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Nancy Porter reads you her selections from Time Magazine, spiced up occasionally with current news items. Time is the first (and best) news weekly in America.

Current Articles from Time Magazine
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Two Articles - Mar 16-23, 2020Questions about the Corona Virus and an article on possible containment. By Amy Gunia and Alice ParkReader: Nancy Porter00:22:28
Three Articles - Mar 2-9, 2020"The Price of Inaction in Syria", "The American Dream by the Numbers", "Economic Inequality Through King's Eyes"Reader: Nancy Porter00:18:05
The Sickness of Our System, Closed Doors - Mar 2-9, 2020Two articles: one about health care costs, the second about federal housing vouchers' effect on low-income families.Reader: Nancy Porter00:24:45
On the Brink - Jan 20, 2020How 40 years of enmity between Iran and the U.S. collided in an assassination. By Karim SadjadpourReader: Nancy Porter00:21:57
Crisis Mode - Feb 17, 2020The coronavirus outbreak presents a threat to Xi Jinping's ambition for a Chinese Century.Reader: Nancy Porter00:21:54
Kobe Bryant 1978 t0 2020 - Feb 10, 2020A biography? A eulogy? A legacy? You decide. By Sean GregoryReader: Nancy Porter00:14:30
Youthquake: Next Generation World - Feb 3, 2020American politics is still defined by values of baby boomers -- but not for long. By Charlotte AlterReader: Nancy Porter00:24:40
Three Articles - Jan 27, 2020Three articles: one on politics, one on medicine, and one on climate change -- by three authorsReader: Nancy Porter00:16:36
Pelosi's Play - Jan 20, 2020An interview with Nancy Pelosi, in which she discusses her plans for President Trump's impeachmentReader: Nancy Porter00:29:04
The View From Gun Country -- From Readers Digest Jan, 2020One Alabama woman's experience as a shooting victim and as an observerReader: Nancy Porter00:19:41
Person of the Year - Dec 18, 2019For bringing a voice transcending backgrounds and borders... Greta Thunberg is our youngest-ever person of the year. Various authors.Reader: Nancy Porter00:28:14
The Fight For Our Faces - Dec 2/9, 2019China shows the worrying future of the surveillance state. By Charlie CampbellReader: Nancy Porter00:21:55
Two articles - Nov 25, 2019An article about Adam Schiff by Alana Abramson and one on Amy Klobuchar by Abby VesoulisReader: Nancy Porter00:17:02
A National Test, The Case For Impeachment - Nov 18, 2019Two articles about impeachment of the President -- by John Meacham and Neal KatyalReader: Nancy Porter00:25:04
Rudy Cashes In - Nov 11, 2019As the "Secretary of Offense", Rudy Giulliani was supposed to protect Donald Trump. By Vera Bergengruen and Brian Bennett.Reader: Nancy Porter00:27:41
Solving Suicide - Nov 4, 2019Mandy Oaklander writes about how personal follow-up after hospital admissions is saving lives.Reader: Nancy Porter00:22:05
At What Cost? - Oct 21/28, 2019The brutal math of caring for children in America. B y Katie Reilly and Belinda LuscombeReader: Nancy Porter00:26:10
Trump's Conspiracy Cops - Oct 14, 2019How a murky theory fueled a global hunt and consumed the presidency. By multiple authorsReader: Nancy Porter00:22:18
Three articles - Oct 7, 2019Articles about: The CEO of Patagonia, the safety of bottled water, and the danger of cyber attacks on our infrastructureReader: Nancy Porter00:19:49
The New American Addiction - Sep 24, 2019How Juul addicted millions of American kids, disrupting Big Tobacco and igniting a public health crisis. By Jamie Ducharme.Reader: Nancy Porter00:29:56
Climate Change - Sep 23, 2019Why I have Hope for Climate Change Battles to Come - by Al Gore, Paper Straws Alone Won't Save the Planet - by Michael MannReader: Nancy Porter00:15:09
Give Peas a Chance, As Trade War Escalates Pocketbooks SufferTwo articles about meat substitutes and the trade war.Reader: Nancy Porter00:14:05
