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Storynory: For Kids

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Storynory brings you an audio story every week. Each one is chosen by Prince Bertie the Frog and beautifully read by his friends Natasha, Richard and Elizabeth. Let their voices beguile you with classic fairy tales, new children's stories, poems, myths, adventures and romance. Another feature from

Current Storynories
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
The Moon - PoemAn atmospheric nightime poem by Robert Louis Stevenson who also wrote Treasure Island.Reader: Natasha Gostwick00:01:11
Gilgamesh Part 3 - Bull of HeavenGilgamesh refuses to marry the goddess Ishtar. She seeks revenge by sending the Bull of Heaven to trample Gilgamesh and his friend.Reader: Natasha Gostwick00:13:43
Gilgamesh Part Two - HumbabaGilgamesh, king of Urkuk, and his adopted brother, the wildman Enkidu, travel to Lebanon to fight the dragon, Humbaba.Reader: Natasha Gostwick00:16:46
A Myth from Mesopotamia Part 1This is one of the oldest stories in the world. It's hero is a great king, warrior, and strongman called Gilgamesh...Reader: Natasha Gostwick00:16:13
Six Honest Serving MenSix Honest Serving Men is a short poem by Rudyard Kipling. It's a little puzzling and we wonder what it means. What do you think?Reader: Natasha Gostwick00:01:34
Halloween GhostsAn EXTRA SPOOKY episode. History meets Halloween at Hampton Court when Jana goes on a Ghost tour of King Henry VIII's Palace.Reader: Natasha Gostwick00:31:43
Birdy and the SeagullsJake's best friend is a crow called Birdy who can talk - but nobody else in Jake's life has heard Birdy speak...Natasha Gostwick00:18:03
Pet Story Competition Part 2More winners from our Pet Writing competition with stories from all over the world about your very special pets.Natasha Gostwick00:13:44
Pet Story Competition Part 1Thank you to EVERYONE who sent us a story. They were all wonderful, and as ever, it was very hard to pick the winners...Natasha Gostwick00:19:19
Wicked Uncle and Grandma's SkipDad and the Kids go on Holiday to the Red Sea. Cousin Jenny has come to stay with Grandma. Dad's holiday relaxation soon disappears...Natasha Gostwick00:25:46
The Town Musicians of BremenThis amusing story by the Brothers Grimm is about four farm animals who believe they can earn a good living as musicians.Natasha Gostwick00:10:52
Herodotus - The River NileHerodotus called Egypt the Gift of the Nile and studied where its true source was, and why it flooded its banks every year.Natasha Gostwick00:09:43
Pet Writing CompetitionWriting Competition! Send us your TRUE story about your very Special Pet by 22nd September. Entrants must be 16 years or younger...Natasha Gostwick00:04:54
The Magician's HorseA boy makes friends with a white horse who has a very special talent - she can talk !Natasha Gostwick00:19:52
The Crow and FriendsA story from ancient India where A crow makes friends with three animals who are very different from him and together they fend off danger.Natasha Gostwick00:20:09
Jana's Studio Interview on Show DogsJana and Sophie talk to Anita Mitchell about her two show dogs, Dolly and Mabel - a pair of gorgeous West Highland White Terriers...Natasha Gostwick00:16:48
The Tiger Who Had No MannersA crafty old mountain tiger in Korea is caught in a trap. He is rescued by a buddhist monk. How does he show his gratitude?Natasha Gostwick00:09:51
Astropup's Space Tourist Part 2A laser gun fight on the moon breaks out after Luna's pet, Mr Muggles, runs off to join the cat people.Natasha Gostwick00:16:24
Astropup's Space TouristA new adventure featuring Astropup who travels in space with a super-brainy Parrot and a human called Marlow.Natasha Gostwick00:19:30
The Grateful CraneA poor farmer receives good fortune after he rescues a wounded crane. But unfortunately his curiosity gets the better of him...Natasha Gostwick00:07:24
The 1001 Nights IntroThe first episode of the middle eastern series THE ARABIAN NIGHTS.Natasha Gostwick00:15:11
Old MacDonald Had a FarmA rocky version of the most famous song ever sung.Natasha Gostwick00:02:09
The Two Frogs and the WellA tale by Aesop with a story, a poem, and a song. The moral is "Look before you leap!"Natasha Gostwick00:05:60
Astropup in Gone with the WindThe Parrot and Astropup have plucked a red rose from the Planet of the Cows for the Parrot to give to his beloved, Polly.Natasha Gostwick00:12:05
Astropup and the Sacred RoseA love story set in space. The parrot plucks a sacred rose on a distant planet to give to his beloved Polly, and trouble breaks loose.Natasha Gostwick00:13:54
Wicked Uncle and the Trolley RageMum shops for Vegan Haggis when she's confronted by a rival shopper who wants the last one. Only Uncle Jeff can sort out the feud.Natasha Gostwick00:18:48
Why the Back Door is FrontA traditional Welsh story about an old woman who is falsely accused of being a witch.Natasha Gostwick00:08:14
Bonnie Prince CharlieHistory: The true story of Bonnie Prince Charlie, a hero of Scotland, who led a rebellion against the English in 1745.Natasha Gostwick00:10:49
The Sky Boat SongThe romantic song about Scotland's Bonnie Prince Charlie who led a rebellion against the English in 1745...Natasha Gostwick00:03:01
Lapis and the Ghost Cats Part 2A scarier story than usual - part two takes our feline heroes on a journey into the Land of the Dead to meet the ancient Egyptian gods...Natasha Gostwick
Lapis and the Ghost Cats Part 1Lapis, the ancient Egyptian Cat and her friend Chloe come face to face with spooky ghost cats from the Land of the Dead.Natasha Gostwick
The Red Bandits Of MontgomeryA story from Wales that is a little like Rumplestiltskin...Natasha Gostwick
Year of the Pig2019 is the Chinese year of the Pig. We tell you a famous pig story to celebrate!Natasha Gostwick
Ancient BabylonBabylon was captured by King Cyrus of Persia in 539 BC. The story is entwined with the history of the Jews in the Bible who were exiled...Natasha Gostwick
Solveig's SongThe haunting song from our Peer Gynt series - based on the music of Edvard Grieg - the Norwegian composer.Natasha Gostwick
The Button MakerPeer Gynt returns home after 20 years abroad. Will anyone remember him? He meets some strange beings who do in fact know who he is.Natasha Gostwick
The Sahara DesertPeer Gynt travels to Egypt, meets the mysterious Anitra, and seeks the answer to the riddle of the Sphinx.Natasha Gostwick
New Year Song: Auld Lang SyneHappy New Year Everyone! Jana sings a magical version of the Scottish Anthem - Auld Lang Syne.Natasha Gostwick
The BøygHow can Peer Gynt not be himself? The Bøyg speaks to Peer in Riddles. Featuring Solveig's song sung by Jana.Natasha Gostwick
Hall of the Mountain KingPeer Gynt, a poor boy with big dreams, runs away to the mountains and meets a green lady who introduces him to the Mountain King of the Trolls.Natasha Gostwick
The Magic Reindeer RideThe Norwegian fairy tale includes trolls and flying reindeer! Peer Gynt is a storyteller. His tales are spellbinding and hilarious.Natasha Gostwick
Christmas Carol: Silent NightJana and Marni Sing the gentle and lovely Christmas Waltz - Silent Night...Jana & Marni
The Two Witch CatsA welsh story about a magician who catches thieves.Natasha Gostwick
Taffy Morgan's HarpAn amusing Welsh story about a lad who thinks he is a musical genius - but few agree...Natasha Gostwick
Song: Baa Baa Black SheepNot just for little kids! Jana sings this famous rhyme so sweetly we think all ages will feel soothed and un-jangled by it!Jana
The Cretan BullBertie is on the Greek Island of Crete and relates two famous legends from the time of King Minos and how they blend into History...Bertie
Lapis and the Stolen Statue Part 2Amon the Egyptian priest has been arrested for stealing a stolen statue. His cats Lapis and Cleo travel up the Nile to prove his innocence.Natasha Gostwick
Katie's Grandma at SchoolIn time for Halloween, Katie's Grandma is 100 years old! She tells Katie the story of how she went to English boarding school...Natasha Gostwick
Song: How doth the Crocodile?Jana sings a mystical and up tempo song based on the crazy poem by Lewis Carroll - How Doth the Crocodile? - a thank you to Olivia.Jana
The World’s Oldest ReligionZoroastrianism is the ancient religion of the Persians and is still practiced. More stories of Herodotus from Ancient Greece.Bertie
Lapis and the Stolen Statue Part 1Lapis and Cleo are shocked when their master, Amon the Priest, is arrested on charges of stealing a scared statue.Natasha Gostwick
Ice Cream InterviewDoes your mouth start watering when you think of your most scrumptious tasting ice cream? Then listen on!Jana
Young CyrusIn a game, a poor young Persian boy's friends choose him to play their king. He gets into trouble when he orders...Bertie
Wicked Uncle and the Scottish SharkIs it safe to go in the Scottish Loch? Uncle Jeff takes the kids kayaking. There're no sharks in Scotland, right?Richard
