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Sky and Telescope

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Beginner or experienced, if you're excited about astronomy, Sky and Telescope is for you. Each issue contains practical observing tips, our popular star charts, useful product reviews, advice on astrophotography, and so much more! Roger Baker guides your tour through the universe.

Current Sky and Telescope Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Various articles - Jul, 2018News Notes; "Mars's Lost Atmosphere"-NASA's MAVEN mission; "Mars the Mighty Returns"-planet at the biggest.; "Canal Mania"Reader: Roger Baker01:03:54
Various articles - Jun, 2018News Notes; "Spaces Invaders" threats from giant asteroid or comet; "Cataclysms from Above"-see from your airplane; "Space Rock Rendevous"Reader: Roger Baker00:59:27
Various articles - May, 2018New Notes; Chipping Away at Exoplanets; The Dark Energy Enigma; Dig into NASA's Planetary Data System; Armchair AstronautReader: Roger Baker01:00:47
Various articles - April, 2018News Notes; The First Galaxies; The Little Galaxies that Can; Of Heists, Lies and Truth; My Plastic SpaceshipReader: Roger Baker01:00:47
Various articles - Mar, 2018Mercury in the Month of Mars; Alien Visitor; Star Factories; Earth's Changing Magnetic Field; A Brief EternityReader: Roger Baker01:00:57
Science in the Stratosphere, When Neutron Stars Collide - Feb, 2018Balloon-borne instruments give astronomers a taste of space without the need for rockets or satellites; Astronomers have caught their first ripples from dead starsReader: Roger Baker01:03:51
Various articles - Jan, 2018News Notes; "Cosmic Communion"-last summer's eclipse; "Is the Sun Changing?"; "Kepler's Unknown Legacy"; "Making Your Nightscapes 'Pop'"Reader: Roger Baker01:00:56
Various articles - Dec, 2018News Notes; "Jupiter Re-Discovered"-NASA's Juno mission; "Machines Learning Astronomy"; "A Fool-proof Analemma"; "The Family Telescope"Reader: Roger Baker01:00:56
Various articles - Nov, 2017News Notes; "The Race to Mars"-Timing is everything with 2020 a great time; "The 1794 Volcano on the Moon"; "Jupiter-From Earth to Juno"; "Bright Sky Imaging"Reader: Roger Baker01:06:06
Various articles - Oct, 2017As the Sun goes, so goes the Earth, and it doesn't look good. Evidence is building for a planet beyond Pluto; Joys of watching variable stars; The Name GameReader: Roger Baker01:04:19
Various articles - Aug, 2017"How to Shoot a Solar Eclipse" - A little advance planning for memorable pictures; "The Eclipse Mega-movie Project"; "In Dark about Dark Matter"Reader: Roger Baker01:03:26
Various articles - Jul, 2017"Life Outside the Habitable Zone"; "The Inside Story of Neutron Stars"; "Hunting the Galaxy Killer"; "A New Take on the Audible Meteor Mystery"Reader: Roger Baker01:00:52
Various articles - Jun, 2017"The Most Mysterious Star in the Galaxy"-Dips, dives and dimmings of an otherwise ordinary star; "7 Earth-Size Planets Orbit Dim Star"; "Who Discovered the Ring Nebula?"Reader: Roger Baker00:59:20
Various articles - May, 2017NASA leaves Venus out of the mix on upcoming missions; Galaxies in Collision; Baking a Universe-cosmological simulations; Amateur Telscope MakingReader: Roger Baker01:04:49
Various articles - Apr, 2017Curiosity's Discoveries on Mars; Pure and Simple-Night Sky wit the Naked Eye-Book Review; Let the Stones Stand Again-Neolithic Solar ObservatoryReader: Roger Baker00:49:39
Various articles - Mar, 2017The Secrets of Super Earths; The Milky Way's Dark Companions; Let There Be Less Light; Against All Odds- Despite fire damage, a filthy mirror, successReader: Roger Baker01:05:43
Various articles - Feb 17, 2017Black Holes and Galaxies; Mega-Eye on the Sky-largest single-dish telescope; The history of solar eclipses; Solving a mystery of northern lights in the southReader: Roger Baker01:03:51
Various articles - Jan, 2017Various news articles from the world of astronomy. The First Black Holes; Pleiades Rising Thro' the Mellow Shade; 1925: An Eclipse Like no OtherReader: Roger Baker01:06:51
Various articles - Dec, 2016News Notes; Part 3 of the Pluto series; Dawn of Discovery at Ceres; The Comets of Edgar Allan PoeReader: Roger Baker01:10:06
Various articles - Nov, 2016New Horizons II: Pluto's Perplexing Atmosphere; A Brief History of Sky and Telescope; Glaring Issues with Street LightsReader: Roger Baker00:56:48
Various News articles from the world of astronomy - Oct, 2016New Horizon's 1: Pluto's Amazing Story, By J. Kelley Beatty; Looking for Life on Mars, By Camille M. Carlisle; The Moon Does That To YouReader: Roger Baker00:55:50
Various articles - Sep, 2016Ten Years Over Mars, By David Grinspoon; Observing Through A Large Telescope, By Robert Naye; Strong Prospects for Weksa Lensing, By Govert SchillingReader: Roger Baker00:57:42

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