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The Nation

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Daniila Georgieva reads you her selections from 'The Nation,' a weekly journal of opinion, featuring analysis on politics and culture. It was founded in 1865.

Current Articles From The Nation
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Letter From Palestine - Aug, 2016The Palestinians in Hebron are locked in a nightmare. By Laila LalamiReader: Daniila Georgieva00:08:05
Post-Brexit Blues - Jun 2016For a few hours on Friday morning, as the implications of what just happened sunk in. By D.D. GuttenplanReader: Daniila Georgieva00:13:21
A Friendlier Lender, Broken Cable - Jul 2016A law professor had a new concept: a government agency to protect consumers from unscrupulous finance companies. MSNBC and CNN losing credibility.Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:13:36
Bernie Sanders' Grassroots Army - Jun 2016If millions of Bernie's activists aren't marching to the White House, just where are they going? By D. D. Guttenplan.Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:26:22
How to Stop Trump, Ratner's Star - Jun 2016How to Stop Trump-Maybe Ted Cruz and John Kasich looked at the numbers and just gave up. Ratner's Star-One civil-rights lawyer's lifelong crusadeReader: Daniila Georgieva00:20:09
What Exxon Knew, Bernie's Philadelphia Challenge - May 2016Exxon-When in trouble, change the subject-or at least try to. Sanders won't win the nomination, but he can still transform the Democratic Party.Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:20:13
Equality Is In The Details, Tangled Web - May 2016The US lags behind the rest of the world in providing paid family leave. Trump raises disturbing questions about what we know-and how we know it.Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:13:07
The Real PC Police - Apr 2016It's Republicans who want a safe space-for their bigotry. By Laila LalamiReader: Daniila Georgieva00:08:49
America, The Unaffordable - Apr 2016There's a housing crisis everywhere. Can New York City create a blueprint to solve it? By D W GibsonReader: Daniila Georgieva00:13:09
Donald Trump's Hate-In, Environmental Racism - Mar 2016The GOP candidate demonizes Muslims while pandering to veterans. By Laila Lalami; Michigan Governor Rick Snyder denies racism. By Bryce CovertReader: Daniila Georgieva00:13:52
No Dog Whistle Needed, A US Refugee Crisis - Feb 2016It's not Trump-the GOP is racist and reckless. By Gary Younge, We helped create the problem-now we must solve it. By Elizabeth HoltzmanReader: Daniila Georgieva00:17:01
Dissecting the Kochtopus - Feb 2016A new book exposes a secretive campaign to reshape US politics. By Eric AltermanReader: Daniila Georgieva00:08:23
Alone on the Range - Jan / Feb 2016The Bundy brothers' crusade finds few friends. By Zoe CaprenterReader: Daniila Georgieva00:09:49
Sandra Bland's Arrest, Cruelty, Irony, and Evasion - Jan 2016Policing for profit in Prarie View, USA, By Debbie Nathan, There's far more than meets the ear in "politically incorrect" jokes, P. WilliamsReader: Daniila Georgieva00:14:50
Bombs Over Brains, 60 Years of Wrong - Dec 2015The swift military reprisals demanded by nationalists only create more terror, The GOP's reliable source of awful ideas, celebrates a birthdayReader: Daniila Georgieva00:15:43
Various articles - Dec 2015The crazier the Republican candidates sound, the more popular they become. The Carceral Rich-Flying over tragedy at a comfortable distance.Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:16:26
Policing Education, How did all these cops get into our schools - Nov 2015The mainstream media have been abuzz with possible justifications for the recent brutalization of a South Carolina high-school student.Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:12:17
The GOP Crack-Up - Nov 2015Now it's war between the old elites and the Tea Party, By William GreiderReader: Daniila Georgieva00:15:31
Bureau of Sex Slavery - Nov 2015I am thinking of the price list leaked from the ISIS Sex Slave Market that included women and girls on the same list as cattle. By Eve EnslerReader: Daniila Georgieva00:15:10
Inconvenient Truths and The Syria Crisis - Oct 2015Yes, abortion foes, illegal abortion is dangerous, and birth control works. Refugee crisis now confronting Europe has opened up deep fissures.Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:25:03
Pope's Blind Spot, A Vision So Old It Looks New - Sep/Oct 2015The world cannot improve in many ways as long as women cannot control their fertility. In egalitarian economics the pope has not always led the way.Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:31:07
Britain's Icon of Authenticity - Sep 2015Jeremy Corbynís surge in the battle for Britainís Labour leadership echoes a continent-wide revolt against austerity. By D.D. GuttenplanReader: Daniila Georgieva00:15:22
No Voice, No Exit? - Aug 2015It's early July, and the Greek painter Apostolos Georgiou is wondering where else in Europe he might be able to live. By Barry Schwabsky.Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:23:38
Fortunes & Jon Stewart - Aug 2015Immortal Fortunes: Society's wealth shouldn't be governed by ghosts. Life After Jon Stewart: How will we watch the debates without him?Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:13:48
Wrong Side of the Drought - Aug 2015For countless poor, rural California residents, the drought means a struggle to survive without water. By Sasha Abramsky.Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:29:38
Various Articles - Jul 2015Supreme Court Backs Obamacare. By David Cole. Dylann Roof's Racism. By Eric Foner. Affordable Higher Education. By William Deresiewicz.Reader: Daniila Georgieva00:24:26
Various Articles - Jul 2015End Broken Windows, by The Editors. Guilty of Pregnancy, by Bryce Covert. How to Dump Tenants and Make a Fortune... by D. W. GibsonReader: Daniila Georgieva00:32:49

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