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Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound! Look! Up in the sky! Its a bird! Its a plane! Its Superman! Superman, strange visitor from another planet, who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Superman, defender of law and order, champion of equal rights, valiant, courageous fighter against the forces of hate and prejudice, who disguised as Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way. And AIRSLA links to this Botar podcast to fight a never-ending battle to keep kids of every age abreast of the thrilling 1940's radio scene!

Superman Episodes
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
ep01 baby from krypton 02/12/1940An audition recording of the first show of the syndicated series. Krypton is destroyed, Kal-El departs on his way to Earth.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep02 clark kent reporter 02/14/1940Superman arrives on Earth, does his first good deed, invents his alias Clark Kent, and gets a job on The Daily Planet.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep03 keno's landslide 02/16/1940The Wolf and Keno Carter try to derail The Limited by dynamiting a landslide onto the tracks.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep04 clark kent captured by the wolfe 02/19/1940The Wolf threatens to make The Silver Clipper disappear and then captures Clark Kent.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep05 locomotive crew freed 02/21/1940Clark is captured, but Superman escapes and frees the crew of the locomotive.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep06 silver clipper 02/23/1940Superman saves The Silver Clipper as bullets bounce off him.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep07 atomic beam machine 02/26/1940Professor Dahlgrens atomic beam has been stolen by The Yellow Mask, who plans to blow up the Daily Planet Building.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep08 atomic fuel cylinders 02/28/1940Dr. Dahlgrens Atomic Beam fuel cylinders have been stolen by The Yellow Mask.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep09 threat to the daily planet 03/01/1940Lois is thrown out of an airplane, but is rescued by Superman as he foils the plans of The Yellow Mask.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep10 fire in the sterling tower 10/03/1940Superman rescues a woman from the burning Sterling Building.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep11 stabbing of june anderson 03/06/1940The witness to the Sterling Tower fire is stabbed while in the hospital.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep12 north star mining company 03/08/1940June Anderson has given proof of the North Star mine fraud to her brother on a freighter.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep13 steamship madison 03/11/1940There is a fire aboard the freighter Madison.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep14 plane to canyon city 03/13/1940Enroute to Idaho, Clark Kent falls off an airplane wing while trying to free it from ice.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep15 left to be killed 03/15/1940June Anderson is left at the bottom of the North Star mine, which is about to explode.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep16 prison riot 03/18/1940The prisoners are rioting at San Miguel prison, and Lois is in danger once again.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep17 steam plant 03/20/1940The Wolf and his henchman Keno are barricaded in the prisons steam plant, with Lois Lane as their hostage.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep18 mystery of dyerville p1 03/22/1940The Mask kills The Wolf and makes plans with Keno, while another earthquake strikes Dyerville.botar00:11:35
ep19 mystery of dyerville p2 03/25/1940Superman saves the Dyerville bridge and a barge full of gasoline. The Yellow Mask demands 1 million dollars or he will destroy the town.http://www.botar.us00:11:35
ep20 mystery of dyerville p3 03/27/1940Clark rescues Lois from Kenos plan to blow her up. The Mask strikes at the Harley Dam.http://www.botar.us00:11:35
ep21 mystery of dyerville p4 03/29/1940Superman saves Dyerville from destruction by blocking the Jefferson Gorge after the dam has been destroyed.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep22 emerald of the incas p1 04/01/1940Clark and the daughter of a missing friend of Perry Whites visit a strange house in the suburb of Brentwood, guarded by an electrified fence and a hostile giant.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep23 emerald of the incas p2 04/03/1940Superman defeats the giant Negro and finally gets to meet Dr. Beechum, but Elsie Beechum shrieks and then disappears.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep24 emarald of the incas p3 04/03/1940A cab driver has brought two little brown men out to the house, and one of them has a blowgun Dr. Beechum mentions a sacred emblem of the Incas.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep25 emarald of the incas p4 04/08/1940Elsie returns Zingree but is shot with poison darts by the two little brown men. A huge emerald, carved in the shape of a god, is being sought by the Azatlan Indians.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep26 emarald of the incas p5 04/10/1940Superman flies off after the gyrocopter. He catches up to it and throws it down to float on Long Island Sound. Meanwhile, Dr. Beechams house is on fire.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep27 emarald of the incas p6 04/12/1940Superman rescues the Inca priests from the sinking sea plane, but The Emerald Of The Incas sinks and is lost forever.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep28 donellis protection racket p1 04/15/1940Donellis protection racket is preying on the candy story run by Jimmy Olsens mom.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep29 donellis protection racket p2 04/17/1940Donellis henchmen threaten Jimmy and Mrs. Olsen, but are scared off by Superman. Jimmy and Lois Lane are about to walk into a trap.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep30 donellis protection racket p3 04/19/1940Lois Lane has been kidnapped by the Donelli gang, and taken to Little Falls, where fire threatens.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep31 donellis protection racket p4 04/22/1940Jimmy Olsen has vanished into the woods while the search for Lois continues.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep32 donellis protection racket p5 04/24/1940Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are lost in the woods, which are on fire.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep33 donellis protection racket p6 04/26/1940Donelli plants a bomb, but is foiled by Superman. Donelli is captured and the adventure ends.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep34 airplane disasters at bridger field p1 04/29/1940Six air transport airplanes crashed near Bridger Field. When the seventh plane crashes, Clark Kent is assigned to get the story.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep35 airplane disasters at bridger field p2 05/01/1940Finding themselves on a circus train, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are menaced by JoJo the gorilla.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep36 airplane disasters at bridger field p3 05/03/1940A dust storm is about to strike and another plane is about to crash.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep37 airplane disasters at bridger field p4 05/06/1940Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen investigate the strange circus. Fodor the strongman attacks Clark Kent.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep38 airplane disasters at bridger field p5 05/08/1940Clark Kent crack Hagens code, the mystery plane is due at midnight. Superman defeats a tiger.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep39 airplane disasters at bridger field p6 05/10/1940Professor Hagen and his secret machine has been dissolving the aircraft in midair. As an avalanche falls on Jimmy Olsen and Ed Hamlin, Superman diverts the rock slide at the last moment.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep40 buffalo hills p1 05/13/1940Two attempts to kill Asa Hatch, the famous photographer. The Governor has been in a car crash.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep41 buffalo hills p2 05/15/1940Clark Kent and Asa Hatch are on a train heading for Buffalo Hills. Superman finds a man riding the rods and planning to sabotage the train.