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Reason is a libertarian monthly magazine covering politics, culture, and ideas through a provocative mix of news, analysis, commentary, and reviews. Jim Hull reads you his selections.

Current Reason Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
America's Forgotten Debt - Dec, 2019Neither party will rein in spending. by John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:05:58
Should Public Buses Be Free to Ride? - Dec 9, 2019It has a poor track record, but Kansas City will try. by Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:06:49
CA's Tough Gun Laws Can't Prevent Killings - Nov 22, 2019They threaten the innocent more than the guilty. by JD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:09:45
Mutual Hatred Is All Dems and GOP Offer - Nov 18, 2019It's no longer about issues, but about power. by JD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:08:31
California War on Weed Continues - Nov 5, 2019Botched legalization fosters black market. by Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:05:50
Just Say No - Nov 2019In a world in which "common sense" can mean coercion - sometimes it's best to just say No. By J. D. Tuccille.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:46
Speech Restrictions Are Popular - Oct 25, 2019That's why we need the 1st Ammendment, by Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:05:24
12-Year-Old - Oct 14, 2019She pointed at bullies, could get a year in jail. by Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:13
Everyone Who Disagrees Is a Traitor - Oct 1, 2019People are throwing the word "treason" around. by JD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:10:07
Rent Control Hurts Tenants - Sep 27, 2019CA law will make a crowded situation worse. by Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:00
Cops Steal $225K, Can't Be Sued - Sep 20, 2019They didn't know they were violating the Constitution. by Billy BinionReader: Jim Hull00:05:42
Did CA Abolish Single-Family Zoning - Sep 19, 2019Homeowners can build two more units on property. by Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:06:10
People Hate Government Employee - Sep, 2019But Right and Left hate them for opposite reasons. by JD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:08:52
"YouTube Speech" - Sep, 2019YouTube Isn't the Government-It's private, not subject to 1st Amendment, by Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:06:34
Black-Market Products Cause Vaping Illness - Aug 30, 2019Regular vaping isn't to blame, by Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:07:07
Gov't and Cable News Revolving Door - Aug 26, 2019Talking heads rarely question their old boss. by TD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:08:45
Democrats Support Ammendment to Curb Speech - Aug 12, 2019It would mute some voices in favor of others. by Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:09:02
AOC Claims a Lot in Common with Libertarians - Aug 8, 2019She also has contempt for GOP hypocrisy. by Billy BinionReader: Jim Hull00:05:24
Tax Holidays Are a Ripoff - Aug 2, 2019They're poor substitutes for real reform. by Alex MuresianuReader: Jim Hull00:05:39
US Fertility at Lowest Rate Ever - Jul 26, 2019This isn't a goverrnment problem. by Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:05:23
SF Vape Ban Means More Smoking - Jul 15, 2019E-cigarettes out, regular cigarettes OK, by Guy BentleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:38
Police Shoot Dog over Unpaid Gas Bill - Jul, 2019St. Louis County SWAT team invades house, arrests grandma. by Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:06:25
One Woman, Two Hands - Jul/Aug 2019How a stranger built a field of beauty (instead of "Dreams"), one daffodil bulb at a time, by Jaroldeen EdwardsReader: Jim Hull00:05:06
Mencken on Rascality - Jun, 2019The critic railed against American gullibility. by Marion RodgersReader: Jim Hull00:06:50
Central Planning Poisons Innovation - Jun 20, 2019American manufacturing is doing fine, thank you. by Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:07:21
Drug War's Foster Care Crisis - Jun, 2019Opioid addicts losing custody of their kids. by CJ CiaramellaReader: Jim Hull00:07:00
Too Many Choices Better than Too Few - May 18, 2019Lots of options applies to rights as well as goods. by Nick GillespieReader: Jim Hull00:09:10
Dangerous Precedent in Assange Indictment - May, 2019WikiLeaks whistleblower case damages 1st Amendment. by Elizabeth Nolan BrownReader: Jim Hull00:07:50
Are Young People Working - Jun, 2019Youth unemployment is low but so is participation. by Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:06:51
'Fake News' an Excuse for Censorship - May 13, 2019Governments like to muzzle inconvenient reports. by JD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:10:03
CA Democrats Don't Value Works - May 3, 2019Welfare programs galore but strict work licenses. by Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:08:03
