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Paul J. Warwick reads selections from PC World magazine, the complete resource on how to select, buy and use PC products and services. Each issue features products rankings, evaluations and ratings, tips, how-to's, consumer advice and step-by-step guides.

Current PC World Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Will Windows 10 Change Everything for Microsoft - Apr, 2015A Microsoft OS for Every one of your devices, By Melissa RiofrioReader: Paul J. Warwick00:03:31
Save Email Attachments to Dropbox - Apr, 2015Now to can save all your email attachments in one place, in the background. By Michael AnsaldoReader: Paul J. Warwick00:04:14
Lockdown Your Hardware - Apr, 2015Here are 9 tips to foil Phone thieves, By Ben PattersonReader: Paul J. Warwick00:11:15
Cortana Cozys Up To Office - Mar, 2015Cortana will be everywhere! Should you be worried? By Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:05:02
Microsoft Reimagined - Mar, 2015Satya Nadella's first year as CEO-Is the honeymoon over for the Microsoft CEO? By Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:42
Scareware found hidden in Google Play apps - Mar, 2015Google Play got played by rogue developers. Are you at risk? By Lucian ConstantinReader: Paul J. Warwick00:04:00
Office Online vs Office 365 - Mar, 2015Sometimes the best things in life are's how to decide, By Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:04
The Best Netflix Tools - Feb, 2015Use these ten tools to get the most out of your subscription to Netflix, By Jared NewmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:07:55
Windows 10's features: Cortana and more - Feb, 2015Windows 10...One OS to rule all your devices. By Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:10:56
Why Apple wiped out your ipod songs - Jan, 2015Apple was protecting you from malware! At least that''s their story and they're sticking to it! By Caitlin McGarryReader: Paul J. Warwick00:02:54
Dropbox Mobile - Jan, 2015Your portable cloud just got better! By Leanne CassavoyReader: Paul J. Warwick00:04:50
A Truly Fabulous Phone - Jan, 2015A great handset is one thing, but Microsoft needs a "knock your socks off" to make Windows Phone a true success. By Mark HachmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:10:23
Facebook Privacy Questions Resurface - Dec, 2014Facebook's new ad server..tracking and serving you everywhere. By Zach MinersReader: Paul J. Warwick00:06:24
FBI Director Concerned About Encryption On Smartphones - Nov, 2014Big Brother is afraid you're hiding something on your phone, By Gregg GrossReader: Paul J. Warwick00:03:30
Blackberry Passport - Nov, 2014Hands On With The New Blackberry Passport, By Al SaccoReader: Paul J. Warwick00:15:27
The Four Reason I Switched From Google to Bing - Nov, 2014Google may be the 800 pound gorilla of search, but Bing has quietly bulked up! By Mark HachmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:05:59
Google Wants to Test Internet Delivery By Drone - Oct, 2014It's a bird, it's a plane! No, it's your internet connection! By Martyn WilliamsReader: Paul J. Warwick00:03:22
Powerliks malware - Oct, 2014This malware hides in your Registry, not your drive. Malware so insidious, it might be a government plot! By Lucian ConstantinReader: Paul J. Warwick00:04:48
Windows 9 rumors - Oct, 2014OS leaks say this is the operating system Microsoft should have released in the first place! By Jared NewmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:48
12 Websites That Can Replace Desktop Software - Oct, 2014Why deal with buggy and possible hacked software. Try these instead! By Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:12:02
You don't have to be an Xfinity Wifi hotspot - Oct, 2014Share and share alike, or maybe not..., By Mark HachmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:47
Windows Phone 8.1 Update hands on - Sep, 2014An insignificant upgrade. Nothing new here, move along! Bet get it! By Mark HachmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:03
