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New York Times Magazine

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Riva Nelson selects and reads articles from The New York Times Magazine, Sunday magazine supplement to the famed daily. It is noted for its thoughtful feature articles from many notable contributors and for its photography, especially relating to fashion and style.

Current New York Times Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Bernie Madoff's Essential Man - May 15, 2015The Ponzi scheme's mastermind couldn't have done what he did without Frank Di'Pascali Jr., By Diana B HenriquesReader: Riva Nelson00:13:30
Common Man's Crown - Apr 1, 2015The baseball cap is ubiquitous, but not anonymous; with a tilt of it's bill or a curve of it's brim, it conveys a point of view. By Troy PattersonReader: Riva Nelson00:13:38
You Do You - Mar 31, 2015On how the popular phrase and it's tautological siblings "Haters gonna hate" and "It is what it is." By Colson WhiteheadReader: Riva Nelson00:13:57
Marriage of Convenience - Jan 27, 2015The new gay rights case before the Supreme Court and John Robert's long game. By Emily BazelonReader: Riva Nelson00:13:01
The Point of Order - Jan 13, 2015How a 19th-century document still influences the N.Y.P.D.-for better or for worse. By Nick PintoReader: Riva Nelson00:12:02
Having It All & Havana - Jan 2-8, 2015The complicated origins of having it all by Jennifer Szalai. Next Year In Havana - Big changes for Americans & Cubans by Paul Reyes.Reader: Riva Nelson00:18:36
Last Disposable Action Heroes - Mar 2, 2014In the changing blockbuster economy, superheroes are as interchangeable as the costumes they wear, by Alex French.Reader: Riva Nelson00:27:18
Confessions of a Tiger Couple - Feb 2, 2014A new book about why certain cultural groups tend to be more successful than others, by Jennifer Szalai.Reader: Riva Nelson00:27:22
The Not-so-Lonely City - Jan 19, 2014Is Technology really driving us apart? by Mark Oppenheimer.Reader: Riva Nelson00:21:25
The Chelsea Hotel Has It's Own Eloise - Jul 23, 2013"An interview with actress and former child star, Gaby Hoffmann" by Taffy Brodesser-AknerReader: Riva Nelson00:19:00
Investing In Dope - Jun 26, 2013Investing in the up-and-coming world of 'cannabis space'. By Bruce Barkot.Reader: Riva Nelson00:21:23
McCann's Empathy - Jun 2, 20134 years after his magnificent, cathartic 9/11 novel, Colum McCann continues his exercise in radical empathy. By Joel LovellReader: Riva Nelson00:20:07
Economic Recovery & Ethicist - May 10, 2013"Economic Recovery, Made in Bangladesh?" by Adam Davidson; "The Ethicist: 2 Ethical questions" by Chuck KlostermanReader: Riva Nelson00:16:43
Gay Conversion - Apr 17, 2013"Court Hears Gay 'Conversion Therapy' Arguments. Is a law banning gay 'conversion therapy' for minors justified?" by Erik EckholmReader: Claudine Van Gonka00:04:15

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