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In this podcast series, AIRS brings you the best of old-time radio from the extensive Botar's Old Time Radio web site. About a thousand radio shows are available.

Current Old-Time Radio Program Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
The Whistler 05/03/1953The Whistler, Disappearing woman.www.botar.us00:24:40
Casey crime photographer 02/19/1948Casey crime photographer, Witchcraft.www.botar.us00:50:20
Challenge of the Yukon 11/15/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Second chance.www.botar.us01:00:10
Cavalcade of America 10/21/1936Cavalcade of America, John Winthrop.www.botar.us00:30:06
Great Gildersleeve 03/05/1952Great Gildersleeve, episode 434, House guest Bullard.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/26/1935Lum and Abner, They cut down the old pine tree.www.botar.us00:14:32
Counterspy 07/28/1946Counterspy, Stolen car racketeers.www.botar.us00:35:21
Speed Gibson 07/31/1937Speed Gibson, Speed discovers the secret entrance.www.botar.us00:14:45
Speed Gibson 08/07/1937Speed Gibson, A trap has been set.www.botar.us00:14:46
All star western theater 10/25/1947All star western theater, To settle an account.www.botar.us00:29:02
The Whistler 03/15/1953The Whistler, Attorney for the defense.www.botar.us00:25:04
Casey crime photographer 01/19/1950Casey crime photographer, Upholsterer.www.botar.us01:29:12
Challenge of the Yukon 11/12/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Shadow.www.botar.us00:59:49
Cavalcade of America 10/07/1936Cavalcade of America, Helping hand.www.botar.us00:30:29
Great Gildersleeve 02/06/1952Great Gildersleeve, episode 432, Leroy's week of freedom.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/25/1935Lum and Abner, First familes of Pine Ridge.www.botar.us00:14:40
Counterspy 06/20/1945Counterspy, Explosive dog.www.botar.us00:30:33
Speed Gibson 07/17/1937Speed Gibson, Speed and Bob fly to help.www.botar.us00:13:55
Speed Gibson 07/24/1937Speed Gibson, Octopus secret headquarters.www.botar.us00:13:44
All star western theater 10/18/1947All star western theater, Rabbit.www.botar.us00:28:52
The Whistler 03/15/1953The Whistler, Attorney for the defense.www.botar.us00:25:04
Casey crime photographer 11/17/1949Casey crime photographer, Upholsterer.www.botar.us00:51:53
Challenge of the Yukon 11/10/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Ben Yancy's legacy.www.botar.us01:00:09
Cavalcade of America 09/30/1936Cavalcade of America, Showmanship.www.botar.us00:30:44
Great Gildersleeve 02/06/1952Great Gildersleeve, episode 432, Civic coordinator.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/24/1935Lum and Abner, Lum and Abner discuss rules.www.botar.us00:14:24
Counterspy 12/14/1942Counterspy, German spies.www.botar.us00:31:18
Speed Gibson 07/03/1937Speed Gibson, Speed arrives to help.www.botar.us00:13:39
Speed Gibson 07/10/1937Speed Gibson, Bob sworn into secret police.www.botar.us00:13:44
All star western theater 10/11/1947All star western theater, Young love manana.rwww.botar.us00:29:11
The Whistler 12/21/1952The Whistler, Christmas bonus.www.botar.us00:30:16
Casey crime photographer 11/16/1950Casey crime photographer, Upholsterer.www.botar.us01:43:14
Challenge of the Yukon 11/08/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Wilderness uprising.www.botar.us01:00:03
Cavalcade of America 09/23/1936Music of the movies.www.botar.us00:29:33
Great Gildersleeve 02/06/1952Great Gildersleeve, episode 431, Engagement ring.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/23/1935Abners wife forces him to buy two shares of the sterling silver mine, so they can become members of the First families Of Pine Ridge.www.botar.us00:14:44
Counterspy 06/22/1942Enemies spies are parachuting into America. A Gestapo agent takes off for Texas from Mexico.www.botar.us00:58:59
Speed Gibson 06/19/1937Speed Gibson, Prisoners on the flower boat.www.botar.us00:13:39
Speed Gibson 06/26/1937swww.botar.us00:13:41
All star western theater 10/04/1947All star western theater, Bankers prisoner.www.botar.us00:31:52
The Whistler 11/30/1952The Whistler, So soon.www.botar.us00:24:41
Casey crime photographer 06/15/1948Casey crime photographer, Unlucky numbers.www.botar.us01:43:17
Challenge of the Yukon 11/05/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Death on the trail.www.botar.us00:59:60
Cavalcade of America 08/16/1936Cavalcade of America, Orchestra of today - Dance music in America.www.botar.us00:30:17
Great Gildersleeve 02/06/1952Great Gildersleeve, episode 430, Gildy hires Lovey.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/22/1935Everyone is town is buying stock in the Great Sterling Silver Company. Everyone but Abner that is.www.botar.us00:14:36
Counterspy 06/08/1942A wealthy businessman in Washington commits suicide after betraying his country. He was goaded by a female enemy agent.www.botar.us00:31:45
Speed Gibson 06/05/1937Speed Gibson, Shot at and forced down.www.botar.us00:13:27
Speed Gibson 06/12/1937Speed Gibson, Flower boat is sighted.www.botar.us00:13:36
All star western theater 09/13/1947All star western theater, Cupids agent.www.botar.us00:28:60
The Whistler 11/16/1952The Whistler, Mirage.www.botar.us00:29:45
Casey crime photographer 03/04/1948Casey crime photographer, Tough guys.www.botar.us00:28:28
Challenge of the Yukon 11/03/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Man with the red hair.www.botar.us00:59:60
Cavalcade of America 08/26/1936Cavalcade of America, Dance music in america.www.botar.us00:30:35
Great Gildersleeve 01/30/1952Great Gildersleeve, episode 429, Mort meets Mona.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/19/1935Lum the lawyer might have to sue himself.www.botar.us00:13:54
Counterspy 1942Counterspy, Nazi radio station.www.botar.us00:59:04
Speed Gibson 05/22/1937Speed Gibson, Leave on bullet plane.www.botar.us00:13:07
Speed Gibson 05/29/1937Speed Gibson, Speed tries to warn Clint.www.botar.us00:13:02
All star western theater 09/06/1947All star western theater, Raisin bee.www.botar.us00:28:59
The Whistler 11/08/1952The Whistler, Impulse.www.botar.us00:24:06
Casey crime photographer 11/10/1949Casey crime photographer, Thunderbolt.www.botar.us00:49:25
Challenge of the Yukon 11/01/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Call of duty.www.botar.us00:59:36
Cavalcade of America 09/02/1936Cavalcade of America, American musical comedy operetta.www.botar.us00:30:07
Great Gildersleeve 01/23/1952Great Gildersleeve, episode 428, Alone with Paula.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/18/1935Lum has had enough ill treatment from Abner. He quits his job at the Store and goes into partnership with Squire Skimp.www.botar.us00:15:23
Gangbusters 01/21/1950Fists found a willing mark and a gun made trouble without firing a shot.www.botar.us00:15:08
