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National Geographic Kids

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Open the natural world to your children with Ava DeVoe's readings from National Geographic Kids magazine, featuring different people, animals, and places each month with facts, games, activities, and related links.

Current National Geographic Kids Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
National Geographic Kids - Sep 2021Destination Asteroid: Scientists try to land a robot on an ancient rock. Get ready to save the day - 20 ways you can be a hero right now.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:12:33
National Geographic Kids - Aug 2021Fun in the Sun: Arctic foxes change as weather warms. Amazing Animals: Rock climbing kitty. Brain Candy: Eating in space.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:11:30
National Geographic Kids - Aug 2021Spotted the Babysitters' Club. Discover how giraffes stick together to raise their young. By Scott Elder.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:11:49
National Geographic Kids - Aug 2021All About Money by Kristin Rattini. Bet You Didn't Know by Paige Towler. Amazing Animals by Elizabeth Hilfrank. Hippo Rescue by Scott Elder.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:09:49
National Geographic Kids - Jul 2021Pharaohs Rule! Meet five mighty royals from ancient Egypt.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:09:03
National Geographic Kids - Jul 20211. Margays; the acrobats of the rainforest, by Avery Hurt. 2. Follow this spectacled bear's day as it updates its feed.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:10:25
National Geographic Kids - Jun 2021Special Ocean Issue with Main Text by C.M.Tomlin and Photography by Paige Towler. Photo Secrets Revealed.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:15:01
National Geographic Kids - May 2021Eighteen ways to save the ocean, by Bethany Augliere. Guinness World Records, by Liz Lane.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:09:35
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2021Cake Fakes by Kitson Jazynka. Earth Day Fun Stuff by Aubre Andrus. Sneaky Plants by Allyson Shaw & Alejandro MesaReader: Ava DeVoe00:13:28
National Geographic Kids - May 2021Five ways ostriches aren't your basic bird, by Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh. Some secrets about the president's ride.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:11:52
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2021Wild Animal Pranksters: How 7 sneaky species play tricks to survive, by Jason Bittel. Grene Scene: How to compost, by Jill FanslauReader: Ava DeVoe00:12:15
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2021Amazing Animals. How Animal Brains Work. Thirty Cool Things About Sleep. A Quiz: Stump Your Parents.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:15:08
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2021Wild Vet Adventures. Check Out These Outrageous Facts. Guinness World Records. All About Money. Brilliant Facts About the Color GreenReader: Ava DeVoe00:12:04
National Geographic Kids - Mar 20211. These awesome amphibian features will turn you into a frog fan. 2. If animals could use social media, what would they say?Reader: Ava DeVoe00:11:51
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2021Wombat Rescue by Scott Elder. Stump Your Parents, Presidents Edition: See if they can answer these questions about U.S. presidents.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:15:13
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2021The Secret History of Chocolate by Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh. Fit For a Queen by Allyson Shaw.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:09:23
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2021Cool technology and old-school tracking help protect hard-to-find snow leopards. Plus: The Tigers Nest (An excerpt of Explorer Academy)Reader: Ava DeVoe00:13:31
National Geographic Kids - Dec 202010 Cool Inventions: Super smart gadgets, robots, & life-changing vehicles. The Perfect Puma: They thrive in an extreme habitatReader: Ava DeVoe00:10:28
National Geographic Kids - Dec 2020From Fluffy to Fierce. How snowy owl chicks become powerful predators. Weird but True. Check out these outrageous factsReader: Ava DeVoe00:09:13
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2020Crystal Cave: Gigantic Icicles. Weird But True: Outrageous facts. Amazing Animals: Pets rule White House. Stump Your Parents Quiz.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:10:31
