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Terry Ryan reads you selected articles from the on-line publication Bloomberg Business. Profit from insightful journalism and current research on issues that affect the management of your personal financial resources.

Current MarketWatch Selections
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Various articles - Mar, 2016Musk's Drone Ship Landing is Moon Walk for New Space Age; China's $6 Billion Tech Funding Boom Signals Fight to Quality; Trump Does Poorly With WomenReader: Terrance Ryan00:23:27
Various articles - Mar, 2016Belgium Warned of Attacks. It Wasn't Enough; Silicon Valley Obama's Coattails Into Cuba; Fretting at Bank of England May Be about to IntensifyReader: Terrance Ryan00:19:18
Various articles - Mar, 2016The Chilling Math of Inequality; Koch Brothers Have Started a Way to Invest Quietly; Holacracy, the latest attempt at upending the corporate ladderReader: Terrance Ryan00:22:53
Various articles - Mar, 2016Europe is Horrified by Trump, but He'd Fit Right In; Amazon to Lease 20 Boeing 767s for Deliveries; Warren Buffett's Chinese Suit MakerReader: Terrance Ryan00:21:12
Angry Americans, Death and Despair in China's Rustbelt- Mar, 2016How the 2008 Crash Fueled a Political Rebellion, By Victoria Stillwell and Sarah McGregor; Hard times in heavy industry as Xi reforms state firms.Reader: Terrance Ryan00:30:09
Various articles - Feb, 2016Can Things Get Any Worse for Russia? You're About to Find Out, Blackrock $85 Billion Manager Says Stock Pickers' Time Has ComeReader: Terrance Ryan00:23:09
Various articles - Feb, 2016Global Markets Are Falling Out of Lockstep, Russia longest recession is proving a test too far for the labor market, Wearrant-Proof iPhonesReader: Terrance Ryan00:24:35
Various articles - Mar, 2014Market Reaction to Crimean Crisis, by Mark Hulbert; Tax Breaks for the Wealthy, by Bill BischoffReader: Terrance Ryan00:24:53
10 Things the Gun Industry Won't Tell You - Mar, 2014The prevalence of gun ownership in the United States, which is unique, among industrialized countries has served to heighten the concern about gun advocates' intransigence and public safety., by Catey HillReader: Terrance Ryan00:31:10
Various articles - Mar, 2014Russia is corrupt, but its markets are bargains. by Matthew Lynn; Investing in farm, single-family home REITs, by Amy Hoak; Our next big crisis will be retirement" by Brett ArendsReader: Terrance Ryan00:23:49
Various articles - Feb, 201410 things "House of Cards" get wrong, by Brett Arends; Regulator sounds alarm on Bitcoin, by Chuck Jaffe; How much money do you need to retire?, by Robert StammersReader: Terrance Ryan00:25:56
Various articles - Feb, 2014"Downton Abbey" economy here we come, warns Summers; 10 weapons Wall Street uses to manipulate you; The growing case against ETFsReader: Terrance Ryan00:25:01
Various articles - Feb, 2014Scary Great Depression 1929 chart gains traction. by Mark Hulbert; 10 things the anti-aging industry won't tell you. by Elizabeth O'BrienReader: Terrance Ryan00:24:34
Various articles - Feb, 20148 cheapest stock markets in the world, by Brett Arend; The good news for the CBO report on Obamacare, by Jonnelle Marte; Rock-Star Pope at war with GOP's Ayn Rand Capitalism, by Paul B. FarrellReader: Terrance Ryan00:24:09
Various articles - Jan, 2014Home-equity loans are back, pitfalls included, by Amy Hoak; 10 Things the Super Bowl won't tell you, by Jonnelle MarteReader: Terrance Ryan00:33:47