Speed Gibson 05/08/1937Speed Gibson, Disguised as coolies.www.botar.us00:13:13
Speed Gibson 05/15/1937Speed Gibson, Speed is knocked out.www.botar.us00:13:03
All star western theater 08/23/1947All star western theater, Music excerpts only.www.botar.us00:05:40
The Whistler 10/19/1952The Whistler, Procector.www.botar.us00:30:44
Casey crime photographer 05/04/1950Casey crime photographer, Suicide.www.botar.us01:43:43
Challenge of the Yukon 10/29/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Phantom gang.www.botar.us01:00:03
Cavalcade of America 08/29/1936Cavalcade of America, Band music in America. pt4www.botar.us00:30:16
Great Gildersleeve 01/16/1952Great Gildersleeve, episode 427, Gildys relapse.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/17/1935Business isnt too good at the Pine Ridge Planetarium. Squire Skimp vows to run Lum and Abner out of business in a week.www.botar.us00:15:32
Gangbusters 04/16/1948Gangbusters, Punchdrunk soldier.www.botar.us00:15:08
Speed Gibson 04/24/1937Speed Gibson, Marsh is kidnapped.www.botar.us00:12:50
Speed Gibson 05/01/1937Speed Gibson, Octopus reveals his plans.www.botar.us00:13:03
All star western theater 08/16/1947All star western theater, Heaven is a star.www.botar.us00:28:44
The Whistler 10/12/1952The Whistler, One dark night.www.botar.us00:29:45
Casey crime photographer 01/20/1949Casey crime photographer, Source of information.www.botar.us00:55:53
Challenge of the Yukon 10/27/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Preston turns the tables.www.botar.us00:59:55
Cavalcade of America 07/29/1936Cavalcade of America, Band music in America pt3.www.botar.us00:30:25
Great Gildersleeve 01/09/1952Great Gildersleeve, episode 426, Gildy disappears.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/16/1935Lum has no insurance.www.botar.us00:15:21
Gangbusters 01/31/1948Gangbusters, Brothers in banditry.www.botar.us00:13:17
Speed Gibson 04/10/1937Speed Gibson, Clint to stay with Dr Kingsley.www.botar.us00:12:51
Speed Gibson 04/17/1937Speed Gibson, Hotel rooms are ransacked.www.botar.us00:12:56
All star western theater 08/09/1947All star western theater, Scotty leaves the city.www.botar.us00:28:40
The Whistler 10/05/1952The Whistler, Catalyst.www.botar.us00:30:27
Casey crime photographer 08/25/1949Casey crime photographer, Snowball.www.botar.us01:00:28
Challenge of the Yukon 10/25/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Samaritan of the trail.www.botar.us00:59:49
Cavalcade of America 07/22/1936Cavalcade of America, Band music in America part 2.www.botar.us00:30:15
Great Gildersleeve 01/02/1952Great Gildersleeve, episode 425, Gildy wants a new job.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/15/1935Lum's theatre has been destroyed by fire. Abner suspects that Lum set the fire to collect on the insurance.www.botar.us00:15:21
Gangbusters 10/05/1953Gangbusters, Jewel robbery.www.botar.us00:16:28
Speed Gibson 03/27/1937Speed Gibson, Arrival in Hong Kong.www.botar.us00:12:50
Speed Gibson 04/03/1937Speed Gibson, Clint susicious of Mr. Wu.www.botar.us00:13:16
All Star western theater 07/26/1947All Star western theater, Sharp shooting girl.www.botar.us00:28:46
The Whistler 09/07/1952The Whistler, Secret of chalk point.www.botar.us00:24:47
Casey crime photographer 08/04/1949Casey crime photographer, Sell out.www.botar.us01:00:28
Challenge of the Yukon 10/22/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Poisoner of Chiliwaw.www.botar.us00:58:53
Cavalcade of America 07/15/1936Cavalcade of America, Band music in America pt1.www.botar.us00:30:38
Great Gildersleeve 12/26/1951Great Gildersleeve, episode 424, Opening last Christmas' presents.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/12/1935Abner thinks that Lum has gotten the better of the deal by far.www.botar.us00:15:39
Gangbusters 12/15/1945Gangbusters, Crime wave special.www.botar.us00:12:52
Speed Gibson 03/06/1937Speed Gibson, Trio is ambushed on Guam.www.botar.us00:13:11
Speed Gibson 03/20/1937Speed Gibson, Octopus plans a surprise.www.botar.us00:13:24
All star western theater 07/19/1947All star western theater, Fires of Sherman Point.www.botar.us00:28:18
The Whistler 08/24/1952The Whistler, Final papers.www.botar.us00:24:39
Casey Crime Photographer 01/13/1954Casey Crime Photographer, Road angel.www.botar.us01:00:17
Challenge of the Yukon 10/20/1948Challenge of the Yukon, False trail.www.botar.us00:58:59
Cavalcade of America 07/08/1936Cavalcade of America, Victor Herbert master of melody.www.botar.us00:30:11
Great Gildersleeve 12/19/1951Great Gildersleeve, episode 423, Annual Christmas program.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/11/1935Lum and Abner, Abner hires Cedric.www.botar.us00:15:24
Gangbusters 07/02/1949Gangbusters, Metropolitian motor mob.www.botar.us00:26:43
Speed Gibson 02/27/1937Speed Gibson, Barny flies the mystery plane.www.botar.us00:12:45
Speed Gibson 03/06/1937Speed Gibson, Trio is ambrushed on Guam.www.botar.us00:13:11
All star western theater 07/12/1947All star western theater, Loco Louie.www.botar.us00:28:46
The whistler 08/10/1952The whistler, Havana Lee.www.botar.us00:22:16
Casey crime photographer 04/11/1949Casey crime photographer, Disapperance of Mr. Dizzel.www.botar.us00:48:49
Challenge of the Yukon 10/18/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Underground ambush.www.botar.us00:58:53
Cavalcade of America 07/01/1936Cavalcade of America, American journalism.www.botar.us00:29:50
Great Gildersleeve 12/12/1951Great Gildersleeve, episode 422, Leroy sells Christmas
Lum and Abner 07/09/1935Lum and Abner, Lum and Abner dissolve.www.botar.us00:14:59
Gangbusters 06/18/1949Gangbusters, Bandit brothers.www.botar.us00:22:11
Speed Gibson 02/13/1937Speed Gibson, Speed is missing.www.botar.us00:12:53
Speed Gibson 02/20/1937Speed Gibson, Splinters in custody.www.botar.us00:12:43
All star western theater 07/05/1947All star western theater, Lee Hoop celebration.www.botar.us00:28:58
The Whistler 08/03/1952The Whistler, Dark island.www.botar.us00:24:59
Casey crime photographer 08/11/1949Casey crime photographer, Death of a stranger.www.botar.us01:00:23
Challenge of the Yukon 10/15/1948Challenge of the Yukon, White hawk.www.botar.us00:58:17
Cavalcade of America 06/24/1936Cavalcade of America, Steamboat builders.www.botar.us00:29:57
Great Gildersleeve 11/28/1951Great Gildersleeve, episode 420, Getting Leroy to study.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/09/1935Lum and Abner, Why lawyer Lum resigned.www.botar.us00:15:03
Gangbusters 01/29/1949A counterfeiting gang is caught when one of the members buys a live turkey from a suspcious farmer.www.botar.us00:25:49
Speed Gibson 01/30/1937Speed Gibson, Octopus orders a kidnapping.www.botar.us00:12:39
Speed Gibson 02/06/1937Speed Gibson, Remaining at Wake island.www.botar.us00:12:55
