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Real Simple

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Judy Rubino reads you selections from her favorite magazine, Real Simple. It's about food, home organization, beauty and style, life and soul, celebrations and all that makes life worthwhile.

Current Real Simple Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Real Simple - Mar 2018"What's In a Name?" Writer Caitlin Macy on growing up with a strange nameReader: Judy Rubino00:09:53
Real Simple - Feb 2018""The Place I Call Home" Four writers reflect on what drew them to the place where they liveReader: Judy Rubino00:16:02
Real Simple - Feb 2018"To Have and Preserve" by Chloe BenjaminReader: Judy Rubino00:10:17
Real Simple - Feb 2018"Modern Manners" by Catherine Newman, "Making it Work" by Jane PorterReader: Melissa Baird00:11:11
Real Simple - Apr, 2017Home Waters by Irene Panke Hopkins. Modern Manners by Catherine Newman. Relating: 5 Strategies for Fighting Fair by Sarah J. Robbins.Reader: Melissa Baird00:23:54
Real Simple - Mar, 2017Bounce Back! When life gets cruel, laugh it off. By Virginia Sole-Smith. The Vet Will See You Now. By Sarah Grossbart.Reader: Melissa Baird00:18:02
Real Simple - Mar 2017"Nothing to See Here" by Samantha Zabell, "Modern Manners" by Catherine Newman, "Relationships" by Sarah J RobbinsReader: Melissa Baird00:23:14
Real Simple - Jan, 2017Taking The Cake by Angela Brown. Modern Manners by Catherine Newman. 5 Things to do to Spark Creativity by Sarah J.Robbins.Reader: Melissa Baird00:20:52
Real Simple - Oct, 2016Learning you have an illness is tough enough, but then you have to find out what to do with that information. By Jennifer Lindley.Reader: Melissa Baird00:18:00
Real Simple - Oct, 2016Life Lessons by Terry McMillan; Modern Manners by Catherine Newman; 5 Helpful Things You Can Learn From Horror Films by Liz Lorke.Reader: Melissa Baird00:19:15
Real Simple - Sep, 2016Halfway Down the Stairs by Chris Hunt; Modern Manners by Catherine Newman; Start Right With Your Kid's Teacher by Claire Zulkey.Reader: Melissa Baird00:19:28
Real Simple - Aug, 2016Life Lessons: Home Alone , by Ann Leary. Modern Manners, by Catherine Newman. Expertise: Keep cool when it's hot, by Rebecca Webber.Reader: Melissa Baird00:20:10
Real Simple - Jul, 2016"Gossip: A Field Guide" by Jennifer King Lindley. "Tell Me About It" by Eilene Zimmerman.Reader: Melissa Baird00:22:43
Real Simple - Jul 2016"Saving Face" by Rachel Haler, "Modern Manners" by Catherine Newman, "5 Ways to End an Argument" by Rebecca WebberReader: Melissa Baird00:19:36
Real Simple - Jun 2016"Choose Your Own Summer Adventure" by I. Ratledge, "Dads and Daughters" by variousReader: Melissa Baird00:20:57
Real Simple - Jun, 2016Into the Woods by Lisa Wood Shapiro, Modern Manners by Catherine Newman, Five U.S. Historic Sites by Paige Porter Fischer.Reader: Melissa Baird00:23:15
Real Simple - May 2016Sweet Emotion, by Megan Abbott. Modern Manners, by Catherine Newman. 5 Behaviors That Are Annoying Your Coworkers, By Jane Borden.Reader: Melissa Baird00:20:24
Real Simple Apr 2016"An Accidental Friendship" by Diane Penny, "Modern Manners" by Catherine Newman, "5 Tricks to Being a Better Judge of Character"Reader: Melissa Baird00:21:16
