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Reason is a libertarian monthly magazine covering politics, culture, and ideas through a provocative mix of news, analysis, commentary, and reviews. Jim Hull reads you his selections.

Current Reason Magazine Articles
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Rent Control Hurts Tenants - Sep 27, 2019CA law will make a crowded situation worse. by Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:00
Cops Steal $225K, Can't Be Sued - Sep 20, 2019They didn't know they were violating the Constitution. by Billy BinionReader: Jim Hull00:05:42
Did CA Abolish Single-Family Zoning - Sep 19, 2019Homeowners can build two more units on property. by Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:06:10
People Hate Government Employee - Sep, 2019But Right and Left hate them for opposite reasons. by JD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:08:52
"YouTube Speech" - Sep, 2019YouTube Isn't the Government-It's private, not subject to 1st Amendment, by Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:06:34
Black-Market Products Cause Vaping Illness - Aug 30, 2019Regular vaping isn't to blame, by Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:07:07
Gov't and Cable News Revolving Door - Aug 26, 2019Talking heads rarely question their old boss. by TD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:08:45
Democrats Support Ammendment to Curb Speech - Aug 12, 2019It would mute some voices in favor of others. by Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:09:02
AOC Claims a Lot in Common with Libertarians - Aug 8, 2019She also has contempt for GOP hypocrisy. by Billy BinionReader: Jim Hull00:05:24
Tax Holidays Are a Ripoff - Aug 2, 2019They're poor substitutes for real reform. by Alex MuresianuReader: Jim Hull00:05:39
US Fertility at Lowest Rate Ever - Jul 26, 2019This isn't a goverrnment problem. by Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:05:23
SF Vape Ban Means More Smoking - Jul 15, 2019E-cigarettes out, regular cigarettes OK, by Guy BentleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:38
Police Shoot Dog over Unpaid Gas Bill - Jul, 2019St. Louis County SWAT team invades house, arrests grandma. by Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:06:25
One Woman, Two Hands - Jul/Aug 2019How a stranger built a field of beauty (instead of "Dreams"), one daffodil bulb at a time, by Jaroldeen EdwardsReader: Jim Hull00:05:06
Mencken on Rascality - Jun, 2019The critic railed against American gullibility. by Marion RodgersReader: Jim Hull00:06:50
Central Planning Poisons Innovation - Jun 20, 2019American manufacturing is doing fine, thank you. by Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:07:21
Drug War's Foster Care Crisis - Jun, 2019Opioid addicts losing custody of their kids. by CJ CiaramellaReader: Jim Hull00:07:00
Too Many Choices Better than Too Few - May 18, 2019Lots of options applies to rights as well as goods. by Nick GillespieReader: Jim Hull00:09:10
Dangerous Precedent in Assange Indictment - May, 2019WikiLeaks whistleblower case damages 1st Amendment. by Elizabeth Nolan BrownReader: Jim Hull00:07:50
Are Young People Working - Jun, 2019Youth unemployment is low but so is participation. by Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:06:51
'Fake News' an Excuse for Censorship - May 13, 2019Governments like to muzzle inconvenient reports. by JD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:10:03
CA Democrats Don't Value Works - May 3, 2019Welfare programs galore but strict work licenses. by Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:08:03
Horrors of Facial Recognition - Apr, 23 2019New York Times Facial Recognition System. Test reveals risks if governments watch us. By Ronald Bailey.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:17
Green New Deal Hurts Poor - Apr, 24 2019The so-called Green New Deal is expected to raise energy costs - except for the rich! By John Stossel.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:13
Free Press Cheers Internet Censorship - Apr 8, 2019News outlets are too eager to punish Silicon Valley. by Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:07:54
Reparations Would Divid Nation - April 5, 2019Everyone will try to get some. by Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:55
Futuristic Policing Requires Good Cops - Mar 29, 2019Those convicted of crimes ought not belong. by Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:59
Free Markets are Moral - Mar 21, 2019They're not the "lesser of two evils". by Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:08:09
Rent Control vs. Supply and Demand - Mar 7, 2019Oregon law can't defy economics. by Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:06:42
Politics Is Ruining Academic Journals - Mar 6, 2019Politically correct hoax paper gets published. by John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:47
Government Meddling Causes Dairy Crisis - Mar 2, 2019Too much help leads to oversupply. by Baylen LinnekinReader: Jim Hull00:09:16
America Not as Racist as Some Believe - Feb 22, 2019Smollet and Hasson are outliers, not the norm. by Nick GillespieReader: Jim Hull00:09:18
Health Care Innovation, Not Government Control - Feb 13, 2019Pioneering treatments need pioneering payment models. by Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:07:17
Taxes Are Getting Weaponized - mmm, dd 2019Compliance declines when taxes become punishments. by J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:07:57
Minimum Wage Wishes - Jan 24, 2019Laws of economics can't be repealed. by Veronique de RugbyReader: Jim Hull00:06:22
FBI Mum on Social Media Spying - Jan 18, 2019ACLU lawsuit want to make them talk. by Joe SeytonReader: Jim Hull00:06:04
Attempt to Rescue Deer May Get Fine - Jan 18, 2019Citizen can't remove wildlife even to help it. by Joe SeytonReader: Jim Hull00:05:53
Is Gillette Ad Offensive? - Jan 15, 2019"Hurting people is bad" isn't only left-wing. by Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:22
CA: Stop Boosting Fire Zone Building! - Feb, 2019State insurance laws abet risky construction. by Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:06:58
NJ Gun Owners Ignore Ammo Ban - Dec 20, 2018Cartridges above 10 bullets now a felony. by Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:08:33
$60,000 Fine for Contact Lenses - Dec, 2018Non-prescription contacts sold without a prescription. by Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:06:01
Kevin Hart Quits as Oscars Host - Dec 7, 2018Old homophobic tweets return to haunt him, by Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:37