Jana's Studio: Interview with Richard ScottJana catches up with Richard Scott, our narrator best known for his voice for Astropup, the space travelling hound...Jana
Astropup and the Parrot in LoveA Parrot seeks a wife. He finds one who lives on the planet Lizardia; but unfortunately he's unusually short of words...Astropup
King Croesus and the Oracle of DelphiThe oracle predicts that if Croesus goes to war against the Persians, he will defeat a great empire. Her advice seems clear...Bertie
Song: Fish AliveJana sings this traditional song with an upbeat feel...Jana
Lapis: Sister FriendsLapis, the Egyptian cat, has to share her home with another cat. She is not pleased.Natasha Gostwick
Lapis the Egyptian CatIntroducing a new catty character with magical powers that do not always work as they are supposed to do.Natasha Gostwick
Why do we have fears? InterviewAre you scared of the dark? Of Spiders? Of Dogs? Jana explores why we have fears, and why sometimes...Jana
The Son of CroesusHerodotus 7. The anger of the gods comes to Croesus, after he boasted of being the richest and happiest person in the world.Bertie
The Old Woman Who Lost Her DumplingA story from Japan that will make you laugh, featuring a funny old woman, a Jizo and some Oni with giant appetites.Richard
Wicked Uncle's April Fool MysteryGrandma believes in supernatural goings-on around the house, and it drives Dad CRAZY! Then peculiar things start to happen...Richard
Herodotus, As Rich As CroesusCroesus ruled Lydia from 560 to 546 BC. He was famed for his wealth, and still is to this day.Bertie
FearEmily is 12. She enjoys her independence... But she has one big fear in her life. What is it?Richard
Eye Spy – All about EyesJana meets Paul Kinnear, an ophthalmologist, to learn about our eyes and how we can keep them healthy.Richard
Astropup in Virtual RealityAstropup and the Parrot try Virtual Reality glasses that make space travel totally blissful. But danger lurks...Richard
Finette Part TwoFinette and Yvon arrive at Kerver Castle. Finette fears Yvon will forget all about her and their love...Richard
Finette Part OneFinette is trapped in the service of a giant. A story from Brittany in France.Richard
Herodotus, Battle of the EclipseAncients thought the Sun and the Moon were gods, didn't they... Or were there some who were more scientific?Bertie
The Goblin SpiderA creepy-crawly story from Japan about a Samurai who must stay the night in a temple haunted by a giant Goblin-Spider.Richard
The Pot of BrothA soldier has a magical stone that can make a pot of broth. It could taste better with the help of Sibby's Chicken.Jana
Jana's Studio – Million Dollar IdeasJana's new factual programm interviews Jeremy Howell of BBC TV about Million Dollar Ideas...Jana
Five Little DucksJana sings the classic song with a folky style - we think it is a very sweet version that all ages might enjoy.Jana
Elfie & the Elf’s AdventureA little girl wants a puppy, but Santa say No - it's not safe to deliver puppies...Richard
Last Christmas TogetherVeena's best friend is a boy at a local orphanage. She's sad because her family is moving, and she'll never see him againRichard
Prehistoric Christmas PresentWay back in time, a boy receives a pet as a present, but his mother says he can't keep it because it will grow...Richard
Jim's Tree HutJim is a monkey who lives in New Zealand - he has a very special idea for how to spend Christmas with his friends.Richard
Herodotus, the Burnt TempleKing Alyattes of Lydia is at war with the Greek city of Miletus. His soldiers accidentally burn down a temple of Athena.Bertie
Katie and the Forgetfulness SpellKatie's New Year wish: Everyone - Forget she's a witch - she longs to be treated is if she was "ordinary!"Natasha Gostwick
The Great Christmas DeliveryFinally Uncle Christmas has his wish - he's delivering presents this year - what could possibly go wrong?Richard
The Christmas Kid InvasionUncle Christmas decides to change the way things are done and invites 100 kids to try out the toys at the secret hideawayRichard
The Night Before ChristmasThe classic Christmas poem with festive music.Natasha Gostwick
Herodotus, the Kingdom of LydiaGyges became king of Lydia by committing a crime. We hear this story & an alternate version...Bertie
Uncle Christmas – the Great Christmas RaceUncle Christmas races his brother, Father Christmas, to see who will deliver the presents this year...Richard
Uncle Christmas – The Christmas HideawayFather Christmas is on holiday. His younger brother, sneaks over to Scandinavia to see how the toy business works.Richard
Herodotus, Arion & the DolphinThe remarkable story of a dolphin saving a man - but is it true?Bertie
Uncle ChristmasUncle Christmas is the younger brother of Father Christmas. He wants to help his older brother deliver the presents.Richard
Jana's Studio : Interview with BertieAn Interview by Storynory's editor, Jana Elizabeth, with Bertie, our story writer. About our new Herodotus seriesJana Elizabeth
The Histories of HerodotusA different version of the famous Trojan War, from travels around Egypt and the Middle East.Bertie
Katie and the Stray DogKatie invites an injured dog to stay in the house - but her magical and mischievous cat, Solomon, is not happy...Natasha Gostwick
The Oak and the ReedAesop's fable of the mighty oak and the slender reed is told in verse.Richard
Christmas Writing CompetitionWrite a story about the best or the worst present ever. We will pick three winning stories and read them on Storynory.Richard
Birdy's HalloweenJake goes trick-treating with a real Tudor ghost.Richard
Witches Fly Song for HalloweenTap your feet to this spooky and silly song for Halloween!Natasha Gostwick
Halloween at the CastleAn Irish tale for Halloween sometimes known as Jamie Freel and the Young Lady. It's spooky and sweet, but not for small childrenNatasha Gostwick
Birdy's Lost and FoundDad probably doesn't believe Birdy can talk - after all he is just a crow - and yet he does seem rather clever.Richard
Birdy's HistoryJake has befriended a crow that he calls Birdy, who tells Jake about some history he's seen in his long life.Richard
Birdy and the BoyA boy makes friends with a talking bird who has many secrets.Richard
London Bridge - SongA traditional song with lots of added funkiness.Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the Mind ReaderKatie's best friend Isis has developed a technique for reading minds - will this ability help her in life?Natasha Gostwick
Princess GoldenA king sends a messenger to woo a princess on his behalf. The messenger is helped by a carp, an owl and a crow.Richard
Let’s Go to the BeachA happy song to remember the summer by with lovely singing from Storynory's Jana.Richard
The Dog and the ElephantA story from India that shows how friendship is more important than fine food and living the high-life.Richard
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little StarThe famous song by Mozart is sung by Jana Elizabeth for Storynory in this cheerful and upbeat version.Natasha Gostwick
Wicked Uncle and the Smuggled CatUncle Jeff and the family adopt a hungry cat when on vacation. But what to do with this rare friend when they head home?Natasha Gostwick
My ShadowA short and sweet poem about a shadow that follows a child around all day, but who likes to stay in bed before the sun is up.Natasha Gostwick
The Evil MouseAn old French story about an evil mouse who orders a young girl to play with fire.Natasha Gostwick
The Boy Who Loved to Draw CatsA boy trains to be a zen monk in Japan. Life in the monastery is hard. There is one thing he loves to do...Natasha Gostwick
The Ugly BoatmanA story from Vietnam about a fisherman who plays a bamboo flute - if only his face was as beautiful as his music!Natasha Gostwick
Astropup & the Best HotdogFood is running low on board the spaceship carrying our heroes. The parrot takes them in search of the best hotdog in the Universe.Natasha Gostwick
The Three DogsA boy sets out with three loyal dogs and they slay a dragon on their way. Watch out for twists and turns in the story!Natasha Gostwick
The Riddling KnightAn ancient story sung in a ballad that mixes riddles and romance. Richard takes the part of a Knight and Jana the part of Nelly.Natasha Gostwick
Hiawatha's ChildhoodHiawatha learns Native American legends from his grandmother Nokomis.Natasha Gostwick
The Wind and the MoonA gusty poem by the Scottish writer, George MacDonald. The wind is trying to bully the moon - can he succeed?Natasha Gostwick
How Love and Peace Came To the WoodsAn ancient story by Aesop updated. When someone professes love & friendship, judge them by their deeds, not their wordsNatasha Gostwick
Escape at BedtimeA starry poem by Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of Treasure Island.Natasha Gostwick
