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Mark Ferrari reads you his article selections from the prestigious journal of the Smithsonian Institution.

Current Smithsonian Article Selections
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
American Terror Part 1 - Apr 2021Remembering Tulsa 100 years ago. The murderous attack on the most prosperous black community in the nation. By Tim MadiganReader: Mark Ferrari00:23:59
Wolf Discovers Golden State - Apr 2021Nearly a century after wolves were exterminated in California, an intrepid female founded a pack in Lassen County. Part 2.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:19:13
Wolf Discovers Golden State - Apr 2021Nearly a century after wolves were exterminated in California, an intrepid female founded a pack in Lassen County. Part 1.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:16:40
The Ice Is Calling - Mar, 2021A climate change dispatch from the polar bear capital of the world. By Neil Ever Osborne and Mark Jacquemain.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:13:22
The Fever That Struck New York - Mar 2021The front lines of a terrible epidemic, through the eyes of a young doctor profoundly touched by tragedy. By Carolyn EastmanReader: Mark Ferrari00:14:57
Cuba Confidential Pt 2 - Mar 2021On the brink of nuclear war, America's response to the USSR depended on an unknown spy agency operative named Juanita Moody. Part 2Reader: Mark Ferrari00:21:19
Cuba Confidential Pt 1 - Mar 2021On the brink of nuclear war, America's response to the USSR depended on an unknown spy agency operative named Juanita Moody. Part 1Reader: Mark Ferrari00:23:43
Alphabet & Going Nuts - Feb 2021Our writing system was devised by folks who Couldn't read. The bizarre sanitarium staple that became a spreadable obsessionReader: Mark Ferrari00:19:28
Lost History of Yellowstone - Feb 2021Debunking the myth that the great national park was a wilderness untouched by humans. Part 2. By Richard GrantReader: Mark Ferrari00:18:40
Lost History of Yellowstone - Feb 2021Debunking the myth that the great national park was a wilderness untouched by humans. Part 1. By Richard GrantReader: Mark Ferrari00:18:49
First In the House - Jan 2021Born a slave, South Carolina's Joseph Rainey was elected to Congress in 1870. This step in race relations didn't last long. Pt. 3Reader: Mark Ferrari00:14:13
First In the House - Jan 2021Born a slave, South Carolina's Joseph Rainey was elected to Congress in 1870. This step in race relations didn't last long. Pt. 2Reader: Mark Ferrari00:16:01
First In the House - Jan 2021Born a slave, South Carolina's Joseph Rainey was elected to Congress in 1870. This step in race relations didn't last long. Pt. 1Reader: Mark Ferrari00:17:44
Case of the Autographed Corpse - Dec 2020The author of the Perry Mason novels rose to the defense of an Apache shaman convicted of killing his wife. Part 2 of 2. By Jack El-HaiReader: Mark Ferrari00:17:08
Case of the Autographed Corpse - Dec 2020The author of the Perry Mason novels rose to the defense of an Apache shaman convicted of killing his wife. Part 1 of 2. By Jack El-HaiReader: Mark Ferrari00:14:24
Prairies of the Sea - Dec 2020A vast, mostly invisible ecosystem shapes life on Earth, from the food we eat to the air we breathe. Scientists say it's in troubleReader: Mark Ferrari00:12:43
Evolution of a Friendship - Dec 2020Scientists studying dog bonding have discovered that dogs have been studying us for thousands of years. By Jeff MacGregor. Part 2Reader: Mark Ferrari00:18:03
Evolution of a Friendship - Dec 2020Scientists studying dog bonding have discovered that dogs have been studying us for thousands of years. By Jeff MacGregor. Part 1 of 2Reader: Mark Ferrari00:21:47
Rosa Bonheur Redemption - Nov 2020She was a superstar, then was ignored. Now a family works to restore the forgotten artist to greatness. Pt 2 of 2 by Elaine SciolinoReader: Mark Ferrari00:18:12
Rosa Bonheur Redemption - Nov 2020She was a superstar, then was ignored. Now a family works to restore the forgotten artist to greatness. Pt 1 of 2 by Elaine SciolinoReader: Mark Ferrari00:16:32
White House & Honor Legacy - Nov 2020Laura Bush Salutes the long-serving White House staff. A new memorial on the National Mall.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:12:15
Venom Antidote Shortage - Nov 2020A little-known laboratory is rising to the challenge of saving thousands of snakebite victims every year. By Miles KarpReader: Mark Ferrari00:19:59
Voracious Insect Pt. 2 - Oct 2020A voracious, shape-shifting insect native to Asia is attacking crops. Can scientists stop the swarm? By Jeff MacGregorReader: Mark Ferrari00:18:22
Voracious Insect Pt. 1 - Oct 2020A voracious, shape-shifting insect native to Asia is attacking crops. Can scientists stop the swarm? By Jeff MacGregorReader: Mark Ferrari00:22:54
Knowing Nero, Pt. 2 - Oct 2020Reassessing history's most maligned ruler, notorious for fiddling while Rome burned. Part 2. By Joshua Levine.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:24:26
Knowing Nero, Pt. 1 - Oct 2020Reassessing history's most maligned ruler, notorious for fiddling while Rome burned. Part 1. By Joshua Levine.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:23:49
The History Thief Pt 2 - Sep 2020Precious maps, books & art vanished from a Pittsburgh library. The caper's final chapter was written this past summer. By Travis McDadeReader: Mark Ferrari00:16:18
The History Thief Pt 1 - Sep 2020Precious maps, books & art vanished from a Pittsburgh library. The caper's final chapter was written this past summer. By Travis McDadeReader: Mark Ferrari00:15:57
Senator McCarthy's Nazi Problem - Aug 2020He sided with the German military in a war crimes trial, raising questions about his anti-Semitism. Part 2. By Larry TyeReader: Mark Ferrari00:13:59
Senator McCarthy's Nazi Problem - Aug 2020He sided with the German military in a war crimes trial, raising questions about his anti-Semitism. Part 1. By Larry TyeReader: Mark Ferrari00:17:15
The Virus Hunters Pt. 2 - Aug 2020Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, scientists searched for potential human pathogens in wild animals. They found thousands. Part 2Reader: Mark Ferrari00:15:42
The Virus Hunters Pt. 1 - Aug 2020Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, scientists searched for potential human pathogens in wild animals. They found thousands. Part 1Reader: Mark Ferrari00:13:53
The Way of the Shogun - Jul, 2020Looking for the soul of modern Japan on an ancient road once traveled by poets and samurai. Part 2 of 2.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:20:06
The Way of the Shogun - Jul, 2020Looking for the soul of modern Japan on an ancient road once traveled by poets and samurai. Part 1 of 2.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:19:13
The Divide Pt 3 of 3 - Jul, 2020A world-famous bonobo and the celebrated psychologist who raised him are no longer allowed to visit. Part 3 of 3. By Lindsay SternReader: Mark Ferrari00:23:51
The Divide Pt 2 of 3 - Jul, 2020A world-famous bonobo and the celebrated psychologist who raised him are no longer allowed to visit. Part 2 of 3. By Lindsay SternReader: Mark Ferrari00:20:14
The Divide Pt 1 of 3 - Jul, 2020A world-famous bonobo and the celebrated psychologist who raised him are no longer allowed to visit. Part 1 of 3. By Lindsay SternReader: Mark Ferrari00:19:41
Two Short Articles - Jun 2020The haunting beauty of an ancient desertscape and How a medical researcher protected millions of Americans from a new contagion.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:12:15
Home Brew Hero, Pt. 2 - Jun, 2020Meet the grade school teacher whose basement hobby half a century ago sparked America's craft beer revolution. By Matthew ShaerReader: Mark Ferrari00:14:32
Home Brew Hero, Pt. 1 - Jun, 2020Meet the grade school teacher whose basement hobby half a century ago sparked America's craft beer revolution. By Matthew ShaerReader: Mark Ferrari00:13:01
The King and the Conqueror, Pt. 2 - Jun, 2020Alexander the Great changed the world. But archaeologists are showing how his murdered father led the way. By Richard GrantReader: Mark Ferrari00:20:02
The King and the Conqueror, Pt. 1 - Jun, 2020Alexander the Great changed the world. But archaeologists are showing how his murdered father led the way. By Richard GrantReader: Mark Ferrari00:11:53
When the Race Is Over - May, 2020In Kentucky, an idyll for retired Thoroughbreds. By Jay Hovdey.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:13:13
Desert Wine - May, 2020Overcoming heat and dryness, experimental vineyards in Israel teach winemakers to cope with climate change. By Lindsay Fendt.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:14:29
Meet the Beatle! - May, 2020On the brink of world stardom, George Harrison made a visit to small-town America he would never forget. By Alan Pell CrawfordReader: Mark Ferrari00:20:12
