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Sunset Magazine

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For the latest in travel, garden, home, food and wine, listen to Cyndee Maxwell's selections from your guide to living in the West - Sunset Magazine.

Current Sunset Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
The Life Aquatic in Reno - 08/16/2016A couple opens a water nursery and builds a community. By Johanna SilverReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:04:54
River Reboot - 08/03/2016With an influx or creative talent and the biggest fishing boom in a generation, Astoria, Oregon, reinvents itself-again. By Patrick SymmesReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:13:12
National Parks and a Special Road - 07/20/2016For the ultimate celebration, joyride along U.S. 89, which connects six of the country's greatest parks, winding through a landscape of fire and ice.Reader: Cyndee Maxwell00:10:04
New Zealand's Style - 06/13/2016Kiwi Sauvignon Blancs are better than ever - and still a bargain. They might be your best sip this summer. By Sara Schneider.Reader: Cyndee Maxwell00:04:56
Waiting for the Sun - 06/08/2016Watching dawn break and dusk fall over Maui's Haleakala National Park requires a study spirit (and a thick pair of long Johns). By Susan CaseyReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:16:41
Chardonnay for Breakfast - 05/22/2016A menu from a winemaking family who know their way around this most-popular white. By Sara SchneiderReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:07:34
Festival Fever - 05/05/2016Summer music festivals, the biggest and the best are right here in the West. Find a spot on the lawn. You don't want to miss out. By Mickey RapkinReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:09:03
Secret History - 04/24/2016DNA testing is revealing the delicious heritage of some of California's best wines. By Sara SchneiderReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:05:23
Tea 2.0 - 04/15/2016The ancient crop is suddenly the hottest thing growing. And one family farm in Oregon is leading the way. By Johanna SilverReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:10:46
Road Trip Recharged - 04/05/2016A drive to Napa in an electric vehicle brought this San Francisco couple to a place refreshingly different. By Chris ColinReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:09:38
The Wine Trail: Arizona Sipping - 03/18/2016Head to the high desert to discover the best new thing in the Grand Canyon State. By Nora Burba Trulsson and Edie JarolimReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:10:28
Welcome Home - 03/04/2016For our Best Hometowns 2016, Sunset editors searched the West to find towns, cities, and neighborhoods that are easy to love.Reader: Cyndee Maxwell00:22:53
The Shore Thing - 02/20/2016Up and down the untamed Northwest coast, there are treasures hidden in the sand. You just have to know how to look. By Bill DonahueReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:09:55
The People's Playground - 01/31/2016Will Yosemite's popularity be its undoing? Will gridlock an crowding spoil its grandeur? The National Park Service, turning 100, grapples issue.Reader: Cyndee Maxwell00:09:48
Into the Wild - 12/31/2015Wood bison were declared extinct less than a century ago. Now, the shaggy behemoths are wandering the Alaska wilderness, free. By Peter FishReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:19:47
The Longest Day - 12/26/2015It's one of those classic West Coast brags: You can surf and ski here in the same days. We convinced transplant Mickey Rapkin to the challenge.Reader: Cyndee Maxwell00:10:57
A Perfect Day in Astoria, OR - 11/16/2015The oldest town west of the Rockies is buoyed by new breweries, galleries, and charming seafood spots. By Emily GrosvenorReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:05:02
The Relaxed Thanksgiving - 11/16/2015For the couple behind Healdsburg food destination Shed, the holiday is all about the local harvest and friends pitching in. By Elaine JohnsonReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:04:48
The Grand Wine Tour - 10/31/2015Join Sunset on a mile-by-mile journey through three of the West's most exciting wine regions: Napa, Santa Barbara and Southern Oregon.Reader: Cyndee Maxwell00:16:16
Less Water, Better Wine? - 10/03/2015A growing number of West Coast vintners are trying dry-farming--and discovering it's no compromise. By Sara SchneiderReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:05:57
Screen Savers - 08/10/2015A troupe of friends rescues an offbeat theater and community treasure. By Chris ColinReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:13:02
High Serenity - 07/27/2015Yosemite's mountain camps give you wilderness grandeur without having to rough it (much). By Christine RyanReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:18:47
Summer Camp (For Grown-Ups) - 07/09/2015The days of roasting s'mores and making lifelong friendships in a week don't have to end when you reach legal drinking age. By Jenna ScatenaReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:11:40
Wild Horses - 06/15/2015Long considered a symbol of the frontier, wild horses have roamed the West for centuries. But has their day ended? By Mac McClellandReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:17:39
The Shock of the Nuevo - 05/25/2015Laura Fraser discovers, a new generation of artists is adding 21st-century buzz to Santa Fe's creative mix.Reader: Cyndee Maxwell00:14:33
How To Store & Pour - 05/03/2015Relax and keep it simple -- you don't need a fancy wine cellar or multiple gadgets to drink well. By Sara SchneiderReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:06:32
Offshore Assets - 04/19/2015Sallie Tisdale explores the Channel Islands, seen by millions but visited by few.Reader: Cyndee Maxwell00:16:13
Weeknight Cooking - 03/27/2015Recipes in 30 minutes or less.Reader: Cyndee Maxwell00:07:20
A Perfect Day in Borrego Springs, CA - 03/19/2015Not far from the famous wildflowers of Anza-Borrego, this desert enclave boasts treasures, from an outsize art scene to a revamped resort.Reader: Cyndee Maxwell00:05:20
Cabin Fever - 02/27/2015Dick Proenneke lived -- simply, gracefully, alone -- for 30 years in the Alaska wilderness. Learn of his solitude and self-reliance.Reader: Cyndee Maxwell00:18:08
A Perfect Day in Yuma, AZ - 02/17/2015America's sunniest city is also the nation's winter farm capital -- with lots of fresh eats and gorgeous garden to prove it. By Kate SiberReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:04:43
Nature Vs. Nurture - 01/20/2015Do you know what's in your wine?! (And should you care?) By Sara SchneiderReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:05:03
Here We Are Now - 01/07/2015With a host of new memorials to Kurt Cobain, Aberdeen, Washington town hopes to attract adoring fans. By Bill DonahueReader: Cyndee Maxwell00:17:45

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