Welcome Comrades - Aug 26, 2019A Kremlin-linked firm invested millions in Kentucky. Were they after more than money? By Simon ShusterReader: Nancy Porter00:31:48
Three Articles - Aug 26, 2019Push For New Gun Laws Faces Reality Check. Can Changing What We Eat Help Stop Climate Change? The Border Crisis Needs Humanity, Not Fear.Reader: Nancy Porter00:17:01
The Terror Within - Aug 19, 2019U.S. officials have ignored the threat of domestic extremism. That may finally be changing. By V Bergengruen & W HenniganReader: Nancy Porter00:23:57
When Humans Become Robots, Meet the Meatless - Jul 29, 2019Emily Guendelsberger writes about working conditions at Amazon. Mahita Gajanan compares meatless productsReader: Nancy Porter00:11:47
Strife of the Party, Biden's Long Road - Aug 5, 2019Two articles about the Democrats' pre-election issues and candidates -- by various authors.Reader: Nancy Porter00:27:24
The Survivor - Jul 29, 2019Larry Nassar molested hundreds of athletes. This may have been his first victim. By Abigail PestaReader: Nancy Porter00:28:13
Bibi's Israel, The Strong Survive - Jul 22, 2019Brian Bennett writes about Netanyahu's thirteen years in power.Reader: Nancy Porter00:26:52
Trump Doubles Down -- Inside the President's Re-election Gamble - Jul 1, 2019President Trump's re-election machine harnesses his instincts and outrageReader: Nancy Porter00:23:54
The Vaccine Battlegrounds - June 24, 2019The fight to keep states from requiring vaccinations. By Jeffrey KlugerReader: Nancy Porter00:25:20
The Coming Mountain of E-Waste, The Worsening Trade War Exposes a Problem That's Made in the USA - June 3&10, 2019Two articles about electronic waste and the trade war -- by Alana SemuelsReader: Nancy Porter00:20:09
The Battle For 5G - Jun 3&10, 2019A look inside the controversial company helping China control the future of the Internet. By Charlie Campbell and othersReader: Nancy Porter00:30:54
A Family's Value - May 27, 2019Millions of Americans could finally get parental leave -- if lawmakers can agree who pays. By Abby VesoulisReader: Nancy Porter00:24:35
Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan For That - May 20, 2019Haley Sweetland Edwards writes about Elizabeth Warren's populist campaign.Reader: Nancy Porter00:31:24
The Mueller Play, Trumpland's Russian Connections, Presidents Obstruction and the Law - May 13 2019Three articles about the President's attempts to exert executive power,Reader: Nancy Porter00:24:34
Time's 100 Most Influential People - Apr 29 and May 6, 2019Seven, in various categories, of the 100 people on Time's list of the most influential.Reader: Nancy Porter00:17:11
CEOs Are Not Overpaid, Trump and Xi Need to Resolve the Trade War..., Let the Women of Afghanistan Make Peace - Apr 22, 2019Three articles about CEO compensation, U..S.-China trade, and Afghan women's role in peace talksReader: Nancy Porter00:16:15
Putin's Empire of Autocrats - Apr 15, 2019Russia has quietly built a network of influence among tyrants and failed states. By Simon ShusterReader: Nancy Porter00:32:43
The Victory Lap, The Investigations of Trump Are Far From Over, Mueller Offers a Lesson in the Power of Reason - Apr 8, 2019A win for the President, Other investigations continue, An essay on reasonReader: Nancy Porter00:29:03
A New Climate For Climate - Apr 1, 2019Justin Worland writes about the Green New DealReader: Nancy Porter00:22:42
The Path to Impeachment, Impeachment and the Law - Mar 25, 2019Molly Ball writes about the politics of impeachment. Philip Bobbitt writes about the legal aspects of impeachment.Reader: Nancy Porter00:29:31
Test of Faith - Mar 18, 2019Charlie Campbell writes about the Dalai Lama and his possible successor.Reader: Nancy Porter00:28:48
Deal or No Deal, Trump Cohen and the Litany of Low Motives, Too Great Expectations - Mar 11, 2019Trade relations with China. Michael Cohen's testimony. Speculation about the outcome of Mueller's investigation.Reader: Nancy Porter00:19:33