Pacific Treasure & Hiking Invention - May, 2020Rise and fall and rise of a Hawaiian export is a shirt tale like no other. The Frenchman who made the world's first nature preserve.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:16:04
Mind Craft Part 2 - Apr, 2020Mind Craft. Understanding how Asian elephants think - in order to save them. By Jennie Rothenberg Gritz.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:14:21
Mind Craft Part 1 - Apr, 2020Mind Craft. Understanding how Asian elephants think - in order to save them. By Jennie Rothenberg Gritz.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:13:22
Surge Engine - Apr, 2020A bold approach to generating clean electricity faces the ultimate test - the greatest tide on earth. By Elizabeth Royte. Part 2 of 2.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:14:51
Surge Engine - Apr, 2020A bold approach to generating clean electricity faces the ultimate test - the greatest tide on earth. By Elizabeth Royte. Part 1 of 2.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:15:14
The Comeback - Apr, 2020Africa's mountain gorillas are in the midst of a rebound that is sparking new hopes for the beloved primate. By Mark Jenkins.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:16:09
Explosive! - Mar, 2020A new theory explores what doomed the crew aboard the Hunley, the most famous submarine of the Civil War. By Rachel Lance. Part 2 of 2.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:19:28
Explosive! - Mar, 2020A new theory explores what doomed the crew aboard the Hunley, the most famous submarine of the Civil War. By Rachel Lance. Part 1 of 2.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:17:20
Grandma Moses & Arctic Winters - Mar, 2020How our Government sent Grandma Moses overseas in the Cold War. Braving Arctic winters to study fierce, elusive wolverines..Reader: Mark Ferrari00:11:57
Florence Nightingale - Mar, 2020Scholars say there's more her than her exploits as a nurse in the Crimean War. Part 2. By Joshua Hammer.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:15:26
Florence Nightingale - Mar, 2020Scholars say there's more her than her exploits as a nurse in the Crimean War. Part 1. By Joshua Hammer.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:15:47
Nature's Pharmacy - Feb, 2020An ancient legend leads to a graveyard in Northern Ireland where scientists are zeroing in on a powerful new antibiotic. By Franz LidzReader: Mark Ferrari00:22:26
The Navigator, Part 2 - Jan, 2020A son discovers the astonishing heroism of the U.S. mission to bomb a Nazi weapons factory in Czechoslovakia. By Brian MockenhauptReader: Mark Ferrari00:18:55
The Navigator, Part 1 - Jan, 2020A son discovers the astonishing heroism of the U.S. mission to bomb a Nazi weapons factory in Czechoslovakia. By Brian MockenhauptReader: Mark Ferrari00:17:44
The Charlatan Will See You Now - Jan, 2019A notorious quack peddled cures at an Arkansas hotel in the 1930s. Nowadays the con game is all for show. By Jeff MacGregorReader: Mark Ferrari00:15:42
The Fertile Shore, Pt. 2 - Jan, 2020Archaeologists and geneticists are close to understanding when humans made the first bold journey to the Americas. By Fen Montaigne.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:16:32
The Fertile Shore, Pt. 1 - Jan, 2020Archaeologists and geneticists are close to understanding when humans made their first journey to the Americas. By Fen Montaigne.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:15:20
Lost City of Myanmar -Dec, 2019The ancient kingdom of Mrauk U welcomed Buddhists and Muslims. Now ethnic hostilities appear, Part 2 of 2. By Joshua HammerReader: Mark Ferrari00:17:22
Lost City of Myanmar -Dec, 2019The ancient kingdom of Mrauk U welcomed Buddhists and Muslims. Now ethnic hostilities appear, Part 1 of 2. By Joshua HammerReader: Mark Ferrari00:16:31
Hermits & DNA - Dec, 2019A monk living in a New Mexico cave inspires an act of faith. Researchers develop a gene therapy that cures a rare deadly disease.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:17:48
Bicycles - Dec, 2019When Two Wheels Are the Rage. Bicycles revolutionized personal transport. Will the electric scooter do the same? By Clive Thompson.Reader: Mark Ferrari00:15:58
Paul Revere Beyond His Midnight Ride - Sep, 2019The hero was an artisan, activist, entrepreneur. by Meilan SollyReader: Jim Hull00:06:53
"Earliest Idaho Humans" - Aug, 2019Humans in America 16,000 Years Ago-They got here before the Clovis people. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:05
Invention of the Slinky - Aug, 2019An accident became a toy. by Rachel LallensackReader: Jim Hull00:08:08
Aaron Burr's Son, Abolitionist John Burr - Aug, 2019His mother was Aaron's servant, Mary Emmons, by Meilan SollyReader: Jim Hull00:07:15
How the Fish Tube Works - Aug, 2019It carries salmon past dams. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:08
Why Coyotes Outlived Saber-Tooths - Aug, 2019The big cats hunted big prey until both died out. by Meilan SollyReader: Jim Hull00:06:48
"Vampire" Was a Farmer Named John - Aug, 2019TB blamed on dead relatives who rise from the grave. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:08:08
Game Boy Changed American Video Games - Jul, 2019Handheld, lots of games, long battery life, by David KindyReader: Jim Hull00:08:08
Seditious Glass Jewel in Old Tavern - Jul, 201918th Century bead is etched with secret message. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:06:27
Woman Fought in the Revolutionary War - Jul, 2019Deborah Sampson was wounded, got a pension, by Brigit KatzReader: Jim Hull00:08:04
Archaeologists at Woodstock - Jun, 2019The festival really did take on life of its own. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:37
Invention of Scotch Tape - Jun, 2019It leads to a revolution in company management. by Emily MatcharReader: Jim Hull00:07:58
Ladybug Swarm over San Diego - Jun, 2019Storm radar showed a cloud...of insects. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:06:14
Navajo Treaty - Jun, 2019Historic Treaty Returned to the Navajo-1868 document cedes them a homeland. by Bigit KatzReader: Jim Hull00:07:26
Morse Code at 175 - May, 2019The code still works, even on a smartphone, by Eddie KingReader: Jim Hull00:09:08
Escaped Parrots Doing Great - May, 2019They're breeding in 23 states. by Brigit KatzReader: Jim Hull00:07:48
Site of First Country Hit to Be Razed - May, 2019Record studio put 1923 Atlanta on the music map. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:45
World's Only Dummy Museum - May, 20191,000 ventriloquist dolls preserved in Kentucky. by Jennifer NalewickiReader: Jim Hull00:06:31
A Brief History of Cooties - May, 2019One hundred years later, a kid's game is still going strong! By James C. Hu.Reader: Jim Hull00:05:42
History of the Spelling Bee - May, 2019America is still in love with the centuries-old contest. By Rebecca Sealfon.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:18
Agua Caliente Indians in Palm Springs - Apr, 2019They've held on to a tiny plot of land in a resort. by Roger CatlinReader: Jim Hull00:08:03
Cocoa Packets Changed Hot Chocolate - Apr, 2019Inventor made the drink using water instead of milk. by Brigit KatzReader: Jim Hull00:07:26
Original "Dumbo" Was a Scrolling Book - Mar, 2019Unusual format halted when Disney bought the rights. by David KindyReader: Jim Hull00:08:30
Flooding Creates Death Valley Lake - Mar, 201910-mile lake caused by 0.87" of rain, by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:05:54
Chicago Is Sinking - Mar, 2019Blame it on the glaciers. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:06:53
Radar Scans Reveal Fort Under Alcatraz - Mar, 2019The famous prison sits on an old military installation. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:06:03
World's Largest Outhouse Race - Mar, 2019Competitors don't want to be number two. by Jennifer NalewickiReader: Jim Hull00:06:58
Academy Awards Folklore - Feb, 2019Oscar is surrounded by superstitions. by James DeutschReader: Jim Hull00:08:53
Frank Robinson, Baseball Great - Feb, 2019He broke barriers as player and manager. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:39
New Father for American Pizza - Feb, 2019The pie came to the U.S. earlier than we thought. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:06:50
Accidental Invention of Bubble Wrap - Jan, 2019It began as wallpaper but changed shipping. by David KindyReader: Jim Hull00:07:52
GM Introduced the Concept Car in 1939 - Jan, 2019Buick "Y-Job" was stylish and futuristic, by William KnoedelsederReader: Jim Hull00:09:25
U.S. Slave Wrote Biography in Arabic - Jan, 2019Unique narrative is made public. by Brigit KatzReader: Jim Hull00:06:14
Poe, Our Premier Storyteller - Jan, 2019He invented American macabre and detective fiction. by Michael CapuzzoReader: Jim Hull00:08:30
