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Philip Marlowe

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The Adventures of Philip Marlowe was a radio detective drama starring Van Heflin. Marlowe is a fictional character created by Raymond Chandler in a series of novels. The wisecracking, hard drinking, tough private eye, is from the hardboiled crime fiction originating in the 1920s. AIRSLA is pleased to link you to the Botar podcasts.

Current Philip Marlowe Episodes
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
who shot waldo 06/12/1947Marlowe witnesses a chance killing involving a shady lady whose string of pearls is stolen. He tries to protect the damsel in distress and recover her forty one matched pearls.www.botar.us00:24:02
persian slippers 10/03/1948Marlowe is engaged by the mysterious Mr. Dellaney to track down Norma, his stunningly beautiful wife, who received a phone call and then walked out of the door, drove off and never returned.www.botar.us00:29:30
panama hat 10/10/1948Sounded good to Philip Marlowe, real good, a weekend in Malibu expenses paid and a cash bonus thrown in. But that was before he knew about the henchman, the redhead and the corpse.www.botar.us00:29:30
where there is a will 10/17/1948When the will was read, everybody figured she was crazy when she wrote it. And that included me. But I changed my mind after spending a night on an island with a pig, a cat and an ape.www.botar.us00:29:30
heart of gold 10/24/1948Marlowe got a special delivery letter with a crisp 50 dollar bill in it and figured his client had a heart of gold. But after he was beat up double crossed and shot at he found how hard a heart of gold can be.www.botar.us00:29:30
hard way out 11/28/1948A new client with an embezzlement case. Enough evidence for an arrest, but he doesn't want the police involved. It's Marlowes job to find out why the embezzler did it.www.botar.us00:29:30
old acquaintance 12/26/1948When it started a wedding and New Years were six hours away and Marlowe didn't think the bride would make either of them. But that was before he ran up against the slot machine operator, the escaped convict and an old acquaintance.www.botar.us00:29:26
restless day 01/08/1949An inventor killed in an explosion aboard his yacht hires Marlowe to find his killer.www.botar.us00:29:42
black halo 01/15/1949Somewhere in the cold persistent rain that made the city seem a thing of evil, a girl disappeared and it was marlowes job to find her. But before he did, he found death and a devil.www.botar.us00:29:30
orange dog 01/22/1949A startled corpse, a blueeyed woman and a cryptic message scrawled by a dying man were the pieces of a Chinese puzzle that wouldn't fit until Philip Marlowe found out what was deadly about the orange dog.www.botar.us00:29:30
easy mark 01/29/1949Marlowe was hired to find a blackmailer and he did. But first he found a badly beaten Adonis, a jezebel with an accent and a man who had been an easy mark for murder.www.botar.us00:29:30
long rope 02/05/1949There was a man with a bad heart, a telephone number scribbled on a cash register receipt and a corpse on the other side of town but Marlowe couldn't see the connection until he realised that they were tied together by the same long rope worth 30,000 dollars.www.botar.us00:29:30
lonesome reunion 02/12/1949A corpse that would not stay dead, a pistol with a silencer on it and a fortune in a black satchel spell death for the big city boys when they finally got together in Lonesome Arizona, population 802.www.botar.us00:29:30
friend from detroit 03/05/1949When Philip Marlowes telephone rang it jerked him out of one nightmare and right in to the middle of another where a woman with a secret, a worried man and a shadow out of the past met with fear and fury in the dead of night.www.botar.us00:29:30
grim hunters 03/12/1949It was a hunt through a jungle of city streets with danger waiting at every intersection until half way through when the hunters became the hunted and death brought an end to the game.www.botar.us00:29:30
