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Southern Living

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Southern Living was created to highlight the beauty and culture of the growing South. In the decades since its inception, it has become one of the largest lifestyle magazines in the country. With characteristic Southern hospitality, it is committed to sharing the region we love with our readers, no matter where they may live. Read to you by Joyce Davis!

Current Southern Living Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Sep, 2021Life at Southern Living-Let it Grow-Harnessing the power of farming and food. by Sid Evans; A celebration of cooks in the SouthReader: Joyce Davis00:16:55
Sep, 2021City on the Rise-Built on football this SEC stronghold is quickly becoming a culinary powerhouse. by Tara Massouleh McCayReader: Joyce Davis00:13:44
Various articles, Aug, 2021Book of Ouida-HGTV Erin Napier keeps her grandmother's memory alive. Talented women make our region a more beautiful place to call home.Reader: Joyce Davis00:15:09
Aug, 2021Sticker Shock-the hottest way to show everybody how cool you are. by Rick Bragg; Fruit Cocktails, by Karen Schroeder Rankin; Three sustainable swapsReader: Joyce Davis00:12:38
Aug, 2021Roll Models-Vietnamese restaurant outside Charleston; The Grumpy Gardener; Hatteras HydrangeaReader: Joyce Davis00:15:06
Jul, 2021The Best Little Beach Town in Virginia-Cape Charles, by Betsy Cribb; St. Louis-based swimwear and appel brand Summersalt talk shop, by Betsy CribbReader: Joyce Davis00:15:34
Jul, 2021The Grumpy Gardener; Ginger Wine Ninebark-Color foilage from spring to fall; Pretty as a Plum-great cooked or raw; In Full Swing-Global pandemic launches a crafting businessReader: Joyce Davis00:14:36
Jul, 2021Best Pie Ever-Some dishes are worth the hyperbole; Lemon Lime Love-A word and recipe about the best pie ever; Picture of HealthReader: Joyce Davis00:14:39
Jul, 2021The Coolest Thing Ever, by Rick Bragg; All American Annapolis, Come July, this patriotic town is bursting with charm, by Kaitlyn YarboroughReader: Joyce Davis00:15:45
Jun, 2021Camper by the Sea-Join an adventurous couple for a dip into RB Life on North Carolina's outer bank. by Sandy LangReader: Joyce Davis00:15:21
Jun, 2021Comeback Coast-Beautiful Mississippi towns have moved beyond a historic storm to rebuild and reimagine their very special stretch of the Gulf.Reader: Joyce Davis00:11:15
Jun, 2021Breathing Room-Every inch works in designer home in Austin, Texas; It needed color and life...reviving Baltimore home; Just Peachy-easier than pieReader: Joyce Davis00:13:53
Various articles, 2021Driving With Dad-My southern education started in a station wagon; Pep Rally; Fine Prints-Lively fashions; Picture of Health-being in charge of health and wellness.Reader: Joyce Davis00:13:44
May, 2021Chattanooga is a lot like the river that runs through it-pretty, lively and always on the move. A quirky Athens, Georgia, split levelReader: Joyce Davis00:14:26
May, 2021Soul of a Poet-In honor of Southern mamas, a few versus from the one who inspires this Alabama writer.; Appalachia in BloomReader: Joyce Davis00:11:52
May, 2021Lessons in yard work, mailbox maintenance, and life; Four simple spring arrangements; Use the wonderful cucumbers; Secrets of a good lifeReader: Joyce Davis00:14:47
Apr, 2021Tweetin tips to all of you who love our feathered friends. ; Our garden expert alleviates your growing pains.; Plant this native perennial and enjoy the fireworks.Reader: Joyce Davis00:13:55
Apr, 2021Small Towns-The South has no shortage of charismatic destinations with fascinating histories, streets, and hospitality; Hill Country Hideaway, Boerne TexasReader: Joyce Davis00:12:26
Apr, 2021When you're ready to travel, we've got you covered. by Sid Evans; Explore the natural wonders of Sanibel Island, Florida. America's shelling capital, by Marisa SpykerReader: Joyce Davis00:12:17
Mar, 2021The Land Zoom-Dispatches from a writer on another planet.; The Spirit of San Antonio-The colorful charm and lively style of Texas most storied city.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:38
Mar, 2021The Elegance of Boxwood; The Grumpy Gardener; What are blogger Jules Acree's keys to a happier home? More light, less stuff and lots of room to grow.Reader: Joyce Davis00:12:35
Mar, 2021What Southerners are buzzing about.; Beautiful Spaces for a Better Life.; A ribbon of tangy strawberry rhubarb filling runs through this buttery crumb topped treat.Reader: Joyce Davis00:11:26
Mar, 2021Need some inspiration? Go for a stroll.; A piece of cake can solve a world of problems.; Taste the best mago smoothie; Celebrities with disabilities; Pertiussis and PsoriasisReader: Joyce Davis00:15:03
Feb, 2021To Meatloaf Mondays and better times ahead.; Tabitha Brown's Recipe for Happiness-How the North Carolinga native's food journey made her a social media sensationReader: Joyce Davis00:16:23
Feb, 2021Out of the Blue-South Carolina arrtist Caroline Halper bringing the indigo cop back to the region's landscape. Rainbow Chard; Aloe VeraReader: Joyce Davis00:12:36
Jan, 2021Renovations-Welcome to a new year, a new issue and a new look. by Sid Evans; Wild and Windswept-With unspoiled beaches washed by the Atlantic. by Tracey MinkinReader: Joyce Davis00:17:36
Jan, 2021Broad Strokes-Lousiana artist Marianne Angeli Rodriguz channels her globe trotting childhood in her colorful pieces; Pictures of Health-Ideas to keep you healthyReader: Joyce Davis00:13:03
Jan, 20217 Things Professional Cleaners Do In Their Own Homes; Winter Warmers-Take the chill out with friends and a mug of steamy slow-simmered sippersReader: Joyce Davis00:15:28
Jan, 202111 Habits of Extremely Likable People-Meeting new people is a challenge. Here are a few suggestions you likable. Back to Basics-recipes made in your slow cooker.Reader: Joyce Davis00:12:53
Jan, 2021Southern Living Cooking School-Tips and tricks from the South's most trusted kitchen.Reader: Joyce Davis00:13:35
Dec, 2020All Is Bright in Virginia-Old Town Alexandria is charming anytime, but it really sparkles in December. by Zoe DennenbergReader: Joyce Davis00:12:54
Dec, 2020The Grumpy Gardener, by Steve Bender; Plant of the Month; For the Love of Latkes, by Kelly Alexander; Picture of Health, by Shamera RobinsonReader: Joyce Davis00:13:36
