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Short Stories

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Kevin Anderson Yancy shares a wealth of short stories with the listeners of AIRSLA. They encompass a mix of plots and topics, including classics and stories he has authored. We hope you enjoy them.

Short Stories From Kevin Yancy
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Yes, Virginia There Is a Santa ClausIn 1897, the New York Sun published 8-year-old Virginie O'Hanlon's letter asking if there was a Santa Claus. Here is the beautiful "Yes!"Author: Francis Pharcellus Church00:08:09
What Was It? Part 1A group rents a haunted house and finds one of them locked in a life and death struggle with a supernatural being determined to eat him.Author: Fitz James O'Brien00:40:36
What Was It? Part 2A group rents a haunted house and finds one of them locked in a life and death struggle with a supernatural being determined to eat him.Author: Fitz James O'Brien00:40:36
What The Moon BringsA survivor of an apocalypse, which left most of humanity dead, struggles for sanity.Author: H. P. Lovecraft00:08:21
Welcome To HexvilleBook 1: Everyone in Hexville has mystical abilities, and it's the job of the peacekeeper and his deputies to maintain order.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:07:26
Top of Her ClassZoe, a young woman who excels at everything, finds herself the only thing between her class and a massacre at graduation.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:05:28
This Job Sucks!A young man soon learns that no matter how bad he thinks his job is, it has a tremendous upside.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:02:38
The Zombie Apocalypse & The Chicago WinterVia the exploits of Chicago's Big Dez Zombie Hunter, we see why zombie apocalypses have a season and why they will never defeat humanityAuthor: K. Anderson Yancy00:14:10
The TreeCompetition between two brothers turns deadl. One is the victor when he kills the other. But his brother strikes back from the grave...Author: H. P. Lovecraft00:15:03
The TestsA man learns one of the hardest things in a relationship is differentiating your lovers' desires from their tests.Author: Unknown00:08:23
The TempleA German sub commander, trying to hold his crew together in the horrors of war and repair his crippled sub, discovers an undersea temple...Author: H. P. Lovecraft00:42:44
The StreetAn ancient U.S. street that traces the nation's history becomes our only hope when the Communist Revolution reaches our shores.Author: H. P. Lovecraft00:20:18
The Sea RaidersHaving tasted human flesh out at sea, a shoal of giant killer squids ravage the shore of an oceanic town - feasting on the delicacy.Author: H. G. Wells00:36:56
The Most Dangerous GameA world-famous big-game hunter learns firsthand how it feels to be hunted when a deranged Russian millionaire hunts him ...Author: Richard Connell00:56:13
The LessonsAn expert on the history of torture and its devices gives a lecture that becomes much more than that.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:10:43
The Last LeafA young woman dying from pneumonia despite the best efforts of her loving friends learns she is the key to her own life or death ...Author: O. Henry00:19:18
The Graveyard RatsA grave robber is enraged when a corpse he's unearthed is drawn into a subterranean burrow by graveyard rats. He dives in after it...Author: Henry Kuttner00:23:13
The EnvoyHumanity learns that all energy consumption, no matter how "green", has consequences.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:13:38
The CravingUsing advances in genetic engineering and manipulation, two fast food companies war with one another through their customers.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:09:54
The Call of Cthulhu, Chapter 1A man makes a worldwide search involving elder beings who will rise to re-exert their dominion over the world at the expense of humansAuthor: H. P. Lovecraft00:24:27
The Call of Cthulhu, Chapter 2A man makes a worldwide search involving elder beings who will rise to re-exert their dominion over the world at the expense of humansAuthor: H. P. Lovecraft00:34:29
The Call of Cthulhu, Chapter 3A man makes a worldwide search involving elder beings who will rise to re-exert their dominion over the world at the expense of humansAuthor: H. P. Lovecraft00:31:26
The Boarded WindowUpon the demise of his beloved wife, a man finds himself trapped in the dark within his home with her and some thing.Author: Ambrose Bierce00:15:43
Survival of The FittestWhat might happen if two groups of humans separated by an apocalypse on two planets survived and flourished each in their own way?Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:11:51
Some Thing's On Its WayA man chronicles a tale of genetic engineering and corporate greed gone horribly wrong when a plant virus attacks our plant crops.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:16:45
PiratesA man retires to a life at sea. He arms himself, and learns that another definition for survival is when preparedness meets opportunity.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:03:49
NyarlathotepA man ridicules Nyarlathotep, a prophet of doom, and to his horror learns why Nyarlathotep knows so much.Author: H. P. Lovecraft00:11:35
Mortal Enemies - The Supercomputer WarLearning from humans, when the supercomputers became self-aware, they warred with one another heralding an apocalypse for humanity.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:04:03
Malice AforethoughtA discussion of some of the world's most notorious serial killers comes to a surprising conclusion.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:14:55
Letter From An Unknown WomanFollowing the death of her young son, a heartbroken young woman writes a letter to the only man she has ever loved...Author: Stefan Zweig01:31:24
Killing at the Speed of SoundA CDC task force commander leads his unit into a small town where all the residents have died of a pathogen that left no trace...Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:11:12
In The VaultA vengeful man strikes back from the dead against the undertaker that wronged him in death.Author: H. P. Lovecraft00:27:20
I Have A Rendezvous With DeathThe poem expresses some of the heart wrenching universal truths and conflicting emotions anyone who goes to war must face...Author: Alan Seeger00:03:37
Hunting Human GameAn Aussie serial killer leisurely boards a ship and flees to San Francisco. The Australian police board a faster one to await his arrival.Author: Frank Norris00:11:52
Horrors of The Blank PageA book reviewer trashes a horror writer's book, saying a blank page is infinitely more horrifying, he sends her one for comparison.Author: Unknown00:12:11
High FlightAn aviator expresses the angelic freedom of flight.Author: John Gillespie Magee Jr.00:02:09
Her BroomWhen a man murders his wife, her car takes revenge.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:09:01
Global CoolingA civilization experiencing global cooling leading to a new ice, age follows a path of denial that plagued an extinct civilization.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:04:17
Girlfriend Apocalyse IFollowing a breakup a couple unexpectedly meets and both fury and sparks fly.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:06:25
Girlfriend Apocalyse IIAn onslaught of supernatural events assails a man, who quickly realizes both the source and the two competing choices he faces.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:14:39
Free SpiritThe freest she's ever been, a young woman's joyous embrace of the day takes a horrific turn.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:08:55
FasterThe Earth is spinning faster and faster, and a day has far fewer than 24 hours and getting shorter - humanity is persevering...Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:04:36
Bull Sharks vs. ChicagoA Chicago policeman is caught between covering-up Lake Michigan's infestation by bull sharks and protecting the public.Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:15:49
ArenaSnatched from an intergalactic battle, Carson finds himself in an arena in a fight to the death. The fate of humankind rests on itAuthor: Frederic Brown01:09:01
AntigonishThe short poem, "Antigonish", inspired by reports of the ghost of a man roaming the stairs of a haunted house in Antigonish, Nova ScotiaAuthor: Hughes Mearns00:02:26
An Occurrence At Owl Creek BridgeA man convicted of being a saboteur for the Confederacy stands on Owl Creek Bridge with a noose around his neck... He attempts escapeAuthor: Ambrose Bierce00:28:14
Alien ProtectorateThe world, perpetually at war, is forced to end its childhood when the federation of Extraterrestrial species reveals itself...Author: K. Anderson Yancy00:07:38
A Psychological ShipwreckUnknowingly, a man lives two separate lives simultaneously on two different ships ... until a storm at sea brings a forced unificationAuthor: Ambrose Bierce00:14:17

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