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep42 buffalo hills p3 05/17/1940Governor Carson has refused to pardon a criminal. Pete Flores plans revenge on Asa Hatch and Clark Kent. Clark and Asa are unable to warn the governor of the danger facing him.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep43 buffalo hills p4 05/20/1940Clark is in jail, pretending to be a member of the Pete Flores gang. Superman tries to protect the Governor from a kidnap attempt.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep44 buffalo hills p5 05/22/1940Clark Kent meets Governor Carlson and Asa Hatch once again and explanations are in order. The treacherous Keegan has planted a mysterious package in the governors car.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep45 buffalo hills p6 05/24/1940Despite Clark Kents warning, Governor Carson is determined to attend the opening of the Buffalo Hills statues. Pete Flores plans to dynamite the mountain right onto the governor.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep46 alonzo craig artic explorer p1 05/27/1940The twin sister of Alonzo Cragg, the famous arctic explorer, supplies a clue to the missing man. Flying to the arctic, Superman tries to rescue a ship from an iceberg in the fog.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep47 alonzo craig artic explorer p2 05/29/1940The huge figure of an Indian appears in the sky. Superman fights off the attacking Indians and then Clark Kent finds an important clue.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep48 alonzo craig artic explorer p3 06/01/1940Clark Kent has discovered the missing diary of Ray Martin. It says Alonzo Cragg is still alive! Superman finds Professor Peters being attacked by walruses.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep49 alonzo craig artic explorer p4 06/03/1940The ring has a secret compartment, inside is the second half of the treasure map, leading to the Cliffs Of Ice and the Sunken Temple. The witch doctor of the Cunalacas is captured by Superman.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep50 alonzo craig artic explorer p5 06/05/1940The missing explorer is really the witch doctor of the Cunalacas. The sacred treasure is found and the Cunalacas attack.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep51 alonzo craig artic explorer p6 06/06/1940Alonzo Cragg is brought back to his senses. The Cunalaca Indians get to keep the treasure.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep52 horace mortons weather machine p1 06/09/1940Lois Lane and Clark Kent travel to Music Mountain to interview Uncle Horace, who has the ability to accurately forecast the weather.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep53 horace mortons weather machine p2 06/11/1940The weather forecasts of Lois uncle Horace Morton are being used by a gang of criminals. After another uncannily accurate forecast by Horace Morton, Elmer Rodgers has been found murdered.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep54 horace mortons weather machine p3 06/13/1940During the hail storm, a bank has been robbed and three men who have been locked in the vault are about to suffocate.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep55 horace mortons weather machine p4 06/15/1940Lois drives down the mountain at breakneck speed and is forced off the road and into the lake. She is rescued by Superman. Dr. Morton can actually create weather, but has been kidnapped from a jail cell.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep56 horace mortons weather machine p5 06/19/1940Clark and Lois interview Thales at the Radium and Pitchblende refinery. He seems to know more about the whereabouts of Horace Morton than he is letting on.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep57 horace mortons weather machine p6 06/06/1940Superman frees Dr. Morton and finds out that Music Mountain is about to collapse on innocent children.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep58 hans holbins doll factory p1 06/24/1940Clark and Lois rush off to Melville to investigate the explosion in Hans Holbeins doll factory. Lois is imprisoned by Holbein to prevent her from discovering the truth.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep59 hans holbins doll factory p2 06/26/1940Superman finds a significant clue about the explosion in the doll factory. There are metal cylinders hidden in each doll.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep60 hans holbins doll factory p3 06/28/1940Lois is rescued from the explosion but is recaptured by Holbein and taken to a secret island.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep61 hans holbins doll factory p4 07/01/1940Superman pays a visit to the Agnes K, Holbeins converted fishing boat. He discovers a chart with the location of the hidden island. Meanwhile, Lois is set adrift in a rowboat at sea.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep62 hans holbins doll factory p5 07/03/1940Clark Kent is flying a sea plane with Perry White. He finds Lois in the rowboat...and just in time! Holbein finds Perry White and sets a bomb to blow up his own island, along with Perry White and his own henchman Joe. The bomb will go off in just ten minutes.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep63 hans holbins doll factory p6 07/05/1940Superman captures Holbein and rescues Perry White just before the island explodes.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep64 happyland amusement park p1 07/08/1940Midway Martin threatens Nancy Bardette when she refuses to sell him her new amusement park. The horses seem to go wild during the first big parade.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep65 happyland amusement park p2 07/10/1940Midway Martin forces Kelly to sabotage the Sky Chaser, Happylands most spectacular ride. Nancy is going to be taking the first ride.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep66 happyland amusement park p3 07/12/1940Clark Kent pretends to be a carnival strong man to get a job withe Midway Martin. Kelly steals Clarks wallet and discovers that he is really a reporter.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep67 happyland amusement park p4 07/15/1940Clark Kent tries to get a job with Midway Martin as a strong man. Plans are made to explode Happyland.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep68 happyland amusement park p5 07/17/1940Midway Martin tricks Nancy Bardette into selling Happyland.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep69 happyland amusement park p6 07/19/1940Midway Martin has Lois Lane trapped in a hotel room in Parkville. She escapes with the bill of sale and is rescued by Superman after a high speed car chase.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep70 lighthouse point smugglers p1 07/22/1940Jimmy Olsen calls the Daily Planet to tell them about a gang of smugglers at Lighthouse Point. Clark Kent travels up to Maine to discover several mysteries and rescue Jimmy from drowning.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep71 lighthouse point smugglers p2 07/24/1940There is a light in the old lighthouse. Aunt Lu is acting odd.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep72 lighthouse point smugglers p3 07/26/1940Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen investigate the strange old lighthouse and the strange sailor inside it.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep73 lighthouse point smugglers p4 07/29/1940There are strange developments with the smugglers in the lighthouse. Aunt Lu confesses her secret.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep74 lighthouse point smugglers p5 07/31/1940Christopher Horn tells the story of the Chinese Jade.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep75 lighthouse point smugglers p6 08/02/1940The secret chamber is revealed at last, with the help of Great Grandpa Horns sea chest filled with the Chinese jade.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep76 pillars of fire at graves end p1 08/05/1940An expedition to The Pillar Of Fire at Gravesend. A bomb nearly stops Clark Kent and Lois Lane before they begin to visit the walled village.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep77 pillar of fire at graves end p2 08/07/1940A strange evening with the elder of Gravesend, and then Lois Lane disappears from a locked room.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep78 pillars of fire at graves end p3 08/09/1940The secret of The Pillar Of Fire is revealed, Lois Lane is rescued.