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Scouting magazine offers editorial content that is a mixture of information, instruction, and inspiration, designed to strengthen readers' abilities to better perform their leadership roles and to assist them as parents in strengthening families. It's proudly read to you by Jody Olson.

Current Scouting Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Scouting - Feb, 2019Experience one of the world's most unforgiving environments at Death Valley National Park, the hottest, driest place in North America. by Larry RiceReader: Jody Olson00:09:37
Scouting - Jan, 2019The Pinewood Derby is still about Cub Scouts and their parents turning four plastic wheels, four nails and some wood into a custom race car. by Bryan WendellReader: Jody Olson00:07:22
Scouting - Dec, 2018Philbreak 2019: Spend your spring break helping Philmont recover from wildfires. by Bryan WendellReader: Jody Olson00:06:30
Scouting - Jan, 2019Happy New Year! Scoutbook is now free for Scouts and Scout units. by Bryan WendellReader: Jody Olson00:04:13
Scouting - Sep, 2018Ideas from your fellow Scouters to help you out. by Bryan WendellReader: Jody Olson00:06:28
Scouting - Dec, 2018The first step in a successful Webelos-to-Sout transition, is finding the right Scout troop to join, by Nettie H. FrancisReader: Jody Olson00:05:42
Scouting - Sep-Oct, 2018How to help Scouts make an Eagle Scout service project great. The Eagle Scout service project is revered as a significant and difficult requirement.Reader: Jody Olson00:08:01
Scouting - Sep-Oct, 2018Here are 10 important events along the Scouting trail that made a difference. By Robert BirkbyReader: Jody Olson00:15:21
Scouting - Aug, 2018Keep your head in the clouds. The sky is clear and the air is still as you set out for an all-day hike with your Scouts. By Robert BirkbyReader: Jody Olson00:07:20
Scouting - Aug, 2018On Sept. 1, Pack 3131 in Overland Park, KS, held its annual joint Scouting night. Three weeks later, the packed headed to Camp Timberlake and met up with another pack. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:06:38
Scouting - Mar-Apr, 2018Bigger, better BALOO training for Cub Scout leaders. This overnight event allowed leaders to get hands-on training in outdoor skills.Reader: Jody Olson00:05:43
Scouting - Apr, 2018Make the most of conservation projects in your community. Turn your Scouts, Venturers, and Sea Scouts loose making things happen.Reader: Jody Olson00:06:58
Scouting - Feb, 2018From switchbacks to backslopes, here's how to read a trail. We often barely notice the pathways beneath our shoes. That's the way builders want it.Reader: Jody Olson00:06:39
Scouting - Feb, 2018How to add color to the Art merit badge-Often earned at summer camp this badge has may offseason options.Reader: Jody Olson00:04:54
Scouting - Jan, 2018No Glamping allowed-Here's what does and doesn't count. So what kind of camping counts for Boy Scout advancement? By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:04:34
Scouting - Jan, 2018Treasure the tradition with the Indian Lore merit badge. Dalton Smith's Troop 241 Indian festival in Canton, GA, when he had an epiphany. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:04:40
Scouting - Dec, 2017Make the Personal Management badge really count. Lessons in managing time and money. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:04:40
Scouting - mmm, 2017The boy mom thing. Chivalry isn't dead for modern-day knights. As a self proclaimed tomboy, Heather Haupt was sure she would rock what she calls.Reader: Jody Olson00:05:00
Scouting - Oct, 2017What if not following a rule is the better move? The Scoutmaster Donnelly imposes a lot of rules on the members of Troop 74. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:03:59
Scouting - Oct, 2017How to recognize and treat frostnip. The 2017 National Scout Jamboree will be held from July 19 to July 28, 2017. By Josh PivenReader: Jody Olson00:06:26
Scouting - Jul, 2017Download the official app of the 2017 National Jamboree. The 2017 National Scout Jamboree will be held from July 19 to July 28, 2017. By Bryan WendellReader: Jody Olson00:04:28
Scouting - Jul, 2017How the Teaching EDGE adds depth to a Yellowstone paddling trip. From Matt Nichols, the choice is like Yellowstone's lakes and rivers: ridiculously clearReader: Jody Olson00:07:10
Scouting - Sep, 2015Campers and Staff. How Michigan's Cole Canoe Base cooks up fun for campers and staff. By Bryan Wendell.Reader: Jody Olson00:09:03
Scouting - Jun, 2017About Sikhism. Kav-Near P-a-new knows children learn better by example than by being lectured. By Mark Ray.Reader: Jody Olson00:06:50
