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Share reader Danielle Lescure's passion for the sport of tennis as she presents articles from "Tennis" and "Inside Tennis" Magazines.

Current Tennis Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Tennis Magazine Heroes IssueHope on the Court by Andrew Friedman, Courage & Confidence by Ben Rothenberg, Game on & Powerful Alliance by Michael CatarevasReader: Danielle Lescure00:21:12
Tennis Magazine Heroes IssueThe Story of Mom by Tracey Austin, Warrior Spirit by Stephen Tignor, Golden Moment by Jonathan Scott, Unsung Heroes by Stephen TignorReader: Danielle Lescure00:20:18
Tennis Magazine Nov 2014Wheelchair Tennis: A worldwide sport by Andrew Friedman; Fast Friends by Lindsay Gibbs; Youth Is Served by Jonathan Scott.Reader: Danielle Lescure00:22:25
Tennis & Inside Tennis Nov 2014Blind Ambition by Thomas Lin; No Limits by Lindsay Gibbs; Big Impact in the Big Easy by Lindsay Gibbs; Vic Braden... by Bill SimonsReader: Danielle Lescure00:26:29
Tennis Magazine Sep 2014The ATP Challenger Tour: Minor leagues of tennis by Andrew Friedman; Banish the Bad: Stop thinking negatively by Dr. Allen FoxReader: Danielle Lescure00:19:17
Tennis Magazine Sep 2014Generation Next: Stars of tomorrow; The Great GOAT Debate: By one measure, Roger Federer is the Greatest! by Jeff Sackmann;Reader: Danielle Lescure00:21:44
Tennis Magazine Sep 2014Trying Truth by Tracy Austin; Coming of Age by Stephen Tignor; Player Power by Stephen TignorReader: Danielle Lescure00:14:21
Tennis Magazine Sep 2014For the Love of the Game - Maria Sharapova's passion by Stephen Tignor; Uncle Toni - The Greatest Coach Ever? by Stephen TignorReader: Danielle Lescure00:15:11
Tennis Magazine Jul 2014Hall of Fame Inductees Nick Bollettieri and Lindsay Davenport Give Their Takes on the Game.Reader: Danielle Lescure00:24:48
Tennis Magazine Jul 2014Media's Role in Wimbledon by Stephen Tignor; Parenting a Young Player by Tracy Austin; Federer's Approach to Wimbledon by Stephen TignorReader: Danielle Lescure00:23:00
Tennis Magazine May, 2014Let Them Play, by Tracy Austin; Novak Djokovic's mind will determine whether he can win the major title eluding him, by Stephen TignorReader: Danielle Lescure00:19:59
Inside Tennis - Apr 2014"The Gospel of Billy Jean" a Bill Simons interview; "Should BNP Paribas be the Fifth Slam?" by Marcus Paul CootsonaReader: Danielle Lescure00:23:18
Inside Tennis - Apr, 2014"Tennis From the French Revolution to WW II" by Bill Simons; "We Couldn't Take it Anymore. Justice in Ukraine" by Sergiy StakhovskyReader: Danielle Lescure00:20:31
Tennis Magazine Mar 2014"Fuel to Win. Eating to supercharge your game," Interviewer Sam Barclay; "Room For One More. Why not 5 grand slams?" by Peter BodoReader: Danielle Lescure00:21:17
Tennis Magazine Mar 2014"Taming Tantrums. A bad temper is non-productive," by Tracy Austin; "The Big Return. Ross Hutchins' comeback," by Stephen TignorReader: Danielle Lescure00:10:14
Tennis Magazine - Dec 2013The Heroes Issue: "An Achievable Dream"; "Game Changers" & "Heart of a Champion" by Andrew Friedman & Stephen TignorReader: Danielle Lescure00:25:18
Tennis Magazine Sep, 2013"Crossroads for Martina Navratilova." & "Tribute to Pat Summerall." by Stephen Tignor; "Tracy Austin discusses Sibling Rivalry"Reader: Danielle Lescure00:26:49
Inside Tennis, Jul 2013"The Lady of Serbian Tennis"; "American Spring. A surge of bright talents"; "The Bryan Brothers. The Crate & Barrel Boys" all by Bill SimonsReader: Danielle Lescure00:28:47
Tennis Magazine - Jul, 2013"The Challenges of Training"; "Great Expectations"; "The Mental Edge: Believe It!"; "The 10 and Under Tennis Initiative"Reader: Danielle Lescure00:29:15
Tennis Magazine - May, 2013"The Right Coach" by Tracy Austin; "Out on Top" by Peter Bodo; "A Perfect Fit" by Cindy Shmerler; "Cool Customer" by Stephen TignorReader: Danielle Lescure00:23:26
Tennis & Inside Tennis Apr, 2013"Gussy Moran" by Bill Simons; "Mr. Deeds. McEnroe teaches tennis." by Peter Bodo; "Outdoors in NYC" by Stephen Tignor.Reader: Danielle Lescure00:27:48
Tennis & Inside Tennis - Mar, 2013"Lessons In Parenting" by 4 tennis pro parents; "Homage to Art Larsen" by Stephen TignorReader: Danielle Lescure00:22:50
Tennis Magazine - Jan, 2013"A Look at Being a Tennis Parent." by Tracy Austin; "Aging with Grace. Tennis in your sunset years." by Allen Fox, Ph.D.Reader: Danielle Lescure00:15:47
Tennis Magazine - Nov, 2012"Fond Farewell" by Stephen Tignor; "Your Worst Fear" by Sian Beilock; "One To Watch" by Cindy Shmerler; "My Tennis Partner" by Stephen Tignor.Reader: Danielle Lescure00:19:45
Inside Tennis Magazine - Aug, 2012"Is This Tennis' Golden Age?" by Bill Simons; "Gilles Simon Stirs a Controversy"; "The Judge" by Mark Winters.Reader: Danielle Lescure00:24:40
Tennis Magazine - Sep, 2012"Heal Thyself - Nutrition Tips." by Cynthia Sass; "The Comeback Kid - Roger Federer." by Stephen Tignor.Reader: Danielle Lescure00:20:57

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