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep79 mayan treasure p1 08/12/1940Clark Kent and Major Dauber fly to the jungles of Central America to investigate Mayan ruins.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep80 mayan treasure p2 08/14/1940The expedition plans to find Ashta, a mummy of a beautiful woman, perfectly preserved. The Major has been abducted, he and Clark Kent are trapped in an underground dungeon.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep81 mayan treasure p3 08/16/1940Clark Kent meets an Englishman named Bert, a Navy deserter. Superman has to rescue Bert and Major Dover from wild natives. This is a story about the mummy of the goddess Ashta and the quest begins for the temple.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep82 mayan treasure p4 08/19/1940Major Dover and Chief Tasso are trapped in the middle of The Lake Of The Crocodiles with the water rising.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep83 mayan treasure p5 08/21/1940Superman investigates the wrecked plane and save Major Dover and Chief Tasso from the rising waters. Clark Kent, Major Dover and Chief Tasso become trapped in a tunnel.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep84 mayan treasure p6 08/23/1940Superman discovers the scheme of Bert is a round the world aviatrix kept in a state of suspended animation.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep85 professor thorpes bathysphere p1 08/26/1940Professor Thorpes ship has been stolen from Key West. After nearly drowning, Clark Kent discovers that a false telegram has caused all the trouble.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep86 professor thorpes bathysphere p2 08/28/1940Below deck on the Juanita is the real Captain Maddox. There is a map tattooed on the radio operators chest, shaped like an octopus. The false captain turns out to be Wolf Cleland a notorious Caribbean criminal.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep87 professor thorpes bathysphere p3 08/30/1940A radio message is received from Pete Escobar, the criminal mastermind. Escobar reveals his plan to get 2 million dollars in sunken gold.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep88 professor thorpes bathysphere p4 09/02/1940Clark Kent joins the professor for the first dive in the bathysphere. Suddenly, the air supply fails.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep89 professor thorpes bathysphere p5 09/04/1940Superman saves the bathysphere from an octopus with a stranglehold on the air lines. The first box of gold is recovered, but a storm dooms those aboard the bathysphere, and the Juanita.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep90 professor thorpes bathysphere p6 09/06/1940Captain Maddox sacrifices those in the bathysphere in an effort to save the ship, but the bathysphere is missing.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep91 professor thorpes bathysphere p7 09/09/1940Superman brings the bathysphere to the surface. All the gold has been recovered but Pete Escobar sneaks aboard the Juanita to steal it.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep92 professor thorpes bathysphere p8 09/11/1940Pete Escobar and Carlos steal the gold after knocking Captain Maddox unconscious. Meanwhile, Bill Wentworth and Jimmy Olsen plan to hire a boat to search for the Juanita.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep93 professor thorpes bathysphere p9 09/13/1940Superman takes the dying Captain Maddox to port and medical assistance. Bill Wentworth and Jimmy Olsen run from Escobars men and are trapped in a burning building.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep94 professor thorpes bathysphere p10 09/16/1940Superman rescues Jimmy Olsen and Bill Wentworth from the burning hotel. Escobar and Carlos plant explosive mines in the channel to sink the Juanita.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep95 professor thorpes bathysphere p11 09/18/1940There are mines in the channel, the Juanita will be blown up any second. Jimmy Olsen disobeys Clark Kents instructions in an attempt to recover the gold.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep96 professor thorpes bathysphere p12 09/20/1940Superman is convinced that Pete Escobar, the evil half breed, was behind the disappearance of Jimmy Olsen. The gold is recovered and Jimmy is rescued, despite the earthquake.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep97 curse of dead man's island p1 09/23/1940Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are shipwrecked on a strange island.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep98 curse of dead man's island p2 09/25/1940Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen explore the strange house of the lady and her hawk.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep99 curse of dead man's island p3 09/23/1940Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen try to solve the mystery of the strange island. Boris the madman returns to the hidden tunnel and its prisoner.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep100 curse of dead man's island p4 09/30/1940Jimmy Olsen and Edwards, the prisoner of Dead Mans Island, make their escape.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep101 curse of dead man's island p5 10/02/1940The attack of the giant clams. Jimmy Olsen and Edwards are in danger and in need of help from Superman.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep102 curse of dead man's island p6 10/04/1940Exploring Dead Mans Island, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are threatened by Boris, who is killed by his own bullet. The secret of the island is revealed.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep103 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p1 10/07/1940A mysterious event on an express train, and Clark Kent recovers the stolen crown jewels worth five million dollars.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep104 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p2 10/09/1940adventures of supermanwww.botar.us00:11:35
ep105 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p3 10/11/1940The Yellow Mask takes the jewels from Jimmy Olsen, but is knocked unconscious himself by the woman on the train. Jimmy has a surprise for Clark Kent, but The Yellow Mask and the mysterious woman join forces against Clark and Jimmy.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep106 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p4 10/14/1940The Yellow Mask and his female partner trick Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen into leaving the train. They plan to recover the jewels from a hotel room.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep107 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p5 10/16/1940The jewels have been stolen from Jimmy Olsen. Clark Kent gives chase in a rented airplane, but the plane crash lands in a marsh. Back on the train, the chase after the girl continues.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep108 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p6 10/18/1940The girl has disappeared. This leads Clark Kent to a story about disappearing airplanes. Is everything tied to a mysterious deserted tower.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep109 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p7 10/21/1940The mysterious woman has a falling out with The Yellow Mask after he reveals his plans to her. But, The Yellow Mask never forgets. Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen confront the girl who promptly disappears.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep110 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p8 10/23/1940Superman rescues the mysterious woman from the quicksand. Clark Kent baits a trap for The Yellow Mask, with Lois Lane. The Yellow Masks henchmen set a trap for Clark, using an open drawbridge.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep111 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p9 10/25/1940Lois Lane convinces The Yellow Mask to fall into Clark Kents trap. An airplane dives right at Clark and Jimmy Olsen.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep112 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p10 10/28/1940The Yellow Mask escapes with Lois Lane, Clark Kent sets another trap.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep113 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p11 10/30/1940Clark Kent captures one of the members of the gang of The Yellow Mask.