dancing hands 03/19/1949They were born at the same hour on the same day of the same parents and they were identical in beauty and talents only one was deadly and the other was not and Philip Marlowe could not tell which was which until he found a green purse, a fresh corpse and a pair of dancing hands.www.botar.us00:29:30
green flame 03/26/1949When it started it was simple, just a lawsuit for damages but before it was over it was far from simple and the damages were murder and all because of a red headed woman a ghost writer with ambition and a match which burned with a bright green flame.www.botar.us00:29:30
last laugh 04/02/1949It was a grim joke that started when six heirs came to an ugly house on a rain swept island to hear a madmans will. The joke soon turned to murder and in the end it was hard to tell who had the last laugh.www.botar.us00:29:30
name to remember 04/09/1949The partner from Mexico City, the stranger dead in Nevada and the man with the cauliflower ear all added up to a corpse on a concrete floor but Philip Marlowe could not figure why until he found out that there was one name above all that had to be remembered.www.botar.us00:29:30
heat wave 04/16/1949It was hot and still, an August night in the middle of April, but that didnt matter to the striptease dancer in the golden mask, because murder made her blood run cold the night the heat wave struck.www.botar.us00:29:30
cloak of kamehameha 05/16/1950Philip Marlowe received the message in two parts. The first from Horace Schindler which with instructions to get in a cab to go and meet him the second was a 100 bill. He is to meet Nannette Collier and go to her place to pick up the cloak of Kamehameha. The previous day Schindler had received an anonymous letter saying the cloak would bring no less than death.www.botar.us00:29:30
lady in mink 04/30/1950The big fog that clung to Los Angeles made searching for the girl who was going to kill herself slow and uneasy, but in the end Id have settled for that and more because murder happened twice before I found the lady in mink.www.botar.us00:29:30
feminine touch 05/07/1950An iron skull was their trademark, their business was climbing walls and it was all done on wheels at 70 miles an hour but that was a cinch for the death cheaters until they felt murder and a feminine touch.www.botar.us00:29:30
promise to pay 05/14/1949It was only a gamblers marker, a promise to pay with a thousand dollars and Philip Marlowe was hired to find it which sounded easy until he realised that it meant the whole future to two men, freedom to a third and death to the girl in the cottage.www.botar.us00:29:30
night tide 05/21/1949When it started the tide was high on the San Pedro waterfront, where a hot tempered kid had murder on his mind. There was knife at my throat under the piers and a corpse on the beach before the tide went out again. And the kid was finally stopped.www.botar.us00:29:30
ebony link 05/28/1949Vicious blackmail that mushroomed in to murder and all because a wild artist on a hilltop a man in a wheelchair and a red haired manicurist were held too tight together by one small ebony link.www.botar.us00:29:30
unfair lady 06/04/1949I was hired to find a thief and I did, a thousand miles from home. What I found was a fresh corpse in the closet and all because the only woman in sight wouldnt play fair.www.botar.us00:29:30
pigeons blood 06/11/1949This one had soft brown eyes and an accent and she came to town with a job to do but before it was done death had struck three times then she was gone. And all because of thirty drops of pigeons blood worth 150,000 bucks.www.botar.us00:29:30
busy body 06/18/1949It started as a routine search for a rich girls fiancee and the trail led to a silent house hunted by a face at the window and blood in an open chest. But before it was over it became a search for a corpse that wouldnt sit still.www.botar.us00:29:30
key man 06/25/1949This time a nervous breakdown and a driving rain, a cape with a high collar and a tiny sliver of glass led Marlowe from the ballet and a beautiful dancer to the edge of a cliff and death.www.botar.us00:29:30
dude from manhattan 07/02/1949This time it was going to be a vacation in the wide open spaces but a black stallion, a tiny emerald and a battered horseshoe meant a twenty four hour delay. It could have been worse because to the dude from Manhattan they meant death.www.botar.us00:29:30
