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NPR Science Friday

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Science Friday, as heard on NPR, is a weekly discussion of the latest news in science, technology, health, and the environment hosted by Ira Flatow. Ira interviews scientists, authors, and policymakers, and listeners can call in and ask questions as well. Hear it each week on NPR stations nationwide!

Current Science Friday Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Dec 6, 2019, Part 2Ira's Science Book Top Picks. Newer science board games have elaborate story-building narratives with complex strategies.National Public Radio00:47:19
Dec 6, 2019, Part 1NASA's Parker Solar Probe increases knowledge of the sun. The awesome world of the "multi-headed" slime mold.National Public Radio00:46:49
SciFri ExtraLaura Diaz brings her experience growing up to inspire young people to solve the world’s injustices through science.National Public Radio00:16:14
Nov 29, 2019, Part 2The 2019 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony is a tribute to offbeat and quirky scientific studies. They first make you laugh, then make you think.National Public Radio00:46:23
Nov 29, 2019, Part 1Imagining future worlds and new kinds of technology. Why face mites live in our skin, where we get them & their science.National Public Radio00:47:39
Planet Of The Killer ApesIn Apartheid-era South Africa, a scientist uncovered a cracked, proto-human jawbone. That fossil would inspire the Killer Ape theory.National Public Radio00:24:01
Nov 22 2019, Part 1A quarter of the world's corals are dead, but there are reasons for hope. California moratorium on new fracking permits.National Public Radio00:47:13
Nov 22, 2019, Part 2Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan and the Hubble Space Telescope mission. A play about Scientist Marie Curie's private life.National Public Radio00:47:39
Nov 20, 2019The idea that men are promiscuous by nature, while women are chaste and monogamous, is a tenacious one. We explore the science.National Public Radio00:26:02
Nov 15, 2019, Part 2Volume Control, Dermatology In Skin Of Color, Kelp Decline.National Public Radio00:46:31
Nov 15, 2019, Part 1The EPA Transparency Proposal, The Chemistry of Tick Milking.National Public Radio00:46:53
SciFri ExtraMolly Birnbaum and Dan Souza from Cook's Science help us understand the science behind your favorite Thanksgiving recipes...National Public Radio00:20:57
Nov. 8, 2019, Part 2Switching to European Infant Formulas. Quirky behavior of Artificial Intelligence Programs. Common Misconceptions About the Venus Flytrap.National Public Radio00:47:30
Nov. 8, 2019, Part 1Are foreign countries stealing our intellectual property? Eclipses and General Relativity. Mercury slices a path across the Sun.National Public Radio00:47:02
Nov 1, 2019, Part 2The wide world of moths. Alan Alda's latest project: Hosting the podcast Clear + Vivid. Lichens in a changing climate.National Public Radio00:46:49
Nov 1, 2019, Part 1The PFOA lawsuit against chemical giant DuPont. The fungus-related bat disease white-nose syndrome.National Public Radio00:46:44
Oct 25, 2019, Part 2Bringing on African American web users and communities. Mucus: without it, you couldn’t blink, swallow, smell, or taste.National Public Radio00:46:29
Oct 25, 2019, Part 1The amazing adaptations of spiders. The "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico. The accomplishments of Google's quantum computer.National Public Radio00:46:49
Oct. 18, 2019, Part 2The effectiveness of "Proactive Policing." Indigenous American clam farms. Will we return to the moon? Puffy moon suits.National Public Radio00:47:11
Oct. 18, 2019, Part 1Encouraging people to move out of risky coastal areas. Trump's lack of a forward-thinking plan to tackle climate change.National Public Radio00:47:16
Oct 11, 2019, Part 2The sources of office air pollution. The science of Champion-Level Tetris. Failure in the search for an Alzheimer's treatment.National Public Radio00:47:02
Oct 11, 2019, Part 1Why we should (or shouldn't) trust Science. Why PG&E is shutting off power during winds. Possible human cartilage regeneration.National Public Radio00:46:27
Oct 4, 2019, Part 2The science behind the perfect loaf of bread. The Bureau of Land Management denies climate change...National Public Radio00:47:08
Oct 4, 2019, Part 1Smart TVs are looking to harvest your data. How did cooking change our bodies? Does Cannabis contribute to pollution?National Public Radio00:46:44
Sep 27, 2019, Part 2Bitters recipes to season a Manhattan or old-fashioned. The evolution of whales and dolphins - how their genetic makeup changed.National Public Radio00:47:08
Sep 27, 2019, Part 1A new report issued this week predicts dire changes in oceans & climate. The United Nations Climate Action Summit. Infrared telescope.National Public Radio00:47:10
Sep 20, 2019, Part 2The loss of one in 4 birds since 1970 - why is this? The world after technology breakdowns. The brains of those who paint with their toes.National Public Radio00:47:12
Sep 20, 2019, Part 1The carbon footprint and business model of the fashion industry. Trump's rollback of the Clean Air Act waiver. More climate news.National Public Radio00:47:04
Sep 13, 2019, Part 2Amir Alexander's new book PROOF!: HOW THE WORLD BECAME GEOMETRICAL. Black hole at the center of our galaxy burped. Observing brains at play.National Public Radio00:46:56
Sep 13, 2019, Part 1Facial recognition concerns about privacy, fairness, and bias. Trump vs. National Weather Service projections. Recycling wind turbines.National Public Radio00:46:53
SciFri ExtraA gaggle of experts to talk about the special and smart birds of New York City, along with some of the threats they face...National Public Radio00:45:21
Sep 6, 2019, Part 2Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems. Research on repeated head injuries in American football.National Public Radio00:46:51
Sep 6, 2019, Part 1Widening The Lens On A More Inclusive Science. Florida's nursing home vulnerability to hurricanes. Trump rollback of light efficiency standards.National Public Radio00:46:46
Aug 30, 2019, Part 2Severe health effects of Vaping. How educators teach young students to learn, think critically, & take on increasingly high-tech concepts.National Public Radio00:46:19
Aug 30, 2019, Part 1How the outdoor recreation industry is dealing with climate change. Contributions of climate change to storms such as Dorian.National Public Radio00:47:25
Aug 23, 2019, Part 2Looking for more ways to curb climate change. Searching for ancient life on Mars. Effects of climate change on fireflies.National Public Radio00:47:17
Aug 23, 2019, Part 1Book Club: The genius of birds. A record number of wildfires in the Brazilian rainforest. North Carolina electric vehicle charging.National Public Radio00:46:17
Aug. 16, 2019, Part 2Testing pathogens at the Texas Biomedical Institute. Bats in Bracken Cave. Birds in San Antonio, Texas.National Public Radio00:47:56
Aug. 16, 2019, Part 1The physics of lightning. Electric scooters actually aren’t very green. Changes in the way the Endangered Species Act is implemented.National Public Radio00:47:11
Aug 9, 2019, Part 1News Roundup. Climate change and the Northwest Passage waterways. Birds' color perception outperforms our own.National Public Radio00:47:02
Aug 9, 2019, Part 2Providing high-speed internet access to rural Texans is a challenge. The Great Red Spot - visiting Jupiter and Saturn.National Public Radio00:46:21
Aug 2, 2019, Part 2Is Chemical Sunscreen Safe? Monitoring the Amazon's deforestation. Algae, "the most powerful organisms on the planet.National Public Radio00:46:53
Aug 2, 2019, Part 1The fight to prohibit more telescopes on Mauna Kea. How birds learn their songs. Budget problems at Alaska universities.National Public Radio00:47:19
Jul 26, 2019, Part 2The sweet science of ice cream. Gretchen McCulloch's book BECAUSE INTERNET: UNDERSTANDING THE NEW RULES OF LANGUAGE.National Public Radio00:46:15
Jul 26, 2019, Part 1Jennifer Ackerman's THE GENIUS OF BIRDS. Privacy compromise through anonymous data. Ebola crisis in the D.R.C.National Public Radio00:45:45
Jul 19, 2019, Part 2Astounding photos of the moon. NASA's new Moon-Bound Megarocket. Preserving artifacts of the early space program.National Public Radio00:46:56
Jul 19, 2019, Part 1Celebrating Apollo's 'Giant Leap'. Our feathered friends come with mental skills that might stump even humans.National Public Radio00:44:59
Jul 12, 2019, Part 2David Zilber tells his fermentation secrets. Mosquito sense of smell. Model rocketeers celebrate Apollo moon landing anniversary.National Public Radio00:47:10
Jul 12, 2019, Part 1Degrees of Change: How to eat smarter in a warming world. The SciFri VoxPop app. Download now for iPhone or Android.National Public Radio00:47:13
Jul 5, 2019, Part 2The Bastard Brigade; Sabotaging Nazi Germany's Manhattan Project. Debunking "Spontaneous Generation".National Public Radio00:59:18
Jul 5, 2019, Part 1Some suggestions for scenic summer road trips. A golden era of Archaeology thanks to new spaceborn tools.National Public Radio00:46:12
Jun 28, 2019, Part 2The science of paternity testing. Unraveling protein structure using music. Microbes that promote endurance athletics.National Public Radio00:47:41