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2020Ape Academy: Baby orangutans learn rainforest survival skills. Guinness World Records: Interesting record - pumpkin pies & pogo sticksReader: Ava DeVoe00:09:53
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2020How to Raise a Tiger Cub by Allyson Shaw. A tiger momma shows scientists how it's done.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:10:14
National Geographic Kids - Oct 2020Dino Secrets: Cool technology shows new discoveries about dinosaurs. Deadly Cuties: The Asian Loris Has some killer traits.Reader: Ava DeVoe00:08:30
National Geographic Kids - Oct 2020Tricks for Treats: How zookeepers keep animals playing. Monster Myths, Busted: 5 Terrifying tales debunked. Both by Kitson JazynkaReader: Ava DeVoe00:13:05
National Geographic Kids - Aug, 2019Sea Otters! Planet Protectors. 5 Ways Sea Otters Are Saving The Earth, by Jamie Kiffel-AlchehReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:09
National Geographic Kids - Jun/Jul 2019"What’s So Funny" 7 cool stories about animal's sense of humor. By Aline Alexander Newman and Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:09:41
National Geographic Kids - Jun/Jul 2019Bet You Didn't Know: 6 Money Facts You Can Bank On; Awesome 8: Peculiar Peepers; Amazing AnimalsReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:15
National Geographic Kids - May, 2019Amazing Animals, by Elizabeth Hilfrank, Heather E. Schwartz and Madaline Donnelly; Wild Superheroes: Meet 3 surperheroes, by Jamie Kiffel-AlchehReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:44
National Geographic Kids - May, 2019"Nine Animals That Changed The World", by Brenna MaloneyReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:40
National Geographic Kids - Apr, 2019Coral Reefs Whale Shark Rescue and Polar Regions Seal Rescue, by Allyson Shaw; 35 Ways You Can Save The Oceans From Plastic, by Allyson ShawReader: Danielle Rayne00:15:55
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2019Freshwater Duck Rescue; Open Ocean Dolphin Rescue; Seagrass Sea Turtle Rescue, by Allyson ShawReader: Danielle Rayne00:13:06
National Geographic Kids - Mar, 2019More Animal Talk, by Aline Alexander Newman; Dare to Explore: Five Nat Geo Explorers, by C.M. TomlinReader: Danielle Rayne00:13:37
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2019Amazing Animals, by Alli Dickey and Elizabeth Deffner; How To Speak Gorilla, by Jamie Kiffel-AlchehReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:51
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2019Bet You Didn't Know: 8 cool facts about the human body, by Michelle Harris; Gems That Rock. What your birthstone might say about you. by Catherine HughesReader: Danielle Rayne00:13:07
National Geographic Kids - Feb, 2019The World's Rarest Leopard, by Scott Elder; Animal Showdown: Amur Leopard vs. Amur Tiger, by Alli DickeyReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:52
National Geographic Kids - Jan 20, 2019Mixed-Up Marsupials? Find out why Quokkas act like Giraffes, Koalas and Bats. by Allyson Shaw; Nat Geo explores share the adventure, by C.M. TomlinReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:57
National Geographic Kids - Dec 2018Dressed For The Weather: How changing color helps some Artic Animals survive. Cool Inventions: Supersmart gadgets and buildings.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:10:16
National Geographic Kids - Dec, 2018Weird But True, by Marilyn Terrell; Home Alone! Harp Seals On Ice, by David George GordonReader: Danielle Rayne00:07:00
National Geographic Kids - Nov, 2018Weird But True Stories: Crazy Laws About Food; The Brainy Weaverbird; Cool Facts About Cash; Icky Cures; Say Awww!Reader: Danielle Rayne00:06:35
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2018Part 1 of the Weird But True Issue. Totally Wild Facts About Animals. Weird Weather. Easter Island's Giant Stone Statues.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:08:08
National Geographic Kids - Oct, 2018Weird But True! Check out these outrageous facts, by Marilyn Terrell; 10 Cool Cats. True stories of amazing felines. By Alysson Shaw and Ruth MusgraveReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:05
National Geographic Kids - Sep 2018Undercover Tech: Discover the truth behind the gadgets in the book Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret. By Jamie Kiffel-AlchehReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:12
National Geographic Kids - Sep, 2018The Super Sneaky Issue. Amazing Animals by Sea Turtles Work Out by Sara Schwartz and Rabbit Joins Hospital Staff, Photo Secrets RevealedReader: Danielle Rayne00:07:57
