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This podcast, published by National Public Radio, consists of book reviews, news and author interviews - for people who love to read...

Current NPR Book Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Rachel Cusk: TransitRachel Cusk's novel 'Transit' is the second in a planned trilogy. She believes humans have an innate grasp of form, a gift...National Public Radio02:30:24
Steve Erickson: ShadowbahnIn Erickson's intense, absorbing novel, the Twin Towers suddenly re-appear in the Dakota Badlands...National Public Radio02:30:24
Michael TolkinThe North Koreans created NK3, a weaponized bacterium designed to confuse. It spread, denying the world its memory.National Public Radio02:30:23
Ron PadgettHis poems stand in for thse written by a bus driver in the Jim Jarmusch movie Paterson...National Public Radio02:30:21
Ottessa MoshfeghIn the second of two conversatios, she discusses her discomfort in this world but admits that there is a touch of...National Public Radio02:30:24
Ottessa MoshfeghIn the first of two conversations, she reveals she doesn't feel comfortable in this world. Her characters long for another...National Public Radio02:30:23
Lynne TillmanHer book, The Complete Madame Realism and Other Stories, is a unique blend of short fiction, essays, and philosophical musings...National Public Radio02:33:12
Don DeLilloIn his latest novel, Zero K, the practice of cryonics or freezing oneself to be awakened later, is in full, but secret swing.National Public Radio
Colson WhiteheadColson Whitehead's new great American novel depicts a real underground railroad that transports a fugitive slave to...National Public Radio02:35:39
Rabih AlameddineHis THE ANGEL OF HISTORY takes place as much in the protagonist's head as it does in a psych ward where he checks himself in...National Public Radio02:30:21
Mitch SisskindHis DO NOT BE A GENTLEMAN WHEN YOU SAY GOODNIGHT is a distillation of nearly fifty years of brilliant comic writing.National Public Radio02:27:29
Am I Alone Here?When Peter Orner's father died, he found himself unable to write, his marriage fell apart, and he consoled himself by...National Public Radio02:34:43
Kate TempestThe Rapper, poet, playwright and novelist always knew she would write THE BRICKS THAT BUILT THE HOUSES as an accompaniment...National Public Radio
Tessa HadleyHer book, The Past, has at its center a summer vacation home, and four siblings deciding whether to sell it.National Public Radio02:34:55
Ann PatchettHer latest novel, Commonwealth, follows fifty-two years in the life of a large family. The idea of the book came to her because...National Public Radio02:34:45
Jonathan Safran FoerThe hero of Here I Am is a pun-loving television writer, pummeled by the loss of everything he values.National Public Radio02:35:01
Nicholson BakerHis Substitute: Going to School with a Thousand Kids was born of a desire to write a book articulating his education theories...National Public Radio02:35:07
Nadja SpiegelmanI'm Supposed to Protect You from All This? Since memory is not only malleable but unreliable, which version of the truth will prevail?National Public Radio02:34:53
Another BrooklynAward-winning Young Adult novelist Jacqueline Woodson's first novel for adults in twenty years: childhood friends growing into women.National Public Radio02:35:03
Little NothingIn this book by Marisa Silver, an ugly young dwarf girl transforms first into a beauty, then into a tall woman, then into a wolf.National Public Radio02:34:55
Affinity KonarKonar's MISCHLING (meaning mixed blood) is the story of twin sisters who find themselves imprisoned in Dr. Mengele's "zoo."National Public Radio02:34:40
Colson WhiteheadColson Whitehead's new great American novel depicts a real underground railroad that transports a fugitive slave to stops that defy...National Public Radio02:35:39
Adam FitzgeraldAdam Fitzgerald's poetry in George Washington: Poems, comes across as playful while exploring the concept of Americana...National Public Radio
Krys LeeHow I Became a North Korean: His first novel dramatizes boundaries and borders that complicate human relationships.National Public Radio
Joe McGinniss Jr.Carousel Court: A married couple wind up in a wasteland of foreclosed houses and abandoned homes.National Public Radio
Tom McCarthyHis SATIN ISLAND features a protagonist who has been given the enormous task of compiling a report summing up the modern era.National Public Radio
Tom LutzIn his extensive travels - some dangerous, some not - he finds the more places he goes, the more... lost he feels.National Public Radio
Michelle LatiolaisNeither a novel nor a collection of stories, the "fictions" in SHE weave together a composite view of Los Angeles.National Public Radio
Constantine PhippsA tale of the ordinary, everyday quest for contentedness - written entirely in heroic couplets.National Public Radio
Vivian GornickVivian Gornick's memoir The Odd Woman and the City takes us on a tour of a life that is lived by walking, observing and talking.National Public Radio
Geoff Dyer: White SandsParadoxically, Geoff Dyer begins his attempt to locate America by first traveling to Tahiti. There, he discovers...National Public Radio
Louise Erdrich: LaRose, Part IIIn part two the discussion explores the non-linear form the novel moves in towards seeking balance and resolution.National Public Radio
Louise Erdrich: LaRose, Part IIn Louise Erdrich's LaRose, a terrible tragedy forces two families to resort to a form of traditional "restorative justice"...National Public Radio
Joyce Carol OatesJoyce Carol Oates takes us on a trip down memory lane with a reading from a previous memoir on her favorite bad-for-you childhood foodsNational Public Radio
Kate TempestRapper, poet, playwright and now novelist, Kate Tempest always knew she would write THE BRICKS THAT BUILT THE HOUSES...National Public Radio
A. Scott BergHis book is the biography of an editor who worked with the likes of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe.National Public Radio
CounternarrativesJohn Keene takes classic American narratives and stands them on their heads. He writes about the "others" to re-examine...National Public Radio
Making of the American EssayJohn D'Agata believes that we're still in the "Wild West" of coming to terms with the essay..National Public Radio
Valeria LuiselliOriginally asked to write a novel for a beverage company, Luiselli instead chose to write one for its workers.National Public Radio
Garth Greenwell: What Belongs to YouGreenwell's first novel examines the relationship between an American teacher in Bulgaria with a male prostitute.National Public Radio
Don DeLillo: Zero KIn Don's latest novel the practice of cryogenics or freezing oneself to be awakened later, is in full, secret swingNational Public Radio
David Means: HystopiaAfter four acclaimed short story collections, Means' first novel takes on the Vietnam War.National Public Radio
H Is for HawkHelen Macdonald's new book is her account of working through grief over her father's death by adopting a goshawkNational Public Radio
Joyce Carol Oates: The SacrificeJoyce Carol Oates shapes a novel, THE SACRIFICE, from the Tawana Brawley scandal of the 1980's.National Public Radio
ProdigalsGreg Jackson's new collection of eight stories follows the lives of youngish people of privilege on their journey...National Public Radio
ProxiesBrian Blanchfield's essays reveal truths about a queer poet in the post-AIDS era.National Public Radio
Innocents and OthersDana Spiotta's book tells the feminist story of how women make do in a male-dominated world...National Public Radio
Fiction in the New YorkerDavid Remnick and Deborah Treisman take us through the fiction at the New Yorker and how it has changed over the years.National Public Radio
Book of NumbersJoshua Cohen's THE BOOK OF NUMBERS follows the Internet's rise through a protagonist modeled on some of the web's biggest shapers...National Public Radio
The Portable VeblenElizabeth McKenzie's half screwball romantic comedy and half critique of the conspicuous consumption of the leisure class...National Public Radio
Square WavePhilosopher Mark de Silva's debut novel shows what a novel can do when it goes off the beaten track.National Public Radio
Black DeutschlandDarryl Pinckney talks about the attraction of leaving America to discover how to be an African-American in America.National Public Radio