Dec, 2020Head to the Lowcountry for festivities that light up St. Simons Island and Sea Island; Is there one Christmas song that transports you back to the old days?Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:19
Dec, 2020Sometimes the simplest recipes make the best traditions. The Cookie Legacy-A beloved small town bakery makes it's ultrathin wafers the old-fashioned way.Reader: Joyce Davis00:15:10
Nov, 2020Sweet Memories of Pie-Thanksgiving dessert stands above all; Waste Nor-Left over turkey's higher calling; Information about your petsReader: Joyce Davis00:12:42
Nov, 2020Giving thanks to medical workers for treating us better than we deserve; Memories of a Texas Size Thanksgiving; Holiday Stain Survival GuideReader: Joyce Davis00:14:34
Nov, 2020Four thoughtful place card ideas from the party pros of Birmingham's. Crazy for Gourds; The Grumpy Gardener and Plant of the MonthReader: Joyce Davis00:11:34
Nov, 2020Lending a helping hand one meal at a time.; We're honoring eight Southerners who served their communities in extraordinary ways during the COVID-19 crisis.Reader: Joyce Davis00:13:04
Oct, 2020Seen anything spooky on TV lately? Me neither. ; Advice for a healthy life. ; The story behind an Alabama Family and his heirloom ingredient.Reader: Joyce Davis00:15:00
Oct, 2020What it took to build a mountain hideaway in 2020. by Sid Evans; For our 2020 Idea House we built a dream Blue Ridge escape in Asheville, by Grace HaynesReader: Joyce Davis00:12:53
Sep, 2020Fantasy Football, by Rick Bragg; A Storied Meal, by Keia Mastrianni; News about your petsReader: Joyce Davis00:13:46
Sep, 2020The Charm of Asters, by Grace Haynes; The Grumpy Gardener, by Steve Bender; Plant of the Month; Southern Decorating; Woman-Empowering Woman, by Joyce DavisReader: Joyce Davis00:13:49
Sep, 2020The Comeback Cabin-An abadoned 1400 squre foot Alabama home gets a modem look. True Grit-As the owner of Mississippi's Delta Grind knows the secret to a good bag of cornmeal.Reader: Joyce Davis00:13:22
Sep, 2020Last 4 Cooks of the Year: Samantha Fore, Melissa Martin, Coby Ming and Dararis Phillips, and Vanny Rodriguez; University of the South gives a campus tour.Reader: Joyce Davis00:13:15
Sep, 2020Taste Makers-Southern food has always been about invention. by Sid Evans; Cooks of the Year-southern food often thought of fixed in time, but it does evolve.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:11
Aug, 2020The Natural-Jenna Bush Hager reflects on love, loss and the greatest lessons she learned from her grandmother.Reader: Joyce Davis00:12:52
Aug, 2020Don't Le the Red Bugs Bite-The bane of fisherman and blackberry pickers alike, by Rick Bragg; I can't believe I am saying this; Make Your Own MarinadeReader: Joyce Davis00:13:08
Aug, 2020Opening my home to help rescues; Owning a dog could lead to a healthier life.; Never been a better reason to get a dog; A feline rules my house and heartReader: Joyce Davis00:13:25
Aug, 2020Flower Power in downtown Birmingham; Heat tolerant plants; The Grumpy Gardener; Sage, their toughness and beauty during hot weather is no illusionReader: Joyce Davis00:12:39
Jul, 2020South Carolina native and Food Network star Kardea Brown honors Gullah cuisine; Celebrating the efforts of three Southerners jumping to action during the Covid Crisis.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:54
Jul, 2020The Longest Summer, by Rick Bragg; The Grumpy Gardener by Steve Bender; Plant of the Month, by Steve Bender; The Swim Teachers, by Betsy CribbReader: Joyce Davis00:12:41
Jul, 2020One year after his grandmother's death a writer gets in the car she left to him and retraces the route she took to her favorite place on earth. by Caleb JohnsonReader: Joyce Davis00:15:33
Jul, 2020When the three Morten sisters began to start lives of their own, the North Carolina summer home of their childhood needed to stretch its wings too. Taco Night!-One fast recipe.Reader: Joyce Davis00:13:55
Jul, 2020The Home Office-We may be distant but that does not mean we cannot connect. A Festive Backyard Fourth; A Truly Open HouseReader: Joyce Davis00:13:37
Jun, 2020Southern Tails-our furry friends, by Grace Haynes; Information about keeping ourselves healthy, by Dr. Lacey Vence and Tenesha Carter; Lowcountry landscapeReader: Joyce Davis00:14:27
Jun, 2020Jessica B. Harris, reflects on their decades long friendship and the imprint the "Queen of Creole Cuisine," left on her and the world. Mississippi cottage hideaway.Reader: Joyce Davis00:15:24
Jun, 2020Let's try to enjoy the small things of summer. by Sid Evans; Growing Outside the Box, by Grace Haynes, Kelly Smith; The Grumpy Gardener, by Steve Bender; Dwarf Chaste TreeReader: Joyce Davis00:14:01
Jun, 2020Going the Distance: In time, we'll heal the way Southerners always do--together. The Joys of Summer: Eighteen ways to brighten and fill up the weeks ahead.Reader: Joyce Davis00:18:52
May, 2020Lost in Translation; Best of the Bunch Centerpieces; Backyard Cottage Retreat; Picture of Health; Information about our petsReader: Joyce Davis00:14:26
May, 2020Sometimes there is nothing better than a backyard. Interior designer hosts a veggie-packed party at home. Quick-germinating seeds. The Grumpy GardenerReader: Joyce Davis00:15:44
May, 2020The Wisdom of Our Mother's-Daughters of the South share the best advice their mothers ever gave them. by Mimi ReadReader: Joyce Davis00:19:14
Apr 29, 2020Tips and tricks from the South's most trusted kitchen. Can seven people sleep comfortably in 600 sq feet? Dine at the Chef's Table in the Commander's Palace kitchenReader: Joyce Davis00:16:31
Apr, 2020The South's Best town and city; The Secret Sauce in New Orleans; Richmond's Rising Star Restaurant-Alewife; Best Local RestaurantReader: Joyce Davis00:22:50
Apr, 2020No one understands the power of a children's book better than Dolly Parton. Seven Southerners who are changing their communities for good.Reader: Joyce Davis00:23:24
Mar, 2020My Toddler Threw Out My Silver Polish, and I Don't Care; Picture of Health; New to the Neighborhood; My Mom the Beauty IconReader: Joyce Davis00:15:16
Mar, 2020Southern Tails-Taking care of your furry companions. by Grace HaynesReader: Joyce Davis00:13:30
Mar, 2020Becoming Birmingham-The slow but steady reinvention of Alabama's largest city has finally come into focus. by Hannah HayesReader: Joyce Davis00:10:17
