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Travel and Leisure

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Carla Gadson reads you her selections from Travel and Leisure Magazine, your first source of travel tips, ideas, news and what to see and do.

Current Articles from Travel and Leisure
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Into Thin Air - Sep, 2014Or, how I got over my fear of flying. By Molly Jong-FastReader: Carla Gadson00:12:04
Trip Doctor, Cybersecurity - Aug, 2014Cybersecurity while traveling. Smartphone, tablet, laptop. Chances are you carry at least two of these devices on the road.Reader: Carla Gadson00:08:43
Trip Doctor: Questions and Answers - May, 2014How Can I Save On A European Vacation?Reader: Carla Gadson00:08:54
Trip Doctor: Questions and Answers - Mar, 2014I travel only occasionally on business. Are hotel loyalty programs still worth it? by Amy FarleyReader: Carla Gadson00:08:18
Isn't It Romantic? - Feb, 2014Not really. What hotels have to learn about romance could fill a 500-gallon bubble bath. by Peter Jon LindbergReader: Carla Gadson00:05:11
Trip Doctor-Feb, 2014:Questions and Answers - How Far in advance should I buy my airline tickets?, by Amy FarleyReader: Carla Gadson00:07:58
Trip Doctor - Jan, 2014Questions and Answers-Is it impolite not to tip a bellman if I don't have change? by Amy FarleyReader: Carla Gadson00:09:55
Travel and Leisure - Jan, 2014Bon Voyage-Your Guide to Cruising, by Jane WooldridgeReader: Carla Gadson00:06:30
Questions and Answers - Nov, 2013Question: Can you recommend any companies that are good for solo travelers? by Amy FarleyReader: Carla Gadson00:07:53
Trip Doctor - Oct, 2013How can I tell if my vacation apartment rental is legal? by Amy FarleyReader: Carla Gadson00:09:25
Deals: Travel and Leisure Reader Exclusives - Oct, 2013More than a dozen deals to inspire your next getaway, whether it"s wine-tasting in New York City or hitting the beach in the British Virgin islands. by Lisa ChengReader: Carla Gadson00:09:24
Questions and Answers - Sep, 2013Are there any souvenirs that I can't bring home with me? by Amy FarleyReader: Carla Gadson00:07:34
World's Best 2013 - Aug, 2013We spotlight the year's top hotels, resorts, cities, islands, cruises, airlines - & More! By Jennifer Flowers & Marguerite SuozziReader: Carla Gadson00:17:50
Trip Doctor - Aug, 2013Trip Doctor Questions and Answers: How can I get throught the airport faster? By Amy Farley.Reader: Carla Gadson00:08:46
Trip Doctor - Jul, 2013Amy Farley answers your questions about travel.Reader: Carla Gadson00:08:16
In Praise of Sightskipping - Jul, 2013Avoid the lines and go for total immersion: Erik Torkells proposes 10 ways to find the soul of a destination.Reader: Carla Gadson00:09:40
Puerto Rico's Next Act - Jun, 2013In the 1960's Dorado Beach was a playground for the jet set. Can a redesign help it reclaim its past? By Alexandra WolfeReader: Carla Gadson00:10:54
Trip Doctor - Jun, 2013Trip Doctor - Questions and answers on topics of concern to travelers. By Amy Farley.Reader: Carla Gadson00:07:49
Getting Away - May, 2013Easy Weekend Getaways. By Travel & Leisure Picks.Reader: Carla Gadson00:13:44
Trip Doctor - May, 2013Trip Doctor - Questions and Answers for more Enjoyable Travel. By Amy FarleyReader: Carla Gadson00:08:16
Trip Doctor - Apr, 2013"Trip Doctor... Questions and Answers." by Amy Farley.Reader: Carla Gadson00:07:45
Cook Books - Apr, 2013"The Cook Book Collectors." by Matt Lee and Ted Lee.Reader: Carla Gadson00:07:48
Cape of High Hopes - Mar, 2013"Cape of High Hopes - What happens when your first visit to a place goes wrong?" by Peter Jon LindbergReader: Carla Gadson00:13:31
South Beach - Mar, 2013"South Beach Gets Serious - Returning to the scene of his salad days." by Peter J. FrankReader: Carla Gadson00:04:31
Project You - Feb, 2013"As people reveal more and more about themselves on line, how are hotels reacting?" by Peter Jon Lindberg.Reader: Carla Gadson00:13:29
Bragging Wrongs - Feb, 2013"Are you travelling in high style? Good for you, but others may not want to hear of it!" by Erik Torkells.Reader: Carla Gadson00:03:51
To The Manor Born - Jan, 2013"Looking for an intimate glimpse at the real lives of the landed gentry?" by Stephen Drucker.Reader: Carla Gadson00:13:24
Trip Doctor - Jan, 2013"What are my rights if my luggage is delayed?" by Amy Farley.Reader: Carla Gadson00:07:15
Trip Doctor Q&A - Dec, 2012"Is it safe to use Wi-Fi hot spots with my smart phone while traveling abroad?" by Amy Farley.Reader: Carla Gadson00:08:04
America's Favorite Cities - Dec, 2012"The results are in from our 6th annual poll. You will enjoy your visits - Guaranteed!" by Nikki Erkstein and Sarah Spagnolo.Reader: Carla Gadson00:06:57
Trip Doctor Q&A - Nov, 2012"Is travel insurance worth the cost, and what kind of coverage do I need?" by Amy Farley.Reader: Carla Gadson00:05:55
Air Travel Report - Nov, 2012"Flight Status Airports invest millions in upgrades, while airlines cut capacity." by Joe Sharkey.Reader: Carla Gadson00:06:50
Finding Lost Gadgets - Oct, 2012"If you've ever reached for your computer, phone or player and found it missing, you know how a lost or stolen gadget can ruin your trip." by Tom Samiljan.Reader: Carla Gadson00:04:49
Pop-Up Goes the World - Oct, 2012"Temporary restaurants, shops, galleries - even hotels - are a sign of the times." by Henry Urbach.Reader: Carla Gadson00:09:17
Trip Doctor - Sep, 2012"How to get the best prices on cruises" by Amy Farley.Reader: Carla Gadson00:03:11
Packing - Sep, 2012"Confessions of a Packing Maximalist. High-Maintenance traveling." by Lynn Yaeger.Reader: Carla Gadson00:10:52

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