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Sound Solutions

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Braille Institute and AIRSLA present a series of practical and inspirational messages to help you cope with vision loss.

Sound Solutions Podcasts
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A Sound SolutionSound Solutions is a series of audio recordings, produced by the Braille Institute, that can help you learn to live with sight loss and regain your independence. Topics covered include home management; adaptive cooking; learning to live with visual loss; how to make the best use of your other senses; developing leisure interests; rights and resources; facts vs. myths as well as understanding the causes of blindness; developing a healthy outlook and lifestyle; what to do when a family member loses vision; enhancing communication; and putting humor back in your life. These recordings can help you discover that sight loss isn't the end of everything - as this introduction makes clear, it's only the beginning!The Braille Institute00:21:16
You're Not AloneIn this recording you'll learn how to live with your sight loss and how to deal with your natural feelings of loss and fear. You'll discover ways to overcome these emotions so that they are no longer obstacles in your daily life. You'll discover that many other people have experienced the same feelings as you and you'll hear how they have learned to get on with their lives, building both their independence and understanding of friends and family members.The Braille Institute00:19:25
Independently SpeakingWhen you lose your sight, you also lose the visual cues that are so important in interpersonal communications. This recording offers you ways to enhance your ability to relate to people on a one-to-one basis. You'll learn how to use your other senses - sound, smell and touch - to keep relationships alive and keep your social life vital and independent.The Braille Institute00:18:53
FYI: Facts & MythsWhen it comes to sight loss, many people have trouble separating fact from fiction. Over the years, stereotypes and misconceptions about blind people have sprung up like weeds. This recording can help banish those unwelcome ideas by explaining just what blindness is and is not, its causes and the truth behind the myths. This recording is a welcome chance to set the record straight and is ideal for individuals facing sight loss and their family and friends.The Braille Institute00:16:41
Know the Right StuffAs a person with a disability, you have certain rights and responsibilities to consider. This helpful recording will familiarize you with those rights and duties and the resources available to help you achieve and maintain your independence. You'll also learn how to conduct a personal needs assessment to determine which resources can help you the most and where to contact them. The journey to independence can be long or short, direct or filled with bumps and detours. Know the Right Stuff will give you tools and ideas to make your journey a smooth one.The Braille Institute00:29:33
Senses and SensibilitiesRevisit Ebenezer Scrooge and learn with him how to increase the use of your other senses to achieve greater self-confidence wherever you are. Three spirits of sensory awareness visit Scrooge to give him (and you) tips on making the most of your senses of sound, touch, taste and smell. With this helpful information, you'll be able to increase your enjoyment of life and banish the specters of fear and depression.The Braille Institute00:17:59
No-Frills Daily SkillsHow can I continue my day-to-day existence without sight? you may wonder. In this amusing recording, a very special genie appears to give you techniques for mastering independent living skills. He covers adaptive techniques for skills you need every day. These include new ways to dial a phone, orient yourself at the dinner table, both at home and in public, cut and eat your food, groom yourself, put keys in locks and plugs in outlets safely and identify your money. You'll also learn how to label, coordinate and care for your clothing. In this recording, a little dash of fantasy serves to introduce you to the realities of life without sight, banishing fears and granting your wish to be independent.The Braille Institute00:33:34
This New Old HouseYou can learn to keep your house in order even after sight loss. This recording gives you techniques for developing the skills you need to keep your home clean and well organized. You'll learn how to adapt your home to meet your specific needs by focusing on three key concepts: organization, simplicity and routine. Even without sight, you'll rediscover the truth of the old saying, There's no place like home.The Braille Institute00:49:36
The Unseen IngredientIf you loved to cook before you lost your sight, don't despair - you still can! On this recording you'll learn new ways of mastering all the basic kitchen chores you did before. You'll learn new rules of kitchen safety and organization; cooking tips and alternative methods of doing things; how to identify different foods; preparation and proper storage of foods; and safe, efficient methods of cutting, mixing and pouring. Don't stay out of the kitchen - rediscover the joy of cooking!The Braille Institute00:28:46
What to Do When a Loved One Loses SightPeople are living longer these days, and the chances are that someone in your family may begin to lose their sight as they get older. This recording offers tips on how to handle this situation with delicacy and compassion. You'll learn what and what not to say and do, the dangers of helping too much and how to make the person feel at ease. The support of family members is one of the most important factors enabling people to adapt to sight loss. Here are helpful techniques for getting it right.The Braille Institute00:23:02
For the Life of MeSight loss is no excuse for neglecting your health and well-being. This recording tells you in a humorous way how to keep on living well and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It includes tips on nutrition, exercise and positive thinking, all of which can add immeasurably to your life. Listen to the ups and downs of Stanley and Shirley as they try to make sense of a healthy lifestyle.The Braille Institute00:27:45
What to Do When Grandma Can't SeeThis engrossing recording tells the story of how Grandma and her grandson learn to understand each other as she begins to lose her sight. Aimed at grandchildren 6 to 12 years old, this recording shows how they can help grandparents cope with the fears and challenges of sight loss by demonstrating understanding and love. And Grandma learns to accept the help of others and banish her denial and fears.The Braille Institute00:19:18
Getting Back into the Swing of ThingsAfter you've learned how to manage yourself and your home after sight loss, what then? How can you participate in the leisure-time activities you once enjoyed? This recording tells you to have fun again doing many of the activities you used to do. Learn how you can keep up with your reading through free books in braille and on tape; how descriptive videos can capture the excitement of films and television shows; and how you can continue to participate in activities you enjoy.The Braille Institute00:34:07
Put Laughter Back in Your LifeSteve Allen was the closest we had to a modern renaissance man. One of the foremost humorists of our day, he was a luminary in movies, television and music, the author of more than 50 books and more than 6,000 songs and creator of television's The Tonight Show. In this recording, Steve shares a marvelous anecdote and tells you his recipe for keeping fun in you life and understanding the value of humor and laughter in facing life's challenges.The Braille Institute00:31:35

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