Key Tax Changes, Retire 35 Years Early - Jan, 2014This year's changes in federal tax rules may be a moving. by Bill Bischoff; A respected financial blogger retired at 30 and syas it's time to rethink priorities. by Andrea CoombesReader: Terrance Ryan00:31:21
Various articles - Jan, 2014Congrats, you owe the Alternative Minimum Tax; 5 credit blunders to avoid; 5 things not to buy at drugstores (including drugs)Reader: Terrance Ryan00:34:36
Various articles - Jan, 201410 things not to buy in 2014, by Anna Maria Andriotis; 7 changes to tax form 1040, by Bill Bischoff; Cholesterol drugs, do you need them? by Elizabeth O'BrienReader: Terrance Ryan00:38:25
Various articles - Dec, 2013Eight predictions for 2014, by David Marsh; 10 stocks for the U.S. economy's revival in 2014, by Diana Furchtgott-Roth; What to consider before undergoing a DNA test, by Anne TergesenReader: Terrance Ryan00:31:00
Various articles - Dec, 2013Sorry Haters: Unloved stocks had a great year. by Brett Arends; The 3 biggest tax stories of 2013, by Bill Bischoff; Three S&P Winners, by Jeff Reeves; Crowdfunding pitfalls, by Jeannette PaviniReader: Terrance Ryan00:33:37
Various articles - Dec, 2013Five Questions Besides the Taper the Fed May Answer; $100 Billion QE, Dollar/Yen at 80 and other predictions; 5 Ways Most Investors Are Just WrongReader: Terrance Ryan00:27:24
Retirement & Job Loss - Dec, 2013"Money Moves to Make if You're Forced to Retire" by Andrea Coombes; "12 Get-Rich Sectors in a Hot 2014 Bull Market" by Paul B. FarrellReader: Terrance Ryan00:29:20
Various articles - Dec, 2013A list of critical action steps is available that can ensure you don't over-pay your 2013 federal taxes., by Robert Powell; Bitcoin is not a currency and not a good investment. by David WeidnerReader: Terrance Ryan00:30:50
Various articles - Nov, 20135 Things Not To Buy On Black Friday; 10 Things Stores Won't Say About Black Friday, ; Buying a Vacation HomeReader: Terrance Ryan00:34:52
Various articles - Nov, 2013Dow 16,000 Is Not the Finish Line for This Market, by Gene Peroni; What's Your $1 Million Payday Really Worth?, by Robert Klein; 10 Things Billionaires Won't Tell You, bu Queintin FottrellReader: Terrance Ryan00:35:30
Various articles - Nov, 2013ETFs to Ride the Market's Peaks; 5 Worst Ways to Pick a Mutual Fund; How You're Paying for Wall Street's Sins; Is Obamacare Driving Doctors to Refuse Insurance?Reader: Terrance Ryan00:34:45
Various articles - Nov, 2013There are unmistakable signs that the market promises to keep going higher. by Paul Farrell; 10 Things Plastic Surgeons Won't Tell You. Elizabeth O'Brien and Jim RendonReader: Terrance Ryan00:35:25
Various articles - Sep / Oct, 201310 Ways to Wipe Out Your Retirement Savings, Dana Anspach; Fed Says Economy too Weak to Begin Taper, Greg Robb; Your Boss May Send You to a Health Exchange, Jen WiezcznerReader: Terrance Ryan00:30:29
Various articles - Oct, 20132014 'Year of the Boom', by Paul B. Farrell; 7 Tips for Finding a Job in Your 50s, by Anisha Sekar; Apple is Now a Value Stock, by Brett Arends; 5 Cities Where Homes Are No Longer Affordable, by AnnaMaria AndriotisReader: Terrance Ryan00:37:21
MarketWatch - Oct, 2013"5 Ways to Avoid High Retirement Health Cost"; "U.S. Married Couples' Retirement Crisis"; "10 Things Nannies Won't Tell You"Reader: Terrance Ryan00:47:33
Various articles - Oct, 2013The Market Is Starting to Panic; This Is What Decline of a Superpower Looks Like; Is Bank of America Worth More Dead or Alive?; A Stock-Picking Cat? LOLReader: Terrance Ryan00:25:22
Various articles - Oct, 2013After the inital oprimism, reality is starting to bite markets and investors as the Shutdown continues; Private-sector job gains up slightly; 10 Things the ACA Won't Tell YouReader: Terrance Ryan00:35:17