headless peacock 07/16/1949This one began with a bedlam and got worse as I bumped in to a burglar, a bookie, a Boswell, a body and a big shot named B and before it was over everyone had lost his head because the headless peacock had moved.www.botar.us00:29:30
mexican boat ride 07/30/1949This time I took a beating and gave one, a man who lives in the dark was afraid, someone I never got to meet was murdered and a knife wielding crab was destroyed and all because a girl who hated the water took a boat ride in old Mexico.www.botar.us00:29:30
august lion 08/06/1949It started with death on my doorstep and got worse when I lied to a sympathetic bull, was pistol whipped by a gorilla with dimples and fought with a kitten on the quays. And it might have gone on that way all night if I hadnt been helped by the king of the beasts.www.botar.us00:29:30
indian giver 08/13/1949It started with an Indian gift of a piece of pottery and led to a brown bear in moccasins, an archaeologist, laughing water and finally death in an ally. But just to make matters worse the Indian giver was a female and 100 percent hot blooded apache.www.botar.us00:29:30
lady killer 08/20/1949This time inside of two hours a lavish mansion thief with suspicion, a sealed cabin filled with gas in an artist retreat and a corpse on the floor and all because one man was too good looking to be true to anyone.www.botar.us00:29:30
eager witness 08/27/1949This started with a man on trial for his life and an A1 citizen eager to testify but there it was interrupted and it wasnt until Marlowe found a corpse in a bubbling bath, gunplay in the woods and lots of blackmail that the real eager witness had a chance to talk.www.botar.us00:29:30
bums rush 09/03/1949The trail started in Montana with a bum with two names rushing away from his ladylove and led fast in to L.A, past the southerner from Canada, worried wool dealer and a chorus girl with a 45. When it finally stopped at murder in the park a tramp was still in a hurry.www.botar.us00:29:37
rustin hickory 09/10/1949The lady tourist was a school teacher out after glamour and she got it but only after she learned that in Hollywood the three Rs could be reading done in a dark room, writing found in a dead mans pocket and arithmetic that added up to murder times two.www.botar.us00:29:34
baton sinister 09/17/1949There was a gorgeous tapestry found under a tomb and they were all after it, the worried importer, the man with half a face, the Englishman in an LA slum and the lady wearing a green veil. But before it was over none of them had it and two of them were dead.www.botar.us00:29:30
fatted calf 09/24/1949This time rain slashing a glass roof an old mans curiosity, an imaginary important place. They all became important when two people died violently so a third could make a killing.www.botar.us00:29:30
tale of the mermaid 10/01/1949This started with a wreck and went from there to double murder over 75,000 bucks worth of glitter that nobody got in the end because Philip Marlowe found out just in time what was fishy about the Tale Of The Mermaid.www.botar.us00:30:12
open window 10/08/1949This started with a terrified woman lost in a maze of memory she could not explain and waiting for her outside an open window was death.www.botar.us00:29:30
strangle hold 10/15/1949This time a wrestler on the skids, a quick change artist in an alley and a girl with an eye for angles all meant destruction because a hundred thousand easy bucks caught them in a strangle hold which none of them wanted to break.www.botar.us00:29:30
smokeout 10/22/1949He didnt know it but Philip Marlowe was caught in a smoke out which led from a search for a lady in black, past murder at a highway inn, the gunfire at a warehouse or a girl already dead in the morgue.www.botar.us00:29:30
green witch 10/29/1949This time she had hair spun from a red sunset, skin as smooth as warm honey but laughed without moving. She was beautiful except for her cold green eyes.www.botar.us00:28:16
fine italian hand 11/05/1949A broken body in a quiet house, gunplay on a merry go round at midnight and a boy and a girl in love running away all because of one mans fine Italian Hand.www.botar.us00:29:30