National Geographic Kids - Aug, 2018What Would Happen? Find out what would go down if these crazy scenarios actually came true.; Animal Smackdown: Which animals would come out on top?Reader: Danielle Rayne00:13:09
National Geographic Kids - Aug, 2018The Incredible Red Panda: Prepare to be amazed by this acrobat of the forest. By Allyson ShawReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:47
National Geographic Kids - Jun 2018Epic Science Fails. National Geographic explorers spill their most embarrassing moments. By Allyson Shaw.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:06:38
National Geographic Kids - Jun 2018Six Cool Robots. These new droids could change your life! By Karen De Seve.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:08:07
National Geographic Kids - May, 2018"The Secret Life Of Orcas" Why these sea mammals might be smarter than you think. By Jamie Kiffel-AlchehReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:33
National Geographic Kids - May, 2018Future World: Entertainment; Extreme Records The Tallest, Deadliest, Fastest, Smallest, Hottest Stuff On EarthReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:45
National Geographic Kids - May, 2018"Incredible Animal Friends" 10 True Stories About Surprising BFF's.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:11:35
National Geographic Kids - Apr, 2018Here's the final NatGeoKids "Save The Earth" series, Declining Biodiversity, by Allyson ShawReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:56
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2018'Save The Earth' special issue. Habitat Destruction, by Allyson ShawReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:30
National Geographic Kids - Apr, 2018Save The Earth Special Issue. Part 2. 52 Ways To Protect The Planet: Pollution, By Allison ShawReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:20
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2018"Climate Change" by Allyson Shaw. April 2018 Save The Earth Issue, Part 1 of 4.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:11:08
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2018Real Or Fake? Can you tell the difference between real-life headlines and the phony balonies? Welcome to Fox Island. How clever scientists saved the critters.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:14:43
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2018Penguins vs. Puffins: Who Will Win The Battle Of The Birds? By Julie BeerReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:38
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2018Africa's Next Top Lion: How a lion's mane turns him into a star.; Amazing Animals: Cat Has Cool Eyes; Hero Horse; Sea Lion Goes for a WalkReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:54
National Geographic Kids - Jan 201820 Animals You'll Love; 30 Cool Things About South Korea, by Elizabeth HilfrankReader: Danielle Rayne00:14:38
National Geographic Kids - Jan, 2017Weird But True, By Jeffrey Wandel; What Would Happen? By Crispin Boyer; Amazing Animals, By Sara Schwartz and Gerri MillerReader: Danielle Rayne00:07:35
National Geographic Kids - Dec, 2017Dare To Explore: Mountaineer Wasifa Nazreen, By C.M. Tomlin; Mission Animal Rescue: Clouded Leopard, By Scott Elder, Music by BorrtexReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:16
National Geographic Kids - Dec 2017"The Science Of Cute"-How these adorable animals affect your brain, By Jamie Kiffel-AlcehReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:55
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2017"30 Cool Things About Winter: by Andrea Silen; "Sea Otters: Super Cute, Super Tough" By Ruth MusgraveReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:30
National Geographic Kids - Nov, 2017Ghost Cat: Canada Lync, By Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh; Future World: Homes, By Karen De SeveReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:00
National Geographic Kids - Oct 2017Injured Baby Bats Get A Boost From Kind Humans, by Scott Elder. Haunted White House: Do Ghosts Call It Home? by Kristin Baird Rattini.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:08:46
National Geographic Kids - Oct, 2017Tricks For Treats. These amazing owls use special skills to become the top bird. Are We Alone? Aliens on a newly discovered star system?Reader: Danielle Rayne00:13:17
National Geographic Kids - Sep, 2017Destination Space PSR B1620-26b, By Stepanie Warren Dimmer; Dare to Explore: Want to be a jungle explorer? By C.M. Tomlin; Wild Cat AcademyReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:59
