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Readers Digest

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In this series of podcasts, Darla Middlebrook read you the best of the articles in each months Reader's Digest Magazine.

Current Readers Digest Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Feel Good - Sep, 2021Good News - Five Reasons to Smile, by Al DonatoDarla Middlebrook00:08:39
Medical Mysteries - Jul/Aug, 2021Angry Blotches-She was misdiagnosed, but did not stop asking questions, by Nicholas Hune-BrownDarla Middlebrook00:07:53
Five Reasons to Smile - Jul/Aug, 2021World wide "pick-me-ups" by Luc RinaldiDarla Middlebrook00:08:28
You're Hired! - Jul/Aug, 2021A Calgary, Alberta company helps the city's homeless, by Sebastian LeckDarla Middlebrook00:05:13
Why Do People Fall for Conspiracy Theories - Jul/Aug, 2021Ghayda Hassan, psychology professor answersDarla Middlebrook00:05:57
Ping & Gaston - Jun, 2021Fostering a pair of ducklings, brought new joy to our home-until I discovered what awaited them back on the farm. by Olivia StrenDarla Middlebrook00:09:25
National Treasure - Jun, 2021A sweet Canadian treat, by Emma WavermanDarla Middlebrook00:10:26
Heart-Character Studies - May, 2021In lockdown, a son & his mom connect, by John DanakasDarla Middlebrook00:09:17
Canada's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries pt 2 - Apr, 2021Weird and spooky things from up North, by Luc Rinaldi and Courtney SheaDarla Middlebrook00:10:03
Canada's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries pt 1 of 2- Apr, 2021Weird and spooky things from up North, by Luc Rinaldi and Courtney SheaDarla Middlebrook00:10:27
Why Are Horoscopes So Popular Now? - Apr, 2021The title pretty much says it all, by Courtney SheaDarla Middlebrook00:05:24
The Woman who fought a COUGAR - Mar, 2021Amazing courage of one tiny woman, by Mary MurrayDarla Middlebrook00:15:58
Minority Report - Jan/Feb, 2021How Asian Canadians are fighting a rise in pandemic racism. by Erica NgaoDarla Middlebrook00:05:31
Inter-Purr-sonal Com-Meow-nication- Jan/Feb, 2021A "Cat" therapist gives advice, by Cassie BarradasDarla Middlebrook00:06:13
Better Late than Never - Dec, 2020Learning about Autism in women, by Wanda Deschamps from Broadview, Reader's DigestDarla Middlebrook00:17:17
Mr. Legendary - Nov, 2020An interview with Robbie Robertson from The Band, by Jason McBride, Toronto LifeDarla Middlebrook00:15:14
Wide World of Weird - Nov, 2020Life can be funny, by Suzannah ShowlerDarla Middlebrook00:03:36
Funny Cooking Short-story - Nov, 2020I accidentally bought a bag of no-purpose flour. Now what?? by Sophie KohnDarla Middlebrook00:05:19
How Do Masks Protect Me - Nov, 2020Why it is a good idea to wear a mask, by Courtney SheaDarla Middlebrook00:05:04
Open Up and Say HaHa - Oct, 2020Laughter is good medicine, by Rebecca PhilpsDarla Middlebrook00:05:26
Word of Wellness - Sep, 2020The benefits of reading to others, by Meghan Cox GurdonDarla Middlebrook00:07:37
Wakey, Wakey - Sep, 2020Safety and/or risks of caffeine. by Rebecca PhilipsDarla Middlebrook00:05:16
Next Door Strangers - Sep, 2020Trying to be a good neighbour during COVID-10. by Karen StillerDarla Middlebrook00:07:08
You're from where? - Jul/Aug, 2020You're from where? Some Canadian town names are are strange. by Rosie Long DecterDarla Middlebrook00:05:43
Readers Digest - Jul/Aug, 2020World Wide Weird-funny snippets, by Rebecca PhilipsDarla Middlebrook00:03:47
As Kids See It - Jul/Aug, 2020Humor from kids' and parents' points of viewDarla Middlebrook00:04:25
Mom Needs IT Help...Again - Jul/Aug, 2020Trying to help his mother navigate her tech. by Craig BainesDarla Middlebrook00:05:46
P.M. Dad - Jun, 2020Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, remembers his father. by Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of CanadaDarla Middlebrook00:10:10
Rely On Me Not GOOGLE - May, 2020A plea from the lonely Magic 8 Ball, by Cassie BarradasDarla Middlebrook00:05:09
13 Things - May, 2020What You Should Know About Laundry, by Anna-Kaisa WalkerDarla Middlebrook00:05:21
Ways to Help Your Pet Live Longer - Apr, 2020Keeping your fur baby safe and happy, by Anna-Kaisa WalkerDarla Middlebrook00:05:29
