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Judy Rubino selects and reads feature articles from one of the world's foremost weekly international news magazines, Newsweek.

Current Newsweek Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Apple Card Bias? - Nov 29, 2019The Twitterverse is blowing up over alleged Apple Card gender bias. Take a deep breath... By Diane Harris.Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:59
LexisNexis - Oct 4, 2019When LexisNexis makes a mistake, you pay for it -- by Alice HolbrookReader: Judy Rubino00:22:17
Oceanic Proportions - Oct 18, 2019Hannah Osborne writes about James Cameron' s dive deep into the Pacific OceanReader: Judy Rubino00:08:48
The Anxious Brain - Sep 20, 2019Adam Piore writes about the specific knowledge required to treat the brain's anxiety circuits.Reader: Judy Rubino00:24:23
Teen Risk-Taking: A Good Thing? - Sep 27, 2019Through the lens of animal behavior. By Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn BowersReader: Judy Rubino00:10:52
The Real Cost of Your Jeans - Sep 13 & 20, 2019Is staying on trend worth it? By Dana ThomasReader: Judy Rubino00:16:02
High on the Hype part 2 - Sep 6, 2019More on cannabidiol, snake oil or miracle drug -- by David H. FreedmanReader: Judy Rubino00:10:07
High on the Hype - Sep 6, 2019David H. Freedman writes about cannabidiol -- snake oil or miracle drug.Reader: Judy Rubino00:14:48
Crossing the Line - Aug 30, 2019How and when do victims speak out? By Donna FreitasReader: Judy Rubino00:15:31
Pathway to Innovation - Aug 16, 2019Cracking the entrepreneurial code. By Rob Walker.Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:03
Does Hateing FaceBook Matter - Apr 9, 2019The company has become one of the most disliked businesses anywhere. Here's how it will hurt them. By Sam Hill.Reader: Judy Rubino00:06:50
Cancer in the Crosshairs, part 2 - July 26, 2019Continuation and conclusion of previous podcast.Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:04
Cancer in the Crosshairs, Part 1 - Jul 26, 2019Precision medicine is crushing once untreatable cancers. By David H. FreedmanReader: Judy Rubino00:13:48
Book Excerpt From "Bottle of Lies" - Jul 19, 2019Are generic drugs safe? By Katherine EbanReader: Judy Rubino00:15:19
SodaStream's Model For Peace - Jul 5, 2019Israeli-based SodaStream believes economic opportunity will lead to peace -- by Cristina MazaReader: Judy Rubino00:17:13
From Thin Air, By the Numbers - Jul 5, 2019New, cleaner water - by Juliana Pignataro. Extreme weather.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:43
Caught in the Web - Jun 14, 2019Are social media obsessives "Addicts"? By David T. Courtwright.Reader: Judy Rubino00:22:20
The Earth Is Round - Jun 14, 2019Dealing with the growing Flat Earth movement -- by Lee Mc IntyreReader: Judy Rubino00:23:03
Business to the Rescue - May 17, 2019Will big corporations help save us from ourselves? By Sam Hill and Hank GillmanReader: Judy Rubino00:15:15
The End of Childhood Hunger? - May 31, 2019Is fish the answer to starvation prevention? By Juliana PignataroReader: Judy Rubino00:08:31
Two Articles - May 17, 2019By the Numbers: Info on food allergies. Moonshots: EpeBone CEO Nina Tandon, by Juliana Pignatero.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:43
Wolves Among Us, By the Numbers - Apr 26, 2019Michael Herschel writes about your dog's family tree. Some facts about measles.Reader: Judy Rubino00:07:49
Spare Me the Platitudes - Apr 19 2019How to help those in grief. By Myra MacPhersonReader: Judy Rubino00:12:17
Suicide On The Brain - Apr 12, 2019How brain imaging could help prevent suicide. By Adam PioreReader: Judy Rubino00:14:20
The Doctor Is Watching, part 2 - Apr 5, 2019Doctor-driven medicine is here. Can we trust the medical system to handle it? By David H., FreedmanReader: Judy Rubino00:16:11
The Doctor Is Watching, Part 1 - Apr 5, 2019Data-driven medicine is here. Can we trust the medical system to handle it? By David H. FreedmanReader: Judy Rubino00:15:50
Top Flight - Mar 22, 2019Gemini 8's near disaster. By James DonovanReader: Judy Rubino00:19:14
