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National Geographic Traveler

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Jim Briscoe selects and reads articles from current issues of the National Geographic Traveler Magazine. Check out new places and plan your dream trips!

Current National Geographic Traveler Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
The Taste of Abinthe - Jan, 2020Once banned for more than a century,absinthe,known as the Green Fairy,is still a daring novelty with its high alcohol content. by Carolyn BoydReader: Jim Briscoe00:12:54
Asturias Spain - Jan, 2020The autonomous region of Spain on the Bay of Biscay is like an entire country. Breathtaking natural scenery, Pre-Romanesque architecture and public sculptures.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:19:54
Magdalen Islands Canada - Dec 2019 / Jan 2020One of two Northwest Atlantic harp seal whelping grounds. The author snorkled under the ice and witnessed a birth. by Jennifer HayesReader: Jim Briscoe00:10:32
"The New Safari" - Oct/Nov 2019Camera toting, sustainably-minded travelers now stay at lodges and safaris operated by locals. Safaris, once about hunting, are today about conservation.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:12:43
"Wild and Tame" - Oct, 2019A visit to Maria Island is like falling into a children's storybook. Part of Tasmania, it abounds in natural beauty and boundless wildlife. by Lee CobajReader: Jim Briscoe00:12:16
"Imperfectly Perfect Istanbul" - Sep, 2019It is a city of exceptions; snow on palm trees,sits on 2 continents,mosques with mosaics of Jesus,dolphins swimming nearby as you commute to work on a ferry.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:09:22
"For the Love of White Gold" - Jun, 2019White asparagus, grown in Munsterland, Germany, requires precision planting and constant monitoring. The season is short, but there is great pride in results.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:10:54
Seduced By Saffron - Mar 2019Author Yasmin Khan visits Iran, where 90 percent of all saffron is produced to discover its origins and what makes it so alluring.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:08:56
"Britain's New Sparkle" - Mar 20, 2019The same chalky soil found in the Champagne region of France extends across the channel to Southeast England. The wine industry is quickly growing.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:19:46
"The Quest Nashville" - Jan, 2019The capital of country music is home to letter press poster shops using vintage processes. Show posters using movable type tech, dating back to the Gutenberg Bible.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:11:04
An Appetite for Laos - Oct/Nov 2018Writer Nelson travels to Luang Prabang, the locals take more than pride in their cuisine, with ingredients harvested along the Mekong River.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:16:31
A Walk in the Park - Oct 2018Balboa Park is the cultural heart of San Diego. Celebrating its 150th anniversary, it's a mix of gardens, museums, music, food, and a zoo.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:12:43
If These Walls Could Talk - Aug/Sep 2018Writer Stanley Stewart sets out on a trek across the rock-strewn wonders and rugged hills of northern Ethiopia to try to unravel the myth/relaity of the Queen of ShebaReader: Jim Briscoe00:22:59
The Quest Amsterdam - Jun/Jul 2018Amsterdam is a city built on water. Its once polluted canals now welcome back fish, herons, swimmers, and the curious canal lobster. By Adrian PhillipsReader: Jim Briscoe00:11:53
Wild Ride - Jun/Jul 2018Writer Julian Smith brings his daughter Ivy to Cody, Wy, for a daddy daughter trip. Cody, named after Buffalo Bill Cody has played host to the Nite Rodeo since 1938.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:16:41
Under African Skies - Apr 2018Writer George W. Stone goes on a walking safari in Zambia's South Luangwa National Park.His quest is to learn about the wild world...Reader: Jim Briscoe00:15:54
Cities Lost and Found - Feb / Mar 2018Writer Thair Shah, chasing a dream sts out with guide Pancho and crew for the lost Peruvian City of Patiti. Weren't able to make it, but did see Cusco.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:10:18
Sun, Sea, Savor - Feb/Mar 2018Croatia's development as a "Slow Food" location is finally taking hold. Traditional and organic foods and new creations will benefit locals, and tourists.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:13:24
Dublin , Lucky and Charmed - Dec 2017/Jan 2018A native Dubliner sets out to see if tourists' claim of Dublin as the friendliest city is true. Despite a number of challenges Dublisn is thriving with warmth and charm.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:15:24
A Sicily Original - Nov, 2017The writer visits Sicily to grasp the story of a father she never knew. She discovers a land where cultures and centuries collide. By Tara Isabella BurtonReader: Jim Briscoe00:16:39