All star western theater 06/28/1947All star western theater, Time to ride.www.botar.us00:29:19
The Whistler 07/27/1952The Whistler, Never trust a strangerwww.botar.us00:30:21
Casey Crime Photographer 04/06/1949Casey Crime Photographer, Firewww.botar.us00:13:14
Challenge of the Yukon 10/13/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Mine of good hopewww.botar.us00:58:59
Cavalcade of America 06/17/1936Cavalcade of America, Heroes of Texaswww.botar.us00:29:25
Great Gildersleeve 11/21/1951Great Gildersleeve, episode 419, Thanksgiving with Mikeywww.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/05/1935Selecting a picture for the opening show. How about Mickey Mouse?www.botar.us00:15:22
Gangbusters 03/23/1946Three crooks steal 4 million dollars, but it turns out to be all mutilated currency.www.botar.us00:30:11
Speed Gibson 01/16/1937Speed Gibson, International secret police, heading for Hong Kongwww.botar.us00:12:55
Speed Gibson 01/23/1937Speed Gibson, International secret police, A shooting attemptwww.botar.us00:12:37
All star western theater 06/21/1947All star western theater, Youngest dudewww.botar.us00:29:05
The Whistler 07/06/1952The Whistler, Triple playwww.botar.us00:27:36
Casey Crime Photographer 05/19/1949Casey Crime Photographer, Cupid is a killerwww.botar.us00:29:13
Challenge of the Yukon 10/11/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Red acewww.botar.us00:58:50
Cavalcade of America 06/03/1936The story of the hard road to the White House taken by Andrew Jackson and his wife Rachel.www.botar.us00:29:50
Great Gildersleeve 11/14/1951Great Gildersleeve, episode 418, Saving the old oakwww.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/04/1935It looks like Squire Skimp is going to win his case. He has decided that he does not want to settle out of court.www.botar.us00:15:21
Gangbusters 01/05/1946The story of Wilson Ervin who stole 3 million dollars from a Chicago safe. He was the terror of the midwest for years.www.botar.us00:30:01
Speed Gibson 01/02/1937Speed Gibson, Octopus gangwww.botar.us00:12:17
Speed Gibson 01/09/1937Speed Gibson, Speed inducted into secret policewww.botar.us00:12:44
All Star Western Theater 06/14/1947All Star Western Theater, Hannah Morgan's sonwww.botar.us00:25:26
The whistler 06/29/1952The whistler, Night flightwww.botar.us00:30:19
Casey crime photographer 03/25/1950Casey crime photographer, Blindwww.botar.us00:59:04
Challenge of the yukon 10/08/1948Challenge of the yukon, Parson shorty meadowswww.botar.us00:58:53
Cavalcade of america 05/27/1936Cavalcade of america, Resourcefulnesswww.botar.us00:29:58
Great gildersleeve 11/07/1951Great gildersleeve, Episode 416, Lost boy halloweenwww.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and abner 07/03/1935After lecturing Abner about signing a paper without thinking, Lum does the same with Mr. Ferguson, Squire Skimps lawyerwww.botar.us00:15:16
Gangbusters 05/11/1946A dramatization of the riot and inmate unrest on the prison island. The events occured only nine days previously.www.botar.us00:25:37
Adventures of superman 08/27/1948Adventures of superman, ep1499 Mystery of the letter P10www.botar.us00:15:11
Adventures of superman 08/30/1948Adventures of superman, ep1500 Mystey of the letter p11www.botar.us00:14:42
All star western theater 06/07/1947All star western theater, Sleepy weed and smileywww.botar.us00:28:56
The Whistler 06/08/1952The Whistler, man in the waywww.botar.us00:30:17
Casey crime photographer 03/02/1950Casey crime photographer, Bad little babewww.botar.us00:25:00
Challenge of the Yukon 10/06/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Record runwww.botar.us00:58:53
Cavalcade of America 05/20/1936Cavalcade of America, Hardineswww.botar.us00:30:22
Great Gildersleeve 10/31/1951Great Gildersleeve, episode 416, Lost boy halloweenwww.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and abner 07/02/1935Lum and abner, Abner arrestedwww.botar.us00:14:25
Gangbusters 08/16/1952Gangbusters, Onionwww.botar.us00:27:57
Adventures of superman 08/25/1948Adventures of superman, ep1497 mystery of the letter p8www.botar.us00:15:05
Adventures of superman 08/26/1948Adventures of superman, ep1498 mystey of the letter p9www.botar.us00:15:01
All star western theater 05/31/1947All star western theater, joey.www.botar.us00:29:44
The whistler, case for mr carrington 06/01/1952The whistler, case for mr carrington.www.botar.us00:20:46
Casey crime photographer 01/29/1948Casey crime photographer, piggy bank robbery.www.botar.us00:58:20
Challenge of the yukon 10/04/1948Challenge of the yukon, extra uniform.www.botar.us00:58:23
Cavalcade of america 05/13/1936Cavalcade of america, tillers of the soil.www.botar.us00:29:50
Great gildersleeve 10/24/1951Great gildersleeve, episode 415, picnic with babs.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 07/01/1935abner and grandpa break into squires housewww.botar.us00:14:29
Gangbusters 01/07/1950Gangbusters, golden touchwww.botar.us00:25:39
Adventures of superman 08/23/1948adventures of superman, ep1495 mystery of the letter p6www.botar.us00:15:05
Adventures of superman 08/24/1948adventures of superman, ep1496 mystey of the letter p7www.botar.us00:14:55
All Star Western Theater 05/24/1947Little hoofwww.botar.us00:29:31
The whistler 05/18/1952determined traveler, saturday nightwww.botar.us00:30:01
Casey crime photographer 03/11/1948casey crime photographer, fogwww.botar.us01:01:31
Challenge of the yukon 10/01/1948challenge of the yukon, find the bodywww.botar.us00:59:60
Cavalcade of america 05/06/1936cavalcade of america., artistic impulsewww.botar.us00:29:47
Great gildersleeve 10/17/1951great gildersleeve, episode 414, forgotten anniversarywww.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and abner 06/29/1935lum and abners apology becomes evidencewww.botar.us00:14:40
Gangbusters 10/22/1949Gangbusters, elusive leaderwww.botar.us00:27:55
Adventures of superman 08/19/1948adventures of superman, ep1493 mystey of the letter p4www.botar.us00:13:19
Adventures of superman 08/20/1948adventures of superman, ep1494 mystery of the letter p5www.botar.us00:15:23
All star western theater 05/10/1947deacon, bid for electionwww.botar.us00:29:24
The whistler 05/04/1952saturday night, lady in waitingwww.botar.us00:30:19
Casey crime photographer 02/26/1948casey crime photographer, fixwww.botar.us00:29:51
Challenge of the yukon 09/29/1948challenge of the yukon, ghost townwww.botar.us00:59:46
Cavalcade of america 04/29/1936cavalcade of america, self reliancewww.botar.us00:29:24
Great gildersleeve 10/10/1951great gildersleeve, episode 413, leroy visits judge hookerwww.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and abner 06/27/1935Lum and abner, squire sues for damageswww.botar.us00:14:46
Gangbusters 09/10/1949Gangbusters, red hot readerswww.botar.us00:25:24
Adventures of superman 08/17/1948adventures of superman, ep1491 mystey of the letter p2www.botar.us00:15:03