1923 Finally Enters Public Domain - Jan, 2019A quirk kept those works private for 20 years. by Glenn FleishmanReader: Jim Hull00:09:43
Fentanyl Outpaces Heroin in Fatal Overdoses - Dec, 2018The opioid is involved in 29 percent of cases. by Meilan SollyReader: Jim Hull00:06:12
What Sank the USS San Diego in WW1 - Dec, 2018A German U-boat did it near Long Island. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:12
History of the Christmas Letter - Dec, 2018Ours is a love-hate relationship with it, by Ann HodgmanReader: Jim Hull00:08:00
Wilbur Wright Deserves First Flight Credit - Dec, 2018It was he, not Orville, who invented the design. by William HazelgroveReader: Jim Hull00:07:39
Which Town Is Connecticut's Oldest? - Nov, 2018New find upends century-old dispute. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:05:40
Mud Pot Crawls Across SoCal - Nov, 2018Geyser gurgles toward rail and pipe lines, by Brigit KatzReader: Jim Hull00:06:45
Poppies, More Than Just Flowers - Nov, 2018They grew on WWI battlefields, becoming symbols, by Gary KrupnikReader: Jim Hull00:06:55
Maize in Ancient America - Nov, 2018An early form of corn reveals much about bygone peoples. By Charles C. Mann.Reader: Jim Hull00:09:20
DNA Extracted from Seabiscuit's Hooves - Oct, 2018It gives clues to how he was so fast. By Steven TammarielloReader: Jim Hull00:08:57
Mushroom Big as 3 Blue Whales - Oct, 2018Michigan's "humongous fungus" is 2,500 years old. by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:05:42
Huskies' Blue Eyes - Oct 10, 2018They're genetic; most dogs don't have them, by Brigit KatzReader: Jim Hull00:06:02
Drunk Birds in Minnesota - Oct 4, 2018Blame it on fermented berries. by Brigit KatzReader: Jim Hull00:06:58
Cats Are Bad at Killing Rats - Sep 28,, 2018They prefer smaller prey, mice and birds. by Meilan SollyReader: Jim Hull00:06:40
Ig Nobel Season - Sep, 2018Harvard hands out goofy science awards, by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:05:27
Bighorn Migration - Sep, 2018They teach the route to their offspring, By Meilan SollyReader: Jim Hull00:06:48
WWII Fighter Planes Found in Greenland - Aug, 2018"Lost Squadron" frozen beneath 300 feet of ice, by Meilan SollyReader: Jim Hull00:07:50
Congress Was Once a Hotbed of Violence - Sep, 2018Lawmakers scuffled a lot before the Civil War. By Anna DiamondReader: Jim Hull00:09:20
The Moment that Defines Leonard Bernstein - Aug, 2018The composer-conductor's essence in a photo. By Marissa VoneshReader: Jim Hull00:09:11
New U.S. Space Force? - Aug, 2018The American military has been in space for decades, By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:09:04
Female Duck with 76 Ducklings - Jul, 2018Multiple broods form a "ducky day care" By Brigit KatzReader: Jim Hull00:06:11
Whole Earth Catalog at 50 - Jul, 2018Hippies and techies used it to reshape environmentaism. By Andy CookReader: Jim Hull00:10:18
Why Confederate Sub Sank - Jul, 2018Crew may have died while blowing up enemy ship. By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:29
Flight 93 Memorial Tower - Jul, 2018The edifice will house the world's largest set of chimes. By Emily MatcharReader: Jim Hull00:07:29
Founding Fathers' Food and Drink - Jul, 2018Water was iffy, so they drank a lot of beer. By Amanda CargillReader: Jim Hull00:10:21
S'mores - Jun, 2018Let us tell you S'more about the history of the gooey American snack. By Jeffrey Miller.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:00
Astronauts on Moon - Jun, 2018Astronauts Footsteps Warmed the Moon? Their footsteps certainly roiled the lunar dirt. By Brigit Katz.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:27
Bees - Jun, 2018Bees May Understand the Concept of Zero. They know that nothing is less than something. By Kate Keller.Reader: Jim Hull00:09:43
Ancient Migration to the Americas - Jun, 2018They might have walked down the Alaskan coast. By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:27
Women's Baseball - Jun, 2018They "hit the dirt in the skirt" and changed our views. By Sally JenkinsReader: Jim Hull00:07:17
Polaroid Inventor Edwin Land - May, 2018He gave us more than instant photos, By Ann ElsnerReader: Jim Hull00:10:11
The Annoying "Poet Voice" - May, 2018Poets read their works in a halting, bland intonation. By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:06:24
Rise of the Christian Right - May, 2018Anti-Vietnam-war sermons divided worshipers. By David MislinReader: Jim Hull00:09:32
Geyser's Trio of Eruptions - May, 2018Yellowstone's largest awakens after 15 years, By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:05:57
Franklin Manuscripts Digitized - Apr, 20188,000 documents can now be viewed, By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:06:17
Advice Columns: Uniquely American - Apr, 2018We believe guidance will change our lot in life. By Jackie ManskyReader: Jim Hull00:10:23
U.S. Chemical Weapons Debate - Apr, 2018It got started when 6,000 sheep died, By Lorraine BoissoneaultReader: Jim Hull00:11:48
Human Havoc on Walden Pond - Apr, 2018Visitor pollution threatens historical site. By Julissa TrevinoReader: Jim Hull00:06:55
Wreck of USS Juneau Found - Mar, 2018The WWII ship took the Sullivans to the grave, By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:05:27
Polk's Grave - Mar, 2018Tennessee Keeps President Polk's Grave Where It Is. A vote to move the 11th president fails. By Jason Daley.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:57
America's Happiest City- Mar, 2018Naples, Florida has older, healthier, more satisfied residents. By Brigit KatzReader: Jim Hull00:06:00
Sightless Visionary Invented Cruise Control - Mar, 2018Engineer who "saw" with his hands crafted automatic speed control. By David SearsReader: Jim Hull00:10:30
Garfield Assassination Forgotten Today - Mar, 2018Yet the president's death changed America. By Kenneth D. AckermanReader: Jim Hull00:09:50
Billy Graham's Legacy - Feb 21, 2018He preached to billions, including many presidents, By Peter ManseauReader: Jim Hull00:07:00
George Washington - Feb, 2018Fake stories about George Washington? Each tale is a legend with a kernel of truth. By James Deutsch.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:29
Tabasco Sauce Musical - Jan, 20181890s comedy makes a comeback in New Orleans, By Jennifer NalewickiReader: Jim Hull00:06:10
Amateur Finds Lost Satellite - Jan 29, 2018Hobbyist detects signals from spacecraft thought dead, by Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:15
Wildlife Burns Get Fish Skin Bandages - Jan, 2018Two bears and a cougar treated after a wildfire, By Mika McKinnonReader: Jim Hull00:05:50
The Great L.A. Air Raid - Jan, 2018WWII jitters and a radar blip prompted anti-aircraft fire, By Lorraine BoissoneaultReader: Jim Hull00:11:15
Ten Myths About the 1918 Pandemic - Jan, 2018War and overcrowding made the flu much worse, by Richard GundermanReader: Jim Hull00:11:00
Dizzy Gillespie's Bent Trumpet - Jan, 2018How it got bent, and how it got to the Smithsonian, By Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:05:56
Prohibitionist Carry Nation - Dec, 2017She used speeches-and an axe-to combat drinking. By Kat EschnerReader: Jim Hull00:06:21
Romance of Mistletoe? - Dec, 2017The tree parasite begins as bird poop, By Brian BarthReader: Jim Hull00:07:46
Christmas Ghost Stories - Dec, 2017It's and old tradition that predates Halloween. By Colin DickeyReader: Jim Hull00:10:52
Apollo 17 - Dec, 2017It was the swan song of American space exploration. By Ryan P. SmithReader: Jim Hull00:09:40
First Nuclear Chain Reaction - Dec, 2017The 1942 experiment ushered in the Atomic Age. By Artemis SpyrouReader: Jim Hull00:11:21
What Did Jamestown Colonists Eat? - Nov, 2017During the Starving Time they ate horses, rats, and snakes, by Julissa TrevinoReader: Jim Hull00:05:40
The True Story of Plymouth Rock - Nov, 2017It got chipped away over time. By Megan GambinoReader: Jim Hull00:05:29
1918 Flu Killed Many Young Adults - Nov 10, 2017Millions died, especially recent war vets, By Ruth CraigReader: Jim Hull00:10:51
Poetic Outlaw Black Bart - Nov, 2017The Wells Fargo bandit left verses at his heists. By Kat EschnerReader: Jim Hull00:06:18
Ironic History of Mar-a-Lago - Nov, 2017Rejected as winter White House, then Trump bought it. By Michael LuongoReader: Jim Hull00:08:18
Grant's Vision for Black Americans - Nov, 2017President Grant signed the 15th Amendment to get Black Americans the right to vote, by Ron Chernow.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:08
Self-Driving Cars for the Disabled - Oct, 2017New tech improves mobility for those who can't drive, By Srikanth SaripalliReader: Jim Hull00:08:21
Even Colonials Liked Pumpkin Spice - Oct, 2017The seasonal craze goes back to the first American cookbook. By Kat EschnerReader: Jim Hull00:06:30
Human Echolocation - Oct, 2017Using vocal clicks to navigate, By Nathan HurstReader: Jim Hull00:12:21