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep114 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p12 11/01/1940Jimmy Olsen and the police commissioner fall into a trap. Clark Kent confronts the Yellow Mask face to face. Clark makes a deal with The Yellow Mask, but is trapped along with Lois Lane, Jimmy and the police commissioner in a concrete tank.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep115 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p13 11/04/1940Even though hes trapped in a concrete tank, Clark Kent still has a trick up his sleeve.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep116 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p14 11/06/1940Lefty and Joe double cross The Yellow Mask by stealing the jewels being delivered by a policeman. Clark Kent finally gets the chance to break out of the concrete tank, but The Yellow Mask gets the drop on him.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep117 yellow mask and 5 million jewel robbery p15 11/08/1940Superman breaks out of the concrete tank and captures The Yellow Mask and his two henchmen.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep118 invisible man p1 11/11/1940A plan is formed to get dishonest District Attorney Parker out of office. The D. A. has his own ideas about this, and then, theres that invisible man.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep119 invisible man p2 11/13/1940The invisible man issues a threat, in fact, several threats.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep120 invisible man p3 11/15/1940The invisible man has hidden a time bomb to blow up the presses of The Daily Planet.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep121 invisible man p4 11/18/1940The mayor is convinced to withdraw his opposition to the invisible man. Now, what has the invisible man done to Perry Whites car.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep122 invisible man p5 11/20/1940Clark Kent and Superman vs. The Invisible Man. Perry White fires Clark Kent, but Clark knows the secret of the invisible man.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep123 invisible man p6 11/22/1940Clark Kent reveals the identity of the invisible man. Clark also tells how he became invisible. A freight car with five million dollars in gold has disappeared.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep124 5 million gold heist p1 11/25/1940While investigating the freight car, missing with five million dollars in gold, Superman finds an emerald.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep125 5 million gold heist p2 11/27/1940Superman prevents Lois Lane from being killed by a train. The emerald belongs to Mr. Fortune, a trusted employee of the bank. An attempt is about to be made on the life of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep126 5 million gold heist p3 11/29/1940Clark Kent just barely saves Lois Lane from being run over by a truck. Mr. Fortune has now disappeared.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep127 5 million gold heist p4 12/02/1940Mr. Fortune is found murdered. Lois Lane and Miss Bailey now vanish into thin air.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep128 5 million gold heist p5 12/04/1940Clark Kent is the next to disappear, the mystery starts to unravel. The Boss is planning another gold robbery by dynamiting a train.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep129 5 million gold heist p6 12/06/1940Superman discovers a hidden cave in the side of a mountain, and the missing freight car. Jimmy Olsen boards the train that The Boss plans to blow up as it crosses The Rainbow Bridge.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep130 5 million gold heist p7 12/09/1940Superman learns the secret of how the boxcar full of gold was stolen as Jimmy Olsen and the train near The Rainbow Bridge.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep131 5 million gold heist p8 12/11/1940Superman discovers the identity of The Boss and rescues the train as the bridge blows up. The end of the adventure, but The Indian Sign Of Death appears on Perry Whites desk.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep132 howling coyote p1 12/13/1940Meet Comanche Joe, who has a strange story to tell. A howling coyote means a disaster.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep133 howling coyote p2 12/16/1940Superman rescues Comanche Joe and Jimmy Olsen from the avalanche. New plans are made by the bad guys to shoot Jimmy Olsen.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep134 howling coyote p3 12/18/1940Superman catches the bullet meant to kill Jimmy Olsen, but another plan to kill Jimmy is being hatched.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep135 howling coyote p4 12/20/1940Jimmy Olsen is wounded by a wild horse, just as a blizzard strikes. Tumbleweed tries to bring Jimmy twenty miles through the snowy mountains to a doctor.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep136 howling coyote p5 12/23/1940Tumbleweed and Jimmy Olsen are trapped in the blizzard. Tumbleweed is forced to shoot his horse.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep137 howling coyote p6 12/25/1940Superman assists the doctors operating on Jimmy Olsen but it doesnt look good.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep138 howling coyote p7 12/27/1940A transfusion from Superman saves the life of Jimmy Olsen. Dusty is murdered as the coyote howls and the oil wells catch fire.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep139 howling coyote p8 12/30/1940Comanche Joe plans to use nitroglycerine to put out the oil well fires. His foreman plans to blow up Comanche Joe while he is near the burning oil well.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep140 howling coyote p9 01/01/1941The plot to kill Comanche Joe fails when Superman puts out the oil well fires. However when the coyote howls three times, Comanche Joe will die.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep141 howling coyote p10 01/03/1941Rawson is exposed as the force behind the Coyote and escapes into the woods. Tumbleweed Jones heads into Rawsons cave, armed only with a bow and arrow.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep142 howling coyote p11 01/06/1941Tumbleweed goes into the cave armed only with a bow and arrow to get Rawson. Both of them, and Comanche Joe as well, get trapped in the cave.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep143 howling coyote p12 01/08/1941The Indian drums tell a story. Will Superman be able to read the story.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep144 howling coyote p13 01/10/1941As the air in the cave runs out, the Comanches pray to Superman to rescue Comanche Joe.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep145 howling coyote p13 01/13/1941The conclusion of The Case Of The Howling Coyote.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep146 black pearl of osyrus p1 01/15/1941Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen go to interview Sidney Rycroft, and the adventure of The Black Pearl Of Osiris begins. Miss Rycroft disappears during a magic act.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep147 black pearl of osyrus p2 01/17/1941Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are amazed to find the theatre they just left has been deserted for over ten years. Superman rescues Miss Rycroft, then Sidney Rycroft appears at The Daily Planet.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep148 black pearl of osyrus p3 01/20/1941Miss Rycroft has been kidnapped once again.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep149 black pearl of osyrus p4 01/22/1941Miss Rycroft is accused of stealing The Black Pearl Of Osirus. Tumbleweed Jones tries to rescue her and is shot. Superman to the rescue.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep150 black pearl of osyrus p5 01/24/1941Tumbleweed Jones is kidnaped from the hospital. Clark Kent is told that Sidney Rycroft was never registered in her hotel.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep151 black pearl of osyrus p6 01/27/1941The search for the black pearl of Osirus continues. Superman rescues Tumbleweed Jones from a car beneath the river. Sleepy Sam has been hired to bring Tumbleweed to a mysterious stranger.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep152 black pearl of osyrus p7 01/29/1941Hoomi kidnaps Tumbleweed and locks Jimmy in the closet. Sidney Ryecroft and theThe Whisperer appear.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep153 black pearl of osyrus p8 01/31/1941Tumbleweed boards an airplane to return to his ranch, but finds a warning inside the wrapper of a piece of chewing gum. Superman takes off in pursuit of the airplane.