Adventures of superman 08/18/1948adventures of superman, ep1492 mystery of the letter p3www.botar.us00:14:53
All Star Western Theater 05/03/1947All Star Western Theater, Deacon.www.botar.us00:30:50
The Whistler 04/27/1952The Whistler, Saturday Night.www.botar.us00:30:08
Casey Crime Photographer 03/18/1948Casey Crime Photographer, Murder In Black And White.www.botar.us00:30:18
Challenge of the Yukon 09/27/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Pot Luck Killers.www.botar.us00:51:07
Cavalcade of America 04/22/1936Cavalcade of America, Safety First.www.botar.us00:29:18
Great Gildersleeve 10/03/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 412, Jolly Boys Election.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/26/1935Skimp is feeling better today; so much improved that he is visiting a lawyer at the county seat.www.botar.us00:14:51
Gangbusters 06/04/1949Gangbusters, Date With Death.www.botar.us00:25:26
Adventures of Superman 08/13/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1487, Secret of the Genie, Part 10www.botar.us00:14:37
Adventures of Superman 08/16/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1490, Mystery of the Letter, Part 1www.botar.us00:14:56
All Star Western Theater 04/27/1947All Star Western Theater, Lone Bandit.www.botar.us00:30:50
The Whistler 03/23/1952The Whistler, Ski Master.www.botar.us00:24:58
Casey Crime Photographer 11/25/1948Casey Crime Photographer, Holiday.www.botar.us00:30:19
Challenge of the Yukon 09/24/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Old Ben's Gold.www.botar.us00:59:10
Cavalcade of America 04/15/1935Cavalcade of America, Railroad Builders.www.botar.us00:29:11
Great Gildersleeve 09/26/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 411, Marjories Job.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/25/1935Lum rehearses his speech of acceptance and thanks, but no one shows up for the statues unveiling and barbecue.www.botar.us00:14:44
Gangbusters 12/11/1948Gangbusters, Badit Brothers.www.botar.us00:24:22
Adventures of Superman 08/11/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1487, Secret of the Genie, Part 8www.botar.us00:15:10
Adventures of Superman 08/12/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1488, Secret of the Genie, Part 9www.botar.us00:14:34
All Star Western Theater 04/20/1947All Star Western Theater, Cattle Drive to Abilene.www.botar.us00:30:08
The Whistler 03/16/1952The Whistler, Marked Man.www.botar.us00:30:17
Casey Crime Photographer 05/27/1948Casey Crime Photographer, Gun Wanted.www.botar.us00:49:45
Challenge of the Yukon 09/22/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Icebound.www.botar.us00:52:31
Cavalcade of America 04/08/1935Cavalcade of America, Opportunity.www.botar.us00:28:60
Great Gildersleeve 09/19/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 410, Horse Race Tickets.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/24/1935Lum rehearses his speech of acceptance and thanks, but no one shows up for the statues unveiling and barbecue.www.botar.us00:14:21
Gangbusters 10/09/1948Gangbusters, Incorrigible Killer.www.botar.us00:29:32
Adventures of Superman 08/09/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1485, Secret of the Genie, Part 5www.botar.us00:15:01
Adventures of Superman 08/10/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1486, Secret of the Genie, Part 6www.botar.us00:14:57
All Star Western Theater 04/13/1947All Star Western Theater, Tex Adventure.www.botar.us00:31:08
The Whistler 03/09/1952The Whistler, Breakaway.www.botar.us00:30:17
Casey Crime Photographer 02/12/1948Casey Crime Photographer, Key Witness.www.botar.us00:56:52
Challenge of the Yukon 09/20/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Lost Indian Mine.www.botar.us00:52:47
Cavalcade of America 04/01/1935Cavalcade of America, Fame in Literature.www.botar.us00:30:31
Great Gildersleeve 09/12/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 409, Horse Race Tickets.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/21/1935Squire Skimp has pressured Evalina to break off her engagement to Lum if Skimp is convicted.www.botar.us00:14:13
Gangbusters 10/02/1948Gangbusters, Chicago Tunnel Gang.www.botar.us00:24:11
Adventures of Superman 08/05/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1483, Secret of the Genie, Part 4www.botar.us00:14:56
Adventures of Superman 08/06/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1484, Secret of the Genie, Part 5www.botar.us00:15:04
All Star Western Theater 04/06/1947All Star Western Theater, Bar K Dude Ranch.www.botar.us00:30:43
The Whistler 03/02/1952The Whistler, Whirlpool.www.botar.us00:30:12
Casey Crime Photographer 02/05/1948Casey Crime Photographer, Music to Die By.www.botar.us00:57:59
Challenge of the Yukon 09/17/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Showdown.www.botar.us00:51:46
Cavalcade of America 03/25/1935Cavalcade of America, Conservation.www.botar.us00:30:09
Great Gildersleeve 09/05/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 408, Leroy Buys a Car.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/20/1935Squire Skimp has gone out to California to sell the sterling silver mine to Mr. Worthington.www.botar.us00:14:20
Gangbusters 09/25/1948Gangbusters, Cincinnati Narcotics Ring.www.botar.us00:23:19
Adventures of Superman 08/03/1948Adventures of Superman, Ep1480, Secret of the Genie, P3www.botar.us00:14:58
Adventures of Superman 08/04/1948Adventures of Superman, Ep1481, Secret of the Genie, P4www.botar.us00:15:01
All Star Western Theater 03/30/1947How to marry the boss lady, in one easy lesson.www.botar.us00:30:46
The Whistler 02/24/1952The Whistler, Matter of Time.www.botar.us00:30:15
Casey Crime Photographer 01/15/1948Casey Crime Photographer, Miracle.www.botar.us00:53:19
Challenge of the Yukon 09/15/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Trader Muldoon.www.botar.us00:59:20
Cavalcade of America 03/18/1935Cavalcade of America, They Also Serve.www.botar.us00:30:11
Great Gildersleeve 05/30/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 407, Family Vacation.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/19/1935The Jot Em Down Store on wheels is ready to roll, but first, there's a minor problem. The front end is six feet off the groundwww.botar.us00:14:43
Gangbusters 09/04/1948Gangbusters, Collector Who Robbed Supermarkets.www.botar.us00:33:54
Adventures of Superman 07/30/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1479, Voice of Doom, Part 18www.botar.us00:13:57
Adventures of Superman 08/02/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1480, Secret of the Genie, Part 1www.botar.us00:14:51
All Star Western Theater 03/23/1947The Riders are accused of murdering their old friend, but are saved by Cue Ball.www.botar.us00:30:10