National Geographic Kids - Sep, 2017Sloth Bear Rescue: An Injured Cub Makes A Comeback, By Allyson Shaw; Special Jungle Issue-Africa: Stone Forest, By Kristin Baird RatiniReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:21
National Geographic Kids - Aug, 2017Mission Animal Rescue: Baby Badger, By Scott Elder; Meet Your Shark Bestie, By Allyson ShawReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:53
National Geographic Kids - Aug, 2017How To Be A Panda...And Other Zoo Baby Stories, By Jamie Kiffel-AlchehReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:51
National Geographic Kids - Jul 2017Amazing Animals, By Amanda Pressner; The Truth Behind the New Movie "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie", By Karen De SeveReader: Danielle Rayne00:07:36
National Geographic Kids - Jun 201735 Cool Things About Space by Stephen Ornes. The cool science behind solving wildlife mysteries but Kristin Baird Rattini.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:11:04
National Geographic Kids - Jun 2017The Secret Language of Dolphins, by Crispin Boyer. The Lost City of Pompeii, by Kristin Baird Rattini.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:09:14
National Geographic Kids - May, 2017Scaly Superheroes: Discover The Hidden Powers Of The Pangolin, By David Brown; Buried Secrets: Who Built The Sphinx, By Stephanie Warren DrimmerReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:53
National Geographic Kids - May, 2017Turbo-Cheetah, By Avery Elizabeth Hurt; Future World: Transportation, By Karen De SeveReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:35
National Geographic Kids - Apr, 2017Fake Lake: The World's Largest Salt Flat, By Scott Elder; Amazing Animals, By Kitson Jazynka, Sara Schwartz, and Bekah WrightReader: Danielle Rayne00:08:49
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2017Destination Space: Plasma Planet Gliese 1214b, By Stephanie Warren Drimmer; Epic Animal Fake-Outs, By Jamie Kiffel-AlchehReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:00
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2017Dare to Explore: Underwater Photographer; What Would Happen? Wild Vacation: Balancing Barn; Keep Earth Wild: Photographer Joel Sartore's Photo ArkReader: Danielle Rayne00:13:35
National Geographic Kids - March, 2017Ninja Giraffes, By David Brown; Viking Invasion, By Kristin Baird RattiniReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:05
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2017The Search For Planet Nine, By Stephanie Drimmer; Mission Animal Rescue: Raccoon by Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:08:33
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2017Secrets Of The Golden Gate Bridge, By Kitson Jazynka; Unicorns Of The Sea (Mystery of the Narwhal's tusk), By Allyson ShawReader: Danielle Rayne00:08:38
National Geographic Kids - Feb 201730 Cool Things About Big Cats, By Julie Beer; Penguin City, By Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:54
National Geographic Kids - Dec 2016Frozen World, By Scott Elder; The Seal Who Loved Me, By Paul NicklenReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:12
National Geographic Kids - Dec 2016National Geographic Kids Mission Animal Rescue: Pademelon, By Alicia Klepeis; Rise Of The Tiger, By Jamie Kiffel-AlchehReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:05
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2016Mission Animal Rescue: Red Fox, By Kitson Jazynka; Undercover Polar Bears, By Karen De SeveReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:53
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2016Mission to Mars: Your Guide to Living On The Red Planet, By Planet; Accidents Happen: But Sometimes They Result in Awesome DiscoveriesReader: Danielle Rayne00:14:38
National Geographic Kids - Oct 2016High Altitude Archaeologist Constanza Ceruti by C.M. Tomlin. Cursed: Did the objects unleash some seriously bad luck? by Zachary Petit.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:08:23
National Geographic Kids - Oct 2016Destination Space: Frankenstein Moon, By Stephanie Warren Drimmer; Spooky or Sweet: Flying Fox Moms, By Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:05
National Geographic Kids - Sep 2016Mission Animal Rescue: Sea Otter, By Alicia Klepeis; Polka-Dot Lake, By Kitson JazynkaReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:14
National Geographic Kids - Sep, 201610 Cool Dogs, By Jamie Eiffel-Alcheh; High-Rise Surprise, By Avery Elizabeth HurtReader: Danielle Rayne00:13:27
National Geographic Kids - Aug 2016Amazing Animals, By Sara Schwartz, Allyson Shaw and Kitson Jazynka; Forest Elephants Found, By Karen De SeveReader: Danielle Rayne00:08:16