Jun 28, 2019, Part 1Cephalopod Week Wrap-Up. Climate-related agricultural science. Lawsuit over erosion in Louisiana wetlands.National Public Radio00:47:23
SciFri ExtraHead of Time and Frequency at the NIST on keeping the official U.S. time on track, and how they use advanced physics...National Public Radio00:14:43
Jun 21, 2019, Part 2Scientific wildfire Smoke Chasers. Cute little Pikas are threatened by climate change. Historic Colorado apple orchards.National Public Radio00:48:46
Jun 21, 2019, Part 1The 6th year of Cephalopod Week. Microbes and climate change. Cute puppy eyes. Electricity from wave motion.National Public Radio00:48:11
Jun 14, 2019, Part 1Urban Heat Islands. Surviving in cities that are growing hotter. Stories from Los Angeles, New York and Phoenix.National Public Radio00:45:49
Jun 14, 2019, Part 2The Best Science Books To Read This Summer by Alison Gilchrist, student researcher at CU Boulder and host of the podcast Buff Talk Science.National Public Radio00:46:57
Jun 7, 2019, Part 2Making quantum behavior slightly less mysterious. New treatment options for cancer patients. Cat behavior on cat cameras.National Public Radio00:47:07
Jun 7, 2019, Part 1Gender Bias In Research Trials. The longest river in Antarctica. Engineering stronger, tornado resistant homes.National Public Radio00:47:16
SciFri ExtraPhysicist Murray Gell-Mann died recently at 89. He won a Nobel Prize, gave quarks their name, and co-founded the Santa Fe Institute.National Public Radio00:43:32
May 31, 2019, PartRepublican lawmakers turn to shaping climate policy. Balancing the challenges of math and football. Albert Michelson's "luminiferous ether."National Public Radio00:47:07
May 31, 2019, Part 1How long can food remain edible? Unisexual Salamanders. Weed resistance to glyphosate. What's causing 2019's active tornado season?National Public Radio00:47:12
SciFri ExtraThis week marks the 100th anniversary of an eclipse that forever changed physics and our understanding of the universe.National Public Radio00:14:57
May 24, 2019, Part 2Seeley explains his theory of Darwinian beekeeping as a way to keep bees healthy even in the age of varroa mites and colony collapse.National Public Radio00:46:53
May 24, 2019, Part 1This week in science news. Navajo Tribe embraces renewable energy. Outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo. A play for action on climate.National Public Radio00:46:56
May 17, 2019, Part 2Student scientists from 80 countries converge in Phoenix. The reddest object in the solar system. What exactly makes a scream?National Public Radio00:46:58
May 17, 2019, Part 1Degrees Of Climate change. Sea level rise. Dying trees in Atlantic wetlands. Decline in the use of Coal.National Public Radio00:46:53
May 10, 2019, Part 2The new UN report on global biodiversity, and devastating species loss. The Science Of Parenting.National Public Radio00:46:16
May 10, 2019, Part 1The search for a room-temperature superconductive material. Who wins, a lion or the porcupine it eats? Uber/Lyft road congestion.National Public Radio00:47:20
May 3, 2019, Part 2Examining a monkey's mind's eye. Andrea Wulf & Lillian Melcher on the voyages of Alexander von Humboldt in a new, illustrated book...National Public Radio00:47:15
May 3, 2019, Part 1Business planning for climate change. Social media and thinking about how we preserve that record for the future.National Public Radio00:47:42
Apr 26, 2019, Part 2The conquest and return of measles. The influence of science on poetry.The amazing fat-tailed dwarf lemur, an endangered species...National Public Radio00:45:57
Apr 26, 2019, Part 1How climate change affects water systems. Water conservation & urbanization in China. Houston's approach to flood control.National Public Radio00:46:09
Apr 19, 2019, Part 2A new species of ancient human in the Philippines. 2020 Census preview. Plankton research. Visualizing neurons firing.National Public Radio00:46:57
Apr 19, 2019, Part 1The implementation and health effects of 5G wireless. Post-death pig brains, Jovian moons, and more in our News Roundup.National Public Radio00:47:02
Apr 12, 2019, Part 210-team study of twin astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly. Citizen Science Day. Saving Japan's diverse flowering cherry trees.National Public Radio00:46:29
Apr 12, 2019, Part 1Success of the Event Horizon Telescope project. Biosphere 2: Testing ground for restoring coral reefs. This week’s News Roundup.National Public Radio00:46:51
SciFri ExtraThe Event Horizon Telescope is imaging the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, with a telescope the size of the Earth!National Public Radio00:17:02
Apr 5, 2019, Part 2Right-To-Repair legislation mandates. Strange science of exercise recovery. Jay Inslee: Future president & climate change?National Public Radio00:47:01
Apr 5, 2019, Part 1Ice crystals power maple sap flow. Storm topsiol erosion. Tough life of bristlecone pines. Toxic coal ash water contamination.National Public Radio00:47:03
Mar 29, 2019, Part 2How poetry can inform science and scientists. Mathematician Steven Strogatz on ideas that contributed to modern calculus...National Public Radio00:48:22
Mar 29, 2019, Part 1How fast is the universe expanding? Creating a map of influenza-like illness. Is the Jakobshavn Glacier defying global warming?National Public Radio00:48:43
Mar 22, 2019, Part 2How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again. Researchers are taking a number of approaches to slowing or preventing Alzheimer'sNational Public Radio00:46:58
Mar 22, 2019, Part 1Restoring credibility to the House Science Committee. The Southwest 'Super Bloom'. High tech snowpack estimation. News Roundup.National Public Radio00:47:18
Mar 15, 2019, Part 2Frans de Waal has spent his lifetime studying chimpanzees. The good and bad of gentrification. Do 'Inactive Ingredients' do any harm?National Public Radio00:46:22
Mar 15, 2019, Part 116-year-old Greta Thunberg lobbies for Paris Climate Agreement. High school talent search winners. Snowflakes react to climate change.National Public Radio00:46:40
SciFri ExtraOn the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev's periodic table, we revisit Oliver Sacks' fascination with the elements...National Public Radio00:26:11
Mar 8, 2019, Part 2HIV remission via bone marrow transplant. What the skeletons of our ancestors tells us. The mysteries of jumping spiders.National Public Radio00:46:44
Mar 8, 2019, Part 1After 47 years, NASA is ready to return to the moon. Preserving old-growth forests. California wildfires. SpaceX visit to ISS.National Public Radio00:46:36
Mar 1, 2019, Part 2The Chernoble Nuclear Disaster. How Icefish survive with no red blood cells. Hi-tech monitoring of newborn infants.National Public Radio00:46:37
Mar 1, 2019, Part 1The future of "Fake DNA" or Synthetic Genomes. The Washington DC war over climate change. China makes recycling more difficult.National Public Radio00:47:06
SciFri ExtraThe Science Friday Book Club discussion of N.K. Jemisin's THE FIFTH SEASON. Listen for his adventures in volcano research...National Public Radio00:28:44
Feb 22, 2019, Part 2California megafloods like the one in 1861 become more likely. Priya Natarajan and her theory about black holes and nearby stars.National Public Radio00:46:24
Feb 22, 2019, Part 1The competition for NASA's next big space telescope. The Israeli Moon Lander. California vs. U.S. fuel efficiency. Grapes under microwaves.National Public Radio00:46:04
Book Club 2019, Part 1We talk about the power of earthquakes, volcanoes, and other hazards that shape societies. Plus, a roundup of the week's biggest science news.National Public Radio00:47:12
Feb 15, 2019, Part 2The declining insect population. Economic impact of coastal flooding. Liquid Rules: What makes one liquid slippery and another sticky?National Public Radio00:47:06
Feb 15, 2019, Part 1Final installment of the winter Book Club. A roundup of the week's biggest science news. Dealing with drought in Arizona.National Public Radio00:47:12
Feb 8, 2019, Part 2The button and digital technology. Controlling a mosquito's interest in biting you. Grand Canyon geologic & cultural stories.National Public Radio00:47:01
Feb 8, 2019, Part 1History of the Earth's core. U.S. government donates data to The Cloud. Science Friday Book Club. Prairie wind farm.National Public Radio00:46:59
Feb 1, 2019, Part 2Learning from a giant hair collection. The role sleep might play in keeping us healthy. Our best weapon for fighting carbon emissions.National Public Radio00:46:38
Feb 1, 2019, Part 1Art inspired by digital coding. Making lava to study its flow. Desalinization good and bad. Midwest's Arctic temperatures, and...National Public Radio00:46:58
Jan 25, 2019, Part 2How medical conflict of interest could affect patients. Saturn's youthful rings may disappear. Genetic testing & the Bear Brook Murders.National Public Radio00:46:30
Jan 25, 2019, Part 1How much has weather prediction changed in 100 years? Information from listening to volcanoes. The evil common reed!National Public Radio00:45:08
SciFri ExtraJ. Marion Sims may be the father of modern gynecology, but his cure was based on experiments on at least 11 enslaved black women...National Public Radio00:29:24
Jan 18, 2019, Part 2The truth about the father of modern gynecology. The rapidly melting Antarctic ice sheet. Determining the age of moon craters.National Public Radio00:46:40
