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This American Life

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AIRSLA provides these links to NPR's award-winning weekly radio series "This American Life" with Ira Glass.

This American Life Episodes
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
#663: How I Read ItDocuments you don't normally think of, showing you things you didn't expect.Chicago Public Media01:03:43
#479: Little War on the PrairieMankato, Minnesota, site of the largest mass execution in U.S. history... Why Minnesotans didn't talk about it much after.Chicago Public Media01:04:49
#492: Dr. Gilmer & Mr. HydeDr. Gilmer gets a job at a clinic and finds he replaced a man named Dr. Gilmer, who went to prison after killing his own father...Chicago Public Media01:02:18
#662: Where There Is a WillStories of people who believe there is always a way. And also those who don't.Chicago Public Media01:03:33
#661: But That's What HappenedWhen women try to explain an unsettling situation, they're told they don't understand-that there's nothing unsettling about it.Chicago Public Media01:04:44
#660: Hoaxing YourselfStories of people who tell a lie and then believe the lie more than anyone else does. In other words: Pulling hoaxes on themselves.Chicago Public Media00:59:16
#351: Return to ChildhoodStories of people who try to revisit their childhoods - what they find and what they do not find.Chicago Public Media01:00:34
#528: The Radio Drama EpisodeOur most ambitious live show ever! A massive team of theater pros at the Brooklyn Academy. Watch a video of the live performance.Chicago Public Media01:28:11
#659: Before the Next OneThere's no rulebook on handling a school shooting. No way to prepare. You take what you've learned & use it to save others.Chicago Public Media00:59:57
#658: The Unhappy DecidersMaking big decisions about other people's lives can feel pretty awful. Zoe Chace followed Senator Jeff Flake as he decided to force...Chicago Public Media01:00:58
#489: No Coincidence, No Story!Coincidence stories, from an encounter at a bus station to a romantic dollar bill to an apparition in a college shower stall.Chicago Public Media01:01:39
#657: The RunawaysA bunch of teenagers go missing from a town in Long Island. The cops treat them as runaways, but something much worse...Chicago Public Media01:16:44
#656: Let Me Count the WaysThis week, the quiet bureaucratic war that's even targeting legal immigrants...Chicago Public Media01:18:28
#402: Save the DayStories about one person single handedly taking charge of a situation gone wrong.Chicago Public Media01:08:30
#504: How I Got Into CollegeMichael Lewis tells the incredible story of how a stolen library book got one man, Emir Kamenica, into his dream school.Chicago Public Media00:59:53
#655: The Not-So-Great UnknownWhat happens when unadventurous people end up in adventurous situations? Like an astronaut who goes to places...Chicago Public Media00:59:05
#508: SuperpowersCan superheroes be real people? Can real people become superheroes? Which is better: flight or invisibility?Chicago Public Media01:05:18
#654: The Feather HeistA flute player breaks into a British museum and makes off with a million dollars worth of dead birds.Chicago Public Media00:57:19
#653: Crime SceneEvery crime scene hides a story. In this week's show, we hear about crime scenes and the stories they tell.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#619: The Magic ShowBefore his start in radio, Ira Glass had another career: performing magic at children's parties...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#652: ICE CapadesDispatches from a government agency in its tumultuous teenage years.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#651: Crime Scene 2018Every crime scene hides a story. In this week's show, we hear about crime scenes and the stories they tell.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#617: Fermi's ParadoxThree people grapple with the question, "Are we alone?"Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#650: Change You Can Maybe Believe InAn innocent man forgives the cop who framed him... This week, stories about changes that seem too good to be true.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#649: It's My Party and I'll Try If I Want ToProgressive and moderate Democrats are going head-to-head in Democratic primaries. The story of a candidate in one...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#560: Abdi and the Golden TicketA story of someone who's desperately trying Ė against long odds Ė to come to America and become an American.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#648: Unteachable MomentStories about people trying to learn something when no one is clear what the lesson is supposed to be.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#233: Starting From ScratchStories of people starting over, sometimes because they want to, other times because they have to.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#647: LaDonnaAn airport security guard notices something wrong on the tarmac, and tries to fix it. It's way harder than she expects.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#646: The Secret of My DeathCryptic messages on a cell phone and a teeter totter... clues people found trying to make sense of a death.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#339: Break-UpStarlee Kine on what makes the perfect break-up song and if sad music can actually make you feel better.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#645: My Effing First AmendmentConservative students don't feel like their ideas are welcome on campus. So they're fighting back...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#644: Random Acts of HistoryStories about people who accidentally bump into unsettling facts of history in settings meant to teach them history...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#304: HereticsThe story of Reverend Carlton Pearson, a rising star in the evangelical movement, who cast aside the idea of hell...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#643: Damned If You Do...It's one thing to weigh pros and cons. But sometimes all you have is cons. Making a choice when no good options exist.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#642: The Impossible DreamRepublican Jeff Flake has his work cut out for him, with a Senate that barely brings anything to the floor...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#289: Go Ask Your FatherChildren find out the one thing they've always wanted to know about their father. Surprising answers!Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#306: Seemed Like A Good IdeaIn the beginning, they're full of hope and optimism - and then something turns. Stories of good ideas gone bad.