Horrors of Facial Recognition - Apr, 23 2019New York Times Facial Recognition System. Test reveals risks if governments watch us. By Ronald Bailey.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:17
Green New Deal Hurts Poor - Apr, 24 2019The so-called Green New Deal is expected to raise energy costs - except for the rich! By John Stossel.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:13
Free Press Cheers Internet Censorship - Apr 8, 2019News outlets are too eager to punish Silicon Valley. by Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:07:54
Reparations Would Divid Nation - April 5, 2019Everyone will try to get some. by Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:55
Futuristic Policing Requires Good Cops - Mar 29, 2019Those convicted of crimes ought not belong. by Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:59
Free Markets are Moral - Mar 21, 2019They're not the "lesser of two evils". by Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:08:09
Rent Control vs. Supply and Demand - Mar 7, 2019Oregon law can't defy economics. by Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:06:42
Politics Is Ruining Academic Journals - Mar 6, 2019Politically correct hoax paper gets published. by John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:47
Government Meddling Causes Dairy Crisis - Mar 2, 2019Too much help leads to oversupply. by Baylen LinnekinReader: Jim Hull00:09:16
America Not as Racist as Some Believe - Feb 22, 2019Smollet and Hasson are outliers, not the norm. by Nick GillespieReader: Jim Hull00:09:18
Health Care Innovation, Not Government Control - Feb 13, 2019Pioneering treatments need pioneering payment models. by Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:07:17
Taxes Are Getting Weaponized - mmm, dd 2019Compliance declines when taxes become punishments. by J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:07:57
Minimum Wage Wishes - Jan 24, 2019Laws of economics can't be repealed. by Veronique de RugbyReader: Jim Hull00:06:22
FBI Mum on Social Media Spying - Jan 18, 2019ACLU lawsuit want to make them talk. by Joe SeytonReader: Jim Hull00:06:04
Attempt to Rescue Deer May Get Fine - Jan 18, 2019Citizen can't remove wildlife even to help it. by Joe SeytonReader: Jim Hull00:05:53
Is Gillette Ad Offensive? - Jan 15, 2019"Hurting people is bad" isn't only left-wing. by Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:22
CA: Stop Boosting Fire Zone Building! - Feb, 2019State insurance laws abet risky construction. by Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:06:58
NJ Gun Owners Ignore Ammo Ban - Dec 20, 2018Cartridges above 10 bullets now a felony. by Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:08:33
$60,000 Fine for Contact Lenses - Dec, 2018Non-prescription contacts sold without a prescription. by Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:06:01
Kevin Hart Quits as Oscars Host - Dec 7, 2018Old homophobic tweets return to haunt him, by Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:37
Fed Workers Warned Against "Impeachment" Talk - Nov, dd 2018The Hatch Act considers it campaigning. by Joe SeytonReader: Jim Hull00:06:13
D.C. Unfriends Silicon Valley - Dec, 2018Social media execs bet on Hillary but got Trump. by Declan McCullaghReader: Jim Hull00:06:46
USPS Lost $3.9 Billion Last Year - Nov 15, 2018Yet revenue increased by $1 billion, by Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:06:14
Officials Bleached Food for the Homeless - Nov 12, 2018Volunteers need a permit just to feed them. by Joe SeytonReader: Jim Hull00:05:58
Weed Grower Beats RICO - Nov, 5 2018Verdict for marijuana grower may reduce threat of ruinous RICO liability. Jury finds farm did not harm neighbors. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:05:39
FDA Calls Psilocybin a Breakthrough Drug - Oct 25,2018It moves from neurotoxin to therapy. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:06:40
Electoral College Bad for Democracy - Oct 8, 2018It protects small states from big states. by Joe SeytonReader: Jim Hull00:05:33
Socialism Destroys - Oct 10, 2018Government-run business wrecks economies, by John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:51
Parents Still Buy Fast Food for Kids - Oct 6, 2018This despite activist efforts to squelch it. by Baylen LinnekinReader: Jim Hull00:06:33
Bike Ridership Down Across America - Sep 27, dd 2018Fewer pedal commuters despite increased bike lanes, by Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:05:21
Prof Defends Convict, Gets Harassment Training - Sep 18, 2018College punishes him for speaking out, By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:33
Most Nutrition Research Is Bunk - Sep 6, 2018Implausible results hint at bias, not science, By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:08:16
CA Bail Reform Worse than Nothing - Aug, 2018It will increase unfair jail time. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:44
New Jersey Attacks Unlicensed Movers - Aug 23, 2018The rules hurt business and consumers. By JD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:07:28