Mar, 2020Fresh organic produce available 24-7 right at your door?' by Grace Haynes; Cheap Eats, by Kimberly Holland; Sticky-sweet, citrusy rolls, by Anna TheokistoReader: Joyce Davis00:16:17
Mar, 2020Why alligator fritters are no longer on the menu. Grumpy Gardner-Our expert alleviates your growing pains. Prep your porch pots for spring.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:16
Mar, 2020The enduring appeal of a Southern classic farmhouse; An entrepreneurial farming family in Brunswick, Georgia, plots their next steps.Reader: Joyce Davis00:19:00
Mar, 2020You Really Need a Florida Get Away-Escape the chill at these coastal destinations, all close to major airports yet worlds apart. by Tracey MinkinReader: Joyce Davis00:16:56
Feb, 2019The rebirth of Laurel, Mississippi, is proof of what real people can do with a little creativity, a lot of commitment, and a deep well of love. by Danielle ClaroReader: Joyce Davis00:15:45
Feb, 2020Southern diners, where the gossip's as hot as the biscuits, and the wisdom is gravy; The Watson family waited 9 years for their dream home; Redefining beautyReader: Joyce Davis00:03:32
Jan, 2020Brighten dreary winter days with pots of colorful flowers indoors. Our garden expert alleviates your growing pains. Your a homeowner, but where do you turn when things go awry.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:47
Jan, 2020Annie and Connor Carroll open up about everything from Nashville's real estate market to down payments to DIY bathroom tiling. Friends at Money show ways to boost your homes value.Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:55
Jan, 2020Community Cooking-The best recipes are meant to be shared, celebrated, and debated. Sunny Delights, recipes for the pineapple.Reader: Joyce Davis00:20:24
Jan, 2020Southern Comfort-When times are tough, your neighbors have your back. by Sid Evans; Pretty Snug-Tricks to open up the tiniest nooks. by Petra GuglielmettiReader: Joyce Davis00:14:16
Dec, 2019A letter from Santa, why can't you just be good for goodness' sake; Loretta Lynn's Holiday in the Holler; Renaissance Woman, New Orlean's most beloved hostessReader: Joyce Davis00:21:04
Dec, 2019The Legacy of Pralines-These pecan-studded puddles are more than a treat; Simple sparkly ways to bring joy to your world; Magnolias-reflection on this flowerReader: Joyce Davis00:14:44
Dec, 2019Uncle Ed's Christmas Carol-A long-overdue thank you to the hardest working man I ever knew. A Picture of Health-no author-Advice for a healthy life.Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:38
Dec, 2019Look to nature for gifts that outlast the holidays. The Grumpy Gardener. A Recipe for Fun. The Gift of CookiesReader: Joyce Davis00:17:10
Nov, 2019A Hard Bargain-Avoiding the buy-one free-for-all on Black Friday; Tips and tricks from the South's most trusted kitchen. Pecan trees will provide delicious bounty.Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:35
Nov, 2019Chef Shepherd prepares a feast of gratitude for Houston firefighters. Our garden expert alleviates your growing pains. If near pecan trees, they will bestow delicious bounty.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:21
Nov, 2019One Kentucky family's trash can turkey tradition, by Betsy Cribb. Thanksgiving with some storied Southern recipes, by Nancie McDermott.Reader: Joyce Davis00:20:12
Nov, 2019Cooking That Counts-There's a reason we turn to these Junior League classics. It's the holiday, say yes to cheese straws. Praying for PieReader: Joyce Davis00:13:02
Oct, 2019The Oyster Feast-Chef Steve Satteerfields ideal day on Georgia's Tybee Island starts with wild oyster harvesting and ends with plenty of food, friends, and fun.Reader: Joyce Davis00:12:03
Oct, 2019Chasing Fall Color in the Virginia foothills, by Julia Rutland. The South's Best Seafood Shacks, by James T. Black.Reader: Joyce Davis00:15:46
Oct, 2019Daily attention and an enduring partnership yield spectacular results in this Alabama landscape. The Grumpy Gardener; Plant of the month and checklistReader: Joyce Davis00:13:34
Oct, 2019The Great Pumpkin-Why kids need a little farm time-so do their partents, by Sid Evans; Pumpkin-Picking Time! Saturdays at Gentry's Farm, by Katie JacobsReader: Joyce Davis00:12:56
Sep, 2019Tips and tricks from the South's most trusted kitchen. A Virginia woman set out to find her grandmother's lost apple pie recipe and discovered more.Reader: Joyce Davis00:13:04
Sep, 2019Becoming Octavia-Born and raised in Alabama, Octavia Spencer credits her devout faith and supportive family and deep Southern roots of Octavia Spencer.Reader: Joyce Davis00:11:32
Sep, 2019Container of the Month-Tip top shape this topiary can handle transition from summer to fall; The Grumpy Gardener; Seasonal Guide for Green ThumbsReader: Joyce Davis00:15:52
Sep, 2019Tastemakers and entrepreneurs who are changing the South. Meet the stylish go-getters who are shaping corners of the South. Listen to Your Grandmother.Reader: Joyce Davis00:15:06
Aug, 2019Healthy happy pets and a day at the beach. Meals in minutes. Upgrade our simple brine recipe with a colorful array of produce. Produce fresh from farmers.Reader: Joyce Davis00:13:52
Aug, 2019The Mean Season-I'd rather melt in New Orleans than cool off anywhere else. by Rick Bragg; The Magic Triangle-dynamic corner of the South, by Hannah HayesReader: Joyce Davis00:16:26
Aug, 2019Made in the Shade - How Robyn Gruffith Brown overcomes the bad soil and limited sun in Tennessee backyard. Soft drinks in cake recipes.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:55
Aug, 2019Patience Gets the Garden, by Steve Bender; Container of the Month, by Kathrine Owen; The Grumpy Gardner; Around the Garden, by Steve BenderReader: Joyce Davis00:12:24
Jul, 2019The true soul of the South can't be slapped on a bumper sticker. Martina McBride talks music, summer memories, and being a mom. Healthy happy pets.Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:11
Jul, 2019Southern Food Legends-A look at the diverse food cultures of the South and 20 people that have inspired it. by John T. EdgeReader: Joyce Davis00:20:37
Jul, 2019Every summer, an extraordinary phenomenon hits the waters of Mobile Bay, but you better get up early to catch it. by Rick BraggReader: Joyce Davis00:17:02