The ABA's Impact on Basketball - Oct, 2017Today's flashy game started in the renegade league. By Franz LidzReader: Jim Hull00:06:43
President McKinley's Assassination - Sep, 2017Lax protection pushed the Secret Service to prominence. By Kat EschnerReader: Jim Hull00:05:12
America's Deadliest Natural Disaster - Sep, 2017A 1900 hurricane killed 8,000 in Galveston and destroyed 2/3 of the city. By Kat EschnerReader: Jim Hull00:06:12
Black Sox Scandal Was One of Many - Sep, 2017They cheated to get around bad pay system, By Kat EschnerReader: Jim Hull00:06:36
Flappers Took the Country by Storm - Sep, 2017Their carefree lifestyle is echoed by Millenials. By Linda SimonReader: Jim Hull00:07:37
What Does an Eclipse Sound Like? - Aug, 2017Phone app uses touch to describe the solar event. By Nathan HurstReader: Jim Hull00:07:41
Company Crashed Two Trains - Jul, 201740,000 people watched the engines collide and explode. By Lorraine BoissoneaultReader: Jim Hull00:10:45
Where Did "Gerrymander" Come From? - Jul, 2017A Founding Father invented the twisty voter districts. By Erick TrickeyReader: Jim Hull00:13:18
Disneyland's Terrible First Day - Jul 17, 2017The park wasn't ready, but people flocked to it anyway. By Kat EschnerReader: Jim Hull00:06:18
Spam Went from Necessity to Icon - Jul, 2017Somehow people bonded with the simple product. By Ayalla A. RuvioReader: Jim Hull00:09:21
The Myth of JFK's Jelly Donut - Jun, 2017The president said he was a Berliner, not a pastry. By Kat EschnerReader: Jim Hull00:06:07
Dealmaking Brought Hawaii Statehood - Jun, 2017Puerto Rico, take notice: it's harder than it looks. By David StebenneReader: Jim Hull00:07:19
Hot Dogs for a King - Jun, 2017When FDR Served Hot Dogs to a King. The British royals dined American-style with the president. By Kat Eschner.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:16
Jet Indie Car - Jun, 2017A Jet-Powered car raced in the Indy 500. It was well ahead until a small part broke... then it disappeared! by Jeff MacGregor.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:14
Fun Facts About JFK - May, 2017President Kennedy was a war hero, Pulitzer and fan of thrillers. By Lorraine BoissoneaultReader: Jim Hull00:08:46
WWI Changed Weather Forecasting - May, 2017Forecasters began to use math to predict the weather. By Barry SheilsReader: Jim Hull00:09:46
Apple Pie Is Not All That American - May, 2017It came from elsewhere, but Americans made it their own. By Kat EschnerReader: Jim Hull00:05:44
Animals That Helped Win WWI - May, 2017Many war heroes weren't human. By Jennifer NalewickiReader: Jim Hull00:08:59
From This Desk, U.S. WW I Were Run - Apr, 2017Pins on a map led to Germany's defeat, By Roger CatlinReader: Jim Hull00:07:25
The Mustang - May, 2017How the Mustang, a Frontier Symbol, Became a Nuisance; Protected by law, they are now too numerous for the land. By Matt ShaerReader: Jim Hull00:06:21
Why Is the Pentagon a Pentagon? - Apr, 2017Designed to fit an odd plot of land, its shape proved useful in other ways. By Alicia AultReader: Jim Hull00:10:23
Begich Towers, Alaska - Mar, 2017Alaskan Town Where Every Resident Lives in One Building. Winter makes Begich Towers a self contained city. By Jennifer BillockReader: Jim Hull00:06:31
How a British Mutiny Helped Create American Political Asylum - Mar, 2017A refugee was returned and executed; outrage sparked laws to protect newcomers. By A. Roger EkirchReader: Jim Hull00:08:40
The Myth That Washington Was a Swamp Will Not Go Away - Mar, 2017The city was founded on rising farmland; later, some tidal flats became parkland, By Carl AbbotReader: Jim Hull00:08:09
The Letters of Abigail and John Adams - Mar, 2017The letters reveal that the second president and his wife had a close and equal relationship. By Kat EschnerReader: Jim Hull00:05:42
Andrew Jackson Was a Populist Even on His Deathbed - Mar, 2017The 7th president refused an ornate coffin as too kingly. By Sally JenkinsReader: Jim Hull00:07:10
Saving Abe Lincoln's Life - Feb, 2017The Friendship That Saved Lincoln's Life. Joshua Speed helped Abe through a crisis in his courtship of Mary Todd. By Charles B. StrozierReader: Jim Hull00:10:53
How Moonshine Bootlegging Give Rise to NASCAR - Feb, 2017After Prohibition ended, skilled smugglers and their souped-up cars took to auto racing. By Jennifer BillockReader: Jim Hull00:08:44
The Legacy of the Apollo 1 Disaster - Jan, 2017The spacecraft fire killed three astronauts and slowed America's race to the moon. By Nancy HendersonReader: Jim Hull00:09:05
Did Ellis Island Change Immigrants' Names? - Dec, 2016Mostly it was immigrants themselves who altered their own monikers. By Alicia AultReader: Jim Hull00:10:56
John Glenn Was Remarkably Down-to-Earth - Dec, 2016Fighter pilot, astronaut and U.S. Senator, he was also warm and approachable. By Ben PankoReader: Jim Hull00:08:42
William Howard Taft's Dream Job - Dec, 2016Taft's great legacy lies in changes he made to the Supreme Court. By Erick TrickeyReader: Jim Hull00:12:39
Untangling the History of Christmas Lights - Dec, 2016A partner of Edison promoted the lights even before cities had electricity. By Jamie MalanowskiReader: Jim Hull00:06:24
The American Revolution Through the Eyes of King George III - Nov, 2016Oft-reviled, George in private was thoughtful and eloquent. By Sara GeorginiReader: Jim Hull00:12:23
Amelia Earhart Died as a Castaway? - Nov, 2016A recently discovered skeleton has arm bones that see to match hers. By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:11:53
Diver Found Possible Inactive 1950 Nuke - Nov, 2016It might be the practice bomb lost off the British Columbia coast. By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:05:18
Last Living Carver of Mount Rushmore - Oct, 2016Don Clifford had many adventures working on the giant sculpture. By Jackie ManskyReader: Jim Hull00:09:37
The "First Moon Flights" Club - Oct, 2016In the 1960s you could make a reservation for a future flight to the moon. By Jeff GatesReader: Jim Hull00:10:14
WWII Air Campaign's Secret Bombsight - Oct, 2016The costly bomber device usually didn't work. Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:06
Charles Osgood's Love Affair with the Bow Tie - Oct, 2016It started with a warning and became famous on TV. By Jackson LandersReader: Jim Hull00:06:14
George Kennan's Russian Containment Strategy - Sep, 2016The Cold War architect loved Russia but opposed the Soviets. By David MilneReader: Jim Hull00:12:12
The Heated Election of 1800 - Oct, 2016After much mudslinging between bitter rivals Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson and Burr, the decision turned on one Congressman's vote. By S. BlumenthalReader: Jim Hull00:07:36
The Anthrax Letters that Terrorized a Nation - Sep, 2016Soon after 9/11, a new attack involved a deadly disease.Reader: Jim Hull00:10:38
The Missing Science Behind the Movie "Sully" - Sep, 2016What kind of bird, and how many, struck and doomed the airliner? By Maya Wei-HaasReader: Jim Hull00:10:13
How Marie Tharp Changed Geology Forever - Aug, 2016She proved the continents were shifting, but others got the credit. By Erin BlakemoreReader: Jim Hull00:10:17
The Unusual Origins of Pink Lemonade - Aug, 2016The popular drink got started at a circus, and it wasn't pretty. By Laura KiniryReader: Jim Hull00:07:31
Babe Ruth's Celebrity Endorsements - Aug, 2016He was one of the first sports stars to need a publicity agent. By Katie NodjimbademReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
Chincoteague Ponies Complete Their Annual Swim - Jul, 2016The famous event benefits the local fire department. By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:05:27
Artist Creates Tactile Portraits for the Blind - Jul, 2016Painted screws form 3-D artworks for blind and sighted alike. By Jennifer NalewickiReader: Jim Hull00:05:56
How the Bastille Key Ended Up With G. Washington - Jul, 2016Jefferson reported on the French Revolution; his friends delivered the infamous prison key. By Sara GeorginiReader: Jim Hull00:10:41
Family Discovers Rare Letters by Thomas Jefferson - Jul, 2016The missives touch on the War of 1812 and Hamilton's ideas. By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:06:38
Harvard Prof Who Shot a Titan - Jul, 2016The assault stirred anti-German-American feelings as WWI raged. By Radha VatsalReader: Jim Hull00:10:08
A Brief History of Congressional Carpets - Jun, 2016Lately a pretty TV Blue, the floor coverings were once stained with chewing tobacco. By Erin BlakemoreReader: Jim Hull00:07:00
A Brief History of Children Sent Through the Mail - Jun, 2016When Parcel Post began, a clever parent could transport a kid to grandma's house via the cheap service. By Danny LewisReader: Jim Hull00:06:22
Sea Serpent - Jun 9, 2016Nantucket's Sublime Sea Serpent. A creature hoax became a big news story and raised a town's profile. By Erin Kelley.Reader: Jim Hull00:05:22