The (Spy) Doctor Is In - Mar 15, 2019Spy talk: Radical ideas on turncoats. By Jeff SteinReader: Judy Rubino00:11:56
Listening for a Change - Mar 1 through 8, 2019Irshad Manji on the rise of dishonest diversity. By Mary Kaye SchillingReader: Judy Rubino00:13:03
Red Laughs, Blue Laughs - Feb 38, 2019Colin Quinn's Red State, Blue State. By Anna Menta.Reader: Judy Rubino00:06:39
"The Lady Vanishes" - Jan 18, 2019Hedy Lamarr, movie star and inventor -- by Kaye SchillingReader: Judy Rubino00:07:20
Creative Class of 2019 part 2 - Jan 25 2019More on innovators who change our worldReader: Judy Rubino00:14:58
Creative Class of 2019 - Jan 25, 2019In association with RICOH, we salute innovators who helped develop creative solutions to the problems facing our world. Part 1 of 2.Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:47
"Growing Pains", "Clean Break" - Jan 18 2019Ben Shapiro writes about the "adulting" of millennials. Jessica Almy describes meat without animalsReader: Judy Rubino00:09:42
"What's So Funny About Peace Love & Understanding" part 2 - Jan 11, 2019More on how to combat divisiveness in the Trump era.Reader: Judy Rubino00:18:42
"What's So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding?" - Jan 4, 2019Artists, activists, and a president on how to combat divisiveness and hate in the Trump eraReader: Judy Rubino00:20:10
Tough Act to Follow - Dec 7, 2018The Endangered Species Act needs an overhaul - fast! By Erik Vance.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:24
"Space", "By the Numbers" - Nov 30, 2018Ron Howard talks about Mars -- By Janice Williams, More on the Red Planet.Reader: Judy Rubino00:06:37
3 Science Articles - Nov 9, 2018"Lowering the Sonic Boom", "Beyond Pluto", "Sleep"Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:46
"Block Party" - Nov 16-23, 2018Three authors write abiout Blockchain and the futureReader: Judy Rubino00:11:55
"Larger Than Life" - Nov 2, 2018Mary Kaye Schilling writes about the wild and tragic life of of TV's most infamous sidekick.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:22
"On Thin Ice" - Oct 26, 2018NASA: Loss of sea ice spells trouble. By Amy ThompsonReader: Judy Rubino00:05:38
Minimum Rage - Oct 19, 2018Devastating effects of mandatory sentencing for nonviolent, drug-related crimes - a Reagan era policy Jeff Sessions wants to continue.Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:58
Murphy Brown Too - Oct 12, 2018The popular show is coming back. By Anna MentaReader: Judy Rubino00:09:12
E.T. Phone Blink-182 -- Sep 28, 2018Do UFOs exist? by Keith KloorReader: Judy Rubino00:18:50
The Dark Side of Covenience, "Droid Therapy" - Sep 21, 2018Beware of AI. by William Mansell, Can robots teach social skills to autistic children? by Shira RubinReader: Judy Rubino00:08:46
Risky Business - Sep 14, 2018A scientifically unproven technique has helped ADHD patients. Should doctors sacrifice ethics if it works? By Katherine Ellison.Reader: Judy Rubino00:07:12
Lost and Found - Aug 31, 2018About Bing Liu's movie, "Mind the Gap", by Anna MentaReader: Judy Rubino00:08:23
The Elon Musk Effect - Aug 17, 2018What If Elon Musk Succeeds? by David FreedmanReader: Judy Rubino00:23:05
The Plastic Straw Ban Sucks - Aug 17, 2018California's misguided straw ban. By Ben ShapiroReader: Judy Rubino00:05:24
A Place In the Sun - Aug 10, 2018After 60 years of exploration, NASA is finally sending a spaceship to the star at the center of our solar system. By Amy Thompson.Reader: Judy Rubino00:09:49
Warning! Ignore This Warning - Jul 27, 2018Not everything causes cancer, though sometimes it might seem that way. By Kristin Hugo.Reader: Judy Rubino00:05:39
Lightning in a Bottle - Jul 20, 2018A Robin Williams documentaryReader: Judy Rubino00:06:59
American Gothic - JulY 13, 2018Anna Menta writes of a documentary about a study of triplets.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:37
You Lookin' at Me? - Jun 15, 2018The 20th anniversary of "The Truman Show"Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:28
