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For nearly 100 years, Redbook has been providing young women with timely and relevant advice. Non-fiction articles explore social issues, parenting, sex, marriage, money, health and psychology while book excerpts and short stories from today's best writers inspire and entertain. Joyleen Spencer presents her Redbook selections for your listening pleasure.

Current Redbook Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Various Articles - Aug, 20155 Beauty Tricks I Just Learned. 5 Ways to Dress Awesomely for Less. 5 Habits For Better Health. 5 Women Who Will Inspire You.Reader: Joyleen Spencer00:12:30
Various Articles - Aug, 2015Superfood: Basil. Whole Grains Demystified. Ingredients That Update Anything. Cures For Your Cooking Mistakes. 6 Tools Chefs Swear By.Reader: Joyleen Spencer00:15:28
Various Articles - Jul, 2015A Better Summer Workout by Alison Sweeny. July Superfood: Cherries by Marygrace Taylor. 5 Style Classics to Try. 5 Easy Ways to Health.Reader: Joyleen Spencer00:12:15
Various Articles - Jul, 2015Train Your Brain to be Calmer... by Anna Maltby. Boost Your Money Confidence, by Nicole Lapin. Find Your Meditation Style, by Anna MaltbyReader: Joyleen Spencer00:11:23
Various articles - Sep, 2013Are Cars Messing with Your Brain? Interview with Dr. D. Perlmutter, by Meghann Foye; These New Mental Therapies Could be just what you needed., by Jane BianchiReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:12:55
Various articles - Sep, 2013How Men Get Good at Marriage, by Aaron Traister; 10 Ways Your Home Could be Toxic, by Holly CorbettReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:12:30
Various articles - Aug, 2013Would Your Friends be There for You in a Health Crisis? by Darci Picoult; The 10 Phrases That Make Men Go Ballistic. by Anna DaviesReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:15:30
Various articles - Aug, 2013How to Pay Less for Everything; 12 Foods That Naturally Whiten Your Teeth; 7 Questons to Ask Yourself Before Buying AnythingReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:12:21
Various articles - Aug, 20139 Foods That Are Sabotaging Your Beach Body by Jane Bianchi; Are You Spending More on Your Vacation Than You Should? by Maitland GreerReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:12:31
Various articles - Jul, 2013The Rise and Fall of My Juicing Obsession by Julie Tilsner; 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Credit Good as Gold by Sarah KaufmanReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:12:31
$4065 Worth of Expert Weight-Loss Advice - Jul, 2013The pros from Canyon Ranch, a famous wellness center, share their tips for making nutritious eating and exercise changes stick. by Holly CorbettReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:11:17
How I met my Sister - Jun, 2013"Out of nowhere Danielle got a message from a woman claiming to be her fater's illegitimate child." by Danielle PergamentReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:10:43
The Money Habit saves $1378 a Year - Jun, 2013"Want to break your bad money habits and start saving?" by Sandy M. FernandezReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:09:51
Various articles - Jun, 2013"12 Foods All Nutritionists Eat" by Meghan Rabbitt; "What an ER doctor tells her friends." by Brian AlexanderReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:11:57
Marriage Rules & Cleanses - Jun, 2013"Ten Marriage Rules That No Longer Apply" by Jane Bianchi; "What to Know Before Starting a Cleanse" by Meghann FoyeReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:14:57
Gynecologists & Work Life - Jun, 2013"What a Gynecologist Tells Her Friends" by Sunny Sea Gold; "Take Charge of Your Work Life" by Rebecca DavisReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:10:34
Are You Being Watched? - May, 2013The story of 3 women who thought they were safe until they discovered they were being trailed, taped and spied on. By Laura WilliamsReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:09:45
The Pain of Infertility - May, 2013Chances are someone you're close to is struggling to get pregnant, but you may never know. By Norine Dworkin-McDanielReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:11:28
Tummy Doctor Advice - May, 20132 hours of Googling your stomach symptoms doesn't compare to 10 minutes of frank talk with a top G. I. By Lisa MulcahyReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:06:35
Do A Spending Cleanse - May, 2013Just one week of financial mindfulness can help you stop spending and break bad money patterns. By Kenrya Rankin NaaselReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:08:50
Closet Psychology 101 - May, 2013How does a closet project who you are, and more importantly, is your wardrobe covering up your potential? by Liana SatensteinReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:06:24
What Panic Feels Like - Apr, 2013"One woman tells of her struggle with anxiety & panic attacks. How she found calm amongst the terrifying symptoms" by Jackie AshtonReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:10:13
Body Fat - Apr, 2013"Nightmare PMS, low energy, dry skin. Could a diet lacking the right fats be behind your health problems?" by Kim TrannellReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:05:50

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