Fed Workers Warned Against "Impeachment" Talk - Nov, dd 2018The Hatch Act considers it campaigning. by Joe SeytonReader: Jim Hull00:06:13
D.C. Unfriends Silicon Valley - Dec, 2018Social media execs bet on Hillary but got Trump. by Declan McCullaghReader: Jim Hull00:06:46
USPS Lost $3.9 Billion Last Year - Nov 15, 2018Yet revenue increased by $1 billion, by Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:06:14
Officials Bleached Food for the Homeless - Nov 12, 2018Volunteers need a permit just to feed them. by Joe SeytonReader: Jim Hull00:05:58
Weed Grower Beats RICO - Nov, 5 2018Verdict for marijuana grower may reduce threat of ruinous RICO liability. Jury finds farm did not harm neighbors. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:05:39
FDA Calls Psilocybin a Breakthrough Drug - Oct 25,2018It moves from neurotoxin to therapy. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:06:40
Electoral College Bad for Democracy - Oct 8, 2018It protects small states from big states. by Joe SeytonReader: Jim Hull00:05:33
Socialism Destroys - Oct 10, 2018Government-run business wrecks economies, by John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:51
Parents Still Buy Fast Food for Kids - Oct 6, 2018This despite activist efforts to squelch it. by Baylen LinnekinReader: Jim Hull00:06:33
Bike Ridership Down Across America - Sep 27, dd 2018Fewer pedal commuters despite increased bike lanes, by Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:05:21
Prof Defends Convict, Gets Harassment Training - Sep 18, 2018College punishes him for speaking out, By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:33
Most Nutrition Research Is Bunk - Sep 6, 2018Implausible results hint at bias, not science, By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:08:16
CA Bail Reform Worse than Nothing - Aug, 2018It will increase unfair jail time. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:44
New Jersey Attacks Unlicensed Movers - Aug 23, 2018The rules hurt business and consumers. By JD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:07:28
Antifa Cracked Open a Liberal's Head - Aug 21, 2018His sin? Carrying an American flag. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:20
Outrage that Gay Actress Isn't Gay Enough - Aug 13, 2018Actors must be as oppressed as the characters they play? By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:28
Markets in Assassination - Jul 27, 2018Online prediction market offers death bets, By Declan McCullaghReader: Jim Hull00:10:38
Liberty Makes Us Unfree - Jul 26, 2018Stop annoying the government, they suggest. By J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:09:31
Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws - Jul 12, 2018But new cup lid uses more plastic. By Christian BitschgiReader: Jim Hull00:10:53
Is Civility Out of Style? - Jul,2018Politics is "defining deviancy down". By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:42
Declaration of Independence Hate Speech - Jul 3, 2018Facebook blocks part of America's founding document, By Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:05:54
Summer of Snitches? - Jun, 30 2018Meet Permit Patty and other vigilante informants fighting for law and order in San Francisco. By Zuri Davis.Reader: Jim Hull00:05:55
Human Intelligence - Jun, 15 2018People Are Getting Dumber. Intelligence test scores have risen for decades and then started back down. By Ronald Bailey.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:55
Jordan Peterson vs the Left - Jun, 13 2018Left wing critics try to silence the professor for protesting "ze" instead of "she". By John Stossel.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:55
What's Cool About Summer - Jul, 2018A/C changed how we live. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:06:42
Supreme Court and 2nd Amendment - May 25, 2018Are gun rights being ignored. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:10:11
Artificial Sweeteners Are Harmless - May 25, 2018Scientists absolve them of diet problems. By Elizabeth Nolan BrownReader: Jim Hull00:08:04
Whiteness in U.S. Census Data - May 21, 2018Arbitrary groupings make whites seem marginalized. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:06:40
Male Student Accuses Female of Sex Assault - May 11, 2018Federal rules create a "Prisoner's Dilemma", By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:30
Kelo Film a Monument to Injustice - April 26, 2018"Little Pink House" documents eminent-domain abuse, By Veronique de RugbyReader: Jim Hull00:06:51
The Fight Against Plant-Based 'Meat' - Apr 26, 2018The beef lobby wants protection from veggie burgers. By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:07:17
Duke Students Disrupt Event - Apr 20, 2018They were shocked that everyone didn't side with them. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:24
Silicon Valley's Political Blind Spots - May, 2018Muzzling conservatives is bad for business, By Declan McCullaghReader: Jim Hull00:12:07
How to Sniff Out Fake News - Apr 9, 2018You don't need a government lie detector. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:08
Free-Range Kids Movement - Apr 1, 2018Utah legalizes unsupervised play. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:05:56
Home Work - Apr, 2018Working at Home Shouldn't Be Illegal. Half of all businesses are home based. By Nick Sibilla.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:43
In Gambling Battle, Both Sides are Wrong - Mar 19, 2018Neither group argues for personal liberty. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:20
When Fixing It Makes It Worse - Apr, 2018One-size-fits-all solutions fail on complex problems. By Katherine Mangu-WardReader: Jim Hull00:09:22
Health Advocates Wising Up? - Mar 2, 2018Risk tolerance can make people safer, By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:50
The Debate on Homelessness - Feb 23, 2018Throwing money and guards at the problem won't work. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:45
Mass Shootings - Feb, 15 2018What Isn't Going to Stop Mass Shootings. More security guards at schools could make things worse. By Robby Soave.Reader: Jim Hull00:09:23
Cops Called on Parents of Autistic Son - Feb 12, 2018Someone thought his messy hair signaled child abuse. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:07:08
America's Secret Death Penalty Drugs - Mar, 2018States no longer reveal where they get them, By C.J. CiaramellaReader: Jim Hull00:07:30
$1,000 Fine for Waiters Offering Straws - Jan 25, 2018CA law also would send them to jail for up to 6 months, By Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:06:24
