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Pacific Standard

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A refreshing look at the latest developments in Politics, Health, The Economy, The Environment, Culture and Education. Take your pick of articles on these subjects chosen from Pacific Standard and read to you by Jim Hull.

Current Pacific Standard Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Oscar Pistorius' Disappointment Theory - Feb 14, 2013"Often we expect too much from our heroes" by Marc HermanReader: Jim Hull00:06:16
Hospital Payments - Jan 31, 2013"Should Patients Determine How Much Hospitals Get Paid?" by Dennis Rosen.Reader: Jim Hull00:07:17
How (Not) to Smuggle a Dinosaur - January 23, 2013"Mongolian officials rush to stop illegal bone auction" by Jessica OlienReader: Jim Hull00:10:29
Key to Happiness - January 7, 2013"Keeping Busy Without Feeling Rushed. Americans less happy except for group that keeps just busy enough." by Tom JacobsReader: Jim Hull00:06:16
How Evolution Explains High-Heeled Shoes - January 2, 2013"It's not the height: heels super-enhance women's feminity." by Tom JacobsReader: Jim Hull00:05:39
Put Down the iPad, Lace Up the Hiking Boots - December 31, 2012"People think better in the great outdoors, away from mobile devices." by Kevin Charles RedmonReader: Jim Hull00:08:37
Solo Rock Start Die Young - December 19, 2012"Childhood abuse plus star status increase mortality for musicians." by Tom JacobsReader: Jim Hull00:06:27
School Shootings and Gun Control - December 14, 2012"Though a good idea in general, gun control won't stop determined mass killings." by Tom JacobsReader: Jim Hull00:06:25
Coming Home Shell Shocked - December 10, 2012"New insights into PTSD may lead to better therapies for veterans." by Kevin Charles RedmonReader: Jim Hull00:07:16
Cities are (Still) Dropping Like Flies - November 28, 2012"Stockton, CA is worst of the bunch, but its propects are among the best." by Shanna PearsonReader: Jim Hull00:10:02
Guilt Makes the Pie Taste Sweeter - November 20, 2012"Feeling guilty about eating sweets increases pleasure." by Tom JacobsReader: Jim Hull00:05:13
Musical Meds - November 19, 2012"Playing music can give you the 'runner's high'" by Tom JacobsReader: Jim Hull00:06:11
The Wizard of Oz in One Sentence - November 9, 2012"Film synopses and trailers can twist our view of a movie." by Tom JacobsReader: Jim Hull00:04:14
America's Increasingly Tribal Electorate - November 1, 2012"Americans tend to be moderate yet hate their political opponents - why?" by Tom JacobsReader: Jim Hull00:09:11
World Prosperity Rankings Are Out - October 30, 2012"Today in Mushy Statistics: The World Prosperity Rankings Are Out Scandinavia tops prosperity list, U.S. slips, Saudis climb" by Marc HermanReader: Jim Hull00:05:07
Baby Names - October 18, 2012"Yet Another Reason Not to Have Famous Parents. Names affect our social success; famous parents can go too far with it" by Marc HermanReader: Jim Hull00:07:33
Why Lance Armstrong's Teammates Snitched - October 10, 2012"The Prisoner's Dilemma and the Code of Silence in the bicycling world" by Marc HermanReader: Jim Hull00:08:04
Five Reasons That You Vote the Way You Do - October 5, 2012"Many conservative and liberal traits are inborn or learned early." by Tom JacobsReader: Jim Hull00:07:17
Self-Control Slipping Away? Rinse. Spit. Repeat - September 24, 2012"Glucose mouth rinse increases stamina during focussed activity" by Tom JacobsReader: Jim Hull00:07:17
High Calorie Diets Can Mean Memory Loss - September 19, 2012"Dieting improves mental functioning in older people." by Mary A, FischerReader: Jim Hull00:06:51
The Real Reason the Middle East is Rioting - September 13, 2012"Rising food prices act as kindling beneath other resentments." by J.A. MyersonReader: Jim Hull00:07:33

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