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AIRSLA provides readings of selected articles from US News, a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings. Listen to Ernie Goyette read selections that will let you track elected officials, research health conditions, and find news you can use in politics, business, health, and education.

Current US News Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Various articles - Nov 8, 20174 Ways to 'Meditate' Without Actually Meditating; The Diabetes Epidemic: What You Need to Know; How to Make Your Kid a MillionaireReader: Ernie Goyette00:16:18
Various articles - Mar-May, 201710 Healthy Habits of the 'Naturally' Thin, By Anna Medaris Miller; When Does It Pay to Rent rather than buy? By Teresa Miller; Battling DepressionReader: Ernie Goyette00:19:31
401K Loans, Healthy Teeth Habits, Hotel Upgrades - Mar, 2017Disadvantages and risks outweigh benefits to tapping retirement account; 10 Health Teeth Habits From Dental Hygenists; Hotel UpgradesReader: Ernie Goyette00:19:33
Various articles - Feb, 2017Financial advisors reveal wihat those baffling terms really mean. Do You Have Access to Your Doctors' Notes About You? Tax Troubles for EmployeesReader: Ernie Goyette00:19:35
Various articles - Dec, 2016How Obesity Can Affect Your Heart-and what you can do about it; Is There Such a Thing as Smoking Weed in Modernation? Retirement communities.Reader: Ernie Goyette00:22:04
Various articles - Dec, 201610 Ways to Stay Young-at-Heart After You Retire; Am I just Sad-or Actually Depressed? 7 Ways to Save: Tips to Make Holiday Shopping (Almost) FreeReader: Ernie Goyette00:17:30
Various articles - Oct 9-Nov 9, 2016Talking to Strangers Is Good for You: 4 Ways to Spark Conversations; Is It Ever Ok to Rob Your Retirement Account; 8 Healthy Ways to Gain WeightReader: Ernie Goyette00:21:08
Various articles - Sep-Oct, 20165 Big-League Mistakes of the Newly Retired, When is a Muscle Twitch Cause for Concern?, Are Biases Hurting Your Health?Reader: Ernie Goyette00:23:11
Various articles - Sep, 2016Should You Quit Smoking or Lose Weight First? 5 Money Lessons Teens Should Learn Before They Go to College. Alzheimer's Irritability.Reader: Ernie Goyette00:18:19
Various articles - Jul / Aug, 2016How to negotiate splitting maintenance costs with neighbors. The simple way for effective weight loss. Tips to live rich while saving for retirement.Reader: Ernie Goyette00:18:09
Various articles - Jun/Jul, 20168 Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer Without Drinking Water; Should You Undergo a Mental Health Evaluation for Obesity? Debt CollectionReader: Ernie Goyette00:18:49
Various articles - Jun-Jul, 2016Intrusive Thoughts: Normal or Not?; An Investor's Guide to Choosing Stocks and Funds; What's The Best Time to Exercise?Reader: Ernie Goyette00:20:48
Various articles - Jun, 2016Is it bad that my knees crack when I exercise? What homebuyers should know about solar panels. 8 Foods to Boost Summer Weight Loss.Reader: Ernie Goyette00:16:18
Various articles - May/Jun, 2016Prince is the latest casualty of an epidemic of opioid overdoses gripping the U.S. Will Your Heirs Have to Pay Up When You Die With Debt? Student LoansReader: Ernie Goyette00:18:15
Various articles - May, 2016The Pros and (Mostly) Cons of Balance Transfer Credit Cards; Is Your Surgery Double-Booked? What you should get clear about your surgeon's schedule.Reader: Ernie Goyette00:14:26
Various articles - Apr 24 - May 10, 2016How to Move to Your New Home for Under $500. Yoga: a Guy's Guy Activity?. How to Fly (Almost) for Free on Southwest AirlinesReader: Ernie Goyette00:22:58
Various articles - Apr, 2016The Pros and Cons of Paying Off Debts Early; What Patients Should Know About Off-Label Drug Use; 7 Genius Ways to Keep Hunger in CheckReader: Ernie Goyette00:22:53
Various articles - Mar/Apr, 20167 Tips for Removing Junk From Your Home; How to Right size Your Retirement with a smaller house; Ultra-Processed Foods and Weight LossReader: Ernie Goyette00:17:50
Various articles - Mar, 2016Is Your Kid Entitled? Why No One Can Afford Long-Term Care Insurance (and What to Use Instead); Do You Need to Know Your Body Mass Index?Reader: Ernie Goyette00:19:37
Various articles - Feb-Mar, 20163 Times a Student Loan Could Be Discharged, 15 Foods That Cut Your Cancer Risk, Beijing: The New Billionaire Capital of the WorldReader: Ernie Goyette00:22:41
Various articles - Jan / Feb, 2016'Post-hospital syndrome' is real, but can be combated, The White House reportedly has ordered agencies to come up with encryption bypass, Classic carsReader: Ernie Goyette00:18:40
Various articles - Jan, 2016Should You Try Whole Body Cryotherapy? By Anna Medaris Miller, How to Fed-Proof Your Portfolio, By Debbie CarlsonReader: Ernie Goyette00:15:51
Various articles - Dec, 2015It's not tough love. It's just the opposite. A retirement survey of 80-somethings sheds light on smarter choices younger people can make, too.Reader: Ernie Goyette00:16:01
Emotional But Don't Know Why? 14 Reasons to Work Out - Nov 24-Dec 8, 2015Why certain holidays or even seasons can reveal emotional baggage. Research shows that to stick with exercise more than just weight loss.Reader: Ernie Goyette00:17:46
Science of Awkwardness, The Recovery and Traffic Deaths - Nov, 2015However uncomfortable, the feeling has a purpose. By Anna M Miller, More fatalities noted perhaps because of more workers on road, By Andrew SoergelReader: Ernie Goyette00:16:06
3 articles - Oct/Nov, 2015Pay Yourself First: Save for Retirement, Then College for the Kids, Parents, Go Back to Math Class, Can You Really Catch Up On Sleep?Reader: Ernie Goyette00:13:48
Online Drugs & Pre-K - Sep/Oct, 2015Buying Drugs Online Remains Easy, by Steven Nelson. Study: Pre-Kindergarten Not the Cure-All It's Supposed to Be, by Lauren Camera.Reader: Ernie Goyette00:16:43
3 articles - Sep, 2015Malnutrition: It's Not Always What You Think, By Lisa Esposito; Is It Time to Change Banks? By Geoff Williams; Ditching Common Core, By L CameraReader: Ernie Goyette00:23:59
3 Articles - Sep, 2015Arming Japan: Pacific Power Balance. World Alzheimer's Month: Remembering Loved Ones. Why Teen Savers Become More Financially SuccessfulReader: Ernie Goyette00:23:37
Pandas, Topless & Words - Aug, 2015China uses pandas to spread goodwill, by Teresa Welsh. Topless rights movement, by Steven Nelson. New words in Oxford dictionaries.Reader: Ernie Goyette00:17:33
Puppy Love & Social Security - Aug, 2015Do You Love Your Dog? Puppy love is real and usually healthy, by Anna Miller. Social Security: The 'National Disgrace', by Andrew SoergelReader: Ernie Goyette00:21:16
Smart Kids, Slavery, Home Med Care - Jul, 2015Helping Kids With STEAM - Amy Golod. Slavery Didn't End in the 19th Century - Jeff Nesbit. Using Home Medical Devices - Anna MillerReader: Ernie Goyette00:19:39

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