"Worlds Apart", "Longevity" - Feb 27, 2019Ian Bremmer writes about geopolitics. Alice Park discusses food as medicine.Reader: Nancy Porter00:25:26
"The State of the Presidency", "Willful Ignoranc- Feb 19 and Feb 25 2019Brian Bennett writes about Trump and the wall. John Walcott describes the conflict between Trump and his intelligence briefers.Reader: Nancy Porter00:21:19
"The Truth About Robots", "When AI Meets IVF" - Feb 4 and 11, 2019Artificial Intelligence and workers - by Kai-Fu Lee, AI and in-vitro fertilization - by Jamie DucharmeReader: Nancy Porter00:13:02
"Dividing Lines" - Feb 4 and 11, 2019A report on the human face of global migration - by various writersReader: Nancy Porter00:41:53
"How To Fix Social Media Before It's Too Late" - Jan 23, 2019Roger McNamee writes about how Facebook lost its way.Reader: Nancy Porter00:23:48
Two articles - Jan 16, 2019Molly Ball and Brian Bennett and Tessa Berenson write about President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and "The Wall".Reader: Nancy Porter00:17:45
"The Next Frontier In Fertility Treatments" - Jan 9, 2019Alice Park writes about new techniques in treating fertility issues.Reader: Nancy Porter00:24:13
3 Articles - Dec 19, 2018Trump Deaf to Dire Climate Warning. Babies With Edited DNA Stun Genetics World. Why Cambodian Genocide Verdict Might Be Last of its Kind.Reader: Nancy Porter00:18:08
"The Friendly Face of Europe's New Right" - Dec 10, 2018Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz and the populist insurgents. By Simon ShusterReader: Nancy Porter00:22:01
Health Care Voters - Nov 12, 2018Anxiety over the rising cost of health insurance became a defining issue in the 2018 election. By Haley Sweetland Edwards.Reader: Nancy Porter00:24:07
Various articles - Nov 28, 2018"In Darkness We Must Be the Light", "When Leadership Fails", "May Their Memory Be a Lesson"Reader: Nancy Porter00:21:50
"Beyond Hate" - Nov 14, 018Three articles about hate by Nancy Gibbs, Daniel Benjamin, and Malcolm GrahamReader: Nancy Porter00:18:35
"The 50 Most Influential People in Health Care" - Oct 29, 2018Four authors write about influential people in breakthroughs in medicine and health.Reader: Nancy Porter00:34:14
"What the Crisis Wreaked", "Oil Companies See Green", "The War No One Watches" - Oct 1,8,15, 2015Ian Bremmer writes about the global financial crisis. Justin Worland writes about oil. The Afghan war.Reader: Nancy Porter00:18:39
"Unlocking the Body's Defenses", "The Fight Against Cancer" - Oct 15, 2018Alice Park and Sheryl Kraft write about new treatments for cancer.Reader: Nancy Porter00:25:42
"A" NAFTA Deal Brings a Return to Status Quo", " She Said" - Oct 10, 2018NAFTA is still alive - by Justin Worland, Impact of Christine Blassey Ford's testimony - by Sweetland Edwards, Follow-upsReader: Nancy Porter00:26:10
Various Articles - Oct 3, 2018The Future of Cures by Alice Park. Trump and the Ghosts of Scandals Past by Jon Meacham. The Pope's True Power by Paul Elie.Reader: Nancy Porter00:37:11
Old Age & Racist Souls - Sep 17, 2018The Surprising Joy of Old Age, by Jeffrey Kluger. Democracy in Black: How race still enslaves the American soul, by Eddie S. Glaude.Reader: Nancy Porter00:30:15
Broken America - Sep 12, 2018How My Generation Broke America. An excerpt from the new book TAILSPIN, by lawyer & journalist Steven Brill.Reader: Nancy Porter00:32:55
Alzheimer's & Brain Smarts - Aug 20, 2018Breakthrough study suggests a lifestyle change may ward off dementia. Studies provide new insights into sharpening our mental machinery.Reader: Nancy Porter00:39:59
Various Articles - Aug 6-13, 2018Of Course a Short Attention Span Would Favor Socialism. In Elvis We Trust. An Orchard At the Bottom of a Hill. Truth In The Post-Truth Era.Reader: Nancy Porter00:17:56
Mall Death - Jul 31, 2017Why the Death of Malls Is About More Than Shopping. As malls close, more than stores are vanishing with them. By Josh Sanburn.Reader: Tony Pettit00:17:12

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