ALL INVOLVEDRyan Gattis' new book, ALL INVOLVED, is really a reconstitution of the L.A. riots from a person who wasn't there.National Public Radio
Strangers DrowningLarissa MacFarquhar writes about do-gooders who practice effective altruism. They don't care what others think of their extreme choices...National Public Radio
The White RoadEdmund de Waal takes us on a vast journey into the history and heart, skin and bones of porcelain.National Public Radio
Bruce Bauman: Broken SleepBauman's new novel is like a family with everyone, including the reader, struggling to find a place, a home, a sense of community.National Public Radio
Selected Poems of John WienersPoets and editors CAConrad, Robert Dewhurst, and Joshua Beckman talk both about groundbreaking, boldly gay poet/activist, John Wieners...National Public Radio
Rick MoodyHotels of North America: Hotel reviews that really, become reviews on life.National Public Radio
Salman RushdieTwo Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights.National Public Radio
The Mark and the VoidPaul Murray's comic novel dramatizes an economic crisis in his native Ireland, one that imperils the vitality of Dublin's culture.National Public Radio
I Must Be Living TwicePoet, fiction writer, essayist and dramatist Eileen Myles on success, the relevancy of poetry and surviving as a poet.National Public Radio
The Japanese LoverIsabel Allende brings emotional wisdom to the love lives of three generations of post World War II Asian and Jewish charactersNational Public Radio
A House of My OwnSandra Cisneros, in her sixties, looks at her journey to find her voice in a candid memoir woven from prose, photographs, and essaysNational Public Radio
I Can Give You Anything but LoveThe outlandish and unguarded Gary Indiana has written what can be described as an "anti-memoir."National Public Radio
Mary Karr: The Art of MemoirIs it common practice to lie in a memoir? The Art of Memoir, in part a how-to book, distills 30 years of teaching and writing memoir.National Public Radio
Joy Williams: The Visiting PrivilegeShe wrote a book that spans her body of work from familiar stories to new ones, showcases her deep understanding of the writing processNational Public Radio
Undermajordomo MinorPatrick deWitt's latest book follows his penchant for building humiliation into his novels.National Public Radio
'Did You Ever Have a Family'Bill Clegg makes the transition from memoirist to novelist. His book and its title are a statement on the kindness of strangers ...National Public Radio
Ann Beattie:In 'The State We're In: Maine Stories', Ann shakes up the ingredients of short stories to create something new and beautifulNational Public Radio
Jonathan Franzen: PurityFranzen's book is an exploration of intensely intimate relationships and their inevitable destructive effects.National Public Radio
Bonnie Nadzam and Dale JamiesonThey wrote 'Love in the Anthropocene', a collection of short stories describing a near future where nature as we know it doesn't existNational Public Radio
Salman RushdieThe author discusses his new novel, 'Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights.'National Public Radio
When the Sick Rule the WorldIn this collection of prose pieces, Dodie Bellamy explodes the essay form into poetry, personal memoire and literary analysisNational Public Radio
The Dying Grass, Part IIThe second of two conversations about William Vollman?s novel of the 1877 war that destroyed the Nez Perce Indians.National Public Radio
The Dying Grass, Part IThe first of two conversations about William Vollman?s novel of the 1877 war that destroyed the Nez Perce Indians.National Public Radio
Allison GreenA conversation with the author of 'The Ghosts Who Travel with Me' and Emily Goldman of Ooligan Press.National Public Radio
Louisa Hall: SpeakLouisa Hall's novel 'Speak' considers the Alan Turing test: How do we know we are communicating with a machine or a human?National Public Radio
Selected TweetsMira Gonzalez and Tao Lin's Selected Tweets is a compendium of tweets - often dark and dispairing, but also bitingly funnyNational Public Radio
E. L. Doctorow: Homer & LangleyIn his novel of the Collyers; one a blind pianist, the other a hoarder and inventor, Doctorow creates an ironic allegory of modern AmericaNational Public Radio
Harper Lee: Go Set a WatchmanMichael Silverblatt in conversation with Bookworm producer Connie Alvarez.National Public Radio
Linda Rosenkrantz: TalkA young Linda had the novel idea to record her friends on the beach. The result was Talk...National Public Radio
Christian Kracht: ImperiumThis Fiction of the South Seas is a satirical parable that sees fanaticism as the root of German culture...National Public Radio
Scattered at SeaAmy Gerstler's new book of poems is an exploration of getting lost, the unknown, mortality and remembranceNational Public Radio
The Diver's Clothes Lie EmptyVendela Vida's new novel is a story of identity, a recurring mystery in her work.National Public Radio
Aleksandar HemonThe Making of Zombie Wars, a darkly nihilistic book & comedy is a commentary on society...National Public Radio
Alan CheuseThe "voice of NPR book reviews" takes a singular opportunity - discussing of his own novel...National Public Radio
Maggie NelsonThe Argonauts is a work of "auto-theory" in which theory is put to the test against life experienceNational Public Radio
Preparation for the Next LifeAtticus Lish's debut novel won the PEN/Faulkner Award for First Fiction. He waited 40 years for it!National Public Radio
Faces in the CrowdValeria Luiselli's first novel reminds us of what it's like to be young and in love with literatureNational Public Radio
On PublishingPer Petterson, Ethan Nosowsky, and Geir Berdahl on bringing a book to life...National Public Radio
Thomas McGuane: Crow FairHis new book demonstrates his verbal surprises and deep insight into charactersNational Public Radio
Per Petterson: I RefusePer Petterson's I Refuse is a beautiful and lyrical symphony of sadness, grief and loss.National Public Radio
The Buried GiantKazuo Ishiguro starts the interview about his new book as a look at the concept of societal memory.National Public Radio
Tijuana Book of the Dead, & The Water MuseumThe border between poetry and fiction is dismantled when the poet/author is Luis Alberto Urrea.National Public Radio
David Vann: AquariumHe found the characters in his novel by staring at fish until he was inspired.National Public Radio
Charles Baxter & the 'Hidden Bookshelf'Charles Baxter takes us through the pleasure of discovering books for the "hidden bookshelf."National Public Radio
Charles BaxterCharles Baxter examines the elements of virtue and vice in his new collection of short stories.National Public Radio
The Strange Case of Rachel KRachel Kushner on the earliest impulses that inspired her first novel, Telex from Cuba.National Public Radio
Claudia Rankine: The Racial ImaginaryCan every writer write about the racial "other" successfully? Are there writers who shouldn't?National Public Radio
Citizen, An American LyricIn discussing Claudia Rankine's Citizen, an American Lyric, we discuss the way racism catches us all.National Public Radio
The SacrificeJoyce Carol Oates shapes a novel from the Tawana Brawley scandal of the 1980's.National Public Radio
Peter Cole: The Invention of InfluenceIn Peter Cole's poetry, the Jewish mystical tradition gives rise to transmission of the spiritual vision.National Public Radio
Chang-rae Lee: On Such a Full SeaA romantic adventure novel written in the repressive language of a dictatorship like China's.National Public Radio
I Think You're Totally WrongCan we truly understand another human being? Discussion by David Shields and Caleb Powell.National Public Radio
Letter to JimmyLetter to Jimmy is Congolese author Alain Mabanckou's book-length letter to James Baldwin.National Public Radio
Richard Ford: Let Me Be FrankFrank Bascombe, who's made appearances since Ford's breakthrough novel, appears again in his latest.National Public Radio
Lydia Millet: Mermaids in ParadiseLydia Millet's new novel is fast-moving and funny - except when it isn't!National Public Radio
Colm Toibín: Nora WebsterColm Toibín discusses his deeply personal story of a provincial Irishwoman who sets aside motherhood to grapple with griefNational Public Radio