Jan 18, 2019, Part 1A novel about seismology, volcanology & disaster. A truly green 'New Deal'. The problems of Louisiana shrimpers.National Public Radio00:46:41
Jan 11, 2019, Part 2How the sport you choose could reshape your heart. All about Black Holes. Tech trends from the Consumer Electronics Show...National Public Radio00:47:19
Jan 11, 2019, Part 1/Government Shutdown and Science. Apps to detect early signs of opioid overdose. Getting a better cost estimate for Health care.National Public Radio00:46:07
Jan 4, 2019, Part 1The weird world of crowd movement. The role of carbs, fats & proteins in metabolism. Understanding winter storms. News Round-up.National Public Radio00:46:52
Jan 4, 2019, Part 2Audubon Society's annual Christmas Bird Count. Advice for beginning birders and making the most of the winter months.National Public Radio00:46:08
Dec 28, 2018, Part 1Human-caused climate change. Red-letter space missions. The year in science news. State of Science stories from this year.National Public Radio00:46:52
Dec 28, 2018, Part 2Physician and botanist David Hosack - a revolutionary era Garden of the Early Republic. Resolutions for 2019. The Ultima Thule.National Public Radio00:46:39
Dec 21, 2018, Part 2Use of Fetal Cell tissue in research. Deriving pleasure from someone else’s misfortune. Chronic wasting disease in deer.National Public Radio00:46:41
Dec 21, 2018, Part 1The science of food myths. The right age to get a flu vaccination at a pharmacy. The European plastics ban.National Public Radio00:47:36
Dec 14, 2018, Part 2Taking telescope technology beyond the Hubble Space Telescope. Defenses, behaviors, and lives of peculiar to caterpillars.National Public Radio00:47:58
Dec 14, 2018, Part 1Immunotherapy as a cancer treatment. How smart are raccoons? Sexiness of country Tungara frogs versus their city counterparts.National Public Radio00:47:39
Dec 7, 2018, Part 2A roundup of Science books we couldn’t forget. Studies of an old painting found microbes that could degrade and others that could protect it.National Public Radio00:47:28
Dec 7, 2018, Part 1Good news for anyone interested in hemp.Mass extinctions and past climate disasters. The answer to controlling mosquitos...National Public Radio00:47:51
Nov 30, 2018, Part 2The first CRISPR-edited babies are (probably) here. Why are human bodies asymmetrical? How whales got their mouth bristlesNational Public Radio00:47:26
Nov 30, 2018, Part 1Mars InSight mission. Wake effects on wind energy. Our Science Friday Educator Collaborative Program - resources for science learners everywhereNational Public Radio00:47:34
Nov 23, 2018, Part 2Using LIDAR in archaeology. Archaeologists read environmental remains. Deciphering rocks for evidence of past climate change.National Public Radio00:47:39
Nov 23, 2018, Part 1Projects from the 10 selected by the editors of the Annals of Improbable Research for this year's 28th annual Ig Nobel Prize.National Public Radio00:47:47
Nov 16, 2018, Part 1California Fires, Fire Engineering, Flu Near You; real-time maps of influenza progress.National Public Radio00:46:54
Nov 16, 2018, Part 2The science and nuances of the sense of smell. The digital world changes the way we read. Sonar smackdown: bats vs. dolphins.National Public Radio00:46:55
Nov 9, 2018, Part 1Why has pumpkin spice been a blockbuster for centuries? Microbiome differences between Thai citizens & Thai immigrants.National Public Radio00:46:47
Nov 9, 2018, Part 2High risk of heart problems in South Asians. Seasonal components of certain illnesses. How beatboxers coordinate speech to create a beat.National Public Radio00:46:51
Nov 2, 2018, Part 2Animal Movement and the Robots of the Future. Role of the spinal cord in movement. Appendix: regulating the immune system.National Public Radio00:47:34
Nov 2, 2018, Part 1Important science stories in your state. Dolphin language adapts to the ocean environment. Goodbye to NASA's Kepler space telescope.National Public Radio00:47:38
Oct 26, 2018, Part 2We weigh in on the film FIRST MAN. The ethics of driverless cars. Mating rituals of Japanese rhinoceros beetles.National Public Radio00:46:54
Oct 26, 2018, Part 1NINE PINTS: A book on the Mysteries of Blood. Rhythmic breathing through the nose. The mathematics of Gerrymandering.National Public Radio00:46:41
Oct 19, 2018, Part 2Converting piano rolls into MIDI for modern synthesizers. The intricate life cycle of bumblebees. Sleep and genetics.National Public Radio00:60:01
Oct 19, 2018, Part 1High rates of C-Section births. Puerto Rico still grapples with the storm's effects. A tussle over new species of alligator snapping turtles.National Public Radio00:46:25
Oct 12, 2018, Part 2Squirrel monkeys and the evolution of human language. Salmon migration. Mayan salt production in Belize. America’s relationship to sickle cell.National Public Radio00:46:55
Oct 12, 2018, Part 1How can we secure our voting from malicious hacks? Every bit of global warming of matters. Protecting California's Channel Islands.National Public Radio00:47:28
Oct 5, 2018, Part 2Forming of the Food and Drug Administration "Poison Squad". Exoplanet and Exomoon discovery. Dung beetle genital parasites.National Public Radio00:47:02
Oct 5, 2018, Part 1Female scientists won the physics and chemistry Nobels. Agree to disagree using logic. Nobel Prize diversity & science headlines.National Public Radio00:45:06
Sep 28, 2018, Part 2Yemen is gripped by what could be the first of many water wars. Air pollution's effect on infants. Rare polar mesospheric clouds.National Public Radio00:46:17
Sep 28, 2018, Part 1Trump opens Utah Monuments to drilling & mining. Historic flooding in North Carolina. Japan lands rovers on asteroid.National Public Radio00:46:18
Sep 25, 2018Jessica Zitter finds herself fighting to revive a cardiac arrest patient and reaching for a game-changing technology...National Public Radio00:37:16
Sep 21, 2018, Part 2Rehabilitating nearly extinct Hawaiian species. Hawaiian microclimates and biodiversity. Simulating life on Mars.National Public Radio01:14:48
Sep 21, 2018, Part 1Ocean and dinosaur remains in Utah. Pelican rookery in Great Salt Lake. A guided tour of the forest canopy.National Public Radio00:58:22
Sep 18, 2018.Gerta Keller has been speaking against the idea that a giant rock from space killed the dinosaurs. Is she right?National Public Radio00:33:14
Sep 14, 2018, Part 2How soil formation and health is tied to climate. How we understand plant communication. Grand championship of science fairs.National Public Radio00:47:05
Sep 14, 2018, Part 1California ends cash bail. Hurricane Florence. Volcanoes really led to the demise of dinosaurs!National Public Radio00:46:31
Sep 7, 2018, Part 2How animals migrate. Factors that influence productivity and work-life balance. The changing science of work.National Public Radio00:47:08
Sep 7, 2018, Part 1Intimate relationships with your robot. Our spinoff podcast UNDISCOVERED. Fighting the Lyme disease. News Roundup.National Public Radio00:47:13
Aug 31, 2018, Part 2Eric Kandel gives insight into how the brain works. Climate conscious water cremation - alternative to cremation.National Public Radio00:46:09
Aug 31, 2018, Part 1Improving space travel by deep ocean exploration. Social media over-advertising natural resources. Studying the Northwest Passage.National Public Radio00:46:44
Aug 28, 2018Stephen Hawking once had a party for time travelers. He sent invites after the party. Here's OUR Time Traveler Cocktail PartyNational Public Radio00:22:34
Aug 24, 2018, Part 2A new Ebola outbreak in the Congo. Genome sequencing vs. Yellow Fever virus. Unregulated hidden aquifers.National Public Radio00:48:16
Aug 24, 2018, Part 130th anniversary of A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME. Waste plastic contact lenses clog waterways. Hurricanes in Hawaii.National Public Radio00:48:15
Aug 17, 2018, Part 2The majority of worker ants aren't working. Gabon nuclear reactor finding may lead to safer storage. A new branch of evolution.National Public Radio00:47:49
Aug 17, 2018, Part 1Preventing coastal flooding. Elephants and Cancer. Keeping humans and bears safe in Yosemite.National Public Radio00:47:47
Aug 10, 2018, Part 1The Mendocino Complex fire in northern California. Beatles song authorship problem. Dry spell and hidden treasures...National Public Radio00:46:41
Aug 10, 2018, Part 2How sand transformed civilization. How interpretive dance informs physics just as much as physics informs dance.National Public Radio00:47:15
Aug 3, 2018, Part 2New research suggests bacteria can go extinct. Facial recognition systems. NASA to launch the Parker Solar Probe.National Public Radio00:46:46
Aug 3, 2018. Part 1Sabine Hossenfelder's book, LOST IN MATH. Alan Alda's Parkinson's diagnosis. Radical brain surgery. New Jersey Floods.National Public Radio00:46:33
Jul 27, 2018, Part 2Genes separate queen from worker ants. Forest fire smoky skies. Dust storms supress other storms. Water on Mars.National Public Radio00:46:31
Jul 27, 2018, Part 1Urban wildlife. Origin of scientific words. Contamination with a class of persistent chemicals known as PFAS.National Public Radio00:46:11
Jul 20, 2018, Part 2The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity. The archaeology of bread. Galileo discovers Jupiter's 'stars'.National Public Radio00:46:02