National Geographic Kids - Aug 2016Top Spot: How the jaguar's one-of-a-kind features make it stand out from other wild casts. By Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:07:55
National Geographic Kids - Jun/Jul 2016North Pacific Ocean: Sea Otters; Artic Ocean: Belugas, By Crispin BoyerReader: Danielle Rayne00:07:42
National Geographic Kids - Jul 2016Special Ocean issue: Western Australia Whale Sharks; Antartica Emperor Penguins; By Crispin BoyerReader: Danielle Rayne00:07:54
National Geographic Kids - Jun 2016Undersea Adventures: Destination Belize - Caribbean Ocean coral reefs. Indian Ocean Leatherback Turtles. Both written by Crispin Boyer.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:08:05
National Geographic Kids - Jun/Jul 2016An Interview with National Geographic Explorer-In-Residence Enric Sala, By Andrea Silen; Bottlenose Dolphins, By Crispin BoyerReader: Danielle Rayne00:08:46
National Geographic Kids - May 2016Striped Slopes: Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, China, By Becky Baines; Sand Tiger Shark Rescue: Moreton Bay Marine Park, AustraliaReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:26
National Geographic Kids - May, 2016Wolf Heroes: How these canines changed Yellowstone National Park, By Avery Elizabeth HurtReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:08
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2016History's Greatest Hits: George Washington Carver; Amazing Animals; Weird But TrueReader: Danielle Rayne00:08:10
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2016Animal Rascals: Mischief Makers You'll Never Forget, By Joe Levitt; Mistaken Identity: Sugar Gliders, By Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:28
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2016Branching Out With Koalas, By Crispin Boyer; Mission Animal Rescue-Giant Panda, By Kitson JazynkaReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:15
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2016Dare to Explore: Conservation Biologist Dee Boersma, By C.M. Tomlin; Mystery Man: Bones Reveal New Clues About Human Origins, By Sarah Wassner FlynnReader: Danielle Rayne00:08:22
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2016Space Base By Becky Baines, Mighty Martens, By Karen De SeveReader: Danielle Rayne00:08:59
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2016Animal Love: Do Animal Siblings Care About Each Other? By Aline Alexander Newman, Mission Animal Rescue: Owl, By Kitson JazynkaReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:06
National Geographic Kids - Jan 2016Amazing Animals, By Kitson Jazynka, Heather E. Schwartz and Sara Schwartz, "Ice" Castle, By Becky BainesReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:01
National Geographic Kids - Jan 2016Mission Animal Rescue: Black Bear by Scott Elder, 30 Cool Things About Reptiles, by Christina WilsdonReader: Danielle Rayne00:08:22
National Geographic Kids - Dec 2015Bet You Didn't Know: Frozen Facts to Keep You Cool, By Kristin Hunt, Searching For Snow Leopards, By Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:10
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2015Life On Mars, By Stephanie Warren Drimmer, 7 Cool Things About Harp Seals, By Sharon ThompsonReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:24
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2015Secrets Of A Stone City, By Kristin Baird Rattini, Mission Animal Rescue: Rhino, By Clare MeekerReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:53
National Geographic Kids - Oct, 2015Mission Animal Rescue: Siberian Tiger, By Kitson Jazynka, Haunted New York, By Kristin Baird RattiniReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:26
National Geographic Kids - Oct 2015Destination Space: Pink Planet, By Stephanie Warren Drimmer, Scientists race to save amphibians from a deadly fungus. By Ruth A. MusgraveReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:06
National Geographic Kids - Sep 2015World's Smartest Animal-Elephant Stories Will Make You Wonder, By Aline Newman and Scott Elder, 30 Cool Things About Smart Stuff, Alicia KlepisReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:17
National Geographic Kids - Sep 2015Clever Critters, By Aline Alexander Newman; Robots, By Jamie Kiffel AlchehReader: Danielle Rayne00:15:20
National Geographic Kids - Aug 2015Famous Pets Of History, By A C Myers; Destination Space: Black Hole M82 X-1, By S W Drimmer; 35 Cool Things About Pets, By J RizzoReader: Danielle Rayne00:13:26