Bertie and Beatrice’s DreamsPart 2. Beatrice has called off the wedding, left the palace, and gone to live in the town and look for a job...Natasha Gostwick
Bertie and Beatrice's DreamsPart 1. Prince Bertie and Princess Beatrice have very different dreams leading to trouble in the palace.Natasha Gostwick
Marlow's MetamorphosisAstropup's friend Marlow undergoes a strange transformation in the second part of our dog-master adventure.Natasha Gostwick
The Boy Who Spoke to the BirdsA story from Russia about a boy who who could speak to the birds and who proved homself to be an excellent son.Natasha Gostwick
Astropup and the Dog MasterWho is the strange character who looks a little like a human, but who has the smell of a dog? Astropup reveals allNatasha Gostwick
The Two Frogs and the WellA tale by Aesop with a story, a poem, and a song. The moral is "Look before you leap!"Natasha Gostwick
Big Match in the SkyAstropup and his friends go to a football match in spaceNatasha Gostwick
Why Cats and Dogs are EnemiesA story from China that explains why cats hate dogs. Told by a mouse.Natasha Gostwick
Sleeping BeautyA romantic fairytale in a shorter form than our previous version.Natasha Gostwick
In the Bleak Mid-WinterA poem for Christmas.Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the Christmas ChimneyA Katie story set at Christmas. Katie and her best friend Isis plan a Christmas surprise for Samantha - which goes badly wrong.Natasha Gostwick
Beauty and the Beast Short VersionDo appearances matter? Or is the heart within the most important of all qualities? The classic tale.Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the Perfect Baby SitterKatie and her best friend Isis set up a perfect baby sitting business.Natasha Gostwick
The SoldierThe Soldier - a short and moving poem for Remembrance Day.Natasha Gostwick
Halloween Writing CompetitionThe winners of our Halloween Writing Competition, sponsored by Ocarina, the kids mp3 player.Natasha Gostwick
A Spooky Irish StoryFor Halloween, a spooky story from Ireland about some witches with horns growing from their heads.Natasha Gostwick
Kubla KhanSamuel Taylor Coleridge wrote this strange and powerful poem in 1797 after waking up from a dream.Natasha Gostwick
Cinderella - Shorter VersionCinderella - a shorter (and funnier) version.Natasha Gostwick
Snow White, A Shorter VersionSnow White - a new shorter version of the classic fairy tale.Natasha Gostwick
Uncle Jeff and the Switching DisasterA hugely imaginative adventure with trap doors and puzzles wins our Wicked Uncle writing competition!Natasha Gostwick
The Wicked, Wicked Polar BearA story that blows hot, cold and scorching...Natasha Gostwick
The Wicked Uncle’s SurpriseUncle Jeff leaps into action to save the kids in this latest winning entry in our writing competition.Natasha Gostwick
Uncle Jeff Gets into TroubleA youthful Uncle Jeff buys a pink Porsche which he really can't afford.Natasha Gostwick
IfStirring words of advice for life from the author of the Jungle Book.Natasha Gostwick
The Seventh Voyage of SinbadSinbad's 7th and final voyage takes him to new heights.Natasha Gostwick
High FlightA soaring poem written during World War II by a Spitfire fighter pilot.Natasha Gostwick
Wicked Uncle's Lost DogUncle Jeff takes Smoochies and the kids for a walk in Hyde Park. What could possibly go wrong?Natasha Gostwick
Writing Competition – Wicked UncleWriting competition! Write your own Wicked Uncle story for Storynory. The post Writing Competition – Wicked Uncle appeared first on Storynory.Natasha Gostwick
The Sixth Voyage of SinbadSinbad sails on a raft through a tunnel that leads him to a fabulous kingdom. The post The Sixth Voyage of Sinbad appeared first on Storynory.Natasha Gostwick
The Fifth Voyage of SinbadSinbad sets sail again, is shipwrecked, and helps the Old Man of the Sea.Natasha Gostwick
The Weaver and the DragonAn Irish weaver becomes a knight, serves 'The King of Dublin' and takes on a dragon.Natasha Gostwick
The Pooka in the KitchenThe servants in a large Irish House are grateful to a Pooka who comes every night to do their work for them.Natasha Gostwick
Charge of the Light Brigade"Forward, the Light Brigade! "Charge for the guns!" he said: Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.Natasha Gostwick
Thor's WeddingThor the Thunder is often pictured carrying his hammer... In this Norse Myth, he has to dress up as a girl.Natasha Gostwick
Lady Annabelle’s Diamond Dog Collar, Part 2Astropup and the parrot solve a case for a great detective.Natasha Gostwick
Lady Annabelle’s Diamond Dog Collar, Part 1Sherlock Holmes teams up with the Parrot and Astropup to solve the mystery of a missing dog and his diamond collarNatasha Gostwick
Jack HannafordA cunning old soldier plays a trick on a naive couple. A traditional English folk story.Natasha Gostwick
The Doctor and the Fairy PrincessA doctor is called in the middle of the night to help a fairy princess. Will his reward make him rich or a prisoner of the fairy folk?Natasha Gostwick
Ambassador 2: Journey into the PastThe parrot has been appointed ambassador to a distant planet. With typical impatience, he tries to travel to the planet via a shortcut...Natasha Gostwick
The Priest's SupperSome Irish Fairy Folks have a question for a hungry priest.Natasha Gostwick
Astropup and the Feathered AmbassadorThe Parrot, formally President of the World, is appointed ambassador to a distant planet in the first of a new Astropup series.Natasha Gostwick
Baskervilles 14, The HoundThe climax of the Sherlock Holmes's greatest case.Natasha Gostwick
The Piper and the PookaThe Pooka is a wondrous creature that can shift its shape. Sometimes it's friendly, sometimes not, but it's always mischievous.Natasha Gostwick
Adventure of the Blue CarbuncleA Christmas mystery for Sherlock Holmes arrives in the shape of a goose.Natasha Gostwick
The Demon CatAn Irish story about a spooky cat who demands fish.Natasha Gostwick
The FairiesA poem about fairies that begins a new series of Irish tales and poems.Natasha Gostwick
Wicked SpookyUncle Jeff takes the kids to the countryside, which they find very spooky indeed...Natasha Gostwick
The Fourth Voyage of SinbadThe darkest story in the Sinbad Series reveals the sailor and businessman as ingenious as ever, and single-minded in the pursuit of wealth.Natasha Gostwick
The Wheelie PeopleAn unusual story from Ancient Greece about the meaning of love, originally told in Plato's Symposium.Natasha Gostwick
Katie and No More Miss PerfectKatie's best friend Isis is doing her best not to be perfect and to be a normal and interesting person. Part Two.Natasha Gostwick
Katie and No More Miss PerfectKatie's best friend, Isis, is fed up with being perfect. Part One.Natasha Gostwick
The Monkey in the KitchenMonkeys invade a school kitchen in the fifth story in our series about Theo the MonkeyNatasha Gostwick
Kung Fu Monkey StyleTheo takes Kung Fu lessons and is surprised by some unexpected visitors.Natasha Gostwick
Theo and the Monkey CopsWe learn why Theo the Crime Fighting Monkey failed to show up for his first kung fu lesson.Natasha Gostwick
Sifu and the Legend of the Monkey KingTheo fails to turn up for his first Kung Fu lesson, and Sifu tells Neet the chinese legend that inspired him to take up Kung Fu.Natasha Gostwick
Baskervilles 13, Fixing the NetsA portrait may hold the clue to the mystery of the murder on the moor.Natasha Gostwick
Where Wild Animals Came FromHow Anansi, the anti-hero of West African folklore, Brought Wild Animals into the World.Natasha Gostwick
Sifu Meets The MonkeyThe return of Theo, the crime-fighting monkey, in which he meets a Kung Fu master.Natasha Gostwick
Lily the Flower FairyLilly is a flower fairy who is in search of a friend.Natasha Gostwick
Trixie the Magic RabbitTrixie the Magic Rabbit is the first of three winning entries in our Magic Person writing competition.Natasha Gostwick
Katie Cancels The RulesAt Katie's School, thanks to the head teacher, they get a chance to see what life is like without rulesNatasha Gostwick
The Third Voyage of SinbadSinbad is attacked by pirate monkeys, held captive by a giant, and threatened by huge serpents.Natasha Gostwick
The Second Voyage of SinbadSinbad falls into a valley full of giant serpents and precious diamonds. Only some giant birds can save himNatasha Gostwick
The Second Voyage of SinbadSinbad falls into a valley full of giant serpents and precious diamonds. Only some giant birds can save himNatasha Gostwick
Anansi Meets Father ThunderAnansi visits an old man under the sea and receives a wonderful gift. His mean spirit gets the better of himNatasha Gostwick
How Wisdom Got OutAnansi from Ghana keeps all the world's wisdom in a pot. He decides to hide it up a tree.Natasha Gostwick
Anansi From GhanaThe shape-shifting Anansi is sometimes a spider, sometimes a man. How Anansi brought stories to the worldNatasha Gostwick
