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Stephanie Veverka selects and reads some of the fantastic articles featured in Playboy. Unfortunately, she won't read the pictures!

Current Playboy Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Q&A with Samantha Bee - Jan / Feb, 2016The comedian and longtime "Daily Show" correspondent launches a grenade into late-night tv. By Jenna MarottaReader: Stephanie Veverka00:08:38
Man in the Mirror - Dec, 2015The barbershop renaissance prompts a deep question: Who is the modern man? By Thomas Page McBeeReader: Stephanie Veverka00:11:11
The Drunk History of Playboy - Nov, 2015We asked Drunk History series creator to tackle our favorite subject. By Derek WatersReader: Stephanie Veverka00:12:01
Playboy's Party Jokes - Nov, 2015Playboy's Party Jokes-Explicit and irreverent content.Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:06:50
Eyes Wide Open - Sep, 2015Once a month, a roving erotic masquerade party called Sanctum is held in secret locations in Beverly Hills. We take a look. By Hugh GarveyReader: Stephanie Veverka00:15:58
Playboy's Party Jokes - Jul, 2015Playboy's Party Jokes-Explicit and irreverent content.Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:05:55
Playboy Advisor - Jun, 2015Answers to questions about food and drink, fashion and taste, and sex and datingReader: Stephanie Veverka00:18:46
No Sex, Please, We're Japanese Part 2 - Jun, 2015What the hell is going on (or not going on) in Japan? And is it spreading? By Neal GablerReader: Stephanie Veverka00:24:05
No Sex, Please, We're Japanese (part 1 of 2) - Jun, 2015What the hell is going on (or not going on) in Japan? And is it spreading? By Neal GablerReader: Stephanie Veverka00:16:03
Tolerating the Intolerant - May, 2015Religious fanatics ask state legislatures to legalize their bigotry, By Jason SilversteinReader: Stephanie Veverka00:10:39
Playboy's Party Jokes - Apr, 2015Playboy's Party JokesReader: Stephanie Veverka00:05:57
Mass Sexodus / Sex, Love, and Video Games - Apr, 2015The porn industry is leaving California for the real Sin City / Are American women ready for the weird world of Japanese romance games?Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:10:31
Exes and Oohs - Mar, 2015Dealing with a boyfriend is hard enough. Running into your ex is worse, By Hilary WinstonReader: Stephanie Veverka00:07:09
Bro-Hug Buddies - Mar, 2015Why have men embraced the embrace? Our writer misses the handshake, By Joel SteinReader: Stephanie Veverka00:07:23
You're Never Going to Space - Mar, 2015Hollywood and bold new companies have made civilian space travel trendy. But don't be too quick to book your flight. By Alyson SheppardReader: Stephanie Veverka00:09:15
Playboy's Party Jokes - Jan/Feb, 2015Playboy's Party Jokes. Warning: explicit and irreverent content!Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:05:36
20 Questions with Nick Kroll - Jan/Feb, 2015No one creates as many bizarre characters in one show. Now the real Kroll explains how he does it. By Eric SpitznalelReader: Stephanie Veverka00:15:09
Playboy Advisor - Jan/Feb, 2015Answers to questions relating to food and drink, fashion and taste, and sex and datingReader: Stephanie Veverka00:18:00
Straight Outta Comptoir - Dec, 2014Meet Ghetto Gastro, a three-man culinary team from the Bronx who just might be the coolest new crew in food. By Hugh GarveyReader: Stephanie Veverka00:14:19
Playboy's Party Jokes - Dec, 2014Playboy's Party Jokes. Warning: explicit and irreverent holiday content!Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:05:39
Surrendering to Global Warming - Nov, 2014Can we win by losing? Climate change forces us to abandon the rebuild-bigger strategy. An editorial, by Eric KlinenbergReader: Stephanie Veverka00:10:29
Attack! Good Boy Nov, 2014Enter the world of the deadliest, best-trained protection dogs on the planet. By Adam SkolnickReader: Stephanie Veverka00:37:21
Playboy's Party Jokes - Oct, 2014Playboy's Party JokesReader: Stephanie Veverka00:06:00
How Not to Fix the Campus Rape Crisis - Oct, 2014With colleges across America bungling sexual-assault cases, academia can no longer hide its skeletons. By Erin Gloria RyanReader: Stephanie Veverka00:09:26
Playboy Adviser - Sep, 2014Answers to questions relating to food, drink, fashion, taste, sex and datingReader: Stephanie Veverka00:17:44