birds on the wing 11/26/1949There is no other end, but they never learn. They dressed in red, white and blue and jumped from an ancient biplane at 3500 feet twice a day every day and nobody worried until 5 million bucks went along just for the laugh and death went along for the ride.www.botar.us00:30:21
kid on the corner 12/03/1949This time it started with a kid hawking papers on Hollywood Boulevard and moved from there to a house full of hate on a quiet street, a blond liar on ice skates and a corpse in a burnt out shack and it all wound up right where it really began, in the heart of the kid on the corner.www.botar.us00:29:30
little wishbone 12/10/1949This started with laughter on bright morning in a battle over a chicken and got better as it went along. It could have lasted a lifetime but it did not. It stopped on a grey morning with a little wishbone broken.www.botar.us00:29:30
house that jacueline built 12/31/1949Philip Marlowe was up the coast with two murders behind him, telling it all to a nice white haired old lady, when the clock struck twelve.www.botar.us00:29:30
torch carriers 01/07/1950This time each carried a torch and each was burnt by it, the heel, the hero worshipper and the hard bitten blond and all because of a woman already two days dead.www.botar.us00:29:30
covered bridge 01/14/1950This time everything that happened from the orange haired man with a map past the youth with a pitch fork to the body at the covered bridge was wrong, dead wrong.www.botar.us00:29:30
bid for freedom 01/21/1950This time a twisted mind, a hole cut in a wire fence and a corpse in a storeroom all added up to freedom, but only for the one who had it coming.www.botar.us00:29:30
hairpin turn 01/28/1950This time a fireball, too handy with a target pistol, led me down a rocky road. And it might have gotten worse, if I hadn't slowed down at the Hairpin Turn.www.botar.us00:29:30
long arm 02/07/1950It happened in a place called Bay City where Marlowe was unwelcome to a fat fry cook with a secret and a debtor gambler but to the long arm of the law Marlowe was poison.www.botar.us00:29:30
grim echo 02/14/1950It could have been perfect. Snow bound in a mountain lodge with a girl who was falling in love. But also present were a widow, sick with rage, a bitter old woman and a jealous man. All with reason to hate me more than anyone else in the world.www.botar.us00:29:30
ladies night 02/21/1950This time a peddler, pulp paper lover, blackmailer with muscles, a south of the border chiseller, a simpering prude and a corpse in a bedroom all have one thing in common, each was a woman.www.botar.us00:29:30
big step 02/28/1950This time a friend with millions a myopic chemist and a long haired piano player were thrown in to panic because a brilliant young lady with a gun was taking a big step in the wrong direction.www.botar.us00:29:30
monkeys uncle 03/07/1950Philip Marlowe tangled with a mad Scotsman, a phoney English Lord and a beautiful blond corpse in a freight house all because of a butler who walked on his knuckles.www.botar.us00:29:30
vital statistic 03/14/1950This time a carheart knocked me down a flight of stairs, an honest woman was strangled by a green silk sash, and a simpering dandy was shot to death, all becasue of a run of the mill accident 500 miles away.www.botar.us00:29:30
deep shadow 03/21/1950This time a Bride to be, a Corpse in a fresh Bugalow and a Southern drawl behind a Gun, all had one thing in common they moved trough the same Deep Shadow.www.botar.us00:29:30
sword of cebu 03/28/1950This time I started with a Romanian from left field got mislead in the Philippine jungle, chased a beautiful blond clear to Venice, and wound up with a friend from Siam all without ever leaving Los Angeles.www.botar.us00:29:30
man on the roof 04/04/1950This time an old Spanish woman who cared, a redhead mink who didnt and a green suede button beside a corpse all lead me to a wounded man with a gun in his hand cornered on a warehouse roof.www.botar.us00:29:30
anniversary gift 04/11/1950This time a platinum wristwatch, a body on a lonely strip of beach and a case of heart failure in a Beverley Hills garage all added up to blackmail 25 years old and a killer who would never be caught.www.botar.us00:29:30