The Good TurnA boy of Zanzibar goes out hunting and does a good turn to an Ape, a Snake, and a Lion.Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the Other Witch Part 2Do you want to know the truth about the other witch, Agrippina Crompton?Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the Other Witch Part 1A new witch has set up a business in town. Katie and her mum suspect that she is a fake...Natasha Gostwick
How to Out-Jeff Uncle JeffUncle Jeff has a new girlfriend - Jessica - can she be more irresponsible than he is?Natasha Gostwick
The Goat and his MasterA goat tries to help his master, but the master does not know how to be polite to a goat!Natasha Gostwick
FriendshipsThree friends at school are bothered by girls who play tricks on them. Should they retaliate or make peace?Natasha Gostwick
The Goat and the GoldHappy Year of the Goat! A story about a clever goat and some stolen gold.Natasha Gostwick
The Donkey and the LionA donkey is dim enough to fall for the same trick twice.Natasha Gostwick
The Monkey and the SharkA clever monkey has a story that explains a story.Natasha Gostwick
The Amazing GazelleA story from Zanzibar about a clever gazelle who helps a beggar.Natasha Gostwick
Milo, Daisy and the White RabbitDaisy and Milo are at a country hotel with their parents. They follow a magical white rabbit along a nature trailNatasha Gostwick
Baskervilles 12: Death on the MoorWatson has discovered the answer to one mystery - who is the mysterious man watching the moor?Natasha Gostwick
The Lady of ShalottNatasha reads the the poem by Alfred Tennyson set in the time of King Arthur and Camelot.Natasha Gostwick
Tim the Tadpole’s BirthdayFirst recorded in 2006, but somehow lost. Here's a re-do of this sparkly story in its entirety.Natasha Gostwick
The Chinese Year of the GoatWe say goodbye to the year of the horse, and on February 4th we start the year of the goat.Natasha Gostwick
Joyride Storywriting CompetitionSupporters of Storynory can now enter our monthly writing competition. See our partner Joyride for details...Natasha Gostwick
Gladys's Christmas JoyIt's Christmas. Gladys feels she's on the brink of success, but once again finds herself working in the background...Natasha Gostwick
The 'Cat' who scared the Christmas TrollsA Christmas story from Norway about a bear that some trouble-making trolls mistake for a cat.Natasha Gostwick
Christmas Carol: Joy to the WorldClap your hands to this upbeat Christmas Carol from Storynory's pop sensation, the one and only Gladys!Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the Big RowKatie has a row with her mum and goes to live with her dad for a while. Will she find life more peaceful there?Natasha Gostwick
Pocahontas, the Native American PrincessHappy Thanksgiving! A true love story and an adventure about the origins of the USA. Not the Disney version!Natasha Gostwick
Astropup and the Bird FightThe climax to our series about the two parrots.Natasha Gostwick
The First Voyage of SinbadA wealthy merchant called Sinbad relates his adventures to a poor man of the same name.Natasha Gostwick
Baskervilles 11: The Man on the TorWho is the strange figure who has been seen lurking on the hill?Natasha Gostwick
Baskervilles 10: Barrymore reveals a secretAn extract from the diary of Dr. Watson.Natasha Gostwick
Three PoemsThree Poems by Christina Rossetti read by NatashaNatasha Gostwick
Katie’s Halloween DadKatie's dad conducts a magical experiment at Halloween that makes all his wishes come true...Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the UnicornKatie and Isis turn detectives when a very rare animal is stolen from the stable where Isis's pony lives.Natasha Gostwick
09 Baskervilles : Light Upon the MoorWatson follows Barrymore the butler to the window at night and finds him acting very suspiciously.Natasha Gostwick
Bertie The Land Time ForgotPrincess Beatrice invites Bertie to visit a land where all modern technology is banned.Natasha Gostwick
Song: Snap Me!Here's the song that Gladys wrote about her first brush with the famous paparazzi photographers.Natasha Gostwick
11 Gladys AloneGladys has reached California and we've reached the final episode in this musical series.Natasha Gostwick
10 Gladys AloneGladys goes out to dinner with a famous film star, but she's determined that she is going to remain "Miss Sensible"Natasha Gostwick
Solomon's HolidayIt's a secret that Solomon the cat can talk, so when he goes to stay with Isis's family he must only meow.Natasha Gostwick
09 Gladys AloneGladys writes a song "In Real Life" about meeting film star Darren Wolf. When she plays it, someone special comes to hearNatasha Gostwick
08 Baskervilles: First Report of Dr. WatsonDr Watson writes to Sherlock Holmes with his impressions of the various characters in and around Baskerville HallNatasha Gostwick
Song: Are We There Yet?An upbeat song featuring "Lady Sat Nav."Natasha Gostwick
08 Gladys AloneAre We There Yet? Gladys is finding her manager, Dud, more and more frustrating.Natasha Gostwick
07 Gladys AloneGladys takes part in an audition for a TV talent contest and sings at a gig arranged by Dud, her new manager.Natasha Gostwick
06 Gladys AloneThe Eye of the Needle. Gladys considers hiring a manager and is talked into doing something she thought she'd never doNatasha Gostwick
Astropup: Which Parrot?Are two parrots better than one? Or is there only room in the universe for one megalomaniac feather brain?Natasha Gostwick
07 Baskervilles: The Stapletons of Merripit HouseWe meet a butterfly-chasing botanist who lives on the moor. Eerie and haunting noises emerge from the loneliest parts of the treacherous mireNatasha Gostwick
05 Gladys AloneGladys plays her first solo gig, but is still overshadowed by one of her sisters of chiX fameNatasha Gostwick
Song: Ghost GirlThe "haunting" song by Gladys.Natasha Gostwick
Astropup and the two parrotsWhat could be more super-intelligent than a bird brain? Two bird brains of course!Natasha Gostwick
04 Gladys AloneGladys records a song she originally wrote for the chiX. It describes her feeling that nobody ever notices herNatasha Gostwick
06 Baskervilles: Baskerville HallWatson, Sir Henry Baskerville and Dr. Mortimer take the train through the scene Dartmoor of Devon and reach Baskerville Hall.Natasha Gostwick
Bertie and the Frog PrincessWhat would it be like to be a frog? Have you ever wanted to be one just for a day?Natasha Gostwick
03 Gladys AloneArtists and Repertoire. Gladys meets some tough talking business people at a big record labelNatasha Gostwick
02 Gladys AloneGladys goes into the recording studio to record All We Want To Do is SingNatasha Gostwick
05 Baskervilles: Three Broken ThreadsSherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are led a merry dance around London by a cunning foe.Richard Scott
O1 Gladys AloneGladys returns in a new musical series. She's 16 and wants to make it as a singer in her own rightNatasha Gostwick
Katie Moves HouseKatie goes to visit her dad on Father's day, even though her mother does not really want her toNatasha Gostwick
Astropup And The Space Hounds’ ChiefThe Parrot is now World President and sent Astropup and Marlow on a mission into space to capture a Cat PersonNatasha Gostwick
04 Baskervilles: Sir HenrySir Henry Baskerville, recently returned from North America, received a strange letter. And one of his boots is missingRichard Scott
Astropup’s New ComradeAstropup blasts off into space on a mission with a new companion - a human. Their mission: capture a cat personRichard Scott
03 Baskervilles: The ProblemThe mystery of the fiendish hound is so strange that Holmes could be dealing with forces outside the laws of NatureRichard Scott
02 Hound of the BaskervillesThe Curse of the BaskervillesRichard Scott
01 Hound of the BaskervillesChapter Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Doctor Watson examines a walking stick for clues of its owner.Richard Scott
Georgia and the DragonGeorgia and the Dragon by Harry Oulton. A dragon helps a girl conquer her nighttime fearsNatasha Gostwick
Aponibolinayen and the Healing OrangesAponibolinayen has a headache and needs healing oranges, guarded by a fierce giant. Her husband is determined to get themNatasha Gostwick
Philippine FablesWhy Dogs Wag their Tails, why hens peck the ground, and why spiders hate flies.Natasha Gostwick
AponibolinayenA beautiful woman with magical powers marries the Sun in this fable from the Philippines.Natasha Gostwick
Katie's Magic Personality Part 2Katie has won instant popularity with her magic "personality" spell - but is she a new and improved person?Natasha Gostwick
Katie's Magic Personality Part 1Doesn't everyone want to be popular? If you were a witch, would you cast a spell to make everyone adore you?Natasha Gostwick
Bertie's Magic PancakesShrove Tuesday is a special tradition from Bertie's true mother - remembered for her magic pancakesNatasha Gostwick
The Great Monkey RobberyA lively, funny, exciting and silly story starring Theo the Monkey, the main suspect in a Train RobberyNatasha Gostwick
