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Rolling Stone Magazine features music, album and artist news, movie reviews, political, economic and pop culture commentary, videos, photos, and more. David Brower reads you his article selections.

Current Rolling Stone Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Mike Love's Cosmic Journey - Feb, 2016The Beach Boys singer has been into meditation for 49 years. Why is it so hard for him to find peace? By Erik HedegaardReader: David Brower00:14:51
O'Malley's Long Shot - Nov, 2015He's trailing in the polls and low on money, but even if he doesn't win, Martin O'Malley could be the future of the Democratic Party.Reader: David Brower00:27:09
Leo's Crusade - Jan, 2016Leonardo DiCaprio is in his most riveting movie in years. But he really just wants to save the planet. By Stephen RodrickReader: David Brower00:26:59
King Bee - Nov, 2016Buddy Guy may be the last blues great of his era, but his mojo's still working. By Patrick DoyleReader: David Brower00:26:57
Terrence Howard's Dangerous Mind - Nov, 2015He's the leading man on Network TV's biggest new show, but trouble and turmoil have chased him his entire life. The "Empire" star opens upReader: David Brower00:28:22
Francis' American Crusade - Oct, 2015The pope is taking on climate change and poverty - but his toughest fight may be with the alliance of conservative clerics and right-wing politicians.Reader: David Brower00:28:33
Andrew Luck, The Natura - Oct, 2015The league's best QB might be its most humble and likable superstar. By Matt TaibbiReader: David Brower00:16:43
A New American Classic - Oct, 2015Think you know what a great biopic should be? Think different. By Peter TraversReader: David Brower00:12:22
My Life in 15 Songs James Taylor - Aug, 2015Addiction, absent fathers and survival: The surprisingly dark stories behind some folk-rock classics, By Andy GreeneReader: David Brower00:14:06
Weekend With Bernie - Jul, 2015Bernie Sander is the hottest presidential candidate right now, and the unlikeliest - a grouchy socialist from Vermont, By Mark BinelliReader: David Brower00:26:12
Brian Wilson's Better Days - Jul, 2015Cruising L.A., eating tacos and watching basketball with a pop genius at peace, By Jason FineReader: David Brower00:18:20
B.B. King - Jun, 2015Remembering the Henry Ford of the bended guitar string - and the blues' greatest ambassador - B.B. King!Reader: David Brower00:19:10
The World's Most Dangerous Woman - Jun, 2015How did Ronda Rousey go from living in her car to being MMA's most unstoppable force? By Erik HedegaardReader: David Brower00:26:49
Searching for Kurt - Apr, 2015The Nirvana singer's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, is on a mission to create an honest picture of her father, By David FrickeReader: David Brower00:25:59
The Soul Man Who Walked Away - Mar, 2015In 1970, Bill Withers was a guy in his thirties with a job and a lunch pail. The he wrote "Ain't No Sunshine", and things got complicated.Reader: David Brower00:22:49
Who's Done - Apr, 2015Pete Townshend doesn't sound like a guy who's turning 70 and heading out on his band's last major tour, By Andy GreeneReader: David Brower00:20:04
The Fate of Trees - Mar, 2015By the end of the century, climate change will likely reduce the woodlands of the Southwest to weeds and shrubs. By Jeff TietzReader: David Brower00:19:10
The Liberation of Sam Smith - Feb, 2015He went from London barback to pop's king of pain. And now he can finally smile. By Patrick DoyleReader: David Brower00:25:02
My Life in 15 Songs Ray Davies - Feb, 2015Inside the Kinks frontman's Waterloo sunsets, celluloid heroes, and other rock & roll fantasies, By David BrowneReader: David Brower00:15:18
Magic and Loss - Jan, 2015Maker of Myths, wearer of shawls: for Stevie Nicks, nothing - and everything - has changed, By Brian HiattReader: David Brower00:38:33
Seth Rogan at the Crossroads - Jan, 2015Kim Jong-Un has threatened World War III over Rogen's new movie. Can a man be a responsible adult and make a living telling dirty jokes?Reader: David Brower00:28:30
