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Parents Magazine

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Sara Post selects articles about pregnancy, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, big kids, teens, family life, family fun, food and recipes. Sit back, relax and take a mini-vacation from the little ones while you learn a few tips and tricks that will make your lives more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Current Parents Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Family Dinner - Oct, 2019Like it or not, eating dinner with your kids may be the single most important thing you do as a parent. By Erin Zammett Ruddy.Reader: Sara Post00:19:30
Three Articles - Sep, 2019Doctors Who Are Parents On Vaccines, by Emily Elveru.. News to Smile About. Quirks to Quit Worrying About, by Holly Pevzner..Reader: Sara Post00:15:06
Why Chores Matter - Aug, 2019By giving kids jobs at a young age, they'll grow up wanting to pitch in. Just don't expect it to make less work for you... By Catherine Newman.Reader: Sara Post00:09:17
Three Articles - Aug, 2019How to Raise an Optimist, by Emily Elveru. News to Smile About, author unknown. Sleep Train Your Big Kid, by Craig Canapari, MD.Reader: Sara Post00:09:39
Pool Rules That Matter Most - Jul, 2019How to keep our fast and fearless little ones out of harm's way: Work together to help prevent drownings. By Peg Rosen.Reader: Sara Post00:13:15
Three Articles - Jul, 2019Stop the Sting of Bug Bites, by Tamekia Reece. Your Body on a Smartphone, by Beth James. Power Up With Protein, by Emily Elveru.Reader: Sara Post00:11:42
Three Articles - Jun, 2019Skills of creative scientists & artists. News to smile about. New Parents: take a deep breath, get comfy & get these essential skills.Reader: Sara Post00:10:00
What Blind Parents Want You To See - Jun, 2019Netflix's BIRD BOX proved what blind parents know: When you love your kids, you can overcome any obstacle. By Diane Debrovner.Reader: Sara Post00:11:35
Strollers, Zika, Essential Oils - Aug, 2016High number of babies hurt in stroller / carrier accidents; Zika, and infertility treatments and what you should know; Essential Oils poisoning kidsReader: Allison Hogan00:15:40
Various articles - Mar, 20165 Times Kids will or should experience disappointment. By Wllen Sturm Niz; 10 Best Science Apps for kids, By Cheryl LockReader: Allison Hogan00:18:57
Various articles - Jan, 2016Catching Memories, 5 Ways to Get Your Kids Into Winter Sports, Are Smaller Families Better For Kids? How to Organize A Winter Clothing SwapReader: Allison Hogan00:17:29
Various articles - Dec, 2015Four Day School Week, By Caitlin, Your Kids and Football, Sids Risk is About More than Baby's Sleep Environment, Age At First Pregnancy and HealthReader: Allison Hogan00:12:19
Constipation in Kids, Expert Parenting Advice - Nov, 2015The Shocking Danger of Constipation in Kids, By Steve Hodges, M.D., The Best Parenting Advice Ever, By Reshma Memon YaqubReader: Allison Hogan00:15:29
Meals During Pregnancy - Nov, 2015Best Chain Restaurant Meals For Pregnant Women. Seven things to do differently in pregnancy number 2.Reader: Allison Hogan00:20:03
Parents Magazine - mmm, 2015Best Sleep Tips We've Ever Heard. Best Breakfast Cereal. How Young is Too Young for A.D.H.D. Testing. A.D.H.D.: What You Need to KnowReader: Allison Hogan00:18:35
Parents Magazine - Aug, 2015Head Lice: Harder to Treat Now. Three Speech Benchmarks for 3-Year-Olds. Pregnancy Workouts Build Better Babies. Family Camping Tips.Reader: Allison Hogan00:16:29
Miscellaneous Parenting Topics - Aug, 2015Depressed in Pregnancy. Improve Working Memory. Learning by Silliness. Kindergarten Social Behavior. Taxes & Parenting. Stopping TantrumsReader: Allison Hogan00:18:37
Measles, Body Image & Girls' Names - Jul, 2015What if your child gets the measles. An 8 Year Old's Body Image is more important than you thought. Best Vintage baby names for girls.Reader: Allison Hogan00:16:47
The ABC's of Baby Brain Develpment - Nov, 2014During the first year of life, your infant's brain size will double. Study up on this so you can foster curiosity in your future student.Reader: G.K. Bowes00:10:46
6 Ways to Raise a Grateful Child - Oct, 2014These tips will help you raise a kid who is grateful year-round. By Harley A. Rotbart, M.D.Reader: G.K. Bowes00:11:12
Should You Let Her Quit - Aug, 2014How to know when it's okay to let your child drop an activity-and when it's best to make her stick it out. By Renee BacherReader: G.K. Bowes00:08:32
When Your Child Picks Favorites - Aug, 2014If your child is showing your partner all the love, use this blueprint to win back his affection. By Kourtney EidamReader: G.K. Bowes00:04:44
Basic Manners 4 Kids - June, 2014Eleven Basic Manners Kids Often Forget. Encouraging your child to be more mindful of some basic etiquette. By Elise McVeighReader: G.K. Bowes00:07:49
Preschooler Development - May, 2014Preschoolers 101: Understanding Their Development. Learn what behaviors to expect and how to nurture independence. By Rebecca PhillipsReader: G.K. Bowes00:10:13
Raising a Hopeful Child - Apr, 2014Why an upbeat outlook is the number one secret to a kid's success. By Gershom Gorenberg.Reader: G.K. Bowes00:10:30

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