The Assassination of RFK - Jun 8, 2018June 5, 1968 felt like the end of hope - a feeling acutely familiar to so many Americans today. By Nina BurleighReader: Judy Rubino00:13:58
Fools Rush In, "Fresh Evidence" - Jun 1, 2018Jessica Wapner writes of dig developments in East Africa. The value of shock therapyReader: Judy Rubino00:07:59
Art of the Deal - May 25, 2018What if Kim Jong Un is the smartest guy in the room? By Bill PowellReader: Judy Rubino00:13:06
Parenting, 3 related articles - May 18, 2018Just in Time for Mother's Day, The Price of Being a Mom. By Kate SheridanReader: Judy Rubino00:10:30
Sweet and Low Frequency, Sniff TESS - May 4, 2018A tooth sensor that reveals diet - by Janissa Delzo, A telescope looks for signs of life - by Jessica WapnerReader: Judy Rubino00:07:58
A Conspiracy of Algorithms - Apr 27, 2018You Tube us finally reckoning with its misleading videos. By Kate SheridanReader: Judy Rubino00:08:24
Two Articles - Apr 13, 2018Mortgaging the Moon: Buying real estate, by Meghan Bartels. Grunt Work: Noise during exercise may serve a purpose, by Melissa Matthews.Reader: Judy Rubino00:07:28
Science's Last Star - Apr 6, 2018Jerry Adler writes about Stephen HawkingReader: Judy Rubino00:09:50
Fifty Shades of A, When Life Hands You a Lemon-Shaped Virus - Mar 23, 2018Synesthesia gene discovered -- by Kate Sheridan, A potentially good virusReader: Judy Rubino00:09:06
The Love That Has No Name - Mar 23, 2018Amy Bloom on her latest novelReader: Judy Rubino00:16:37
Bad Puppy Love - Jan 28, 2018The smuggling of unvaccinated dogs as young as 4 weeks old has become a big business in Britain. By Mirren Gidda.Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:58
It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Menstrual Man - Jan 26, 2018A king of Bollywood saves women one month at a timeReader: Judy Rubino00:07:35
Of Mice and Dementia, Exercise and Dementia - Jan 19, 2018A diabetes drug may be useful for Alzheimer's treatment. Exercise may play a role in preventing dementia.Reader: Judy Rubino00:07:00
A Moon With a View - Jan 5 and 12, 2017A NASA technologist talks about what a lunar colony will look like. By Sydney PereiraReader: Judy Rubino00:06:12
Tp Bee Or Not To Bee - Dec 29, 2017Hope for saving the world's honey bees. By Kastalia MedranoReader: Judy Rubino00:15:11
Patchwork Salvation - Dec 8, 2017Gene therapy offers a breakthrough for a rare and fatal condition that causes the skin to blister. By Kate Sheridan.Reader: Judy Rubino00:07:37
The Pain Pushers - Dec 1, 2017Do Big Pharma's tactics fuel the opioid crisis? By Jessica FirgerReader: Judy Rubino00:14:40
This Is Your Brain on Death - Nov 17, 2017MRIs of thoughts can indicate whether someone is suicidal. By Joseph FrankelReader: Judy Rubino00:06:10
AI or Die - Nov 10, 2017If you can't work with robots, you probably won't work. By Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:08:13
Social Suicide - Nov 3, 2017Why your Social Security number for identification is a really bad I.D. By Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:09:10
Samson's Next Haircut - Oct 20, 2017Blockchain might be the next engine to topple Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. By Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:08:23
Do Jellyfish Dream of Electric Sheep? - Oct 13, 2017Do brainless creatures need sleep? Researchers are trying to find out. By Meghan BartelsReader: Judy Rubino00:07:01
Polly Wanna Shelter - Oct 6, 2017How 20 endangered parrots survived Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico. By Meghan BartelsReader: Judy Rubino00:07:23
I Stink, Therefore I Am - Sep 29, 2017The human sense of smell can finally hold its head (and nose) high. By Jessica WapnerReader: Judy Rubino00:10:54
Sperm Und Drang part 2 - Sep 22, 2017Conclusion of the article on male infertility - by Bryan WalshReader: Judy Rubino00:16:41
Sperm Und Drang - Sep 22, 2017The sudden rise in male infertility is a scary national crisis. By Bryan WalshReader: Judy Rubino00:15:20
Old at Heart - Sep 15, 2017An increasing number of children are developing hypertension, a major risk factor for heart disease. By Carrie ArnoldReader: Judy Rubino00:13:08