Splash StateWhat is a Splash state? Poet Todd Colby says it's the golden moment when his writing hits its ecstatic stride.National Public Radio
White GirlsHilton Als' first book in 14 years features essays that defy categorization. "White girls" are not necessarily girls or whiteNational Public Radio
The Pomegranate Lady and Her SonsIranian author Goli Taraghi's recent collection translates many of her short stories into English for the first time.National Public Radio
Marilynne Robinson: LilaBookworm and Marilynne Robinson discuss Lila (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux), the latest in a series set in the dustbowl yearsNational Public Radio
Martin Amis: The Zone of InterestThe acclaimed novelist returns to discuss The Zone of Interest, an exploration of love in a place meant to crush the soul...National Public Radio
Robert Duncan and JessA conversation about the artist Jess and poet Robert Duncan who were the center of an underground art scene in San FranciscoNational Public Radio
Yiyun Li: Kinder than SolitudeShe thought she'd be a scientist. Writing in non-native English, she addresses the emotional brutality of our timeNational Public Radio
Kid's BooksFrancoise Mouly, Ian Falconer, and Neil Gaiman discuss what makes a good kid's bookNational Public Radio
Ben Lerner: 10:04Ben Lerner is a novelist/poet who writes about the way we live now, which is not the way we used to live.National Public Radio
Sarah Waters: 'The Paying Guests'The title is a euphemism for "lodgers," used by the protagonist's family to mask the shame of taking on tenants after WWIINational Public Radio
John Darnielle: Wolf In White VanHe titled his novel from Larry Norman's song 'Six Sixty Six.' He reflects on finding meaning where there might be noneNational Public Radio
Jonathan Coe: Expo 58: A NovelUnlike Coe's other comedic novels, here the humor has a nostalgic feel, reminiscent of 1950s British films like Hitchcock's...National Public Radio
NPR: 10-16-2014 Books'The Assassination Of Margaret Thatcher'; 'As You Wish'; Norman Lear: 92 Years Of 'Experience'; Tips For Better Bites...National Public Radio00:32:01
NPR: 10-09-2014 Books'Where The Roots Are'; 'A Chosen Exile'; Forgotten Female Programmers Create Modern Tech; 'Post-Post-Colonial'; FDR Great or Not?National Public Radio00:31:39
NPR: 10-02-2014 BooksEbola Compassion; Childhood Of Cultural Tension; 'Boy On Ice'; Cronenberg's First Novel; 'How To Cook Everything Fast'National Public Radio00:28:29
NPR: 09-25-2014 Books'Perfectly Normal'; 'Short And Tragic Life Of Robert Peace'; 'Paying Guests'; Finding A Voice; Afghanistan's 'Underground Girls'National Public Radio00:30:18
NPR: 09-18-2014 BooksA Poet's 'Genius Grant'; 'Brown Girl' Who Dared To Dream; Lunch With James Ellroy; Margaret Atwood's Latest; 'Zone Of Interest'National Public Radio00:28:13
NPR: 09-11-2014 BooksSeuss' 'Lost Stories'; 'What If': Absurd Hypotheticals; Online Dating: Telling Trends; Tale Of A Slave; Being Black In BalletNational Public Radio00:28:40
NPR: 09-04-2014 Books'It's Easy To Get Murdered In Accra'; 'Bone Clocks'; 'Real Man'; '10:04'; 'Women In Clothes'National Public Radio00:30:59
NPR: 08-28-2014 BooksWork Of War; Lowly Worm! Richard Scarry Jr; Comics King Jack Kirby; 'Kinda Like Brothers'; Embrace Your DistractionsNational Public Radio00:28:33
NPR: 08-21-2014 BooksChallenge Of Writing While 'Other'; Difficult Dialogue Beats Silence; 'The Giver'; 'Committee Members'; Native American StoryNational Public Radio00:32:33
NPR: 08-14-2014 BooksGabaldon's Appeal Is Timeless; Effort To Preserve Yiddish Works; A 'Magician' Grows Up; 'Dear Committee Members'; 'A Chinaman's Chance'National Public Radio00:30:32
NPR: 08-07-2014 BooksSights, Sound & Grime Of 70s New York; Arctic Mystery of 1879; Roxane Gay: 'Bad' Feminism; 'Oh Gad!'; Defense Of Liberal ArtsNational Public Radio00:32:22
NPR: 07-31-2014 BooksA South LA Hero; 'Ride Around Shining'; 'Suitcase'; Plot To Poison French Wine; 'Hyphenated Identities'National Public Radio00:33:31
NPR: 07-24-2014 Books'Nature Of Evil'; Talks With Harper Lee; The Lure Of Literary Time Travel; Fairy Tales And Real Life; Romero's Scary ZombiesNational Public Radio00:28:52
NPR: 07-17-2014 BooksApartheid's Contradictions; Travel Disasters & Cannibalism; 'Mockingbird Next Door'; First Asian-American Superhero?National Public Radio00:20:38
NPR: 07-10-2014 Books'Little Engine That Could'; Peaceful Shetland: Perfect For Murder; 'Echo's Bones' Beckett's Rejected Work; 'Said Yes To Everything'National Public Radio00:32:25
NPR: 07-03-2014 BooksMotorcycles As Literary Metaphor; Reporter Caught In Crack Epidemic; Life In A Shadowy Melbourne; Joan Rivers MemoirNational Public Radio00:25:07
NPR: 06-26-2014 BooksA Plan For Summer Reading; Mystery Series' W. Va. River Town; 'Night Heron'; 'Fever'; 'Astonish Me'National Public Radio00:29:47
NPR: 06-19-2014 BooksKids & Chapter Books; Painful Path To Fatherhood; Reporting On Watergate; 'Brutal Youth'; Sally Ride's Personal LifeNational Public Radio00:36:15
NPR: 06-12-2014 BooksSaint-Exupéry's Life; 'Rise And Fall'; 'Time Present'; Summer Reading; Author: 2nd Amendment's DebateNational Public Radio00:29:42
NPR: 06-05-2014 Books'Stars' On The Silver Screen; 'Invisible Man' 100 Years After; Some Words Are Just 'Bad English'; When 'It Girls' Get Old...National Public Radio00:31:55
NPR: 05-29-2014 BooksMaya Angelou; Burton On 'Star Trek'; Missing Jefferson Books; Picks For Summer Treehouse Reading; Soviet Dissent And CultureNational Public Radio00:32:01
NPR: 05-22-2014 BooksFarm-To-Table Eating; Nixon's Downfall; A Quintessential American Spy; Teach Kids History; A Plot Fit For LifetimeNational Public Radio00:33:26
NPR: 05-15-2014 BooksWhy Aren't Teens Reading; Woman's Love of Porn Industry; NSA on Monitorinf Communication; Artistic Criminals...National Public Radio00:37:18
NPR: 05-08-2014 BooksLarry McMurtry; 'Girl Stunt Reporter'; Power Of Turtlenecks; Spanish Civil War Chronicle; Baseball's 'Closer'National Public Radio00:38:24
NPR: 05-01-2014 Books'Honey, Everybody's Got Something'; A Search For Cervantes; Literature's Most Iconic Meals; Writing Through Trauma; Six Ways To Change The ConstitutionNational Public Radio00:31:22
NPR: 04-24-2014 BooksTrust Is The Ultimate Backstage Pass; 'Traveling Pants' Author Traveling In Time; Mathematical Paradox's Role In History...National Public Radio00:20:52
NPR: 04-18-2014 Books'Grapes Of Wrath' revisited; 'Bintel Brief' & 'Hellfighters'; Father Of Italian Noir; In Pakistan: Literary SpringNational Public Radio00:32:50
NPR: 04-10-2014 BooksBrittney Griner Finding Peace; Fictional Time Machines; Peter Matthiessen, Dies At 86; How John Updike 'Captured America'National Public Radio00:28:15
NPR: 04-04-2014 BooksWikipedia's Immensity; Pedestrians In The 1870s; Bette Midler's Early Memoir; Motherhood & Murder In San Francisco...National Public Radio00:33:33
NPR: 03-27-2014 Books'The Hard Way'; Jimmy Carter goes to war for Women; A Homecoming, Cole's 'Thief'; 'Sous Chef' The Dance Behind Your DinnerNational Public Radio00:28:18
NPR: 03-20-2014 BooksWhat we Learned From 'Heathen School'; Tragic Disappearance In 'Savage Harvest'; In A Tehran Prison; When Hip-Hop Met Islam...National Public Radio00:32:45
NPR: 03-13-2014 Books'All Our Names'; Meet The Man Who Fooled Walter Kirn; 'Boy, Snow, Bird'; 'Overwhelmed'; 'Night In Shanghai'National Public Radio00:33:16
NPR: 03-06-2014 BooksKitty Genovese's Murder; Literary Titans In Their Youth; War-Torn Rubble Meets Royal Imagination; Biographer Justin Kaplan...National Public Radio00:36:12
NPR: 02-27-2014 BooksWomen's Publications; With Echoes Of Emily Dickinson; Young Woman's Journey In 'Sin'; Forecasting The 'Future'...National Public Radio00:28:46
NPR: 02-20-2014 BooksAn uncertain Thoreau; Next Romance Bestseller; Enhancing Roald Dahl's 'Dirty Beasts'; Lincoln Shares His Life Story...National Public Radio00:31:46
NPR: 02-13-2014 BooksPredictable Romance Novels; Most Interesting Noises; Dating Sites And Economics; Iraqi 'Code Name' Helped Navy SEALsNational Public Radio00:28:48
NPR: 02-06-2014 Books'Possessed By Genius'; Two Novels To Cure Winter Blues; Anna Quindlen - Middle-Aged Reinvention; Amazon & Christian Publishing ...National Public Radio00:27:05
NPR: 01-30-2014 BooksSomething 'Beautiful' About Hollywood; A Parenting Paradox; 'The Little Prince': Born In N.Y.; 'Founding Mothers' ...National Public Radio00:22:00
