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Sky and Telescope

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Beginner or experienced, if you're excited about astronomy, Sky and Telescope is for you. Each issue contains practical observing tips, our popular star charts, useful product reviews, advice on astrophotography, and so much more! Roger Baker guides your tour through the universe.

Current Sky and Telescope Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Various articles - Sep, 2021The Prime of their Lives; Saturn Gets the Blues; How Old are Saturn's Moons?; Chase a Centaur; Little Gems in the Summer Triangle; Neptune and Pallas Pal Up at Opposition; Fanning SparksReader: Roger Baker01:02:04
Various articles - Aug, 2021Arecibo's Legacy; The Queen Star of Summer; A Near Perfect Year for Perseids; A Busy Month for the Moon; The NGC at Your Fingertips; Revisiting DreamsReader: Roger Baker01:01:19
Various articles - Jul, 2021Eavesdropping on Mars; Relics of a Distant Past; Open Cluster Exoplanets; The Path from Arcturus to Vega; Who Could Be Watching Us?Reader: Roger Baker01:02:12
Various articles - Jun, 2021News Notes; Alien Comets; Beyond Starlink; The Many Distinctions of Arcturus; Enter the Twilight Zone; What's in a Name? Replicating the Great QuadrantReader: Roger Baker01:00:32
Various articles - May, 2021The Cosmic Conjunction; Cosmic Power Rangers; Spurious Shadows-Jovian mirages; Mercury's Big Month; A Brief Total Lunar Eclipse; The "Wow" Now- mysterious radio signalsReader: Roger Baker01:03:52
Various articles - Apr, 2021How Well Do We Know the Sun?; The Mystery of the Martian Moons; Solar Cycle 25: Full Speed Ahead; Pollux and Castor's April Prominence; Sharing the sky with my sonReader: Roger Baker01:02:23
Various articles - Mar, 2021News Notes; Adios Arecibo; The Great Dimming of Betelegeuse; How Did We Get the Asteroid Belt; The Next Big OneReader: Roger Baker01:02:32
Various articles - Feb, 2021News Notes; The Story of T Tauri-An infant star; Magic Nights on Mount Locke-McDonald Observatory in Texas; In Praise of Procyon; Catch an ISS Transit; Touch the Stars; BetelgeuseReader: Roger Baker01:04:33
Various articles - Jan, 2021News Notes; Venus Surprise; Axion Hunters-The search for an almost invisible, hypothetical particle; Looking for Ice in the Dark-on the Moon; Corona Virus-coronavirusReader: Roger Baker01:00:45
Various articles - Dec, 2020Get Ready for the Geminids-wonderful time to see meteors! The Caldwell Catalog Turns 25; What Does Your Lawn Think of a Solar Eclipse; Chile and Argentina; Total Eclipse; ANTS on the MoonReader: Roger Baker01:00:04
Various articles - Nov, 2020My Virtual Comet Sighting; To Touch the Sun-NASA's Parker Solar Probe; Star Clocks-Measurements of stellar rotation; My Time of TransitsReader: Roger Baker01:00:19
Various articles - Oct, 2020The Gamma Ray Universe; Observing Geosat Flares; The Age of Pisces; Mars at its Most Magnificent; Discovering the Secrets of Stars; Twenty-one amateurs form an observing communityReader: Roger Baker01:00:15
Various articles - Sep, 2020NASA's rovers find meteorites on Mars; The Fate of Volcanic Worlds; The Hunt for the First Exomoons; Tour the Vega Hour; Eclipsing an EclipseReader: Roger Baker01:02:57
Various articles - Aug, 2020The Radio Sky-Novel approaches to the longest wavelengths; Ice Volcanoes throughout the solar system; Heavenly Impressions-Star Maps; Lunar InfluenceReader: Roger Baker00:05:43
Various articles - Jul, 2020A Mystery in Saturn's C-Ring; Three Missions Head for Mars; Celebrating Hale-Bopp comet; An Inconvenient Theft-a Schmidt camera was stolen just before Halley's Comet return in 1986Reader: Roger Baker01:02:08
Various articles - Jun, 2020China Launches to Center Stage; Astronomers are illuminating the universe's early days by studying chemical patterns; I Did Not Discover Planet 9Reader: Roger Baker01:02:08
Various articles - May, 2020Venus is Dead. Long Live Venus; Rugged Worlds-two spacecraft and asteroids; Revising the Story of Planet Formation; Fabled Females and A First Transit; A Night of Deja VuReader: Roger Baker00:42:35