Antifa Cracked Open a Liberal's Head - Aug 21, 2018His sin? Carrying an American flag. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:20
Outrage that Gay Actress Isn't Gay Enough - Aug 13, 2018Actors must be as oppressed as the characters they play? By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:28
Markets in Assassination - Jul 27, 2018Online prediction market offers death bets, By Declan McCullaghReader: Jim Hull00:10:38
Liberty Makes Us Unfree - Jul 26, 2018Stop annoying the government, they suggest. By J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:09:31
Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws - Jul 12, 2018But new cup lid uses more plastic. By Christian BitschgiReader: Jim Hull00:10:53
Is Civility Out of Style? - Jul,2018Politics is "defining deviancy down". By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:42
Declaration of Independence Hate Speech - Jul 3, 2018Facebook blocks part of America's founding document, By Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:05:54
Summer of Snitches? - Jun, 30 2018Meet Permit Patty and other vigilante informants fighting for law and order in San Francisco. By Zuri Davis.Reader: Jim Hull00:05:55
Human Intelligence - Jun, 15 2018People Are Getting Dumber. Intelligence test scores have risen for decades and then started back down. By Ronald Bailey.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:55
Jordan Peterson vs the Left - Jun, 13 2018Left wing critics try to silence the professor for protesting "ze" instead of "she". By John Stossel.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:55
What's Cool About Summer - Jul, 2018A/C changed how we live. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:06:42
Supreme Court and 2nd Amendment - May 25, 2018Are gun rights being ignored. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:10:11
Artificial Sweeteners Are Harmless - May 25, 2018Scientists absolve them of diet problems. By Elizabeth Nolan BrownReader: Jim Hull00:08:04
Whiteness in U.S. Census Data - May 21, 2018Arbitrary groupings make whites seem marginalized. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:06:40
Male Student Accuses Female of Sex Assault - May 11, 2018Federal rules create a "Prisoner's Dilemma", By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:30
Kelo Film a Monument to Injustice - April 26, 2018"Little Pink House" documents eminent-domain abuse, By Veronique de RugbyReader: Jim Hull00:06:51
The Fight Against Plant-Based 'Meat' - Apr 26, 2018The beef lobby wants protection from veggie burgers. By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:07:17
Duke Students Disrupt Event - Apr 20, 2018They were shocked that everyone didn't side with them. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:24
Silicon Valley's Political Blind Spots - May, 2018Muzzling conservatives is bad for business, By Declan McCullaghReader: Jim Hull00:12:07
How to Sniff Out Fake News - Apr 9, 2018You don't need a government lie detector. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:08
Free-Range Kids Movement - Apr 1, 2018Utah legalizes unsupervised play. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:05:56
Home Work - Apr, 2018Working at Home Shouldn't Be Illegal. Half of all businesses are home based. By Nick Sibilla.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:43
In Gambling Battle, Both Sides are Wrong - Mar 19, 2018Neither group argues for personal liberty. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:20
When Fixing It Makes It Worse - Apr, 2018One-size-fits-all solutions fail on complex problems. By Katherine Mangu-WardReader: Jim Hull00:09:22
Health Advocates Wising Up? - Mar 2, 2018Risk tolerance can make people safer, By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:50
The Debate on Homelessness - Feb 23, 2018Throwing money and guards at the problem won't work. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:45
Mass Shootings - Feb, 15 2018What Isn't Going to Stop Mass Shootings. More security guards at schools could make things worse. By Robby Soave.Reader: Jim Hull00:09:23
Cops Called on Parents of Autistic Son - Feb 12, 2018Someone thought his messy hair signaled child abuse. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:07:08
America's Secret Death Penalty Drugs - Mar, 2018States no longer reveal where they get them, By C.J. CiaramellaReader: Jim Hull00:07:30
$1,000 Fine for Waiters Offering Straws - Jan 25, 2018CA law also would send them to jail for up to 6 months, By Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:06:24
The Case for School Choice - Jan 21, 2018It's a no-brainer unless you're part of the status-quo. By Nick GillespieReader: Jim Hull00:06:40
Trump's Deregulatory Successes - Jan 9, 2018He can at least point to belt tightening, by J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:10:20
Demise of Voter Fraud Commission - Jan 4, 2018States resisted Trump's demand for info, By Ilya SominReader: Jim Hull00:06:49