NPR: 01-23-2014 BooksClassical Music Meets Bioterror In 'Orfeo'; 'Death Class'; 'I'll Take You There'; 'Anna Madrigal'; 'Forgiving.'National Public Radio00:37:06
NPR: 01-16-2014 BooksMilitary Wife Becomes 'Unremarried Widow'; Lessons On Blindness; Chang-rae Lee; 'Impossible Knife'...National Public Radio00:30:07
NPR: 01-09-2014 BooksWomen Fight For 'Wings'; Sherlock's Copyright; China: Reality vs Fiction; 'Tomorrow' In Sierra Leone; CIA on WaterboardingNational Public Radio00:30:24
NPR: 01-06-2014 Books'The Wind In The Willows'; 'Havisham' Revisited; 'La Hulotte': One Rare Bird; 'Golden Age Of Hijacking'; Bialy & Bagel SecretsNational Public Radio00:27:39
NPR: 12-26-2013 BooksWriting 'Rudolph'; Today, Magazine's Kid Bylines; Organize A Bookshelf; Picture Books For Kids; The Brighter Side Of DarknessNational Public Radio00:24:15
NPR: 12-19-2013 BooksLiterary Fetes; Alan Cheuse Recommends 3 Books; Distressed Damselhood; A Personal Report From Paul Auster; A Christian Lent 'Pilgrimage'National Public Radio00:27:01
NPR: 12-12-2013 BooksMaureen Corrigan's Favorite Books Of 2013: Don't Call It Fanfic; 'Nightingale'; Latino Children's Literature; 'Pomegranate Lady'National Public Radio00:32:22
NPR: 12-05-2013 BooksE-Readers In The Developing World; A Holiday Family Photo Book; Anjelica Huston's memoirNational Public Radio00:11:27
NPR: 12-02-2013 BooksBe A 'Superhero' For Indie Bookstores; Jon Taffer Sets A High Bar; Class Remains In Session; Thanksgivukkah StressNational Public Radio00:27:33
NPR: 11-21-2013 Books'McSweeney's'; J.F.K. Books Offer New Analysis; Roald Dahl; Doris Lessing Didn't Want To Be Remembered; America's Extreme Food CultureNational Public Radio00:31:01
NPR: 11-14-2013 BooksEssays Done Right; The Poetry Of Storytelling; Biography Of Bob Fosse; A Panorama Of Devastation; Old Kids BookNational Public Radio00:30:21
NPR: 11-07-2013 BooksBehind Rockwell's Idyllic America; Terry Pratchett Revisits 'Carpet People'; Amy Tan - 'Valley Of Amazement'; Feminist, Foodie, Filmmaker..eNational Public Radio00:35:36
NPR: 10-31-2013 BooksGaiman's 'Sandman' Prequel; 'Math Secrets' Of The Simpsons; Brick-And-Mortar vs. Amazon; French Law vs. Amazon...National Public Radio00:24:27
NPR: 10-24-2013 BooksJohn Grisham's Latest; 'Lady Things:' Choose Jezebel Over Jones; Women Gain On Men In Alcohol Abuse; Tartt's 'Goldfinch'National Public Radio00:26:56
NPR: 10-17-2013 Books'Quiet Dell' Depression-Era Murder Story 2) 'Thomas Jefferson's Koran'; Know Music's 'Legends'; 'All Things' BotanicalNational Public Radio00:21:36
NPR: 10-11-2013 BooksAlice Munro - Nobel winner; 'Fear Of Flying' revisited; 'Madeline' turns 75; Meet Ben's Sister Jane; A Philosopher's 'Afterlife'National Public Radio00:35:29
NPR: 10-03-2013 BooksTom Clancy's Mark On Thrillers; 'Thank You For Your Service'; Remembering Marcella Hazan; Valerie's CIA Thriller novelNational Public Radio00:26:50
NPR: 09-26-2013 BooksStephen King On Getting Scared; Lahiri's 'Lowland'; Time For Football Reform; Abused By Both Polanski And Media...National Public Radio00:36:58
NPR: 09-19-2013 Books'The Witness Wore Red'; How Slavery Shaped America's Colleges; 'Don't Know'? Just Admit It; Introducing 'Miss Anne'...National Public Radio00:35:21
NPR: 09-12-2013 BooksCheryl Strayed And Her Lost Sister; Billy Crystal's 'Foolin'; Inequality Will Only Get Worse; Katrina 'Memorial' Doctors & Triage...National Public Radio00:34:18
NPR: 09-05-2013 BooksFor F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald In Asheville; 'Winter's Bone' Author Revisits Tragedy; Joburg Thrillers...National Public Radio00:00:00
NPR: 08-29-2013 BooksIranian Identity Reimagined; Portly P.I.; 'Night Film' - Good-Natured Thriller; 'The Blessing Cup'; Jokester Joins The ArmyNational Public Radio00:00:00
NPR: 08-22-2013 BooksSome Libraries Go Begging; Elmore Leonard Dies At 87; Immersive World Of 'Night Film'; 'Dice And Men'; 'Reigning Queen' Of Women's FictionNational Public Radio00:28:08
NPR: 08-15-2013 Books'S' Is Really For Santa Barbara; 'Books On Bikes'; 'Dork Diaries'; 'The Storied South'; 'Happiness, Like Water'National Public Radio00:34:35
Pinsky's 'Singing School'Former Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky is tired of people thinking of poetry as bad-tasting medicine...National Public Radio00:07:22
NPR: 08-01-2013 BooksAndrew Carnegie's Library Legacy; Murder Stirs the Jersey Shore; Why The '60s Really Ended In 1973; Two Debut NovelistsNational Public Radio00:29:30
NPR: 07-25-2013 Books'My Lunches With Orson'; 'Beautiful Place'; Toils And Traditions In a $50,000 Coat; 'Secret Conversations'National Public Radio00:26:12
China's YouthIn his novel 'Darkness Outside the Night', Xie Peng captures the competition, anxiety and stress of China's youthNational Public Radio00:04:23
NPR: 07-18-2013 BooksHow Scholastic Sells Literacy; 'Star Wars' Thrives In Print; J.K. Rowling As Mystery Author; Taking Aim At The Washington EstablishmentNational Public Radio00:33:09
NPR: 07-11-2013 Books6 Books The Critics Adore; Batman, Bad Guys & Wearing The Black Hat; Flipping Off Failure; A Protest Anthem; Tech-Savvy Cities: Are They Wise?National Public Radio00:27:29
NPR: 07-05-2013 BooksRotenberg's Toronto Thrillers; Education In Youth, Love And Mistakes; Television's 'Difficult Men'; Star-Spangled BannerNational Public Radio00:35:00
NPR: 06-27-2013 BooksKids' Books Stay Stubbornly White; Books You Might Have Missed; Walter Mosley's Midcentury PI; Punter Kluwe On Life, The Universe And 'Sparkleponies'National Public Radio00:00:00
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NPR: 05-23-2013 Books'Kite Runner' Author's Latest; Dan Brown: 'Inferno'; Hope Amid America's 'Unwinding'; Black In America: In Gray Scale; Canadian 'Abyss,' Fight To SurviveNational Public Radio00:34:55
NPR: 05-16-2013 BooksWhy You Should Care About Words That Offend; Robert 'Believe It Or Not!' Ripley; James Salter Shares 'All That Is'; A Nigerian-'Americanah' Novel; 'Guns At Last Light'National Public Radio00:32:55
NPR: 05-09-2013 BooksMust-Read Book From A New Writer; Colleges Must Adapt; An Interview About Spam; Godwin's 'Flora'; Paul Rudnick On His 'Gorgeous' AdventureNational Public Radio00:26:59
NPR: 05-02-2013 BooksWilla Cather's No-Longer-Secret Letters; Solace In His Sister's 'Small Town'; New York: Concrete & 'City Of Trees,'; 'Women Novelists': New Category?; Vibrant 'Club' Links Two CountriesNational Public Radio00:29:07
NPR: 04-25-2013 BooksMichael Pollan Gets Elemental; TV Networks' Morning Competition; Google Execs & Privacy, Security; Has Climate Change Created A New Literary Genre?; Modern PrejudiceNational Public Radio00:33:24
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NPR: 04-11-2013 BooksTwitter Star Kelly Oxford; In Somalia, Mother And Daughter Are 'Keeping Hope Alive'; 'It's Pat' Creator On Motherhood And Family Life; J.R.R. Tolkien's Ring; Does Poetry Still Matter?National Public Radio00:32:22
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NPR: 09-20-2012 Books1) How Rushdie Survived A Fatwa 2) One Plantation's Double Murder Mystery 3) Machiavelli-Da Vinci Detective Duo 4) Embracing Diversity In A 'Multi-Faith World' 5) A Father's Decades-Old Bedtime StoryNational Public Radio00:34:51
NPR: 09-13-2012 Books1) Junot Diaz Deconstructs A Cheater 2) A New Generation Of American Soldiers 3) 'End Of Men' 4) Journey Back To 'Telegraph Avenue' 5) 'Good Girls Revolt'National Public Radio00:35:32
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Music For Down DaysAuthor Adam Brent Houghtaling has put together an encyclopedia of the best music to pair with melancholy moments.National Public Radio00:07:49
NPR: 08-30-2012 Books1) 'The Brontes,' A Family's Strange World 2) A Deadlier Ann Arbor 3) Linguist's Take On 'The A-Word' 4) How To 'Be Good' 5) Slaughter In The SubwayNational Public Radio00:35:14
NPR: 08-23-2012 Books1) Robert Crais: LA - 'Natural Canvas' For Nightmare 2) NewsPoet: The Day In Verse 3) Recalling 'Paris' With Love And Longing 4) 'Lionel Asbo' 5) A Novel From Molly RingwaldNational Public Radio00:34:07
Romances, Sleuthing, Innocence1) Happy Endings In Ethnic Romances 2) Sleuthing In Sunny Honolulu 3) In The 'Shadow' Of Death, Stories Survive 4) Batman's Biggest Secret 5) How Wharton Lost Her 'Innocence'National Public Radio00:31:39
Oslo's Jagged Edges, Hemingway, Olympics1) Jo Nesbo's Fiction Explores Oslo 2) 39 Different Farewells To 'Arms' 3) 'In The Attic': Whips, Witches And A Peculiar Princess 4) London Cabbie Picks Olympic ReadsNational Public Radio00:00:00
