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Time For Kids

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Mary Lord reads kids her selections from Time For Kids Magazine, a news magazine geared toward students in grades K-6, offering them age-appropriate news stories and features about children's books, movies, the environment, science, world cultures and other high-interest topics.

Podcasts from Time For Kids Magazine
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Apr 13, 2018Saying Goodbye by TFK Staff. Deep Data Dive by TFK Staff. The Problem With Plastics by Brian S. McGrath. Into The Wild by Lina Mai.Reader: Mary Lord00:12:50
Mar 23, 2018Danger Zone by TFK Staff. For The Record by TFK Staff. A New Home by Shay Maunz. The Final Inning by Shay Maunz.Reader: Mary Lord00:11:56
Mar 5, 2018Blast off Starman, Olympic Unity, & For the Record, all written by TFK Staff. Justice for All, written by Lina Mai.Reader: Mary Lord00:06:37
Feb 2, 2018We Explain: Government Shutdown. For the Record. Olympic Preview. A Family Affair. All written by Time For Kids Staff MembersReader: Mary Lord00:13:08
Jan 19, 2018Flynn Pleads Guilty. Bunchie Young: One To Watch. 10 Questions for Jessica Watkins. Gravity Assist, by Glenn Greenberg.Reader: Mary Lord00:12:14
Dec 15, 20173 by TFK Staff:Flynn Pleads Guilty. Bunchie Young: One To Watch. 10 Questions for Jessica Watkins. Gravity Assist, by Glenn Greenberg.Reader: Mary Lord00:09:50
Nov 17, 2017No Texting Allowed. Trump Visits Asia. Google Searches For Its Voice. Rescue Dog. All are written by TFK editors or staff.Reader: Mary Lord00:10:10
Nov 10, 2017TFK Explains... The Russia Investigation. I, Tutor, by Suzanne Zimbler. Field Guide & Face of Courage, both by TFK Staff.Reader: Mary Lord00:09:40
Nov 6, 2017Wildfire Cleanup by TFK Staff. Bodybuilding by Glenn Greenberg. Benefits of Exercise by TFK Staff. Boy Scouts Welcome Girls by TFK Staff.Reader: Mary Lord00:13:43
Oct, 2017Crack Fighters by Glenn Freburg. Eye on the Road by Katie Steinmetz. Irma's Wrath by Stefanie Krause. Falling Over Fossils by Alllie Chinander.Reader: Mary Lord00:12:16
Dec, 2016How far can cloning go? Mystery Person; The Life of Fidel CastroReader: Bronwyn Kraebber00:08:22
Sep 23, 2016Sound the Alarm, By Brenda Lasevoli; Pipeline Protest, By Time for Kids Staff; Welcome to Alaska, By Glenn GreenburgReader: Bronwyn Kraebber00:12:17
May 6, 2016A Creative Memory; Get Ready for the Games, and A Bumpy Road to Rio, By Glenn GreenbergReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:10:12
Apr 29, 2016Money's New Faces by the Staff. Quiet Strength by Brian McGrath. Presidential Plans by Stephanie Kraus.Reader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:10:18
Mar 25, 2016Blasting Off for Mars; A Call for Change; The Comeback Bear; A Bear Hug for Dad, By Charlotte KellyReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:08:21
Mar 4, 2016Fly Me to Mars-and Beyond; Panda Politics, By Hannah Beech for Time; A Haven for a Herd, By Andrea DelbancoReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:09:34
Feb 5, 2016Finding Planet 9; Taking a Stand, By Elizabeth Winchester; Game On!, By Elizabeth WinchesterReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:09:06
Jan 29, 2016A Super-Size Dinosaur, Democracy at Work, By Brian S. McGrath, Big News for Bonobos, By Glenn GreenbergReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:10:49
Jan 25, 2016Honoring Kings Dream, The State of the Union, By Glenn Greenberg, The Science of Tears, By Zachary HumenickReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:11:47
Dec 13, 2015Merkel's Moment, By Zachary Humenik, A Promise to Stay Strong, By Brian S. McGrath, Back in Full Force, By Glenn GreenbergReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:11:48
Nov 20, 2015Dirty Diamonds, By Aron Baker, Saving Rhinos, By Aron Baker, Bravery on the Bus, By Glenn GreenbergReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:13:42
Oct 30, 2015A Warmer Winter, By TFK Staff, Bees Beware, By Allee Manning, Game On, By Glenn Greenberg, Should Kids Be Allowed to Take on Dangerous Challenges?Reader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:12:07
Oct 23, 2015The Race Is On, By Heather Price-Wright, Democrats Face Off, By TFK Staff, Building a Bridge, By Stepahnie Kraus, This Old House, By Allee ManningReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:11:37
Oct 2, 2015Surviving in Space, By The TFK Staff; My Dad's in Space, By C Kelley; To Mars Pluto and Beyond, By M Kletter, View From Space, By L BlackburnReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:12:41
Sep 25, 2015Travels With Pope Francis, Searching With Sharks, By Glenn Greenberg and It's Your World (With Chelsea Clinton)Reader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:09:35
May 1, 2015Stopping Ivory Traffic. Puppy Love. Voice of Hope, by Melanie Kletter. My Dad is Out of This World, by Charlotte Kelly.Reader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:08:20
Apr 17, 2015Blast Off; Ocean of Plastic, By Suzanne Zimbler; Vanishing Act, By Jeffrey Kluger for Time Magazine; Helping Turtles, By Jamie JoyceReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:12:22
Various articles Mar, 2015A Report About Women; World Flier; Saving Sea Lions, By TRK Kid Reporter Dahlia Sweeter with reporting by Katy Stinemetz; Robots in ActionReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:10:37
Feb 27, 2015A Big Blast of Winter, Man's Best Friend, A Smart Solution, By Suzanne Zimbler; Remembering Selma; By Stepahnie KrausReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:10:50
Feb 13, 2015A Rash of Trouble; Fight for the Top of the World, By Glen Greenberg with AP Reporting; Ready to Roar Again, By Cameron KeadyReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:10:23
Jan 16, 2015A New Congress; History Flashback; Coolest InventionsReader: Jax Flehinger Floyd00:09:14

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