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New York Times Opinions

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Join Ed Klein as he reads you rotating selections of the latest opinions from The New York Times' regular columnists - Charles M. Blow, David Brooks, Roger Cohen, Gail Collins, Ross Douthat, Maureen Dowd, Thomas L. Friedman, Bob Herbert, Nicholas D. Kristof, Paul Krugman, Frank Rich - and guest Op-Ed contributors.

Current New York Times Opinion Pieces
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Opinions from 9/6 & 9/7/2015Architect of Segregation: Economic isolation of minorities worsens despite Fair Housing Laws. Trump is Right on Economics, by Paul KrugmanReader: Ed Klein00:13:22
Opinions from 8/25/2015Why GOP Rejects Iran Deal and all diplomacy, by Nicole Hemmer & Tom Switzer. Lessons from the Virginia Shooting, by Nicholas Kristoff.Reader: Ed Klein00:18:32
Opinions from 8/19/2015Stop Universities From Hoarding Money, by Victor Fleischer. The Questionable Legality of Military Aid to Egypt, by The Editorial Board.Reader: Ed Klein00:14:43
Opinions from 7/27/2014When Wheelchairs Are Cool by Ben Matin; The Character Factory by David Brooks; Censorship in Your Doctor's Office by Paul ShermanReader: Anne LaVoie00:16:57
Opinions from 7/20/2014Now for a Bit of Good News by Thomas Friedman; A Popular President by Maureen Dowd; An Idiots Guide to Inequality by Nicholas KristofReader: Anne LaVoie00:19:00
Opinions from 7/13/2014The Benefits of Failing at French by William Alexander; The $300,000 Drug by Joe Nocera; Love People, Not Pleasure by Arthur C. BrooksReader: Anne LaVoie00:24:47
Opinions from 7/6/2014The Creative Climate, by David Brooks; The Trouble With Brain Science, by Gary Marcus; Bury My Heart on West End Avenue, by Dick CavettReader: Anne LaVoie00:20:52
Opinions from 6/29/2014Blame War - Not Safaris, by Louisa Lombard; Who Do We Think We Are? America's self-image has changed, by Maureen DowdReader: Anne LaVoie00:14:01
Opinions from 6/28/2014If Franz Ferdinand Had Lived, by Simon Winder; History Lessons - Why World War I Matters to Today's Economy, by Neil Irwin.Reader: Anne LaVoie00:12:46
Pipe Dream of Easy War, Jul 2013The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, like all wars, were contests of will that... made future events impossible to predict. By H. McMasterReader: Arthur Pellman00:14:17
Religion & Sex QuizAccording to Boston U's Jennifer Knust, the Bible's sexuality teachings are murky & prone to hijacking... By Nicholas KristofReader: Arthur Pellman00:14:38
Opinions from 6/14/2013The Other Side of the Story. What happens when national surveillane makes mistakes and innocent people get hurt? By Gail CollinsReader: Arthur Pellman00:08:39
Opinion from 5/18/2013"Without Water, Revolution." Drought didn't cause the Syrian revolution but failure of Assad to address it didn't help. By Thos FriedmanReader: Arthur Pellman00:19:14
Opinions from 4/20/2013Two articles on the Boston Marathon killers. One by Chechen expert Oliver Bullough; another by Charles Blow based on their twitterings.Reader: Arthur Pellman00:16:54
Opinions from 2/2/2013Segregation in the South: "The 'Real' Rosa Parks" by Charles Blow; "The Back of the Bus" by Mary E. Mebane.Reader: Arthur Pellman00:23:53
Opinions from 12/31/2012"The Emancipation of Abe Lincoln. His growth before authoring the transformational Emancipation Proclamation." by Eric FonerReader: Arthur Pellman00:13:25
Opinions from 12/30/2012"Babes In Arms. What Next From the NRA?." by Bill Keller.Reader: Arthur Pellman00:10:10
Opinions from 12/14/2012 to 12/16/2012Sandy Hook Massacre: "Looking For America" by Gail Collins; "The Freedom of an Armed Society" by Firman DeBrabander.Reader: Arthur Pellman00:22:31
Opinions from 12/9/2012"A Lost Civilization" by Maureen Dowd; "The Years of Senator DeMint. Plight of the GOP from the right and left" by Ross DouthatReader: Arthur Pellman00:14:32
Opinions from 11/11/2012"The Monster of Monticello. Thomas Jefferson and Slavery" by Paul Finkleman; "The Bad Luck of Winning the Lottery" by Joe NoceraReader: Arthur Pellman00:15:15
Opinions from 11/16/2012"Let's Not Raise the Retirement Age" by Paul Krugman; "The Age of Possibility. Fewer people raising families." by David BrooksReader: Arthur Pellman00:15:41

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