Seattle Landlords Can't Screen Tenants - Dec 28, 2017Owners have "unconscious bias"? By Ilya SominReader: Jim Hull00:09:44
Laws Against Feeding the Homeless - Dec 26, 2017Many cities require a permit to hand out food. By Ed KrayewskiReader: Jim Hull00:06:04
Government Online Censorship - Dec 14, 2017The biggest censors aren't businesses. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:07:38
Warnings on Monopoly Power Are Right - Dec 11, 2017The biggest are run by government. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:01
Declining to Bake a Gay Cake - Nov 30, 2017It's not the same as banning gay marriage. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:05:53
Capitalist Lesson from North Korea - Nov 26, 2017When Socialism fails, a private marketplace opens. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:28
Making History Modern - Dec, 20171920s fabric designs extolled both past and future. By Virginia PostrelReader: Jim Hull00:07:49
Self-Driving Cars Moot Most Safety Regs - Nov, 2017Why regulate mirrors they don't use? By Jim EpsteinReader: Jim Hull00:08:22
Play that Mocks PC Gets Canned - Nov 3, 2017Drama vetoed at Brandeis by offended students. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:13
Americans: Keep 'Em Separated - Oct 24, 2017As Red and Blue disunite, they should look to federalism. By JD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:09:39
Legal Pot - Oct, 22 2017Legal Marijuana Is Becoming the Norm. Full legalization gains steam nationwide, by Steve Chapman.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:11
Veteran Bucks City, Pays for a Decade - Oct 13, 2017He refused to sell farm to ex-mayor's cronies; troubles ensued, By Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
Charlottesville and the Perils of Collectivism - Nov, 2017Both political extremes prioritize the group over the individual. Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:06:43
Police Rough Up Nurse, Video Gets Out - Sep 27, 2017Police union says video should have stayed secret. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:06:03
CA High Speed Rail 'Almost a Crime' - Sep 20, 2017Its first sponsor now sues to stop it, By Justin MonticelloReader: Jim Hull00:08:48
This Column - Sep 13, 2017Government spending yields more in savings? Absurd. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:37
Controversial "Cultural Norms" Editorial - Sep 8, 2017Law school prof's right-wing views cause faculty outrage, By Samantha HarrisReader: Jim Hull00:05:40
Prices Should Rise During Crises - Aug, 2017New supplies rush in and prices drop back, By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:07:03
Forfeiture Loot Corrupts Justice - Aug 23, 2017Police can confiscate suspicious cash and spend it. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:06:35
Airstrikes Are War - Aug 11, 2017Presidents should get Congress's ok to bomb a country. By Bonnie KristianReader: Jim Hull00:06:43
Senator Flake's Conscience - Aug 1, 2017The AZ Republican argues for freedom. By Nick GillespieReader: Jim Hull00:07:04
Pet Sitters Need a License in NYC - Jul 20, 2017In-home pet care is unlawful there. By Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:06:09
Power Causes Brain Damage - Jul 14, 2017People in authority behave like head-injury patients. By Andrew HeatonReader: Jim Hull00:06:45
Newspapers Want Congress to Bail Them Out - Jul 10, 2017They seek protection from new competition. By Ira StollReader: Jim Hull00:07:19
Lyft Shuttle and the City Bus - Jun 21, 2017It brings competition to overcrowded public transport. By Ed KrayewskiReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
Hysteria Over Date Rape Drugs - Jun 15, 2017It's rarer than reports suggests. By Liz WolfeReader: Jim Hull00:06:29
Tamper-Proof Drugs - Jun 2, 2017Failure of the tamper-proof drug model. FDA policy may have worsened the opiate addiction crisis. By Mike Riggs.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:06
Unlicensed Math - Jun 2, 2017Engineer points out problem with traffic-light timing - gets fined for doing math without a license. By Christian Britschgi.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:44
White-Owned Ethnic Restaurants Shamed - May 23, 2017Their authentic cuisine is condemned as cultural appropriation. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:00
Who's Telling the Truth in D.C.? - May 22, 2017For politicians lying is an art form. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:03
Anger at PC Predicted Votes for Trump - May 10, 2017Only party preference foretold ballots better than hating PC culture. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:25
Kimmel's Sick Baby and Medical Care - May 5, 2017Regulations, and not just costs, can restrict access. By Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:07:57
Bill O'Reilly Lost to the Feminists - Apr 19, 2017The marketplace gave him what he deserved. By Shikha DalmiaReader: Jim Hull00:07:42
Earth Day Dopes - Apr 17, 2017It's not science; it's a religion. By John StoesselReader: Jim Hull00:07:03