Supreme Court Food History - Jun, 2016Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Sonja Sotomayor share tales of dining habits at the high court. By Jackie Mansky.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:04
How an Obscure Photographer Saved Yosemite - Jun, 2016Early photos moved Lincoln and Congress to preserve the famous valley. By Brooke JarvisReader: Jim Hull00:06:27
Female WWII Pilots - May, 2016Female WWII Pilots May Be Buried at Arlington. A new law overrules a ban on women aviators interred at the cemetary. By Erin BlakemoreReader: Jim Hull00:05:43
Humans' Long Presence in North America - May, 2016New finds suggest people were here centuries earlier than we thought. By Agata Blaszczak-BoxeReader: Jim Hull00:07:13
America's First Woman Patent Holder - May 5, 2016Mary Kies invented a new way to make elegant straw hats. By Erin BlakemoreReader: Jim Hull00:06:39
A Brief History of the Nickel - Apr, 2016The post-Civil War coin, made of cheap metal, quickly became a mainstay. By Daniel A. GrossReader: Jim Hull00:10:54
Harriet Tubman will Grace the $20 Bill - Apr, 2016Jackson gets sent to the back side; popular Hamilton stays on the $10, By Jason DaleyReader: Jim Hull00:06:31
The 1873 Cofax Massacre - Apr, 2016Black and white militias traded fire; blacks lost more than the battle crippling the Reconstruction Era, By Danny LewisReader: Jim Hull00:07:01
Andrew Jackson, America's Original Anti Establishment Candidate - May, 2016His presidential campaigns resemble Trump and Sanders today. By Harry WatsonReader: Jim Hull00:13:01
How Cherry Trees Blossomed into a Tourist Attraction - Mar, 2016D.C.'s flowery arbor commemorates America's ties with Japan. By Jackson LandersReader: Jim Hull00:07:28
Mad Magazine's Iconic Alfred E. Neuman Turns 60 - Mar, 2016But the famous silly face got its start decades earlier. By Danny LewisReader: Jim Hull00:06:06
San Andreas May Have Had Help with Historic Quake - Mar, 2016A smaller fault may have triggered the big rupture. By Jesse EmspakReader: Jim Hull00:09:21
The Laptops that Powered the American Revolution - Mar, 2016Some of the Founders traveled with portable writing boxes. By Bethanee BemisReader: Jim Hull00:10:19
Mysterious "Music" Spooke Apollo 10 Astronauts - Feb, 2016Orbiting the dark side of the Moon, they heard an eerie radio sound. By Danny LewisReader: Jim Hull00:05:40
The Apple I Booted Up a Tech Revolution - Mar, 2016Steve Wozniak built the first personal computer; the rest is history. By Clive ThompsonReader: Jim Hull00:07:59
Giant Presidential Heads in a Virgina Field - Feb, 2016Once featured at a failed theme park, these huge sculptures await repairs and a move to a new home, where the public can view them again.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:17
One in Four U.S. Deer is Infected With Malaria - Feb, 2016A harmless form of the disease has piggybacked on White Tails for millions of years. By Jackson LandersReader: Jim Hull00:09:19
When America's Titan Went Road-Tripping Together - Jan, 2016Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone joined up for annual two-week camping expeditions, "roughing it" with liveried kitchen staffers.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:46
Nellie Bly's Race Abound the World - Jan, 2016The intrepid journalist set out to go around the world in fewer than 80 days, but learned she had a rival-another woman reporter.Reader: Jim Hull00:09:51
The KKK Didn't Always Wear Hoods - Jan, 2016The hate group's member wore a variety of costumes until the film "Birth of a Nation" made iconic the white robe and conic hood. By M. FessendenReader: Jim Hull00:06:32
Remnants of Whaling Disaster Found off Alaska - Jan, 2016In 1871 the ice closed in on 33 ships, and nearly all were crushed while 1200 crew and passengers sought to escape. By Erin BlakemoreReader: Jim Hull00:05:33
Why New York Drops a Ball on New Year's - Dec, 2015In 1905 fireworks were a no-no, so an old-fashioned navigational aid was repurposed, and the rest is history. My Danny LewisReader: Jim Hull00:05:49
Marine Reptiles in a Ghost Town - Dec, 2015Did these giant prehistoric creatures beach themselves? Or did a larger beast do them in? By Brian SwitakReader: Jim Hull00:06:36
10 Years to Ready a Christmas Tree - Dec, 2015The trees need 10 years of growth and pruning, and the harvest begins in September with the aid of helicopters. By Danny LewisReader: Jim Hull00:04:33
NASA's Moon Landing Flight Plan - Nov 24, 2015Engineers crafted a minute-by-minute itinerary for the first moon landing, and they kept to the schedule. By Scott ChristiansonReader: Jim Hull00:31:44
A Village Inside the Grand Canyon - Nov, 2015Supai, the most remote hamlet in the continental U.S., is also the most picturesque. By Michele Lent HirschReader: Jim Hull00:05:48
'Bewitched' Helped Salem Embrace Its Past - Oct, 2015The witch-trial town had fallen on bad times; a TV show made its history a tourist attraction. By Danny LewisReader: Jim Hull00:05:44
Fantasia Was a Box-Office Flop - Nov, 2015Critics liked it but audiences stayed away; decades later, it had become a popular classic. By Neal GablerReader: Jim Hull00:06:49
Bridge of Spies U-2 Pilot Penned Secret Diary - Oct, 2015Francis Gary Powers, his spy plane shot down over Russia in 1960, wrote of his time in a Soviet prison. By Michael DobbsReader: Jim Hull00:08:35
The Cavalry Saved Our Parks - Oct, 2015Before the National Park Service, Yellowstone was guarded by the cavalry. Without them, we might not have parks today. By Jim Morrison.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:26
Gold Rush Prices - Sep, 2015Gold Rush California Was Much More Expensive Than Tech-Boom California. Those who “mined the miners” REALLY got rich. By Steve Boggan.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:01
Netflix Has Figured It Out - Sep, 2015Netflix Has Figured Out The Exact Moment Viewers Get Addicted to a Show and getting hooked varies by country. By Marissa FessendenReader: Jim Hull00:05:15
Meet the 13-Year-Old Who Invented a Low-Cost Braille Printer - Sep, 2015The precocious student has developed a machine nearly anyone can afford, By Brittany ShootReader: Jim Hull00:09:35
A Cougar-Only Overpass - Sep, 2015A bridge over a major freeway would help mountain lions escape from the environmental corner into which they've been trapped by development.Reader: Jim Hull00:05:35
There's New Hope for Preserving the Wreck of the Titanic - Sep, 2015Damaged by scavengers, the sunken ship may receive protection-and a makeover. By Danny LewisReader: Jim Hull00:05:34
Hawks are Unwitting Muscle for Hummingbirds - Sep, 2015Desert jays hunt hummingbirds, so the tiny flyers build their nests near hawks because hawks hunt jays. By Rachel NuwerReader: Jim Hull00:05:18
Pledge of Allegiance From PR Gimmick to Patriotic Vow - Sep, 2015Part of a promotion to put American flags in classrooms, the Pledge ultimately became a school requirement in nearly every state. By Amy CrawfordReader: Jim Hull00:06:20
Scientists Are Still Baffled by Monarch Migration - Aug, 2015Monarchs are dwindling at their home in Mexico but doing fairly well along their U.S. migratory path. What gives? By Marissa FessendenReader: Jim Hull00:05:01
Wild Camels of the American West - Aug, 2015The 1850s Army brought camels to the Southwest to haul freight, but railroads sidelined them, and some roamed free for years. By Chris HellerReader: Jim Hull00:12:25
Physics and the first Atomic Bombs - Aug, 2015The Hiroshima bomb was a type rarely built again; the Nagasaki bomb fathered the Cold War arsenal. By Victoria JaggardReader: Jim Hull00:08:40
Worst Crook in Colonial America - Jul, 2015Counterfeiter, swindler, impersonator, philanderer: Stephen Burroughs was several early-American bad guys rolled into one.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:12
How Singer Won the Sewing Machine War - Jul, 2015Isaac Singer's machine wasn't the first, but his company invented the installment plan to sell it, and developed other marketing systems.Reader: Jim Hull00:09:23
These Glasses Could Help the Blind See - Jul, 2015The computerized lenses create, for the visually impaired, a very high-contrast view of the world. By Emily MatcharReader: Jim Hull00:07:50
Awe-Inspiring Bacteria - Jul, 2015Gold-Yellow microbes and beads of water make this California cave's ceiling a golden delight. By Michele Lent HirschReader: Jim Hull00:07:14
The Foods Americans Once Loved to Eat - Jun, 2015Eel Pie? Roast Beaver Tail? Back in the day, they were delicacies. By Li ZhouReader: Jim Hull00:12:03
Civil War Medicine - Jun, 2015Six Ways the Civil War Changed American Medicine. Research, training, prosthetics, hospitals, and ambulances improved. By Helen ThompsonReader: Jim Hull00:10:42
Washington's Hair - Jun, 2015George Washington didn't wear a wig - he cut his hair in a popular style,and powdered it gray. By Marissa Fessenden.Reader: Jim Hull00:04:57