The Whistler 02/17/1952The Whistler, Little Red Book. Rose for Pamela.www.botar.us00:30:21
Casey Crime Photographer 01/22/1948Casey Crime Photographer, Ex Convict.www.botar.us00:28:21
Challenge of the Yukon 09/13/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Fraud.www.botar.us01:00:22
Cavalcade of America 03/11/1935Cavalcade of America, Perserverance.www.botar.us00:30:10
Great Gildersleeve 05/23/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 406, Twins are Named.www.botar.us00:30:12
Lum and Abner 06/18/1935Squire Skimps theatre, located on the second floor, seems to be illegal in Pine Ridge.www.botar.us00:14:46
Gangbusters 08/07/1948Gangbusters, Golf Course Murders.www.botar.us00:24:50
Adventures of Superman 07/28/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1477, Voice of Doom. Part 16www.botar.us00:14:15
Adventures of Superman 07/29/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1478, Voice of Doom. Part 17www.botar.us00:14:01
All Star Western Theater 03/16/1947The Riders try to make peace between two old time feuders who love to hate.www.botar.us00:30:00
The Whistler 02/10/1952The Whistler, Little Red Book.www.botar.us00:30:14
Casey Crime Photographer 01/08/1948Casey Crime Photographer, Queen of the Amazons.www.botar.us00:59:04
Challenge of the Yukon 09/08/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Winner By Proxy.www.botar.us00:30:01
Cavalcade of America 03/04/1935Cavalcade of America, Songs That Inspired the Nation.www.botar.us00:30:54
Great Gildersleeve 05/16/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 405, Boating Date.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/17/1935Business isn't too good at the Pine Ridge Planetarium. Squire Skimp vows to run Lum and Abner out of business.www.botar.us00:14:48
Gangbusters 07/31/1948Gangbusters, Carnival Caper.www.botar.us00:23:60
Adventures of Superman 07/26/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1475, Voice of Doom, Part 14www.botar.us00:13:59
Adventures of Superman 07/27/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1476, Voice of Doom, Part 15www.botar.us00:14:18
All Star Western Theater 03/09/1947Alias Mary Smithers. A bad man turns out to be not as bad as everyone thinks.www.botar.us00:30:27
The Whistler 02/03/1952The Whistler, Shakedown.www.botar.us00:30:18
Casey Crime Photographer 01/01/1948Casey Crime Photographer, Hot New Years Party. 01/01/1948www.botar.us00:29:05
Challenge of the Yukon 09/06/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Shots in the Dark.www.botar.us00:59:20
Cavalcade of America 02/26/1935Cavalcade of America, Heroes of the Sea.www.botar.us00:30:58
Great Gildersleeve 05/09/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 404, First Anniversary.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/14/1935The Ladies Uplift League forces the cancellation of the movie show.www.botar.us00:15:02
Gangbusters, 06/19/1948Gangbusters, Tennesse Triggermen.www.botar.us00:29:20
Adventures of Superman 07/22/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1473, Voice of Doom, Part 12www.botar.us00:13:56
Adventures of Superman 07/23/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1474, Voice of Doom, Part 13www.botar.us00:14:03
All Star Western Theater 03/02/1947A bad man from New Mexico turns out to be not as bad as everyone thinks.www.botar.us00:30:23
The Whistler 01/27/1952The Whistler, Borrowed Byline.www.botar.us00:30:19
Casey Crime Photographer 12/25/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Santa Claus of Bums Boulevard.www.botar.us00:29:36
Challenge of the Yukon 06/26/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Breakup.www.botar.us00:58:16
Cavalcade of America 02/12/1935Cavalcade of America, Abraham Lincoln.www.botar.us00:30:51
Great Gildersleeve 05/02/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 403, Spring Cleaning for the Judge.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/13/1935The Texas Kid will be the first feature at the Pine Ridge Planetarium. Squire Skimp is upstaged with a free showing.www.botar.us00:14:52
Gangbusters 04/24/1948Gangbusters, Quincy Killers.www.botar.us00:24:27
Adventures of Superman 07/20/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1471, Voice of Doom, Part 10www.botar.us00:13:30
Adventures of Superman 07/21/1948aAdventures of Superman, Episode 1472, Voice of Doom, Part 11www.botar.us00:13:51
All Star Western Theater 02/16/1947A comedy biography of Jerrys life out West, including the reason he grew that beautiful moustache.www.botar.us00:30:43
The Whistler 01/20/1952The Whistler, Bad Penny.www.botar.us00:30:16
Casey Crime Photographer 12/11/1947Casey Crime Photographer, New Will.www.botar.us00:29:47
Challenge of the Yukon 04/24/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Rusty.www.botar.us01:01:30
Cavalcade of America 02/12/1935Cavalcade of America, Abraham Lincoln.www.botar.us00:31:01
Great Gildersleeve 04/25/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 402, Leroy's Pony.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/12/1935The Texas Kid will be the first feature at the Planetarium. Plans are made for a free showing on Friday afternoon.www.botar.us00:14:51
Gangbusters 04/03/1948Gangbusters, New York Narcotics.www.botar.us00:24:14
Adventures of Superman 07/16/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1469, Voice of Doom, Part 8www.botar.us00:13:32
Adventures of Superman 07/19/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1470, Voice of Doom, Part 9www.botar.us00:13:31
All Star Western Theater 02/09/1947A tongue in cheek visit to the No Washy Indian tribe.www.botar.us00:30:23
The Whistler 12/30/1951The Whistler, Fatal Step.www.botar.us00:28:45
Casey Crime Photographer 12/18/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Life of the Party.www.botar.us00:29:44
Challenge of the Yukon 03/27/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Wire Haired Terrier.www.botar.us01:00:01
Cavalcade of America 02/05/1935Cavalcade of America, Loyalty to Family.www.botar.us00:31:22
Great Gildersleeve 04/08/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 401, Leroy the Bon Vivant.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/11/1935Plans for the opening of the theatre on Saturday night are upstaged by Squire Skimp.www.botar.us00:15:20
Gangbusters 03/20/1948Gangbusters, Broadway Bandits.www.botar.us00:26:34
Adventures of Superman 07/14/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1467, Voice of Doom, Part 6www.botar.us00:13:42
Adventures of Superman 07/15/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1468, Voice of Doom, Part 7www.botar.us00:13:34
All Star Western Theater 01/26/1947The Riders spend their last few dollars to enter a rodeo.www.botar.us00:30:51
The Whistler 12/23/1951The Whistler, Christmas Gift.www.botar.us00:30:28