Rebirth of Supersonic Flight - Apr 12, 2017New York to London in three hours at one-third the old price. By Alexis GarciaReader: Jim Hull00:05:32
Colorado Governor admits legalizing pot not hellish - Mar 31, 2017He'll defend it if the Feds show up. By Mike RiggsReader: Jim Hull00:04:53
Poor White Americans Are Dying of Despair - Mar 23, 2017Low education, unemployment, and drug use are factors. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:05:28
Why We Have Daylight Saving Time - Mar 13, 2017Why we have it and why we should scrap it. By Andrew HeatonReader: Jim Hull00:05:46
Town-Hall Revolts of 1816 - Mar 16, 2017The 1816 election's populist uprising helped drive two-thirds of Congress from office. By Jesse WalkerReader: Jim Hull00:05:20
Don't Strangle AirBnb - Feb 22, 2017Instead of tightening rules on a new competitor, loosen limits for all players. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:25
Students Vote Against Diversity - Feb, 16 2017Cornell Students believe that presenting conservative viewpoints would divert energies away from liberal causes. By Robby Soave.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:43
Legal Pot Hurts Drug Cartels More than Trumps Wall - Feb 3, 2017Legitimate sources help dry up smugglers' profits. By Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:08:20
FBI Steals People's Stuff for You - Jan 18, 2017The agency says it returns crime money quickly to victims, but nearly goes to the government. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:05:39
Religious Liberty Under Fire - Dec 21, 2016Conservative pundits defend worshippers unless they're Muslim. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:06:57
The War on Free Speech Escalates - Dec 12, 2016In Europe and America, both Left and Right are cracking down on speech. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:11:04
Aging Is a Disease and It's Time to Cure It - Dec 2, 2016Technology makes getting old no longer "normal". By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:10:18
Fashion Designers Are Boycotting Melania Trump - Nov 19, 2016If famous liberal artistes can boycott at will, why not bakers and florists? By Stephanie SladeReader: Jim Hull00:05:20
Policing 'Fake News' Is Our Own Responsibiliy - Nov 15, 2016Culling made-up political news could lead to general censorship. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:07:31
Many Californians Trying to Escape CalExit - Nov 10, 2016Some on the Left want CA to leave the U.S. while some on the Right want to leave CA. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:07:19
The Collectivist Election - Nov, 2016Politicians lump their opponents into big baskets of badness. By Matt WelchReader: Jim Hull00:10:53
The Ruling Class - Oct 26, 2016They decide which ideas are correct and permitted. By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:16
We Can Build Our Way Out of the Housing Crisis - Oct 21, 2016Regulations slow construction, which raises prices and prevents many from owning a house. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:08:04
There's Never Been a Better Time to Be Alive - Oct 14, 2016New book lays out the immense progress humanity has made. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:08:58
We Have a Clown Crime? - Oct 6, 2016Reports of clowns commiting felonies are, well, exaggerated. By Jesse WalkerReader: Jim Hull00:07:35
Pension Mess Can't Go On - Sep 30, 2016A fiscal day of reckoning can be delayed but not prevented. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:31
Why We Arrest Moms for Nearly Non-Existent Danger - Sep 22, 2016Moms get busted for leaving kids alone for a few moments. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:08:19
Why is Socialism So Attractive - Sep 16, 2016We evolved in small, fair-minded groups and wish modern life would treat us the same. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:12:21
What if You Were Mistakenly Put on a Watchlist? - Sep 9, 2016It's easy for such lists to sweep up the innocent. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:06:20
Is American Multiculturalism a Failure - Sep 1, 2016Immigrants have made the U.S. more vital and less violent. By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:07:27
Most Scientific Findings Are Wrong or Useless - Aug 26, 2016Today's research is largely free from reality tests. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:13:26
'Adulting Classes' for Fragile Students - Aug 10, 2016East Carolina U finds that new undergrads can't deal with setbacks. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:05:15
Generation Safe Space Is Having Less Sex - Aug 2, 2016They're living at home, not married, rape-averse, and just too busy. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:08:37
To Speed Economic Recovery, Release the Brakes - Jul 25, 2016Regulations and licensure laws stifle small-business growth. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:52
UFC: One Man's Brutal Spectacle is Another's Eden - Jul 18, 2016Every person has a right to decide how to use his or her body, including engaging in sport fighting. By Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:25