To Sleep, Perchance to Download - Sep 1, 2017Elon Musk hopes to develop a brain implant that will store your dreams. By Nathan DilamilloReader: Judy Rubino00:06:59
Bot and Bothered - Aug 18, 2017Negotiating bots that can get you a hotel room deal may know how to lie. By Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:07:59
Pizza Slice Ate My Brain - Aug 11, 2017Emoji may overrun the world, but there's hope: AI may kill it. By Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:08:38
Stirring the Pot - Aug 4 , 2017Medical marijuana for children - A possible lifesaver. By Jessica Firger.Reader: Judy Rubino00:18:20
Who Moved My Plasma? - July 21, 2017Transfusions can make mice more youthful. Can it work on humans? by Zach SchoenfeldReader: Judy Rubino00:10:08
The Autism Paradox - Jul 7, 2017Jessica Firger writes of tests for a child being born with autism.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:47
Auto Eroticism - Jun 30, 2017Sex in the back seat is just one of the many things that will change as self-driving cars transform society. By Kevin Maney.Reader: Judy Rubino00:09:10
Put it Where the Sun Shines - Jun 23, 2017Kevin Maney writes about the shift from coal to solar powerReader: Judy Rubino00:09:00
The Strained Quality of Mercy part 2 - Jun 9, 2017Jessica Wapner writes about Alzheimer's care by families.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:32
The Strained Quality of Mercy - Jun 9, 2017Jessica Wapner writes about approaches to Alzheimer's careReader: Judy Rubino00:16:53
The Quiet Bomb - Jun 2, 2017North Korean hackers are much scarier than North Korean nukes. By Kevin Maney.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:15
The Siri Killer - May 26, 2017The best crime-solving detective in the world might be sitting in your living room right now. By Kevin Maney.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:20
Fly the Unfriendly Skies - May 19, 2017Kevin Maney writes about the Internet's role in airline travelReader: Judy Rubino00:08:30
Sugar Daddies Can Kill -May 5, 2017Breaking the link between gender-based violence and HIV in South Africa. By Lucy Wescott.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:47
A Wiggle in Time, Tomb With A View - May 5, 2017Jessica Firger writes of a "robot worm" colonoscopy, Grave-digging badgers are described by Doug Main.Reader: Judy Rubino00:07:37
Solo Plight - Apr , 2017Solitary confinement makes prisoners behave badly and screws up their brains. By Ranin Skibba.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:51
Spray-on Skin - Apr 21, 2017An experimental stem cell spray heals burns without scarring. By Anthony CuthbertsonReader: Judy Rubino00:07:20
Pick a Number, Any Number - Apr 14, 2017An insider explains how U.S. prescription drug prices are set. By Jessica WapnerReader: Judy Rubino00:10:48
Ink Wellness - Apr 7, 2017Sometimes the best way to recover from a mastectomy is to get a tattoo - by Jessica FergerReader: Judy Rubino00:13:00
Pillow Power - Mar 24, 2017Doug Main writes about new research to explain the restorative effect of sleepReader: Judy Rubino00:07:17
Running Red Lights - Mar 17, 2017We might be heading for the most spectacular car crash in history -- by Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:11:19
Mumps in the Road - Mar 3, 2017The Rubella virus is making a scary comeback. By Jessica WapnerReader: Judy Rubino00:08:55
Attacking Alzheimers - Feb 24, 2017Researchers have a bold new strategy for beating the dreaded disease: Stop it before it starts. By Elie DolginReader: Judy Rubino00:27:27
Mind Your Business - Feb 24, 2017Kevin Maney writes about Snapchat's move toward privacy.Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:15
The Dry Clean - Feb 17, 2017Anthony Cuthbertson describes a washing machine that utilizes beads and detergent to save water.Reader: Judy Rubino00:07:02
Trump vs Polar Bears - Feb 10, 2017Douglas Main writes of environmentalists' fear of the new president's impact on endangered flora and faunaReader: Judy Rubino00:11:28