angry eagle 04/18/1950Philip Marlowe is in the country where the nights should be nothing but peace and quiet but a pair of angry eagles changed all that. One was solid gold and too close to a battered corpse, the other weighed 160 pounds and was too quick with his fists.www.botar.us00:29:30
high collared cape 04/25/1950This time a nervous breakdown and a driving rain, a cape with a high collar and a tiny sliver of glass lead Philip Marlowe from a ballet and a beautiful dancer to the edge of a cliff and death.www.botar.us00:29:30
sea horse jockey 05/02/1950This time it was a fishy horse played from a redheaded beauty past a black bearded sailor to a neck and neck finish over a wandering seahorse with fifty thousand bucks and that was the jockey.www.botar.us00:29:53
hiding place 05/04/1950Martha Bryan had not heard anything from her son Chipper since he had left suddenly 6 months ago without a word. Then after receiving a disturbing letter for him from an old girlfriend Mrs. Bryan goes to see Philip Marlowe to hire him to find out if her son is ok. The news is not good.www.botar.us00:29:30
foxs tail 05/23/1950Aaron Metcalf was a barrister representing a Hungarian man named Rudolph Kuviyon a Manufacturing chemist in a lawsuit. Kuviyon is suing his former employee Cosmetics giant Justin Shepherd for 250,000 dollars over a product he invented and which Shepherd stole from him. He employs Marlowe to do some investigating for him.www.botar.us00:29:30
beside manners 05/30/1950Phillip Marlowe escaped a road accident with a fractured tibia and assorted bruises but ended up 10 days in a hospital worrying about the business he was missing. After 4 days laid up at home he finally Audine Patterson a girl with a multimillion dollar estate he had worked on once insisted on seeing him immediately about a job, one that he could handle flat on his back.www.botar.us00:29:30
uneasy head 06/06/1950Philip Marlowe has been looking for Dave Stroud for a solid week and the trail finally led him to a boarding house but Stroud had checked out and was on his way to San Francisco. Marlowe was trying to find out why a quiet young man named Dave Stroud had suddenly dropped everything that gave meaning to life from a lovely girl to a fine job and vanished completely.www.botar.us00:29:30
face to forget 06/14/1950Philip Marlowe has been looking for Dave Stroud for a solid week and the trail finally led him to a boarding house but Stroud had checked out and was on his way to San Francisco. Marlowe was trying to find out why a quiet young man named Dave Stroud had suddenly dropped everything that gave meaning to life from a lovely girl to a fine job and vanished completely.www.botar.us00:29:30
gold cobra 06/21/1950Mr. Rolf Winkum wants Phillip Marlowes help. He wants him to fly to Chicago with a suitcase containing a solid gold cobra which is worth 20,000 dollars. An eccentric man named Ziff owns the cobra and he is going to present it to the Ashwell museum.www.botar.us00:29:30
pelicans roost 06/28/1950Philip Marlowe receives a call from an old friend Lynn Russell. But she has not rung for pleasure she wants to hire him. She is at Eugenes Beauty Parlor and needs help to get out of there. An old boyfriend of hers, Ward Earling, is waiting outside for her to leave and she is sure he is going to kill her.www.botar.us00:29:30
girl from pitchfork corners 07/05/1950Donna Rollins had hired Philip Marlowe by special delivery letter that afternoon including 50 dollars to be sure that one Arnold Latimore was going where he had said he was going. When he was unable to locate Latimore he went to Donna Rollins to return her 50 but she seemed strangely unconcerned about Latimore but with a nervousness that aroused Marlowes suspicion.www.botar.us00:29:30
iron coffin 07/12/1950Philip Marlow receives a call from Mrs Newbold who seemed either insane or terribly worried. She was concerned about Bennett who was missing and Irene who had gone looking for him. She was afraid that her daughter Irene would disappear into the sixteenth century.www.botar.us00:29:30