Officials 'Drone' On About Issues They Don't Understand - Jul 9, 2016Bureaucrats clamp down on new industries before they can grow. By Steve GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:06:31
Benghazi Just a Symptom - Jun 30, 2016The disease is interventionism, and America is set for another bout. By Bonnie KristianReader: Jim Hull00:06:28
Teens Vape More and Smoke Less - Jun 20, 2016The CDC claims vaping leads to smoking, but its own data says otherwise. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:11:03
The Second Amendment - Jun 20, 2016The Founders believed gun ownership was an individual right. By Damon RootReader: Jim Hull00:07:16
Zion Curtain Rule - Jun, 11 2016Utah's "Zion Curtain" Rule. The disputed law blocks restaurant patrons' view of drink preparation. By Baylen Linnekin.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:35
Private is Better - May, 25 2016Anything government can do, the private sector can do better. By John Stossel.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:48
Oberlin Students Want Bad Grades Removed - May 24, 2016Faculty balks at passing students too busy as activists to do classwork. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:55
Print Your Own Drugs - May 17, 20163-D printing of pharmaceuticals leaves regulators scrambling. By J.D. TuccileReader: Jim Hull00:08:45
Why Vape? E-Cig Companies Must Not Say - May 16, 2016The FDA rules vaping products may not imply they're safer than cigarettes. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:09:04
Climate Change Speech Dragnet - May 4, 2016Attorneys general seek to punish firms and foundations for arguing against climate policy. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:06:43
4th Amendment and the Poisonous Tree - Apr 28, 2016The USA Freedom Act allows the Feds to spy on citizens. By Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:08:36
Shut Up, The Explained - Apr 11, 2016Criminal charges mulled for companies that disagree with D.C. officials. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:14
Why Isn't There a Ladies-Only UberX Service? - Apr 12, 2016A woman-to-woman business would run afoul of fairness laws. By Katherine Mangu-WardReader: Jim Hull00:07:43
Coming Out of the Drug War Haze - Apr 4, 2016America might finally do it right and stress treatment over prison. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:54
Reforming Corporate Taxation is a Bipartisan Issue - Mar 24, 2016American businesses pay the highest rate in the world. By Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:06:44
Effects of New Overtime Rules - Mar 17, 2016Backers think more pay will increase jobs, but it's the other way around. By Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:06:15
Harry Potter and the Pointless Outrage - Mar 10, 2016Activist condemns J.K. Rowling for using Native American myths in her magic tales. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:23
FBI and the iPhone Back Door - Mar 1, 2016D.C. has failed many times to keep digital secrets; an iPhone master key would get top priority from crooks and spies. By J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:09:14
Apple's Involuntary Servitude - Feb 25, 2016The FBI insists the company make a key that might open all Apple phones. By Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:07:57
California's Push Against Occupational Licensing - Feb 22, 2016The rules keep the poor out of professions but don't protect consumers. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:26
The Size of Government - Feb 12, 2016No presidential hopeful from either party has a coherent view on the purpose or proper size of government. By Peter SudermanReader: Jim Hull00:07:17
Flower Arrangements as Protected Free Speech - Feb 8, 2016Can a florist refuse to produce flower arrangements for a gay wedding? By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:06:00
Freedom on the Rise Around the World - Jan 26, 2016Presidential candidates think America should set the world right, but other folks are mending things on their own, thank you. By Marian TupyReader: Jim Hull00:05:21
Who's Afraid of Political Cliches? - Jan 18, 2016Democrats vilify the GOP as the "party of fear", but there's plenty of fear-mongering from the Left, too. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:01
Jefferson Staters Keeping Up the Fight in California - Jan 15, 2016Rural northern counties feel ignored by the legislature and want to split off as the 51st state. By Steven GreehutReader: Jim Hull00:07:32
Federal Dietary Policies on Unsteady Diet of Nothing - Jan 9, 2016The latest guidelines contradict previous decisions, the science is questionable, and special interests lurk at the edges. By Baylen LinnekinReader: Jim Hull00:07:56
Where Are the Centrists? - Jan 4, 2016The "Missing Middle" has no champion among presidential candidates. By Ira StollReader: Jim Hull00:06:38