Drive Yourself Wild - Aug/Sep, 2017Author J. Maarten Troost, always thought that safaris were for the rich. So he took a South African's friends advice to to travel like a local.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:13:00
Heavy Lifting on the Road to Happiness - Aug/Sep, 2017Gallup poll listed Nigerians as the happiest on earth. Author Chrisopher Vourlias sets out to see what makes them tick.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:11:08
Ends of the Earth - Apr 2017Southern Chile's Torres del Paine National park, a spectacular land: glaciers,blue lakes, jagged peaks, and rivers. By Michael George.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:11:02
Obsessions, Ball Parks, Field of Dreams - Apr/May 2017Baseball, our national pastime, has enjoyed an architectural renaissance in recent decades. By Tim WendelReader: Jim Briscoe00:07:17
Bolivia on Fire - Feb/Mar 2017Writer Denver Nicks, travels to Bolivia on a kind of pilgrimage through the birthplace of the chili pepper to find hot sauce in its purest, ancient form.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:17:20
Malta in Motion - Dec, 2016 / Jan, 2017The small island nation of Malta, steeped in history, sits strategically between North Africa and Sicily. By Lisa AbendReader: Jim Briscoe00:18:26
Climbing Fire Mountain - Oct/Nov 2016Mark Jenkins goal is to climb the nearly circular, 20 mile diameter Brandberg mountain in Namibia with guides to view some of the 40,000 pictographs.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:21:09
La Vie Chocolat - Jun/Jul 2016The Basque town of Bayonne in southwestern France is a chocolate lovers paradise. Created by Jews fleeing the Inquisition in the 17th century.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:08:47
Hike Volcanoes in Chile - Apr/May 2016Mom, Jayne Wise, prompted by her husband and son's, "men only" road trip, takes off on a dream vacation to this region of Chile.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:18:42
Australia in Your Thirties - Apr/May 2016The Margaret River region of Western Australia is a cloistered world of wild beaches, big surf, jeweled caves, forests, and world-class vineyards.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:09:27
Gently Down the Stream - Mar, 2016Writer Tara Isabella Burton, a former Oxford University student, returns to England to travel the 78 mile long Oxford canal by boat.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:20:28
Botswana-The Last Sanctuary - Feb / Mar 2016Writer Costas Christ finds a conservation-minded country promoting eco-tourism and providing what is becoming wildlife's last sanctuary in Africa.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:13:54
Going Greenville - Dec 2015Writer Knorovsky travels to Greenville, South Carolina to see firsthand this thriving, changing city that was described as the Tuscany of the South.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:12:52
Unfettered Yorkshire - Nov 2015A trip to Yorkshire to visit sites linked to the macabre writings of the Bronte sisters (Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights) and Bram Stoker (Dracula)Reader: Jim Briscoe00:13:10
Northern Exposure - Nov 2015Take a 28 hour tour on the Canadian luxury excursion train "Rocky Mountaineer" from Seattle to Banff. By Robert ReidReader: Jim Briscoe00:10:39
Garden State Variety - Oct 2015Writer Jenna Schnuer revisits her home state of New Jersey and is fascinated to discover Jersey's pastoral side.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:13:53
Boomerang Road - Aug/Sep 2015Australia's Great Ocean Road is a scenic highway that rivals California's Highway 1. By Johnathan B. TourtellotReader: Jim Briscoe00:14:09
Love Story - Jun/Jul, 2015Author Lorenzo Carcaterra and his wife Susan, dying of lung cancer, take their last trip together, to the Italian paradise of Lake Como.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:16:39
Cinematic Gold - Jun/Jul 2015Carrie Miller tours the North Island of her adopted New Zealand. She goes on tour following film sites from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:13:34
Peak Experience - Apr 2015Writer Joyce Maynard Celebrates her 60th birthday with her new husband climbing 6 challenging peaks in New Hampshire's White Mountains.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:19:01
A Song for Ireland - Feb/Mar 2015In the hills of County Kerry Andrew McCarthy finds his clan. By Andrew McCarthyReader: Jim Briscoe00:20:02
The Road to Wellville - Jan/Feb 2015Writer Eric Felten and his father retrace the cross country road trip his father and grandparents took 77 years earlier.Reader: Jim Briscoe00:18:15
A Winter's Tale - Jan 2015Impassable but not impossible: A horse-drawn sleigh ride through northwestern China's Altay Mountains. By Mark JenkinsReader: Jim Briscoe00:18:55

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