last wish 07/19/1950Phillip Marlow received a call from a doctor who had once removed a bullet from his shoulder, a good friend and patient Jacob Schiller had suffered a heart attack and it was his last wish to see his son Jack one more time. Jacob did not know where Jack was or what his business was but the Doctor feared that he did not sit well with the police which is why he wanted Marlow to find him so that his friend could see his son one last time.www.botar.us00:29:30
glass donkey 07/28/1950Philip Marlowe received a call from Sergeant Mathews regarding a brunette named Helen Lawton. Marlowe made out with Helen and sometimes still does though he had not seen her for about a month. When he asked Mathews if she was in some kind of trouble he replied, Not now, at about five oclock this afternoon somebody put a bullet in her neck.www.botar.us00:29:30
parrots bed 08/04/1950Marlowe is paid 500 dollars to find Lash Lauterback, and a fabulous bed of black pearls.www.botar.us00:29:30
quiet magpie 08/11/1950Vincent Calloway is standing trial for the murder of his father, which he did not commit. Marlowe uncovers a complex tale of blackmail and intrigue.www.botar.us00:29:30
dark tunnel 08/18/1950Marlowe is paid 500 dollars to find Lash Lauterback, and a fabulous bed of black pearls.www.botar.us00:29:30
collectors item 08/25/1950An 1864 Confederate half dollar is the only clue to the murder of Leon Reati. The coin is worth 37,000 dollars.www.botar.us00:29:30
soft spot 09/01/1950An old man dead in a flop house, a sot who carves wood, a fallen lady with an eye for gold lockets, and a snake with big ears all lead Marlowe to a soft spot in a killers hard heart.www.botar.us00:29:30
fifth mask 09/08/1950There were five masks. One for greed, one for cowardice, one for cruelty and one for deceit. They all covered a murder, but it was the fifth mask that really counted. It uncovered the killer.www.botar.us00:29:30
final payment 09/15/1950A little man with big heels tries to run over Marlowe. A giant and a warehouse nearly costs him his life, and a treacherous blonde almost buries him at sea! All this is for a client that could not pay Marlowe a cent, but on whose behalf they were paid in full.www.botar.us00:29:30
white carnation 09/22/1950Marlowe finds a corpse in a flower shop, a gypsy who reads her own fortune in dollar signs, and a death struggle twenty feet from a crowded merry go round. All this because a man forgot one white carnation.www.botar.us00:29:30
big book 09/29/1950A skidrow suicide changes into murder, a cobbler with an accent is afraid to call the police, and a hard boiled Hollywood agent breaks into tears. All because a woman kept her whole life between the covers of a big leather book.www.botar.us00:29:30
seasied sabbatical 07/07/1951Marlowe travels to Long Beach to find a shooting gallery and murder.www.botar.us00:29:30
dear dead days 07/14/1951An old lady gets taken for a new kind of ride, by a new kind of chauffeur. Marlowe gets involved up to a gun in his ribs, all because he decides to spend a quiet day at home.www.botar.us00:29:30
life can be murder 07/21/1951Philip Marlowe was in his local bar run by Belle and all the usual regulars were then when this beautiful redhead walks over and asks for the darts.www.botar.us00:28:43
good neighbor policy 07/28/1951Marlowe meets Marney Carr in a bar and becomes involved in a case of murder when she disappears.www.botar.us00:26:24
long way home 08/04/1951Marlowe is investigating the disappearance of Amy Harper.www.botar.us00:29:30
young mans fancy 08/18/1951A hot day, and a visit to a Yugoslav American friend who runs a fruit stand, leads Marlowe to a confrontation with a young man with a problem.www.botar.us00:29:30
heir for G string 08/25/1951A startled corpse, a blue eyed woman and a cryptic message scrawled by a dying man with the pieces of a Chinese puzzle that wouldnt fit together, until Marlowe found out what was deadly about the orange dog.www.botar.us00:29:30
nether nether land 09/01/1951adventures of philip marlowewww.botar.us00:29:30
medium was rare 09/08/1951adventures of philip marlowewww.botar.us00:29:30
sound and the unsound 09/15/1951A strange tapping noise leads Marlowe to a shooting.www.botar.us00:29:30

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