Time to Go After Those People - Dec, 9 2015It's Time to Go After Those People. Defining "Those People" depends on which side you're on. By A. Barton Hinkle.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:02
NSA Spying Hasn't Stopped, Dec 3, 2015Congress has passed a law that limits the NSA, but the cure may be worse than the disease. By Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:08:39
Cops Now Take More Than Robbers - Nov 27, 2015Forfeiture laws, meant to retrieve ill-gotten gains from criminals, are overused because police can keep much of the money. Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:38
Anti-Liberty Politicians - Nov 18, 2015Instead of protecting us from terrorists, some attorneys general are saving us from useful products and services. By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:28
Even Salon Thinks Trigger Warnings Have Ruined College - Oct 29, 2015A professor's students demand warnings of every possible word or image that might upset them. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:10
The Feds Attack Payday Lenders - Oct 22, 2015Payday loans, though expensive, help the poor get by. The government thinks such loans are immoral. By Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:06:07
McDonalds Bans Eggs from Caged Chickens - Oct 9, 2015The power of the marketplace pushes the restaurant chain to issue an edict more strict than local regulations. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:06:26
Gypsy Cabs Get a Break - Oct, 13 2015A judge rules New York City may no longer confiscate unlicensed cabs without due process. By J. D. Tuccille.Reader: Jim Hull00:09:03
Trump on Sanctuary Cities - Oct, 5 2015Donald Trump's Wrong About Sanctuary Cities. There, they commit fewer crimes and are more helpful to police. By Zach Weissmueller.Reader: Jim Hull00:05:32
Government Is Here to Help - Sep 23, 2015It "helps" until things get fouled up, and then it "helps" some more. By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:05:56
Justice Dept $1 Billion Shakedown - Sep 29, 2015Justice snags a huge slush-fund payout from the automaker related to the Cobalt Debacle. By Shikha DalmiaReader: Jim Hull00:07:10
How the Federal Government Is Ruining College Education - Sep 14, 2015Federal aid has caused college fees to skyrocket, and grant recipients have low graduation rates. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:10
How to Balance the Budget in One Easy Step - Sep 7, 2015It's easy, European countries have done it, and it solves the problem in six years. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:52
Republicans Pander to Racial Fears - Sep 3, 2015As minority populations grow and conservative whites get edgy, GOP campaigners cater to those worries. By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
The Beginning of the End of Religious Freedom - Aug 21, 2015When a business is punished for turning down a job that violates its owner's religious convictions, freedom hangs in the balance. By D HarsanyiReader: Jim Hull00:07:35
When Rules Multiply, the World Needs Rule Breakers - Aug 19, 2015We all need rules, but when they stifle, innovators find a way around. By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:26
How Artificial Stupidity Can Kill Us All - Aug 7, 2015Fears that super-smart computers will dominate humanity might be overblown. But accidents could happen. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:08:31
Saving Our Way into the Poorhouse - Aug 5, 2015With all the government programs that promise to give back more than they spend, we should be rich by now. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:03
Do Prosecutors Have an Unfair Advantage in Our Criminal Justice System? - Jul 24, 2015A Reagan-era judge asserts that prosecutors have near-total immunity, tremendous leeway, can pad charges to force a plea. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:06:29
Progress Through State Violence or Smaller Government? - Jul 15, 2015Progressives believe big government will solve economic problems, but history shows that reducing governmental involvement actually is better.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:47
Both Left and Right are warping libertarian principles - Jul 11, 2015Both Left and Right are warping libertarian principles -- about tax exemptions and privatized marriage -- to punish each other. By Shikha DalmiaReader: Jim Hull00:08:50
Trump and the Myth of Immigrant Crime - Jul 6, 2015Contrary to candidate Trump's assertions, communities actually get safer and more prosperous when immigrants move in. By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:13
ACLU and Religious Freedom - Jun 29, 2015When Christian-based hospitals balk at paying for contraception, the ACLU calls it "discrimination". By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:52
Trans Fat Ban - Jun, 19 2015Once the government can tell you what you can't eat, what will stop it from telling you how to live the rest of your life? By David HarsanyiReader: Jim Hull00:07:52