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep154 black pearl of osyrus p9 02/03/1941Tumbleweeds plane is attacked by a mysterious airship, but Superman flies into the propellor, wrecking the aircraft. Can Clark really solve the mystery of the disappearing theatre.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep155 black pearl of osyrus p10 02/05/1941Clark Kent explains the secret of the disappearing theatre. The secret identity of The Whisperer is revealed.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep156 black pearl of osyrus p11 02/07/1941The last episode of the adventure. The location of The Black Pearl Of Osiris is revealed.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep157 dragons teeth p1 02/10/1941The secret of eternal life is to be found on the ten teeth of the green dragon.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep158 dragons teeth p2 02/12/1941Dr. Wan asks Perry White to guard nine of the ten teeth of The Green Dragon, but Perry White collapses from poisoned tea! Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen follow Perry White and Clark Kent to Chinatown.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep159 dragons teeth p3 02/14/1941Superman saves Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane from the poisoned tea. Evil Walter Hoffman appears in Dr. Wans apartment and kills him to get the teeth of The Green Dragon.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep160 dragons teeth p4 02/17/1941Clark Kent visits Walter Hoffman on a pretense. Perry White receives a telegram from Superman.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep161 dragons teeth p5 02/19/1941An interview with a Superman imposter, and a confrontation with the real thing.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep162 dragons teeth p6 02/21/1941Clark Kent and Lois Lane are flying west in an air transport plane which is running into serious trouble. Clark Kent switches to Superman, knocks out the pilots and lands the plane safely.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep163 dragons teeth p7 02/24/1941Lois Lane is forced onto a train with Walter Hoffman and his Chinese henchman. She tries to send a telegram but is outsmarted by Hoffman.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep164 dragons teeth p8 02/26/1941Lois Lane tries to get help, but Hoffman convinces the conductor that shes crazy. Superman flies west in pursuit, but Hoffman has yet another plan.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep165 dragons teeth p9 02/28/1941Lois Lane has some unkind words for her oriental captors, as Superman continues on her trail. Hoffman abandons Lois and Hu Ling during a dust storm.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep166 dragons teeth p10 03/03/1941Hu Ling tries to fight Lois Lane, thinking she is a she devil. Hoffman is killed in the dust storm and the Dragons Teeth are ruined.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep167 last of the clipper ships p1 03/05/1941Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are leaving on the Clara M, the last of the Clipper ships.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep168 last of the clipper ships p2 03/07/1941Meet Mr. Barnaby, a one legged sailor with a suspicious attitude.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep169 last of the clipper ships p3 03/10/1941The Captain is almost injured by a belaying pin, dropped by the strange Mr. Barnaby. Clark Kent overhears some of his evil plans. Jimmy Olsen follows The Whistler.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep170 last of the clipper ships p4 03/07/1941Superman rescues Jimmy Olsen as he falls from the rigging.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep171 last of the clipper ships p5 03/14/1941Clark Kent finds that the ship is off course, then catches Mr. Barnaby in his cabin. The anchor threatens to sink the Clara M.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep172 last of the clipper ships p6 03/17/1941Captain Hawkins is wounded trying to save his ship from the anchor that is smashing in the hull.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep173 last of the clipper ships p7 03/19/1941Superman puts the anchor on deck and saves the Clara M. Clark Kent plans to take a desperate chance to save the life of Captain Hawkins.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep174 last of the clipper ships p8 03/21/1941Clark Kent successfully operates on Captain Hawkins, but there are rumblings of mutiny among the crew.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep175 last of the clipper ships p9 03/24/1941Scotty chooses not to join the mutiny, But Limey gets the drop on his and Jimmy Olsen.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep176 last of the clipper ships p10 03/26/1941Superman quells the mutiny. Teak Barnaby thinks he is talked Clark Kent into letting the voyage continue.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep177 last of the clipper ships p11 03/28/1941Jimmy Olsen overhears the plans of Barnaby and the mutineers. Teak Barnaby makes a none too subtle threat.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep178 last of the clipper ships p12 03/31/1941The Whistler has returned and he has stolen a chicken.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep179 last of the clipper ships p13 04/02/1941Jimmy Olsen discovers a stowaway, fights with him, and both boys fall overboard.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep180 last of the clipper ships p14 04/04/1941Superman rescues Jimmy Olsen and The Whistler, but there is another Whistler.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep181 last of the clipper ships p15 04/07/1941Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen avoid a mutiny and close in on The Whistler.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep182 last of the clipper ships p16 04/09/1941The secret of The Whistler is revealed, and a very important piece of oiled silk is examined.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep183 last of the clipper ships p17 04/11/1941The discovery of a treasure map. Teak Barnaby wants that map or else.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep184 last of the clipper ships p18 04/14/1941Superman rescues Clark Kent. He then takes over the ship and throws Barnaby in irons.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep185 last of the clipper ships p19 04/16/1941Teak Barnaby plans to blow up the Clara M and steals the treasure map from the ships safe.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep186 last of the clipper ships p20 04/18/1941Superman to the rescue, as the Clara M heads for the bottom.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep187 nitrate shipment p1 04/21/1941The start of a new adventure. There are several plans for intrigue involving the treasure map.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep188 nitrate shipment p2 04/23/1941Pug has disappeared, with the treasure map. He hass been kidnapped, but Jimmy Olsen frees him. Both boys end up in the hold of a freighter heading out to sea.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep189 nitrate shipment p3 04/25/1941Superman rescues Pug and Jimmy Olsen. Clark Kent receives a one word message, Beware.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep190 nitrate shipment p4 04/28/1941Pug and Jimmy Olsen investigate the ships strange cargo, and find themselves in big trouble in this ships hold.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep191 nitrate shipment p5 04/30/1941Clark Kent rescues Pug and Jimmy Olsen and discovers the secret of the ships cargo. It is nitrate. Beware the little old lady she may be a spy.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep192 nitrate shipment p6 05/02/1941Clark Kent confronts the little old lady and discovers that she is really a he.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep193 nitrate shipment p7 05/05/1941While Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are being held prisoner, Pug is almost captured but he escapes.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep194 nitrate shipment p8 05/07/1941Pug escapes a second time and plans the rescue of Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen. Pug is spotted however, and falls into the sea.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep195 nitrate shipment p9 05/09/1941Superman rescues Pug just as he is about to drown. A torpedo is launched at the ship by a submarine, but is turned around. The torpedo hits the submarine and sinks it ending the adventure.