The Devil's In The Back Seat - Feb 3, 2017Abigail Jones writes about how a horror meme drove two young girls to try to kill their friendReader: Judy Rubino00:15:01
The Emergency Shroom - Dec 16, 2016Douglas Main writes about how Psilocybin from hallucinogenic mushrooms greatly eases anxiety in cancer patients.Reader: Judy Rubino00:16:02
Hair Today, In Jail Tomorrow - Nov 25, 2016Proteins in hair may offer a useful alternative to DNA for catching crooks. By Sandy Ong.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:01
Know Nothing Party - Nov 25, 2016Paul Raeburn writes about Donald Trump seeming to understand little and care less abour science.Reader: Judy Rubino00:07:09
Follow Your Gut - Nov 18, 2016Jessica Firger writes about the food giants and irritable bowel syndrome.Reader: Judy Rubino00:16:45
The Buck Stops Nowhere - Nov 11, 2016Joe Veix writes of a novel get rich quick scheme.Reader: Judy Rubino00:07:27
Another Day, Another Kid - Nov 4, 2016Teen suicide is contagious, and the problem may be getting worse. By Max Kutner.Reader: Judy Rubino00:23:20
Pasta La Vista, Baby - Oct 21, 2016Newsweek Investigation: Could Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Bowl Kill You? By Joe Veix.Reader: Judy Rubino00:06:25
A Lower Education - Oct 14, 2016New York's Attorney General says Trump U was a cruel and massive fraud; now he's looking hard at Trump's foundation. By Nina Burleigh.Reader: Judy Rubino00:14:29
Just a Shot Away - Oct 7, 2016Cop Killings, homegrown terrorists and the Stones about to tour? The '60's are back, and they're really pissed off. By Alexander Nazaryan.Reader: Judy Rubino00:19:29
The Blinking-VCR Candidates - Sep 23, 2016Trump and Clinton have one thing in common: They're both tech idiots! By Kevin Maney.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:38
Smile, Damn it! - Sep 23, 2016Scientists say pretending that happiness is a choice is a real bummer. By Morgan Mitchell.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:42
Schizophrenia Blood Test? - Sep 9, 2016Researchers are finding new ways to end the uncertainty, and stigma, of a mental illness diagnosis. By Alexandra Venosa.Reader: Judy Rubino00:07:57
Will You Still Need Me? - Sep 2, 2016As the population ages, some companies see older workers as a huge asset. By Linda Marsa.Reader: Judy Rubino00:09:29
A Heartwarming Story, Weird Medicine - Aug 26 2016A better way to transplant organs - by Stav Ziv, Unconventional medical treatments - by Drs. Bender Kahleghi and SinghReader: Judy Rubino00:11:05
Swimsuits & Driving - Aug , 20162016's hottest swimsuit leave much to the imagination, by Lech Goodman. You're 100% wrong about Driving in L.A. by R.M. Schneiderman.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:56
One Big Mystery - Aug 19, 2016Autism: There's no such thing as typical when it comes to this neurodevelopmental disorder. By Aimee Swartz.Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:15
Make Pokemon, Not War - Aug , 2016Reality is in dire need of some not-serious augmenting. By Alexander Nazaryan.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:30
Breaking Up - Jul 22, 2016Breaking Up Is Smart to Do. Brexit is probably the worst thing that could happen to Europe... or the best! By Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:08:32
Solar Power, Driverless Cars - Jul , 2016In rural Kenya solar panels provide clean, cheap, reliable energy, by Tonny Onyulo. Teaching Driverless Cars to Kill by Eric Smillie.Reader: Judy Rubino00:06:45 - Jul 1, 2016Pro-anorexia sites and social media, offering a safe haven for sufferers, have exploded in recent years. By Mike Mariani.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:34
Hairy Houdini - Jun 24, 2016The strange tale of Ken Allen, an orangutan... and the San Diego Zoo's infamous escape artist. By Joe Veix.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:18
Algorithms Don't Eat Donuts - Jun 17, 2016The security industry is ridding itself of guns, guards and gates in favor of biometry and Big Data. By Joe Jackson.Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:05