Scouting - May, 2017How do you handle the situation when a parent issues an ultimatum?Reader: Jody Olson00:03:29
Scouting - May, 2017These seven habits to lose weight and improve health. You could tap the staying power of habit for good health, but really need to want it.Reader: Jody Olson00:06:50
Scouting - Mar, 2017It's called The Talk-it's that awkward conversation parents eventually should have with their teens about sex. But it is just one of many discussions. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:04:34
Scouting - Mar, 2017Pick up your walking pace to lose more belly fat, By Jeff CsatariReader: Jody Olson00:07:18
Scouting - Mar, 2017Declining pack, troop or crew. Here are steps in how you can nurse your Scouting unit back to health. By Chris TuckerReader: Jody Olson00:05:14
Scouting - Mar, 2017Out for a hike after a recent rain. Sweating, you become aware of a buzzing sound. It's a swarm of hungry mosquitoes for blood. What should you do?Reader: Jody Olson00:06:14
Scouting - Sep, 2015Stem activities to reinvigorate your Scouts' focus on science, technology, engineering or math. By Robert Tracy.Reader: Jody Olson00:07:15
Scouting - Sep, 2015Introducing stem scouts, the BSA's newest program. Our job as volunteers is to prepare Scouts for their futures as adults. By Bryan Wendell.Reader: Jody Olson00:04:43
Scouting - Feb 26, 2017How one council uses STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs to help grow scouting. By Gretchen Sparling.Reader: Jody Olson00:03:05
Scouting - Feb 26, 2017Three awesome stem activities for your next pack or den meeting. By Mark Ray.Reader: Jody Olson00:05:32
Scouting - Feb 11, 2017How to use the EDGE method in the outdoors. Scouts hitchhike 350 miles from NY City to Washington, D.C., and then catches rides home.Reader: Jody Olson00:06:16
Scouting - Feb, 2017Help youth with special needs get the most out of Scouting. By Bryan WendellReader: Jody Olson00:08:10
Scouting - Jan, 2017Managers share why they hire Scouting alumni; Naval Academy hosts Boy Scouts; Ten Commnandments hike; Inside the Scouter Code of ConductReader: Jody Olson00:14:04
Scouting - Nov, 2016Tips for making First Aid merit badge lessons last. A hiker slipped and twisted her ankle. She might have been in serious trouble, but she was in luck.Reader: Jody Olson00:04:36
Scouting - Nov-Dec, 2016How to host a Pinewood Derby workshop with your pack. Parents were sort of frustrated because they did not know where to start. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:04:22
Scouting - Nov, 2016Six easy ways to channel your Cub Scouts' energy. Here are six steps for planning memorable yet manageable meetings. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:05:48
Scouting - Nov, 2016Seven steps to lighten your backpack. Lighten your backpack with these helpful tips. By Ryan JordanReader: Jody Olson00:04:10
Scouting - Nov-Dec, 2016How to build an emergency shelter in a blizzard. The wind is howling is's a whiteout. What should you do? By Josh PivenReader: Jody Olson00:04:49
Scouting - Nov, 201612 tips for sustainable hammock camping. Hammocks have become a popular way to sleep comfortably under the stars. By Derek HansenReader: Jody Olson00:04:29
Scouting - Nov, 2016Eight expert tips for comfortable hammock camping. Hammocks are fast becoming "must-haves". By Derek HansenReader: Jody Olson00:06:23
Scouting - Nov, 2016Start hammock camping without spending tons of cash. You have probably seen them at a recent Scout camp, and would like to help your Scouts get started.Reader: Jody Olson00:06:23
Scouting - Nov, 2016How to avoid social-media safety pitfalls as a Scout leader and parent. You and your Scouts use social media to connect with friends, etc.Reader: Jody Olson00:09:58
Scouting - Nov, 2016Eight tips to help take the discomfort out. We do not go into the woods to rough it; we go to smooth it. Horace KephartReader: Jody Olson00:05:44
Scouting - Nov, 2016A Dutch-oven cooking primer. Learn how you and your Scouts can make delectable creations at your next campout. By Tim and Christine ConnersReader: Jody Olson00:06:46
Scouting - Nov, 2016Strategies to make your Scouting recruitment event more successful. By Gretchen SparlingReader: Jody Olson00:06:42
Scouting - May/Jun, 2016Tips for grounding your own helicopter-parent behaviors. As dean of freshman at Stanford University, Julie Lythcott-Haims discussesReader: Jody Olson00:04:12
Scouting - May-Jun, 2016What to do when a Scout won't say the Plege of Allegiance. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:03:56