The Case for School Choice - Jan 21, 2018It's a no-brainer unless you're part of the status-quo. By Nick GillespieReader: Jim Hull00:06:40
Trump's Deregulatory Successes - Jan 9, 2018He can at least point to belt tightening, by J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:10:20
Demise of Voter Fraud Commission - Jan 4, 2018States resisted Trump's demand for info, By Ilya SominReader: Jim Hull00:06:49
Seattle Landlords Can't Screen Tenants - Dec 28, 2017Owners have "unconscious bias"? By Ilya SominReader: Jim Hull00:09:44
Laws Against Feeding the Homeless - Dec 26, 2017Many cities require a permit to hand out food. By Ed KrayewskiReader: Jim Hull00:06:04
Government Online Censorship - Dec 14, 2017The biggest censors aren't businesses. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:07:38
Warnings on Monopoly Power Are Right - Dec 11, 2017The biggest are run by government. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:01
Declining to Bake a Gay Cake - Nov 30, 2017It's not the same as banning gay marriage. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:05:53
Capitalist Lesson from North Korea - Nov 26, 2017When Socialism fails, a private marketplace opens. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:28
Making History Modern - Dec, 20171920s fabric designs extolled both past and future. By Virginia PostrelReader: Jim Hull00:07:49
Self-Driving Cars Moot Most Safety Regs - Nov, 2017Why regulate mirrors they don't use? By Jim EpsteinReader: Jim Hull00:08:22
Play that Mocks PC Gets Canned - Nov 3, 2017Drama vetoed at Brandeis by offended students. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:13
Americans: Keep 'Em Separated - Oct 24, 2017As Red and Blue disunite, they should look to federalism. By JD TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:09:39
Legal Pot - Oct, 22 2017Legal Marijuana Is Becoming the Norm. Full legalization gains steam nationwide, by Steve Chapman.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:11
Veteran Bucks City, Pays for a Decade - Oct 13, 2017He refused to sell farm to ex-mayor's cronies; troubles ensued, By Christian BritschgiReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
Charlottesville and the Perils of Collectivism - Nov, 2017Both political extremes prioritize the group over the individual. Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:06:43
Police Rough Up Nurse, Video Gets Out - Sep 27, 2017Police union says video should have stayed secret. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:06:03
CA High Speed Rail 'Almost a Crime' - Sep 20, 2017Its first sponsor now sues to stop it, By Justin MonticelloReader: Jim Hull00:08:48
This Column - Sep 13, 2017Government spending yields more in savings? Absurd. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:37
Controversial "Cultural Norms" Editorial - Sep 8, 2017Law school prof's right-wing views cause faculty outrage, By Samantha HarrisReader: Jim Hull00:05:40
Prices Should Rise During Crises - Aug, 2017New supplies rush in and prices drop back, By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:07:03
Forfeiture Loot Corrupts Justice - Aug 23, 2017Police can confiscate suspicious cash and spend it. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:06:35
Airstrikes Are War - Aug 11, 2017Presidents should get Congress's ok to bomb a country. By Bonnie KristianReader: Jim Hull00:06:43
Senator Flake's Conscience - Aug 1, 2017The AZ Republican argues for freedom. By Nick GillespieReader: Jim Hull00:07:04
Pet Sitters Need a License in NYC - Jul 20, 2017In-home pet care is unlawful there. By Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:06:09
Power Causes Brain Damage - Jul 14, 2017People in authority behave like head-injury patients. By Andrew HeatonReader: Jim Hull00:06:45
Newspapers Want Congress to Bail Them Out - Jul 10, 2017They seek protection from new competition. By Ira StollReader: Jim Hull00:07:19
Lyft Shuttle and the City Bus - Jun 21, 2017It brings competition to overcrowded public transport. By Ed KrayewskiReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
Hysteria Over Date Rape Drugs - Jun 15, 2017It's rarer than reports suggests. By Liz WolfeReader: Jim Hull00:06:29
Tamper-Proof Drugs - Jun 2, 2017Failure of the tamper-proof drug model. FDA policy may have worsened the opiate addiction crisis. By Mike Riggs.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:06
Unlicensed Math - Jun 2, 2017Engineer points out problem with traffic-light timing - gets fined for doing math without a license. By Christian Britschgi.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:44
White-Owned Ethnic Restaurants Shamed - May 23, 2017Their authentic cuisine is condemned as cultural appropriation. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:00
Who's Telling the Truth in D.C.? - May 22, 2017For politicians lying is an art form. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:03
Anger at PC Predicted Votes for Trump - May 10, 2017Only party preference foretold ballots better than hating PC culture. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:25
Kimmel's Sick Baby and Medical Care - May 5, 2017Regulations, and not just costs, can restrict access. By Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:07:57
Bill O'Reilly Lost to the Feminists - Apr 19, 2017The marketplace gave him what he deserved. By Shikha DalmiaReader: Jim Hull00:07:42
Earth Day Dopes - Apr 17, 2017It's not science; it's a religion. By John StoesselReader: Jim Hull00:07:03
Rebirth of Supersonic Flight - Apr 12, 2017New York to London in three hours at one-third the old price. By Alexis GarciaReader: Jim Hull00:05:32
Colorado Governor admits legalizing pot not hellish - Mar 31, 2017He'll defend it if the Feds show up. By Mike RiggsReader: Jim Hull00:04:53
Poor White Americans Are Dying of Despair - Mar 23, 2017Low education, unemployment, and drug use are factors. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:05:28
Why We Have Daylight Saving Time - Mar 13, 2017Why we have it and why we should scrap it. By Andrew HeatonReader: Jim Hull00:05:46
Town-Hall Revolts of 1816 - Mar 16, 2017The 1816 election's populist uprising helped drive two-thirds of Congress from office. By Jesse WalkerReader: Jim Hull00:05:20
Don't Strangle AirBnb - Feb 22, 2017Instead of tightening rules on a new competitor, loosen limits for all players. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:25
Students Vote Against Diversity - Feb, 16 2017Cornell Students believe that presenting conservative viewpoints would divert energies away from liberal causes. By Robby Soave.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:43