Nora Ephron Remembered, Teenage Brain, more1) Ephron: A Singular Voice, 2) Historical Fiction Fit For A Queen, 3) As The Earth Slows, 4) Dr. Karp On Parenting And The Science Of Sleep, 5) Teenage Brain: Gateway To A 'Bright And Dark' WorldNational Public Radio00:26:41
Food Trucks, Audio Books and Potential Movies1) A Loner's Summer Survival Guide 2) Audiobooks to Make The Road Trip Fly By 3) What Animals Can Teach Humans About Healing 4) 3 Books That Should Be Movies 5) Food Truck Cookbook: Best Meals On WheelsNational Public Radio00:28:01
Gardening, E-Books, Cartoonists ...1) 'American Grown' Gardening, 2) The Downside Of E-Books 3) A Portrait Of The Cartoonist And Her Mother 4) 'I Am The Cheese': A Nightmarish Nail-Biter 5) Finding Joy In The GardenNational Public Radio00:20:50
History, Heartbreak, How A Writer Grew Up Funny1) Lessons In Counterterrorism, 2) History, Heartbreak And 'The Chemistry Of Tears', 3) Three Pilgrimages, 4) A Tangled Gender-Bender, 5) How A 'Daily Show' Writer Grew Up FunnyNational Public Radio00:33:35
Maurice Sendak, Rachel Maddow and more1) Sendak's 'Wonderful Magic' 2) Rachel Maddow On Why We Go To War 3) Cromwell In All His Complexity 4) 'Teachers Make' A Difference 5) Beyond The 'Blonde': Marilyn's Inner LifeNational Public Radio00:31:13
Roaring 20's, Poem In Your Pocket Day1) Celebrate 'Poem In Your Pocket Day' 2) Rodney King: 'The Riot Within' 3) Our Roaring 20s: 'Defining Decade' 4) Willems' New 'Duckling' 5) 'Death And The Penguin' 6) 'Seedfolks'National Public Radio00:35:31
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Teddy Roosevelt, YA Fiction and The Big Con1) Hollywood Targets YA Fiction; 2) Teddy Roosevelt's War On New York Vice; 3) Secrets And Lies Overseas In 'The Expats'; 4) 'The Big Con': If You Can't Avoid It, Avenge It; 5) 'Mysterious Benedict': Solve A Puzzle, Save The WorldNational Public Radio00:34:25
The Real 'Mad Men', How Creativity Works and Kevin Smith1) The Battle Of The Sexes: When Women Out-Earn Men 2) 'How Creativity Works': It's All In Your Imagination' 3) Damn Good Advice' From One Of The Real 'Mad Men' 4) Two Books That Delight In New York City's Dirt 5) That's All, Folks: Kevin Smith On Leaving Filmmaking.National Public Radio00:35:25
Steve Martin On Twitter, Jodi Picoult, Emancipating Lincoln and more1) The Wild And Crazy 'Tweets Of Steve Martin'; 2) Jodi Picoult Turns Tough Topics Into Best-Sellers; 3) Artful, American Essays From 'When I Was A Child'; 4) Emancipating Lincoln': A Pragmatic Proclamation; 5) The Knives Come Out: Three Books About BetrayalNational Public Radio00:34:11
A Publishing Pioneer, E-Books Democratize Publishing1) Publisher Barney Rosset Dies At 89; 2) E-Books 'Democratize' Publishing; 3) Murder, Corruption And Cover-Ups 4) 'King Peggy': Cinderella Story With A Twist 5) An Algebra Book For Fiction WritingNational Public Radio00:31:15
Living With Asperger's, Surviving Slum Life in Mumbai, and more1) 'Best Practices': Living With Asperger's; 2) Is White, Working Class America 'Coming Apart'?; 3) 'Beautiful Forevers': Slum Life In Mumbai; 4) Robert Harris, A Financial Frankenstein; 5) Raising Your 'Bebe' The French WayNational Public Radio00:32:50
Cuckoo's Nest, Introverts and A Lively Ode to Happenstance1) Breaking Those Toxic Family Ties; 2) Kesey's 'Cuckoo's Nest' Still Flying; 3) Tina Brown's Must-Reads 4) Unleashing 'The Power Of Introverts'; 5) Love After Loss; 6) Tracy K. Smith Writes The Day In Verse; 7) A Lively Ode To HappenstanceNational Public Radio00:38:40
Dr. Seuss, Reads For Your Inner Geek, 'Predatory' Amazon...1) It's Not Too Late To Learn Music; 2) Don't Fly To North Pole In A Balloon; 3) Three Reads For Your Inner Geek; 4) A 'Predatory' Amazon; 5) Taft 2012': Presidential Time Warp; 6) Dr. Seuss: 'On Mulberry Street'; 7) A Ball For 'Daisy' The DogNational Public Radio00:34:55
Hell-Raising Heroines, Diaries Of New Yorkers, more1) Imprisoned In A Mistaken Identity, 2) Growing Up Muslim And Midwestern, 3) Hell-Raising Heroines, 4) New York Through The Ages, 5) Left-Handedness: No Longer Suspect, 6) Three Tales Of A Terrifying FutureNational Public Radio00:38:36
Downton Abbey, Bill Cosby, True Crime Comics, more1) 'Into The Silence' Scales Everest, 2) A Gritty, California Classic, 3) 3 Comics Based On Real Crimes, 4) Bill Cosby - Silent Night, 5) A New 'Downton' Season, 7) 2011's Best Science Fiction.National Public Radio00:22:16
Sherlock Holmes, William F. Buckley and more1) The Popularity Of Sherlock Holmes 2) "The Dead Witness": Victorian Crime Fiction 3) "Breadcrumbs": A Wintry Tale 4) The Chitlin' Circuit 5) William F. BuckleyNational Public Radio00:45:43
'Man Seeks God,' 'Salvage The Bones' and more1) 'Man Seeks God,' Finds Wayne Of Staten Island 2) 'Pemberley:' James Picks Up Where Austen Left Off 3) Short, Sweet Status Updates 4) 'Salvage The Bones:' Family's Story Of Survival 5) The Man Behind U.S. Cold War PolicyNational Public Radio00:38:36
Hedy Lamarr, Death Comes to Pemberley, more1) Hedy Lamarr: 'Most Beautiful Woman' By Day, Inventor By Night; 2) 'Pride And Prejudice' Meets 'Clue' At 'Pemberley'; 3) 'Conviction' To Fixing Government; 4)Micro' Picks Up Where Michael Crichton Left Off; 5) Kids' Book Club Takes 'Tollbooth' To Lands BeyondNational Public Radio00:37:48
Kurt Vonnegut, Self-Styled Superheroes, Cookbooks...1) The Real Mr. Incredible: Self-Styled 'Superheroes', 2) 2011's Best Cookbooks, Tested And Tasted, 3) Small Book, Big Story: Bronte Manuscript Discovered, 4) Kurt Vonnegut Was Not A Happy Man. 'So It Goes', 5) Parenting Advice For The 20-Something Years, 6) Speak, Memory: 'An Ending' That Uncovers The PastNational Public Radio00:34:18
Mindy Kaling, John Hodgman, Neil Gaiman...1) Mindy Kaling On Diets, etc. 2) John Hodgman And Robert Siegel Consider 'All' Things, Some Dubious 3) Didion Mourns Her Daughter 4) The Funny 50: A Cavalcade Of Comic Writers 5) Kids' Book Club: A 'Graveyard' TourNational Public Radio00:38:25
Steve Jobs, 'Brandwashed', Jane Austen and more1) New Bio Quotes Jobs On God, Gates And Design; 2) Are We 'Brandwashed'?; 3)'El Narco': The Trade Driving Mexico's Drug War; 4) 'Jane Austen Made Me Do It' - Authors Claim; 5) Israel's Oz On 'Village Life'National Public Radio00:36:48
Zombie Apocalypse, Body Snatchers, the Real 'Sybil'1) The Real 'Sybil' 2) 'Estrella's' Star Power 3) Income Disparity And The 'Price Of Civilization' 4) The Sad Lesson Of 'Body Snatchers' 5) Whitehead's 'Zone' 6) 'Why Read Moby-Dick?' 7) 'The Breakfast Club' Meets Hell In 'Damned'National Public Radio00:44:08
Catch-22, Paula Deen, Harry Belafonte and more1) 'Catch-22' Turns 50, 2) Drunk On Words: Literary Escape From Adolescence, 3) 'Lost Memory Of Skin' Goes Where Most Fiction Won't, 4) Deen Does 'Southern' Fare, 5) Harry Belafonte, 6) Quest For The Holy DoughnutNational Public Radio00:40:21
Michael Lewis Returns with 'Boomerang', Justice Stevens and more1) Eugenides Spins A Modern 'Marriage Plot' 2) Novel Chronicles A California Dream Divided 3) Stevens Chronicles 'Five Chiefs' Of The Supreme Court; 4) In 'Boomerang,' Cheap Credit Exposes Nations' Flaws; 5) The Old Man And The Boat: Hemingway On The PilarNational Public Radio00:32:22
Lincoln, Rin Tin Tin, A Comic Take On History, more1) 'Heart And Soul': An African-American History 2) Bill O'Reilly: 'Abraham Lincoln Was Our Best Leader' 3) 'Hark!': From DNA To JFK, A Comic Take On History 4) Rin Tin Tin: From Battlefield To Hollywood, A Story Of Friendship 5) 'Book Of CIA Humor' Declassifies Top-Secret JokesNational Public Radio00:35:50
Roger Ebert, Shel Silverstein1) Shel Silverstein's Poems Live On, 2) Lucretius, Man Of Modern Mystery, 3) Roger Ebert: A Critic Reflects On Life, 4) In Taseer's 'Noon', 5) America's 'Quest' For Energy 6) Ideas That Rooted The RenaissanceNational Public Radio00:41:12
Roger Ebert, Night Circus, Wonderstruck1) Ebert: A 'Life' Still Being Lived, And Fully; 2) 'Night Circus' Comes To Town; 3) Patricia Marx Tells A Tale Of Sweet, Unbalanced Love; 4) 'Wonderstruck': A Novel Approach To Picture BooksNational Public Radio00:25:33
Thomas Friedman, Young Adult Lit for The Whiz Kid1) A Libyan Son Mourns His Father's 'Disappearance'; 2) Young Adult Lit For The Whiz Kid; 3) Thomas Friedman; 4) Know This Headline's Font?National Public Radio00:29:34