Scouting - Mar-Apr, 2016New web courses make training more accessible to scouting leaders. Tiger Cub Safari celebrates Cub Scouting's youngest members. By Bryan WendellReader: Jody Olson00:11:50
Scouting - May-Jun, 2016Just add action to make your next den meeting more productive. Boys have a thousand muscles to wiggle and only a dozen to sit still with.Reader: Jody Olson00:06:30
Scouting - Oct, 2016New online training more accessible to Scouting leaders to learn what they need when they need it. By Gretchen SparlingReader: Jody Olson00:08:37
Scouting - Mar/Apr, 2016Fitness tips from the 1911 Handbook for Boys by Dr. George J. Fisher, By Jeff CsatariReader: Jody Olson00:07:06
Scouting - Mar-Apr, 2016How to chose the best backcountry communication device for your next adventure. By Gretchen SparlingReader: Jody Olson00:07:03
Scouting - Mar-Apr, 2016How to build the best campfire. A cheery fire warms both body and heart; for many it defines the camping center. By Cliff JacobsenReader: Jody Olson00:07:15
Scouting - Mar-Apr, 2016Research proves that Scouting builds character in youth, By Chris TuckerReader: Jody Olson00:06:35
Scouting - Mar, 2016How to get trained for emergencies in the wild. By Gretchen Sparling.Reader: Jody Olson00:07:39
Scouting - Mar, 2016How to make hiking with your Cub Scouts meaningful and fun. By Mark Ray.Reader: Jody Olson00:06:22
Scouting - Dec, 2015Here is a guide to the sashes Arrowmen wear to OA events. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:04:53
Scouting - Dec, 2015The highest rank a Boy Scout can achieve began as a sort of “super merit badge” for Scouts who earned 21 other merit badges, five of them required.Reader: Jody Olson00:06:28
Scouting - Mar-Apr, 2015Doing oneâ??s duty to God is central to Scouting. The Scout Oath begins with duty to God; the Scout Law ends with reverence.Reader: Jody Olson00:05:00
Scouting - Sep-Oct, 2015This fall, Cub Scouts everywhere are blazing new trails in advancement. Understanding the new Cub Scout advancement program. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:05:10
Scouting - Sep-Oct, 2015Reduce the chaos (and turn down the volume) at your next pack meeting with these crowd-control tips. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:05:52
Scouting - Sep-Oct, 2015New web courses make training more accessible. Scouting U's new online training help volunteers learn what they need when they need it.Reader: Jody Olson00:09:20
Scouting - Sep, 2015Teaching the new Digital Technology merit badge.Reader: Jody Olson00:06:29
Scouting - Mar-Apr, 2012Tips for teaching Cub Scouts the Scout Law. Memorizing the Scout Law and Arrow of Light can be tough. Here are some learning strategies.Reader: Jody Olson00:05:52
Scouting - Aug, 2015Scouts make two-day, 35-mile 'Barefoot Mailman' hike in Miami to honor history. By Gretchen SparlingReader: Jody Olson00:10:29
Scouting - Aug, 2015Protect your gear to make it last for years. By Cliff JacobsonReader: Jody Olson00:07:24
Scouting - May-Jun, 2015A leader�s guide to the Personal Fitness merit badge, By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:07:06
Scouting - Jul, 2015Today, the BSAs National Executive Board ratified a resolution that removes the national restriction on openly gay adult leaders and employees.Reader: Jody Olson00:08:12
Scouting - Sep / Oct, 2009A beginner's guide to Dutch oven cooking. Whether you've cooked with one for years or just want to try it for the first time.Reader: Jody Olson00:09:34
Scouting - May/Jun, 2015How to balance risk and reward in children's play. Break a leg? Risky play-done right-can be an important developmental step. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:05:15
Scouting - May/Jun, 2015By now, you've heard that Cub Scouting is getting a big upgrade on June 1 of this year. We've got your road map to the new Cub Scouting program.Reader: Jody Olson00:14:12
Scouting - Jun, 2015How to prevent heat exhaustion. Take these steps to cool off if you or a fellow hiker experience heat exhaustion. By Josh Piven.Reader: Jody Olson00:04:11
Scouting - Jun, 2015How to create a pack handbook. In a few months, families will walk into join-Scouting nights, wide-eyed at the prospect of Cub Scouting.Reader: Jody Olson00:04:08
Scouting - Jun, 2015How to avoid final-year burnout. In high school it's called "senioritis." Some Webelos Scouts feel similar final-year doldrums...Reader: Jody Olson00:03:56
Scouting - Apr, 2015How to plan a better Webelos transition crossover ceremony. After a perfect Boy Scout troop, the next step is the crossover ceremony.Reader: Jody Olson00:04:41
Scouting - April, 2015A Webelos leader in Belton, Texas, was looking for the perfect Boy Scout troop for the boys in her den but had no idea where to start.Reader: Jody Olson00:07:08