Jul, 2019West Virginia Stole My Heart-Journey off the beaten path to the New River Gorge.; Picture of Health-Information to keep yourself healthy.Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:40
Jul, 2019An easy eye-catching arrangement that's perfect for small spaces. Our garden expert alleviates your growing pains. Your seasonal guide around the garden. Berea, KY gardenReader: Joyce Davis00:18:07
Jun, 2019Bunny Mellon's Oak Spring Garden; Want to grow your own sunflowers? Follow this easy sow-and-go method. Sunrise Sliders-Nothing beats a simple breakfastReader: Joyce Davis00:18:00
Jun, 2019The red wasps of summer; Our garden expert alleviates your growing pains; June checklist to spice things up for summer; The rules for dog parks and other informationReader: Joyce Davis00:14:36
Jun, 2019Wonders of Summer-Why do I love this season?; 50 Reasons to Love Summer in the South, a select list from secret swimming hole to bbq joints to beach divesReader: Joyce Davis00:13:53
Apr, 2019Why my know-it-all truck is giving me an inferiority complex.; A summary of how to deal with seasonal allergies; The South's Best Chefs SurveyReader: Joyce Davis00:15:55
Apr, 2019The South's Best Restaurants, by Hannah Hayes; The South's Best BBQ Joints, by Robert Moss; The South's Best Beach Towns, by Tracey MinkinReader: Joyce Davis00:18:53
Apr, 2019What's Your Secret-A tribute to the places our readers love to talk about. by Sid Evans, The South's Best, from a survey of 65,000. by Betsey Cribb and othersReader: Joyce Davis00:13:22
Apr, 2019Alabama and his wife reap 500 pounds of produce from a 600 square foot plot in their Birmingham backyard, by Jane Borden; The Grumpy Gardener, by Steve BenderReader: Joyce Davis00:15:25
March, 2019Memphis Manners- Are "yes, ma'am" and "no, sir" things of the past? Head to the Hill Country in Texas; The South's Best PizzaReader: Joyce Davis00:18:07
Mar, 2019House Savers-When seven single-minded millennials fell in love with beautiful old properties in need of restoration, wonderful things happened.Reader: Joyce Davis00:18:05
Mar, 2019There's nothing better than a good meat 'n' three. by Rick Bragg; The Grumpy Gardner; Your March checklist around the garden; Picture of HealthReader: Joyce Davis00:13:55
Mar, 2019The Happy Gardner-Secrets for growing a garden and raising a family. Joann's New Season-With a book and plans for a tv network, she is busyReader: Joyce Davis00:21:13
Feb, 2019They Must Be Mad: One cold-weather pastime I'll never understand, by Rick Bragg; The Jewel of the Coast: Florida's historic St. Petersburg. by Jennifer SmithReader: Joyce Davis00:16:52
Feb, 2019Angels in Montgomery: With the help of a few visionaries, Alabama's capital city confronts its past and lay claim to a promising future.Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:27
Feb, 2019The Glory of Hellerbores; The Grumpy Gardener; Baby's Breath Spirea, enjoy three seasons of color from this easy-peasy shrub.Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:03
Feb, 2019The Women of Barbecue-Pitmasters and entrepeneurs who are redefining our favorite food. Women on Fire-Meet nine ladies, pitmasters, cooks, teachers and entrepreneursReader: Joyce Davis00:20:37
Jan, 2019The Souper Bowl of Gumbo-Simmering stock, stirring roux, gathering crowds-from New Iberia Louisiana's most heated cooking competition. by Jennifer JustusReader: Joyce Davis00:17:01
Jan, 2019Point your compass south on US 1 and explore a string of sunbaked islands. Bananas Foster Sticky Buns, turn New Orleans' favorite dessert into a brunch treat.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:42
Jan, 2019Elvis will forever dance in my head. by Rick Bragg; The Grumpy Gardener, by Steve Bender; The Winter Loving Jade Plant, by Steve Bender; Laze the day awayReader: Joyce Davis00:15:33
Jan, 2019For the past five decades, Hathalie Dupree has been one of our region's biggest culinary stars, spreading the gospel of Southern food far and wide.Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:50
Jan, 2019Southern Comfort-When times are tough your neighbors have your back. Pretty Snug-Don't have room to spare? Use the decorating and organizing tricks.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:16
Dec, 2018Christmastide-The unexpected blessings of gifts from the sea on a Lowcountry evening. The Ham Lady-A woman's touch in a male dominated craftReader: Joyce Davis00:20:12
Dec 19, 2018Memory Makers- Handmade stockings, a festive fruitcake, Christmas Lasagna--behind every holiday tradition is a family member keeping things alive.Reader: Joyce Davis00:24:09
Dec, 2018Did You Get Our Card? Start a group of paperwhite bulbs early in the season. Seasonal guide for green thumbs. The Grumpy Gardener.Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:49
Nov, 2018Our garden expert alleviates your growing pains; Witch Hazel's golden flowers and your monthly checklist; Secrets to a good life; Chili for a CrowdReader: Joyce Davis00:13:37
Nov, 2018Cooking School-Smart shortcuts are ways of sprucing up store bought products; Pass the Gravy, simple and smooth; Respect the Relish Tray; Smoking TurkeyReader: Joyce Davis00:19:54
Nov, 2018Smile It's Thanksgiving- take pictures of the whole crew; I Beg Your Pardon-A plea to keep this Thanksgiving tradition alive. The Good GuestReader: Joyce Davis00:16:38
Nov, 2018Smile! It's Thanksgiving! November Issue Intro. It's Called Dressing, Not Stuffing! Old Faithfuls - Beloved Pie Recipe.Reader: Joyce Davis00:20:14
Oct, 2018High Country Hideout-Make tiny Blue Ridge, Georgia your base for exploring this part of the state; The New BBQ Bucket ListReader: Joyce Davis00:16:42
Oct, 2018Party Season - When it comes to entertaining somethings never change; Fall Layers - These three cakes come with memorable stories and reminders of homeReader: Joyce Davis00:21:00
Oct, 2018Tips and tricks from the south's most trusted kitchen.; More Cheese Please-Simple and delicious meals will melt over from the Southern Kitchen; Muffin Pan PiesReader: Joyce Davis00:15:11
Oct, 2018I Ain't Scared of You, by Rick Bragg; Mum's the Word-autumn's booms, By Katherine Owen; The Grumpy Gardener, By Steve Bender; Around the GardenReader: Joyce Davis00:14:28
Sep, 2018The Magic of Round Top-Our Home Editor hit the famous weeklong Round Top, Texas antiques fair and discovered it was better than she'd imagined.Reader: Joyce Davis00:22:33