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep196 grayson submarine p1 05/12/1941The start of a new adventure. Professor Graysons experimental submarine is trapped three hundred and fifty feet below the surface, and is unable to move.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep197 grayson submarine p2 05/14/1941Perry White and Lois Lane are taken prisoner in a strange house on a cliff overlooking the sea. Clark Kent forces the submarine commander to let him leave by way of the emergency escape hatch.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep198 grayson submarine p3 05/16/1941The evil Dr. Deutch introduces himself to Perry White and Lois Lane.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep199 grayson submarine p4 05/19/1941Dr. Deutch has taken Perry White and Lois Lane aboard the captured submarine of Dr. Grayson.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep200 grayson submarine p5 05/21/1941Dr. Deutch fires a torpedo at an innocent ship, but it is deflected by Superman.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep201 grayson submarine p6 05/23/1941Dr. Deutch and Hans make it safely to their new hideout. There is a traitor on the naval base.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep202 mr deutch and the radium mine p1 05/26/1941Dr. Deutch sets a trap for Clark Kent, and a second trap for Lois Lane and Perry White.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep203 mr deutch and the radium mine p2 05/28/1941Jimmy Olsen is rescued by Clark Kent. He warns Lois about the bomb hidden in the typewriter. Clark approaches the shack where Dr. Deutch and Hans are hiding.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep204 mr deutch and the radium mine p3 05/30/1941Clark Kent is taken prisoner by Dr. Deutch. Jimmy Olsens new dog Storm leads him to a sea plane.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep205 mr deutch and the radium mine p4 06/02/1941The radio controlled sea plane is heading toward an extinct volcano with Jimmy Olsen and his dog aboard. Superman rescues Jimmy after the plane crashes.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep206 mr deutch and the radium mine p5 06/04/1941Clark Kent discovers Jimmy Olsen in his prison on Volcano Island.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep207 mr deutch and the radium mine p6 06/06/1941Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are seen watching Dr. Deutschs radium mine. Dr. Julius Browning, a prisoner in the mine, is located.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep208 mr deutch and the radium mine p7 06/09/1941Superman prevents a ship from hitting the reef. Dr. Deutsch is determined to get his twelve ounces of radium and rule the world.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep209 mr deutch and the radium mine p8 06/11/1941Dr. Deutsch tries to smother Dr. Browning, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen. Superman rescues his friends with the help of Storm the dog.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep210 mr deutch and the radium mine p9 06/13/1941Using a radio controlled plane to escape, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen take over Dr. Deutschs boat after Dr. Browning dies.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep211 mr deutch and the radium mine p10 06/16/1941Storm discovers that there is a fire aboard ship. The ship explodes and Jimmy is rescued by Superman.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep212 mr deutch and the radium mine p11 06/18/1941Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen meet up with Lewis, the Secret Service agent. They make plans to discover Dr. Deutschs Master Plan.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep214 white plague p1 06/23/1941The start of a new adventure. The Legend Of The White Plague. Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen visit a lumber camp on the Big Beaver river, when they are attacked.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep215 white plague p2 06/25/1941Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen learn about the White Plague, Gaston is found frozen to death.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep216 white plague p3 06/27/1941The White Plague has struck again, and another lumberjack is dead. Who is shooting at Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep217 white plague p4 06/30/1941Nancy Harmon and Jimmy Olsen have disappeared their footprints just stop in the snow.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep218 white plague p5 07/02/1941A clue to the disappearance an eagle with a ten foot wing spread. Superman finds Jimmy Olsen and Nancy they have been drugged.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep219 white plague p6 07/04/1941A chat with a doctor priest and then fire breaks out.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep220 white plague p7 07/071941The cabin burns down and Clark Kent smells kerosene. There have been five men murdered. Clark Kent announces that he knows who is responsible for The White Plague.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep221 white plague p8 07/09/1941Clark Kent announces that he knows who killed the five lumberjacks and the secret of the White Plague.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep222 fur smuggling p1 07/11/1941Fred Harmon kills himself Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen and Batiste the guide are camping in the north woods.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep223 fur smuggling p2 07/14/1941Two phoney game wardens tell the campers to move out, Clark does not believe them. Superman investigates a strange airplane which drops a mysterious package into the woods.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep224 fur smuggling p3 07/16/1941Bull plans to set bear traps for Clark and his friends.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep225 fur smuggling p4 07/18/1941Clark Kent is caught in a hidden bear trap, which does him no harm. Clark and Jimmy Olsen find smuggled mink skins in the bundle dropped from an airplane.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep226 fur smuggling p5 07/21/1941Jimmy Olsen and Batiste are taken prisoner by Bull. While they are tied up and left in a cave, a savage bear approaches.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep227 fur smuggling p6 07/23/1941Superman captures Bull and races off to rescue Jimmy Olsen and Batiste who are being attacked by a bear.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep228 dr roebling and the voice machine p1 07/25/1941Returning from the north woods, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen meet Dr. Roebling on the train back to Metropolis. Dr. Roebling has invented a valuable new device, but he has been threatened and denies his identity.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep229 dr roebling and the voice machine p2 07/28/1941Dr. Roebling collapses on the train. Clark Kent meets the beautiful daughter of Dr. Roebling. One half hour later they both disappear.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep230 dr roebling and the voice machine p3 07/30/1941Clark Kent and Lois Lane travel to Martinville and meet Dr. Roeblings daughter in a hotel room. Clark smells a rat.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep231 dr roebling and the voice machine p4 08/01/1941Lois is locked in a hotel room while Dr. Roeblings evil nephew prepares to inject him with a drug to make him sign over his invention.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep232 dr roebling and the voice machine p3 08/04/1941Superman rescues Lois as she falls out of the hotel window while attempting escape. Dr. Roebling signs the papers.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep233 dr roebling and the voice machine p6 08/06/1941Superman captures Jack Roebling and his wife.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep234 dr roebling and the voice machine p7 08/08/1941A demonstration of the voice machine, a truly marvelous invention.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep235 dr roebling and the voice machine p8 08/11/1941Jack Roebling breaks into his uncles house to destroy the voice machine.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep236 dr roebling and the voice machine p9 08/13/1941The voice machine is repaired, and tunes in on plans for murder, Clark Kent is arrested.