Various articles - Sep, 20136 Lessons the Financial Crisis Should Have Taught; 3 Things Bigger Than the Taper on Wall Street; How to Earn an Extra $1 Million Over Your Career; Three Ways Blackberry Went WrongReader: Terrance Ryan00:29:48
Various articles - Sep, 2013US oil imports could reach zero in 10-years.; The CBO estimates national debt will reach 100% of GDP in 25-years.; QW3 is counterproductive; Janet Yellen front-runnerReader: Terrance Ryan00:30:58
Various articles - Aug, 2013Immigration and Social Security; Big Banks Destroying Capitalism; J.C. Penney, a Zombie; Americans Flunking Drug TestsReader: Terrance Ryan00:29:48
Various articles - Jul, 2013"Bad Real Estate Bets Hurt Detroit Pensions"; "10 Things Psychologists Won't Tell You"; "McDonald's CEO: Try Living on McBudget of $25,000"Reader: Terrance Ryan00:34:23
Various articles - Jul, 2013"Health care: Pay less out-of-pocket in retirement"; "A renaissance in American watchmaking"; "For the rich, $5 million is the new $1 million"; "8 ways to save on gas"Reader: Terrance Ryan00:30:00
Various articles - Jul, 2013"The ultimate buy-and-hold strategy."; "What Obamacare means for your taxes."; "Communities that offer amenities to live througout retirement."Reader: Terrance Ryan00:30:04
Various articles - Jul, 2013"Morsi repeated McCains error: Ignore the economy" by Amotz Asa-El; "Who killed the American Dream?" by Rex Nutting; "Warren Buffet: More myth than legend" by Paul MerrimanReader: Terrance Ryan00:27:29
Various articles - Jun, 2013"Wall Street enters the 'Twilight Zone' each summer" by Brett Arends; "Best and Worst Careers To Go Into Debt For" Jonelle Marte; "10 Things Economist Won't Tell You" by Quentin FottrellReader: Terrance Ryan00:37:41
Various articles - Jun, 2013"3 Value Stocks"; "MarketWatch interviews five Wall Street felons who say the Market is rigged."; ""Madoff: Don't Let Wall Street Scam and How To Make It Fair."Reader: Terrance Ryan00:33:27
Various articles - May, 2013"Crazy CEO compensation" by Al Lewis; "Mediterranean heart diet" by Elizabeth O'Brien; "10 Things Cats Won't Tell" by Kelli GrantReader: Terrance Ryan00:39:05
Smart Money - May, 2013"Step Down in QE Could Come Soon"; "401(k) Replacement Plan?"; "You'll Pay More to Fly"; "What if You Never File Tax Return?"Reader: Terrance Ryan00:38:32
Bangladesh & Cruising - May, 2013"Pay More for Fair-Trade Socks?" by Quentin Fottrell; "Things Cruise Lines Won't Tell You" by Ian SalisburyReader: Terrance Ryan00:35:28
Various articles - Apr / May, 2013"3 Stocks With 5% Yield"; "Flip Houses, Get Rich, Retire"; "Why Fortunes Are Made in Real Estate"; "Run a 5K - meet the Sage of Omaha"Reader: Terrance Ryan00:35:05
Various articles - May, 2013"Problems tend to bloom in August, not in May." by Matthew Lynn; "The after-effects of the controversial Facebook IPO are fading for the stock." by John Shinal; "The greed of the 'Game of Thrones' 7 Shadow Kingdom is killing souls." by Paul B. FarrellReader: Terrance Ryan00:30:06
Various Articles - Apr 16-22, 2013"Best Retirement Move Almost Nobody Makes"; "Save for College Without Going on Game Shows"; "10 Things the Wedding Industry Won't Tell You"Reader: Terrance Ryan00:32:19
Various articles - Apr, 2013"Gold's Fair Value is $800 an Ounce" by Mark Hulbert; "A Pension-Law Proposal Would Hit Some Retirees" by Kris Maher; "America Needs a New War or Capitalism Dies" by Paul B. FarrellReader: Terrance Ryan00:32:32