Sep, 2018Around the Garden-A seasonal guide for green thumbs. Charm of the Chesapeake-Experience the maritime history, landscape and of Maryland's Shore.Reader: Joyce Davis00:15:28
Sep, 2018Down of the Farm-The simple pleasures of going back to your roots. Farm Girl at Heart-Jennifer Garner returns to her mother's OklahomaReader: Joyce Davis00:16:09
Aug, 2018Kitchen Sink Curls: Mama's big hair started with a smelly bottle; Visions of grandeur for 30 acres in Hillsborough, NC; Secluded bed and breakfast in Cajun countryReader: Joyce Davis00:20:42
Aug, 2018Garage Becomes a Guest House-a relaxing Mobile Bay retreat, By Zoe Gowan; Head to the Mountains-two cool North Carolina towns, By Leigh Ann HenionReader: Joyce Davis00:14:40
Aug, 2018Six flowers that will bring these tiny creatures to your backyard. Our garden expert alleviates your growing pains. Plants made for the shade.Reader: Joyce Davis00:12:19
Aug, 2018The Texas Turnaround: We shifted gears for the 2018 Idea House and headed to Austin, where we rounded up the best design minds to tackle a home makeover.Reader: Joyce Davis00:22:51
Aug 1, 2018Dangerous Games-Playing with the devil at a Mississippi Casino. By Rick Bragg; Sold on San Antonio-A dream home, By Katherine Owen; Best Pimento CheeseReader: Joyce Davis00:15:24
Jul, 2018The Key to Paradise-A white Buick, the Blue Marlin, and a Pink Submarine-The stars of my summer of 1958. By Lee SmithReader: Joyce Davis00:12:46
Jul, 2018The Grumpy Gardener-Our garden expert alleviates your growing pains. Summer's Coolest Plant-How to beat the heat with ferns. Tropical-colored blooms.Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:16
Jul, 2018The Miracle of Catfish: A summer fish fry. By Sid Evans. Fried and True: Give friends a reason to come together. By Hannah HayesReader: Joyce Davis00:18:43
Jun, 2018Georgia's Golden Isles: If you want unspoiled beaches and old-school Southern charm, you've come to the right place. By J. I. Baker.Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:35
Jun, 2018Richmond Revival: Virginia's capitol is for lovers of food, art, music... by Hannah Hayes. Let Them Eat Shrimp, by Julia Levy.Reader: Joyce Davis00:15:02
Jun, 2018June is For Jellyfish by Rick Bragg. Container of the Month by Katherine Owen. The Grumpy Gardener &. Around the Garden, by Steve Bender.Reader: Joyce Davis00:13:32
Jun, 2018The next generation of Southern food is here to stay. By Sid Evans; Our editors and Test Kitchen pros taste test new products everyday. Best supermarket staples.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:14
May, 2018Peonies Take Patience-One of the South's top growers share his blooming secrets. The Refuge-Every garden has a story to tell. South's Best State ParksReader: Joyce Davis00:18:17
May, 2018A meditation on Atlanta Traffic, By Rick Bragg; The Hydrangea Tree gets a makeover, By Katherine Owen; Fainting flowers and other problems, By Steve BenderReader: Joyce Davis00:13:12
May, 2018The Call of Skyline Drive: Celebrate spring with mountaintop journey in a glorious national park. By Joyce DavisReader: Joyce Davis00:17:22
May, 2018Dear Moms: Tributes to women that we celebrate on May 13-The Teacher; The Pillar of Strength; The Best Cook in the WorldReader: Joyce Davis00:15:05
May, 2018Thanks to the Moms, pt 1-A tribute to the women who keep us in check. Dear MomReader: Joyce Davis00:18:04
Apr, 2018The Talker: In a family of great storytellers, Jimbo stole the show. Work In Progress: Humble craftsman home to colorful testing ground.Reader: Joyce Davis00:12:43
Apr, 2018The Best of the South: Best Restaurant; Southern Brew; Best Food Town; Best Food CityReader: Joyce Davis00:15:59
Apr, 2018The second year of a compilation of the best of many things in the south from tiny towns to small cities to restaurants and grocery stores.Reader: Joyce Davis00:21:16
Apr, 2018Take a cue from Mother Nature with this loosely planted display of cosmos; The Grumpy Gardner; A Seasonal guide for green thumbs; Bungalow GardenReader: Joyce Davis00:17:49
Mar, 2018Southern Style: 10 fresh design and decorating trends that are changing the way we live - for the better. By Petra Guglielmetti.Reader: Joyce Davis00:20:26
Mar, 2018Old Man and the Tee; Container of the Month-flowering vines; The Grumpy Gardener; Around the Garden; Cooking School-tips and tricksReader: Joyce Davis00:15:48
Mar, 2018On Top of Tennessee-after an historic wildfire, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are back; Thinking about giving a bunny for Easter? Here is what you need.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:22
Mar, 2018There is not time like spring for doing work around the house. 10 Secrets of Curb Appeal; Let bright, bountiful flowers to inspire your party palette.Reader: Joyce Davis00:18:13
Feb, 2018Cooking School Tips and Tricks; The South's Best Food Halls; Glorious Greens-Cool-weather-loving picks to plant in your garden; Tips for cold weather and your petsReader: Joyce Davis00:14:35
Feb, 2018Thrill of the Hunt-at a good thrift store. Best in Show-They weren't all yellow-dispatches from a competitive Southern daffodil exhibition.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:54
Feb, 2018A seasonal guide for green thumbs. By Steve Bender; The Grumpy Gardener alleviates your growing pains. Bourbon's New Pioneers By Hannah HayesReader: Joyce Davis00:20:26
Feb, 2018Secret Ingredients: Celebrate the coming of spring with legendary desserts. The Mystery of the Hummingbird Cake, By Kathleen PurvisReader: Joyce Davis00:11:50
Jan, 2018A seasonal guide for green thumbs. The Best Kind of Hand-Me-Down: Transforming a 1951 Atlanta house for the next generationReader: Joyce Davis00:18:43
Jan, 2018Flip Flop Weather: Chilly days of January are not like they used to be, by Rick Bragg; Old Family Favorite: Description of some old favorites, by Sheri CastleReader: Joyce Davis00:16:57
Jan, 2018Meet Us in Myrtle-plan a something for everyone, all-girls weekend at the beach. By Joyce DavisReader: Joyce Davis00:14:41
Jan, 2018The Most Perfect Sandwich in the World. You might stand in line for a good Po'Boy but you should never rush in the eating of one. By Rick BraggReader: Joyce Davis00:27:41
Jan, 2018It's amazing how a great Southern recipe can stand the test of time. Ring in 2018 with a generous helping of this Southern Staple. The Grumpy GardenerReader: Joyce Davis00:15:49