Various articles - Sep, 2014When it comes to food, it's time to celebrate progress, By Joel Stein; Guys should say yes to wedding invite, By Hilary WinstonReader: Stephanie Veverka00:11:55
Phil Ivey's New House of Cards - Jul/Aug, 2014The man they call the best poker player in history is back in the public eye. But now it's about building an empire. By Michael KaplanReader: Stephanie Veverka00:33:30
Playboy's Party Jokes - Jun, 2014Jokes compiled from reader submissions.Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:05:47
20 Questions with Kevin Hart - Jun, 2014The world's funniest-and shortest-sex symbol opens up about his new-found fame. By Eric SpitznagelReader: Stephanie Veverka00:12:42
Good Neighbors - Jun, 2014Why your girlfriend wants you to protect her from the jerk next door. By Joel SteinReader: Stephanie Veverka00:07:43
The Great Porn Hunt - May, 2014Sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination. By Joel SteinReader: Stephanie Veverka00:07:17
Monogamy - May, 2014Of all the lies people tell one another, there's none ... like the classic declaration of undying love ... By Christopher RyanReader: Stephanie Veverka00:11:57
Playboy's Party Jokes - Apr, 2014Jokes compiled from reader submissions.Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:05:27
20 Questions With Iggy Pop - Mar, 2014The proto punk madman isn't so mad anymore. He's making money and avoiding AARP. By Rob Tannenbaum.Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:14:14
Playboy Advisor - Mar, 2014Readers asked, Playboy answeredReader: Stephanie Veverka00:17:12
Playboy Party Jokes - Jan/Feb, 2014Playboy's Party Jokes compiled from reader submissions.Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:05:34
The Future of Evil - Jan / Feb, 2014Second thoughts from a digerati pioneer on the future of social media. by Jaron LanierReader: Stephanie Veverka00:21:35
Various articles - Jan / Feb, 201420 Questions with Patton Oswalt; Underemployed? Meet your arch nemesis: stand-up comic, dramatic actor, cartoon voice, author, internet scold and professional geek. by Stephen RebelloReader: Stephanie Veverka00:14:50
Game Over - Dec, 2013There's at least one man in America who won't play video games - meet our resident freak of nature. by Joel SteinReader: Stephanie Veverka00:07:16
Playboy's Party Jokes - Dec, 2013Jokes compiled from reader submissions.Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:05:28
Talking 'Bout Your Generation - Dec, 2013Finally, your definitive guide to defending or attacking any age group. by Steven CheanReader: Stephanie Veverka00:20:47
Turned On - Dec, 2013The online sexual revolution is reshaping the rules of porn and relocating porn stars from the Balley to the house next door. by Rachel Rabbit WhiteReader: Stephanie Veverka00:30:05
Playboy's Party Jokes - Oct, 2013Party Jokes compiled from reader submissions.Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:05:12
Playboy's Top Party Schools - Oct, 2013Playboy's Top Party SchoolsReader: Stephanie Veverka00:09:03
A Hail Mary for Ryan Leaf - Sep, 2013Ryan Leaf tells the true story of his downfall to the most unlikely of writers - his cell mate. by John Cagney NashReader: Stephanie Veverka00:30:15
Jokes - Sep, 2013Playboy's Party Jokes (from Reader submissions). Contains sexually explicit material and may be irreverent to some!Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:05:06
New Face of Crime - Sep, 2013A wave of criminals is turning Hollywood-quality masks into a law enforcement nightmare. No one is who they seem. By T.J. EnglishReader: Stephanie Veverka00:19:37
20 Questions: Armie Hammer - Jul, 2013The new Lone Ranger talks Big Macs and Vespas and tells how to tie anyone - including his wife - in knots! By Brantley BardinReader: Stephanie Veverka00:13:25
Jokes - Jul, 2013Playboy's Party Jokes (from Reader submissions). Beware of raunchy content!Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:05:01
Brewster's Ark - Jul, 2013An internet innovator is collecting a copy of every book ever written... to preserve our written knowledge. By Rob Magnuson Smith.Reader: Stephanie Veverka00:33:37
Still Life - Jul, 2013On a farm in the backwoods of the deep South, we go undercover to reveal the secret art of 'artisanal' moonshine. By Todd ParkerReader: Stephanie Veverka00:08:11

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