The World's Worst Investors & 10 Things Bars Won't Tell You - Apr, 2013"Individual, Main Street Investors perennially buy high, sell low, and...the end is predictable." by Brett Arends; "A candid look at your favorite watering hole suggests a less than hospitable environment." by Charles PassyReader: Terrance Ryan00:35:38
Various articles - Apr, 2013"After Cyprus, Euro Zone Will Slip into Depression" by Matthew Lynn; "3 Investment Rules to Rescue Your Retirement" by Jonathon Burton; "Why Sharp Fund, ETF Gains Can Cut Both Ways" by Michael Kahn; "Cars on the Road to Recovery"Reader: Terrance Ryan00:34:31
Various articles - Mar, 2013"Forget Facebook; Investors Like Real Estate" by David Weidner; "Is Market Timing Dead?" by Mark Hulbert; "10 Things NCAA Basketball Won't Tell You" by Jonnelle Marte and Sarah MorganReader: Terrance Ryan00:27:12
Various articles - Mar, 2013"!0 Things Medicare Won't Tell You"; "Costly glitches for participants in the Medicare program can be identified." by Catey Hill and Elizabeth O'BrienReader: Terrance Ryan00:26:59
Various articles - Mar, 2013"As the Dow pierces an all-time high, a look at previous breakthroughs." by Jonelle Marte; "Putting all the milestone hoopla in perspective in a cautionary tale." by Charles Passy; "You're responsible for your tax return" by Eva RosenbergReader: Terrance Ryan00:28:30
Various articles - Feb, 2013"Tax Breaks for Everyone (Even Top Earners)" by Bill Bischoff; "Fix Your Home Save on Taxes" by Bill Bischoff; "Top 5 Cities for Selling a Home"; by AnnaMarie AndriotisReader: Terrance Ryan00:26:21
Various articles - Feb, 2013"Retirement Lessons from Pope Benedict" by Quentin Fottrell; "8 Reasons the City Beats the suburbs" by Brett Arends; "10 Things Credit Bureaus Won't Tell You" by AnnaMarie AndriotisReader: Terrance Ryan00:40:35
Various articles - Feb, 2013"An Overlooked Bear-Market Strategy" by Mark Hulbert; "Apple and the IWatch: The Next Frontier?" by Therese Poletti; "10 Things Dating Sites Won't Tell You" by Quentin FottrellReader: Terrance Ryan00:39:21
Various Articles - Jan/Feb, 2013"8 Tax Moves to Make Now" by Eva Rosenberg; "ETFs Turn 20" by Chuck Jaffe; "Selling Health Insurance by the Pound" by Jen WiecznerReader: Terrance Ryan00:22:38
10 Things the Super Bowl Won't Tell You - January, 2013"America's favorite sporting event isn't all guacamole and good times." by Jonnelle MarteReader: Terrance Ryan00:22:00
Various articles - January, 2013"How to Beat the New Rules for Health Deductions" by Bill Bischoff; "Private jumbo mortgages could soon become harder, and pricier to get" by Anna Maria Andriotis; "8 Quirky Retirement Communities" by Catey HillReader: Terrance Ryan00:29:32
Various articles - January, 2013"Surviving the Dreaded IRS Audit" by Eva Rosenberg; "7 Top Nations for Dodging Taxes a la Depardieu" Quentin Fottrell; "Stricter Rules for Adjustable-Rate Mortgages" by AnnaMaria AndriotisReader: Terrance Ryan00:27:23
Asteroid Mining and Medical Spas - January, 2013"The wealthy are prepared to save earth's future and you can get on it." by Paul B. Farrell; "Can relaxation and legitimate healing be effectively combined?" by Elizabeth O'BrienReader: Terrance Ryan00:31:48
Various articles - December, 2012"Apple Investors: Should You Panic?" by Brett Arends; "Google Strikes Out Against Big Thumbs" by Quentin Fottrell; "5 Ways to Keep Home Sales on Track." by Amy HoakReader: Terrance Ryan00:21:43
Various articles - December, 2012"Google Maps' Billion Dollar Bite at Apple." by Quentin Fottrell; "America Runs on Bacon and Blueberry Muffins" by Jen Wieczner; "10 Things Your House guest Won't Tell You." by Quentin FottrellReader: Terrance Ryan00:31:19