Dec, 2017Secrets of a Small Town Christmas in historic Thomasville, Georgia. Southern Tails-Dogs and chocolate and taking pictures of your furry friendReader: Joyce Davis00:17:08
Dec, 2017The Christmas Kid-For one sweet season he forgets to be a grouch. Holiday Hideouts-These villages are steeped in tradition and personalityReader: Joyce Davis00:15:36
Dec, 2017Poinsettias Reimagined-Six spectacular ideas; Grumpy Gardener-Our garden expert alleviates your growing pains; Dolly's Greatest GiftsReader: Joyce Davis00:20:41
Dec, 2017Little Things Matter-Christmas ornaments have different meanings for different people. By Sid Evans Our Sentimental Christmas Tree. By Lee SmithReader: Joyce Davis00:15:19
Nov, 2017The South's Best Tiny Towns by James Black. Southern Tails by Nellah McGough & Patricia York. Trade Kale for Collards by Virginia WillisReader: Joyce Davis00:15:33
Nov, 2017Memphis-Many thought the city's food record days were done, but now it's climbing the charts. Classic Country-This old New Orleans rancher has updates.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:49
Nov, 2017The Canned Stuff-Cranberries, By Rick Bragg; Grumpy Gardener, By Steve Bender; A seasonal guide for green thumbs, By Steve Bender; Pies of the SouthReader: Joyce Davis00:21:49
Nov, 2017Thanksgiving Etiquette: Mind Your Manners-expert hostesses lend their approach to common Turkey Day Dilemmas; By Charlotte Hayes, and Gayden MetcalfeReader: Joyce Davis00:17:29
Oct, 2017Waterfalls of Mums by Steve Bender. The Modern Empty Nest by Katherine Owen. Southern Tails by Nellah Bailey McGough & Patricia S. York.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:56
Oct, 2017Like the preacher said-love your brother, love your sister; South's Best Diners-Great comfort food never goes out of style; True Grits-the life cycleReader: Joyce Davis00:15:17
Oct 11, 2017A Few Good Deeds, Recognizing the extraordinary Southern women making world a better place. 2017 Southern Beauties; What Can I Bring?Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:59
Oct, 2017Our resident styling guru shows us how to step up autumn decor in no time. A variety of stories on gardening, bulbs, pumpkinsReader: Joyce Davis00:20:26
Sep, 2017The Superfan - Our football fortunes ebbed and flowed, but we always had the Orb. Reese's Southern Charm, Nashville native opens up.Reader: Joyce Davis00:19:25
Aug, 2017Hands off My Sandwich; The South's Best Fried Chicken; The Grumpy Gardener-Our garden expert alleviates your growing painsReader: Joyce Davis00:12:51
Aug, 2017The Beauty of the French Broad - Follow an ancient river through Appalachia to explore the south's landscape; Helping Fido with weather and humidityReader: Joyce Davis00:16:53
Aug, 2017Harper's Best Tips and Meet the Architect are finishing up the 2017 Idea House; If you need inspirations to cook with berries look to Blackberry FarmReader: Joyce Davis00:20:40
Jul, 2017The Island Live-Take advantage of the beaches that dot the Southern coastline; The Southern Living Idea House-Island TimeReader: Joyce Davis00:16:59
Jul, 2017The Tomato Man-This South Carolinian serves up heirloom tomatoes at his garden party. The South's Best Sandwiches. Oasis Garden In Austin TexasReader: Joyce Davis00:21:52
Jul, 2017Dear Grumpy Gardener, By Rick Bragg; The Great Guadalupe-The spring-fed waters of this Texas river are a magnet for adventurers. By Jennifer Chappell SmithReader: Joyce Davis00:14:55
Jul, 2017The Grumpy Gardener; Around the Garden-Phlox; A Walk in the Garden-Smart planting and endless pathways create an oasis in Austin, Tx.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:04
Jul, 2017I'll See You at the Market: The South is full of farmers' markets--let's support them. Farmers' Market Cookbook-The most delicious recipesReader: Joyce Davis00:16:43
Jun, 2017Loosely skirting the Atlantic, legendary State A1A is home to two of the best coastal communities you've probably never heard of. By Valerie Fraser LuesseReader: Joyce Davis00:20:44
Jun, 2017Along For the Ride. The South's Best Beaches. Ripe For Easy Picking: Container grown blueberries. Easy As Peach Pie: Sweet frozen dessert.Reader: Joyce Davis00:18:18
Jun, 2017Crepe myrtles right for you. Grumpy Gardener: Check your growing pains. A seasonal guide for green thumbs. How to keep your dog happy.Reader: Joyce Davis00:15:12
Jun, 2017Fire Up the Smoker (or grill, or oven or...)! If you are looking for an excuse to cook some ribs, we are here to help! By Sid Evans.Reader: Joyce Davis00:13:49
May, 2017The Grumpy Gardener; Saucy Wine Salvia-A seasonal guide; The Elegance of Alliums; Pound Cake PerfectionReader: Joyce Davis00:18:08
May, 2017The Grumpy Gardener's Guide to Hydrangeas, By Steve Bender; It is peak season for sweet blueberries, enjoy these little gems. By Virginia WillisReader: Joyce Davis00:17:42
May, 2017Mama-There was one hit in a thousand misses. Discover a Southern secret where the scenery is unmatched and Cajun roots run deepReader: Joyce Davis00:16:58
May, 2017Happy Grandmother's Day, By Sid Evans; Some things you never outgrow, like your mama's chicken casserole or her famous five-ingredient cake.Reader: Joyce Davis00:15:45
May, 2017Cinco de Mayo San Antonio Style with recipes by Johnny Hernandez, By Paula Disbrowe; The South's Best Girlfriend Getaways, By Carolanne RobertsReader: Joyce Davis00:16:19
Apr, 2017Let's Eat Pig's Feet, By Rick Bragg; Made from scratch Bloody Mary mixer, By Lisa Cericola; New baseball stadiums, and food; BBQ beloved mastersReader: Joyce Davis00:19:57
Apr, 2017Meet Peggy Martin, a rose that survived two week underwater after Hurricane Katrina; Presenting an easy tree that blooms in shade; Tips for petsReader: Joyce Davis00:16:36
Apr, 2017City, By Jessica Mischner; Museum, By Vanessa Gregory, Resort, By Alanna Nash; Restaurant, By Hannah HayesReader: Joyce Davis00:21:57
Apr, 2017This week we look at the South's best Bars, BBQ and Brewery's as voted by the Southern Living ReadersReader: Joyce Davis00:17:01
Mar, 2017Virginia Willis shares three delicious new ways to cook with a sure sign of springReader: Joyce Davis00:15:30
Mar, 2017Springtime in Horse Counry-Aiken, SC is one of the South's most beautiful small towns; Flowers with Flavor-edible blooms; Garden District comebackReader: Joyce Davis00:17:39