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#641: The WallsStories from border walls around the world, where one place ends and another begins. And the strange ecosystems that arise.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#241: 20 Acts in 60 MinutesInstead of the usual "3 or 4 stories on a theme", we bring you 20 stories - yes, 20 - in 60 minutes.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#640: Five WomenA different kind of #MeToo story, about several women who worked for the same man; their troubling encounters...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#639: In Dog We TrustStories of animals that live in our homes. Exactly how much are they caught up in everyday family dynamics?Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#542: Wait - Do You Have The Map?Stories about people feeling lost and trying to figure out how to move ahead.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#638: Rom-ComRomantic comedies: Do they always turn out okay? Valentine's Day, stories that unfold like rom-coms.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#637: Words You Can't SayStories of people who say the wrong thing and suffer the consequences, including a very conservative Republican...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#352: The Ghost of Bobby DunbarA 4-year-old boy was kidnapped by a wanderer. His granddaughter found a secret to his kidnapping...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#636: Thought It Would Be EasierA year into Trumpís presidency, stories chronicling the sometimes hard, often bad, decisions politicians ... are making.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#635: Chip in My BrainA boy who canít dribble gets a coach, a new best friend, and something to believe in.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#550: Three MilesWhat happens when you mix kids from a very poor school with those from a very rich one?Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#596: Becoming a BadgerStories of people trying to turn themselves into something else, like a badger or a professional comedian...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#634: Human Error in Volatile SituationsAny plan can go wrong. This week people bungle very simple operations on some very dangerous weapons...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#633: Our Town - Part 2Many people in Albertville, AL wondered what the undocumented immigrants in their town cost in taxes...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#632: Our Town - Part 1Attorney General Jeff Sessions believes illegal immigrants and stole American jobs in Alabama poultry plants. Was he right?Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#598: My Undesirable TalentSan Francisco's Spider-Man burglar was remarkable. This week, his story, and those of other undesirable talents.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#84: HaroldThe story of Harold Washington, the greatest politician you've probably never heard of ... Chicago's first black mayor.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#603: Once More, With FeelingStories of people who decide to rethink the way theyíve been doing things, or try to get others to do that...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#631: MammalsA Monkey and a Horse Walk Into a Bar. Blurring the line between animal and human.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#513: 129 CarsWe spend a month at a Jeep dealership on Long Island as they try to make their monthly sales goal: 129 cars...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#630: Things I Mean to KnowStories of people trying to unspool some of life's certainties, and what they find...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#629: Expect DelaysStories about delays; including a town known entirely for its speed trap, and a woman who comes up against bureaucratic nightmares...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#628: In the Shadow of the City 2017Stories that take place on the edge of civilization, just out of sight.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#627: Suitable for ChildrenA man remembers a toy he loved that wouldn't love him back. A museum that educates children but scares the hell out of them.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#587: The Perils of IntimacyStories about mysteries that exist in relationships we thought couldn't possibly surprise us, the strangeness...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#626: White Haze"The Proud Boys" say they've no tolerance for racism, but they believe "the west is best." Not such a stretch from "whites are best..."Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#597: One Last Thing Before I GoStories in which ordinary people make last ditch efforts to get through to their loved ones, using a combination of...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#625: Essay BStories about being enlisted to benefit another personís educational experience. A version of this is in The New York Times Mag.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#624: Private GeographyEveryone walks around on their own private map of the world. The places we're from and how they made us, whether we like it or not.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#282: DIYAfter 4 lawyers fail to get an innocent man out of jail, a friend takes on the case as a do-it-yourself investigator.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#623: We Are in the FutureAfrofuturism: It's more than sci-fi. It's a way of looking at black culture thatís fantastic, creative, and oddly hopeful...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#472: Our Friend DavidFavorite stories by our longtime contributor and friend David Rakoff.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#622: Who You Gonna Call?When everything goes wrong, one of the first things we think is, Who do I call? Lucky people who found the right person...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#175: BabysittingWhat goes on while mom and dad are away, including the story of two teenagers who decide to invent children to babysit...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#621: Fear & Loathing in Homer & RockvilleTwo towns where people got really upset about undocumented immigrants. One has none at all, but the possibility...Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#620: To Be RealPeople who reject the superficial to get to something real, in some unexpected places: war, magic and porn.Chicago Public Media00:53:00
#109: Notes on CampStories of summer camp. Bridging the gap of misunderstanding between camp people and non-camp people.Chicago Public Media00:53:00

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