National Geographic Kids - Aug 2015Do Pets Have Feelings? By Elixabeth Hurt; Pet Smugglers Busted! By Karen De Seve; By The Numbers--Who Wins: Cats or Dogs?Reader: Danielle Rayne00:13:54
National Geographic Kids - Jul 2015Little Cats With Big Attitudes; 30 Cool Things About Summer; Eat More Insects! And Other Tips For Being A CoatiReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:40
National Geographic Kids - Jul 2015Mission Animal Rescue: Bald Eagle; Bet You Didn't Know: 6 Record-Breakers That Rock; Strange Shores: Mono LakeReader: Danielle Rayne00:13:00
National Geographic Kids - Jun 2015Dare to Explore: Herpetologist Jenny Daltry, by C. M. Tomlin. City in the Sky: Machu Picchu, by Kristin Baird Rattini.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:08:18
National Geographic Kids - Jun 2015Weird But True, By Julie Beer and Michelle Harris; Brainwaves: Inside The Amazing Minds Of Dolphins, By Crispin BoyerReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:27
National Geographic Kids - May 2015Bet You Didn't Know: 6 Stellar Facts About Stars; Amazing Animals: Special Dog Edition; Mission Animal Rescue: ChimpanzeeReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:38
National Geographic Kids - May 2015Undercover Cats: The Secret Lives of Oceletst; Wildfires! The Five Coolest Tools For Battling BlazesReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:33
National Geographic Kids - Apr 20156 Facts About Plants That Will Grow On You; Fun Times: How Animals Play In The Wild; Myths Busted: The Scoop On 5 Totally Odd TalesReader: Danielle Rayne00:15:14
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2015Destination Space: Titan, By Stephanie Warren Drimmer; 30 Cool Things About Going Green, By Sarah Wassner FlynnReader: Danielle Rayne00:08:31
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2015Bet You Didn't Know: 7 Facts To Sound Off About; Blue Volcano: A Strange Eruption Creates A Dazzling Light Show; Cool Things About Air Force OneReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:34
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2015Dare To Explore: Photographer Cory Richards by C.M. Tomlin; Mission Animal Rescue: Sea Turtle by Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:40
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2015Mission Animal Rescue: Beaver, By Scott Elder; Daredevils: Adventurers Push Themselves To The Limit, By C.M. TomlinReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:03
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2015Weird But True: Julie Beer, Michelle Harris. Spinosaurus: Zachary PettitReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:01
National Geographic Kids - Jan 2015Scientists uncover a hidden city near a temple called Angkor Wat. Wild Hamsters: Farmers try to make peace with pesky critters.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:09:41
National Geographic Kids - Dec 2014Mission Animal Rescue: Elephant by Scott Elder; Weird But True by Julie Beer and Michelle HarrisReader: Danielle Rayne00:08:08
National Geographic Kids - Dec 2014Destination Space: HR5171, By Stephanie Warren Drimmer; Tough Cats: Cougar Kittens Watch Mom To Survive, By Karen De SeveReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:19
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2014Hotpot: Fly Geyser, By Scott Elder; Ticket To Space, By Stephanie Warren DrimmerReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:18
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2014Dare To Explore: Conservationist Laly Lichtenfeld by C.M. Tomlin; Extreme Parenting (Emperor Penguins and their chicks) by Ruth A. MusgraveReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:00
National Geographic Kids - Oct 20148 Fab Facts About Bats, By Jeannette Kimmel; Destination Space: Planet HD 80606b, Stephanie Warren; Haunted London, Kristin RattiniReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:32
National Geographic Kids - Sep/Oct 201430 Cool Things About Rainforests, By Alicia Klepeis; Monkey School, By Ruth A. MusgraveReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:38
National Geographic Kids - Sep 2014Top Dogs (A Secret to Coyote Success), By Karen De Seve; Crash Test Mummy (New Evidence How King Tut May Have Died) By Zachary PetitReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:43
National Geographic Kids - Sep 2014Cool Inventions, By Crispin Boyer; 7 Mouthwatering Facts About Ice Cream, By Allyson Shaw; Animal Rescue, Manatee, By Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:21
National Geographic Kids - Aug 2014Living With Leopards, By Crispin Boyer; 7 Cool Things About Manta Rays, By Ruth A. MusgraveReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:29