Albums of The Year - Dec, 2014U2 unleashed a brilliant surprise, Bruce Springsteen hit a peak, St Vincent made a deliciously weird noise and Taylor Swift went full pop.Reader: David Brower00:21:01
Bob Seeger and Checking in With Jon Stewart - Nov, 2014Bob Seeger, the king of heatland rock on climate change, discusses Spotify and Lia Neeson; Jon Stewart discusses his film. By Andy GreeneReader: David Brower00:17:15
Dylan's Accidental Masterpiece - Nov, 2014How "The Basement Tapes" were made, lost, and finally released. By David BrowneReader: David Brower00:27:01
Neil Young & Clay Aiken - Oct, 2014Neil Young Has Just Begun To Fight-Inside his new book, LP and crusades, By Brian Hiatt; Clay Aiken is running for Congress, By Alex MorrisReader: David Brower00:17:08
In Defense of Obama - Oct, 2014The Novel Prize-winning economist, once one of the presidents most notable critics, on why Obama is a historic success. By Paul KrugmanReader: David Brower00:30:23
My Life in 15 Songs-Smokey Robinson - Oct, 2014From "My Girl" to "Quiet Storm" the hidden stories behind a Motown Genius's greatest hits. By David BrowneReader: David Brower00:26:03
Various articles - Sep, 2014Ten Albums You Need to Hear this Fall. Grohl hits the road, Kanye goes big, U2 and Stevie. Andre' 3000-On Playing Hendrix, By Simon Vozick-LevinsonReader: David Brower00:16:21
Robin Williams - Sep, 2014The triumphant life and painful days of a comedic genius. By David BrowneReader: David Brower00:34:24
Tom Petty's Rock & Roll Refuge - Aug, 2014He's lived through Elvis, the Beatles, hippies, and punk. How the Heartbreakers leader is playing only for himself. By David FrickeReader: David Brower00:18:28
Various articles - Jul, 2014Bobby Womack, 1944-2014, By Josh Eells; Clapton At The Crossroads, by David Frickle; McCartney Comes Back Strong, By SimonVozick LevinsonReader: David Brower00:17:16
Lone Star Crazy - Jul, 2014Texas, which is falling into the hands of gun nuts, border-sealers, George W. Bush would practically be considered a Communist. By Mark BinelliReader: David Brower00:38:00
Confronting Campus Rape - Jun, 2014A growing wave of grassroots activists is forcing universities to take a stronger stand against sexual abuse. By Nina BurleighReader: David Brower00:21:05
Gunpowder & Girl Power - Jun, 2014At home on the range with Miranda Lambert, country's turkey-hunting, bar-fighting, Beyonce'-loving platinum pistol. By Josh EelsReader: David Brower00:23:22
The Last Bee Gee - Jun 2014Barry Gibb looks back on the monster hits, the long-simmering feuds and the tragedy of life as a Bee Gee. By Peter YangReader: David Brower00:26:14
Bill Simmons & Nirvana - May, 2014How a failed newspaper writer built a new media empire at ESPN, by Rob Tannenbaum; Nirvana Roar into the Hall of Fame, by Andy GreeneReader: David Brower00:16:28
Obamacare: It's Working! - Apr, 2014Once left for dead, the signature legislation is hitting its goals, and changing the political calculus for November. By Tim DickinsonReader: David Brower00:20:33
The Dead's Working Man - Apr, 2014Two decades after the death of Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh is still figuring out what it all meant. By David Fricke.Reader: David Brower00:18:03
The Unbreakable Robin Quivers - Nov, 2013How Howard Stern's co-host beat cancer, stayed on the air and found the meaning of life. by Brian HiattReader: Larry Hudson00:18:56
Arsenio Hall - Oct, 2013The Talk-show host for the MTV generation returns in the age of Twitter. by Erik HedegaardReader: Larry Hudson00:08:29
Willie Nelson Rides High - Aug, 2013Toking and chatting on the 80-year-old country great's tour bus. By Patrick DoyleReader: Larry Hudson00:07:18
The Dead's Greatest Year - Jul, 2013A new box captures the band 1977 epic shows, but off stage thing were beginning to fray. by David BrowneReader: Larry Hudson00:15:38
Weed City USA - Jun, 2013Welcome to Denver, where pot nerds are growing the new American economy. By Jonathan Ringen.Reader: Larry Hudson00:14:40
Joe Biden Interview - May, 2013The vice president on guns, global warming and why he's "the last guy in the room" on every decision Obama makes. By Douglas BrinkleyReader: Larry Hudson00:24:16

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