The Civil Warâ??s Division of North and South is Reflected in Cookbooks - Jun, 2015While the North published comprehensive cookbooks during the war, the blockaded South made do with recipes on how to cook without salt.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:06
Migrating Monarch Butterflies Take to the Highway - Jun, 2015Monarchs may find sanctuary in a government program to seed their migratory route along I-35 with milkweed. By Heather HansmanReader: Jim Hull00:08:18
Step Inside a Famous Submarine - May, 2015Celebrated underwater vessels are open for viewing this summer. By Michele Lent HirschReader: Jim Hull00:10:00
Where is the Very Center of the United States - May, 2015The geographic center of the U.S. depends ... mainly on how you add Alaska and Hawaii. By Danny LewisReader: Jim Hull00:05:44
Will We Ever Be Able to Make Traffic Disappear? - May, 2015Transit engineers can change cross-street signal timing, but cell phone data and car-to-car com links may ease the task. By Daniel A. GrossReader: Jim Hull00:10:09
The Huey Defined America's Presence in Vietnam - Apr, 2015As the aerial "Jeep" of the Vietnam conflict, the Huey helicopter did everything -- drop off soldiers, ferry supplies, pick up the wounded.Reader: Jim Hull00:09:06
John Paul Jones and His Romantic Romp Through Paris - Apr, 2015The heroic Revolutionary War admiral was popular with the Parisian ladies ... then he went overboard for a married one, By Cassandra GoodReader: Jim Hull00:08:38
Einstein's Brain - Apr, 2015At his death, the scientist's brain was sliced up, distributed, and finally exhibited at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. By Matt BlitzReader: Jim Hull00:08:02
What is the Nine Millionth Patent? - Apr, 2015225 years and millions of patents later, the system is still being revised to cope with a swelling inventors' landscape. By Li ZhouReader: Jim Hull00:08:08
The Gentleman's Agreement That Ended the Civil War - Apr, 2015A quiet sit-down between two great generals, a document quickly drafted and signed, and years of battle came to an end. By Harry RubensteinReader: Jim Hull00:09:26
The Brief History of "Americanitis" - Mar, 2015Doctors first warned us that the American "go-getter" attitude, plus modern conveniences, encouraged overwork and nervous worry ... in 1882.Reader: Jim Hull00:10:00
Are We Re-Entering a Golden Age of American Bartending? - Mar, 2015The once-thriving beverage art, laid low by Prohibition and the Depression and WWII, is making a comeback, By Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:08:30
How Long Do Cultural References Last? - Mar, 2015Famous people, TV shows -- all too soon they fade from memory, By Marissa FessendenReader: Jim Hull00:04:54
Data and Algorithim Can Help Predict Fires - Mar, 2015Computer gives NY firefighters advanced warning of buildings with fire risks; also, a fire-fighting robot at sea, By Randy RielandReader: Jim Hull00:07:50
What Is the Most Influential Oscar Dress of All-Time? - Feb, 2015Some gowns make or break careers; some influence popular fashion, By Alice HinesReader: Jim Hull00:09:21
Cabs of the Future Won't Have Drivers - Feb, 2015Driverless vehicles might replace taxis with a much cheaper form of transit. By Randy RielandReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
A Feisty Capt. Kirks Checks in on the Starship "Enterprise"- Feb, 2015Actor William Shatner teases the Air and Space Museum about its repairs to the studio model of the "Star Trek" spaceship, By Roger CatlinReader: Jim Hull00:10:03
How SkyMall Captured a Moment of Technological and US History - Jan, 2015The oddball sales catalog kept airline passengers occupied, but times have changed, By Bess LovejoyReader: Jim Hull00:12:51
Smithsonian Castle Fire - Jan, 2015The 1865 disaster began with a workman's heating stove. By Richard KurinReader: Jim Hull00:10:16
Crashing Alexander Hamilton's Birthday Weekend - Jan, 2015Loyal fans of the neglected Founding Father celebrate his birthday at several of his New York haunts, By Kevin ZawackiReader: Jim Hull00:08:54
I Was Among the Lucky Few to Walk in Space- Jan, 2015The first astronaut to float in deep space near the moon tells the tale, By Al WordenReader: Jim Hull00:08:18
We eat more after New Year's than before Dec, 2014Many Households Buy More Food in January Than During the Holidays, By Brian HandwerkReader: Jim Hull00:08:09
How Books Became a Part of the Fight to Win World War II - Dec, 2014As Nazis burned books, Americans donated them to soldiers overseas, By Joanna ScuttsReader: Jim Hull00:10:39
There Are 120 Years of Lakota History on This Calendar - Jan, 2015Native American Pulitzer Prizer winner describes an important example of his ancestors' visual history, By N. Scott MomadayReader: Jim Hull00:06:40
Up-Close and Personal With Chicago's Most Infamous Criminals - Dec, 2014Tribune photo archive reveals stunning gangland images, By Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:07:43
The Death And Rebirth of the American Mall - Nov, 2014Malls fluorished on tax breaks, then society left them behind, By Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:11:34
The Whiskey Wars That Left Brooklyn in Ruins - Nov, 2014Distilleries evaded post-Civil War taxes, so the Feds tore them down, By Rebecca DalzellReader: Jim Hull00:14:17
Ice Age Babies, Found in Alaska- Nov, 201411,000 years later, the infants' grave offers clues to early Native American culture, By Helen ThompsonReader: Jim Hull00:08:16
The Real Johnny Appleseed - Nov, 2014He helped pioneers homestead by planting their orchards -- but the apples weren't for food! By Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:10:12
Contagion and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Oct 30, 2014What The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Tells Us About Contagion . . ., By Elizabeth L. BradleyReader: Jim Hull00:09:12
Tornadoes Are Now Ganging Up in the US - Oct, 2014Climate change concentrates big twisters into fewer days. By Sarah ZielinskiReader: Jim Hull00:06:29
Need Some Alone Time? Check out these Ghost Towns - Sep, 2014The Wild West made a home for most--but not all--of America's best-known abandoned places. By Katrina Brown HuntReader: Jim Hull00:10:52
The (Still) Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe - Oct 7, 2014Nine theories compete to explain how the famous author died.Reader: Jim Hull00:17:46
The Evolution of the Nurse Stereotype via Postcards - Sep, 2014From Drunk to Saint to Sexpot to Modern Medical Professional. Nurses' prestige rose, then dipped then rose again. Helen ThompsonReader: Jim Hull00:07:48
Warming waters are hard on crabs, easy on shrimp- Sep, 2014In 100 years, Maryland's crab cakes might be shrimp cakes, By Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:10:13
Computer To Match Cancer Patients With Trials at Mayo Cinic - Sep, 2014Computer that won "Jeopardy!" will help speed cures and more. By Corinne IozziaReader: Jim Hull00:07:29
Polynesians didn't drift to islands-they navigated - Sep, 2014How the Voyage of the Kon-Tiki Misled the World About Navigating the Pacific, By Doug HermanReader: Jim Hull00:12:33
Rebirth of the Passenger Pigeon - Sep, 2014100 Years After Her Death, Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon, Still Resonates. Using DNA science these extinct birds may return. By William SouderReader: Jim Hull00:08:34
George Washington's pact, though worn, still holds - Sep, 2014Illuminating the Treaties That Have Governed U.S. - Indian Relationships, By Rob CapricciosoReader: Jim Hull00:06:19
Which General Was Better? Grant or Lee - Aug, 2014Lee is usually thought more able, but Grant smoked him, By Beth Py-Lieberman & David C. WardReader: Jim Hull00:07:10
Indoor Mapping Lets the Blind Navigate Airports - Aug, 2014Phone app and GPS beacons provide continuous info, By Corinne LozzioReader: Jim Hull00:06:37
Social Networking, Prairie Dog Style - Aug, 2014Clans send envoys whose "kisses" can spread Plague, By Rachel NuwerReader: Jim Hull00:06:47
In WWI Many Immigrants treated as enemies - Jul, 2014Not only were Germanic immigrants treated as enemies and confined, their property was taken as well. By Daniel A. GrossReader: Jim Hull00:12:47
The Hunt for the Best Ballpark Hot Dog - Jul, 2014It's the bun, the cooking method...and the ambiance, By Laura KiniryReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
Why the City is (Usually) Hotter than the Countryside - Jul, 2014Streets and buildings are too smooth for cool, By Sarah ZielinskiReader: Jim Hull00:07:20
Fracking's Earthquakes - Jul, 2014Oil-recovery wastewater, pumped underground, causes temblors, By Sarah ZielinskiReader: Jim Hull00:06:24
Civil Rights Act - Jun, 2014A Look at the Politicians Who Passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It took years of politicking to push the bill through. By Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:08:38