Astropup the HeroMarlow, the man with a laser gun, tells the world Astropup is a hero. Newly elected president Parrot is sidelinedNatasha Gostwick
The Elfin KnightGhostly Knight rides across a Scottish moore. Two brave Earls go hunting there ...Natasha Gostwick
The Sprightly TailorA spooky, scary, and funny story about a taylor who has to fix some pants in a haunted old churchNatasha Gostwick
Katie's TV MagicA TV programme offers to redecorate the house of Katie and her mum for free. Her mum's boyfriend is involved.Natasha Gostwick
The Horse that Ran Away2014 is the Year of the Horse. This is a chinese tale about a man whose prize possession was a horseNatasha Gostwick
Wind in the Willows Christmas ChapterRatty and Mole visit Moles underground home for Christmas and are entertained by field mice singing a carolNatasha Gostwick
Prince Bertie ReturnsSpooky, exciting, dramatic, romantic, funny - the most epic Bertie story ever! A Christmas 2013 specialNatasha Gostwick
The Angel Gabriel: Christmas CarolA Christmas carol sung for Storynory by Gabriella. This lovely tune from the Basque Country will haunt you!Natasha Gostwick
Mary Had A Little LambHappy Thanksgiving! Mary Had A Little Lamb and the true story that connects it to Thanksgiving in NovemberNatasha Gostwick
The Fairy Eye OintmentA mysterious fairytale from Wales about an old lady who agrees to nurse a baby for a mysterious motherNatasha Gostwick
The SlantA funny poem about a pram, a go-cart that runs away down a hill causing havoc. By Peter NewellNatasha Gostwick
The Monkey Who Saved The MatchTheo is BACK. A fun footballing story starring our Crime Fighting Ape, Theo the Monkey.Natasha Gostwick
Jonah and the Big FishThe story of how a prophet ran away from God, took a sea journey, and ended up inside a Big FishNatasha Gostwick
The Parrot for PresidentThe Parrot is standing in the first election for World President. Hear his stirring speech!Natasha Gostwick
Jack and the Jack-o-LanternWhen Jack starts to cut eyes and a mouth into his pumpkin, he is in for a big surprise.Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the Cat Swap: Part 2Katie, stuck inside the form of her cat, Solomon, is shocked by all the trouble this causes at school.Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the Cat Swap: Part 1Katie swaps identities with her cat Solomon - and soon realises that she has done a silly and dangerous thing.Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 36The Final Chapter of Pinocchio, in which we meet some old friends, and our story reaches its conclusions.Natasha Gostwick
Professor AstropupAstropup has become a university professor. The Parrot is jealous, and starts leaking secrets to the worldNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 35Inside the belly of the shark, Pinocchio meets someone quite unexpected.Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 34Pinocchio seems on the point of death when he's thrown into the sea with weights and swallowed by a SharkNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 33Pinocchio, having become a Donkey, is bought by the owner of a Circus, who wants to teach him to do tricksNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 32Pinocchio's ears become like those of a Donkey. In a little while he changes into a real Donkey and begins to brayNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 31Pinocchio travels to the Land of Toys, but on the way some strange events make him feel very uneasyNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 30Pinocchio is set to become a boy again and invites friends to a celebration. His best friend has a new temptation for himNatasha Gostwick
Prince CheriA prince has a good fairy to look over him, but he behaves badly and she punishes him.Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 29Pinocchio returns to the Fairy's house - a snail comes to open the door, but takes a very long time...Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 28Pinocchio swims out to sea and is caught by the Green Fisherman who plans to fry him for dinnerNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 27The great battle between Pinocchio and his playmates.Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 26Pinocchio goes to the seashore with his friends to see the Terrible Shark.Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 25Pinocchio promises the Fairy to be good and to study, as he is tired of being a Marionette, and wants to be a real boyNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 24Pinocchio reaches the Island of the Busy Bees and finds the Fairy once more.Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 23Pinocchio throws himself into the sea to go to the aid of his father.Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 22Pinocchio discovers the thieves and, as a reward for faithfulness, he regains his liberty.Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 21Pinocchio is caught by a Farmer, who uses him as a watchdog for his chicken coopNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 20Freed from prison, Pinocchio sets out to return to the Fairy; but he meets a Serpent and is caught in a trapNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 19Pinocchio is robbed of his gold pieces and, as punishment, is sentenced to four months in prisonNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 18Pinocchio finds the Fox and the Cat again, and goes with them to sow the gold pieces in the Field of WondersNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 17Pinocchio eats sugar, but refuses to take medicine. Then he tells a lie and his nose grows longer and longerNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 16The Lovely Maiden sends for the poor puppet, puts him to bed, and asks Doctors to tell her if he's dead or aliveNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 15The Assassins chase Pinocchio, catch him, and hang him to the branch of a giant oak treeNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 14Pinocchio, not having listened to the good advice of the Talking Cricket, falls into the hands of the AssassinsNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 13The Fox and the Cat take Pinocchio to an inn - but are they as kind and hospitable as they seem?Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 12Fire Eater gives Pinocchio five gold pieces for his father, Geppetto; but Pinocchio meets a Fox and a CatNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 11The Director, Fire Eater, sneezes and forgives Pinocchio, who saves his friend, Harlequin, from death.Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 10The Marionettes greet Pinocchio with loud cheers; but the Director happens along and poor Pinocchio almost loses his lifeNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 9Pinocchio sells his A-B-C book to pay his way into the Marionette Theater.Natasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 8Geppetto makes Pinocchio a new pair of feet, and sells his coat to buy him an A-B-C bookNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 7Geppetto returns home and gives his own breakfast to the MarionetteNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 6Pinocchio falls asleep with his feet on a foot warmer, and awakens the next day with his feet all burned offNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio, Chapter 5Pinocchio is hungry and looks for an egg to make an omelet. To his surprise, the omelet flies out the windowNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio Chapter 4Pinocchio and the Talking Cricket - bad children do not like to be corrected by those who know more than they doNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio Chapter 3As soon as he gets home, Geppetto fashions the puppet and calls it Pinocchio. The first pranks of the puppetNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio Chapter 2Mastro Cherry gives the piece of wood to Geppetto, who wants to make a puppet that will dance and do somersaultsNatasha Gostwick
Pinocchio Chapter 1How it happened that Mastro Cherry, carpenter, found a piece of wood that wept and laughed like a child.Natasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden, Chapter 27In the Garden concludes the classic novel. The Secret Garden appeared first on Storynory Free Audio Stories For KidsNatasha Gostwick
Katie and the Curse of MacbethKatie the Witch takes part in a play near the Edinburgh Festival and fights actors' superstitions about Shakespeare's MacbethNatasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 26It's Mother! The Secret Garden appeared first on Storynory Free Audio Stories For KidsNatasha Gostwick
Snow White and Rose RedThe Snow White of this story isn't related to the Snow White of Seven Dwarfs fame. This one is the sister of Rose RedNatasha Gostwick