Casey Crime Photographer 12/04/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Serpent Goddess.www.botar.us00:29:55
Challenge of the Yukon 03/20/1948Challenge of the Yukon, King Comes Home.www.botar.us01:00:02
Cavalcade of America 01/29/1935Cavalcade of America, Enterprise.www.botar.us00:31:24
Great Gildersleeve 04/11/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 400, Gildy the Worry Wart.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/10/1935Squire Skimp makes Lum and Abner an offer for a one third interest in Skimp's Hippodrome.www.botar.us00:15:17
Gangbusters 02/28/1948Gangbusters, Dakota Bad Man.www.botar.us00:34:52
Adventures of Superman 07/12/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1465, Voice of Doom, Part 4www.botar.us00:13:24
Adventures of Superman 07/13/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1466, Voice of Doom, Part 5www.botar.us00:13:13
All Star Western Theater 01/19/1947The Riders visit a ranch where a killer is trapped when he fails to give himself a big enough piece of the loot.www.botar.us00:30:35
The Whistler 12/16/1951The Whistler, Curiosity Killed the Cat.www.botar.us00:26:09
Casey Crime Photographer 11/27/1947Casey Crime Photographer, After the Turkey.www.botar.us00:26:40
Challenge of the Yukon 03/21/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Black and White Pup.www.botar.us00:03:48
Cavalcade of America 01/22/1935Cavalcade of America, Speed of Words.www.botar.us00:31:34
Great Gildersleeve 04/04/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 399, Sailing, Sailing.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/06/1935Squire Skimp has threatened to open his own movie theatre, since Lum and Abner wont take him in as a partner.www.botar.us00:14:48
Gangbusters 02/28/1948Gangbusters, Dakota Bad Man.www.botar.us00:22:43
Adventures of Superman 07/08/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1463, Voice of Doom, Part 2www.botar.us00:13:55
Adventures of Superman 07/09/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1464, Voice of Doom, Part 3www.botar.us00:13:22
All Star Western Theater 01/12/1947The strong smell of Eau de Cologne leads to a killer in Benson City.www.botar.us00:31:12
The Whistler 12/09/1951The Whistler, Other Hand.www.botar.us00:30:20
Mr. President 11/07/1948A physically fit president insists that army officers be able to ride 100 miles on horseback, or hike 50 in 3 days.www.botar.us00:29:52
Casey Crime Photographer 11/20/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Earned Rward.www.botar.us01:59:14
Challenge of the Yukon 03/13/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Witness For the Crown.www.botar.us00:59:54
Cavalcade of America 01/15/1935Cavalcade of America, Building and Architecture.www.botar.us00:31:44
Great Gildersleeve 03/28/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 398, Babysitting the twins.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/06/1935Squire Skimp has threatened to open his own movie theatre, since Lum and Abner won't take him in as a partner.www.botar.us00:14:48
Gangbusters 01/24/1948Gangbusters, Horse Race Hijackers.www.botar.us00:23:58
Adventures of Superman 07/06/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1461, Secret of Meteor Island, Part 17www.botar.us00:14:04
Adventures of Superman 07/07/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1462, Voice of Doom, Part 1www.botar.us00:13:53
All Star Western Theater 12/22/1946A masked milk-drinking dude tackles a gang of bad guys.www.botar.us00:30:12
The Whistler 10/21/1951The Whistler, Alias Mister Alden.www.botar.us00:28:17
Mr. President 08/29/1948The President avoidS a European war by starting a trade embargo. Americans are hurt more than the Europeans...www.botar.us00:29:41
Casey Crime Photographer 11/13/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Too Many Angels.www.botar.us00:46:44
Challenge of the Yukon 03/06/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Debt.www.botar.us00:59:59
Cavalcade of America 01/08/1935Cavalcade of America, Woman in Oublic Service.www.botar.us00:31:31
Great Gildersleeve 03/21/1951gGreat Gildersleeve, Episode 397, Bronco runs the household.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/05/1935Selecting a picture for the opening show. Squire wants to be a partner in the theater.www.botar.us00:14:51
Gangbusters 11/08/1947Gangbusters, Jersey Butcher Bandit.www.botar.us00:25:40
Adventures of Superman 07/02/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1459, Secret of Meteor Island, Part 15www.botar.us00:13:53
Adventures of Superman 07/05/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1460, Secret of Meteor Island, Part 16www.botar.us00:13:53
All Star Western Theater 09/29/1946A drifting cowhand with a hidden past come upon a ranch with gambling problems.www.botar.us00:29:25
The Whistler 06/24/1951The Murder of Byron Black.www.botar.us00:59:23
Mr. President 08/22/1948The President tries to avoid becoming involved in a European war. He tries a trade embargo, but Americans are being hurt...www.botar.us00:29:41
Casey Crime Photographer 11/06/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Blond Lipstick.www.botar.us00:28:49
Challenge of the Yukon 02/28/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Silvertip.www.botar.us01:00:08
Cavalcade of America 01/01/1935Cavalcade of America, Declaration of Independence.www.botar.us00:31:41
Great Gildersleeve 03/14/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 396, Jolly Boys or Katie Lee.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/04/1935Preparations for the picture show continue at great expense. One small detail has been overlooked.www.botar.us00:14:59
Gangbusters 10/25/1947Gangbusters, Notorious Bugs Moran, Part 2.www.botar.us00:37:47
Adventures of Superman 06/30/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1457, Secret of meteor island, Part 13www.botar.us00:13:41
Adventures of Superman 07/01/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1458, Secret of meteor island, Part 14www.botar.us00:13:40
All Star Western Theater 09/22/1946A drifting cowhand with a hidden past come upon a ranch with gambling problems.www.botar.us00:28:59
The Whistler 09/24/1950There is a reward for the capture of a British bandit, the one who has robbed a London bank of ten thousand pounds.www.botar.us00:29:40
Mr. President 08/15/1948A President tries to keep the Union intact despite a stubborn senator in love with the presidents daughter.www.botar.us00:29:52
Casey Crime Photographer 10/30/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Great grandfathers rent receipt.www.botar.us01:00:26
Challenge of the Yukon 02/21/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Aunt Em.www.botar.us00:59:59
Cavalcade of America 12/25/1935Humanitarian Urge: Part one. Marry Ellen Case. Part two. Juvenile Court Story.www.botar.us00:30:35