National Geographic Kids - Aug 2014Bet You Didn't Know; Animal Myths Busted, By Emily Kreiger; Urban Jungle, By Jamie Kiffel-AlchehReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:57
National Geographic Kids - Jul 2014Cool Inventions, By Crispin Boyer; Stupid Criminals Busted, By Elisabeth Deffner; Treasure! Stories of Lost Riches Found, By Jamie Kiffel-AlechReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:30
National Geographic Kids - Jul 2014Guinness World Records; By L Lane; Wild Vacation: Crane Hotel, By Z Petit; Be The Animal: Secrets of Wildlife Photographers, By A MyersReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:52
National Geographic Kids - Jun 2014History's Greatest Hists: Jatsheput, By Andrea Silen; Amazing Animals, By Kitson Jazynka; Mission Animal Rescue: Lion, By Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:26
National Geographic Kids - Jun 2014Weird But True, By Julie Beer and Michelle Harris; 6 Epic Facts About Mythology, By Blake Hoena; Name That Dolphin, By Ruth A. MusgraveReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:28
National Geographic Kids - May 2014Weird But True, By M Harris and J Beer; Amazing Animals, By K Jazynka and J Miklos, Jr.; Wolf: Mission Animal Rescue, By S ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:29
National Geographic Kids - May 2014Destination Space by Stephanie Warren; Bet You Didn't Know; Meerkat Chat by Karen De SeveReader: Danielle Rayne00:13:24
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2014Stupid Criminals Busted; Amazing Animals; Alien World: Your Guide to Extraterrestrial LifeReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:05
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2014Weird But True; 8 Dino-mite Facts About Dinosaurs; Adventurer and Writer Kira Salak; Real or FakeReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:06
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2014Bet You Didn't Know: Wacky Weather, by Jeanette Kimmel; History's Greatest Hits: Leonardo Da Vinci, by Nicoletta Richardson; Cave of Secrets and Hippo Rescue, by Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:20
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2014Ye Olde But True: Check Out These Outrageous Facts, by Julie Beer; Panda Party, by Kitson Jazynka; Mystery of Atlantis, by John Miklos, Jr.Reader: Danielle Rayne00:09:24
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2014Amazing Animals, by Kitson Jazynka; Destination Space: Darkest Planet, by Stephanie Warren; Wolverine: How To Track A Wild, Mysterious Super-Predator, by Stephanie WarrenReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:09
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2014Weird But True, by Jeannette Kimmel; 30 Cool Things About Russia, by Alicia Klepeis; Bobcat Rescue, by Kitson JazynkaReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:04
National Geographic Kids - Jan 2014Amazing Animals, by April Capochino Myers; Ultimate Weird But True; How to Speak Dog, by Aline Alexander Newman and Gary Weitzman, DVMReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:42
National Geographic Kids - Jan, 2014Guiness World Records, by Bridget Balch, 7 Out-There Facts About Outer Space, by Amy Briggs, Wild Vacation, by Zachary Petit, Gray Seal Rescue, by Sarah RoweReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:52
National Geographic Kids - Dec, 2013Weird But True by Jeannette Kimmel; Dare to Explore: Primatologist Mireya Mayor by C. M. Tomlin; Return of the Missing Lynx by Crispin BoyerReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:10
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2013Dare To Explore: Geologist Kenneth Sims by C.M. Tomlin; Bet You Didn't Know: 8 Deep Facts About Caves, by Jeannette Kimmel, Mink Rescue, by Scott Elder; Asteroid Strike, by Stephanie WarrenReader: Danielle Rayne00:12:54
National Geographic Kids - Nov 2013Weird But True, by Michelle Harris and Julie Beer; Guinness World Records, by Jess Krueger; Foxes On Ice, by Karen De SeveReader: Danielle Rayne00:09:36
National Geographic Kids - Oct 2013Bet You Didn't Know: 10 Facts to Unwrap About Mummies, by Michelle Harris; Haunted New Orleans, by Sean McCollum; Mystery of the Werewolves, by Crispin BoyerReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:23
National Geographic Kids - Oct 2013Weird But True; Cool Inventions, by Crispin Boyer; Dare to Explore: Photographer Joel Sartore, by C.M. Tomlin; Flying Fox Rescue, by Kitson JazynkaReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:30