Jul 20, 2018, Part 1Drug-resistant yeast worrybs epidemiologists. What we know of dinosaur digestion. Toxic algae in Florida.National Public Radio00:46:57
Jul 13, 2018, Part 2Russian Cold War Nerve Agents. The Phase Out of Plastic Straws. Adding Remote Soccer Referees. The Makeup of Happiness.National Public Radio00:46:39
Jul 13, 2018, Part 1We Read A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME. The Mystery of Higher-Energy Neutrinos. Can Air Conditioning Use Cause Loss of Life?National Public Radio00:47:01
Jul 6, 2018, Part 1Creating the first U.S. map to chart the natural wonders. News roundup. Resurgence of our bald eagle population.National Public Radio00:45:54
Jul 6, 2018, Part 2Research into dino feathers, vocalization & body shape. Fighting white rhino extinction. The oddball Uranus.National Public Radio00:46:45
Jun 29, 2018, Part 2Bumblebee & honeybee colonie formation. Our recommendations for summer science beach reading.National Public Radio00:46:28
Jun 29, 2018, Part 1Nick Pyenson examines the whale evolutionary story. Your school's sex ed class. The James Webb Space Telescope.National Public Radio00:46:52
Jun 22, 2018, Part 2Math And Social Justice. The coyote population that call Chicago home. Meteors hitting Park Forest Illinois.National Public Radio00:55:43
Jun 22 2018, Part 1Alcohol and Our Health Study. Stories of Cephalopod Week. Corals Surviving Bleaching Events.National Public Radio00:46:50
Jun 15, 2018, Part 2Downside to the CRISPR gene editing. Molecular influence on color. Narwhal echolocation & communications sounds.National Public Radio00:47:06
Jun 15, 2018, Part 1Cephalopod Week is back! The REAL story of the dinosaurs. A look at the latest science stories of the week...National Public Radio00:47:31
Jun 8, 2018, Part 2Discovering new species in museum archives. How ancient water and rock processes may have worked. Kelp farming.National Public Radio00:47:02
Jun 8, 2018, Part 1Tracking down a dark matter particle. Is ocean conservation really needed? Advances in breast cancer research.National Public Radio00:47:52
Jun 1, 2018, Part 2The effect of deep sea mining on ocean ecology. Forecasters try to anticipate the number and severity of storms to come.National Public Radio00:47:14
Jun 1, 2018, Part 1Upswing in the number of scientists running for office. Gut bacteria living together in harmony. Wildlife Car Accidents.National Public Radio00:46:57
May 25, 2018, Part 2SARA, a virtual assistant for economics. Can you trust a Robot? Music composed by Artificial Intelligence.National Public Radio01:02:23
May 25, 2018, Part 1How the brain and body regulate sleep. Transportable museums coming to your neighborhood. Digital Health Records.National Public Radio00:46:55
May 18, 2018, Part 2Michael Pollan & Robin Carhart-Harris on psychedelics & the neuroscience of consciousness. Intel Student Science Fair.National Public Radio00:47:19
May 18, 2018, Part 1Consciousness of robots in HBO's WESTWORLD. Heart Cells On Graphene. A crowdsourcing bicycle navigation app.National Public Radio00:46:39
May 11, 2018, Part 2A way to quantify gravity in which time doesn't exist. Elephant walk seismology could stop poaching. Safety of produce.National Public Radio00:46:34
May 11, 2018, Part 1Hawaii's Kilauea volcano eruption. Soil bacteria immune to antibiotocs. Say goodbye to South Florida. Pisa's Leaning Tower.National Public Radio00:47:16
May 4, 2018, Part 2The Golden State Killer & Genetic testing. Your dog knows how to do it all. What's going on inside his mind?National Public Radio00:46:51
May 4, 2018, Part 1A new book about the decades-long effort to visit Pluto. We share our favorite galaxy finds via gravitational lensingNational Public Radio00:47:11
Apr 27, 2018 Part 2Frozen Frogs, Yeast, Paleobotany. When winter comes, Animal options for winter survival. Yeast in the guts of insects and your body surface. The evolutionary story of our species.National Public Radio00:45:43
Apr 27, 2018 Part 1Historical Climate Change. Identifying galaxies using gravitational lensing. When water is public & when it isn't.National Public Radio00:46:59
Apr 20, 2018 Part 2The largest migration on Earth happens underwater. Large spleens aid ocean dives. Summer skies & stargazingNational Public Radio00:47:02
Apr 20, 2018 Part 1Lucy Jones on natural disasters. Relation of fracking to earthquakes. The bad effects of humans on the environment.National Public Radio00:46:46
Apr 13, 2018, Part 2Immunotherapy: teaching our immune system to recognize cancer. The Evolution Of Eyebrows. Unconventional Bird Calls.National Public Radio00:46:47
Apr 13, 2018, Part 1Beach Health since the 1920's, Extraterrestrial Communication, How to put maggots to good use before we die.National Public Radio00:46:55
Apr 6, 2018, Part 2Troubles with levees on the mighty Mississippi. Evidence of new neurons in brains as old as 79. Studying animal farts.National Public Radio00:45:57
Apr 6, 2018, Part 1The Making of a Masterpiece: 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Crisis in the North Atlantic right whale population.National Public Radio00:46:09
Mar 30, 2018, Part 113,000-Year-Old Footprints, Climate Court, Native Bees, Cell Phones And Cancer.National Public Radio00:47:13
Mar 30, 2018, Part 2Predicting Gun Deaths, the impressive abilities of bats, and the human body's amazing new organ.National Public Radio00:47:01
Mar 23, 2018 Part 2The Value of Dung Microbes. Why Gun Research Just Isn't Done. Airplane Germs. Kepler Mission Nearing End.National Public Radio00:46:54
Mar 23, 2018 Part 1Climate Risks. Russian Hackers Compromise Power Grid Security. Necrobiome: Your Biome After Death.National Public Radio00:47:16
Mar 16, 2018 Part 2.Human complex thinking development. Life on Mars. Solving the puzzle of the pink streak in aurora borealis.National Public Radio00:46:12
Mar 16, 2018 Part 1We remember Stephen Hawking's life and legacy. Male vs female blockchain investors. Could Archaeopteryx fly?National Public Radio00:47:30
Mar 9, 2018 Part 2'Broad Band' Computing History, and Science Talent Search.National Public Radio00:46:58
Mar 9, 2018, Part 1BRCA Gene Test, Bacteriophages, and Synesthesia.National Public Radio00:47:11
Mar 2 2018 Part 2Shoddy research practices in food labs. A brief history of Quackery. The importance of the grain sorghum.National Public Radio00:47:06
Mar 2 2018, Part 1Investing in the space station market. Mysterious X-ray sources in other galaxies. Have chip-based credit card made a difference?National Public Radio00:47:16
Feb 23, 2018, Part 1Wild Horses, Hidden Structures Behind Structures, Florida Flamingos.National Public Radio00:46:58
Feb 23, 2018, Part 2A group of engineers are building softer, squishier robots. Neanderthal paintings suggest more complex...National Public Radio00:47:21
Feb 16, 2018, Part 2The Physics Of Figure Skating. Aerosols: from spray cans to ocean spray. Volatile Organic Compounds...National Public Radio00:46:21
Feb 16, 2018, Part 1A cow parasite, human-induced climate change, AI-assisted tools, and a hack that could  steal your PC’s CPU power.National Public Radio00:46:33
Feb 9, 2018, Part 2Venomous Or Poisonous, Crayfish Clones, Immune System Cancer Injection.National Public Radio00:46:49
Feb 9, 2018, Part 1Frankenstein Goodbye, Chocolate And Bugs, Ozone Problems.National Public Radio00:46:53
Feb 2, 2018, Part 2Egyptian Dinosaurs, Leaking Data, Huntington’s Research, Mole Rats.National Public Radio00:47:21
Feb 2, 2018, Part 1Agricultural Bees, China’s Energy Future, Frankenstein In Class.National Public Radio00:47:35
Jan 26, 2018, Part 2The untold story of jellyfish. Identifying lullabies, dance, love, and healing songs from different cultures.National Public Radio00:46:57
Jan 26, 2018, Part 1Great Lakes Wind. Convincing people vaccines are safe and necessary. Why flu boosts the risk of heart attack six fold...National Public Radio00:47:30
Jan 20, 2018 Hour 1News Roundup, Offshore Drilling, Predictive Algorithms and Public Policy, Tech Frankensteins...National Public Radio00:47:04
Jan 20, 2018 Hour 2Most volcanic activity is under the sea; we know very little about it. Are sleep apps & gadgets really doing anything?National Public Radio00:47:09
Jan 13, 2018 Hour 1News Roundup, Missing Satellite, Squishing Cells changes their biology, Cosmic Salt Crystals, Bitter Water.National Public Radio00:47:15
Jan 13, 2018 Hour 2A graphic novel that addresses the quantum questions vexing physicists today & the ecosystem of frozen soil.National Public Radio00:47:00
Jan 6, 2018 Hour 2Growing Better Skin, AI and the Environment, Tinnitus and Hearing...National Public Radio00:46:34
Jan 6, 2018 Hour 1News Roundup, IV Shortage, Cybersecurity, Frankenstein...National Public Radio00:46:48
Dec 29, 2017 Hour 2We take a look inside the wonderful world of flies and maggots, fermenting, distillation and aging...National Public Radio00:46:08
Dec 29, 2017 Hour 1From colliding neutron stars to the completion of the Cassini mission, a look at 2017's most important science stories.National Public Radio00:46:18
Dec 23, 2017 Hour 2The annual Christmas Bird Count. Plus, how some investors are shifting their money from fossil fuels.National Public Radio00:47:10
Dec 23, 2017 Hour 1Matter, time, and the contents of the universe: Both a challenge and a thrill for physicists. Health effects of a busy urban road.National Public Radio00:47:09