Legal Pot Hurts Drug Cartels More than Trumps Wall - Feb 3, 2017Legitimate sources help dry up smugglers' profits. By Eric BoehmReader: Jim Hull00:08:20
FBI Steals People's Stuff for You - Jan 18, 2017The agency says it returns crime money quickly to victims, but nearly goes to the government. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:05:39
Religious Liberty Under Fire - Dec 21, 2016Conservative pundits defend worshippers unless they're Muslim. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:06:57
The War on Free Speech Escalates - Dec 12, 2016In Europe and America, both Left and Right are cracking down on speech. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:11:04
Aging Is a Disease and It's Time to Cure It - Dec 2, 2016Technology makes getting old no longer "normal". By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:10:18
Fashion Designers Are Boycotting Melania Trump - Nov 19, 2016If famous liberal artistes can boycott at will, why not bakers and florists? By Stephanie SladeReader: Jim Hull00:05:20
Policing 'Fake News' Is Our Own Responsibiliy - Nov 15, 2016Culling made-up political news could lead to general censorship. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:07:31
Many Californians Trying to Escape CalExit - Nov 10, 2016Some on the Left want CA to leave the U.S. while some on the Right want to leave CA. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:07:19
The Collectivist Election - Nov, 2016Politicians lump their opponents into big baskets of badness. By Matt WelchReader: Jim Hull00:10:53
The Ruling Class - Oct 26, 2016They decide which ideas are correct and permitted. By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:16
We Can Build Our Way Out of the Housing Crisis - Oct 21, 2016Regulations slow construction, which raises prices and prevents many from owning a house. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:08:04
There's Never Been a Better Time to Be Alive - Oct 14, 2016New book lays out the immense progress humanity has made. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:08:58
We Have a Clown Crime? - Oct 6, 2016Reports of clowns commiting felonies are, well, exaggerated. By Jesse WalkerReader: Jim Hull00:07:35
Pension Mess Can't Go On - Sep 30, 2016A fiscal day of reckoning can be delayed but not prevented. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:31
Why We Arrest Moms for Nearly Non-Existent Danger - Sep 22, 2016Moms get busted for leaving kids alone for a few moments. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:08:19
Why is Socialism So Attractive - Sep 16, 2016We evolved in small, fair-minded groups and wish modern life would treat us the same. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:12:21
What if You Were Mistakenly Put on a Watchlist? - Sep 9, 2016It's easy for such lists to sweep up the innocent. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:06:20
Is American Multiculturalism a Failure - Sep 1, 2016Immigrants have made the U.S. more vital and less violent. By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:07:27
Most Scientific Findings Are Wrong or Useless - Aug 26, 2016Today's research is largely free from reality tests. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:13:26
'Adulting Classes' for Fragile Students - Aug 10, 2016East Carolina U finds that new undergrads can't deal with setbacks. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:05:15
Generation Safe Space Is Having Less Sex - Aug 2, 2016They're living at home, not married, rape-averse, and just too busy. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:08:37
To Speed Economic Recovery, Release the Brakes - Jul 25, 2016Regulations and licensure laws stifle small-business growth. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:52
UFC: One Man's Brutal Spectacle is Another's Eden - Jul 18, 2016Every person has a right to decide how to use his or her body, including engaging in sport fighting. By Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:25
Officials 'Drone' On About Issues They Don't Understand - Jul 9, 2016Bureaucrats clamp down on new industries before they can grow. By Steve GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:06:31
Benghazi Just a Symptom - Jun 30, 2016The disease is interventionism, and America is set for another bout. By Bonnie KristianReader: Jim Hull00:06:28
Teens Vape More and Smoke Less - Jun 20, 2016The CDC claims vaping leads to smoking, but its own data says otherwise. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:11:03
The Second Amendment - Jun 20, 2016The Founders believed gun ownership was an individual right. By Damon RootReader: Jim Hull00:07:16
Zion Curtain Rule - Jun, 11 2016Utah's "Zion Curtain" Rule. The disputed law blocks restaurant patrons' view of drink preparation. By Baylen Linnekin.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:35
Private is Better - May, 25 2016Anything government can do, the private sector can do better. By John Stossel.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:48
Oberlin Students Want Bad Grades Removed - May 24, 2016Faculty balks at passing students too busy as activists to do classwork. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:55
Print Your Own Drugs - May 17, 20163-D printing of pharmaceuticals leaves regulators scrambling. By J.D. TuccileReader: Jim Hull00:08:45
Why Vape? E-Cig Companies Must Not Say - May 16, 2016The FDA rules vaping products may not imply they're safer than cigarettes. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:09:04
Climate Change Speech Dragnet - May 4, 2016Attorneys general seek to punish firms and foundations for arguing against climate policy. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:06:43
4th Amendment and the Poisonous Tree - Apr 28, 2016The USA Freedom Act allows the Feds to spy on citizens. By Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:08:36
Shut Up, The Explained - Apr 11, 2016Criminal charges mulled for companies that disagree with D.C. officials. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:14
Why Isn't There a Ladies-Only UberX Service? - Apr 12, 2016A woman-to-woman business would run afoul of fairness laws. By Katherine Mangu-WardReader: Jim Hull00:07:43
Coming Out of the Drug War Haze - Apr 4, 2016America might finally do it right and stress treatment over prison. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:54
Reforming Corporate Taxation is a Bipartisan Issue - Mar 24, 2016American businesses pay the highest rate in the world. By Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:06:44