Mar 15, 2017Head to the Big Easy On April 28, for the South's best music festival; Southern Trails, info on pets; Cooking School; Fishing for the MoonReader: Joyce Davis00:16:18
Mar, 2017In the South, our fantastic shrubs are reason enough to throw a party. By Anna Aguillard; She was weathered many storms, but the city always come back.Reader: Joyce Davis00:15:55
Mar, 2017A Fresh Coat of Paint, by Sid Evans. Around the Garden and The Grumpy Gardener, by Steve Bender. The South's Best Botanical GardensReader: Joyce Davis00:18:21
Feb, 2017Old Men Behaving Badly-about Fat Tuesday, By Rick Bragg; Meet Me in Savannah-Georgia's gem, By Riddle Williams; Around the GardenReader: Joyce Davis00:18:12
Feb, 2017For a hint of spring in winter, think beyond cut flowers. Cilantro is a versatile and flavorful herb that has bright culinary powers and more.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:35
Feb, 2017Powerful Memories by Sid Evans-The South's Civil Rights sites are places to visit, reflect, and remember. A personal tour of the South with John LewisReader: Joyce Davis00:13:28
Feb, 2017Everything you need to know about buying, styling, and maintaining the best seat in the house. By Deb SchwartzReader: Joyce Davis00:17:03
Jan, 2017The South's Best Biscuits, By Jennifer V. Cole; Haute Chocolate-whipping up one of these decadent drinks that can easily step in as dessert.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:23
Jan, 2017The Chariots of My People-Loyalty to a certain make and model. By Steve Bragg; Gardening-Winter cold, chain saw; New Plants for 2017Reader: Joyce Davis00:14:27
Jan, 2016Put winter on the back burner and follow us to three summery getaways--Miami, Marathon, and Matlacha. By Valerie Frazier LuesseReader: Joyce Davis00:18:49
Jan, 2017The best cooks know how to make you feel good-and right at home. Alanna Nash ponders whether she can leave a piece of the South behind.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:38
Dec, 2016South's Best Holiday Happenings; How Cookies Bring Us Together; Southern Living Cooking Scholl; Ask The Grumpy GardenerReader: Joyce Davis00:16:41
Dec, 2016The Case of the Christmas Stockings, By Jane Borden; Tamale Fest, By Jenna Bush Hager; A Puppy for Christmas, By Sid EvanReader: Joyce Davis00:14:15
Dec, 2016Socks, Underwear and a Camaro-Request wishes and dreams lost in the mail; Best Christmas Tree Ever; Christmas at the GreenbrierReader: Joyce Davis00:19:34
Nov, 2016Plan you weekend travels around these charming spots laced with luxury and lots of liitle extras-from wine-oyster pairing, dolphin sightings and more.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:39
Nov, 2016Of our many blessings we sure appreciate the short ones; Tips, tricks and techniques from the Southern Test Kitchen; Side dishes; Grumpy gardenerReader: Joyce Davis00:13:33
Nov, 2016In Praise of Pecans, By Virginia Wills; Roll Out The Green Carpet, By Steve Bender; The No Fuss Fig Tree, By Kaylee Hammonds; Around the GardenReader: Joyce Davis00:13:19
Nov, 2016Under the glare of bright lights and sports teams, Big D has emerged as a center of Southern Culture. By Jennifer McKenzie FrazierReader: Joyce Davis00:16:31
Nov, 2016The Storyteller behind our sweetest recipes. By Sid Evans; These desserts honor tradition while updating classics with delicious twists. By Mary PerryReader: Joyce Davis00:18:08
Oct, 2016The Ghost of Halloween Past. Recipe Revivals by the Southern Living Staff. 12 Smokin' Texas Barbecue Joints.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:26
Oct, 2016Three days, two lanes, and one spectacular fall road trip along the South's most storied highway. St Augustine has been around a long time.Reader: Joyce Davis00:20:15
Oct, 2016Bring on the Fall Color, By Kaylee Hammonds; How 'Bout Them Apples; Ask the Grumpy Gardener; Around the Garden, Bring on the SunflowersReader: Joyce Davis00:19:48
Oct, 2016Meet the most southern woman at Southern Living; Our first SL Beauty Awards, we celebrate southern women; Transform your pumpkins with our ideas.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:13
Sep, 2016A Southern gentleman would never insult someone else's football team; Decorator moves back into college digs; Getting ready for fall gardeningReader: Joyce Davis00:15:54
Sep, 2016Five great little communities that are well worth a visit-or perhaps even a move. By Paula DisbroweReader: Joyce Davis00:20:32
Sep, 2016Atlanta-based chef Virginia Willis shares her use of figs; Easiest Herbs Ever; Pruned to Perfection, By Steve Bender; Sunny and Simple, Golden RodReader: Joyce Davis00:13:07
Sep, 2016Watch live segments from Southern Living on Facebook, By Sid Evans; Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley to cohost CMA Awards show. By Alanna NashReader: Joyce Davis00:17:06
Aug, 2016Rules of Gardening-The last 25 rules-Wit, wisdom and words of warning from our Grumpy Gardener; Meet the Charleston horticulturist responsible for 27,000 Camellias.Reader: Joyce Davis00:26:02
Aug, 2016Gardening Tips: Bashed crepe myrtle, wormy beans, blackened tomatoes, and more; Food: 5 quick tips on crostini; Hydrangeas, and moreReader: Joyce Davis00:18:07
Aug, 2016Hot chicken may be hip, but some things are not meant to be eaten. By Rick Brag; South's Best Swimming Holes and Waterfalls, By James T. BlackReader: Joyce Davis00:13:52
Aug, 2016River, island or mountain-plan one more excellent adventure before the season comes to a close. By Jennifer Chappell SmithReader: Joyce Davis00:15:47
Jul, 2016Life at Southern Living/Music City Magic In Nashville; Two former New Orleans school gardeners teach us about flower arrangements; Let's Eat OutReader: Joyce Davis00:17:21
Jul, 2016Container of the Month, By Kaylee Hammonds; Tips for gardening in July, By Steve Bender; Ask the Grumpy Gardener, By Steve Bender; Native PlantsReader: Joyce Davis00:17:18
Jul, 2016Any Southern Man worth his salt should carry a blade. The bluesy corner of Mississippi has stubbornly preserved its character and soul.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:34
Jul, 2016Skirt spectacular waters on this rambling drive to pretty towns, pristine beaches, and everything imaginable fried-in-a-basket.Reader: Joyce Davis00:18:29
Jul, 2016Summer is a great time for a southern adventure, By Sid Evans; Three scenic summertime drives. Go for Wild West Texas, By Jenna Bush HagerReader: Joyce Davis00:16:20