Athens Cop Searching For Modern Greece, Moscow1) Cop On The Trail Of Modern Greece; 2) Immerse Yourself In An Innocent Love; 3) In A Time Of Fear; 4) Appreciating Adolescence; 5) What Makes A School Good; 6) Book Review: 'The Lotus Singers'National Public Radio00:28:16
Revolutionizing Modern Retail, Travel Secrets, more1) 'The Great A&P': Revolutionizing Modern Retail 2) A Frequent Flier Shares His Travel Secrets 3) 'Madness' And Leadership, Hand In Hand 4) Master Hacker Kevin Mitnick Shares His 'Addiction'National Public Radio00:23:22
Cocktail Hour, Antagonizing Protagonists, and more1) Fuller's 'Cocktail Hour': This Memoir's For Mom 2) Teens, Sex And Tech Tear A 'Beautiful Life' Apart 3) The Fraught, Fictional Road To A Sept. 11 Memorial 4) Antagonizing Protagonists You'll Love To Hate 5) Searching For Black Utopia In AntarcticaNational Public Radio00:33:38
New Teen Novels, Terry Pratchett, Vampires, Werewolves, more1) Hooray For YA: Teen Novels For Readers Of All Ages 2) Discworld's Terry Pratchett On Death And Deciding 3) A Delightful Portrait Of The Screwball 'Family Fang' 4) Wall Street Meets Classic Caper In 'Thick As Thieves' 5) The Late L.A. Banks: Beyond Vampires, WerewolvesNational Public Radio00:31:13
Crime In Vermont, D.C., Seattle, 'Starman' David Bowie, more1) Brattleboro: Vermont's Hotbed Of Fictional Crime 2) Taking On Crime In A Racially Divided D.C. 3) Against All Odds: 3 Triumphant Tales Of Survival 4) A Former Cop Sets His Crime Scene In Seattle 5) 'Starman' Tracks David Bowie's Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes 6) Writer's Mystery Endures, Long After He VanishedNational Public Radio00:42:54
Juan Williams, Scandinavia's Dark Side, Broetry, more1) In 'Muzzled,' Williams Tells His Side Of The Story 2) Crime Writers Expose Scandinavia's Dark Side 3) Rescue Your Reading With 3 Superhero Sagas 4) 'Stone Arabia': The Cost Of Artistic Commitment 5) Yo, Bro! Belly Up To The Bar And Recite 'Broetry' 6) 'Nothing Daunted': From Society Women To PioneersNational Public Radio00:31:46
Gone With The Wind, Diana's Untold Story, Josh Ritter, more1) Margaret Mitchell's 'Gone With The Wind' Turns 75 2) 'Untold Story': What If Princess Diana Had Survived? 3) Josh Ritter: First A Songwriter, Now A Novelist 4) Isolation Proves Dangerous On 'Rat Island' 5) A Harsh Tale Of War, But An Unforgettable ReadNational Public Radio00:33:58
Simon Pegg, Terrific Summer Reads, Demon Fish and more1) Nancy Pearl Presents 10 Terrific Summer Reads 2) Love, Betrayal, Humiliation: A Coming-Of-Age Affair 3) Hidden Gems And 'Killer Stuff': A Flea Market How-To 4) Sympathy For The 'Demon Fish' 5) 'Nerd Do Well': Simon Pegg On 'Becoming A Big Kid' 6) 'State Of Wonder' Deftly Twists, Turns Off The MapNational Public Radio00:34:52
Tweeting 'Ulysses,' 'Guilty Passion,' & more...1) Asia - Perils Of Aborting Girls 2) Tweeting 'Ulysses': A Twist On Bloomsday 3) 'Guilty Passion' Leads A Housewife To Homicide 4) For A Navy SEAL, Balance Between 'Heart' And 'Fist' 5) A Century Of Atrocities, Through A Psychiatrist's EyesNational Public Radio00:32:59
Summer Cookbooks, Pop Nostalgia, and more1) 2011's Simple, Summery Cookbooks 2) The Sweet Taste Of 'Pop' Culture Nostalgia 3) Ann Patchett Journeys To The Amazon With 'Wonder' 4) Drug Smugglers' Party Days - A Prelude To War 5) 'Farishta': Afghan Fiction From The Foreign ServiceNational Public Radio00:31:28
Summer Reads, Vonnegut, Ellen Willis and more1) Transporting You Back In Time 2) Father Finishes Book After Son's Death 3) Kurt Vonnegut: Still Speaking To The War Weary 4) Ellen Willis Wrote About Rock 5) Spanish-Language Books 6) Huxley's Children's Tale 7) Revisiting VietnamNational Public Radio00:39:21
Dick Van Dyke, Little House Revisited, E-Books and more1) Dick Van Dyke Talks About His 'Lucky Life' And What Stan Laurel Left Him 2) An Author Returns To 'The Little House' 3) Publishers Navigate The 'Open Road' Of E-Books 4) 'Big Girl Small': Humiliation, High School Style 5) A Celebration Of 'Vinyl' And Pop Critic Ellen WillisNational Public Radio00:29:24
Blood, Bones & Butter, Damn You, Autocorrect!1) Three Books To Rescue Nordic Lit From The Dark Side 2) The 'Blood, Bones & Butter' Of Restaurant Work 3) Accidentally, 'Autocorrect' Makes Good Texts Go Bad 4) Ian Rankin Switches To A New Hero In 'Complaints'National Public Radio00:24:18
Swamplandia, Shakespeare, and an Army of Princesses1) A Lack Of Rigor Leaves Students 'Adrift' In College 2) Saving Our Daughters From An Army Of Princesses 3) Collecting Garbage, Memories On Chicago's Streets 4) 'Weird Sisters' Quote Shakespeare To Communicate 5) Wrestling Gators And Language In 'Swamplandia!National Public Radio00:31:47
Bobby Fischer, Scorecasting, Harlem and more1) The Troubled Genius of Bobby Fischer 2) How Bad Weather Built The 'World's Biggest Markets' 3) 'Scorecasting': Saying Sports Cliches Ain't So 4) Dreams And Reality Forever Intertwined In 'Harlem'National Public Radio00:39:50
New Salinger Biography, A Presidential Novel, Why Leaders Lie, more1) Digging For Pearls In The New Salinger Biography 2) 'A Presidential Novel' Hidden Behind Anonymity 3) Reagan's Son Sees His 'Father At 100' 4) Math Isn't So Scary With Help From These Monsters 5) 'Why Leaders Lie,' Whether You Believe It Or NotNational Public Radio00:29:33
Tina Brown's Must-Reads, Modern Fables, Books For Motorcycle Trips1) Tina Brown's Must-Reads: On Choice And Control 2) Three Modern Fables To Capture Your Imagination 3) 'American Rising': When Slaves Attacked New Orleans 4) Son Of Jim And Tammy Faye Finds His Own 'Grace' 5) Three Books For Your Motorcycle Road TripNational Public Radio00:30:54
William Trevor, Last Exit To Brooklyn, Alan Lomax, more1) William Trevor: A Short-Story Master's Life Work 2) Tiger Mothers: Raising Children The Chinese Way 3) In 'Last Exit,' Brooklyn Is A Character, Too 4) As The Facts Win Out, Vaccinations May, Too 5) Alan Lomax: Recording The WorldNational Public Radio00:34:33
Net Delusion, Figment Of My Imagination, India Calling, and more1) Tragic Loss And Love Affirmed In 'An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination' 2) In The 'Net Delusion,' Internet Serves Oppressors 3) 'India Calling': The New 'Land Of Opportunity'? 4) 'If I Stay': Trapped Between Life And Death 5) The Enduring Allure Of Chanel No. 5National Public Radio00:34:55
Nostalgia Books, A.G. Gatson, Robert Morris and more1) Elegantly Old School: Nostalgia Books On The Rise 2) 'Bird Songs Bible' Tweets, The Old-Fashioned Way 3) A.G. Gaston: From Log Cabin To Funeral Home Mogul 4) Robert Morris: America's Founding Capitalist 5) Barbara Newhall Follett, Disappearing Child GeniusNational Public Radio00:32:28
Maya Angelou's Cookbook, The Future Of Bookstores and more1) End Of Days For Bookstores? Not If They Can Help It 2) Kids' Books Make The Leap Off The Page And Online 3) Killer Confesses To Pluto's Murder In Tell-All Book 4) Maya Angelou's Cooking Advice: Ignore The Rules 5) App-etizing: Cookbooks And Recipes Go MobileNational Public Radio00:37:43
Maureen Corrigan's Favorite Book's of 2010 and Guilty Reads1) Howard Jacobson: Finding Humor In Jewish Nerves 2) On Banks of Seine, Niche Booksellers Fight to Survive 3) Fresh Delivery: Indie Booksellers Pick 2010 Favorites 4) Maureen Corrigan's Favorite Books of 2010 5) Sex, Drugs, and 'Life' - The Year's Best Guilty ReadsNational Public Radio00:27:23
'Titanic Thompson,' 'Unbroken' and more1) Gambling Legend Wasn't Always a Winner 2) The 'Unbroken' Spirit of an Ordinary Hero 3) Twain's Summer Home: Visiting Elmira, N.Y 4) How to 'Thrive': Dan Buettner's Secrets of HappinessNational Public Radio00:24:43
Mark Twain, Franklin & Eleanor, Jane Austen and more1) 'The Autobiography Of Mark Twain': Satire To Spare 2) 'Franklin And Eleanor': A Marriage Ahead Of Its Time 3) 'The Dirty Life': From City Girl To Hog Butcher 4) Was Jane Austen Edited? Does It Matter? 5) 'Revival' Author Outlines White House Identity CrisisNational Public Radio00:35:42
Cleopatra, Dinaw Mengestu, Judd Apatow, more1) The True Love Story Of Lady Antonia And Her Harold 2) Cleopatra: 'A Life' Misunderstood 3) 'Vast Ocean Of Stories' In Biography Of The Atlantic 4) From Dinaw Mengestu, A 'How To' With Few Answers 5) From Funnyman Judd Apatow, A Few Solid LaughsNational Public Radio00:36:20