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep237 dr roebling and the voice machine p10 08/15/1941Lois visits Clark in jail, where he is trying to prevent a murder.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep238 dr roebling and the voice machine p11 08/18/1941Clark Kent breaks out of jail.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep239 dr roebling and the voice machine p12 08/20/1941Clark Kent and Perry White are kidnapped by gangsters and held prisoner.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep240 dr roebling and the voice machine p13 08/22/1941Clark Kent pretends he is a radio station and transmits a call for help.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep241 dr roebling and the voice machine p14 08/25/1941Clark rescues Perry White from a burning building, without revealing his secret identity.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep242 dr roebling and the voice machine p15 08/27/1941Duke Reynaud plans to murder Henry Benson by opening a drawbridge as he is being driven to prison.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep243 dr roebling and the voice machine p16 08/29/1941Commercials added locally. A trap at the drawbridge, foiled by Superman. The end of the adventure.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep244 metropolis football team poisoned p1 09/01/1941The start of a new adventure. Clark Kent suspects that the entire Metropolis football team has been weakened by food poisoning.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep245 metropolis football team poisoned p2 09/03/1941Clark Kent finds out that polio research funds depend on the Metropolis football team. Is it possible that someone may have a vested interest in the team failing.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep246 metropolis football team poisoned p3 09/05/1941Clark Kent receives a threatening letter warning him not to investigate the poisoned football team and the strange will. Jimmy Olsen is threatened by a four hundred pound gorilla.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep247 metropolis football team poisoned p4 09/08/1941Superman wrestles with the gorilla and forces him back into his cage. He then is surprised while breaking into the safe of lawyer Quincy.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep248 metropolis football team poisoned p5 09/10/1941Jimmy sees the football teams cook poisoning the teams milk.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep249 metropolis football team poisoned p6 09/12/1941Superman flies to the train on which the cook is escaping and brings him back to Metropolis.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep250 metropolis football team poisoned p7 09/15/1941Clark Kent and Perry White are imprisoned in a sealed room in a sanitarium by Dr. Wilson. They are to be kept prisoners until after the big game.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep251 metropolis football team poisoned p8 09/17/1941Superman breaks out of the oxygen chamber, takes Dr. Wilsons assistant prisoner and chases Dr. Wilson who crashes into a tree and is killed. The team however has already been poisoned, with the only antidote in Central America.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep252 metropolis football team poisoned p9 09/19/1941Dr. Wilsons real identity has been revealed. Martha Hawkins is really his sister, and shes holding Lois Lane at gunpoint, planning to burn her brothers diary.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep253 metropolis football team poisoned p10 09/22/1941Superman flies to Central America to obtain the antidote. Clark Kent will have to go to the shack of Pango Pete tonight.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep254 metropolis football team poisoned p11 09/24/1941A social call on Pango Pete, and a return from retirement.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep255 metropolis football team poisoned p12 09/26/1941The head hunters are on the war path.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep256 metropolis football team poisoned p13 09/29/1941Superman faces a tribe of savage head hunters. John Carter has been hit by a poisoned dart.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep257 metropolis football team poisoned p14 10/01/1941Superman gets the two antidotes from the head hunters, but they are stolen by Pango Pete.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep258 metropolis football team poisoned p15 10/03/1941There is just three minutes to go in the big football game, and Superman is still chasing Pango Pete through the Central American jungles.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep259 crooked oil association p1 10/06/1941Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen fly out west to help Tumbleweed Jones fight a crooked oil protective association.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep260 crooked oil association p2 10/08/1941After shooting up Tumbleweeds tank trucks, a second attempt is made to sabotage the trip to the refinery.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep261 crooked oil association p3 10/10/1941Superman saves the tank trucks from a tumbling rock as big as a house. Jimmy is tied to a saddle atop a wild horse, heading out into the desert.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep262 crooked oil association p4 10/13/1941Superman rescues Jimmy Olsen and the bucking bronco, just as they fall off a cliff.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep263 crooked oil association p5 10/15/1941Banker Chaney accuses Tumbleweed of not owning Comanche Joes ranch. Comanche Joe is found murdered.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep264 crooked oil association p6 10/17/1941Chaney deputizes Chuck Connors and has Tumbleweed arrested.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep265 crooked oil association p7 10/20/1941Jimmy Olsen is shot. Chaney plans to break Tumbleweed out of jail and push him into a quicksand pit.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep266 crooked oil association p8 10/22/1941Thieves fall out. Don Larson is shot in the back, but is not quite finished. Superman pow wows with the Comanche Chief, while Connors and Chaney threaten Jimmy.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep267 crooked oil association p9 10/24/1941The Indians refuse to allow Superman to remove a bullet from the body of Comanche Joe. Jimmys horse breaks a leg and Superman turns a bullet in flight to save Jimmy from Chuck Connors.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep268 crooked oil association p10 10/27/1941Superman rescues Tumbleweed from the quicksand pit. Jimmy Olsen finds a mysterious Silver Arrow. The start of a new adventure.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep269 silver arrow p1 10/29/1941As Tumbleweed, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen try to puzzle out the meaning of the strange poem on the silver arrowhead, Jimmy refers to his pal Jackie Kelk. Hopeful Jake tells the story of the Silver Arrow.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep270 silver arrow p2 10/31/1941Jimmy Olsen finds another silver arrowhead with another puzzling poem on it, and another arrowhead in a cave filled with buffalo bones.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep271 silver arrow p3 11/03/1941A landslide traps Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen in the cave. After Clark moves a few boulders, they find a mine shaft, empty shacks and finally Tumbleweed.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep272 silver arrow p4 11/05/1941Mary Lewis is found in the ghost town; tied up and gagged. Shes been on the trail of the silver arrow as well.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep273 silver arrow p5 11/07/1941An arrow is shot in the dark. a mysterious figure is seen, a hand grabs at Jimmy Olsen. A silver arrow silences Hopeful Jake, just as he is about to reveal the secret.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep274 silver arrow p6 11/10/1941The trail of the silver arrows is getting clearer. A picture with moving eyes.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep275 silver arrow p7 11/12/1941The discovery of the silver arrow. The end of the adventure.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep276 pan am highway p1 11/14/1941Bud Collyer has a bad case of laryngitis, so Clark Kent mentions that he has a bad case of laryngitis. Clark, Perry White and Lois Lane take a secret aircraft aloft for a test flight. Three groups of engineers have disappeared while working on a Pan American highway.