Effects of New Overtime Rules - Mar 17, 2016Backers think more pay will increase jobs, but it's the other way around. By Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:06:15
Harry Potter and the Pointless Outrage - Mar 10, 2016Activist condemns J.K. Rowling for using Native American myths in her magic tales. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:23
FBI and the iPhone Back Door - Mar 1, 2016D.C. has failed many times to keep digital secrets; an iPhone master key would get top priority from crooks and spies. By J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:09:14
Apple's Involuntary Servitude - Feb 25, 2016The FBI insists the company make a key that might open all Apple phones. By Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:07:57
California's Push Against Occupational Licensing - Feb 22, 2016The rules keep the poor out of professions but don't protect consumers. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:26
The Size of Government - Feb 12, 2016No presidential hopeful from either party has a coherent view on the purpose or proper size of government. By Peter SudermanReader: Jim Hull00:07:17
Flower Arrangements as Protected Free Speech - Feb 8, 2016Can a florist refuse to produce flower arrangements for a gay wedding? By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:06:00
Freedom on the Rise Around the World - Jan 26, 2016Presidential candidates think America should set the world right, but other folks are mending things on their own, thank you. By Marian TupyReader: Jim Hull00:05:21
Who's Afraid of Political Cliches? - Jan 18, 2016Democrats vilify the GOP as the "party of fear", but there's plenty of fear-mongering from the Left, too. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:01
Jefferson Staters Keeping Up the Fight in California - Jan 15, 2016Rural northern counties feel ignored by the legislature and want to split off as the 51st state. By Steven GreehutReader: Jim Hull00:07:32
Federal Dietary Policies on Unsteady Diet of Nothing - Jan 9, 2016The latest guidelines contradict previous decisions, the science is questionable, and special interests lurk at the edges. By Baylen LinnekinReader: Jim Hull00:07:56
Where Are the Centrists? - Jan 4, 2016The "Missing Middle" has no champion among presidential candidates. By Ira StollReader: Jim Hull00:06:38
Time to Go After Those People - Dec, 9 2015It's Time to Go After Those People. Defining "Those People" depends on which side you're on. By A. Barton Hinkle.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:02
NSA Spying Hasn't Stopped, Dec 3, 2015Congress has passed a law that limits the NSA, but the cure may be worse than the disease. By Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:08:39
Cops Now Take More Than Robbers - Nov 27, 2015Forfeiture laws, meant to retrieve ill-gotten gains from criminals, are overused because police can keep much of the money. Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:38
Anti-Liberty Politicians - Nov 18, 2015Instead of protecting us from terrorists, some attorneys general are saving us from useful products and services. By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:28
Even Salon Thinks Trigger Warnings Have Ruined College - Oct 29, 2015A professor's students demand warnings of every possible word or image that might upset them. By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:06:10
The Feds Attack Payday Lenders - Oct 22, 2015Payday loans, though expensive, help the poor get by. The government thinks such loans are immoral. By Veronique de RugyReader: Jim Hull00:06:07
McDonalds Bans Eggs from Caged Chickens - Oct 9, 2015The power of the marketplace pushes the restaurant chain to issue an edict more strict than local regulations. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:06:26
Gypsy Cabs Get a Break - Oct, 13 2015A judge rules New York City may no longer confiscate unlicensed cabs without due process. By J. D. Tuccille.Reader: Jim Hull00:09:03
Trump on Sanctuary Cities - Oct, 5 2015Donald Trump's Wrong About Sanctuary Cities. There, they commit fewer crimes and are more helpful to police. By Zach Weissmueller.Reader: Jim Hull00:05:32
Government Is Here to Help - Sep 23, 2015It "helps" until things get fouled up, and then it "helps" some more. By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:05:56
Justice Dept $1 Billion Shakedown - Sep 29, 2015Justice snags a huge slush-fund payout from the automaker related to the Cobalt Debacle. By Shikha DalmiaReader: Jim Hull00:07:10
How the Federal Government Is Ruining College Education - Sep 14, 2015Federal aid has caused college fees to skyrocket, and grant recipients have low graduation rates. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:10
How to Balance the Budget in One Easy Step - Sep 7, 2015It's easy, European countries have done it, and it solves the problem in six years. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:52
Republicans Pander to Racial Fears - Sep 3, 2015As minority populations grow and conservative whites get edgy, GOP campaigners cater to those worries. By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
The Beginning of the End of Religious Freedom - Aug 21, 2015When a business is punished for turning down a job that violates its owner's religious convictions, freedom hangs in the balance. By D HarsanyiReader: Jim Hull00:07:35
When Rules Multiply, the World Needs Rule Breakers - Aug 19, 2015We all need rules, but when they stifle, innovators find a way around. By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:26
How Artificial Stupidity Can Kill Us All - Aug 7, 2015Fears that super-smart computers will dominate humanity might be overblown. But accidents could happen. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:08:31
Saving Our Way into the Poorhouse - Aug 5, 2015With all the government programs that promise to give back more than they spend, we should be rich by now. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:03
Do Prosecutors Have an Unfair Advantage in Our Criminal Justice System? - Jul 24, 2015A Reagan-era judge asserts that prosecutors have near-total immunity, tremendous leeway, can pad charges to force a plea. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:06:29
Progress Through State Violence or Smaller Government? - Jul 15, 2015Progressives believe big government will solve economic problems, but history shows that reducing governmental involvement actually is better.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:47
