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AIRS-LA's Five Most Popular Podcasts

At the end of each month we comb through the AIRS-LA site statistics to determine our five most-listened-to podcast projects.

Here are the "Top Five" for the last complete month. They are in descending order with the most popular at the top.

  1. Oprah Magazine Prem Kishore reads selections from Oprah Magazine, your route to inspiration, guidance and entertainment created by America's most influential woman.
  2. Braille Institute Podcasts From time-to-time the Braille Institute produces a recorded seminar or special event that has lasting value to our listeners. When that happens, the Institute makes the recordings available to AIRS so that they can continue to serve the community. In the past these have included descriptions of the Tournament of Roses, the Braille Challenge and seminars on advances in vision.
  3. Science Selections Read by Joe Jurca, this series of podcasts is intended to keep you up to date on the whole spectrum of scientific progress without losing you in technospeak or abstract concepts. It features selections from the more popular scientific journals, such as Scientific American and Discover Magazine.
  4. People Magazine Danielle Lescure dishes up her weekly selections from that premier source of entertainment industry dirt.
  5. Time Magazine Tony Pettit reads you his selections from Time Magazine, the first news weekly in America.


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