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep277 pan am highway p2 11/17/1941As Clark Kent prepares to head for Washington D. C., the rest of The Daily Planet staff leave for South America and sabotage aboard the plane. Bud Collyer has laryngitis during the broadcast.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep278 pan am highway p3 11/19/1941In Washington, Clark Kent receives Perry Whites distress call from the sabotaged stratoship. Superman to the rescue. A clue that the lost Inca civilization may still exist. Bud Collyer still has laryngitis.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep279 pan am highway p4 11/21/1941The civilization of the Incas still exists. While flying to South America, Clark Kent and Lieutenant Elliott discover someone is hiding aboard their airplane. Bud Collyer still has laryngitis.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep280 pan am highway p5 11/24/1941Jimmy Olsen has stowed away on Clark Kents airplane. As a strange noise approaches Perry White and Lois Lane, Jimmy falls out of the airplane, and Clark jumps out right after him.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep281 pan am highway p6 11/26/1941Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen discover the lost race of the Incas, disguise themselves as Inca warriors, and try to rescue Perry White and Lois Lane from the menacing Inca tribesmen.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep282 pan am highway p7 11/28/1941The staff of The Daily Planet are all captives of the Inca Indians.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep283 pan am highway p8 12/01/1941Clark Kent and his friends are brought through a hidden tunnel to the land of the Incas.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep284 pan am highway p9 12/03/1941Clark Kent and Perry White discover one of the missing American engineers, by the name of John Craig.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep285 pan am highway p10 12/05/1941Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane are sentenced to death and are to be escorted to The Valley Of The Shadows.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep286 pan am highway p11 12/08/1941Clark Kent discovers that Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane are in danger and tries to get an old Inca warrior to help him find the Valley Of The Shadows.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep287 pan am highway p12 12/10/1941Jimmy Olsen uses a police whistle to summon aid from Superman.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep288 pan am highway p13 12/12/1941Clark Kent fools the Incas into thinking that Perry White and John Craig have been killed.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep289 pan am highway p14 12/15/1941The Supreme Chief of the Inca nation challenges Superman to create a river. or the white men shall be put to death.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep290 pan am highway p15 12/17/1941Superman moves the river of the Incas and saves the city from destruction. The end of the adventure.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep291 mechanical man p1 12/19/1941Clark Kent is working for the counter espionage unit of the secret service. The Yellow Mask escapes from state prison. The Mask then telephones Clark to tell him that he is going to pay his debt to him and to Perry White and Lois Lane too.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep292 mechanical man p2 12/22/1941The Yellow Mask turns off the electricity in the Daily Planet building. Along with a Nazi friend, The Mask plans to take over a robot and use it to create havoc.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep293 mechanical man p3 12/24/1941The Yellow Mask breaks into a safe to steal the plans for the mechanical man. The robot walks through the wall and heads outside, mowing down everything in its path.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep294 mechanical man p4 12/26/1941Nothing can stop the mechanical man and he is heading towards an orphanage.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep295 mechanical man p5 12/29/1941Superman does battle with the flying robot, and totally wrecks it. Lois Lane decides to do some spy catching on her own.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep296 mechanical man p6 12/31/1941Lois Lane infiltrates the German nest of spies and is of course promptly captured by them. Superman investigates but only finds an empty apartment and a strange hissing sound.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep297 mechanical man p7 01/02/1942Clark Kent shows the Secret Service agent the hidden control panel and the rooms that turn inside out. Clark and Major Campbell plan to allow themselves to be taken prisoner.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep298 mechanical man p8 01/05/1942Lois Lane confronts Max Heller, the Nazi spy. Lois Lane gets a demonstration of the mechanical man and learns of Mr. Hellers evil plans.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep299 mechanical man p9 01/07/1942Max Heller has let loose a mechanical man against a shipyard that is vital for America's defense.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep300 mechanical man p10 01/09/1942Superman saves the shipyard from the attacking robot. He discovers the hiding place of the Nazi agent by hiding himself inside the mechanical man.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep301 lita the leopard woman p1 01/12/1942Max Heller seems to be still alive. Even though his body is down at the morgue. The Society Of The Leopard poses an even greater threat, especially Lita, The Leopard Woman. Lita plans to poison Lois Lane.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep302 lita the leopard woman p2 01/14/1942Lois Lane receives the box of poisoned candy. From Clark Kent Jimmy Olsen has eaten the candy, and does not stand a chance.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep303 lita the leopard woman p3 01/16/1942A Japanese sub is attacking the ship on which the only doctor that can save Jimmy Olsens life is a passenger. Superman plays catch with the subs torpedoes after they are launched.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep304 lita the leopard woman p4 01/19/1942Clark Kent and Perry White come upon the hidden room of Max Heller and Lita the Leopard Woman.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep305 lita the leopard woman p5 01/21/1942Clark Kent and Perry White await for Max Heller to awaken and name his assailant. The Leopard Woman plans to finish the job of murder.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep306 lita the leopard woman p6 01/23/1942The Leopard Womans plan to assassinate Max Heller is foiled by a fainting nurse. She decides to try again, by pretending to be a patient in the hospital.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep307 lita the leopard woman p7 01/26/1942Clark Kent traps The Leopard Woman. Max Heller dies in the hospital, Clark plans to allow The Leopard Woman to escape. He and Major Campbell follow her to her secret hideout.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep308 lita the leopard woman p8 01/28/1942adventures of supermanwww.botar.us00:11:35
ep309 lita the leopard woman p9 01/30/1942The Leopard Woman escapes, leaving behind a medallion with the Japanese words The Society Of The Leopard. Clark Kent is fired by the Secret Service.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep310 lita the leopard woman p10 02/02/1942Clark Kent and Lois Lane have a meeting with the Leopard Woman. Clark overhears her plans to a have a Nazi submarine torpedo an American tanker.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep311 lita the leopard woman p11 02/04/1942Kato blows himself up along with the house, but the Leopard Woman escapes.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep312 lita the leopard woman p12 02/06/1942The Leopard Woman and Brower steal a seaplane to escape from Metropolis. The plan to rendezvous with a Nazi sub. Superman pursues and ends the adventure.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep313 ghost car p1 02/09/1942The start of a new adventure. Jimmy Olsen reports a ghost car has caused the accidents near the Bar O Ranch.www.botar.us00:11:35
ep314 ghost car p2 02/11/1942The ghost car forces Clark Kent and Lois Lane off the road. Shortly after Lois arrives at the ranch by walking, Clark hears her crying for help.www.botar.us00:11:35

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