Scouting - Oct, 2014Eagle Scout wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry. William E. Moerner was into STEM science, technology, engineering, math before it was cool.Reader: Jody Olson00:03:12
Scouting - Oct, 2014Debunking myths about wearing camouflage in scouting. By Bryan on ScoutingReader: Jody Olson00:03:39
Scouting - Nov, 2014Life Scout Ethan lost his Boy Scout Handbook. Is all lost? No way. By Bryan on ScoutingReader: Jody Olson00:03:42
Scouting - Nov, 2014E-cigarettes now included in BSA smoking policy. By Bryan on ScoutingReader: Jody Olson00:03:41
Scouting - Oct, 2014BSA's Cyber Chip, partnership with NCMEC hailed as successes. Some successes cannot be quantified.Reader: Jody Olson00:04:28
Scouting - Nov, 20142017 National Scout Jamboree theme, logo unveiledReader: Jody Olson00:05:17
Scouting - Nov/Dec, 2014How your Scouts can take the SCOUTStrong challenge, By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:05:28
Scouting - Nov/Dec, 2014How to respond to and safely extinguish a kitchen fire, By Josh PivenReader: Jody Olson00:05:12
Scouting - Nov/Dec, 2014Help Scouts find their way through the Search and Rescue merit badge, By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:07:32
Scouting - Nov/Dec, 201410 service project ideas to help initiate action in your unit. Service project ideas, By Gretchen SparlingReader: Jody Olson00:14:39
Scouting - Mar/Apr, 2014What You Need to Know to Earn the Historic Trails Award. The award honors Scouts, Scouters who bring history to life, by Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:04:43
Scouting - Jan/Feb, 2014Venturers stay active during slow months with a winter biathlon. Weekend biathlon focusing on Challenge By Choice. By Gretchen SparlingReader: Jody Olson00:11:58
Scouting - Aug, 2014Foods to add to your daily diet. Long before we started popping pills for every ache and illness, people relied on food cures. By Jeff CsatariReader: Jody Olson00:07:12
Scouting - May/Jun, 2014Discipline your child without resorting to spanking. A discussion of what kids thought about spanking. By Psychologist Nadine BlockReader: Jody Olson00:06:57
Scouting - Sep/Oct, 2014It's a plane...It's SUPER SCOUTER! These eight volunteers find time for Scouting, family, and a whole lot more-and you can too. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:14:23
Scouting - May/Jun, 2014Understanding the important role of merit badge counselors. Caring adults sharing enthusiasm about career or hobby with Scouts. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:04:17
Scouting - May/Jun, 2014How to stay safe during an unexpected dust storm. Hiking in the desert, and suddenly pelted by grit. What should you do? By Josh PivenReader: Jody Olson00:04:23
Scouting - Mar/Apr, 2009How can the BSA's adult leaders and Scout parents spot the warning signs of child abuse from happening? Watch and learn. By John ClarkReader: Jody Olson00:07:46
Scouting - May/Jun, 2014Venturing Crew Turns Grief Into Safety Campaign. Venturer Ali Gibson looked into the TV and thought of the death of a 14-year-old. By Tim SmithReader: Jody Olson00:08:14
Scouting - Jan/Feb, 2013How Scouter Linda Case stays committed. When she married her new husband with three sons she was in for the ride of her life. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:07:31
Scouting - Jan/Feb, 2014Earning the TRUST Award. Venturers offers three expert awards: outdoor skills; sports; religious and community life, By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:05:06
Scouting - Nov/Dec, 2014How to encourage volunteers to get trained. Den leader learns he was undertrained. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:05:15
Scouting - May / Jun, 2014Game of Life to Eagle: Eagle coordinators offer their best advice for ensuring every Scout comes out a winner. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:14:14
Scouting - May, 2014Seven Reasons Scouts Should Try Pack Rafting. Pack rafts might look like pool toys, but they are no joke. By Jim MorrisonReader: Jody Olson00:04:46
Scouting - May, 2014Explore the ethics of shoplifting with this dilemma. Shoplifting might never lead to the news, but it's still a major problem. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:05:59
Scouting - May, 2014How to Help Scouts and Venturers Avoid Drug or Alcohol Addiction. Chilling statistics about substance abuse among kids. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:07:03
Scouting - May / Jun, 2014Learn how one troop strikes a balance between service work and fun. Chesapeake Bay outing is one of than 50 a year by Troop 99. By Jim MorrisonReader: Jody Olson00:13:44