Both Left and Right are warping libertarian principles - Jul 11, 2015Both Left and Right are warping libertarian principles -- about tax exemptions and privatized marriage -- to punish each other. By Shikha DalmiaReader: Jim Hull00:08:50
Trump and the Myth of Immigrant Crime - Jul 6, 2015Contrary to candidate Trump's assertions, communities actually get safer and more prosperous when immigrants move in. By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:13
ACLU and Religious Freedom - Jun 29, 2015When Christian-based hospitals balk at paying for contraception, the ACLU calls it "discrimination". By Robby SoaveReader: Jim Hull00:05:52
Trans Fat Ban - Jun, 19 2015Once the government can tell you what you can't eat, what will stop it from telling you how to live the rest of your life? By David HarsanyiReader: Jim Hull00:07:52
Felony Child Neglect - Jun, 11 2015An 11-year-old was taken by C.P.S. His folks, delayed 90 minutes in traffic, were charged with felony child neglect. By Lenore SkenazyReader: Jim Hull00:07:13
The Foolish Socialism of Bernie Sanders - Jun 8, 2015The presidential challenger wants the U.S. to redistribute its wealth -- and produce fewer types of deodorant. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:04
The Costs of a $15 Minimum Wage - May 28, 2015The laws of economics can't be sidestepped: raising the wage will cause a shortage of available jobs. By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:36
The Libertarian Moment is Everywhere Around Us - May 22, 2015Democrat and Republican leaders work hard to slow the growth of libertarian thought among voters instead of incorporating those ideas.Reader: Jim Hull00:11:27
Classical Mythology Too Triggering - May 12, 2015A few undergrads may feel traumatized by dark portions of the classics; does this mean no student should read them? By Elizabeth Nolan BrownReader: Jim Hull00:05:46
Repeal the Patriot Act and End NSA Bulk Data Collection - May 7, 2015General search warrants enraged American colonists and are expressly forbidden by the Constitution's 4th Amendment. By Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:07:44
The Time to Limit NSA Snooping Is Now - Apr 29, 2015Federal agencies have used the Patriot Act as cover for wholesale spying on American citizens; a revision is long overdue. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:06:45
Two Gay Men Apologize, Face Boycotts for Talking to Ted Cruz - Apr 27, 2015They hosted a dinner with the presidential candidate, pressed him on his resistance to gay rights, then were shunned, By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:08:09
Can the President Legally Kill Americans? - Apr 17, 2015The president claims he can order the assassination of any American citizen deemed a lethal threat. Congress doesn't protest.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:26
VA Scandal - Apr 14, 2015Medical records of VA whistleblowers have been used against the whistleblowers, By J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:05:46
Dynamism, Durability, and Capitalism - Apr 6, 2015An old Toyota shows that quality can be as important as newness. By Ira StollReader: Jim Hull00:05:31
Public figures go after a pizzeria - Apr 2, 2015When public figures call for the trashing of a pizzeria whose owners express the "wrong" opinion on gay marriage, something is amiss.Reader: Jim Hull00:08:09
Hi Robot - Mar 3, 2015Over the decades, robots and their fictional counterparts have evolved together -- sometimes feared, sometimes loved, By Peter SudemanReader: Jim Hull00:09:40
Charlie Hebdo in the Dock - April, 2015Despite the national outcry over a lethal attack against a French humor magazine, France still outlaws speech deemed offensive. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:05:59
The Red Meat, Eggs, Fat, and Salt Diet - Feb 24, 2015Government researchers insisted certain diets were bad, but now they aren't ... etc etc. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:06:52
The Government's War on Freedom of the Press - Feb, 21 2015In press freedom the U.S. plummets to 49th place as the White House brings the hammer down on nosy journalists, By Ken SilvaReader: Jim Hull00:07:24
Do We Really Want A Passive Judiciary? No. - Feb 10, 2015"Judicial restraint" lately means courts simply defer to legislatures, abandoning us to unconstitutional laws, By Timothy SandefurReader: Jim Hull00:08:28
The Case Against Convening a New Constitutional Convention - Feb 9, 2015Not only could such a convention run away with the Constitution, but it wouldn't solve the original problem it was meant to addressReader: Jim Hull00:09:42
Congress Can Help Fight Police Abuse by Ending Incentives to Seize Assets - Jan 6, 2015Police often have an incentive to seize private assets without trial, but new laws can repair this. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:07:09
Anti-Abortion Bill Thwarted - Jan 23, 2015Republicans should lead the way on big issues -- instead of obsessing on limiting women's reproductive rights, By Elizabeth Nolan BrownReader: Jim Hull00:06:36
Aversion to Truth Isn't Specific to Any Ideology - Jan 19, 2015Both Left and Right are drawn to seductive falsehoods, but each side does it differently. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:21
Religious Extremism and the Road to Civilization - Jan 12, 2015A zealous belief system that must kill dissenters is uncivil and inherently weak, By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:25
How Financial Aid Drives Up the Cost of College - Jan 5, 2015Handing out money for higher education makes the price go up, By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:38
The State Department's Naughty List - Dec 24, 2014The U.S. list of "state-sponsored terrorism" countries is somewhat arbitrary. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:06:29
The Strange Source of Our Cuba Policy - Dec 22, 2014The odd workings of the Electoral College have kept the Cuban embargo in place long past its time, By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:35
Justice Was Not Served in Ferguson. What Now? - Dec 4, 2014The city council, police, prosecutors, and Feds betrayed the trust of Black citizens. By Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:07:46
Government-Backed Green Energy Goes Bust - Dec 1, 2014Both Democrats and Republicans accepted campaign contributions to push for the doomed project. By Ira StollReader: Jim Hull00:07:21
Surveillance Sneaking Its Way Into Cities - Nov 21, 2014Local programs to increase police spying and militarization should first get a public vetting. By Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