National Geographic Kids - Sep 2013Cool Inventions, by Crispin Boyer; Amazing Animals, by Elizabeth Deffner; Volcano, by Renee Skelton; Cool Things About Buckingham Palace, by Sarah Wassner FlynnReader: Danielle Rayne00:14:50
National Geographic Kids - Sep 2013Weird But True, by Michelle Harris and Julie Beer; Destination Space, by Stephanie Warren; Dare To Explore (Pilot Barrington Irving) by C.M. Tomlin, Owl Rescue by Kitson JazynkaReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:55
National Geographic Kids - Aug 20138 Bold Facts About Color; Amazing Animals by John Micklos, Jr. and April Capochino Myers; Real Animal Heroes by Aline Alexander Newman; Koala Rescue by Kitson JazynkaReader: Danielle Rayne00:16:27
National Geographic Kids - Aug 2013Weird But True; Cool Inventions; Biological Oceanographer Kakani Katija; Mystery Of The Stone GiantsReader: Danielle Rayne00:11:09
National Geographic Kids - Jul 2013"Incredible Animal Friends"; "7 Phenomenal Facts About Families"; "Herpetologist Zoltan Takacs" ; "6 Silly Pet Tricks"; "Animal Stars"Reader: Danielle Rayne00:17:43
National Geographic Kids - Jun 2013"Weird But True"; "Astonishing Stories From The Guinness Book of World Records"; "Sea Turtle Rescue"; "Animals Learn From Each Other"Reader: Danielle Rayne00:15:59
National Geographic Kids - May 2013"Amazing Animals"; "Bet You Didn't Know"; "Elephant Rescue"; "30 Cool Things About the World" By various authorsReader: Danielle Rayne00:13:36
National Geographic Kids - May 2013"Wierd But True"; "Guiness World Records"; "Dare to Explore"; "Family Pride" by Various AuthorsReader: Danielle Rayne00:15:16
National Geographic Kids - Apr, 2013"Destination Space" by Stephanie Warren; "Cool Inventions" by Crispin Boyer; "Amazing Animals" by Kitson Jazynka; "Dolphin Rescue" by Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:14:44
National Geographic Kids - Apr 2013"Weird But True" by Michelle Harris and Julie Beer; "Dare to Explore" by C.M. Tomlin; "Bet You Didn't Know: 6 Page-Turning Facts About Books" by Alicia Klepeis; "Myths Busted! The Scoop On 5 Totally Weird Tales" by Sarah Wassner FlynnReader: Danielle Rayne00:10:29
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2013"Cool Inventions" by Cathy Lu; "Chew On This" by Lay Boatner; "Stupid Criminals Busted" by Elisabeth Deffner; "Bet You Didn't Know"; "Fun With Freaky Frogs" by Ruth A. Musgrave; "Paw Enforcement" by Scott ElderReader: Danielle Rayne00:18:50
National Geographic Kids - Mar 2013"Weird But True" by Michelle Harris and Julie Beer; "All About Money" by Kristin Baird Rattini; "Dare To Explore" by C.M. Tomlin; "Dormouse Rescue" by Scott Elder; "Secrets Of The Blue Holes" by Kristin Baird RattiniReader: Danielle Rayne00:14:15
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2013"Weird But True" by J Kimmel; "Cool Inventions" by C Boyer; "Guinness World Records" by M Marcot and Angela Modany; "Bet You Didn't Know"; "Do Animals Love Each Other" by A Newman; "Get Ready for Robots" by S PriceReader: Danielle Rayne00:18:34
National Geographic Kids - Feb 2013"Incredible Animal Friends" by A Silen; "Dare to Explore" by S Elder; "Amazing Animals" by K Jazynka; "30 Cool Things About Presidents" by J Kimmel; "Skunk Rescue" by K Jazynka; "These Are Chocolate" by J RizzoReader: Danielle Rayne00:20:48
National Geographic Kids - January, 2013"Meet Taylor Swift"; "Bet You Didn't Know" by Emily Krieger; "Amazing Animals" by C.M. Tomlin; "Incredible Animal Friends" by E. Deffner; "Kaboom" by S. Webb; "30 Cool Things About New Zealand" by Z. Petit; "Dinosaur Myths Busted" by S. McIntireReader: Danielle Rayne00:23:22
National Geographic Kids - December, 2012"Weird But True" by Kristin Baird Rattini; "Guiness World Records"; by Molly Marcot and B.F. Summers; "Tigers in the Snow" by Karen De Seve; "Flying Rhinos" by Kitson JazynkaReader: Danielle Rayne00:17:01
National Geographic Kids - November 2012"Weird But True"; "Cool Inventions"; "But You Didn't Know"; "Guinness World Records"; "Be A Star Save a Lion"; "Amazing Animals"; "Snowy Owls"; "Freaky Places in Space"; "Leopard Rescue"; "Montana Adventure"Reader: Danielle Rayne00:35:16
National Geographic Kids - October, 2012"Incredible Animal Friends"; "Weird But True"; "Extreme Weirdness"; "Bet You Didn't Know"; "Guiness World Records"; "Haunted Hotels"; "Secrets of the Spirit Bear"; "That's Gross"Reader: Danielle Rayne00:26:10
National Geographic Kids - September, 2012"Weird But True" by Marilyn Terrell and Michelle Harris; "Bet You Didn't Know" by Andrea Silen; "Guiness World Records" by Molly Marcot; "On Safari" by Crispin Boyer; "Cool Facts" by Kristin Baird RattiniReader: Danielle Rayne00:28:24

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