All Facts Considered, Jane Austen, Gary Trudeau, more1) 'All Facts Considered' By NPR's Longtime Librarian 2) Manuscripts Suggest Jane Austen Had A Great Editor 3) Trudeau Reflects On Four Decades Of 'Doonesbury' 4) Sci-Fi's Cory Doctorow Separates Self-Publishing Fact From Fiction 5) 'Tamil Pulp': Sexy, Gory Fiction, Now In EnglishNational Public Radio00:27:57
Amish Romance, Israeli Identity, more1) Garry Wills' Adventures As An 'Outsider Looking In' 2) Amish Romance: More Faith And No Sex In This Slice Of Christian Fiction 3) 'To The End' A Solemn Exploration Of Israeli Identity 4) 'Heaven Bears' Author Finds Beauty In 'The Air'National Public Radio00:26:13
Condoleezza Rice, Enlightened Panda and more1) Condoleezza Rice Details Her Civil Rights Roots 2) Enlightened Panda Imparts Wisdom In 'Zen Ghosts' 3) 'Finkler' Questions The Meaning Of Jewishness 4) Simplicity Served In 'One-Dish' Dinnertime Wonders.National Public Radio00:26:14
David Sedaris, National Lampoon, Per Petterson1) David Sedaris, Anatomizing Us In 'Squirrel' Tales 2) Brilliant To Dead: The High Art Of 'Lampoon' Satire 3) 'Geometry Of Pasta': Full Of All Shapes And Sauces 4) Per Petterson: A Family Approach To FictionNational Public Radio00:27:15
Man-Eating Tigers, The Runaways, more1) The True Story Of A Man-Eating Tiger's 'Vengeance' 2) This Graphic Novel Will Turn You Into A Teen Again 3) History Through A Supreme Court Justice's Lens 4) Star-Crossed Lovers Get A Makeover In 'JulietNational Public Radio00:25:38
Investigating The Real Charlie Chan, Zardoz and more1) Investigating The Real Detective Charlie Chan 2) Gary Shteyngart's Nerd Passion For 'Zardoz' 3) Children's Book Finds Hope In Haiti's Rubble 4) 'Phantom Tollbooth' Creators Reunited By An 'Ogre'National Public Radio00:27:35
Scott Simon's Adoption Story, David Mitchell, more1) 'Meant For Each Other': Scott Simon's Adoption Story 2) Moving 'Beyond Katrina' Through Poetry And Prose 3) How David Mitchell Brings Historical Fiction To Life 4) An Alphabetical Urban Tour Teaches 'Barrio ABCs'
National Public Radio00:24:26
Escaping Summer Heat In Bookmobile, Nordic Lit, more1) Sun Valley Sheriff Finds Murder On The Mountain; 2) Larsson's Just The Tip Of The Nordic Literary Iceberg; 3) Escaping The Summer Heat In A Bookmobile; 4) Ties That Bind: A Bittersweet Tale Of Friendship.National Public Radio00:26:21
Periodic Table, Hamlet's BlackBerry1) Fun And Intrigue With The Periodic Table 2) Sir Thomas Lipton And His Empire Of Tea 3) 'Hamlet's BlackBerry': To Surf Or Not To Surf? 4) 'Cookbook Collector': Updated Austen Hits The Spot.National Public Radio00:29:43
Penicillin, CIA Insiders, Humorist Sloan Crosley1) Former CIA Insider Pens First Novel 'Intelligence' 2) Gerritsen On Follett's Repellent, Fascinating 'Needle' 3) Humorist Sloane Crosley's Got Your 'Number' 4) 'McKay's Bees' Alive With Wit And Wonder 5) Penicillin Comes Of Age In 'A Fierce Radiance'National Public Radio00:27:23
'To Kill A Mockingbird' At 50, Bookless Libraries1) 50 Years On, 'Mockingbird' Still Sings America's Song 2) Stanford Ushers In The Age Of Bookless Libraries 3) A 'Thousand Autumns' In The Land Of The Rising Sun 4) 'The Madonnas Of Echo Park': Residents, ReinventedNational Public Radio00:24:23
Cobain's Journals, 'Double Take' Author1) 'Double Take' Author: Skiing Hard And Staring Back 2) Cobain's Journals: The Writer Behind The Rock Star 3) 'Pearl Buck In China': A Child Across The Good EarthNational Public Radio00:18:36
Summer Books, India's Faiths, Donner Party1) Summer Books That Make The Critics' Cut 2) India's Diverse Faiths, As Told Through 'Nine Lives' 3) Tamsen Donner: Pioneer Dame Of The Donner PartyNational Public Radio00:19:35
Summertime Escapes, Haunted River, M.J. Rose1) Fiction, Long And Short, For Summertime Escapes 2) Haunted 'River' Waters Flow Below A Grand Hotel 3) On Tour With Best-Selling Suspense Writer M.J. RoseNational Public Radio00:21:27
Facebook, Vampires, Native American Folk Tales1) Native American Folk Tales Take A Graphic Turn 2) Vampire Stories: Two New Twists On An Old Nemesis 3) Author Explores The Evolution Of FacebookNational Public Radio00:17:50
15 Summer Reads, Books for World Cup Fever, and more1) Booksellers' Picks: 15 Soaring Summer Reads 2) 'The Shallows': This Is Your Brain Online 3) In 'Believers', Courage And Cowardice Of Conviction 4) Three Books To Ignite Your World Cup FeverNational Public Radio00:21:40
Rush Limbaugh, Emily Dickinson, more1) Zev Chafets talks about his new biography of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, 'An Army of One.' 2) The New York Botanical Garden has an exhibit that re-creates the gardens of poet Emily Dickinson. 3) Maureen Corrigan reviews 'Private Life,' by Jane Smiley.National Public Radio00:19:25
Bottled Water, Real Life Terror, Roddy Doyle1) Mohsin Hamid found parallels between his novel and the life of the suspected Times Square bomber. 2) Freshwater expert Peter Gleick defines bottled water - and why we drink it - in the book 'Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water.' 3) 'The Dead Republic,' the final chapter of Roddy Doyle's Henry Smart trilogy, finds Henry reflecting on his life.National Public Radio00:21:45
Ian McEwan, Walter Mosley and Nella Larsen1) The main character in Ian McEwan's 'Sola' is a brilliant climate scientist whose work masks a lack of morality. 2) Walter Mosley's latest book 'Known To Evil,' explores heroes and redemption. 3) Heidi Durrow recommends Nella Larsen's 1929 novel about two light-skinned, African-American women.National Public Radio00:21:35
Tony Judt on Lou Gehrig's Disease, Hellraisers and more.1) Tony Judt talks about life with ALS, which he calls a "progressive imprisonment without parole." 2) Sarah Rose's 'For All the Tea in China' tells how England hijacked tea production in the 19th century. 3) In 'Hellraisers,' biographer Robert Sellers tells tales from the intersection of talent and wretched excess.National Public Radio00:23:50
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, 3 Minute Fiction, more1) Abraham Lincoln Reborn As A Vampire Slayer 2) Three-Minute Fiction Round Three: The Winner Is ... 3) In New Serial Thriller, Everyone's Hands Are Bloody.National Public Radio00:20:14
Poisoner's Handbook, Desmond Tutu1) Picking The Poison: The Story Of Forensic Medicine; 2) Desmond Tutu, Insisting We Are 'Made For Goodness;' 3) One Scientist's Prescription: Grow Your Own DrugsNational Public Radio00:23:41
Alice In Wonderland, Lucille Clifton and more1) Heidi Durrow's critically acclaimed debut novel 'The Girl Who Fell From The Sky' explores biracial identity in young adulthood; 2) 'Alice I Have Been' is Melanie Benjamin's story of the real girl behind 'Alice In Wonderland;' 3) Susan Jane Gilman offers suggestions for six great books that won't embarrass you in airports; 4) The poet Lucille Clifton addressed tough issues of race and sexism.National Public Radio00:21:43
'Union Atlantic,' 'The Whale' and more1) Investigation of 19 gruesome deaths takes readers from a small Swedish village to China to Africa in Henning Mankell's latest book, 'The Man from Beijing;' 2) Philip Hoare's book, 'The Whale,' is an exploration of the role that the great animals have played in human history, from Moby-Dick to lamp oil; 3) A first novel 'Union Atlantic,' by much-honored short-story writer Adam Haslett, imagines a financial system on the verge of collapse. Yet he wrote it before the current financial crisis.National Public Radio00:22:18
Gladiators and Do-Good Vampires1) The autobiography of Dan Clark is his wince-inducing story on doing anything to get big. 2) Immortality is one thing. But for NPR's Margot Adler, it's modern vampire 'morality' that appeals. 3) The main character in Joshua Ferris' second novel, 'The Unnamed,' can't stop walking. 4) Maaza Mengiste tells the story of the 1974 revolution that ended a 3,000-year-old monarchy.National Public Radio00:25:33
Don DeLillo, Louise Erdrich and More1) DeLillo's Man In The Desert, Up Against The Wall 2) From Erdrich, A Page Turner With Deceit At Heart 3) Three Americans In London, Fighting For War 4) Sci-Fi Novels To Keep You Awake At NightNational Public Radio00:23:14
Shedding Light on A-Bomb Decision; 'Game Change' and more1) 'Hell To Pay' Sheds New Light On A-Bomb Decision 2) 'Game Change' Authors Say No Need To Name Sources 3) Are We Overlooking The Black Power Behind Obama? 4) Two Authors, One Legendary New England ConnectionNational Public Radio00:23:02