The Genesis I.P.O - Jun 17, 2016The most exciting companies don't shake up existing industries. They create new ones. By Kevin Maney.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:41
#nodaretoostupid - May , 27 2016The teen brain is primed to take any social media challenge, no matter how half-baked or dangerous. By Jessica Firger.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:46
Rigging the Mind Game - May 20, 2016A disregarded old technology can rewire brains and treat many cognitive and physical ailments. By Winston Ross.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:33
Dr. Frankenstein Will See You Now - May 6, 2016Neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero insists that head transplants are not science fiction. By Ross Kenneth Urken.Reader: Judy Rubino00:12:02
Brain Dead - May 16, 2016For years we may have over-diagnosed patients as vegetative and underestimated their ability to regain consciousness. By Aimee Swartz.Reader: Judy Rubino00:16:34
Fitbit For Your Brain - Apr , 2016Neuroscientists think they're close to their holy grail: reading the human mind. By Betsy Isaacson.Reader: Judy Rubino00:12:28
Ice Cube & 3-D - Apr 1, 2016Scientists freeze a ship into Arctic ice, by Zoe Schlanger. 3-D printing could make American manufacturing great again, by Kevin Maney.Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:09
Seeing Eye App - Apr 8, 2016Smart phone tech and deep A.I. help the blind see, by Tony Cuthbertson. GIFS replace thoughts on smart phones... by Kevin Maney.Reader: Judy Rubino00:09:47
Clothes Un-Make the Man - Mar 18, 2016An emerging field of study says prison uniforms make the incarcerated less likely to be rehabilitated. By Susie Neilson.Reader: Judy Rubino00:12:11
Gold Medal Technology - Mar 18, 2016Japan has bigger plans for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games than just world-class athletic competition. By Joe Jackson.Reader: Judy Rubino00:12:37
Apple & Privacy - Mar 11, 2016The Apple of Beijing's Eye, by Bill Powell. The Core Issue. Apple's refusal to open an extremist's iPhone. By Kevin Maney.Reader: Judy Rubino00:14:56
The Halo Effect - Feb 26, 2016Shooting electricity into your brain could make you smarter, faster, stronger. By Kevin Maney.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:27
Internet Ads & Hackers - Feb 12, 2016Ad blockers could kill the internet, by Kevin Maney. Hackers keep the internet safe for you, by Grant Burningham.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:52
Organ Droners - Feb 5, 2016Long confined to military and hobby use, drones are now saving lives in India. By Jessica Wapner.Reader: Judy Rubino00:09:28
New World Section - Jan 29, 2016All Jet, No Lag: Controlling jet lag, by Ed Cara. New Wrinkle: Old-Tech: Devices for the elderly aren't sexy - just vital, by Kevin Maney.Reader: Judy Rubino00:09:49
Iceberg Hunters & Slice of Life - Jan 22, 2016Thousand-year-old ice used in high-end vodka, by Zoe Schlenger. Scientific progress against muscular dystrophy, by Ed CaraReader: Judy Rubino00:18:53
Abandoned House Cats of Aleppo - Dec, 2015Who saves the animals suffering and dying in Syria's war zone? By Rachel Nuwer.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:55
Smart Tats & Stupid Money - Dec 18, 2015Tech tattoos could change how we monitor our vital signs - and even pay for a coffee. The stupid-money flood in tech is bad for business.Reader: Judy Rubino00:09:41
Sweetness and Sleight & Just Hit Paws - Dec 4 2015Samantha Olson writes of a promising sugar substitute, Stuart Miller describes dog prosthesis advancesReader: Judy Rubino00:10:16
Mommy's Geek - Nov 20 2015Kevin Maney asks whether technology will replace mothers' role.Reader: Judy Rubino00:07:45
Stealth Generation - Nov 13 2015Transgender people find it difficult to obtain health careReader: Judy Rubino00:13:09
He's Got Brain on the Brain - Nov 6 2015TV's next science pitchman also wants to cure drug addictionReader: Judy Rubino00:10:42