Real Simple - Apr, 2016"The One-Small-Change Diet" by Laura Shocker. "Things Cooks Know," by Heath Goldman.Reader: Melissa Baird00:19:02
Real Simple - Mar 2016"Mindful Shopping" by Rosemary Counter, "Washing Machines 101" by Amanda LeckyReader: Melissa Baird00:17:38
Real Simple - Mar 2016" Death in The Middle", "Modern Manners", "5 Ways to Make Mornings More Bearable"Reader: Melissa Baird00:21:05
Real Simple - Feb, 2016The Long Haul, by Amy Shearn. The Caregiver's Guide to Good Health, by Virginia Sole-Smith.Reader: Melissa Baird00:22:42
Real Simple - Feb 2016"What Lies Beneath?" by Lee Woodruff, "Modern Manners" by Catherine Newman, "Five Relationship Mantras..." by Rebecca WebberReader: Melissa Baird00:21:15
Real Simple - Jan 2016"The Art of Aging" by Julianna Ballot, "Modern Manners" by Catherine Newman, "5 Times to Hold Your Tongue", by R. WebberReader: Melissa Baird00:21:37
Real Simple - Dec, 2015Life Lessons: Santa's Dead! By David McGlynn. The Guide: Family - Help! I'm spending the holidays with my family! By Ingela Ratledge.Reader: Melissa Baird00:17:31
Real Simple - Nov, 2015The Unloved Neighbor, by Lisa Gornick. Modern Manners, by Catherine Newman. 5 Ways to Handle an Awkward Situation, by Rebecca Webber.Reader: Melissa Baird00:21:12
Real Simple - Oct, 2015Things that go bump or creak or rattle in the night, by Amanda Lecky. Do it yourself marriage counseling, by Eliana Osborn.Reader: Melissa Baird00:18:58
Real Simple - Oct 2015"Costume Drama" by Sloane Crosley, Go With Your Gut by R. Webber, Fascination With Supernatural by Brandi BroxsonReader: Melissa Baird00:16:33
Real Simple - Aug 2015"Pain" by Amy Paturel, Grilled Curry Chicken Breast recipe by Chris MoroccoReader: Melissa Baird00:16:53
Real Simple - Jul 2015"The Diary Thief" by Elizabeth Benedict, "Modern Manners" by Catherine Newman, "5 Ways to Handle Jealousy" by Rebecca WebberReader: Melissa Baird00:20:11
Real Simple - Jul 2015"43 Ways You're Not Really Helping" by Emily Hsieh, "Things Cooks Know" by Heath GoldmanReader: Melissa Baird00:22:32
Real Simple - Jun, 2015The Write Stuff, by Emma Straub. Modern Manners, by Catherine Newman. Expertise: The Five Best Beach Reads, by Rebecca Webber.Reader: Melissa Baird00:20:36
Real Simple - Nov, 2014The Guide: Family - Hear Ye Hear Ye. Being a better listener by Marisa Cohen. Health: Why Gratitude is Best by Louisa Camps.Reader: Melissa Baird00:19:49
Real Simple - Apr, 2015Life Lessons: Sight Unseen by Sophia Tzenh. Modern Manners: 2015 Technology Edition. The Vets Will See You Now! by Various.Reader: Melissa Baird00:20:42
Real Simple - Mar, 2015Divide & Conquer. The first step to treating illness is to ask "What's your sex?" by Laura Schocker. Clique-Bait, by Lisa Freedman.Reader: Melissa Baird00:21:16
Real Simple - Mar, 2015"Getting My Feet Wet" by Ann Hood; "Modern Manners" by Catherine Newman; "Your Words" by various authors.Reader: Melissa Baird00:22:42
Real Simple - Feb 2015"Life Lessons - What the Doc Saw", "Modern Manners" by Catherine Newman, "Expertise - 5 Things to Never Keep From Your Partner"Reader: Melissa Baird00:20:54
Real Simple - Jan, 2015Life Lessons: What I Did For Love. Modern Manners: Advice on Social Quandaries. Expertise: Five Ways to Banish Guilt.Reader: Melissa Baird00:18:23

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