Doctors Riot - Jun, 2014The Gory New York City Riot that Shaped American Medicine. Student doctors were stealing bodies from cemeteries. By Bess LovejoyReader: Jim Hull00:11:32
Broken-down vault contains a trove of history - Jun, 2014To discover what life was like in 19th century D.C., a Smithsonian scientist investigates a tomb. By Sarah ZielinskiReader: Jim Hull00:12:06
Lewis and Clark Only Became Popular 50 Years Ago - Jun, 2014Their exploits faded from memory as wars intervened. By Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:11:37
The Cartographer Who Mapped Out Gotham City - May, 2014Batman's famous town wasn't diagrammed until 1998, By Jimmy StampReader: Jim Hull00:09:39
My Life as a Mississippi River Rat - May, 2014The ultimate American river is deep with history, By Paul SchneiderReader: Jim Hull00:08:18
DNA From 12,000-Year-Old Skeleton - May, 2014Trying to answer the questions who were the first Americans? Discovery suggests first people arrived via Alaska. By Mohi KumarReader: Jim Hull00:10:27
The History of the Humble Suitcase - May, 2014From steamship to airplane, luggage adapted, By Daniel A. GrossReader: Jim Hull00:11:49
First Protest March - May, 2014How a Ragtag Band of Reformers Organized the First Protest March on Washington. It was broken up, but started a tradition. By Jon GrinspanReader: Jim Hull00:12:58
The Hatpin Peril - Apr, 2014Men urged cities to ban ladies' long sharp hair fasteners. By Karen AbbottReader: Jim Hull00:08:41
Better Living Through Design- Apr, 2014Builder James W. Rouse created new city using social and urban planning, By Jimmy StampReader: Jim Hull00:14:39
Five Things We Don't Know About Tyrannsosaurus Rex - Apr, 2014Were they feathered? Why such tiny arms? And more. By Helen ThompsonReader: Jim Hull00:12:50
Marian Anderson - Apr, 2014Four years after Marian Anderson sang at the Lincoln Memorial, D.A.R. invited her to perform at Constitution Hall. by Jamie KatzReader: Jim Hull00:10:58
Kissing Language Barriers Goodbye - Mar, 2014Instant translator via mobile device will soon be a reality. by Travis M. AndrewsReader: Jim Hull00:10:58
March Madness - Mar, 2014When did filling out a 'Bracket' become popular? UCLA's reign ended, plus the B-Ball tourney grew to 68 teams. By Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:10:28
Ancient Migration Patterns to North America - Mar, 2014Hidden in Languages today suggests that prehistoric humans may have lived on Alaska-Siberia Land bridge for 10,000 years. by Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:09:16
An Airship The Size of a Football Field - Mar, 2014Futuristic shape will help new dirigible stay aloft for weeks. by Tuan C NguyenReader: Jim Hull00:08:55
NY Times' 1953 Coverage of Solomon Northrop - Mar, 2014The story of "12 Years A Slave" was widely discussed when it happenned, by Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:06:36
Science Explores Celebrity- Feb, 2014Science Explores Our Magical Belief in The Power of Celebrity. Buyers pay more for objects touched by the famous. by Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:07:47
What Can Facebook Tell Us About Love? - Feb, 2014Intriguing insights about romance in the login era. by Tuan C. NguyenReader: Jim Hull00:08:55
When the Beatles Arrived in America - Feb, 2014Reporters ignored the music and obsessed over hair. Focusing on style, the media missed the new sound's power. by Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:07:27
Hustle through America's Huckster History - Jan, 2014The U.S. "enjoys" a storied history of con artists with a Smithsonian curator as your guide. by Amy HendersonReader: Jim Hull00:10:41
Air Pollution in China spreads to the U.S. - Jan, 2014We buy their cheap goods and breathe the resulting smog, by Joseph StombergReader: Jim Hull00:07:11
No Shortage of History When it Comes to Velveeta - Jan, 2014The cheese-whey treat has been melted over chips for decades. by Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:11:21
Top Carnivores Help Shape Environment - Jan, 2014Even tree growth is affected by predators' presence, by Rachel NuwerReader: Jim Hull00:08:08
What Happens to All the Salt We Dump On Roads? - Jan, 2014Winter roads benefit, but environments nearby can suffer. by Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:07:16
Fewer Freezes Let Florida's Mangroves Move North - Dec, 2013Mangroves, already threatened, are expanding into sensitive salt marshes, by Sarah ZielinskiReader: Jim Hull00:06:24
The Coffee Myth - Dec, 2013There's No Evidence That Coffee Stunts Kids' Growth. The story got started in a century-old Postum commerical. by Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:07:10
How the Hot Tamale Conquered the American South - Jan, 2014Though not a native, the treat has taken on a life of its own, by W. Hodding CarterReader: Jim Hull00:17:02
The Pullman Car - Dec 13, 2013Traveling in Style and Comfort: The Pullman Sleeping Car. It was THE way to go by train for the middle and upper classes, by Jimmy StampReader: Jim Hull00:08:44
10 Lucky Celebrities Who Escaped Disaster - Nov, 2013Many famous people accidentally avoided tragedy, by Greg DaughertyReader: Jim Hull00:14:29
When Thanksgiving Meant a Fancy Meal Out on the Town - Nov, 2013The holiday event wasn't always about home and hearth, by John HancReader: Jim Hull00:10:27
He Hated the Gettysburg Address - Nov, 2013My Great-Great-Grandfather Hated the Gettysburg Address. 150 Years Later, He's Famous For It. Lincoln's speech at first drew much criticism. by Doug StewartReader: Jim Hull00:09:32
It's the Umani, Stupid - Nov, 2013The Umani flavor craze is helping MSG to make a comeback. by Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:14:38
Earth-Like Exoplanets - Nov, 2013There are probably way more earth-like exoplanets. One fifth of stars may harbor "Goldilock" planets, by Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:08:10
A Mouse Has Evolved An Immunity to Toxic Scorpion - Oct, 2013The poison is merely pain relief to the bug-eating, by Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:07:39
The Science of Winning Leaps - Oct, 2013The secret is in how frog "jockeys" motivate their animals at the Caleveras County Frog Jumping Competition. by Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:07:24
Preventive Care - Oct, 2013How Hospitals are Trying to Keep You Out of the Hospital. Big Data helps anticipate patients' preventive care needs. By Randy Rieland.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:19
Why Do We Eat Popcorn at the Movies? - Oct, 2013Theaters resisted the treat until the Great Depression. by Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:13:21
How the Flag Came to be Called Old Glory - Oct, 2013Two heirloom banners vie for the original tile. by Sally JenkinsReader: Jim Hull00:18:02
The Women Who Mapped the Universe... - Sep, 2013... And Still Couldn't Get Any Respect. Harvad women advanced astronomy in anonymity. by Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:12:00
The Secret to the Modern Beehive - Sep, 20131851 discovery led to today's racks of honeycombs, by Jimmy StampReader: Jim Hull00:07:56
Great Cocktail Moments in Famous Literature - Aug, 2013How mixed drinks influenced American storytelling, by Vicky GanReader: Jim Hull00:12:32
Human Echolocation Seeing Without Eyes - Aug, 2013Tongue-clicking generates a kind of human sonar. by Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:07:48
How the Coffee Cup Sleeve Was Invented - Aug, 2013Realtor spilled coffee on his lap; inspiration followed. by Colleen ConollyReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
American Rich Kids and the British Elite - Aug, 2013Nobles needed cash; Rich Americans wanted prestige, by Angela SerratorreReader: Jim Hull00:17:03
The Worst Shark Attack in History - Aug, 2013Survivors of WWII sinking floated at sea as sharks circled. by Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:07:13
What Caused the Death of American Brewing - Aug, 2013"Technology drove consolidation, but craft brewers are coming back." by Natasha GeilingReader: Jim Hull00:08:31
The Golden Arches of McModernism - Jul, 2013"McDonalds designed restaurant exteriors to attract hungry drivers" by Jimmy StampReader: Jim Hull00:10:48
Brainpower and Brawn in the Mexican-American War - Jul, 2013"West Point's innovations gave the U.S. skilled commanders in 1847 and 1861." by William RosenReader: Jim Hull00:13:47
Is the New Tonto Any Better Than the Old Tonto - Jul / Aug, 2013"Despite the update, the Native American sidekick still rankles" by Jerry AdlerReader: Jim Hull00:07:15
The Past and Future of the Baseball Bat - Jul, 2013"The big stick has gone through some odd shapes" by Jimmy StampReader: Jim Hull00:07:24
Never Was a Red Phone in the White House - Jun, 2013"Teletype, then satellite and now fibre-optic voice and email; the 'Red Phone' is merely a cultural symbol." by Tom ClavinReader: Jim Hull00:10:39