The Moscow CatA strong and independent cat from Moscow runs away to live in the forest. Half realistic and half fairy taleNatasha Gostwick
Secret Garden Chapter 25The Curtain. The Secret Garden appeared first on Storynory Free Audio Stories For KidsNatasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 24Let Them Laugh! The Secret Garden appeared first on Storynory Free Audio Stories For KidsNatasha Gostwick
UndineA watery fairytale from Germany that is not unlike the Little MermaidNatasha Gostwick
Bertie's QuestIt's Beatrice's Birthday and she asks Bertie to find her a living dinosaur as a petNatasha Gostwick
Is Love a Fairytale?Is Love a Fairytale? - A very catchy tune from the album by Aoede.Aoede
Andromeda and PerseusPrincess Andromeda tells us how she was rescued from a ghastly sea monster by the Greek hero PerseusNatasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 23The post. The Secret Garden appeared first on Storynory Free Audio Stories For KidsNatasha Gostwick
The King and the Beggar MaidA king does not seem interested in marrying until he comes across a beggar maidNatasha Gostwick
Red FortunesRed Fortunes is Bertie's novel for Grown Ups; available at Amazon in Kindle or paperback. Until May 5, it's FREE on KindleHugh Fraser
Katie and the Witch's TrialHorrid rumours are flying round the school about Katie. It's almost like a witch hunt.Natasha Gostwick
The Rooster and the FoxIf you like Aesop's fables, you will probably enjoy this. It is the lively story of a fox who tries to trick a farmyard rooster.Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the Bad BugA nasty tummy bug is going around the school. When Katie falls ill, she has words with a virus and gives it a piece of her mindNatasha Gostwick
The Flying Horse Part 2Our prince must fight a whole army. Can he survive? What will become of his love the princess? And what of the magician who made the enchanted horse?Elizabeth
The Secret Garden Chapter 22When the Sun Went DownNatasha Gostwick
The Flying Horse Part 1An inventor presents the King of Persia with an enchanted horse. His son flies off to meet a beautiful princess, but there is trouble in store.Elizabeth
Rip Van WinkleThe classic American fairytale by Washington Irving.Charlie Loeb
The Secret Garden Chapter 21Ben Weatherstaff!Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the Magic ChocolateOver the Easter holiday, Paul invites Katie to the cinema. She has some magic chocolate for him - but it doesn't work quite as expectedNatasha Gostwick
Colin's April FoolThe grumpiest fish in the pond plays an April Fool joke - but is it funny?Natasha Gostwick
PymalionA sculptor on the island of Cyprus scorns all women until he falls in love with a statue that he has made.Natasha Gostwick
CleopatraCleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, was clever, enchanting and the lover of both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. A biography.Natasha Gostwick
Madame White SnakeA story from China to celebrate the Year of the Snake. Two serpent spirits become young women and one of them marries a man.Natasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 20"I Shall Live Forever - and Ever - and Ever!"Natasha Gostwick
The Labours of Heracles Part 2In this part we hear about Labours 7 to 12 and a lesser known follow-up for poor Heracles - his imprisonment by Queen Omphale when he had to dress up as a girl!Richard
The Secret Garden Chapter 19It Has Come!!Natasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 18Tha' Munnot Waste No TimeNatasha Gostwick
The Labours of Heracles Part 1Heracles was the the strong-man of the ancient world. He performed twelve labours, and we tell you about the first 6Richard
The Secret Garden Chapter 17A tantrum.Natasha Gostwick
Dad's Half CenturyIt will be Dad's 50th birthday in June. His rich brother is planning a three day beach party at his villa in Ibiza. What could go wrong?Richard
The Sorcerer's ApprenticeA chaotic magical story with music which shows why you should never muddle in things that you don't understandNatasha Gostwick
The Cowherd and the Weaving MaidA romantic Story from China about a cowherd with a magical ox that helps him marry one of the maidens who blow the clouds through the skies.Natasha Gostwick
Herod the GreatWe have opened our presents, but Christmas isn't actually over until the 12th Day - the Feast of the Epiphany. That's when the Wise Men found Jesus in Bethlehem and gave him their giftsElizabeth
O Little Town of BethlehemChristmas carols are gorgeous. Gabriella Burnel sings Oh Little Town of Bethlehem especially for Storynory. We hope you enjoy her lovely voice.Natasha Gostwick
Katie and the remote for lifeKatie puts a magic spell on the TV Remote so that she can pause and rewind real life. When she takes it to school it proves to be a useful but risky device.Natasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 16"I won't!" said MaryNatasha Gostwick
Astropup: prisoner of the catsAstropup is a prisoner of the cat-people pirates. They torture him with cat music. Then the cat space ship begins to take off. Can our hero and the parrot escape?Richard
Operatic Hansel and GretelOur production of Hansel and Gretel by Englebert Humperdinck is specially crafted for children, but anyone who loves music will delight in it.Richard
Astropup - man with a laser gunThe man with the laser gun could help Astropup and the Good Cat rescue the parrot from the clutches of the cat people, but unfortunately he does not trust cats.Richard
The Secret Garden Chapter 15Nest BuildingNatasha Gostwick
Astropup and the Good CatAstropup tries to solve the quandry caused by the Cat People's demand for the HMS Hesperus diamond.Richard
The Secret Garden Chapter 14A Young RajahNatasha Gostwick
Astropup and the Planet of the PiratesAstropup and his friend the parrot have a huge diamond which they found in the Wreck of the Hesperus.Richard
The Secret Garden Chapter 13"I Am Colin"Natasha Gostwick
Tick Tock Turkey: Festival of HonoluluTick Tock Turkey's creator, Michael Brett has penned another story for us (with a little help from Natasha).Natasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 12Might I Have a Bit of Earth?Natasha Gostwick
Don't Be Scared of HalloweenA new version of Katie's halloween songNatasha Gostwick
Katie and Mr. New Part TwoDoes Shumash really mind that Katie's mum is a witch? The second part of this magical romantic story, gives us the answer.Natasha Gostwick
Astropup and the Wreck of the HesperusAstropup investigates a wrecked space ship and encounters space sharks.Richard
The Secret Garden Chapter 11The Nest of the Missel ThrushNatasha Gostwick
Astropup and the Revenge of the ParrotEver since the Cat People tried to kill the parrot, he has been seeking revenge. His chance comes on a mission to the moon.Richard
The Secret Garden Chapter 10Dickon.Natasha Gostwick
The Crab that Played with the SeaA Just So story by Rudyard Kipling explains how the sea got its tide.Natasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 9The strangest house anyone ever lived in.Natasha Gostwick
The Punishment of LokiLoki, the Norse god of fire and tricks, is punished for his crime.Elizabeth
BaldurThe tragic tale of how a favourite son of the gods was killed. This one is really sad.Elizabeth
The Secret Garden Chapter 8The Robin Who Showed the WayNatasha Gostwick
Fenris the WolfFenris the Wolf was so strong that he could bite through chains.Elizabeth
The Secret Garden Chapter 7The Key to the GardenNatasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 6"There was someone crying - There WAS!"Natasha Gostwick
Katie and Mr. NewKatie's mother is being very secretive about something.Natasha Gostwick
Bertie and the Queen's ConfessionThe Wicked Queen has confessed everything - recorded how she turned Bertie into a frog. But the cassette tape is missing and Bertie MUST get it.Natasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 5The Cry in the Corridor. A Robin delights Mary in the grounds of the manor, and later she hears a strange cry.Natasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 4Mary Lennox wakes up in Misselthwaite Manor and meets Martha, a serving girl who is not all like any of the servants she has known in India.Natasha Gostwick
How the Leopard Got His SpotsA just so story by Rudyard Kipling, read by Natasha, tells how the Leopard got his spotsNatasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 3Across the Moor. Marry travels by train with Mrs. Medlock for her first view of the Yorkshire Moors and the Yorkshire accent.Natasha Gostwick
Thor's Fishing TripThor, the Norse god of Thunder, goes on a fishing trip with a giant, and rows into the waters of the Midgard Serpent.Natasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 2Mistress Mary Quite Contrary. Mary Lennox travels from India to the grey skies of England.Natasha Gostwick