Who's the Better Catholic? part 2 - Sep 18 2015Pope Francis and the Archbishop of San FranciscoReader: Judy Rubino00:19:21
Who's the Better Catholic? part 1 - Sep 18 2015Alexander Nazaryan compares Pope Francis with the Archbishop of San FranciscoReader: Judy Rubino00:16:44
The Golden Stentriever & Freebie At Last - Sep 18 2015A new procedure to treat strokes by Aimee Swartz, The economic value of technology by Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:10:28
This Book Really Makes You Drink & Faiing is Succeeding - Sep 11 2015A cheap method of filtering water by Stav Ziv, Silicon Valley recognizes the value of failure by Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:09:46
Hire and Higher & The Pluto Flyby - Aug 28-Sep 4 2015Using tech to find the perfect job by Kevin Maney, NASA conspiracy theories by Max KutnerReader: Judy Rubino00:17:48
Big Ears & Art With Fur" - Aug 14 2015Developments in hearing augmentation by Kevin Maney, The future of dioramas by Max KutnerReader: Judy Rubino00:18:56
Vikings May Slay Cancer - Jul 31 to Aug 7 2015Genealogy helps Icelandic scientists chart the nation's genomeReader: Judy Rubino00:09:49
Better Mouse & This Gets Old Real Fast - Jul 17 2015Microships could revolutionize drug testing, by Jessica Firger. A costume that can simulate human aging, by Gogo LidzReader: Judy Rubino00:12:48
Seeing-Eye Tongue & Staying Afloat - Jul 10 2015Turning taste into"vision" by Jessica Firger, Devices to prevent drowning by Caroline BuiaReader: Judy Rubino00:13:01
The Bug Inside & Your Digital Fingerprints - Jun 26 2015A test to read a history of virus infections, by Lecia Bushak. What you do online is turned into data, by Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:10:42
Gaming Your Way to Empathy - Jun 19 2015Science says video games can be good for kids. Will parents and teachers buy in? by Elizabeth SvobodaReader: Judy Rubino00:11:55
There Goes the Bride - Jun 5 2015China's one child policy has had one unlikely consequence: empowering women, by Bill PowellReader: Judy Rubino00:13:10
The Rainbow Condition - May 22 2015We cured color blindness in squirrel monkeys. Are humans next? by Gogo LidzReader: Judy Rubino00:10:40
Nervous to the Touch - May 8 2015Decoding how the brain processes physical contact, by Alexandra OssolaReader: Judy Rubino00:11:50
Nazi Trials & iDoctors - Apr 24, 2015Concentration camp guards & accountants face prosecution in Germany, by Elisabeth Braw. The Doctor is in... your phone! by Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:14:19
Grass Whoppers and Yummy Stinkbugs - Apr 10 2015Kyle Ligman writes about eating insects. Lynnley Browning discusses writing deficiency in schools.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:30
Just My Type - Mar 20 2015Doug Main write of a smart keyboard that can identify you. Chris Weller describes how early retirement can kill you.Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:56
Endangered Species & Tattoos - Mar 13, 2015Hell's Zoo: Poaching of endangered species by Sena Christian; I Ink, Therefore I Am Embarrassed: Cream removes tattoos by Paula MejiaReader: Judy Rubino00:11:11
Measles & Space Startups - Feb 13, 2015Little Red Bumps In The Night by Lucy Wescott. Space, The Final Startup. Recent advances are about to launch... by Kevin ManeyReader: Judy Rubino00:10:23
HIV's One-Percenters & I Smell a Rat - Feb 13 2015Dana Dovey writes about a possible AIDS cure. Lecia Bushak asks if body odor lineups could solve crimes.Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:33
Sex Slaves on the Farm - Feb 13 2015Max Kutner writes about sex traffic that flourishes where men work in isolation.Reader: Judy Rubino00:25:18
The Friendlier Needle - Jan 16 2015Justin Caba writes about a device that makes it easier to find a vein. Tech trends of 2015Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:40
Palm Reading & Fetal Paradox - Dec 12 2014A laser device reads your hand to determine nutritional status. Fertility doctors discourage multiple birthsReader: Judy Rubino00:13:51

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