Dec 16, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, LED Lighting, Green Transportation, Bitcoin Energy Draw, Data.National Public Radio00:47:07
Dec 16, 2017 Hour 2Humans and Wildfire, Aging Research, Holiday Math.National Public Radio00:47:03
Dec 9, 2017 Hour 1Children's and Science book picks of the year, plus a discussion of Coastal Restoration.National Public Radio00:47:33
Dec 9, 2017 Hour 2California Wildfires, Narwhal Heartbeats, Jellyfish Eater, ISS Microbiome, Holiday Safety.National Public Radio00:47:09
Dec 2, 2017 Hour 2Early Farming Women, Southern HIV, Robot Muscles, Flame Challenge.National Public Radio00:47:00
Dec 2, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, Yeti, Net Neutrality, Grad Student Taxes.National Public Radio00:46:53
Nov 24, 2017 Hour 1The 2017 Ig Nobel Prizes - From Cat Rheology To Operatic IncompetenceNational Public Radio00:47:37
Nov 24, 2017 Hour 2Bioacoustician Laura Kloepper trudges through mountains of guano as she decodes the mysterious communication of bats...National Public Radio00:47:48
Nov 18, 2017 Hour 1Spraying sulfur into the stratosphere could slow global warming... A way to see all the way to the smallest capillary.National Public Radio00:46:27
Nov 18, 2017 Hour 2In his new novel, Andy Weir creates a sprawling moon metropolis. An ode to the antics of the corvid family...National Public Radio00:46:52
Nov 11, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, Florida Panthers, Climate Policy, Tiny Bees.National Public Radio00:47:32
Nov 11, 2017 Hour 2A peek into the abstract and beautiful world of mathematics. Should large tech companies be regulated likke nations?National Public Radio00:47:19
Nov 3, 2017 Hour 2Best mix of gut bacteria to fight cancer. Supreme Court justices appear befuddled by math in gerrymandering case.National Public Radio00:47:04
Nov 3, 2017 Hour 1Helping the public think critically about scientific news. Detecting the first object from another galaxy based on orbit...National Public Radio00:47:05
Oct 27, 2017 Hour 2Expanding gene editing in CRISPR. An insect-like robot can take off from under-water. Emerging technologies.National Public Radio00:46:48
Oct 27, 2017 Hour 1Develop a better relationship with mortality and death practices. CAPTCHAs. Stop worrying and love spiders.National Public Radio00:47:32
Oct 20, 2017 Hour 2Post-California Wildfire Health, The Unconscious Mind, The Science of Blade Runner 2049.National Public Radio00:46:45
Oct 20, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, Wifi Security, An Ancient Neutron Star Collision, Leonardo DaVinci Combining Arts & Sciences.National Public Radio00:46:55
Oct 13, 2017 Hour 2Writers can take us places we've never seen. National Space Council meeting signals a shift of U.S. goals in space.National Public Radio00:46:47
Oct 13, 2017 Hour 1Jane Goodall reflects on her life. A.I. researchers decode baby talk.National Public Radio00:45:55
Oct 6, 2017 Hour 2Many wild horses roam the American West. We don't know what to do with them. What genetic advances tell us about Neanderthal DNA.National Public Radio00:46:44
Oct 6, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup. The ABCs of altcoins, blockchains and cryptocurrency. Large animals return to New York harbor.National Public Radio00:46:55
Sep 29, 2017 Hour 2Small experiments led to Darwin's theory of evolution. How smartphones rob us of an undervalued cognitive resource...National Public Radio00:47:05
Sep 29, 2017 Hour 1In Puerto Rico, how will rescue efforts progress on a flooded island? What would actually happen in a nuclear war.National Public Radio00:46:38
Sep 22, 2017 Hour 2Is memory manipulation the stuff of Hollywood? Why Dinosaurs Matter. Even animals as simple as jellyfish need to doze.National Public Radio00:46:00
Sep 22, 2017 Hour 1Will wildfires increase in the future? Plus, how does a glow worm glow? Hint: not the same way as a firefly.National Public Radio00:46:44
Sep 15, 2017 Hour 2Inhabitants of the ancient North American inland sea. Great recyclers: dung and carrion beetles. First Americans populate the continent.National Public Radio00:47:52
Sep 15, 2017 Hour 1Biologists assess ecosystem damage by Irma. Cassini orbiter gave us a new understanding of all things Saturn.National Public Radio00:47:22
Sep 8, 2017 Hour 2Tongue Muscles, Jill Tarter, and Aging Aircraft.National Public Radio00:46:13
Sep 8, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, Big Chicken, and Black-Footed FerretsNational Public Radio00:47:10
Sep 1, 2017 Hour 2Science Friday stories become classroom lessons. Debunking visual versus auditory learning...National Public Radio00:46:56
Sep 1, 2017 Hour 1What does Hurricane Harvey mean for future storms and the cities that may be unprepared for them?National Public Radio00:46:40
Aug 25, 2017 Hour 2A plan for 139 countries to switch to renewable energy by 2050. Max Tegmark on how AI could reshape work, justice, & societyNational Public Radio00:47:15
Aug 25, 2017 Hour 1From slime in your shower head to fungi in your drywall, there is no escaping the microbiome of the great indoors. Voyagers 1 & 2.National Public Radio00:47:17
Aug 18, 2017 Hour 2FDA Fast Track, Evolution, Solar Eclipse App for Visually Impaired.National Public Radio00:47:19
Aug 18, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, 13 Reasons, Volcanoes, Fake Flavors.National Public Radio00:46:57
Aug 11, 2017 Hour 2How does curiosity change our brains? The NASA Eclipse Ballooning Project. When & why did the moon lose its magnetic field?National Public Radio00:46:59
Aug 11, 2017 Hour 1Fingerprint scanners are common, but researchers say biometrics are still too easily duped. How animals evolved to beat the heat.National Public Radio00:47:02
Aug 4, 2017 Hour 2Gene Editing to fix genetic mutations, Voting Machine Hacks, Neutrinos, Midnight Scan Club.National Public Radio00:47:14
Aug 4, 2017 Hour 1Just three weeks remain before the total solar eclipse. Are you ready?National Public Radio00:45:20
Jul 28, 2017 Hour 2True equality to research labs? Alan Alda on how teaching scientists using theater improv & other empathy-building exercises.National Public Radio00:46:48
Jul 28, 2017 Hour 1Tools that allow you to digitally feel textures. Martin Gardner's catalog of pseudoscientific ideas. Superhero stuntsNational Public Radio00:46:21
Jul 21, 2017 Hour 2Physicists may be on the verge of discovering new particles. The air we breathe and the gases that have shaped human history.National Public Radio00:45:38
Jul 21, 2017 Hour 1NASA tests for asteroid deflection. How two musicians used the sounds of NASA missions to weave a tale of human space exploration.National Public Radio00:46:49
Jul 14, 2017 Hour 2What engineers can learn by studying ant communities. A filmmaker documents the devastation of bleached coral reefs...National Public Radio00:46:45
Jul 14, 2017 Hour 1Solar and wind power growth stresses our electrical grid. A new Science Club challenge to keep you cool this summer.National Public Radio00:46:47
Jul 7, 2017 Hour 1Hidden wonders for a geeky road trip. Durability of an ancient building material. Standardizing mass measurements...National Public Radio00:46:53
Jul 7, 2017 Hour 2Cooking without turning up the heat. Trump has yet to name a presidential science advisor or other key science positions.National Public Radio00:46:10
Jun 30, 2017 Hour 2From color to crunch, making cat food taste better. Mars rover research while offline. New delivery of flu vaccine.National Public Radio00:47:05
Jun 30, 2017 Hour 1How polar bears are affected by changing Arctic conditions. Safety lapses at national nuclear weapons labs.National Public Radio00:47:15
Jun 23, 2017 Hour 1Cephalopod celebration continues. Researchers estimate climate change could wipe out many Ethiopian coffee farms in the future.National Public Radio00:46:48
Jun 23, 2017 Hour 2Marijuana Policy and Opioids, Placenta, Exoplanets, and DNA Replication.National Public Radio00:46:59
Jun 16, 2017 Hour 2North America's Great Lakes are changing because of pollution, invasive species, & climate change. How will they weather this stress?National Public Radio00:47:29
Jun 16, 2017 Hour 1An octopus matchmaker & cephalopod defense moves. How metabolize a milkshake. How space affects humans on a cellular level.National Public Radio00:47:03
Jun 9, 2017 Hour 2Ethical concerns of using the CRISPR-Cas9 tool. Regulating algorithms & why they fail. A doomed planet orbiting a massive starNational Public Radio00:47:10
Jun 9, 2017 Hour 1Melanin-like material could offer better sun protection than SPF products. 300,000 year old humanids at a site in Morocco.National Public Radio00:46:42
Jun 2, 2017 Hour 1Scientists detected a third gravitational wave from two colliding black holes. The tale of actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr.National Public Radio00:46:53
Jun 2, 2017 Hour 2Why our immune systems turn on us. Helping amputatees feel their bionic limbs. Wearable devices that can improve human movement.National Public Radio00:47:14
May 26, 2017 Hour 2First scientific results from the Juno mission. Reviving a case for foundational science that dates back to Einstein...National Public Radio00:46:39
May 26, 2017 Hour 1Amber Yang, 18, won Intel's Young Scientist Award with her novel space debris tracker. A look at the White House's proposed science budget.National Public Radio00:46:54