The Secret Garden Chapter 1Mary Lennox is a disagreeable only child living in India in the time of the British Empire when cholera comes to the district.Natasha Gostwick
Storynory Extra - AlaskaNatasha reads a poem from Alaska and we meet Tevi from Talkeetna - one of our listeners and a fellow broadcaster. It's a chance to learn a little bit more about us and our audience.Natasha Gostwick
The Tortoise and the ElephantWho is stronger: a tortoise or an elephant? This fable from Zaire has the answer!Natasha Gostwick00:21:25
Katie and the Magician of MoroccoKatie and her mother visit Marrakech in Morocco to buy a magic carpet, search for special shops and get in trouble in a secret village in the Atlas Mountains.Natasha Gostwick00:25:15
Chap 24, Wonderful Wizard of OzDorothy is Home Again.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
Chap 23, Wonderful Wizard of OzGlinda The Good Witch Grants Dorothy's WishNatasha Gostwick00:16:47
Chap 22, Wonderful Wizard of OzThe Country of the Quadlings. The friends must take on an army of armless Hammer-Heads on the hillside.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
Chap 21, Wonderful Wizard of OzThe Lion takes on the great spider and becomes King of BeastsNatasha Gostwick00:16:47
Chap 20, Wonderful Wizard of OzDorothy and her friends come across some very pretty but fragile people.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
How the Rhinoceros Got His SkinA Just So Story by Kipling. Why is the Rhinoceros so wrinkly and so grumpy?Richard00:12:23
Astropup and the day of the catThe Cat People have a secret agent working inside the space centre. He is planning to guide in a team of ninja cat commandos to assassinate the Parrot Major.Richard00:18:27
Marvin the Mole and the Queen's JubileeWe mark the Queen's Jubilee with a charming poem about a mole who pops up at her garden party.Elizabeth00:06:53
Katie and the GiantsKatie's mum, who knows lots of wonderful stories, tells her about the Giants and the Gods to explain something important about life.Natasha Gostwick00:11:29
Chap 19, Wonderful Wizard of OzDorothy and her friends are attacked by the Fighting TreesNatasha Gostwick00:16:47
Chap 18, Wonderful Wizard of OzAway to the South. Dorothy asks the Winged Monkeys if they can help her get back to Kansas.Natasha Gostwick00:11:49
Katie and the Witch's Swap (Free)Katie and her best friend Isis decide to swap their lives for the day.Natasha Gostwick00:25:15
Song: Wine Dark SeaA haunting and romantic song about Jason and Medea, to go with the story of the Golden Fleece.Natasha Gostwick00:11:29
Jason and Medea Part Four: the EscapeThe final part of Jason and Medea; the story of the golden fleece. Jason must sow the field of Ares with dragons teeth which will jump up into an army of skeleton men. Then Jason and Medea must escape.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
Upstart GreekAn uptempo, amusing song about Jason and the Golden Fleece. We hope you will find this fun! The words are a bit of a tongue-twister.Natasha Gostwick00:06:53
Jason and Medea Part Three: Princess MedeaPrincess Medea takes up the story. Jason has come with the Argonauts to Colchis to seek the Golden Fleece for Greece. Medea falls in love with Jason and decides to help him.Natasha Gostwick00:12:15
Row On BoysRow On - A bluesy rowing song for Jason and Medea sung by Gabriella BurnelGabriella Burnel00:14:03
Jason and Medea Part Two: The Voyage to ColchisJason and the Argonauts contend with a boxing king and a blind prophet on their way to Colchis to fetch the Golden Fleece.Richard00:25:15
Jason and Medea Part One: The Voyage BeginsWe begin our four part epic poem, Jason and Medea, written in verse by Bertie for Storynory. Adapted from "Jason and the Golden Fleece."Richard00:10:16
BrynhildeWe have already met the Norse hero, Sigurd. After killing a dragon, he rode his horse through a ring of fire to discover a sleeping Valkyrie or War Maiden named Brynhilde.Elizabeth00:25:07
Sigurd and the DragonPrince Sigurd comes of age by fighting a dragon.Elizabeth00:09:27
Chap 17, Wizard of OzHow the balloon was launched.Natasha Gostwick00:09:02
Chap 16, Wizard of OzAmazing, but people keep on asking the Wonderful Wizard of Oz to do impossible things - and he can't help but oblige them - even if that means fooling them too.Natasha Gostwick00:09:02
Chap 15, Wizard of OzJust how wonderful is the Wonderful Wizard of Oz? In this chapter we find out...Natasha Gostwick00:12:15
Odin's EyeHow the chief of the Norse gods gained True Wisdom and the terrible price he paid for it.Natasha Gostwick00:09:27
Idun and her Golden ApplesIn this Norse Story, we learn how the gods of Asgard are able to stay forever young.Natasha Gostwick00:25:07
Sif and her Golden HairLoki, god of fire and mischief, steals Sif's beautiful golden hair. In doing so he enrages Sif's powerful husband, Thor.Natasha Gostwick00:11:08
Chap 14, Wonderful Wizard of OzWe've now heard how Dorothy defeated the Wicked Witch of the West, and rescued her companions. In this chapter we meet the Winged Monkeys again. Hopefully they will be more friendly this time!Natasha Gostwick00:18:27
Katie and the Big CatKatie and her best friend Isis go pony trekking on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, in the west of england.Natasha Gostwick00:11:49
Chapter 13, Wizard of OzDorothy has defeated the Wicked Witch of the West but her friends have payed a heavy price. Can the Yellow Winkies help her rescue the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion?Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
Bertie and the Secret PotatoA Bertie adventure that takes us to the jungle of Papua, New Guinea in search of the secret of eternal youth.Natasha Gostwick00:25:15
The Christmouse MysteryA Christmas play set in an English country house and featuring a cast of humans and mice.Various00:26:11
Bertie's Lost ChristmasIt is Christmas Eve. Bertie the frog is performing his stand-up comedy act abroad. He and Tim are delayed by snow and end up with in a bus depot with some unlikely characters.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
The Fox and the WolfFrom the 1001 nights, a tale of a fox and a wolf who are friends - but do not trust each other.Natasha Gostwick00:25:15
Three Bright Aesop TalesThe Sun looks down on the earth and sees all the human folly. He tells three tales or "fables": The Milkmaid, Juno and the Peacock, and The Sun and the North Wind.Natasha Gostwick00:12:54
Albert OrangutanA funny poem that tells the story of Albert Orangutan, a very fashionable ape.Richard00:25:15
Astropup and the Key to the UniverseAstropup holds the key to the universe in his mouth. Should he share it with the humans? The parrot says that it will bring them great wealth and power if they keep it to themselves.Richard00:16:47
Portia's PuzzleA romantic episode from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice which is a little like a fairytale.Elizabeth00:19:04
Chapter 12, Wizard of OzThe Wicked Witch of the West sends armies of strange creatures to attack Dorothy and her friends, but they fight back bravely.Natasha Gostwick00:25:15
Katie's Halloween AuntA witchy Halloween story about Katie, whose Great Aunt Chloe comes to stay for Halloween. Chloe loves to do traditional magical things like flying around on a broom stick.Natasha Gostwick00:25:15
Chapter 11, Wizard of OzAt last we meet the Wonderful Wizard of Oz in the Green Emerald City. He appears in three different guises.Natasha Gostwick00:25:15
Don't Be Scared of HalloweenA Halloween Song about Katie the Witch, who is scared of Halloween.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
Chap 10, Wizard of OzDorothy and her friends arrive at the Emerald City - so brilliant that they have to put on green spectacles before they enter.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
The Red-Headed LeagueSherlock Holmes investigates the mysterious league that pays good money to men with red hair to copy out the encyclopaedia. What are they up to? Could there be a criminal plot behind its apparently charitable aims?Richard00:19:04
Chapter 9, Wizard of OzIn which we meet a small but very important person.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
Chapter 8, Wizard of OzThe scarecrow finds himself stuck up a pole once again and Dorothy and her friends find a new danger in the form of a flower.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
Emelye's Tale, Part 3The final part of Emelye's tale. Is there any room for true love - or for chivalry - in the knight's bitter rivalry over the princess Emelye. And will she have any say in the matter of who marries her?Elizabeth00:19:04
Emelye's Tale, Part 2Princess Emelye does not yet realise that she is the cause of a huge falling out between two imprisoned knights. She has never met either of them, and both have fallen madly in love with her.Elizabeth00:19:04