Various articles - Apr, 2020The Universe Through Hubble's Eye; Quicksilver Astronomy; The Great Comet of 1970; The Evening Star Steals the Show; Venus Slirts the Pleiades; My Immense JourneyReader: Roger Baker01:02:00
Various articles - Mar, 2020Mars Coughs Up Another Mystery; The New Space Race; Memories and Inspiration; Starts with 'Z'; Sirius-ly; Lampland's Hot Glimpse of Venus; Plane AmazingReader: Roger Baker01:04:44
Various articles - Feb, 2020How to capture striking photos of deep-sky objects above landscapes; Binary Worlds; A Month for Open Clusters; Imaging Nine Floor UpReader: Roger Baker01:00:36
Various articles - Jan, 2020Mission to an Interstellar Object; The Martian Underground; NASA's infrared space telescope is shutting down after 16 rears; Greeting the Queen of the nightReader: Roger Baker00:58:45
Various articles - Oct, 2020"The Neglected Planets"-moons of the ice planets; Martian Weather Report"-storm, radiation and dust; "An Astral Epiphany"-teenager visit to Lick ObservatoryReader: Roger Baker01:00:01
Various articles - Oct, 2020"A Fitting Apollo Monument"; "Mapping the Milky Way"; "Seeing Stars"; "An Assortment of Asterisms"; "Who Ya Gonna Call?"Reader: Roger Baker01:05:19
Various articles - Sep, 2020News Notes; The MDW Sky Survey-astrophotography; Lab-Made Stars; An Kythe the Mystery; Eternity Tonight; The North Star is MagicReader: Roger Baker01:02:27
Various articles - Sep, 2020The Face of a Black Hole; The Martian Rovers Saga; The Milky Way and the passage of time; It's time for advanced amateurs to think like professionalsReader: Roger Baker01:02:15
Various articles - Aug, 2020News Notes; The X-ray Sky; Governing the Planets- 400th anniversary of Third Law of Planetary MotionReader: Roger Baker01:01:46
Various articles - Jul, 2019"Ovver the Moon"; "The Science of Apollo"; "The Moon Three Ways"; "Targeting Luna"-taking photos; "(Back) to the Moon"; "Still as Bright"Reader: Roger Baker01:06:30
Various articles - Jun, 2019"Islands of the Night"; "Lighting a Cosmic Fuse"; "Constant Controversy"; "Blink and You'll See It"Reader: Roger Baker01:03:27
Various articles - May, 2019"one Small Step for Plantkind"; "Juno Cam at Jupiter: Where Science Meets Art"; "A Relatively Important Eclipse"; The Allure of Betelgeuse"; "Why Stargaze?"Reader: Roger Baker01:01:17
Various articles - Apr, 2019"The Eye of the Bull"-Aldebaran delights us being visible in springtime; The great spiral galaxies are running out of gas; "Alpha Centauri Fever"; Planning a successful sky eventReader: Roger Baker01:02:36
Various articles - Mar, 2019"Sudden Impact"-A recent meteor crash in Greenland's ice sheet; "Secrets of Polaris"; "Spinning Through Space"- our dynamic universe; "Placing the Pleiades"Reader: Roger Baker01:01:17
Various articles - Feb, 2019"What Came Before the Big Bang?"; "Titan's Veil"-remarkable complex atmosphere; "The Art of Gravitational Lensing"Reader: Roger Baker00:58:03
Various articles - Jan, 2019NASA gets back into the SETI game; The Great American Lunar Eclipse; Pulsar Timing Arrays; Winter sky; A fine observing nightReader: Roger Baker00:58:16
Various articles - Dec, 2018"A Sundial Wall"; "New Year's Eve Celestial Celebration"; "The Fastest Stars Escaping the Galaxy"; "Mars: The Inside Story"; "Meeting My Space Hero"Reader: Roger Baker01:01:56
Various articles - Nov, 2018News Notes; For Venus and Earth, life's last refuge might lie in the clouds; Astronomers and engineers are building a new generation of telescopes; Return to MercuryReader: Roger Baker01:04:13
Various articles - Oct, 2018News Notes; "The Void Next Door"; "Oumuamua's Dramatic Visit"; "A Conversational Guide to Gravitational Waves"; "Outwitted-abundance of galaxies"Reader: Roger Baker01:00:19
Various articles - Aug, 2019News Notes; "Aquila's Gems" a plethora of planetary nebulae; "Shadow Science" solar eclipse study; "A Picture-Perfect Eclipse Experiment"; "Eclipse Chills"Reader: Roger Baker01:01:51
Various articles - Jul, 2018News Notes; "Mars's Lost Atmosphere"-NASA's MAVEN mission; "Mars the Mighty Returns"-planet at the biggest.; "Canal Mania"Reader: Roger Baker01:03:54