Gift Cards, Best Airlines, Gas Money as Medical Expense - December, 2012"Gift cards are more popular than ever, but givers and receivers should still exercise caution." by Kelli B. Grant "Flying even more unpleasant, with more mergers." by Kelli B. Grant; "How to max out a flexible spending account." by Jonnelle MarteReader: Terrance Ryan00:28:39
Cable Companies and Flu Shots - December 5, 2012"10 Things Cable Companies Won't Say. Bundled packages aren't much of a deal and prices are rising faster than inflation." by Jonelle Marte; "How new vaccine formulations could offer opportunities for consumers and investors." by Jen WiecznerReader: Terrance Ryan00:31:59
Various articles - November 26, 2012"What a Fiscal-Cliff Plunge Would Cost You. Breaking down what the potential tax hikes would mean for you - and the Joneses." by Ian Salisbury; "10 Things 'The Nutcracker' Won't Tell You." by Charles PassyReader: Terrance Ryan00:28:21
Various articles - November 19, 2012"10 Things Mutual Fund Companies Won't Say." by Ian Salisbury; "Things Not to Buy on Black Friday." by Quentin FottrellReader: Terrance Ryan00:26:48
Various articles - November, 2012"Where to Put Your Money Now That Obama Has Won" by Jon Markman; "New Real Estate Fad: The All-Cash Head Fake" by AnnaMaria Andriotis; "How to Invest in Legalized Marijuana" by Quentin FottrellReader: Terrance Ryan00:30:38
Various articles - November, 2012"10 Things Presidential Candidates Won't Say"; by Jonnelle Marte; "14 Tax Issues After The Election" by Bill BischoffReader: Terrance Ryan00:32:54
Various articles - October, 2012"How Hurricanes Raise Insurance Premiums" by Anna Andriotis; "3 Money Topics the Romney-Obama Debates Ignored" by Ian Salisbury and Anna Andriotis; "Key Tax Issues to Watch Post-Election" by Bill BischoffReader: Terrance Ryan00:27:37
Power 30 part 2 - October, 2012"The Top Financial Forces"; "Global Influencers"; "Health-Care Honchos" by SmartMoney StaffReader: Terrance Ryan00:35:12
Power 30 - October, 2012"The Top Tech Innovators"; "Consumer Game Changers"; "Economic Stimulators" by SmartMoney staffReader: Terrance Ryan00:28:10
Various articles - October, 2012"Where Medicare Ranks with Voters"; by Glenn Ruffenach; "Waiting in Line" by Charles Passy; "401(K) Fees in 'plain English'" by Ian Salisbury; "Is Retirement Making You Fat?" by Catey HillReader: Terrance Ryan00:21:27
Various articles - October, 2012"10 Money Questions for the Presidential Debate" by Brett Arends; "Tax Breaks for Refinancing Your Mortgage" by Bill Bischoff; "Nutty Stocks" by Bill Bischoff; "Navy Strength Drinks" by Charles PassyReader: Terrance Ryan00:24:40
Various articles - September, 2012"Senior Discounts" by Catey Hill; "Target Date Funds Could Miss the Bull's-Eye" by Brett Arends; "The Moving Van vs. the Tax Man" by Bill BischoffReader: Terrance Ryan00:24:21
Various articles - September, 2012"Why Bank Shares Could Rise Another 20%" by Jack Hough; "Unwelcome Surpises for Annuity Investors" by Elizabeth O'Brien; "Spend $700 at Apple Store or on Apple Stock?" by Quentin FottrellReader: Terrance Ryan00:17:15
Various Articles - September, 2012"Portfolio Planning for the Presidential Election" by Gregory Zuckerman; "How to Find 'Turnaround Stocks" by Jack Hough; "Is a Hiring Boom on the Way?" by Jonnelle MarteReader: Terrance Ryan00:25:13
Various Articles - September, 2012"Top Rookie Mutual Funds." by Jonnelle Marte; "How Money Managers Navigate the Euro-Zone Crisis" by Elizabeth O'Brien; "Roth IRA Conversions: Still Tax Smart" by Bill BischoffReader: Terrance Ryan00:21:11

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