May 19, 2017 Hour 2Soil science to help your garden spring into shape. Species survival research in a warming climate.National Public Radio00:46:52
May 19, 2017 Hour 1Improving forensics. Government alerts about software flaws becoming cyberweapons? What life is really like in Antarctica.National Public Radio00:47:03
May 12, 2017 Hour 2Microwaved food safety. Connections between oceans, phytoplankton, bacteria, & atmospheric aerosols.National Public Radio00:46:54
May 12, 2017 Hour 1Homo naledi fossils are between 335,000 and 236,000 years old. Our new show on back stories of scientific discoveries.National Public Radio00:46:31
May 5, 2017 Hour 2In Jeff VanderMeer's book, a future world overrun by biotech mutants has hope. The genetic pathway to better endurance in mice.National Public Radio00:45:59
May 5, 2017 Hour 1Solar eclipse aids in study of solar atmosphere & plumes. Bacterial survival in the driest deserts.National Public Radio00:47:02
Apr 28, 2017 Hour 2Physicist Richard Garwin's biography. A look at our transportation infrastructure. The secrets of the star-nosed mole.National Public Radio00:46:24
Apr 28, 2017 Hour 1California fossil asserts America settled 130,000 years ago. TV series based on Einstein. A math artist & his blooms.National Public Radio00:46:15
Apr 21, 2017 Hour 2A CSI lab tracks birds that strike airplanes. Practical tools for online privacy. How the pressure to publish undermines quests for curesNational Public Radio00:46:37
Apr 21, 2017 Hour 1The March for Science makes history as science and advocacy come together.National Public Radio00:46:45
Apr 14, 2017 Hour 2Canadian fossils support long-inhabited Pacific coast. Unique abilities of those with mental disorders. Physics of shoelaces.National Public Radio00:46:54
Apr 14, 2017 Hour 1Deceptive arguments politicians use to undermine scientific evidence. Simulating Mars missions. The moons hydrothermal activity.National Public Radio00:46:49
Apr 7, 2017 Hour 2Giant virusevolution. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Listening to the stars. Lyme disease answers.National Public Radio00:46:55
Apr 7, 2017 Hour 1House Committee on Science hearing on climate change. Mars rover playground. Sneezes and disease transmission.National Public Radio00:47:22
Mar 31, 2017 Hour 2Engineering New Ideas, Bionic Arm, Robotic Prospecting.National Public Radio00:46:48
Mar 31, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, Dino Family Tree, What-If Physics, Impact Glass.National Public Radio00:47:20
Mar 24, 2017 Hour 2Wildflowers and Bees, Infinity and Beyond.National Public Radio00:46:32
Mar 24, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, Residents Hours, BP Oil Spill, Gerrymandering.National Public Radio00:46:32
Mar 17, 2017 Hour 2Vibrato Physics, Satellite Repair, Charting Physics HistoryNational Public Radio00:46:34
Mar 17, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, Autonomous Ambulances, New York 2140, Climate and FoodNational Public Radio00:47:20
Mar 10, 2017 Hour 2Atmospheric Microbiome, Content Moderation, Scraps for Dinner.National Public Radio00:47:24
Mar 10, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, Gamifying Communication, Trump and the EPA, Tuvan Throat SingingNational Public Radio00:47:13
Mar 3, 2017 Hour 2Ancient Earth Crust, Farmers and Conservation, California Water SupplyNational Public Radio00:47:03
Mar 3, 2017 Hour 1Bees can count and recognize faces. Plus, could DNA become a mainstream data storage option?National Public Radio00:47:13
Feb 24, 2017 Hour 2Antibiotic Discovery, Regrowing Sensory Hair in the Ear, Trappist-1 Exoplanets.National Public Radio00:46:37
Feb 24, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, Gene Editing Embryos, Computer Hacks of the Future, and How to Prevent Them.National Public Radio00:46:35
Feb 17, 2017 Hour 2Net Neutrality, The Price of Internet Privacy, the minds behind The Expanse chat about space politics, ...National Public Radio00:47:10
Feb 17, 2017 Hour 1A better battery than lithium ion in electric vehicles? How to squeeze more power out of the electrical grid...National Public Radio00:47:04
Feb 10, 2017 Hour 2Heat-sensitive Prosthetic Skin, Flint Water, Ingestible Electronics.National Public Radio00:46:35
Feb 10, 2017 Hour 1Researchers who study icy places have discovered uncanny phenomena. Holographic cosmology is a way of simplifying models of...National Public Radio00:46:39
Feb 3, 2017 Hour 2Mesh Networks, Frog Tongues, Solid Hydrogen, Science March.National Public Radio00:47:09
Feb 3, 2017 Hour 1News Roundup, Chimeras, Astrobiology - search for life elsewhere in the solar system.National Public Radio00:47:00
Jan 27, 2017 Hour 2The Paperfuge - a hand-powered paper centrifuge that costs less than a dollar. A strategy for building an immunity to fake news.National Public Radio00:47:00
Jan 27, 2017 Hour 1California governor Jerry Brown talks about how states can take the lead on issues like climate change and clean energy...National Public Radio00:47:00
Jan 20, 2017 Hour 2Males pregnancy among seahorses. A look at squishy, flexible robots. How our understanding of reality changed over centuries.National Public Radio00:46:34
Jan 20, 2017 Hour 1From cabinet nominees to Congressional wishlists, a look at what could realistically change for scientists under Trump.National Public Radio00:46:58
Jan 14, 2017 Hour 2Automation, Twisted Science, Worm Indecision, Concussions.National Public Radio00:46:02
Jan 14, 2017 Hour 1:News Roundup, Uber Data, Obama Science Legacy, Asteroid Missions.National Public Radio00:46:56
Jan 6, 2017 Hour 2Malaria Vaccine Trial, Dino Eggs, Tractor Beam, Slow Science.National Public Radio00:46:27
Jan 6, 2017 Hour 1CES, Solar Prices, Convincing Climate Change, Congressman and Representative Bill FosterNational Public Radio00:47:15
Dec 30, 2016 Hour 2Every December, tens of thousands of birders grab binoculars and head outside for Audubon's Christmas Bird Count...National Public Radio00:47:20
Dec 30, 2016 Hour 1Gravitational waves, CRISPR, and Pokemon Go, a look at the big science stories of 2016.National Public Radio00:46:55
Dec 23, 2016 Hour 2The story of Apollo 13's survival after an explosion in space. A 1999 conversation on the universe's accelerating expansionNational Public Radio00:46:16
Dec 23, 2016 Hour 1Astronomer Dean Regas's favorite stellar trivia. The challenges of animating Moana's water. Scoring science movies.National Public Radio00:47:41
Dec 16, 2016 Hour 2Christmas Tree Genetics, Opioid Epidemic, Virtual Field Trip, Indian Mars Mission.National Public Radio00:47:01
Dec 16, 2016 Hour 1Hurdles facing women scientists in 2016. A group of wealthy investors bet a billion dollars on an uncrowded, risky market.National Public Radio00:47:21
Dec 9, 2016 Hour 2Astronaut Don Pettit's photos from the Space Station. A team of female astronomers work to classify stars.National Public Radio00:47:09
Dec 9, 2016 Hour 1The legacy of Obama's big data programs. Our Science Club wraps up their latest project, devoted to the idea of disassemby.National Public Radio00:47:17
Dec 2, 2016 Hour 2Preserving dead animals through taxidermy. Obtaining your personal medical records. Tracking the rhythms of the microbiome.National Public Radio00:47:26
Dec 2, 2016 Hour 1Best science books of 2016. Updates on Cassini and Juno. A cold, hard look at how winter boots fare in icy conditions.National Public Radio00:47:05
Nov 25, 2016 Hour 2The IgNobel Awards, an annual ceremony honoring scientific research that first makes you laugh, and then makes you think.National Public Radio00:47:35
Nov 25, 2016 Hour 1Beatrix Potter, author of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, had a curious eye for the nature world around her. Alternate history of New York...National Public Radio00:46:26
Nov 18, 2016 Hour 2Science Goes To The Movies in Arrival, Thanksgiving Food Failures, Mushroom LeatherNational Public Radio00:46:49
Nov 18, 2016 Hour 1Questions about the cold virus. An introduction to the viruses you have to thank for that stuffy nose.National Public Radio00:46:40
Nov 11, 2016 Hour 2Wireless device enables paralyzed monkeys to walk again. How might climate change policy fare under Trump?National Public Radio00:46:05
Nov 11, 2016 Hour 1Werner Herzog on the devastating power of volcanoes. Believing in the possibility of change can help come to terms with...National Public Radio00:46:08
Nov 4, 2016 Hour 2Editing DNA: Not as good as we thought. Hormonal male birth control can work. Bomb-sniffing Spinach.National Public Radio00:45:52
Nov 4, 2016 Hour 1Scientists tap the brains of jumping spiders to study complex behaviors. Is beta amyloid at the root of Alzheimers disease?National Public Radio00:46:55
Oct 28, 2016 Hour 1Would grocery shopping be more fun if it were a game? How about mowing the lawn? One game developer tells us how he...National Public Radio00:47:52
Oct 28, 2016 Hour 2Did you know that St Louis was almost oceanfront property? We look at how geologists decipher the subsurface scars...National Public Radio00:47:51
Oct 21, 2016 Hour 2Can screwworms be eradicated in time to save Key Deer? African American women mathematicians and engineers who helped us into space.National Public Radio00:47:04
Oct 21, 2016 Hour 1The rules and norms that govern international cyber conflicts. Educators who've turned our media into innovative classroom resources.National Public Radio00:47:16