Great Gildersleeve 03/07/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 395, Bringing the twins home.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 06/03/1935Plans for the new movie show continue, including an offer to rent an old cotton warehouse at a very reasonable rent.www.botar.us00:15:10
Gangbusters 10/18/1947Gangbusters, Notorious Bugs Moran Part 2.www.botar.us00:47:03
Adventures of Superman 06/28/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1454, Secret of Meteor Island, Part 11www.botar.us00:13:58
Adventures of Superman 06/29/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1455, Secret of Meteor Island, Part 12www.botar.us00:13:52
All Star Western Theater 09/15/1946A young man from the East come out West to visit his Dad and proves himself handy with his fists and guns...www.botar.us00:29:29
The Whistler 08/06/1950An architect kills his wife but then sees her face in a photograph. More murders must follow.www.botar.us01:01:22
Mr. President 08/08/1948Mr. President requires all his self control to continue a policy of neutrality in the XYZ Affair & the plots of Tallyrand.www.botar.us00:30:02
Casey Crime Photographer 10/23/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Lady in Distress.www.botar.us01:00:46
Challenge of the Yukon 02/14/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Klondike Palace.www.botar.us01:00:14
Cavalcade of America 12/18/1935Defiance of Nature, Part one. Erie Canal. Part two. Holland Tunnel.www.botar.us00:30:39
Great Gildersleeve 02/28/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 394, Trying to Name Twins.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 05/31/1935Plans for the new movie show continue, including an offer to rent Huddlestons old cotton warehouse...www.botar.us00:15:02
Gangbusters 10/11/1947Gangbusters, Notorious Bugs Moran.www.botar.us00:46:57
Adventures of Superman 06/24/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1453, Secret of meteor island, Part 9www.botar.us00:13:49
Adventures of Superman 06/25/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1454, Secret of meteor island, Part 10www.botar.us00:13:48
All Star Western Theater 09/08/1946A fun show as Dale tries to broadcast her weekly country music show from her new dude ranch.www.botar.us00:29:32
The Whistler 07/02/1950Henry is caught between his wife and his mistress, which leads to a dead body in the trunk.www.botar.us00:30:22
Mr. President, Abraham Lincoln 1864 07/25/1948A well done story about a wartime President who insists on seeing a battleground first hand.www.botar.us00:29:52
Casey Crime Photographer 10/16/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Camera Bug.www.botar.us00:57:48
Challenge of the Yukon 02/07/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Red Herring.www.botar.us01:00:08
Cavalcade of America 12/11/1935Part one. Lewis and Clark expedition. Part two. Greeley Polar expedition.www.botar.us00:30:33
Great Gildersleeve 02/21/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 393, New baby arrives.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 05/30/1935Plans for the new motion picture show continue, including an offer to rent Dick Huddlestons old cotton warehouse.www.botar.us00:15:06
Gangbusters 10/04/1947Gangbusters, Kidnapped paymaster.www.botar.us00:24:32
Adventures of Superman 06/22/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1451, Secret of meteor island, Part 7www.botar.us00:13:36
Adventures of Superman 06/23/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1452, Secret of meteor island, Part 8www.botar.us00:14:12
All Star western theater 09/01/1946A rich rancher sets out to prove to himself and his girl that he can take it.www.botar.us00:29:28
The Whistler 05/14/1950The wife of a city official tries to get him to break off with racketeers who have been paying him graft.www.botar.us00:28:56
Mr President, Andrew Jackson 07/04/1948Mr. President is thwarted in an appointment to the state of Mississippi and has a conflict with The Bank Of The U.S.www.botar.us00:29:54
Casey Crime Photographer 10/09/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Wedding Breakfast.www.botar.us00:59:15
Challenge of the Yukon 01/31/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Pamphlet.www.botar.us01:00:11
Cavalcade of America 12/04/1935Part one. Long and discovery of anesthesia. Part two. Gorgas and the Panama Canal.www.botar.us00:30:31
Great Gildersleeve 02/14/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 392, Throwing Snowballs.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 05/29/1935Plans for the new motion picture show continue, including an offer to rent an old cotton warehouse cheap.www.botar.us00:13:56
Gangbusters 07/14/1946Gangbusters, Costumed Killer.www.botar.us00:25:22
Adventures of Superman 06/18/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1449, Secret of meteor island, Part 5www.botar.us00:13:30
Adventures of Superman 06/21/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1450, Secret of meteor island, Part 6www.botar.us00:13:29
All Star Western Theater 08/18/1946A sad cowboy story of romance by the Alamo.www.botar.us00:29:27
The Whistler 05/07/1950A man tries to murder his partner to keep the 25,000 dollar loot from their smuggling operation.www.botar.us00:28:41
Mr. President, Andrew Jackson 1844 06/20/1948Mr. President has difficulty appointing a Secretary Of State and even more difficulty dealing with his Vice President.www.botar.us00:29:59
Casey Crime Photographer 04/15/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Special presentation for a Anchor Hocking.www.botar.us00:28:06
Challenge of the Yukon, Loyalty of Chief. 01/24/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Loyalty of Chief.www.botar.us01:00:13
Cavalcade of America 11/27/1935Part one. Mayflower compact. Part two. Vermont flood.www.botar.us00:29:29
Great Gildersleeve 02/07/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 391, Peavey's day off.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 05/28/1935Lum has returned from a trip to Kansas City with plans to open a motion picture theatre in Pine Ridge.www.botar.us00:14:10
Gangbusters 03/16/1946Gangbusters, Death Nask Killer.www.botar.us00:31:20
Adventures of Superman 06/16/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1447, Secret of meteor island, Part 3www.botar.us00:13:51
Adventures of Superman 06/17/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1448, Secret of meteor island, Part 4www.botar.us00:13:41
All Star Western Theater 07/11/1946An Eastern lady inherits a ranch out West that is being plagued by cattle rustlers.www.botar.us00:29:24
The Whistler 04/16/1950A couple trying to kill a woman is only temporarily foiled by a bodyguard. Blackmail and murder follow.www.botar.us00:29:45
