating fame, the role that got her through her split with Tom Cruise, and life with Keith Urban and their kids. by Sam KashnerReader: Lynnanne Zager00:29:20
The Man Who Came to Dinner - Oct, 2013Julian Assange hasn't set foot outside Ecuador's London Embassy in over a year. However he has been busy, here is the update on what he has been up too. by Sarah EllisonReader: Lynnanne Zager00:42:14
Disney Princess Posts - Sep, 2013Why are adults on the Internet so obsessed with Disney Princesses? These posts are likely to go bizarrely viral. By Amy OdellReader: Lynnanne Zager00:09:37
First Lady of Scandal - Aug, 2013Kerry Washington says she's NOT Olivia Pope, the powerful fixer and presidential mistress she plays on ABC's 'Scandal" By David KampReader: Lynnanne Zager00:31:38
Washington Noir - Aug, 2013TV shows situated in Washington, D.C. have made the nation's capital 'The indisputable capital of noir.' By James Wolcott.Reader: Lynnanne Zager00:12:13
3 Men and a Goddess - Jul, 2013Once film's hottest fem, by 1988 Ava Gardner was broke but couldn't publish her memoirs. Now, after death, secrets of her 3 marriagesReader: Lynnanne Zager00:29:29
Twitter's Jack Dorsey - Jul, 2013What You Should Know About Jack Dorsey - Twitter's Visionary Inventor. A panoply of eccentric biographical data. By David KampReader: Lynnanne Zager00:07:03

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