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Reminisce Magazine

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Sharon Blumberg reads you her selections from the nation's premier nostalgia magazine. Reminisce celebrates what we loved then and how it shapes our lives now.

Current Reminisce Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Jul, 2019Our Heroes, A Year Older and Wiser; Our Lives-True Love, Clothes Make the Man; Ye Loste Souls-Second Time AroundReader: Sharon Blumberg00:09:56
Oct/Nov, 2018The Big To-Do about Hair, Best Assignment Ever, and Recipe RevivalReader: Sharon Blumberg00:04:27
Jul, 2018Secular Spiritual Now a Classic, In Mexico with Flynn, Happy Trails to You, Pictures Married with Words, and Record Their Life Stories.Reader: Sharon Blumberg00:10:40
Apr, 2018Bathing Beauties-Scandalous!; Motoring Memories-My Only Drag Race, Retro Recipes-Grandma's Famous Cookies; Recollections-Scenes from our lives-honest AbeReader: Sharon Blumberg00:09:51
Feb/Mar, 2016We Never Saw Him Again; Beetle Bailey And the Flap Over Lt. Flap; Before the Music Died; and I Met Dean Martin and Kim NovakReader: Sharon Blumberg00:07:57
Feb/Mar, 2016San Francisco Front Yard. What Was on Your Bedroom Walls? What My Heart Desired. Warm Cup of Coffee. Standing Up By Sitting Down.Reader: Sharon Blumberg00:10:23
Oct, 2017Blazing Saddles. Swept Up in the Moment. The 51-Foot Love Letter. The Square Dance Chose Us. By various authors.Reader: Sharon Blumberg00:07:37
Sep, 2017My Most Memorable Kiss. Stars, Planets, and Fireworks. Cherished Pets-The Family Owl. Sweet Treats in Sour Times.Reader: Sharon Blumberg00:10:12
Aug, 2017Bloomers and Biscuits and Motoring Memories, By Dorothy Leinberger, Forest McGraw, Ken Burns, and Ina Manly PainterReader: Sharon Blumberg00:09:20
Aug, 2017Mother's Precious Rose, By Eleanor Williams; Life at the Top, By Nancy Block; and the Water Witcher, By Jim KuebelbackReader: Sharon Blumberg00:12:37
Jul, 2017Life in a Soddy. High Interest Loan. Poplar Inn Was a Poplar Place. Who, You Mean me?Reader: Sharon Blumberg00:18:22
Jun, 2017Little Books Were Loved A lot. Big City Prom Date. The Honeymoon Wasn't Picture Perfect. She Made Old New Again.Reader: Sharon Blumberg00:14:12
Jun, 2017Hats off to mens fashions. Healing properties of mothers love. A miracle walked up the hill. Her dance partner was special.Reader: Sharon Blumberg00:18:14

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