The Challenges of Scrubbing Web History - Sep, 2014It's still out there and making it go away is tricky! By Zach MinersReader: Paul J. Warwick00:03:57
Microsoft has seen the Ipad light - Sep, 2014Office for Ipad Gets PDF Support, Flick Gestures, By Mark HachmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:03:35
Rumor: Windows 9 Campaign Begins This Fall - Aug, 2014Will we have a new OS for Christmas? By Mark HachmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:07:38
5 Cool Ways to Use Business Cards in Evernote - Aug, 2014You have hundreds of them. Now you can make them truly useful! By Michael AnsaldoReader: Paul J. Warwick00:04:51
Windows 7 Status - Aug, 2014Windows 7 mainstream support is ending, but Don't Panic!, By Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:02:40
Microsoft Changes Course - Aug, 2014Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella tells how it is! Or really, how it's going to be! By Mark HackmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:07:35
Dropbox and You - Jul, 2014A future where apps drive cloud storage. Its not just a big closet in the sky anymore. By Jared NewmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:04:33
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 By The Numbers - Jul, 2014The Surface Pro 3 could be your next computer, here's why! By Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:04:57
Play your way to productivity Jul, 2014Life is a game and now so is work! By Robert StrohmeyerReader: Paul J. Warwick00:06:23
Cover Your Digital Footprint and Reclaim Your Privacy - Jun, 2014You can be paranoid and still use your PC without resorting to a tinfoil hat! By Mark HachmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:05:57
Battle Of The Digital Assistants - Jun, 2014We've pitted Cortana, Siri, and Google Now in a battle royale! See who submits and who gets pinned and whose got the crown. By Mark HachmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:10:09
Windows Phone 8.1 ready to play with the big boys - Jun, 2014Windows Phone 8.1 Upgrade Closes IOS, Android Gap, By Mark HatchmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:07:38
10 Google Drive Addons You Have To Try - Jun, 2014Make your piece of the cloud even more productive with these add-ons! By Jared NewmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:06:28
11 Tricks for Excel Power Users - May, 2014Amaze your co-workers or better, your boss with the tips! By Anthony DomanicoReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:33
A PC Friendly Windows 8 Update - May, 2014Windows 8 has been a little touchy for the PC. Not so with it's latest update! By Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:06:17
12 PC Upgrades for Under 300 Bucks - Apr, 2014The best dozen bang for your buck upgrades! By John L. JacobiReader: Paul J. Warwick00:14:33
23 Programs Every PC needs - Mar, 2014All the very best programs everyone needs, by Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:13:51
Essential Products - Feb, 201411 of the best products technology had brought to the human race, by PC World staffReader: Paul J. Warwick00:07:10
Browser Superpowers - Feb, 2014Your connection to the world wide web can do more than you think!, by Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:06:34
Speed Up A Slow PC Without Buying Hardware - Jan, 2014Like us, your computer isn't old, it's just trying to do too much! by Lincoln SpectorReader: Paul J. Warwick00:03:53
Hidden Features in Windows 8.1 - Jan, 2014Microsoft is keeping things from you, 25 things to be exact. Here's what we found and where you can find them! by Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:11:52
5 Wi Fi Security Myths You Must Abandon - Dec, 2013They're not true and never were. Some mumbo jumbo passed down through the ages. by Eric GeierReader: Paul J. Warwick00:06:25
5 Things You Must Do With The End of Blackberry - Dec, 2013You know they're going to rip it out of your hands. Here's what to do. by Tony BradleyReader: Paul J. Warwick00:05:28