Oct 14, 2016 Hour 2How digital assistants measure up, developing a hornless dairy cow, direct-to-consumer lab tests with physicians...National Public Radio00:47:13
Oct 14, 2016 Hour 1How Congress, lawsuits, and... shape debate over climate science, fetal tissue research, reservoirs producing greenhouse gases.National Public Radio00:47:22
Oct 7, 2016 Hour 2Future Commuting, Astronaut Mike Massimino, Humans To Mars.National Public Radio00:47:02
Oct 7, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup, 2016 Nobel Prize, Golden Record 2.0, Pop Up BooksNational Public Radio00:46:46
Sep 30, 2016 Hour 2: Oysters and Oceans, Trees and Drought, TardigradesNational Public Radio00:47:52
Sep 30, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup, Snap Spectacles, Connected Cars, Way Things WorkNational Public Radio00:47:12
Sep 23, 2016 Hour 2Artificial Intelligence could transform our world. Frogs fight a deadly fungus for the survival of all imperiled amphibians.National Public Radio00:47:08
Sep 23, 2016 Hour 1The benefits of standing desks, or not. Roger Penrose argues against some prominent theories about the universe...National Public Radio00:47:09
Sep 9, 2016 Hour 2Antibiotic Resistance, Silicon Coyboys, Gamification and Fitness with Activity trackers like the Fitbit...National Public Radio00:47:35
Sep 9, 2016 Hour 1History of the Voyager Golden Record. Can a robotic avatar let you remotely experience a trip to the zoo? The cap on Pluto's moon.National Public Radio00:47:36
Sep 9, 2016 Hour 2Neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel explores the relationship between neuroscience and abstract art. What everyday data can reveal...National Public Radio00:47:12
Sep 9, 2016 Hour 1An audiologist describes overcoming her hearing loss. Expanding the aural world for patients with hearing loss...National Public Radio00:46:55
Sep 2, 2016 Hour 2U.S. momentum builds for offshore wind power. Plus, why we can be cautiously optimistic about a new drug for Alzheimers.National Public Radio00:47:15
Sep 2, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup. Peering inside ancient fossils to find evolutionary history clues. How dogs pick up on our tones, gestures, and moods.National Public Radio00:46:55
Aug 26, 2016 Hour 2A vaccine remains elusive. Kor Adana unpacks the toolkit of real-life hackers. Oryx and Crake by Margaret AtwooodNational Public Radio00:46:50
Aug 26, 2016 Bonus EpisodeMargaret Atwood, author of 'Oryx and Crake,' discusses the book with Ira Flatow in a live book club discussion...National Public Radio00:56:09
Aug 26, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup. National Parks. Teaching Math. How limbs develop, grow & re-grow.National Public Radio00:47:12
Aug 19, 2016 Hour 2Circadian Clock for Virus Infection, Dark Matter Novel, Small Launch Systems, Niku.National Public Radio00:46:37
Aug 19, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup, Marijuana Research, Twitter Bots, Chili Pepper heat.National Public Radio00:47:24
Aug 12, 2016 Hour 2Science Debate Questions, Self-Destructing Battery, Olympic Architecture, Automation and Jobs.National Public Radio00:47:23
Aug 12, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup, Clickbait, Particle Physics, Remembering HM.National Public Radio00:47:25
Aug 5, 2016 Hour 2Ed Yong examines the Replication Game. The World According to Microbes. Bulldog Genetics. Scientific paper reproducibility.National Public Radio00:47:34
Aug 5, 2016 Hour 1The News Roundup. Hacking political campaign serverss. The endangered vaquita. Our book club tackles Oryx and Crake.National Public Radio00:47:02
Jul 29, 2016 Hour 2Human Enhancement Technology, Deadly Snails, Clone Health, Moth WeekNational Public Radio00:46:09
Jul 29, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup, New Zealand Predators, Digital Language, Staying Healthy In SpaceNational Public Radio00:47:12
Jul 22, 2016 Hour 2Atomic Data Storage, Living in Political Bubbles, Leaping Electric Eels, Women of the Apollo 11 Mission.National Public Radio00:47:08
Jul 22, 2016 Hour 1Weekly News Roundup, Open Access Research Papers, The Future of Robotics.National Public Radio00:46:59
Jul 15, 2016 Hour 2Tracking Online Terrorist Networks With Math Models, Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality, Science in Ghostbusters.National Public Radio00:46:24
Jul 15, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup, Direct-Injection Engines, Recycling Questions, Health Effects of Racism.National Public Radio00:47:08
Jul 8, 2016 Hour 2Bringing scientific rigor to violin-making. Apple patents could stop concert recording. Deaths from extreme heat.National Public Radio00:47:07
Jul 8, 2016 Hour 1Preserving historically significant spacecraft. Flyover Country, a new app, spots geological features on airplane flightsNational Public Radio00:47:26
Jul 1, 2016 Hour 2Several vaccines for Zika virus are ready for human trials. Differential Privacy. Planetary sciences, from Jupiter to Pluto.National Public Radio00:50:16
Jul 1, 2016 Hour 1Military doctors begin to pay more attention to concussions and other traumatic brain injuries on the battlefield.National Public Radio00:50:02
Jun 24, 2016 Hour 2Will electric cars be popular? Rise of alternative-fuel vehicles. Tracking nighttime bird migrations. How heat waves affect flightNational Public Radio00:46:39
Jun 24, 2016 Hour 1What we can learn from the man who got stung, willingly, for science. The mysteries of cephalopod ink and the squid microbiomeNational Public Radio00:47:16
Jun 17, 2016 Hour 2How stem cells in the blood can treat cancer, diabetes and others. Legal and ethical frontiers of human reproductive technology...National Public Radio00:47:19
Jun 17, 2016 Hour 1Research on interaction people have with guns. The amazing world of the octopus. News from the week in science.National Public Radio00:47:31
Jun 10, 2016 Hour 2The technology used to battle disease, shock, and exhaustion in the ranks. How doodlers doodle. A peek inside the Hyperloop projectNational Public Radio00:46:40
Jun 10, 2016 Hour 1Maps and images of the hidden side of the universe: dark matter & black holes. Building a bionic leaf.National Public Radio00:46:56
Jun 3, 2016 Hour 2Bumblebee Senses, Summer Science Projects, and a look inside the Minds of Zoo Animals.National Public Radio00:47:19
Jun 3, 2016 Hour 1Science news roundup. Researchers revive ideas from the pre-antibiotic age to fight drug-resistant bacteria.National Public Radio00:46:53
May 27, 2016 Hour 2Alzheimers and Infection, E-Cigarettes, Earthquake App, Vocal Fry in Music.National Public Radio00:47:11
May 27, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup, Electronic Newspapers, How imaginary companions help kids develop a theory of mind.National Public Radio00:47:00
May 20, 2016 Hour 2Lessons From the History of The Gene. The early struggles of modern navigation. Learning from building tiny, flying robotsNational Public Radio00:47:15
May 20, 2016 Hour 1Is the Big Bang the beginning of the universe or the end of scientific knowledge? Tracking the Hidden Trail of Your SmartphoneNational Public Radio00:47:03
May 13, 2016 Hour 2A record haul of exoplanets: 1,284. An impoverished Indian clerk upended mathematics. Responses to the #TakeASample challenge.National Public Radio00:46:28
May 13, 2016 Hour 1Spring science and the wonders of observation. A foray into the delicious world of mushroom hunting.National Public Radio00:46:47
May 6, 2016 Hour 2The Biggest Loser & weight control. Tips for viewing the upcoming transit of Mercury. Camera traps for wildlife.National Public Radio00:46:25
May 6, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup. Death by GPS in Death Valley. A robot that can perform delicate operations autonomously.National Public Radio00:46:46
Apr 29, 2016 Hour 2Craig Venter on Genomics. DNA data storage. A look at a growing group of apps, sensors, etc. on caring for plants.National Public Radio00:47:20
Apr 29, 2016 Hour 1Could our 'everyday reality' just be a projection of some underlying quantum structure? Sharks who tweet.The week in science.National Public Radio00:47:17
Apr 22, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup, Cold Lab Mice, Animal Intelligence, CoralNational Public Radio00:46:43
Apr 22, 2016 Hour 2The planetarium laser show. What technology can learn from nature. A metal material capable of disintegrating a bullet.National Public Radio00:47:21
Apr 15, 2016 Hour 2How the emotion of emoji could be lost in translation. How orchids use mimicry, fraud, and deception to attract pollinators.National Public Radio00:47:11
Apr 15, 2016 Hour 1Quadriplegic regains arm movement using brain-computer interface. New research into the zika virus. Explain your world via sampling.National Public Radio00:47:03
Apr 8, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup, Climate and the Collapse of Ancient Civilizations, Climate Fiction.National Public Radio00:46:34
Apr 8, 2016 Hour 2Insulin Pricing, Science From Space, Lab Girl Memoir.National Public Radio00:45:48
Apr 1, 2016 Hour 1News Roundup, How Games Move Us, Spot the Spoof Science Study.National Public Radio00:46:43
Apr 1, 2016 Hour 2Sea Level Rise, Sorting Out Social Media Feeds, Springtime Blooms.National Public Radio00:47:03
Mar 25, 2016 Hour 2Two encryption experts weigh in on the Apple argument. Two anthropologists are studying an ancient brewery.National Public Radio00:48:54