Various articles - Jun, 2018News Notes; "Spaces Invaders" threats from giant asteroid or comet; "Cataclysms from Above"-see from your airplane; "Space Rock Rendevous"Reader: Roger Baker00:59:27
Various articles - May, 2018New Notes; Chipping Away at Exoplanets; The Dark Energy Enigma; Dig into NASA's Planetary Data System; Armchair AstronautReader: Roger Baker01:00:47
Various articles - April, 2018News Notes; The First Galaxies; The Little Galaxies that Can; Of Heists, Lies and Truth; My Plastic SpaceshipReader: Roger Baker01:00:47
Various articles - Mar, 2018Mercury in the Month of Mars; Alien Visitor; Star Factories; Earth's Changing Magnetic Field; A Brief EternityReader: Roger Baker01:00:57
Science in the Stratosphere, When Neutron Stars Collide - Feb, 2018Balloon-borne instruments give astronomers a taste of space without the need for rockets or satellites; Astronomers have caught their first ripples from dead starsReader: Roger Baker01:03:51
Various articles - Jan, 2018News Notes; "Cosmic Communion"-last summer's eclipse; "Is the Sun Changing?"; "Kepler's Unknown Legacy"; "Making Your Nightscapes 'Pop'"Reader: Roger Baker01:00:56
Various articles - Dec, 2018News Notes; "Jupiter Re-Discovered"-NASA's Juno mission; "Machines Learning Astronomy"; "A Fool-proof Analemma"; "The Family Telescope"Reader: Roger Baker01:00:56
Various articles - Nov, 2017News Notes; "The Race to Mars"-Timing is everything with 2020 a great time; "The 1794 Volcano on the Moon"; "Jupiter-From Earth to Juno"; "Bright Sky Imaging"Reader: Roger Baker01:06:06
Various articles - Oct, 2017As the Sun goes, so goes the Earth, and it doesn't look good. Evidence is building for a planet beyond Pluto; Joys of watching variable stars; The Name GameReader: Roger Baker01:04:19
Various articles - Aug, 2017"How to Shoot a Solar Eclipse" - A little advance planning for memorable pictures; "The Eclipse Mega-movie Project"; "In Dark about Dark Matter"Reader: Roger Baker01:03:26
Various articles - Jul, 2017"Life Outside the Habitable Zone"; "The Inside Story of Neutron Stars"; "Hunting the Galaxy Killer"; "A New Take on the Audible Meteor Mystery"Reader: Roger Baker01:00:52
Various articles - Jun, 2017"The Most Mysterious Star in the Galaxy"-Dips, dives and dimmings of an otherwise ordinary star; "7 Earth-Size Planets Orbit Dim Star"; "Who Discovered the Ring Nebula?"Reader: Roger Baker00:59:20
Various articles - May, 2017NASA leaves Venus out of the mix on upcoming missions; Galaxies in Collision; Baking a Universe-cosmological simulations; Amateur Telscope MakingReader: Roger Baker01:04:49
Various articles - Apr, 2017Curiosity's Discoveries on Mars; Pure and Simple-Night Sky wit the Naked Eye-Book Review; Let the Stones Stand Again-Neolithic Solar ObservatoryReader: Roger Baker00:49:39
Various articles - Mar, 2017The Secrets of Super Earths; The Milky Way's Dark Companions; Let There Be Less Light; Against All Odds- Despite fire damage, a filthy mirror, successReader: Roger Baker01:05:43
Various articles - Feb 17, 2017Black Holes and Galaxies; Mega-Eye on the Sky-largest single-dish telescope; The history of solar eclipses; Solving a mystery of northern lights in the southReader: Roger Baker01:03:51
Various articles - Jan, 2017Various news articles from the world of astronomy. The First Black Holes; Pleiades Rising Thro' the Mellow Shade; 1925: An Eclipse Like no OtherReader: Roger Baker01:06:51
Various articles - Dec, 2016News Notes; Part 3 of the Pluto series; Dawn of Discovery at Ceres; The Comets of Edgar Allan PoeReader: Roger Baker01:10:06
Various articles - Nov, 2016New Horizons II: Pluto's Perplexing Atmosphere; A Brief History of Sky and Telescope; Glaring Issues with Street LightsReader: Roger Baker00:56:48
Various News articles from the world of astronomy - Oct, 2016New Horizon's 1: Pluto's Amazing Story, By J. Kelley Beatty; Looking for Life on Mars, By Camille M. Carlisle; The Moon Does That To YouReader: Roger Baker00:55:50
Various articles - Sep, 2016Ten Years Over Mars, By David Grinspoon; Observing Through A Large Telescope, By Robert Naye; Strong Prospects for Weksa Lensing, By Govert SchillingReader: Roger Baker00:57:42

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