Ask an Expert - Apr, 2020Is it good to be bored? by Courtney SheaDarla Middlebrook00:04:45
Canada's Funniest Family Vacations - Mar, 2019True tales of hi-jinks, hot peppers, and all-out hilarityDarla Middlebrook00:12:11
Talking to a Smart Person - Jan/Feb, 2020Do I Really NEED to Count Calories. We ask Abby Langer, a registered dietitian, by Courtney SheaDarla Middlebrook00:06:54
Humor - Feb/Jan, 2020Various Humorous stories.Darla Middlebrook00:04:51
She Changed My Life - Nov, 2019The Power of a Great Teacher, by Karin BrulliardDarla Middlebrook00:07:49
The Curch That Wouldn't Burn - Dec, 2019A town swallowed by fire, but this building and the people stand, by Bill HangleyDarla Middlebrook00:10:11
A Dog for One Day - Dec, 2019To give a dog love, by Nicole SimonDarla Middlebrook00:09:06
Marriage is Like a Compost Heap - Jun, 2019The author's father gave unusual, but enduring advice in a wedding speech, by Sophie HoweReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:29
Complainer's Corner - Jun, 2019A toddler "help" line, staffed by a toddler's voice, by Sara GivenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:07
Outrageous Family Stories - May, 2019From Valentine's faux pas, tho home repairs gone wrong, writers share their clans' kookiest taste.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:14:42
Old People Should... - May, 2019A look at how attitudes toward aging affect us. by Bruce GiersonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:30
My Charmed Life - Apr, 2019A professional magician talks about his approach, by Nate StaniforthReader: Darla Middlebrook00:16:51
Why Don't These Terms Exist? - Mar, 2019These terms should be in a dictionary, somewhere! by Bill BouldinReader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:26
Won't You Be My Neighbor and BFF? - Jan/Feb, 2019After moving to the suburbs, the author felt forlorn and friendless. by Megan MurphyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:24
Drama in Real Life - Dec, 2018When a Texas man decapitated the poisonous snake threatening his wife, he assumed that would be the end of it. He was wrong. by Nicholas Hune-BrownReader: Darla Middlebrook00:16:55
The Marvellous Making of Canada's Most Autism-Friendly Town - Dec, 2018How a community pulled together. by Valerie HowesReader: Darla Middlebrook00:16:30
A Holly Jolly Jewish Christmas - Dec, 2018Holiday traditions don't always have to be Kosher, by Rose TekelReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:05
The Peaceful Soldier - Nov, 2018Alphone Pelltier is a Canadian veteran of the Korean War (from Quebec). He is also known as "the hero of Hacksaw Ridge" by Stephanie VergeReader: Darla Middlebrook00:14:02
From The World of Medicine - Nov, 201834 Things You Need to Know About Arthritis. News From the World of Medicine - Vitamin B12, air pollution, hearing aids, osteoporosis...Reader: Nancy Porter00:27:04
Frighteningly GOOD - Oct, 2018Frighteningly GOOD: Science Fiction Author, Ray Bradbury recalls his family's zeal for Halloween.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:47
Dog Walker, 56, Female - Sep, 2018Annette Poitras had planned to be gone only an hour, that was three days ago. By Katherine LaidlawReader: Darla Middlebrook00:16:07
Sweetgrass Fire - Jul, 2018Drama In Real Life: The Fire in Sweetgrass. A daring rescue from a house fire. By Nicholas Hune-Brown.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:16:16
Canine Courage - Jul, 2018Editor's Choice: Canine Courage. The surprising story of the training of police dogs. By Rachel Rose.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:23:56
Department of Wit - Jun, 2018Being Old-Fashioned, A Tragedy-Interview with the 'lowly' Tim Bit (doughnut hole). By Cassie BarradasReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:42
Me, my mom & SEARS - May, 2018Mourning the end of an era and giving a tribute to Mother, By Megan MurphyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:57
Car Trouble in the Future Mar, 2018This is What Reporting Car Trouble Will Be Like in the Future, By Christopher HarperReaders: Don White, Blair Seibert, and Chris Abell00:03:19
Brain Games - Mar, 20186 Simple Brain Games That Will Make You Feel Stronger, Happier, and More Resilent, By Jane McGonigal, from the book SuperbetterReader: Regina Lynn00:07:31