Padgett Powell, Atul Gawande and Tracy Chevalier1) The author Padgett Powell's new book, 'The Interrogative Mood,' is composed entirely of questions. 2) Atul Gawande's new book about avoiding medical complications is called 'The Checklist Manifesto.' 3) Her new novel, 'Remarkable Creatures,' is about Mary Anning, a 19th century fossil hunter.National Public Radio00:20:48
Charle Dickens, Toni Morrison and more1) Charles Dickens' manuscript of 'A Christmas Carol' is marked up with changes he made when performing his famous story. 2) A few years before her death, Barack Obama's mother completed her doctoral dissertation. Nearly two decades later, S. Ann Dunham's fieldwork has been published - a fulfillment of her dream, courtesy of her daughter. 3) Alan Cheuse reviews 'Nadirs' by the 2009 literature prize winner, Herta Mueller. 4) Author Toni Morrison discusses 'Black Book,' a scrapbook that captures the African-American experience.National Public Radio00:20:09
Holday Reading Picks, Raymond Carver and Walter Kirn1) Reading recommendations from people who know - booksellers from around the nation. 2) Author Susan Jane Gilman reviews the new biography "Raymond Carver: A Writer's Life" 3) The novelist Walter Kirn discusses airlines, dollar signs, and his book Up In The Air.National Public Radio00:21:23
Story Specialists, Mad Scientists and News Satirists1) Lynn Neary speaks with two doctors who are also fiction writers, Abraham Verghese and Terrence Holt, about the link between medicine and writing literature. 2) The work of an agency known as DARPA is the topic of a new book by tech writer Michael Belfiore. 3) Commentator Rod Dreher says Sarah Palin's new book sells her personality, not a political platform. 4) America's Finest News Source 'The Onion' has released a new book celebrating its 21 years of satire (with a wink).National Public Radio00:23:24
The Scariest American Stories And Guilty Pleasure Foods1) Food writer Nigella Lawson says one of the best ways to be warm and comfortable during winter is to indulge in rich, tasty foods that some might call guilty pleasures. 2) In his new book, 'Eating Animals,' Jonathan Safran Foer grapples with the morality of meat. 3) Author Peter Straub spent two years researching the best American stories.National Public Radio00:20:02
Wimpy Kids, Walmart and the Best British Writer You've Never Heard Of1) Jeff Kinney's book series centers on a smart-mouthed sad sack who just can't seem to win. 2) Walmart, Amazon and Target are cutting the price of some best-selling books. 3) 'What to Expect When You're Expected' is a tongue-in-cheek take on life in utero. 4) Novelist Jane Gardam may be the best British writer you've never heard of.National Public Radio00:20:04
NPR Books: October 19, 20091) Amy Efaw's new novel, 'After,' tells the story of a girl who tries to murder her newborn baby. 2) The Institute of Noetic Sciences president realized recently she's the heroine in Brown's new novel. 3) Jeff Kinney's latest graphic novel, 'Dog Days,' gets kids and adults laughing.National Public Radio00:16:09
NPR Books: October 9, 20091) Once the center of an obscenity trial, William S. Burroughs' novel 'Naked Lunch' chronicles heroin addiction. 2) Ex-Wife Of D.C. Sniper, Mildred Muhammad says the sniper wanted to kill her and divert suspicion to a crazed gunman in new memoir, 'I Was The Enemy.' 3) Dan Chaon's latest novel, 'Await Your Reply,' weaves together three separate narratives.National Public Radio00:29:55
NPR Books: October 1, 20091) Audrey Niffenegger, the author of 'The Time Traveler's Wife' says she's attracted to themes of death and dying. 2) The Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Richard Russo recommends four fictional takes on office life. 3) In 'Read My Pins, ' Madeleine Albright, the former secretary of state reveals how she used jewelry as a diplomatic tool.National Public Radio00:19:57
NPR Books: September 17, 20091) Writer John Geiger chronicles phantom presences that lead to safety in his new book, 'The Third Man Factor: Surviving the Impossible. 2) Jon Krakauer's latest book sheds new light on the death of NFL player turned soldier Pat Tillman. 3) In Dan Brown's new novel 'The Lost Symbol,' hero Robert Langdon uncovers esoteric mysteries even as he dismisses them.National Public Radio00:23:20
NPR Books: September 11, 20091) Susan Stamberg talks with linguist Deborah Tannen who interviewed 100 women (including her own big sisters) for her new book. 2) Lorrie Moore's new novel is a powerful tale of a young college student who becomes a nanny. 3) Both the beauty and the brutality of the country are captured in the memoir 'God Sleeps in Rwanda.National Public Radio00:22:27
NPR Books: September 3, 20091) 'Dying Up Here' Chronicles Golden Age Of Stand-Up 2) Doctorow's Fictional Take On Real-Life Eccentricity 3) 'Reading Rainbow' Reaches Its Final ChapterNational Public Radio00:20:11
NPR Books: August 20, 20091) Ready to become engrossed in a good book? Try these mysteries you may have missed. 2) A new interactive novel allows readers to e-mail and telephone characters from the book. 3) Tina Brown, the Daily Beast editor talks about what you need to read on the web.National Public Radio00:19:36
NPR Books: August 13, 20091) Lev Grossman's new novel reads like a Harry Potter tale, but with more shades of gray. 2) Children's book author Lesley Blume recommends timeless books that both kids and parents will enjoy. 3) Fancy a cozy whodunit set in the English countryside? Don't read any of Mark Billingham's novels.National Public Radio00:17:17
July 30, 20091) David Balducci writes crime novels that take place in Washington, D.C.. 2) A writer for The Onion talks about his new memoir and how marrying his humor and his depression makes for an insane, dark comedy. 3) Crime writer Gabriel Cohen takes us on a tour around Brooklyn, New York pointing out sites where his characters murder and die. 4) One cookbook author says you don't need recipes as long as you know ratios. 5) Some of the best books for beach reading are the ones which tell tales about the specific beach you're sitting on.National Public Radio00:32:40
NPR Books: July 24, 20091) Despite the economic downturn, one kind of story is still selling better than many other forms of adult fiction. 2) In a kind of supermarket Cinderella story, a cashier in France has become a literary sensation. 3) 'Young Woman and the Sea' shows how Gertrude Ederle's fame grew, then evaporated.National Public Radio00:19:15
NPR Books: July 16, 20091) The murder of wildlife activist and filmmaker Joan Root was never solved, but her life and violent death is the subject of a new book, 'Wildflower: An Extraordinary Life and Untimely Death in Africa'. 2) Writer Neil Gaiman talks with Neal Conan about "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader."National Public Radio00:24:52
NPR Books: July 10, 20091) Author Colin Ellard says you can train yourself to be more conscious of your surroundings. 2) Author Jag Bhalla discusses the unique turns of phrase that different cultures use. 3) In a new book, Nick Reding describes why the working class in Oelwein, Iowa, started using meth.National Public Radio00:19:27
NPR Books: July 2, 20091) 'Touch' tells of the conflicting accounts that arise after a girl is groped on a school bus. 2) Author Gigi Levangie Grazer talks about her new novel, 'Queen Takes King.' 3) 'The Photographer' is an unusual graphic novel that tells the story of a photojournalist's harrowing trip to Afghanistan.National Public Radio00:20:49
NPR Books: June 25, 20091) Retrace the strands that led to a lot of current American satire, and you end up at Harvey Kurtzman. 2) Nikita Khrushchev starred in his own travel comedy back in 1959. Peter Carlson's new book, 'K Blows Top,'documents the Communist leader's unusual tour through the United States. 3) Dean Olsher, author of 'From Square One,' weighs in on the appeal of the crossword.National Public Radio00:21:21
NPR Books: June 19, 20091) Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro's new novel merges vampire folklore with the very modern paranoia over pandemics. 2) Looking to cozy up with some good books? Librarian Nancy Pearl has some great suggestions. 3) A multivolume dictionary five decades in the making collects the nation's linguistic treasures.National Public Radio00:20:39

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