Why Markets Matter More to Liberty Than Elections - Nov 12, 2014Markets are about freedom of choice; voting is about forcing others to behave, By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:35
The U.S. Launches Another Dumb War in the Mid East - Nov 6, 2014Recent wars have brought chaos, not security; attacking ISIS will make matters worse. By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:32
Is Capitalism Environmentally Unsustainable? - Oct 31, 2014Western market economies do better than central planning at protecting the environment. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:06:18
The Government's "Truthy" Squad - Oct, 23 2014When the Feds pay scientists to watch our tweets, it's a privacy violation that chills freedom of expression. By Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:07:50
Fictional Infractions and Furry Judges - Oct 13, 2014Cops are bending the rules as they search motorists for cash and contraband, so the Supreme Court will weigh in. By Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:12:15
Unlimited Free Solar Power? - Oct 3, 2014It may never be free, but solar's cost is dropping quickly, and it's been adopted much faster than predicted. By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:07:43
It's the Presidency, Stupid - Sep 30, 2014Presidential democracies worse for freedom than parliaments, By Gene HealyReader: Jim Hull00:16:06
Ron Paul at LPAC - Sep, 20 2014We have to become quite tolerant of the way people use their liberty. By Elizabeth Nolan BrownReader: Jim Hull00:07:50
Soylent Cuisine - Oct, 2014A bland meal replacement challenges attitudes about food. By Greg BeatoReader: Jim Hull00:11:46
How Markets and Property Rights Can Protect Nature - Sep 3, 2014Private owners have vested interests in protecting ecology. By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:05
Are Police More Damned Trouble Than They're Worth - Aug 28, 2014Militarized officers dishonor the "Peelian Principles", By J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:08:35
Anything You Don't Say Will Be Used Against You - Aug 22, 2014CA Supreme Court rules silence can convict. By Steven GreehutReader: Jim Hull00:06:10
Ferguson Shows Blacks Live in a Different America - Aug 18, 2014Bias still keeps them at a disadvantage, By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:49
5 Issues on Which Libertarians Are On Your Side - Aug 12, 2014Drugs, prisons, police, small business, world peace. By J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:12:02
Bad Policies Are Their Own Worst Enemy - Jul 31, 2014In time, the public votes out unworkable laws, By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:18
The Moral Case for Self-Driving Cars - Aug/Sep 2014Safer, cheaper, greener, they'll also aid those who can't drive, By Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:10:30
The Truth About Violence in Chicago - Jul 21, 2014Less crime there than 18 major cities, but troubles remain, By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:08
Bad Things In an Instant, Good News Takes Time - Jul 9, 2014Good things grow slowly, making them harder to report, By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:05:47
Economic Fallacies on the Left and Right - Jul 7, 2014Both sides tout, wrongly, economic benefits of their policies, By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:48
The Redskins Defense - Jun 30, 2014The Latest Lame Defense of the Washington Redskins. Virginia defends team freedom while trampling on other firms. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:16
The FDA's Unpalatable Cheese Crackdown - Jul 14, 2014Backing off for now, the FDA is still against wood aging. By Baylin LikkeinReader: Jim Hull00:06:27
We Were Warned About the Rise of Empire - Jun 15, 2014America's militarism and alliances bespeak a dark supremacy. By Sheldon RichmanReader: Jim Hull00:11:58
FDA to Save Us From Sourge of Wood Aging Boards - Jun 9, 2014Wood aging boards used for artisanal cheese declared unsafe, angering producers. By Elizabeth Nolan BrownReader: Jim Hull00:07:13
New Laws Are an Ineffective Response to Tragedies - May, 28 2014No law can stop one who plans to die during his crime, By J.D. TuccileReader: Jim Hull00:06:12
Airing government misdeeds is a right, not privilege - May 22, 2014At The New York Times, a sudden appreciation for media censorship with Greenwald, By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:06:02
Ideology in the Service of Global Warming - May 13, 2014Impassioned debate helps voters decide. By Shikha DalmiaReader: Jim Hull00:08:33
The GOP's Immigration Problem - May 12, 2014Republicans shun them despite their old-school values, By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:08:08
Onion Fight - May, 3 2014Vidalia Onion Fight Highlights Absurdity of Many State Food Rules. One grower defied Georgia law and shipped early. By Baylen LinnekinReader: Jim Hull00:06:22
Is It Time to Welcome Our New Robot Overlords? - Apr 28, 2014Computers may wish to rule us, but humans try all the time. By A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:21
The Value of Privacy - Apr 23, 2014We may opt to forego privacy, but it's our choice, not theirs, By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:05:26
Gay Rights, Intolerance, and Racial Parallels - Apr 14, 2014Pressure against dissent cuts both ways. By Cathy YoungReader: Jim Hull00:11:37
Yee's Less Sexy Corruption Just Part of the System - Apr 9, 2014Gun-control legislator cited for gun running and graft. By Scott ShackfordReader: Jim Hull00:08:10
Zero Tolerance Hurts Kids and Ruins Schools - Mar 21, 2014Officials keep "rethinking" policy yet suspend students for trifles. by A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:15
The 3D Economy - Mar, 24 2014It's not just plastic guns: 3-D printers threaten big business. By Greg Beato.Reader: Jim Hull00:11:31
CIA Reminds Us Who's Boss - Mar 13, 2014Senate Intelligence Committee just thinks it's in charge. by Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:32
How to Handle Monster Putin - Mar 6, 2014Trying to fix other nations, as with Crimea, makes things worse, by Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:09:16
9 Reasons Why Raising Minimum Wage is Bad Idea - Mar 3, 2014Increase won't help the people it's meant for, by Ira StollReader: Jim Hull00:06:22
Put the Taxi Cartel in the Rearview Mirror - Feb, 20 2014Cabs hate the new, cheaper private-driver groups, by Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:17
Laboratories for Prosperity - March, 2014Comparison shows limited government impoves state economies. by John HoodReader: Jim Hull00:16:40