The Free OS Upgrade - Dec, 2013They're giving it away! Here's why!, by Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:06:17
Essential Software - Dec, 2013Essential Free Software. Our picks for the best free software! Hey - it's the holiday season - everyone wants presents!Reader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:42
Windows 8 Apps - Nov, 201312 apps to make your Win 8 great. They are free, as in beer. by Brad ChacosReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:28
Microsoft's DIY for Windows 8.1 - Nov, 2013If you thought you couldn't run the newest from Redmond on a box you built yourself, think again! by Mark HachmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:04:33
Win The Inbox War - Oct, 2013Here are the tools to make you the David to your Goliath inbox. by Rick BroidaReader: Paul J. Warwick00:10:21
Windows 8.1 - Sep, 2013Fresh Start. The complete Windows 8.1 feature and upgrade guide. By the PC World staff.Reader: Paul J. Warwick00:19:04
Install The 8.1 Preview - Sep, 2013How to and how not to install the latest Windows iteration. by PC World StaffReader: Paul J. Warwick00:07:39
How To Get Your Online Assets in Order Before You Die - Aug, 2013If you pass away, will you stay alive on the net? by Christopher NullReader: Paul J. Warwick00:04:30
Boxed Software Going Going Gone! - Aug, 2013Has boxed software gone the way of CRT monitors? by Ian PaulReader: Paul J. Warwick00:05:28
Here Comes Haswell - Aug, 2013According to Intel, it's meaner, leaner and less hungry...Hype or not? by Michael BrownReader: Paul J. Warwick00:16:39
America's Fastest Wireless Networks - Aug, 201318,000 tests in 20 cities. We did the math sou you don't have to! by Mark Sullivan and Leah YamshonReader: Paul J. Warwick00:31:03
Fix It Fast - Aug, 2013"How to fix, tweak or rock your Windows box!" by PC World StaffReader: Paul J. Warwick00:28:38
Best Free Stuff - Jul, 2013"Our annual review of the best of the best freebies on the World Wide Web!"Reader: Paul J. Warwick00:29:23
12 Technologies That Need to Disappear - Jul, 2013"When does tech cease to be tech? Here are 12 that "back in the day" they were "da bomb!" by Michael BrownReader: Paul J. Warwick00:07:19
Why Windows 8 Rules - Jul, 2013"12 reasons why Windows 8 is the bomb!" by Brad JacobsReader: Paul J. Warwick00:09:07
Add Window 8's Best Features to Windows 7 - Jul, 2013"You can get the best of Redmond's newest OS withou all those touchy feely problems!" by Chris HoffmanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:10:47
Bad Email Habits - Jun, 2013"The ope program you use everyday that can ruin your day, your career or your life!" by PC World StaffReader: Paul J. Warwick00:02:57
101 Greatest Websites You've Never Heard Of - May, 2013"Think you've been everywhere on the web? Think again! Here are 101 sites worth perusing. Some you may know, most you won't! by PC World StaffReader: Paul J. Warwick00:38:06
Education - May, 2013The Best Education and Career Websites. By The PC World StaffReader: Paul J. Warwick00:03:07
Fast Web Surfing - May, 2013"The Six Fastest Ways to Surf the Web. Cable, dial up (oh no!), are not the only, or the best ways to surf!" by PCW staffReader: Paul J. Warwick00:03:36
Threats To Watch For In 2013 - Mar, 2013"There are some real nasties out there! And there is no defense! This is what to watch out for." by Tony BradleyReader: Paul J. Warwick00:02:18
PC World - Mar, 2013"The Ultimate Security Showdown: Here's this year's roundup of the best security suites for your desktop and mobile devices." by Nick Mediati and Sarah Jacobson PurwalReader: Paul J. Warwick00:23:19
Windows 8 Superguide - Mar, 2013"The best tips and tricks on getting the best out of the newest OS from Redmond!" by PC World staff, Lloyd CaseReader: Paul J. Warwick00:31:06
Futuretech 2013 - Feb, 2013"Our staff look at the newest and best what is available now or in the near future." by PC World StaffReader: Paul J. Warwick00:32:05
Android 4.2, A Sweeter Jelly Bean - February, 2013"Google puts the polish on the finest Android OS yet!" by JR RaphaelReader: Paul J. Warwick00:02:33