Chapter 7, The Wizard of OzDorothy and her friends confront some terrible beasts called the Kalidahs.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
Emelye's Tale, Part OneThe Knight's Tale by Chaucer is retold from the point of view of Princess Emelye - so we have called this story Emelye's tale. Chivalry, Romance, Adventure and perhaps a tiny touch of feminism.Elizabeth00:19:04
Nursery Rhymes 2Rub a Dub Dub, Hickory Dickory Dock, This Little Piggy Went to Market, Little Jack Horner, Here we go round the Mulberry Bush, Ring a Ring a Roses, Oranges and Lemons say the bells of St. Clement'sNatasha Gostwick00:19:04
Chicken LittleA fast paced and amusing story featuring animals with cute names. Look out for Cocky-locky, Ducky-daddles, Goosey- Loosey and Turkey-lurkey.Elizabeth00:19:04
The Adventure of the Six NapoleonsA Sherlock Holmes mystery in which the great detective investigates why an apparent lunatic is going around breaking up statues of Napoleon.Richard00:19:04
Nursery Rhymes 1Some traditional nursery rhymes packed with irresistible fun and charm.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
The Beauty at the Last BallThe final episode in our Princess Talia story. Talia, Sally and Basil have traveled through time - but after so many adventures, how will they return to the "real" world?Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
Katie and the Magic ShopKatie's mum always wanted to open a magic shop. When she achieved her ambition, other shop keepers started to spread nasty rumours about her being a bad witch...Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
Animal Riddle RhymesHere are three charming poems that take the form of riddles. In each one you have to guess which animal we are describing.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
Chapter 6, the Wizard of OzDorothy, the Tin Woodman, and the Scarecrow are on their way to meet the Wizard of Oz. A lion leaps out and chases the little dog Toto. He is ashamed to admit that he is a cowardly lion.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
The Beauty's ChallengeThe climax of our Awaking Beauty series in which Basil fights a duel with the champion of Morgan Le Fay in the quad of an Oxford college.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
The Beauty's ChampionBasil learns to fight with a two handed sword from one of the best in the business.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
The Beauty's TimeSally is thrilled to meet some famous people and Basil is increasingly alarmed about having to fight a duel.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
The Beauty's HomelandBasil and Sally wake up in far away place where a miller takes them to a medieval tournament.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
The Rime of the Ancient MarinerBy Samuel Taylor Coleridge. An old Sailor tells the tale of a terrible journey at sea - how he shot a sacred bird, the Albatros, and found himself in charge of a ghastly ghost crew.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
The Beauty and Sir BasilEpisode 15 in our Awaking Beauty series. The city of Oxford has fallen asleep, apart from a handful of people. Amid the fog, Basil meets Talia's fairy godmother, who explains a great deal to him.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
Bertie in SiberiaPrince Bertie goes to Siberia in search of a family heirloom, a Faberge egg. On the Trans-Siberian Train he meets a mysterious Mongolian Princess.Natasha Gostwick00:19:04
The Kubla KhanThe famous poem by Coleridge describes a wonderful palace built by the Mongolian Kublai Khan in Xanadu.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
The Beauty and the Big SleepPrincess Talia's friend Basil finds that some strange and eerie things are going on in the City of OxfordNatasha Gostwick00:16:47
How the Camel got his HumpKipling's Tale from when the world was very new tells how the Camel turned his "humph" into a "hump".Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
The Beauty DepartsWill our Awaking Beauty princess Talia leave Westerly College for good? Episode 13 in our series.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
The Samurai and the Tea MasterThis traditional story from Japan is about the time a Samurai Warrior challenged a Tea Master to a duel. It shows that if you are the master of yourself, you can be the master of anything.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
The Beauty on TrialOur Awaking Beauty series has reached episode 12 and Princess Talia is brought before the College Authorities.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
Chapter 5, The Wizard of OzIs it better to have brains or a heart? The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman have different views.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
The RevengeA classic poem about a sea battle with historical notesNatasha Gostwick00:16:47
The Beauty and the WitchOur Awaking Beauty series reaches is becoming tense, and perhaps just a bit creepy... Princess Talia is in trouble at her college for calling the Rector's wife a witch.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
The Daffodils - I Wandered Lonely As a CloudWilliam Wordsworth's famous delightful spring poem read by NatashaNatasha Gostwick00:16:47
The Beauty and the TowerPrincess Talia upsets the Rector of the Westerly College Oxford.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
The Beauty Under ArrestPrincess Talia is in her deepest trouble yet...Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
Wit's End - Catch PhraseDan explains the meaning of Wit's EndNatasha Gostwick00:16:47
Katie's RevengeSamantha plays some mean tricks on Isis, who is Katie's best friend. Isis wants Katie to use magic to help her get revenge but Katie can only use her powers for good.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
Chapter 4, Wizard of OzThe Scarecrow tells Dorothy how it felt to hear and see for the first time.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
SadkoA musical story from Russia.Natasha Gostwick00:16:47
Chapter 3, Wizard of OzNatasha continues to read this famous American fairytale. Dorothy makes a new friend whose head is full of StrawNatasha Gostwick00:18:27
Chapter 2, Wizard of OzDorothy's farmhouse lands in a strange country where she meets a witch and some kindly but peculiar people called the munchkins.Natasha Gostwick00:18:27
Wenceslas Christmas CarolThe traditional Christmas carol that goes with our story of Good King Wenceslas, sung by Gabriella BurnelNatasha Gostwick00:01:51
Swan SongThe Song from our Swan Lake Story sung by Gabriella Brunel with words by Bertie for Storynory.Natasha Gostwick00:01:51
Chapter 1, Wizard of OzDorothy lives in the midst of the great Kansas prairies. One day the farm house in which she lives is whisked away by a cyclone.Natasha Gostwick00:18:27
Good King WenceslasThe story and the music of the Christmas Carol.Natasha Gostwick00:18:27
Swan LakeA magical and Musical story that includes a specially-recorded songElizabeth00:18:27
The Bull and the DonkeySherehezade is married to the Sultan. All his many previous brides have been beheaded the morning after their wedding - but she plans to keep the tyrant amused with stories, always leaving him wanting more.Elizabeth00:18:27
The Table and the ChairA funny poem by Edward Lear about a Table and a Chair who go out for a walk.Natasha Gostwick00:18:27
The Old Man and the FigsA jewish tale, very old, wise and witty.Natasha Gostwick00:05:24
The Philosophical BeautyPrincess Talia amazes Basil by letting him listen to a conversation with one of the greatest geniuses who ever lived.Elizabeth00:18:27
Katie's Black FridayA fortune telling craze is spreading through school. Katie warns her friends that predicting the future can be dangerous, and is proved right in this story that is just a little more SPOOKY than usual.Natasha Gostwick00:18:27
The Golem of PragueA Jewish Story for Halloween - not unrelated to Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. The Rabbi of Prague made a bogey-man or "golem" which rebelled against him.Elizabeth00:18:27
The White Seal Part TwoThe second and final part of Kipling's story from the Jungle Book. The White Seal has gone in search of the Sea Cow who can tell him of a land never visited by humans.Richard00:18:27
The White Seal Part OneA white seal is horrified to learn that seals are hunted and killed by humans for their skins. He is determined to find a place where seals can live without fear of being hunted.Richard00:25:15
Eat You With by SunCrushA song by SunCrush that features a clip of Natasha's voice from Little Red Riding Hood. SunCrush are a super band based in Seattle. This song comes from their album, seven.Natasha Gostwick00:25:15

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