Where Bourbon Really Got Its Name - Jun, 2013"The Kentucky whiskey became famous in New Orleans. More tips on America's native spirit." by Laura KiniryReader: Jim Hull00:08:37
How Do "Sailing Stones" Move? - Jun, 2013"Scientist solves long-standing puzzle with kitchen-table experiment about how these stones move across Death Valley's desert." by Joseph StombergReader: Jim Hull00:10:31
World's Newest Atomic Clock - Jun, 2013"Lasers increases accuracy to clock losing 1 second every 50 billion years." by Joseph StrombergReader: Jim Hull00:07:01
Why Fire Makes Us Human - Jun, 2013"Cooking saves digestive energy, which can be exploited by bigger brains" by Jerry AdlerReader: Jim Hull00:14:04
Greatest Astronomer - May, 2013How Edwin Hubble Became the Twentieth Century's Greatest Astronomer. By Gilbert KingReader: Jim Hull00:08:40
The Real Gatsby - May, 2013"Will the Real Great Gatsby Please Stand Up? How much of the novel comes from the author's life? By Sarah LaskowReader: Jim Hull00:11:19
Nobody Walks in L.A. - Apr, 2013"The Rise of Cars and the Monorails That Never Were. Mass transit has always struggled in the spread-out." by Matt NovakReader: Jim Hull00:18:33
How Ford Motor Company Won a Battle and Lost Ground - Apr, 2013"Ford thugs beat up unionizers and stole press cameras, but the photos got out." by Gilbert KingReader: Jim Hull00:09:05
True Battle of Bunker Hill - May, 2013"Confusion, mistakes, and the wrong hill characterized this first fight of the American Revolution." by Tony HorwitzReader: Jim Hull00:19:49
Elizabeth Keckley Story - Apr, 2013"The story of Elizabeth Keckley, former slave turned Mrs. Lincoln's dressmaker - she became the doyenne of DC." by Emily SpivackReader: Jim Hull00:10:02
Five Surprising Facts About the Common Cold - Apr, 2013"Cold bugs prefer dry Winter indoor air, can survive two days outside the body, and withstand Vitamin C very well." by Marina KorenReader: Jim Hull00:06:40
An 'Eye for An Eye' in the Legal System - Apr, 2013"Is revenge a forgotten virtue that should be part of legal proceedings?" by Amy CrawfordReader: Jim Hull00:12:23
TV Will Tear Us Apart - Apr, 2013"The Future o fPolitical Polariztion in America Media. 1969 Internet pioneer foresaw viewpoint fragmentation caused by so many TV channels."Reader: Jim Hull00:07:47
How the Chess Set Got Its Look and Feel - Apr, 2013"The Staunton set brought order to the chaos of piece" by Jimmy StampReader: Jim Hull00:11:11
Sagging Pants Butt Up Against the Law - Apr, 2013"An old law is used against the style, but does it prosecute free expression?" by Emily SpivackReader: Jim Hull00:08:53
Where Was the Birthplace of the American Vacation - Apr, 2013"Adirondack Park, NY has revived storied wilderness camps and hotels" by Tom PerrottetReader: Jim Hull00:28:06
Has Gettysburg Kicked Its Kitsch Factor? - Apr, 2013"The battlefield is being rehabilitated to a less-spoiled state." by Tony HorwitzReader: Jim Hull00:20:45
How the DC-3 Revolutionized Air Travel - Apr, 2013"Smooth, quiet, and quick, the 1935 airplane made flight stylish." by Kathleen BurkeReader: Jim Hull00:07:28
A Partial History of Headphones - Mar, 2013"How the modern stereo headset got that way" by Jimmy StampReader: Jim Hull00:11:13
Top Ten Afterlife Journeys of Notable People - Mar, 2013"Famous folks whose remains were stolen, dismembered, sold" by Marina KorenReader: Jim Hull00:11:11
Lousy Sleep Isn't Good For Your Body, Either - Mar, 2013"Lack of sleep alters genes that affect our physical health." by Randy RielandReader: Jim Hull00:08:19
The Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla and his Tower - Feb, 2013"The genius inventor walked away from billions in earnings." by Gilbert KingReader: Jim Hull00:14:20
How Two Women Ended the Deadly Feather Trade - Mar, 2013"Birds killed for their feathers were dying out in the early 1900s." by William SouderReader: Jim Hull00:07:08
The True-Life Horror that Inspired Moby-Dick - Mar, 2013"Whale destroyed an 1820 whaling ship; survivors endured terrible weeks at sea" by Gilbert KingReader: Jim Hull00:15:10
Various Articles - August/September, 2012"Forget about senior moments. The good news is thre are advantages of growing old." by Helen Fields; "Invisibility reveals more than it hides." by Mark Strauss; "Researcher studies choking under pressure" by Abigail TuckerReader: Riva Nelson00:13:36
Dogs of War, Going For Gold, Cheating - August 1, 2012"New research finds dogs can help veterans overcome PTSD" by Chris Colin; "Prospectors are heading for gold in the CA hills." by Abigail Tucker; "Cheating- As technology advances so will access to new techniques" by C.A.Reader: Riva Nelson00:17:23
You Robot & The King of Beisbol - April, 2012"You Robot. The 'transhumanist' movement says better technology will enable you to replace more body parts - even your brain." by Abigail Tucker; "The King of Beisbol. Fifty years ago, superstar Roberto Clemente transcended baseball's borders." by David Maraniss.Reader: Riva Nelson00:14:24
Hive Mind - March 1, 2012"Hive Mind. The world's leading expert on bee behavior discovers the secrets of decision-making in a swarm." by Carl Zimmer.Reader: Riva Nelson00:18:44
Speaking American - March 1, 2012"...After half a century of studying jib-jabbing, linguists have just finished the nation's most ambitious dictionary of regional dialects." by Abigail Tucker.Reader: Riva Nelson00:12:17
Top Ten Demonstrations of Love - February 10, 2012"The inventor, the celebrity and the royal highness couldn't resist the draw of making a grand gesture to the love of their life." by Abigail Tucker.Reader: Riva Nelson00:09:59
Explaining Evil - February 2012"Explaining Evil. A landmark work of history, now reissued, illuminates a recurrent threat." by Ron Rosenbaum.Reader: Riva Nelson00:19:37
Stitches In Time & Mr. Cox's Keepsake - February, 2012"Stitches In Time. Scientist develops tool to determine the age of mysterious silks." by Joseph Stromberg; "Mr. Cox's Keepsake. An American diplomat's memento takes center stage after 125 years." by Owen Edwards.Reader: Riva Nelson00:13:36
Mystique of the Mother Road - Februaty, 2012"Mystique of the Mother Road. Foreign tourists and local preservationists are bringing stretches of the storied Route 66 back to life." by David Lamb.Reader: Riva Nelson00:20:26
Hawaii and its Volcano - December, 2011"Into the Volcano. A trip to the floor of Maui's Haleakala Crater." by Tony Perrottet; "Chain Reaction. Hawaii's hotspot. Haleakala originated as a vent on the sea floor about 2 million years ago." by Erin Wayman.Reader: Steve Krattiger00:22:00
Science, St. Nick & White House - November, 2011"New Angles: Exciting new science." by G. Wayne Clough; "Mischievous St. Nick. A 19th century Santa prototype." by Owen Edwards; "Q&A With the White House curator." by Megan Gambino.Reader: Steve Krattiger00:12:45
Shanghai Gets Supersized - November, 2011"Shanghai Gets Supersized. China's leaders once vowed to make the city the 'Head of the Dragon' of new wealth." by David DeVoss and Lauren Hilgers.Reader: Steve Krattiger00:20:15
Swan Song & Guess Who Came to Dinner? - November, 2011"Swan Song: Final flight of a WWII biplane evokes Tuskegee Airmen exploits" by Owen Edwards; "Guess Who Came to Dinner? A table for one can be the best seat in the house" by Angus MacLachlanReader: Steve Krattiger00:09:10
Lucky Bird & Cocktails in Greenland - October, 2011"Lucky Bird. High in the Tibetan plateau, a Buddhist monk is saving one of the world's rarest birds" by Phil McKenna; "Cocktails in Greenland. The ice that covers 80 % of the island is melting" by Joseph Stromberg.Reader: Steve Krattiger00:14:25
Three Animal Articles - September, 2011"William Wegman thought he was done with dog portraits. Fay Ray had other ideas" by David Schonauer; "Picky Eaters - California sea otters" by Jess Righthand; "Mail Pooch" by Arcynta Ali ChildsReader: Steve Krattiger00:15:40
Reversal of Fortune - September, 2011"Reversal of Fortune. It wasn't until after Samuel Morse failed as an artist that he revolutionized communication by inventing the telegraph." by David McCullough.Reader: Steve Krattiger00:24:38
What 9/11 Wrought - September, 2011"What 9/11 Wrought. In a personal essay, the former editor of the New York Times raises questions about the nation's response." by Joseph Lelyveld.Reader: Steve Krattiger00:13:45
Cultivating Art - August, 2011"Cultivating Art. To protect the fruits of their labor and thwart "plant thieves", early American growers enlisted artists." by Daniel J. KevlesReader: Steve Krattiger00:15:20
Two Orca Articles - August, 2011Two Articles on Orcas: "A Whale to Watch. True story of a lonely orca leaps from printed page to silver screen." by Michael Parfit; "Orca Culture. Complex learned behaviors..." by Lisa Stiffler.Reader: Steve Krattiger00:19:00

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