Scouting - Mar/Apr, 2014Leader's Guide to the Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge. This one focuses on awareness, not knowledge or abilities. By Mark Ray.Reader: Jody Olson00:05:40
Scouting - Mar/Apr, 2014Making waves in Texas: A new base for seafaring Scouts. All about Sea Base Galveston. By Mark Henricks.Reader: Jody Olson00:10:46
Scouting - Mar/Apr, 2014Explore Toprock Gorge: A beginner paddler's nirvana. The crown jewel of the 37,515-acre Havasu Wildlife Refuge. By Larry RiceReader: Jody Olson00:06:04
Scouting - Jan/Feb, 2014Why you should take Youth Protection Training today. Discussion with Michael Johnson, BSA's Youth Protection director. By Chris TuckerReader: Jody Olson00:04:53
Scouting - Sep/Oct, 2012Quell Cub Scout chaos with these good-behavior techniques. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:05:45
Scouting - Mar/Apr, 2014How to help Scouts with ADHD succeed-without hurting anyone's feelings. When David Urion was a Boy Scout, the leader turned his back and his friend had climbed to the top of a church steeple. by Kathy SealReader: Jody Olson00:12:10
Scouting - Mar/Apr, 2014Why Wood Badge? Besides fun and fellowship at the course, this training sessions helps new-to-Scouting lead more successful packs, troops and crews. by Bryan WendellReader: Jody Olson00:10:12
Scouting - Mar/Apr, 2014Try these 10 steps to help Scouts develop resilience. In addition to the "three R's" children need critical thinking, multitasking, leadership and teamwork. by Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:06:40
Scouting - Nov, 2013Six reasons why Scouts and Venturers should take a swing at ice climbing. by Stephen ReginaldReader: Jody Olson00:07:17
Scouting - Jan - Feb, 2014Amp up your next Blue and Gold with ideas from Star Wars and More. New ideas to celebrate Scouting's birthday.Reader: Jody Olson00:05:29
Scouting - Nov, 2013University of Massachusetts shows that American kids and teens are getting more exercise and (slightly) reducing their TV watching. by Jeff CsatariReader: Jody Olson00:06:55
Scouting - Jan / Feb, 2014How to navigate without a GPS. Your'e out on a solo, no-Scouting day hike at a local nature preserve when you realize you've wandered off the marked trail. by Josh PivenReader: Jody Olson00:06:23
Scouting - Jan / Feb, 2014One to two hours a day. That's the amount of time kids should spend with TVs, computers and videogames, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. by Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:06:42
Scouting - Jan / Feb, 2014Tips for reining in a grumpy volunteer. What to do with a sourpuss so negative that no one can stand to be around him?Reader: Jody Olson00:04:21
Scouting - Nov, 2013Eight essentials for staying warm while cold-weather camping. by Gretchen Sparling, Scouting MagazineReader: Jody Olson00:03:18
Scouting - Nov, 2013Basic ingredients for make-at-home dehydrated backpacking meals. by Glenn McAllister of BackpackingChef.comReader: Jody Olson00:03:44
Scouting - Nov, 2013Tips to consider when investing in a food dehydrator. Not all of them are created equal. by Glenn McAllister of BackpackingChef.comReader: Jody Olson00:04:31
Scouting - Nov, 2013Three reasons why Scouts should make their own dehydrated backing meals. by Glenn McAllister of BackpackingChef.comReader: Jody Olson00:02:48
Scouting - Oct, 2013Guide to the new surstainability merit badge. Harmon graduated from high school, the Eagle scout started acting a little strage around the house. by Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:06:23
Scouting - Jan, 2013Teach Cub Scouts Auto Safety. One morning a group of Cub Scouts & parents wander about a local dealership... By Nettie FrancisReader: Jody Olson00:08:24
Scouting - Sep, 2013Ten reasons why your Scouts and Venturers should try the born-in-Hawaii sport of stand-up paddleboarding. By Stephen RegenoldReader: Jody Olson00:05:07
Scouting - Nov, 2013Facts and suggestions on leading effective boards of review. Clearing up the most confusing part of the advancement program. By Mark RayReader: Jody Olson00:04:53
Scouting - Nov, 2013How to rev up the Engineering Merit Badge. Focus on STEM - a vital digital age skill set. By Mark Ray.Reader: Jody Olson00:06:31
Scouting - Sep, 2013Get-Started Guide for New Scouting Leaders - We've been where you are, and understand how intimidating the job can be. By Mark Ray.Reader: Jody Olson00:14:53
Scouting - Sep, 2013Cut loose with this sand-boarding troop in Death Valley. By Brian Wendell.Reader: Jody Olson00:14:55

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