The Heroic Dog - Mar, 2018The Heroic Dog that Saved a Family of Five from Burning in a House Fire, By Walter Lewis as told to Sara Wagner, WANE-TVReader: Michael Kaye00:03:21
Pen Pal Club - Mar, 2018Story All Started in a Pen Pal ClubReader: Linda OBrian00:02:29
Unexpected Health Benefits - Mar, 201810 Unexpected Health Benefits of Spring CleaningReader: Anna Dow00:04:33
438 Days - Mar, 2018This Man Was Stranded By Sea for 438 Days, By Jonathan FranklinReader: Chris Abell00:15:12
Jokes - Feb, 2018A smattering of jokes from the current issue. By various authors.Reader: Julie Williams00:01:29
A Messy Blessing - Mar, 2018Yes, I'm married to a minister. No, I'm not judging you for your sins. By Ken StillerReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:22
A Recipe for Success - Jan/Feb, 2018Matters of food and fights. By Adam GopnikReader: Darla Middlebrook00:15:17
When Halifax Burned - Dec, 2017On December 7, 1917; Halifax, Nova Scotia experience an incident which was one of the events of its and Canada's history. By Ken CuthbertsonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:15:46
Green Eggs & Sam - Nov, 2017How a blind chicken taught my family about the dangers and joys of taking risk, By Penny PorterReader: Darla Middlebrook00:11:50
That's Outrageous - Nov, 2017Creep Crawlies, By Daniel Viola, Readers Digest, CanadaReader: Darla Middlebrook00:03:31
My Greatest Olympic Prize - Oct, 2017My Greatest Olympic Prize, By Jesse Owens-from the 1960 archivesReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:56
How Sweet It Is - Jun, 2017After losing all in Syria, a family moved a chocolate business to Canada, sharing their confections with the world. By Lisa Jackson.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:06
Anna, 1925 - Apr, 2017A long cherished photograph unlocks a wartime mystery that binds two families together. By Michael R. GeisterferReader: Darla Middlebrook00:12:02
Vision Quest - Apr, 2017A painful, and elusive eye condition offers a lesson in seeing what's really important. By Virginia Fisher Yaffee (from the Globe & Mail newspapers)Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:57
The Curious Case of the Mysterious Hum - Mar, 2017Residents of Windsor, Ontario have been plagued by a spectral noise. By Simon LewsonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:19:04
Banishing Sunday Night Blues - Jan/Feb, 201710 ways to take back your weekend, By Catherine Perreault-LessardReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:51
The Dirty Dozen - Dec, 2016My catastrophic 12 days of Christmas, By Colin NissanReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:40
They Called Him PeePaw - Nov, 2016To Canadians, Gordie Howe was Mr. Hockey. To his loved ones, he was a toe-tickling, prank-loving family man. By Dan Robson from SportsnetAnnouncer: Darla Middlebrook00:06:14
Drama in Real Life - Oct, 2016The Shymanskis had taught their five-year-old daughter, what to do in case of emergency. What ended up happening is she saved her mom and brother too.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:15:17
The Teacher Who Changed My Life - Sep, 2016Canadians remember their favorite educators.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:15:29
Leap of Faith - Jul/Aug, 2016Trainman Merv Peever knew he would have to risk his life to save a 3-year old girl, hunched over the tracks 60 metres away. By J McDonald, RD CanadaReader: Darla Middlebrook00:14:08
Information Please (Cats) - May, 2016A young boy finds the answers to life's pressing questions-and a friend-at the end of the line. By Paul Villiard, RD-CanadaAnnouncer: Darla Middlebrook00:09:44
Tracking the Tracker - Jan, 2016Adam Bisby survived a mauling by a cougar. More than three decades later, he's stalking the big cat in search of answers. By Adam Bisby.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:16:03
Beyond the Crust - Jan, 2016Society: Beyond the Crust: Canada's "signature" dessert, the deceptively simple butter tart is as complex as Canada's history.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:12:52

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