Mr. President, John Quincy Adams 1825 06/06/1948Mr. President has difficulty appointing a Secretary Of State; and even greater difficulty dealing with his Vice President.www.botar.us00:30:15
Casey Crime Photographer 09/18/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Tobacco Pouch.www.botar.us00:28:56
Challenge of the Yukon 01/17/1948Challenge of the Yukon, Bridge.www.botar.us01:00:17
Cavalcade of America 11/20/1935Willingness to Share, Part one. Boston port bill. Part two. American Red Cross incidents.www.botar.us00:30:31
Great Gildersleeve 01/24/1951Great Gildersleeve, Episode 390, Marjories Baby Shower.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 05/27/1935The statue turned out to be only six inches tall. Lum has disappeared - missing for three days.www.botar.us00:14:04
Gangbusters 01/26/1946Gangbusters, Damiani and Krause.www.botar.us00:58:40
Adventures of Superman 06/14/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1445, Secret of Meteor Island, Part 1www.botar.us00:13:58
Adventures of Superman 06/15/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1446, Secret of Meteor Island, Part 2www.botar.us00:13:37
Frontier Town 08/14/1953Frontier Town, Lady Luck.www.botar.us00:29:08
The Whistler 04/02/1950A girl hitching a ride to San Diego is killed, and the hoodlum driving the car finds himself 5000 dollars richer.www.botar.us00:31:14
Mr. President, Grover Cleveland 05/23/1948Mr. President faces financial problems and is pressured by a senator who favors the free coinage of silver.www.botar.us00:29:59
Casey Crime Photographer 10/02/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Miscarriage of Justice.www.botar.us00:59:21
Challenge of the Yukon 01/10/1948A trap-robbing half breed beats a puppy and kidnaps a boy.www.botar.us00:29:50
Cavalcade of America 11/13/1935Part one. Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Part two. Winning Of the vote.www.botar.us00:30:03
Great Gildersleeve 01/17/1951Marjorie gets the urge to move furniture, a sure sign that the baby is on the way.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 05/24/1935Lum rehearses his speech of acceptance and thanks, but no one shows up for the statue's unveiling and barbecue.www.botar.us00:14:29
Gangbusters 01/26/1946Gangbusters, Damiani and Krause.www.botar.us00:58:40
Adventures of Superman 06/10/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1443, Mystery of the sleeping beauty, Part 17www.botar.us00:14:09
Adventures of Superman 06/11/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1444, Mystery of the sleeping beauty, Part 18www.botar.us00:13:41
Frontier Town 07/31/1953Frontier Town, Booom Town.www.botar.us00:28:55
The Whistler 03/19/1950An assistant D. A. commits murder aboard a yacht, but is seen by a professional blackmailer.www.botar.us00:29:48
Mr. President, John Tyler 05/16/1948After Mr. President takes a stand against patronage, he finds himself running for reelection as the candidate of a third party.www.botar.us00:29:54
Casey Crime Photographer 09/25/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Treasure Cave.www.botar.us00:58:59
Challenge of the Yukon 01/03/1948A newcomer to the Yukon has brought his grandmother with him. A strange series of robberies takes place...www.botar.us00:29:54
Cavalcade of America 11/06/1935Part one. Bound boy in colonial Massachusetts. Part two. Story of Horace Mann.www.botar.us00:30:43
Great Gildersleeve 01/10/1951Bullard is running Gildersleeve ragged on their double dates, but Gildy is determined to keep up with him.www.botar.us00:30:22
Lum and Abner 05/23/1935The sale of the hogs brought 2300 dollars to Lum and Abner, which leads to the telling of the story of King Midas.www.botar.us00:14:33
Gangbusters 12/22/1945Gangbusters, Al Simeone.www.botar.us00:33:40
Adventures of Superman 06/08/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1441, Mystery of the sleeping beauty, Part 15www.botar.us00:14:12
Adventures of Superman 06/09/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1442, Mystery of the sleeping beauty, Part 16www.botar.us00:14:10
Frontier Town 07/24/1953Frontier Town, Badlands.www.botar.us00:28:57
The Whistler 03/12/1950A valuable X Ray in Paris, a Sydney Greenstreet clone, and more double crosses than can be counted.www.botar.us00:29:41
Mr. President, John Adams 05/09/1948Adams faces considerable opposition to his new tax based on the number of windows in a house...www.botar.us00:30:04
Casey Crime Photographer 09/11/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Graveyard and Gertie.www.botar.us01:59:30
Challenge of the Yukon 12/27/1947A dishonest nephew is cut out of his rich uncles will. Father McLain and an old dog are involved in the plot to steal the new will.www.botar.us00:29:24
Cavalcade of America 10/30/1935Part one, the sacramento fire. Part two, the dust storm.www.botar.us00:30:22
Great Gildersleeve 01/03/1951Marjorie gets a craving for sauerkraut in the middle of the night.www.botar.us00:30:21
Lum and Abner 05/22/1935The statue will arrive tomorrow, in time for the unveiling. Squire Skimp returns from Chicago with money from the hog sale.www.botar.us00:14:37
Gangbusters 12/08/1945Gangbusters, Blackie Thompson.www.botar.us00:21:51
Adventures of Superman 06/04/1948Adventures of Superman, ep1439 Mystery of the sleeping beauty P13www.botar.us00:15:09
Adventures of Superman 06/07/1948Adventures of Superman, Ep1440 Mystery of the sleeping beauty P14www.botar.us00:14:15
Frontier Town 07/17/1953Frontier Town. Stampede.www.botar.us00:29:07
The Whistler 03/05/1950A wooden puzzle, filled with diamonds, proves a most elusive prize.www.botar.us00:29:00
Mr. President, Theodore Roosevelt 05/02/1948Mr. President won't take any nonsense from Japan and sends the U.S. Navy on a trip around the world.www.botar.us00:30:07
Casey Crime Photographer 09/04/1947Casey Crime Photographer, Loaded Dice.www.botar.us00:29:50
Challenge of the Yukon 12/13/1947An Eskimo who hates white men rescues Sergeant Preston and comes to accept the Mounties.www.botar.us00:29:16
Cavalcade of America 10/23/1935Part one, The Oklahoma Land Run. Part two, Mississippi Steamboat Race.www.botar.us00:30:32
Great Gildersleeve 12/27/1950Brenda Bullard and Leroy are going to the Cotillion together - or are they?www.botar.us00:30:21
Lum and Abner 05/21/1935Squire Skimp has pressured Evalina to break off her engagement to Lum if Skimp is convicted.www.botar.us00:14:26
Gangbusters 11/24/1945Gangbusters, Matthew Cazzara.www.botar.us00:30:25
Adventures of Superman 06/02/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1437, Mystery of the sleeping beauty, Part 11www.botar.us00:15:30
Adventures of Superman 06/03/1948Adventures of Superman, Episode 1438, Mystery of the sleeping beauty, Part 12www.botar.us00:15:17
Frontier Town 07/10/1953Frontier Town, Days of the Road Agent.www.botar.us00:29:05

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