Which Browser Is The Best - January, 2013"The most used software on any PC is the browser. We tested them all, here's what we found!" by Nick MediatiReader: Paul J. Warwick00:14:08
How to By Media Streamers - January, 2013"How to cut the cord or move your media to that new big screen tv." by Yardena ArarReader: Paul J. Warwick00:09:09
How To Buy An All-in-One - January, 2013"All In Ones try to be all things to all people. If you want a PC with the smallest footprint, check this out!" by Lloyd CaseReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:40
How To Buy The Perfect Phone - December, 2012"You use your phone for more than making calls, here are the most popular features and what to look for, and what to avoid!" by Armando RodriquezReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:35
How To Buy The Perfect Tablet - December, 2012"Today you can do alost everything on a tablet. We've surveyed the lot and here are our results and recommendations." by Melissa J. PerensonReader: Paul J. Warwick00:09:25
How To Buy The Perfect Printer - December, 2012"It's easy to get a hard copy! How to get the best printer for your needs." by Melissa RiofrioReader: Paul J. Warwick00:09:12
How to Buy An HDTV - December, 2012"Pretty as a picture. The Specs, the myths and the truths about buying an HDTV" by Tim MoynihanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:28
How to Buy a Camera - Decembeer, 2012"What you need to take your best holiday shots!" by Tom MoynihanReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:55
How To Buy The Perfect Gear: Laptops - December, 2012"Here's a guide on how to buy the perfect laptop, for you!" by Lloyd CaseReader: Paul J. Warwick00:10:43
The Ultimate PC Security Toolbox - December, 2012"You should be wary on the way, but you don't need to be paranoid. Here's how to be safe on the web." by Eric GueireReader: Paul J. Warwick00:20:52
Windows 8 Create Storage Spaces - November, 2012"How to build storage spaces on Windows 8, how to use them to save your stuff!" by Alex WawroReader: Paul J. Warwick00:04:47
How To Upgrade To Windows 8 - November, 2012"Windows 8 is ready to install..are you? Here's our guide to upgrade quickly and safely!" by Alex WawroReader: Paul J. Warwick00:13:33
Should you upgrade or not? - November, 2012"Why You Should Upgrade And Why You Shouldn't. Windows 8, it's here, it works and its the future." by Loyd Case and Leon SpectorReader: Paul J. Warwick00:08:47
Window 8 Apps To Look For - November, 2012"The Microsoft 'Store' cupboards are bare, but here are the must haves for your new Windows 8 system." by Melissa J. PeresnsonReader: Paul J. Warwick00:04:22
Windows 8 Hardware - November, 2012"A new OS gets touchy" by Loyd CaseReader: Paul J. Warwick00:06:36
Windows 8 The Official Review - November, 2012"The new Windows OS is here! The new Windows OS is here! Is it better than Windows 7 or worse than Windows Vista?" by Lloyd CaseReader: Paul J. Warwick00:03:56
How To Keep Free Trials Free - October 12, 2012"How to avoid the 'gotcha' of a free trial" by Tom SpringReader: Paul J. Warwick00:03:23
The Truth About Free Trials - October, 2012"Free trials are just that, right? Maybe not!" by Tom SpringReader: Paul J. Warwick00:16:48
The Ultrabook Revolution - October, 2012"The future of the PC is now slim, light and sexy." by PC World StaffReader: Paul J. Warwick00:19:21
Office 2013 and Office 365: Hands On - September, 2012"Microsoft's new software is ready to be touched!" by Michael BrownReader: Paul J. Warwick00:05:02
Surface Tablet: Your Next Windows PC? - September, 2012"Microsoft is about to change the game and the way we play it!" by Melissa J. PerensonReader: Paul J. Warwick00:22:24
16 PC Mysteries...Solved - September, 2012"We answer the unanswerable PC questions!" by Alex WawroReader: Paul J. Warwick00:23:13
The Great Hard Drive In The Sky - September, 2012"The Cloud is not just for weather! Now you can take all your 'stuff' with you, wherever you go, with these five services." by Paul LillyReader: Paul J. Warwick00:20:32

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