Mar 25, 2016 Hour 1Craig Venter and his team have a cell with only the bare minimum genetic instructions required for life. Janna Levin on LIGO.National Public Radio00:49:31
Mar 18, 2016 Hour 2Tricking Tumor Cells, Investigating Sea Level Rise on a Local Level, Teaching Climate Change Science.National Public Radio00:47:17
Mar 18, 2016 Hour 1Sculptor Tom Sachs has built his own space program and it's 100 percent DIY. Sean B. Carroll describes some great experiments in ecologyNational Public Radio00:47:04
Mar 11, 2016 Hour 2Ophthalmologists address queries about eyes and vision. Using stem cells to grow eye tissues. The potential of quantum computers.National Public Radio00:46:54
Mar 11, 2016 Hour 1The world of cheese. Cheese Bacteria. Plus, some of the week's science stories.National Public Radio00:47:19
Mar 4, 2016 Hour 2What color are the walls of Van Goghs Bedroom? The science of cheese. Expanding how consumers access pay-TV servicesNational Public Radio00:47:32
Mar 4, 2016 Hour 1Protecting the planet from an asteroid or comet strike. E.O. Wilson argues for setting aside half the earth for nature.National Public Radio00:47:12
Feb 26, 2016 Hour 2Teaching Robots Right From Wrong, 7 Lessons On Physics, Virtual Reality and Social Media.National Public Radio00:47:13
Feb 26, 2016 Hour 1A news roundup with some troubling trends in public health. Stories from the week in science.National Public Radio00:46:36
Feb 19, 2016 Hour 2Tech companies make phony pledges to increase workforce diversity. How scientists use living cells to 3-D-print ear, bone, and muscle.National Public Radio00:46:59
Feb 19, 2016 Hour 1A news roundup. El Nino's influence is global, affecting fish stocks, malaria deaths etc. What is malnutrition exactly?National Public Radio00:46:56
Feb 12, 2016 Hour 2The autobiography ON THE MOVE, by Oliver Sacks. How the band OK Go choreographed their video in zero-G. About pointy-ness and linguistics.National Public Radio00:46:40
Feb 12, 2016 Hour 1Scientists directly detect gravitational waves. A roundup of the week in science. Engineering malaria-resistant mosquitoes.National Public Radio00:47:06
Feb 5, 2016 Hour 2The evidence for and against mind-body medicine. Gene-editing techniques. Restoring the maternal microbiome to C-section babies.National Public Radio00:46:42
Feb 5, 2016 Hour 1Nixon's War on Cancer. Are we winning? Why couldnt the polls predict the Iowa primaries?National Public Radio00:46:47
Jan 29, 2016 Hour 2Meteorite hunter Nina Lanza reports on 6 weeks scouring Antarctic ice for space rocks. Update on the Zika virus. Cautionary tale of planet VulcanNational Public Radio00:47:07
Jan 29, 2016 Hour 1Many women experience depression during pregnancy. Communication between octopuses. How sitting generates a cloud of microbes.National Public Radio00:46:25
Jan 22, 2016 Hour 2How sound affects the taste of your food. Evidence for a 10,000-year-old massacre. Unconventional portraits of commuters with bacteriaNational Public Radio00:47:13
Jan 22, 2016 Hour 1The large undiscovered ninth planet. A deep drilling project. The SciFri Book Club tackles an Oliver Sacks autobiography.National Public Radio00:47:01
Jan 15, 2016 Hour 2An update on the methane gas leak in California. How we are predisposed to take a grifter's bait. Building a better light bulb.National Public Radio00:46:10
Jan 15, 2016 Hour 1A roundup of the week's news. Designing Martian habitations. How an infant's delivery and diet affect its microorganism communityNational Public Radio00:46:55
Jan 8, 2016 Hour 2Western US drought update. How a diet might cause fat cells to suck up too much fuel. Guarding your garden against the winter chill.National Public Radio00:47:05
Jan 8, 2016 Hour 1A future in which all cars can drive themselves. The beauty of early scientific and medical instruments. The week in science.National Public Radio00:47:12
Jan 1, 2016 Hour 2Esther Dyson's predictions on personal computing. Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan on their book SHADOWS OF FORGOTTEN ANCESTORS.National Public Radio00:46:52
Jan 1, 2016 Hour 1Physicist James Kakalios tests superhero science smarts. A novelist, a filmmaker, and a physicist on art and science.National Public Radio00:46:52
Dec 25, 2015 Hour 1A panel of science and technology journalists joins Ira Flatow to discuss the biggest news in these fields during the last year.National Public Radio00:46:43
Dec 25, 2015 Hour 2The wild origins of the poinsettia. Harper's magazine's Findings column. 3D games and memory. The jumping jerboa.National Public Radio00:47:18
Dec 18, 2015 Hour 2D.I.Y. Home Security Systems, Scientists Speaking Out, Designer Cells to Treat Inflamation, Tracking Hate Through Google SearchNational Public Radio00:47:12
Dec 18, 2015 Hour 1Weekly News Roundup, Backing Up The Web, Astronaut Applications.National Public Radio00:46:10
Dec 11, 2015 Hour 2Immunotherapy treatments for cancer. Revealing photos from Pluto. Best science books of 2015.National Public Radio00:47:23
Dec 11, 2015 Hour 1The week's top science stories. The importance of failure in scientific success. An update on reaching a climate agreement.National Public Radio00:47:21
Dec 4, 2015 Hour 2Research: Gun violence as a public health issue. How Bernard Vonnegut's research on cloud seeding influenced his brother's fiction...National Public Radio00:47:12
Dec 4, 2015 Hour 1The week's top science stories. Climate change negotiations. How scientists test part of Einsteins theories via wayward satellitesNational Public Radio00:47:05
Nov 27, 2015 Hour 2The Ig Nobel Prizes honor scientific research that first makes you laugh, and then, makes you think.National Public Radio00:47:47
Nov 27, 2015 Hour 1Unusual science class at Stony Brook. Nuclear power, continental drift, and the periodic table, with a thousand word vocabularyNational Public Radio00:46:55
Nov 20, 2015 Hour 2Encryption in surveillance, security and privacy. How psychology and cognitive science shape transit maps. Science Club.National Public Radio00:46:15
Nov 20, 2015 Hour 1News Roundup. Why Machines Discriminate. Hard Cider Science.National Public Radio00:47:01
Nov 13, 2015 Hour 2What insect hair could teach materials scientists. Genetic therapies for hearing loss. A talk with Lauren Redniss about weatherNational Public Radio00:47:07
Nov 13, 2015 Hour 1A roundup of the week in science. Software in the classroom. Trade in illegal plants. A Macroscope video about how ant colonies...National Public Radio00:46:06
Nov 5, 2015 Hour 2This week in science. The whole story on whole milk. Football and chronic trauma. Science Club project: Build a communications deviceNational Public Radio00:46:22
Nov 5, 2015 Hour 1Live in Minnesota: a look at a variety of superpowers - from radar-equipped gloves, to the science of regenerating limbs.National Public Radio00:47:44
Oct 30, 2015 Hour 2Science writer Sam Kean discusses ghoulish brain glitches. A look at strange spider behaviors. A Macroscope video about a dying herpetologistNational Public Radio00:46:11
Oct 30, 2015 Hour 1This week in science. Scientists Rob Dunn and Amanda Hale imagine the microbiomes of monsters. How a compound in corpses triggers defensive responsesNational Public Radio00:47:07
Oct 23, 2015 Hour 2Astronomers puzzle over a distant star. A decade of government IT glitches. Tips for building a natural history collectionNational Public Radio00:47:03
Oct 23, 2015 Hour 1This week in science. Is a disc of dark matter responsible for dinosaur demise? Imagining the world of 2015 for Back to the Future II.National Public Radio00:47:03
Oct 15, 2015 Hour 2Researchers seek to track the flu. Ways to geek out on Halloween with do-it-yourself projects. Why mobile audio quality still lags.National Public Radio00:47:03
Oct 15, 2015 Hour 1This week in science. How our streetscapes shape our bodies, brains, & behavior. Hunt for dark matter deep below Earth's surfaceNational Public Radio00:47:07
Oct 8, 2015 Hour 1This week in science. The 2015 Nobel Prizes in science. How an iPad app helps first graders improve how they do in math.National Public Radio00:46:51
Oct 8, 2015 Hour 2Experimental gene therapy for congenital blindness. The power of face-to-face conversation. Museum of modified organisms.National Public Radio00:47:21
Oct 1, 2015 Hour 1This week in science. How David Peterson reconstructed exotic languages. Effects of climate change on Latino communities in FloridaNational Public Radio9397:36:12
Oct 1, 2015 Hour 2Evidence for liquid water on Mars. An astronaut and a NASA engineer weigh in on The Martian. Why biologists sent a weed to the Space StationNational Public Radio00:47:32
Sep 24, 2015 Hour 1This week in science. The ever-changing world of sneaker innovation. The poisons of Agatha Christie.National Public Radio00:47:25
Sep 24, 2015 Hour 2Drug industry pricing. A hydrogen fuel cell car takes to the road this fall. Why American landfills may be twice as full.National Public Radio00:47:01
Sep 17, 2015 Hour 1This week in science. 'The Invention of Nature' by Andrea Wulf. Moon-viewing tips and a dose of lunar lore.National Public Radio00:47:17
Sep 17, 2015 Hour 2Looking at a global neutrino map. Jon Palfreman shares his journey with Parkinsons disease, Humans & future deep sea explorationNational Public Radio00:47:00

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