The Right to Take (Even Really Stupid) Risks - Feb, 10, 2014Even our crazy gambles are ours, not others', to make, by J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:06:04
Guacamole is the Real Winner of the Super Bowl - Jan, 27 2014America learns to embrace the best from around the world. by Ira StollReader: Jim Hull00:05:15
Eat Your Frankenfood! - Jan 27, 2014The Left likes science when it supports climate change but not when it oks GMOs, by A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:10:30
Tech Innovation Outstrips Gov Obstructionism - Jan, 20 2014New markets crowd-source ratings and quality. by Ira StollReader: Jim Hull00:06:45
US Foreign Policy Is a Shambles - Jan 8, 2014Our efforts create havoc and tend to backfire, by Sheldon RichmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:18
A Ruling for Polygamy - and Freedom - Jan 6, 2014Utah's laws against plural marriage overturned. by Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:56
Seven Pieces of Good News for Freedom - Dec 31, 2013Liberty made gains in several areas, Ed Krayewski et alReader: Jim Hull00:09:17
Federal Judge states NSA is "Almost Orwellian - Dec 19, 2013D.C.C court finds general spying unconstitutional (and useless) by Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:07:46
Abuses of Power - Dec, 19 2013Government's Eternal Excuses, Torture? Go free. Blow the whistle on torture? Face Prison. by Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:42
Not Isolationism - Dec, 10 2013It's Not Isolationist For America To Mind Its Own Business. Americans are less into war and more into trade, by Gene HealyReader: Jim Hull00:05:53
Sometimes the 'Makers' Act Like 'Takers' - Dec 4, 2013Business want government to provide trained workers, by A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:13
Democracy and the Filibuster - Nov 25, 2013It's a Senate rule, not a Constitutional imperative, by Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:37
Sousveillance - Nov 18, 2013Sousveillance Turns the Tables on the Surveillance State. New tech enalbes anyone to do video tracking. by Jerry BritoReader: Jim Hull00:08:04
The NSA - Nov 7, 2013How Can the NSA Spy on Merkel, the Pope, the U.N., and the Rest of US? They claim the Constitution doesn't prohibit their sweeps. by Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:08:11
Whoops! US Slipped in Four Freedom Rankings - Nov 5, 2013Business and press freedoms sagged again this year. by J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:08:31
Conspiracy Theories - Oct 26, 2013Five Things They Don't Want You to Know About Conspiracy Theories. Even when wrong, our suspicions tell us much about ourselves. by Jesse WalkerReader: Jim Hull00:10:38
Longing to Be a Victim - Oct, 16 2013Disability laws encourage victimization. by John StoesselReader: Jim Hull00:05:55
Society is Coarser but Better - Oct, dd 2013Although more rude, America is also safer and less violent. By Nick Gillespie.Reader: Jim Hull00:06:10
Healthy Definace Sometimes Protects Us - Oct 7, 2013Sometimes the "will of the people" goes too far." by J.D. TuccilleReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
The Real Meaning of the "Redskins" Debate - Sep 30, 2013Is it a racist moniker if it's popular among Native Americans? by Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:35
Free Speech Is So Annoying to Elected Officials - Sep 23, 2013Some leaders suppress public comments they don't like, by A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:02
The U.S. Must Not Be The World's Policeman - Sep, 8 2013Efforts to coerce others have backfired, by Sheldon RichmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:31
Watched Cops Are Polite Cops - Aug 30, 2013When police wear video cameras, complaints drop, by Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:07:50
The Government's Latest Attack on Civil Liberties - Aug, 27 2013Starting up: random street searches, more video spying. by Gene HealyReader: Jim Hull00:06:06
Why Are American Conservatives Praising Putin - Aug 22, 2013Russia's anti-gay policy isn't religious -- it's political. by Cathy YoungReader: Jim Hull00:06:54
Federal Judge Ruling on Stop-and-Frisk - Aug 12, 2013It violates the 4th Amendment on privacy and the 14th Amendment on discrimination by Jacob SullumReader: Jim Hull00:08:31
Domestic Spying is Dangerous to Freedom - Aug 8, 2013NSA spy program has vastly overreached its authority. by Andrew NapolitanoReader: Jim Hull00:08:11
Is America on the Decline - Jul 31, 2013"Many national trends resemble ancient Rome's before it fell." by John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:28
Why Detroit Won't Have a Second Act - Jul 23, 2013"Floundering city indulges fat cats, inhibits small businesses" by Shikha DalmiaReader: Jim Hull00:06:53
No One Trusts the Government - Jul 14, 2013"Bad news for libertarians, the less a nation's voters trust it the more government they get." by Nick GillespieReader: Jim Hull00:09:54
It's Time to Train Offices Not to Kill Dogs - Jul 8, 2013"Police often shoot threatening family pets as a first resort" by A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:45
The Aaron Hernandez Case - Jul 2, 2013"The most shocking part of the case isn't that he may have killed someone, but the preferential treatment at arrest due to his wealth and fame." by Mike RiggsReader: Jim Hull00:06:01
Car Buyers Get Hijacked by Crony Capitalism - Jun 20, 2013"Texas is known for business freedom yet curbs sales by Tesla Motors" by Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:35
How to Keep Your Government from Spying on You - Jun, 14 2013"Ways to protect your email, etc., from snooping." by Ronald BaileyReader: Jim Hull00:08:59
Real Problem With NSA's Indiscriminate Spying - Jun, 10, 2013"It's a 'general warrant', which violates the 4th." by Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:56
No More Tax Dollars for Sport Stadiums - June 3, 2013"Stadiums are touted as economic engines, but usually the conk out." by A. Barton HinkleReader: Jim Hull00:07:16
IRS Scandal Highlights - May 24, 2013"Despite recent news, neither side really wants to weaken the IRS" by Steven GreenhutReader: Jim Hull00:07:36
Raising Kids - May, 15 2013America Needs More Free-Range Kids. Children were tougher in the past; maybe we're being too careful with them. By John StosselReader: Jim Hull00:06:11
Immigration Facts - May, 13 2013"It's Time to Face Facts About Illegal Immigration. They'll find a way here; no sense keeping them down" By Steve ChapmanReader: Jim Hull00:06:32

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