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Seattle Weekly

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The Seattle Weekly runs counter to the trend in many newspapers, to cut investigative journalism to cut costs. This weekly series of articles will give you the inside scoop on important local and national issues.

Current Seattle Weekly Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Seattle Weekly - Feb 26, 2013"Comment of the Day: Anything Can Happen - Like a 'Molten Pillar of Fire'. Seattle electrified busses sometimes lose overhead power at crossing." by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:05:33
Seattle Weekly - Feb 12, 2013"Smoking Penalty under Obamacare Could Hit Pot Users Hard, But Where's the Science? Fed health care will cost more for smokers -- including weed?" by Nina ShapiroReader: Jim Hull00:05:38
Seattle Weekly - Feb 1, 2013"Ouch! Washington Among Top Ten States in Cuts to Higher Education" by Sandi HalimuddinReader: Jim Hull00:04:47
Seattle Weekly - January 29, 2013"Gender Neutrality Rules: Firemen Will Become 'Fire Tenders' and Fishermen Will Become "Fishers" -- And the Beat Goes On. WA government would list careers in gender-neutral language." by Wllis E. ConklinReader: Jim Hull00:04:17
Seattle Weekly - January 17, 2013"Outsourcing Gets Grounded. Replacing experienced local labor may have led to 787 breakdowns." by Daniel PersonReader: Jim Hull00:04:54
Seattle Weekly - January 8, 2013"Seattle and King County Launch Gun Buyback Program. Who Wants a Gift Card!?! 'Wven if it's a tiny fraction, it's still many lives that could be saved.'" by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:05:55
Seattle Weekly - December 28, 2012"Sure Mason and Sophia Are Popular, But What Are 2012's Worst Baby Names?" by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:04:59
Seattle Weekly - December 21, 2012"For the Pacific Northwest, Sasquatch is Real. Many Washington and Oregon drivers say they believe in, or have seen Bigfoot." by Benjamin TaylorReader: Jim Hull00:05:13
Seattle Weekly - December 14, 2012"Federal Funding for DSHS Drug & Alcohol Programs Could Be Threatended. WA too broke to stop cig sales to minors, so Feds may withold anti-drug funds." by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:07:47
Seattle Weekly - December 10, 2012"'Consortium' of Big Brains From Around the Nation Seeks to Guide SPD into the future. Seattle police, planning for a changing future, pick the brains of experts" by Kyle HoukReader: Jim Hull00:05:12
Seattle Weekly - December 3, 2012"Think Legal Weed in Washington and Colorado Will Cripple Mexican Drug Cartels? Think Again. Washington and Colorado dope markets already beyound southern drug lords' reach." by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:06:30
Seattle Weekly - November 27, 2012"City Tourism Officials Are Sending Pictures to Council and Mayor of Fake Bums in Wheelchairs. Downtown hotels campaign against fraudulent panhandlers." by Ellis E. ConklinReader: Jim Hull00:04:25
Seattle Weekly - November 20, 2012"Just Like Monkeys: Researchers at UW Working to Cure Colorblindness. Gene therapy works in monkey eyes, so it might work in humans." by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:04:13
Seattle Weekly - November 12, 2012"I-502 Opponents Find Silver Lining in Passage. New law legalizing pot isn't what they hoped for, but it'll do." by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:08:33
Seattle Weekly - November 6, 2012"SideCar Sidesteps Regulations and Raises City Concerns with New Ride-Sharing Business. New driver-for-hire internet company avoids taxi regulations." by Nina ShapiroReader: Jim Hull00:06:57
Seattle Weekly - October 26, 2012"The Truth Needle Don't Lie; Times' McKenna Ads Feature Some Malarkey. Seattle Times watchdogs don't bark loud enough." by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:05:44
Seattle Weekly - October 22, 2012"The Horse's Mouth: Seattle's State Senator Ed Murray defends pro-gay-marriage ballot measure R74" by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:04:28
Seattle Weekly - October 16, 2012"Joe McDermott Explains Why He Voted 'Yes" On Hansen's Arena Deal, and Why He Believes It's 'In Solid Legal Standing'" by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:05:55
Seattle Weekly - October 5, 2012"LEGO Nerds Unite! BrickCon 2012 Is Upon Us! Adult 'builders' meet to share LEGO creations and ideas." by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:05:36
Seattle Weekly - October 1, 2012"Today's Probably Going to Be a Crappy Day for Seattle Slumlords. New law requires periodic random building inspections." by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:05:13
Seattle Weekly - September 25, 2012"Sustainable Seafood on Menus at Bon Appetit Cafeterias Across U.S. This Week. Sardines and other locally caught fish star in promotional event." by Hanna RaskinReader: Jim Hull00:05:47
Seattle Weekly - September 14, 2012"Safety Funding to Be Included in Proposed Budget. More officers and weapons-fire triangulator, In Seattle's 2013 spending." by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:04:57
Seattle Weekly - September 4, 2012"Killing Seagulls in the Name of Public Safety. Gull poop a health hazard, but chasing birds away doesn't always work." by Matt DriscollReader: Jim Hull00:06:44

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