Jun, 2016Mariachi Mama-It was my mother's first encounter with Mexican Food and Crooners; Carolina!-Bursting with color; A Garden from ScratchReader: Joyce Davis00:16:47
Jun, 2016Ask the Grumpy Gardener by Steve Bender. A Garden From Scratch by Linda Vater. Slice of Summer by Erin Merhar & Dawn Perry.Reader: Joyce Davis00:18:16
Jun, 2016Maximizing House Space. Cucumbers - For Salads, Pickles or Cocktails. A Great Summer Plant. A Southern Gardener's Almanac.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:44
Jun, 2016From North Carolina to Texas, find sand and sea in places where "formal attire" means your best pair of flip flops.Reader: Joyce Davis00:16:19
Jun, 2016Everglades, Mammoth Cave, Congaree, By Kim Cross; A secret sisterhood of window box designers adds magnificent vibrance to Charleston, By K HammondsReader: Joyce Davis00:18:34
May, 2016Henry Johson carved his Baltimore garden into snug spaces; From deserts and mountains to hot springs and watering holesReader: Joyce Davis00:19:14
May, 2016Get off the grid and explore these untamed coastal getaways. Heat, humidity, and the scorching summer, and hair behaving badly, here are some tips.Reader: Joyce Davis00:20:31
May, 2016The Great Conroy-An homage to a Southern literary giant; Peonies, Pretty Please; The Southern Gardener's Almanac; Sweet Fruit SensationsReader: Joyce Davis00:20:15
May, 2016It is time we gave Mother's Day a little more enthusiasm. Birmingham chef owes his success to the women in his life. Madre, colorful kids design shop.Reader: Joyce Davis00:18:27
Apr, 2016Let Your Container Style Bloom-pairing pots and plants, By Kaylee Hammonds; The Southern Living Test Kitchen AcademyReader: Joyce Davis00:18:41
Apr, 2016We should all stand up--Harper Lee is passing, By Rick Bragg; From bisque to etouffee, celebrate the many ways to cook crawfish. By Brett AndersonReader: Joyce Davis00:15:59
Apr, 2016The editors present the best of the magic city now. From old-school favorites to the new hidden gems. By Kim CrossReader: Joyce Davis00:19:08
Apr, 2016Living by Example, By Sid Evans; A Colorful Spring Luncheon, By Julia Reed; Tulips for the Picking, By Steve Bender, Strawberries; Chocolate MatzoReader: Joyce Davis00:17:21
Mar, 2016The South's Best Girlfriend Getaways. Plan an escape with your best buds. The Southern Gardener's AlmanacReader: Joyce Davis00:17:41
Mar, 2016A few things I've learned about patience, plumbing and imperfections. By Sid Evans; Each year, we salute the Souths best rooms, renos, By Mimi ReadReader: Joyce Davis00:21:08
Mar, 2016Return of the Goatman; We gave our favorite breading a Louisiana style revival; The Elegant Potluck; DIY Easter Table IdeasReader: Joyce Davis00:16:49
Mar, 2016Better Together-Talk about powerful friendship. Dream Teams-Four pairs of sisters tell their story. My Sister, the Beauty IconReader: Joyce Davis00:18:01
Mar, 2016My Mama's Cookbook-Lessons on Life and cooking from a woman who's never consulted a recipe. The South's Most Storied CakesReader: Joyce Davis00:20:04
Feb, 2016The Seed Saver-An honest to goodness homegrown hero Ira Wallace. By Kaylee Hammonds 50 Golden Rules of Gardening (the first 15), By Steve BenderReader: Joyce Davis00:19:23
Feb, 201650 Years of Southern Recipes (conclusion), By Sheri Castle, My Southern Living Story, By several readers about how the magazine changed their livesReader: Joyce Davis00:16:33
Feb, 2016A history of how food choices have changed over the last 50 years and the foods and equipment that have been introduced since 1966. By Sheri CastleReader: Joyce Davis00:26:22
Feb, 2016How do you celebrate a 50th anniversary? Throw one heck of a party. By Sid Evans, The stories and characters, By Valerie Fraser LuesseReader: Joyce Davis00:17:47
Jan, 2016Country music has come to town, and it's gotten lost. By Rick Brag, Build a better library, By Deb Wise, Trish's Go to Music Venues, By Kristin LunaReader: Joyce Davis00:19:31
Jan, 2016Southern Food Central, new homes and kitchens, A Birmingham artist transforms her home to a modern masterpiece, King Ranch Chicken CasseroleReader: Joyce Davis00:19:19
Dec, 2015A Texas nonprofit is building homes for wounded veterans. Is a Camaro and peace on earth too much to ask? The Big Peach has never looked better.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:14
Dec 8, 2015The Southern Living Hostess Handbook for Holiday Houseguests, Harrison Scott Key in becoming a dad discovers the joy of the seasonReader: Joyce Davis00:19:45
Nov, 2015Rick Bragg-Can't make it home for Thanksgiving? I've been there. Notable southerners share their most treasured spots. Thanksgiving at the FarmReader: Joyce Davis00:21:00
Nov, 20153 ways to dress up your Thanksgiving table. By Hannah Hayes, Here are the best attractions in the South.Reader: Joyce Davis00:19:51
Oct, 2015The unsettling tale of the silver-haired old woman who watched over the mill, Enjoy crisp fall evenings under the stars in your backyardReader: Joyce Davis00:16:44
Oct, 2015Excerpt: Rick Bragg's "My Southern Journey." Red Leaves & Bluegrass: A trip in Kentucky horse country, by Steve Bender & Kaylee HammondsReader: Joyce Davis00:16:37
Sep, 2015It's hard to be a morning person over congealed gravy and hockey puck eggs, The Southern Living Hostess Handbook for Entertaining OutdoorsReader: Joyce Davis00:18:37
Sep, 2015Inspiration from mothers & grandmothers by Sid Evans. The secrets of Southern style by Jenna Bush. A recipe for fried chicken & gravy.Reader: Joyce Davis00:18:38
Aug, 2015Natalie Channin gives old fashioned values new life, by Ashley Williams. Nothing can subdue sweltering Southern summers, by Rick BraggReader: Joyce Davis00:13:12
Aug, 2015Charleston Responds With Compassion After Shooting of Churchgoers. Scenic Drive Along Maryland's Eastern Shore. Classic Sweet Tea Recipe.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:47
Jul, 2015The Slow Road to Memphis by Travis Andrews. A New Sound in the South by Jennifer Cole. Lilacs, Roses, Melons & Ugly Tomatoes by Steve BenderReader: Joyce Davis00:18:04
Jul, 2015My Affair With Tupperware, by Rick Bragg. Oh, Chattanooga! The town is drawing attention for its budding food scene, by Stephanie Granada.Reader: Joyce Davis00:17:58

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