Felony Child Neglect - Jun, 11 2015An 11-year-old was taken by C.P.S. His folks, delayed 90 minutes in traffic, were charged with felony child neglect. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:07:13
The Foolish Socialism of Bernie Sanders - Jun 8, 2015The presidential challenger wants the U.S. to redistribute its wealth -- and produce fewer types of deodorant. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:04
The Costs of a $15 Minimum Wage - May 28, 2015The laws of economics can't be sidestepped: raising the wage will cause a shortage of available jobs. By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:36
The Libertarian Moment is Everywhere Around Us - May 22, 2015Democrat and Republican leaders work hard to slow the growth of libertarian thought among voters instead of incorporating those ideas.Reader: Jim Hull00:11:27
Classical Mythology Too Triggering - May 12, 2015A few undergrads may feel traumatized by dark portions of the classics; does this mean no student should read them? By Elizabeth Nolan BrownReader: Jim Hull00:05:46
Repeal the Patriot Act and End NSA Bulk Data Collection - May 7, 2015General search warrants enraged American colonists and are expressly forbidden by the Constitution's 4th Amendment. By Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:07:44
The Time to Limit NSA Snooping Is Now - Apr 29, 2015Federal agencies have used the Patriot Act as cover for wholesale spying on American citizens; a revision is long overdue. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:06:45
Two Gay Men Apologize, Face Boycotts for Talking to Ted Cruz - Apr 27, 2015They hosted a dinner with the presidential candidate, pressed him on his resistance to gay rights, then were shunned, By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:08:09
Can the President Legally Kill Americans? - Apr 17, 2015The president claims he can order the assassination of any American citizen deemed a lethal threat. Congress doesn't protest.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:26
VA Scandal - Apr 14, 2015Medical records of VA whistleblowers have been used against the whistleblowers, By J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:05:46
Dynamism, Durability, and Capitalism - Apr 6, 2015An old Toyota shows that quality can be as important as newness. By Ira StollReader: Jim Hull00:05:31
Public figures go after a pizzeria - Apr 2, 2015When public figures call for the trashing of a pizzeria whose owners express the "wrong" opinion on gay marriage, something is amiss.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:09
Hi Robot - Mar 3, 2015Over the decades, robots and their fictional counterparts have evolved together -- sometimes feared, sometimes loved, By Peter SudemanReader: Jim Hull00:09:40
Charlie Hebdo in the Dock - April, 2015Despite the national outcry over a lethal attack against a French humor magazine, France still outlaws speech deemed offensive. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:05:59
The Red Meat, Eggs, Fat, and Salt Diet - Feb 24, 2015Government researchers insisted certain diets were bad, but now they aren't ... etc etc. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:06:52
The Government's War on Freedom of the Press - Feb, 21 2015In press freedom the U.S. plummets to 49th place as the White House brings the hammer down on nosy journalists, By Ken SilvaReader: Jim Hull00:07:24
Do We Really Want A Passive Judiciary? No. - Feb 10, 2015"Judicial restraint" lately means courts simply defer to legislatures, abandoning us to unconstitutional laws, By Timothy SandefurReader: Jim Hull00:08:28
The Case Against Convening a New Constitutional Convention - Feb 9, 2015Not only could such a convention run away with the Constitution, but it wouldn't solve the original problem it was meant to addressReader: Jim Hull00:09:42
Congress Can Help Fight Police Abuse by Ending Incentives to Seize Assets - Jan 6, 2015Police often have an incentive to seize private assets without trial, but new laws can repair this. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:07:09
Anti-Abortion Bill Thwarted - Jan 23, 2015Republicans should lead the way on big issues -- instead of obsessing on limiting women's reproductive rights, By Elizabeth Nolan BrownReader: Jim Hull00:06:36
Aversion to Truth Isn't Specific to Any Ideology - Jan 19, 2015Both Left and Right are drawn to seductive falsehoods, but each side does it differently. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:21
Religious Extremism and the Road to Civilization - Jan 12, 2015A zealous belief system that must kill dissenters is uncivil and inherently weak, By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:25
How Financial Aid Drives Up the Cost of College - Jan 5, 2015Handing out money for higher education makes the price go up, By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:38
The State Department's Naughty List - Dec 24, 2014The U.S. list of "state-sponsored terrorism" countries is somewhat arbitrary. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:06:29

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