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Psychology Today

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Commentary, Research and News covering all aspects of Human Behavior, from the workings of the brain, to relationships and the larger cultural forces that influence our decisions. Listen to Lynda Kluck read you her personal selections.

Current Psychology Today Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Solutions for the Solitary - Jul, 2017Loneliness requires courage and altered perception to escape, but it is possible. By Guy Winch.Reader: Lynda Kluck00:08:26
The Real Narcissists - Sep, 2016The label is everywhere, but it's widely misused to describe anyone who offends us. The truth? A little narcissism is good for you. By Rebecca WebberReader: David Beach00:21:01
Beyond Happiness: The Upside Of Feeling Down - Feb, 2015Negative emotions do us a great favor - they save us from ourselves. They're signals urging us to change what we are doing. By Matthew HutsonReader: David Beach00:25:56
Hopeful Currents - Feb, 2015Zapping the brain with electricity to address mood disorders to low sexual desire. Is a new treatment modality on the horizon?Reader: David Beach00:11:51
Are these rules worth breaking? - Dec, 2014We all fudge the rules now and then, yet what makes us break rules under some conditions and not others? Here's a look at the science.Reader: David Beach00:22:02
A "Normal" Day - Oct, 2014A mother's struggle with a son's mental illness makes her think the unthinkable and exposes flaws in the mental health system. By Liza LongReader: David Beach00:13:04
Super Survival of the Fittest - Aug, 2014People are not powerless in the face of tragedy and suffering; many bounce back with resilience. By David B. Feldman, PH.D, Lee Daniel KravetzReader: David Beach00:20:07
Various articles - Jul/Aug, 2014Why Pursuing Your Passion Can Backfire, By Marty Nemko PhD; When Love is a Foreign Concept, Ming Canady as told to Carlin FloraReader: David Beach00:13:59
Dreams of Glory - Mar / Apr, 2014An activity considered a lapse in attention can bring about benefits believed to result only from strict cognitive control. By Scott Barry KaufmanReader: David Beach00:23:16
Go Forth In Anger - Mar, 2014It's a forceful motivator and has such a strong impact on others it may actually deter fist-first aggression. By Joann Ellison RogersReader: David Beach00:14:13
Reinvent Yourself - May, 2014Major life changes are never easy ... Learn to focus on your future self, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. By Rebecca WeberReader: David Beach00:22:52
Tactics & Misconceptions - Mar, 2014Seven Sneaky Tactics That Sway. By Adam Grant; Misconceptions about 12-step programs may interfere with real recovery. By David Sack.Reader: David Beach00:11:50
Know Thyself - Mar, 2014Personal intelligence opens a privileged window into our minds as well as into the byzantine motivations of others. By John D. MayerReader: David Beach00:17:56
Chasing Slumber - Sep / Oct, 2013Sleep deprivation affects us on a molecular level and causes cognitive impairments that lead to disasters in nearly every occupation. by Mark WolvertonReader: Brian Monk00:19:20
When Virtue Becomes Vice - Sep / Oct, 2013In a world in which disruptive change is a near constant, all assumptions about what traits are beneficial must be regularly re-examined. by Mary LoftusReader: Brian Monk00:27:34
Kings And Queens of Chaos - Sep / Oct, 2013How to handle borderline personality disorder. by Elizabeth SvabodaReader: Brian Monk00:20:01
What Happy People Do Differently - Jul / Aug, 2013"#1 They seek risk, not reward." by Todd Kashdan and Robert Biswas-DienerReader: Brian Monk00:23:08
The Against All Odds Club - Apr, 2013"Shark attacks and lightning strikes are vanishingly rare. What becomes of the survivors of such one-in-a-million events?" by Brooke Lea FosterReader: Brian Monk00:13:36
The You In Me - Apr, 2013"Cells from our mothers, children, and siblings can persist in our bodies for decades. But what exactly are these genetic interlopers doing inside us?" by Sam KeanReader: Brian Monk00:20:41
Smooth Encounters - Apr, 2013"From giving criticism to knowing how to complain or apologize, everyday life present myriad moments we could all handle better." by Mary LoftusReader: Brian Monk00:19:32
Louder Than Words - Apr, 2013"Touch is a language of its own, and even tiny gestures have the power to enhance interactions and bond people more closely." by Rick ChillotReader: Brian Monk00:23:40
The Spice of Life - Nov, 2012"Herbs and spices often sit at the back of the kitchen cabinet, but at the forefront of research." by Hara Estroff Marano.Reader: Brian Monk00:08:55
A Death in the Desert - Nov, 2012"The promise of enlightenment is so powerful that some are willing to offer complete devotion in exchange." by Jesse HydeReader: Brian Monk00:28:08

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